Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 26, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1907
Page 3
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THANKSONl^G LINENS AND! SPECIAL PRICES A i<E under way at this store and in th e homes of many of our patrons. Besides the many unusual offerings througl out the store during the next few da) s. special stress will be made in those djcpartmenrs that carry goods suitable fot| Thanksgiving needs. ATCHISON MVN.E CLOSED. Labor Troublas the- Cause.—Sixty Miners Are .Out pf Work. Alcliinon. Nov.I SC.—fTIio .•Mohi.'«)n r.iml tiiliitv wliich for suHi a long tluu> iias Id^fii mal^inp u ; valinni tlsUt URuliisr ovorwhelniinK ' otlils. has ;U lasl U POU oonilx 'lleil tti K I VC up the t'truKKLT and «as ahut down .ve.stonla.v ni noon. A U>ucv was) rtk-eivtMl from rienrKi> Maiiiial, .ilip scvrelRr.v of tlu' iiio ^y|Ork«•^s• union saying iliat lie laid ronif »>rre <l w(th> the i)ri>.«ilil(>nt nnd v.'Cfl president of the .union. C.eorKi? C'olevtlle and Tom Wllanis. and thai the.v ab.solutely rernaeja to consider ai:y proi»o.sition of th<^ mine, unless two dischaiTied nilnerp. Dave .Scott anrl Dave Harned wet-e rp -inst:lIl^(!. As ih ?se are the two men who-tiav-.' i'ven stirnig up all the tronhie at th." rr .ine. the company, doas not feel justified in doing this, and as a result .the mine is closed. -•Ml the machinery is' bein.a; oisrnan- i!ed and the movablf? parts are beine. •stored away. i Sixty miners are outj of work. The comiwny will' 'keep a watch nian at the mine for ajfew days until all the machinery-is dfeposed of. and then after that all 'will be quiet about the spot which v as destin?d to mal^e a name for Atchbon. The miners are greatly enraged aKSinst ."Vlr. Piillen. superintendent of the mine, and their nnfyf>r reachml f«ver heat this noon wheh they dls covered that the company'had iK »8ted notices In three dlffexent placen on the premises that althougB tojla^- was the miners' pay day. the.v wouW not bo paid nntlil all the pay|^ rolls weix? stralKhtene<i up. and that; they would have to wall until next iSatwrday at httlf past four to Ret their money at the company's coal offlce- at tht* coiner of .Ninth and >raln. fipoi'Se Ouerrler, the .secretary of the coal mine, says that the ahnt down is to be a permanent thing, the mine will stay closed at" least until .\pril. at which tlm.= theri- Is to be a joint conference of the operators and the mine workers, when some agree n.ent niav be arrived at. ' : Se and henr "The FlaR-Sonst of the ' .Vations" as illustrated by the Ly'rJc • Quartet Friday evening, Nov. 29. ; •Lyric Quartet" Nov. 29. 1 :— OFFICERS Creed and; Wm. To^d jhad a wild chase as the' re.Aull of a ' faUe call lasi night. Word came to ;the police station that an .officer was I wanted at the corner of Broadway and iColborn. ^\'hen the officers arrived on the scene they found everything: quier. Apparently there was nn cause for their being called. THAY ARE Ur brand at . lates here, ouf them. Get, It pleases you.' JFRE'^H. A chelce aisortment o( this popu- QRABB 'S. When you buy U>wDey's Choco- personal pledge of their ireshness jfoc« if»fth ytur uext candy iat Crabb's and tee hoW well 'S DRUG STOREi Corner Washington and West Ste. ; Bj^SmiiNCB OP JOHK . KENT ITBECIED BY GAS EXPLOStTOX. ik% JET OAF WAT LOT OFF ISCAPrXG GAS IGXITED WHER MEXBER OF FAMILY STBVCK XATCH. Ed Wmiam ArTMte4 and Fined for Offense Committed Almo.<it One Tear Ago. Kent's Hoaiie Wrecked. The residence of J. K. Kent of this city was wrecked and his son and Mrs. Kent severely burned as the result of a gas explosion last Saturday night. The force of the explosion #8 B sufflclent to bulge out the walls of the building near the eaves and to throw the doors off of their hiiisa. and to break every window In the house. Although Mrs. Kent is burned about the face and bead she was able to be about today. The pUiniL-ers who did the plumb Ing work had forgotten to put a ,cap over a Jet where they did not Intend to put np a lamp, went outside and turned on the gas and left the housa thinking that their work was done. The plumbers had been gone but a few minutes when It was discovered that the gas was esoaplng. The members of the family had presence of mind enough to turn out all the Area and lights before sending for the plumbers to return. >\'hile the boy was gone after the plumber one of the members of the family stood with their hand over the Jet where the gas was escaping. XNlien the plumber reached the house again he put the cap over the open Jet and ordered thai the house be opened to allow the gas which had gathered in the roome to escape. l^nforttinately, how^ever, the