Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 26, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1907
Page 4
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• i • i; • • EX Mil; fiowliN - 1 : Priaem 2So, 38o, SOo. 78e, $1.0p Aetul W«tk OH Ceaeat Pint at (Humboldt Herald.) The Santa Fe. snnreyors finished their work Saturday afternoon and tbia mornlne a force of men went to work scraping the earth from the alte of the plant and putting It on the site of the switch tracks. The carload of scrapers Is not In yet, but thos^ belonging to the city and township were hired %nd will be used until the others arrive. The car may arrive at any time and then there will be a Inrge force at work. In the meantime the number of men has been increased and all thejadvantage possible will bo taken of the good weather. The oflico building is ilnished and will be occupied next week. Without Raftles? Well, better get off. Ask 8. R. Uurrell. THE JOHN Eberly Concert ranks with the beet that Is going and they are to be with us Wlednesday evening —one evening only. This is a part of the free entertainment that the First M. B. church is giving for the benefit of the public Flret class in every particular, and you can't affonl tc miss them. Three gentlemen and one lady form the company. Everybody welcome. Come early and secure a good seat. COtTNTY Attorney Peterson of lola, was in Leavenworth Saturday with the expectation that the case which was brought against him by Leavenworth Eagles would come up for a hearing on the motion to discharge service, but the matter was postponed. During the state convention of Eagles at Tola Peterson caused the arrest of a number of Eagles and they retaliated by suing him for IG.OOO damages. He returned to lola Saturday night.— Iland.tome ombossW Thank^Klvinp Post Cards, printed In ten colors. 2 for uc, at Swing & Burdick's. My Dressing The and Family and Well If I loved a girl enough to marry her, I'd love her enough to please her vanity by dressing her well, I'd begin the very day. the ceremony was performed, no matter how humble my income might be. We'd begin life right by dressing well and you know there's everything in that. There's inspiration, • comfort, contentment and real happiness. Even if my means were limited that wouldn't make any difference to me just so I had a positipn at a lair salary. That would be enough. Td let the Peo|»le*sStore do the rest ; They would clothe my entire family'^.s my incpme would permit. If I happened to lose my position, it I gpf sick or disabled People's Store would:^ suspend payments until fortune siiiiled; again. That's their way and j^an and that's what I call a human credit system because it creates, it helps, it builds and it never hinders or harasses, that's the kind of credit \7}iich really plays a human interest par^ in our daily lives. It is a credit which elevates and offers aid to ambition and makes homes happy where cEish houses never would make thetn in a thousand years. Any man can keep a store and sell for ' cash. He is no real benefit to nine- tenths of the community, for nine- tenths ^re wage earners. But the Firmwiichis willnigto put out its merchandise and money in ma^ng things easy for the working mail and clotjhe his entire family on $1.00 or $200 a week, well, that house is* acciDmplishing something besides buying and sellings i ; Prices in every instance are exactly what you would pay m strictly cash stores and we do not charge you one penny more because you purchase on credit. You enjoy the faU use of the goods while paying. Remarkable showing of Ladies black cloaks from $2.50 up Ladies man tailored suits and skirts in voiles, Panamas, tweeds; silk waists, furs, underwear and shoes. Men's, Youth's and Boy's suits, overcoats, cravenetts, hats, underwear and shoes. OlITFITTM CO. Sdiuth WesCCorher otSquajre For Men and Younc Men. A reduction on every Suit and OvercoatJ in the Store. Do not fall to attend the; timely sale of the seaion. Men's Suits ""•"fJ^f: $7.50 Si0.00 $12.50 $15.00 $20.00 $22.50 Men's Overcoats $10.00 Overcoats, now. $12.50 Overcoats, now. $15.00 Overcoats,now. $18.00 Overcoats, now. $22.50 Overcoats,now. $25.00 OvercoatSjUOw. ....S7M ..SW.OO L.S12M ...SiBsOO .S20M0 .