Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 26, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1907
Page 5
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...oneibloCk from tjiiioessfallytre ited,charg«i Ibbzatal llbrMtieirtB InuyMltosA. tlospital Pboae 1068 R> Pboae 1,39 Mighty good for a bad cold. Try a box and see. At DS. J. F. JAJISSOVJ Tkc SniieeMfoI Ane* tl«Meer, Teterlnariiui. 'fc. Farm salrsbr PediKretid itock ^Sf^ mndc anywhere. Vetrr- ikary calls aiiKwcretl day or niKiit. Office with Uouxlass Bros. Phone 13. reridence 400 lOI.A. KANSAS. e«Mnl iCMtmjetNw ••"iagaion* and .Cement Bldcwalki aoi Curbing a Specialty. ^ UMce US EMt JaekMB An. Ph«M tMJ Biff Bar^In Week on All! Kinds of Fall Grocery Oepartinent We carry everytbing jtbat can bo got In the. friut line, aleo fresh veg- eublea. .Will cajl yourl attention to our. big window which Will give you some Idea as to what \^e have. We are making big preporatlons for Thanksgiving day for Ttirkeys, Geese Ducks, Chickens, Prcsh Oysters, Veal, Lamb, Mutton. Beef, ^ork, Mince Meat, Cotolene. Lard, JFresh Ham. Hoiled Ham, Smoked Ham, Sausage, Pressed Ham, Bologna, |Head Cheese, Spare Ribs, Sauer Kraat and Cran- bfttrtea. I • We will glre Free to'tie one Uiat bays the lar^rest bill of Groceries • dMtMd pig the day before Thanks- A. 0. MUMAvi Prop. Now ib the time for yon to make yonr beIection~the inew iiob< by browns—made np in ezqniiite atylea by the world's bdst tailors, America's foremost clothes maicen/ Ooty a short time and we will have to have somehln; to be thankful for, and a new Suit or Overcoat would be very appropriate. For this cccaaion see our selections at Notipe to opr Patrons. We will give you CASH and MERCHANDISB in exchange for your Clearing House CertificaU-s and Local Checks if you buy yonf goods at this store. Popiikir ClothMrs fete cm ItEWB. •"Lyric Quartette." JUDGE: J. B. Smith yesterday unit- eU in mariage J. W>. Myers of La Harpe and Miss Bertha HlgKinbolbam of Blsmore. Dr. nilley, OcaUat E. L : jp.NES, of Houston. Tex., vis- ilpd yesterday with his brother. H. H. Jones and family. Three good building lots on Washington avenue, east front, to trade for cement stock. C. E. Sraeltter, Lock liox m. lola. Outfitters for A^n and Bi;^; GEORGE Boyd, city ^itor of the Ft. Scott Republican; returned to Ft. Scott last evening after spending Sunday in lola. Powell, the real estate man, has a few thousand dollars to loan on fa]rms at a reasonable rate. T Pei Bflsioess iV4p*r ttfOmy Penmanship, Arltlunet^ Elocution, Boskkeeplng. BnglUh. Physical Cnl> tura. etc.. Shorthand, Letter WrtUng. College Watff f One hundred poands ot Crya- tal lea wiU maka Uj gallons ot . dlatllled water sdubla for . family, nse. Try It hlake&CdiStinigiGt^ PRANK RlDDLBj Mgr. MIARION Ogg. sheriff of Neosho county, came In last evening for a short visit with relatives and friends In this city. Free dirt at Luccock'a. C. L. \MH1TTAKE21 and Wm. Han kins returned ithis afternoon from an oxiendPd business and pleasure trip through Southern Texas and Old Mex ico. For stylish package and high grade Candy the line handled by Mundls surpasses them all. DOUGLAS E.~Moore of Gas City and Miss Pearl Foster, of Gas City, secured a marriage license in Judge Smith's office last evening. The finest Soap on the market for the price is now on display at Mundls* Drug Stor«. J. A. WHEELER and Dr. Gerlach left last evening for a i trip through the north. When a woman is angry she talks about the men. Wlien she is In good hnmor she talks about c'othes. MRS. IVY ETVANS, of 33 South Ohio left today for Soward, ito spend the winter with relatives. 