son did not wait long enough for the gas to leave the building and lighted a raatcb to light the lamp in a room two rooms away from where the gas escaped. The moment the match was ignited he gas in the room exploded and was followed with explosion after explosion until the entire house .was wreck ed. Fortuiiately Mrs. Kent and her son were In the room where there was the least gas and the explosion was not as strong there as in other parts of the house or they would have been burned fatally. .Vlbier and Worst Sold Ont. Mllner and Worst of this city yesterday closed a deal whereby they dis- I>osed of their undertaking parlors to Sleeper & Sons of lola. Sleeper & Son took possession immediately. They will continue to rui) the business and doubtless will improve the business. .Messrs. Milner and Worst have not yet decided what they will do In the future but will remain here for a time at least. Zona AUfNon Barned. Zona Allison, the tive-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .John Alli.son was burned very severely last Saturday afternoon while watching a lion- flre. She was playing around the fire which was started to, destroy some rash when her clothes caught Are and before the flames could be extinguished she had been burned very severel.v. .H. K. Udleti' Aid Will Xeet Friday. The Ladles' Aid of the Methodist ISpiscopal church will meet Friday of this week instead of Thursday, their regular meeting day. because Thursday is Thanksgiving day. The society will meet with Mrs. John Konier. Double Foar CInb Attende4 Theater. The members of the Double Pour club of this city formed a line party at the Kose theater in tola last night. The members are Elsie Stephenson. Eva and Bessie Lawrence, Alice Barker. Rllla Eagle, Hattle Ferris and Ger- nide Martin. hi m iinB POLICE CpCBT IS A QUIET PLACE i AT PBESEXT. lis MA^E SCHOOLS WILL BE CLOSED Dl^. IJTG TUANKSGirhiG TDK. Xaa; Teachers Wni Attend Xe«ilirs At Coffeyrine TUa Week. Police Coart I R Qnlet. The police court in this city is very quiet. There has not been an arrest for a numl>er of weeks. This Indicates that since the "Joints" were closed the city is improving In Its behavior. To be police Judge in this city a year ago was considered one of the best ofllces In the city but now there is not much business. Homo Is Completed. The contractor who has been erect Ing the E. T. Wilson home on .NorOi Main street yesterday flnlahed the work and today workmen are making preparations for the Wilson family to move in. The Wilson home Is one of the best In the county. DNtribttting Telephone Directories. The new telephone directories were being distributed In this city yewer- day. The new Ixwk c6ntalna the name of every subscriber of the entire system In this city. Several hundred names have been added to the new directory which were not In the old dne. School Will Be Dismissed Wedneflday. rhe schools In this city wlff lie dls- mlssH Wednesday and will not con- evne trgaln until the following Monday. The pupils will be given Friday as a vacation. Thursday la Thanks giving, a legal holiday. Teachers Will Ge to CoffeyTllle. Many of the Gas Olty teachers wll' attend the Southeastern Kansas Teach ers' association which will convene In Coffevville, Kansas, tbis fall durjng the Thanksgiving vacation. I.a«t'yeai' Gas City won the prtre of having the largest percent of their number present. This year Gas Citv will not be represented by such a large number as there will be no candidate In the contest which will be held on Friday evening. November 29th. Ed Lerr Is Siek. Ed Levy of Concreto Is quite ill at his home in Concreto. It is believed that he is threatened with pneumonia. He has l>een ill for the past several days. TO CURB A rOLD IN ONE DAY Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money if It falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature Is on each box. 25c. Personals. Miss Georgia Orr and little sister Irene, of Oswego, are the guests of .Misses Myrtle Eastwood and Stella Orr of this city. Ed' Reied returned yesterday from Colony where be has been on a business visit. Will Harris was In the city again yesterday. Will has located in Spring field, Mo. and will make that his home In the future. J. N. Latimer left yesterday for Nevada, Mo., where he will visit. J..S. Chrlstain left yesterday for Hodgeman 6ounty on business visit. Frank Delany of Bartlesville, was In the city ttMlay preparin gto ihove hU family to that city. George Abbott, of Bartlesville, WPB In the cItv vesterday on a buslne;* visit. Miss f rancts Lyons of Kansas City was the guest of Mrs. George Ehly of this city yesterday. Dr. G. VV. .Moore returned yesterday from Ottawa where he went on a professional business trip. Baiaar December \t. The members of the Ladies' Aid pi the Methodist Episcopal church have decided on December 12 as the day for holding their bazaar. The ladles have been making preparations for this zaar for a number of months. It Is hoped that the bazaar will be a success In every particular. 