$22M A ppeoial offer in RainC0atsand All $25 Rain Coats and Top Coasts will sell at Our $20.00 Rain Coats at i.. $18.00 Rain Coats and Top Coats for .'. $15.00 Rain Coats and Top Co5ts at..... .1$12.50 RaiulCoats and Top Coats ^t I Coa^s! $22.50 .$l&.00 $15.00 $12.50 $t0.00 CUT THROAT WITH RAZOR. Ex-Presldent of Brooklyn Bank Tried to Commit Suicide.—^Three Men Indicted. New York, Nov. 26.—Howard Maxwell, fornior president of the Korough rtank, of Brooklj-n, N. Y.. attemptod to commit suicide by ciittint; bis throat with a razor at his home in Hrookl .vn today. His condition is ser iouB. Mnxwell, it Is learned, was one of the men Indicted today by the Krand Jury. Tfto Kings county grand Jury which has beon investigatinR affairs of the ItoroiiRb Dank and the Jenkins Trust company, of Brooklyn, finished its work today, and returned indictments .iKaliist three men. The names wern not made imblic but detectives were sent to arrest th?m. John G. Jenkins. Jr., president of the Jenkins Trust company, which closed Its doors a few weeks ago, was the first to be arrested. He is charRed with forgery in making: false entries in the books of the Trust company. ' Birthday Dinner. Mrs. George Berroth entertained Informally yesterday with an all day party to celebrate her birthday anniversary. The guests presented their hostess with a handsome siU'er meat fork as a souvenir ofihe day. Those who .Tttended were Mrs. E. N. Jones, Mrs. A. H. Hecox. Mrs. Kinney, Mrs. W.. H. Morrison, Mrs. Copenlng, Mrs. S. M. Snodgrass. Afrs. P. A. Wagner and Miss Johnson. Personals. Amons those who will spend Thanksgiving out of town are Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. FInno.v, who will visit Mr. Finney's brother in Emporia. Mrs. C. J. Doxsee is spending a few days in Kansas City. Mrs. Fred Brlster Is a guest of Leavenworth friends. Mrs. A. D. TerrlU and son have gone to St. Louis where they will visit relatives for a short time. Mr. and Mrs, A? P. Harris will go to Muskogee toAorrow to spend TJianksglving with Mr. ind Mrs. nichard Long. . Mrs. T. Oliver leaves tomorrow for a visit In Eldorado Springs. ilifb Ethel Bennett is expccte.'i homo from K, U. for the Thanksgiving vacation. BUSmESS OKEOTORY JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoaut, old rsllabla Jswelsr. 110 East street " STAMMER. Complete court at thf bMt achool for stammerers ia America aC one- half price tbis fall and winter. White for Information at once. McKIe School for Stammerers. 2705 East 12tb Street, Kansas City. Mo. FOR RENT—Six roomed house, good barn, other improvements. Inquire 62S North Kentucky. KOU RKNT—Modern dwelling of 0 rooms. 8n.{ South Washington Ave. Fred J. llurton. Livingston & Co Ceatrfcton ud BalMen. AH kinds of woric a specialty ff Seitk SycMore^ Fkeae Utt ym. CHAS. Eldridge. of Third and MadlEon, is'.seriously 111 With pneumonia fever. MTl. AND y,ms. W. D. Wolfe went to Ottawa this oftcmoon„ called there by the death of O. P, Clayton, of that city. The remains of Mr. Clayton will bo taken to Walnut, 111., for Interment. THE ADJOIIRNRD term of court began this morning. The day was spent largely in the consideration of motions. Several cases were continued until the next regular term in Januarj'. There are about fifty cases to come up at the adjourned term. A NERVOUS young man stepped timidly into the county clerk's office late this afternoon. County Clerk Cnlbertson had gone Int othe adjoining office leaving Wm. Knapp In charge. The latter asked the young man what he could do for him. The young man managed after some effort to say that he wanted a marriage license. Mr. Knapp. notified him that the county clerk