200 acres, about C miles from railroad town. Bourbon county, 75 acres In cultivation, 3 room house, etc. Price $2500. All clear. Whitaker & Donnell. SHERIFF C. O. BoKlnger did not return from Ft. Scott : today where he went last night on the Wlieaton case, as he will spend itwo or three days there hunting with his brother- in-law, Otis Hungate, formerly county attorney of Shawnee cumty. P. X. ITaaak. Dratini Pkaaa IM. OiBea aver BafTcin himg %im. Wanted—Everybody to know thct W. B. Kelley k Son have moved their transfer and storage 'offlce to Sll South Washington. Offlce and Daj ^hone 290 1tasldanca= and night Phone 17. The Rovival at Christian Church. • There was an unusually large Monday night audience to hear the sermon, and they were not disappointed. jThe meetings will continue through ' the week and over next Sunday. The • subject of the, sermon tonight h "Re- Jecfng Chrlsti" - 1 Fice Ttbleware, Sterling and PUted. B 1 e g a n t specimens of cut gins.*;. It you are thinking of mak ing a gift, ei her lor a wedding or huliday.s don't (hiltosee the display in our Mate. a A. LEFFLER, JEVTELEK A MEXORIAL rNVKILIN 'G.. MILDRED W^ANTS DEPUTY. New Cement Town Asks That J. H. Oeckerson Be Appointed. The new town of Mildred wants a deputy sheriff. A request was received at the sherifrs offlce today from officials of the cement plant which is being: erected there asking that the sheriff commlBsion J. H. DIckerson as a deputy sheriff. The officials of the plant say they prafer a deputy sheriff rather than a constable. Sheriff Bollinger la out of town and the matter will not be attended to today. Play at tka CtoaK T«a%fet WIU Be Oae af StAaatfh n««ib Undw SoathafBtttoarr wfaldi an­ tra'at the «raaS loBii &t la oak'M ''tttfHes ot iflajV kjr- CMtla Bialr #hlek portnyUfa te' ^ iB of our ednatry.- Tha pietlas Kew EncMd Itfe WSM aait> ed "Way Down .East." The second one. "Under jSouthem Skies'* was nrat copyrighted as "^ay Dowa South." It was I produced In l4 >ndOB at Messrs. Gattf ft Frobman's theater on October 29. 1901. under the caption "Way Down South." or "Uii- r'Soathairn Odea." liTthto country, although known under both titlea Uhdar Sotatlieta SUes" has finally to b* used etclnslTely. as sub> Jtles are not so much In favor as a fStngle name. "Under Southem Sklea" i<6« stands wlthoQt a rival as a pic- tare of Southern life. .Mrs. Parker Is lughly: familiar with aonthara people, their customs and manner of thought, and some of her closest 'letida tuive been southerners. Mrs. rker skys that "Under Southern •kles" haa a foundation In fact, for It .fas baaed upon the rbmuitlc history pt a young south«rn gIVI which was lated to her by one of these frlendi. Perhaps It Is this underlying vein of truth and reality In th^ play that haa '^'Iven It such vlUl force. But whatever the cause the fact remains that ."^.Under Southern Skies" Is one of l|)e paylBs attractions on the road lay. Large and enthusiastic audiences are the rule wherever It Is^ iiiresented and this, lu seventh sea-' son, finds it enjoying greater popularity than ever. Ah unusually large east, twenty-three people. Is employed | in: the presentation of the play, thie Stage settings are life-like reproduo- tlona of the scenes In the sunny aonth and a Hall6we'en celebration la reproduced, which surpasses anything of the kind ever seen upbtt the stage. This great play will, play an engaga ment in our city a>^he Oraad tonight. Baptist Revival Service. Tonight the pastor will preach on the subject, "The Unlqur Peatnre of Christ's Call." Mr.. Eastham will sing. The special servicer will close with tomorrow nl^t's service. PLAN THANKSGIVINQ BALL. An Enthusiastic Customer. Told her grocer that If he refused~lT> handle "OL'R-PIE" Preparation she would trade elsewhere. She knew she could make Lemon, Chocolate and Custard pies better than the expert cook if she used "OUR-PfE" as all the Ingredients, carefully prepared, are In the package ready for Immediate use. E^ach package, enough for two large pies, 10 