2' \; Ed WiHIama Fined. Ed Williams was arrested and fined In police court for an offense committed almost a year ago.- After the big Chrtstmas foot'ball game bere a year ago he became rowdy and ran hid horses up and down the street. One of the men who were In the buggy wa.<f caught and fined at the time but Williams escaped from the deputy mar> shal and was not caught until yesterday. He paid a fine of ^$10 and costs all amounting to $16.95. Dr. Jonea Left Yesterday. Dr. J. C. Jones of this city left ye.s- terday forl^Chicago v|bere he will take ft poBtglraduate course in his profes- aion. Since he has been In this city he has won a host of friends who wish him success wherever he may go. , Berlrals CI*M Wc4ietdaT. The revival services which have been In progress at the Presbyterian [.l^nrch of' this city under the direction of Evangelist Hawiey will close Wednesday night. The semcesihaTe been a success in every way. • Rev, Hawiey will go from here to P!eas- anton, Kansaa. where he will hold special services. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Waters returned yesterday frmn Unlontovn wher* thejr hare been rialtlac friends. ' Dr. C. J. Halm is on the sick Uat again. He was forced to go hoaae IroiB his once yeaterday attamoon. 01 iaItrMt To «. ^0 sack wootin as an not lerioaaly oat ibealth\bnt who have exacUai dutlea either In th* w^yof hoofo- hqW. eares\qr, la social dvUes and fune- leribuslytax thair strngth. loislac nbtbersit Dr. Pierce's Favorite PMeriptkm ha« jnoved a most valoahle suAytlag tonic and Invigorating ne^ine. B Y Its tlyly nae. mnch sef Rms ite , .... 'FayorltaFKwrlp' — .-..agreathoontbaapeetant mothen by prsi»rinc the system for the eomingof baby, thereby mderiag childbirth 8ar^ easy, and »fanast painlets. Bear in mind, please that Dr. Pieroo^ Favorite J^reecrlptkm Ii not a secret or patent medlcUte, against which the most intelligent people are quite naturally av^ne, becanae of the nacertaJnty as to theUr eompoaitton and hann)eaa«l|aqKter, but is a Muncm or Kspwir ooiirosi- noir, a full list Of all its ingredisnu being prinitd. In plain Aigllah, on vms hottle- wrapteE.' An examidation of this list of ingradlenuvill diadooe the lacftfyiatitt is non-alcobolle lo lU ji»Bpantioo,' chemie- t^TO5 'grsss2Lj[g ^jsSo"f in lu make-np. In this connecUon it may ji^ ha out of plM to aut4 that the "Far^te PiosalpUor^ of Dr; Pfeivo is the only memcinepat np for tha cure of womaa^s pecollar^ weaVnessti and atl- mehla, andlukl Uirongh drqnMs, aU the ingredlenta of whlck hara th« na- aoiinvnf .endora^mont of all the leadlpg wdfsn and teachetlof all the '•chbdls of practice, and that too thiM5lmf «UJorwh^ Meriptloa- toreSmimmidedj A llttla book of Seae andowBmwts wtU as ramuSi^^ "i'avdHtaPrMetri _u>t4 for which to recMBmaaded. • AIIw oooKoi Hiiiiii irnrtoriB—wts wtU is to learn as to the relative stalndiiif; and reliability of the leadincr manufactilr- ers of medicinal agents, as the most eitiin^t physicians arc the-: most carieful as to the uniform quality and perfect purity of remedies prescribed by them, and it is well ^^:J(nown to physicians and the WelMnformea generally that the Cialifomia Fijr Syrup ?iCo., by reason of its cprrect methods and perfect etpiipment and .the; ethical character|of- f'lts pt-oduct has attained to the high standing in scientiiic and commercial circles Which ^ is accorded to successful and reliable houses only, and. therefore, that the name of the fiCompany has become a guarantee of the excellence of its remedy. TRUTH AND QUALITY = appeal to the Well-informed in every walk of life and are essential to permanent success and creditable standing, therefore we wish to call (he attention of all who would enjoy good health, with its blessings, to the fact that it involves the question of rjght living with all the term implies. With proper knowledge of v.haj is best each hour of recreation, of enjoyment, of contemplation and of effort may be made to contribute ' to' that end and the use of medicines dispensed with generally to great advantJ^e, but as in many instances a simple, wholesome remedy may he invaliiable if taken at the proper time, the California Fig Syrup Co. feels that it is alike iinportant to present truthfully the subject and to supply the one perfect laxative reiriedy which has won .theappoval of phj'sicians and the world-wide acceptance of the Well-Informed l>ecause of the excellence of the combination, known to all, and the originalimethod of manufacture, which is known to the California Fig Syrup Co. only. • This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known under the name of— Syrttp of Figs—and has attained to world-wide acceptance a.