handled hunters' licenses not marriage licenses, and directed the youth of matrimonial Intent to the office of Judge Smith. :k OLDEST MAN IN IOWA DIES. Prof. Wesley RcMtves Word of Death of Fest^-fatker. Prof. John We^ey who .conducts an art stndio in the Sleeper building received the sad jintelllgence yesterday afternoon that his foster-father. J. N. Hawkins, who was perhaps the oldest,'man In thejsfate of Iowa, hatl died near Oskaloosa. Mr. Hawkins was in his I07th y^. He brought np Prof. Wesley from childhood and the later had the highest regard for him. |ir,-^Hawkliu waf ii^»sed,ia the work ot the Friends mmSk tor elglitr«i| yeurs. Prof.^e>Iey has gone to at- teBd'thettaneralnrhleh 'Will proteU^i: aot ocear witll Tqaradar. Soyr StoinaGli "1 nmed Carrftrri* .mnA f**^! lik«» « r ^w mn.n. I fa «T* br**n a %att **T *-r trum tly«i>**i»st.i aiitl suur stnttiMh for th« lut tn-'» 5-**ar*. I have bcfii ttklne medicine anil other irtnics. hnl conio tlu»l un rrllef onlj for a ibnrt tlmt*. Iwtll rrrfinmtfn >J rasearets to nir friends M tlia only tlilut: Tnr indlecstloa and •onr stomach and t» k ««tt the Ixm^U lo cood COB- dUloQ. ThcT »P»' T ^rr nice to eat." Uarry Stuckley, AlaBch Chuk. Pib BcsT For W m^^^ TheOoweb ^ WANTED—Men to learn barber trade and arcei)t positiona waiting our graduates, splendid chance for lK )of man, few weeks completes, totjis given, write tod.iy, Moler Barber College, Kansas City, Mo. 100 Men Wanted. To trap minks, skunks, muskr.ats, raccoon, etc. Highest prices and a square deal. B. S. Barnard, lola, Kansas. ajl -;'.2G North Buckeye. Tlie most reliable dealer. WAMTED- -MtmomllmmmouB W/VNTED—$10,000 to loan on good Farm I'roperty; at reasonable rate. lOLA LAND COMPANY. ' V.-.VN TED—Washing North Elm. to do. 308 FOR SAlC^mimomUmm FOR S.VLE—Cheap on $10 pay- meats, two one-acre lots on trolley linfc. Snmltzer & Co. FOR TRADE—A well Improved «0 acne farm, 3 miles from Hallowell. LaV)ette county, Kansas, to trade for re^denco property In Tola. Address, Lo§k Box 17, La Harpe, Kansas. FOR SALEJ—?1800 stock of groceries' and store fixtures. 402 South Keptucky street. iOR SALE—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to ;arive. Tnqnire 832 North* Jdreet. FOR Rem ~L WANTED—House cleaning to do. Phone 1112. ' ' CANOVCJTIttRTie PleMimt. P»l««ble. PoUnt. T««t<» Oood. Do Ooe«. Nerer Sieksn. Wukan or Orip«. We. Zic.Me.MaTCT v>ld in balk. Tbs crnninn titbWx «UmpmI CCO. JauimlrMl to cnr* or ynnr monty back. SterUoc Remedy Co^. Chicago or N.Y. .m AIIUAL SALE. TEN MILUOH BOXES WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second str6t FOR SALE"REAL ESTAIt FOR SiVLE—Good ninabont Stnde- baker buggy and good set of harness for sale cheap if taken In the next; few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Barn. FOR SALE—Best farm in the county. Might accept lola income property or merchandise or both. Frank Illckenlooper, lola, Kas. FOR SALE—Good mare with foaL Call at. 210 West street KOR RENT—Furnished rooms at No.' 5 North Sycamore. Phone 1091. F>OR RENT—^Two good office rooms inquire at Burrell's Drug Store. :^0R RENT—2 unfurnished rooms. In(jiire, 506 North Buckeye. Its Economy To have yotir Carpets atid Rtigs cleaned by TkeiobRog Factor; rNONE SML lola, Kansas, 1907 Dear Santa Oiaus: ; Please be sure and to bring these things which I want awful bad ^ ! I saw them at the store of Ewing & Burkipk, No. 11 West Madison Avenue. (Don't forget the place please; it's where they had the explosion in the window last summer.) My name is • • My street and number are......... • P. S. If you should see my mamma or my pkpa or any of my folks, you ask them if I don't want these things, I don't see how I can get along without them. I will drop this in your letter box at Ewing & Burdick's Store and would like you to tend to it at once. Yours truly. My Phone Number is ' Qjtuldfen^wanting^pre letters canjcall at store-

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