cents. Order a "Boxen today from your grocer. Excellent also as a pudding sauce, cake fllling, efr . KEIM GOT OFF EASY. .trningp Oremonles In Honor of the Late Mrs. J. D. Krnm. (Ottawa Herald.) Assault Case Settled by Agreement Yesterday. invitations have been issued by the Daughters of the Kln^ and Or. .1. D. Krum to the unveiling at Grace church of a memorial window Installed to the memory of the late Mrs. Krum. The ceremonies will take place tomorrow afternon at two o'clock. An address will be delivered by Bishop Millspaugh, and a sketch of the life of Mrs. Krum will be read by Dr. Krum. SERMON TO MORAN CHILDREN. Service WSII Be Held at Presbyterian Church Thursday. "The New Discovery of America and the Resulting Declaration of Independence," is the snbject of a Thanksgiving sermon to be addressed entlre'y to the children of the pntr- lie schools at thel Presbyterian church at 10:30 o'clock at Moran. J. M. McArthur is to speak and the children' are to furnish the music. A full attendance of the children is desired. The case of the State vs. J. C. Kelm who was charged with assaulting E. O. Bruner with a deadly weapon, was disposed of yesterday In Judge Potter's court. As the costs of the case in which B. O. Bnmer was the defendant were assessed against Kelm the attonic>'8 for the state thought that he had been punished snfflclently and consented to his pleading guilty to a misdemeanor. His fine was |1 and Fraternal Union of America Will Olve | a "Hop." The Fraternal Union of America Is arranging for a, ball on Thanksgiving evening. Shields orchestra will fur ntsh the 'music. Organizer Wlthrow Is | advertising th« event with the following lines: A good thing for Thanksgiving, Is a big Thanhaglvlns ball, Olven by the Fraternal Union, In the big Masonic Hall. Shielda will furnish the music, (And of cburae It will be good.) We've told him to do his finest. And he promlsied that he would. We've ordered special weather. So the glad raga won't get wet. And we think that altogether. TMs'Will.he the best ba'l yet. So come aiid bring the ladles. Be Jolly, young and gay. And don't forget to see Wlthrow, Organiser of the P. U. of A. costs. I TWO DIDNT ANSWER. Ford and Peace Forfeited Bends Rather Than Fafca Trial. ASK FOB WHAT YOU WAST and ask emphatically. Do so through the Register's want columns. If yon want an employer or an employee you •can find him In a hurry If you take this course. The Register will tell your wants to many thousands of people as quickly as you can tell them personally to a doseh people. Ton can't afford the slow way. When Jud^e Foust called the docket of the adjourned term of court this morning Lyman Ford, charged with violaUOn of the prohibitory law and George' Peace; charged with larceny, failed to answer "here." not being present, and forfeltad flielr braids. Peace It Is alleged, stole an overcoat at the Santa Fe depot from Grant B«ller. FLOODED VAOOETTE' FLOOR. Water Pipe in East Side Building Burated Last Night. A service water pipe which sup- l)Ile8 water for the biillding where tbe Vaudette theatre is located, broke some time in the night and flooded the entire floor of the building. The theatre floor was covered with abqut three inches of water before It attracted the attention of the occnpaijts of the building and the flood of water was stopped. But little damage was done. DEATH OF COL. F. J. BRAMHALL. Was Compat^on of Farragut Durinfl the Civil War. San Francisco. Nov. 36.