<; tlie most e.vcellent of lamily laxatives, and as its pure laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are well known to physicians and the Well-informed of the world to be^the l)est- of natural laxatives, we have adopted the more elal>orate name .ot—Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna—as more fully descriptive of the remedy, but doiibtWss it will always be called for by the shorter'name of Syrup of Figs—and to got its Iw^iicficial effects always note, wheii purchasing, the full name of the Compnn>—Calilorh^a Fig Syrup Co.— plainly printed on the front oi every package, whether yoti simijly call for — Syrup of Figs—or by the full name—Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna—as—Syrup of Figs and f- Elixir of Senna—is the one laxative remedy manufactured by the California Fig Syrup 'Co. and the same heretofore known by the name-Syrup of Figs—which has given "satisfaction to millions. The genuine is for sale by all leading d^iKK'sts throughout the United States in original packaRCs uf one size oniy, tlie tegular price of which is fifty cents jior Itottle. Every bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company, filed with the Secretary of Agriculture, at Washington. D. C., that the n-medy is not adulterated or misbranded within the i^neaning ol the Food and Drugs -\ct, Junt- ;otli, igot>. CALffORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. Louisville, Ky. San Francisco, Cal. U :S. A. London, Englaiu?. New Yoi:k. N. y Got YoDF Turkey Yet? If not you will have to hurry for they are going fast. We still have a few left for home consumption. Get to a plione right now and call 376. Prices lower than ever before Richardson Produce Co. TELEPHOXE STtf. U. H. Rlrbardson, Prop. T. B. Shannon ; TheJAUei .ounty Hardware and • ImpleiDHiit man. ^orth Side Square Uola, Kiii. la to tu#e cbiiu .cLi, ^uu uu noine can be completely happy without them; yet Ihetir'U-al •hroug^h which the expectant mother must pass U"ually is so fall of suffering', |W| jTHHBH^F'BW dan^'-x*r and fear that she looks forward I i«Q(ffMnP9 bour with apprebeusioo 1 V ^m ^Sa W , jrpad* Motber'a Friend, by its trating and s<K>thing properties, allays nausea, nervousness, and all unpleasant feelings, and so preparea tlic system for th« ordeal that she passes throu^'^h the event safely and with but little sufTering^, as numbers have testiGed and said, "it is worth Jts weight in gold." $1.00 per bottle of druggists. Buck cuntaininf raiuable information mailed free. mC •tADrirLD RFGUUtOli to.. AtlMta. The S.i>TA FE wBI sell HOMESEEKEBS* tickets Xer. IMh. Dee. 34 and 17th, 1M7 to poInU In Tens .Okhiliama and Iniiaa TerrlUry, >ew Mexlea and irkaaaai at TOry low rales. , WINTER TOUBIST tIckeU on sale daily KI OT . IMk, 1M7 to April mfc, IMS, witk iaal retam limit Jane 1st, IMS, to Beaamant, EI Pa. sa. Ft WoKk, OalTettaa, Texas, Carbbad and Demln^, K. M. at law ralea. Please see as for farther farfealara. ,^ iQLM BAMi IOUk,KJUI9A». ' •A. W. Bedc, L. E. HorvUle, J, A, <Robioson, H. L. Bendeismi, J. H. iCampbell, Geo. B. Nicbolion, Ftank Riddle. ' Admbibtratar'^ Hatied. State.of Kansas. Allen County, ss. In the matter of the estate of Edwin F._ Evans, late of Alleij County. Ksii- sai> I Xotiee of Appointment. Notice is hereby giyen, that on the 2llt day of .November. A. D. 1907. thp undersigned was by thel Probate Court off .A.ilen Couniy. Kan^s, duly ap« pointed and qualified aa Administrator orjthe Estate of.Edwin F. Evans, late of :.4;ien County, deceas^ti. All parties Interested in said estsit tioe and 1ngly. 11^26-3-10. e will take no- govern themselves accord* I\iAEVAN3. * Administrator. NAVY COAL TO THE The Oepartmant to b4 Case the rieet Retun^a WashinstoD. Nov. 26| the Susy department {jexi^aiaupply of cqalll PHIttPPINER Prtparad in ThstWtey. i—It.ta said at today that ma koi^ aent to (Honolulu and to^MiiiniUCIfor uae In the event that iny or all of the Teasels of the batUeahlik fleet ahoold c(>{ne h<me by W» ot the Saas canal attar J the trip .t4» i «l |')|<f'ra^ Mo de ^sioB has b«ai..>aille« as to what roitejwOt be tduiMfihe retifra trill ai^ liona Is eaipaMatt-Wur aona ttan«; Tin iextra aop|^l |««v p^t to RoBOlhhi an9 IdaBtla areVtakenl merely aa 1 a * ouster or preeaatku.

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