—Col. Frank J. Bnunhall, author, and compantoa of Admiral Farragut In the menor able run past the forts on the Msidsa- Ippl. Is dead at Fair Oaks, near Baioh famento. See J. W. Coffey when In need q( fine furniture. Who Is Raffles? See S. .R. BurralL WORK WEAKEJfS THE KIDXETH. Dean's Ktdaey Pills Hare Doae Great Kervlee for Peeple Wka Wark In Fala. Most lola people work every day la some strained, unnatural position— bending constantly over a desk—riding on Joltlns wagons or cars—doing laborious housework; lifting; reaching or pulling, or trying the teck In a hundred and one other ways. All these strains tend to wear, weaken and injure the kidneys until they fall behind in their work ot filtering the poisons from the blood. Doan's Kidney Pills cure slck^dneys. put now strength In bad ba^a lola cures prove It. Mrs. Francis Thomas, of 523 South | State street. lola. Kansas, says: "Twelve yaars. or ever siaoa my last child was born, I have bad trouble with my kidneys. There waa pain In the small of my back and often such severe soreness that at times I felt as If I had been beaten with a mallet At night the only relief I could find was by pressing my back against the bed as hard as I could. For months I could not do my sewing and could not go np sUlrs without taking hold o^ something ofr support The kidney secretions were scalding -and there Was distressing Hetention at times. I learned uf Ddan's KUney Pllla and began using Hben. Thar- gave me prompt relief and In a short time I could get around. like I nsad to and felt In every way Ilka my natural self. I have hadattaeka ot kidney trouble since thea hat Kidney Pills have never failed to give quick relief. I,am glad to advlaa my friends to go to Chaa. B. Speaosr'ft Co.'s drag store, get Doan's lOdnay Pills and give them a fair trUI." For sale by all dealera. Price 60 cents. Foster-Mflhttkn Co.. Buffalo. New York, sole agMU for the United States. Reinemher the name take ao'other. Quartet" As is customary with onr Btndio to make a Xmas offer, we will not make this year an exception, but make this th<<: most liberal offer We have ever made considering, the recent advance in the price of photo materials. Our Offef To and including 10th is Dec. With an Order for Six. This includes all styles in cabinet size andVall jgrades, such 9S Flatibo, Platinum and Carbon. Doan's and: We make pictures rain or shine, day or night During this offer we will keep onr studio open evenings till 9 o'dock, for the puri)ose of making sittings for those that it is not convenient to get in in daylight • WP have spent considerable time and expense this season having the ' « Aristo Arc Lamp Niemonstrated to us in the I large cities and are now itble to make sittings at night and guarantee the pictures to be equal to those made by daj'light Remember your Xmas box will not be complete Hirithoat a good photo of ^yoOTMlf, and in order to •']|et a good photo of yoor- jpielf you should always, ^goto Kew'l7 .BcsaMa Use; \ jlMqrfnOI^ by ^^ry YanDyke. -End af tfea Gmmt, by Arthur HorablQW. '^ve Utflte.MMra la a ^w« Hdasc^ >/-]£il«aret Sydneir Pndt^ at ttiei Tmv by Edith Wlfartdn.' ' jrTka Fljcrst by Geo. Barr Mc» . Cvtaheon. Frsst i. Friradship, by Fred^ erlck Tdrnar. fiSaidea Herscakact by R. A^tken. flfcatest FaM la XaderaHls* % tarr, by Whitlow Reed. llBod'a Cklead^.'by Wte; A.Qualh (Ab Own Peopla, hy Booth tar- kliigton. Bllaa* by W. T. Eldridge. Evang Bros. ! . ——w^——^^^^^ SLIQHTLY USED OTHER GOOD BARQAINfi^ Roberts Piano House Office and Stonge Ware Boom at ##5 West Street Phone 389 '1 Yea kaaw what tfeat auaia* ta •yea. Dea't yaa wast fa eacayai the SBow, the cold, ^e slash— aU the dlscaaifarts t •(ifby-aet plaa new where ta| Ipass that season to trying i»\ ! many persaast : Write far tafanoaUoa aheat aar| WiltetTins To CaUlanila. Arlwaa, ; Maw Mcxfca, Mcxlea, Texas. Farorable Bate. Laag Limit aad Stopovers. W. B. BAL8T0K, Agaat lala. I All new patterns and aiylea to select from. Every suit'ami ;overcoat perfect in'fit: . ^ feet •houlders sHa^e retaining fronts Mid tllc^ collars Mli^iiet^dn^^^^^ fleck.. -sold with a^narahtee to iialdiUslif^ Pi- 2^ p.o.l^k

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