Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 24, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1908
Page 3
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I • "i JAPHOSESOAP (TKAMSPARSMD '^Perfect for the bktK.'* Tears of experit- iteeikting were n$<|uired to-produce a 'fPctrfect*' batl^ soap, whicK does its'^orK (^miallr vrell in all kinds of water. A trial convince a ^ou of the superior <|uali« ms of JAP ROSE. X Made our own process. IT CAWNOT BK IMITATCP S. Kirk A Co., ^ N. Water Street, Chicago nU^ElSb1.::.''^*£».':%uU:t!£^^ FR££ isaai^ WILL BE »inB^ jrnf 'VKSBkJ FOB'BBBT '^Dr'wBiM' TEACHERS to lOU FRIDAY THE BIfi FOBJUirS BALL 0 WED- XE8DAY 3fI6BT 19 OFEBA HOUSE, HEWS OF U HARPE SCHOOL WILL BK IMSMISSKI) M ED OEIDAY £VEM>U FOU THE WEEh. WILL BE NO SCHOOL FRIDAY rlatiiii) uhicli convrnea In lola Friday IhiTc will bo no nrlinol that clay, tVunt (laiiir ThanLNirhiDir. Till' lifcond font ball team of this <iry wants a Knnin for Thanksriving t i) i<> (l.ito they havf lipcn uaablo to •r.v\ » ip.-ini In yV.iy tlit>ni. In the game SiitHlHV ill Hiinibuldt tho Ioralt» wero ilrlcnicd '. to 0. Arp NrrHns Today. The U' K II PK" Aid Koriety of llip Pres j I 'vtrrian rlini-cli isi niopilnp this af- CAHTER MRIfillT OX DEAL FOK i t.Timon .it iii.< hoinc of Mra. .1. H. PPRrnicr «w ri«iv»- i.-wTnwv Tliis n.pptlnc takps the place rrarHASL OK <tI,O^E FACTOIH. ,,,r ,i„. „„p on Thnrssday. Tke Second Foot Rail Tram Desires a Game Here Thankschlnir After- BOOB—Pentonals and \ews Notes. OSTEOPATHY— DR. \V .H. AUtRIGIlT., Heyrlsfered Osteopathic rhyelclan. State Bank llldg. Phone 14&. Only OsteopaUi In LA Harpe. Xaj Pnrcluise Glove Faelory. Carter Wright, of this city, it is said. Is on a>deal for a glove factory in Al- banjiJibirit 'the fleal is closed the factory will be moved to Shawnee, Ok. To Hare Varalion. School will be dismissed Wednesday night for the remainder of the week. Thursday is Thanksgiving day and a legal holiday. Because the teachers wish to attend the meeting of the Socttaeastern Kansas Teachers' Asso- Are Selling Tirkcis. The members of the Triplet foot ball team are today selling orders on the Santa Fe for tickets to Chanute and return Thanksgiving afternoon. Tho big foot bal! game between the Triiil^ts and Chuniile Go-Devils will W thi- aitraclion. Quite a number friini bore wil! attend. m BREATH ~rMmaath< I cm% tro .tilfTtthniTftniiurh .u4 sud »n kimla of nirdtrinti. My fineu« bu been •etnUIr a> ptrrr) w KW. my h»in( %bUMor- Tvn w«f ks ac^* . trU ml Tfroninicnilri! Chanter • tkmrora I •n4 aftvr n>inL-tli-m I mu willlncly and ,'aar nar. mtlr^Ir riir ^MfiH^. I imroralMToa knuir that I rri -KminrBd UMaiawiraa. •al[«rinc Irum turh tr ..Blil<.«. Cbu.II. Ealpcro. )l< E. Tt .'i .-^I.. hew Voik, K. T. >laMM«. Pot.nt.Ta«t.anM. Onnfofl . Wrakfn or Orliw l«r. •!<•. it,-. N»f . K««r Klelim^ ^. iBlmtk. Tl>« cennln. t.V.>t atnrup«J CCU. Oaumatoed «o cttn or jimr i...)i.t./ I.atk. 8»eTUn£8enjeiSyCa..Ch:ca£oorN.V. vfi 1II0ALSALE.TCN MiLUOH BOXES ^ ^^^^^ Monuments! ^If^rTon are contemplating the •rection of a. monument or tab- UA, call and see our new, and iilK-to-date stock of Foreign and :.Americah Granites. We carry tlfe best that can be obtained oa the market. Our shop is eaoiplped with a new coijipress- ed air lettering machine (pr let- terbur and tracing. Our prlce.<; are the very lowest for first -ctaKB work. Cai: and see us and .gttt.priceB. We want your bust- nmcLD&soN 220 West St Pf rsimals. liob.s .Minnick returned yesterday from .Marcolene. >Io.. where he has bct-n visitinir for the past several days. .Mrs. (J. IJ. Hanna left yesterday oa a trip through southern Illinois. While she is away she will visit her old home. George Robin.s and family will spend Th;'.nksgiving day In Ixine Elm. O. T. I'icken ef Thayer. Kas.. is in the (iiy iod:iy on business. 11, O. Stephenson returned yesterday frr-m a visit to the;San Louis Val ley, Colorado. .lanips Wilson and Luther Smith, of Ilrnii:;on. were in the city yesterday on a business visit. His. Guy Kelley of Bartlesvllle, thp gUPHt of friends hprc. .Mr;<. T. N. .Nfesser. of I.awrence, and Mrs Kd llupy arc giiesta at the Baker home. The Flreaea ef the City HcM aSye. ciM Xcetiar liut Iflght jUfo Fiaal AnmMcawrta fwr BalL Bl« BaU WNicater. Everything-is ia^readlnen for the Firemen's mask bail Wednesday night. Elaboraie preparaiiona for a big time have been made. The ball this year promlaes to be more elaborate than ever before. It will be held in the local opera Jionse. Many lola and La Harpe people will attend. HeM Special •ectinr. The members of the fire department held a special nieeting last evening. Final arrangemenu for the bail Which is to be held Wednesday evening under the auspices of Uie department were made. Other minor business matters.were considered. Attendaaee Was Goo4, Although the weather was very bad last evening there was a good attendance at Choral cluj> rehearsal. The members realize that the time for the entertainment is not far distant and it is necessiiry to get in as many rehearsals as possible. To Jfove Stare. Floyd Glllott of this city will soon move bis store from its present location to the building north of the lola Electric Street Railway tracks which was formerly occupied by J. B. Hunter's store. The new location will permit Mr. Elliott to enlarge his stock of groceries. Oa DMd Fire. Blocks numbers one and two of the Cherokee smelter of this city went on dead fire again this morning to await the arrival of more ore. The company is having difficulty In keeping a sufficient amount of ore on hand. Personals. < ^ Chas. Sargent, of Humboldt, was in he city yesterday on business. Miss Maude Hunter and little brother will spend Thanksgiving at Lone Elm. Kas. • Mrs. Overfield who has been ill for the past several weeks is reported mnch better. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hunter will go hto Yates Center. Kansas, Thursday morning to be the guest of Mr. and and Mrs. ^ Mrs. Beasley came In this morning from Moran. Kansas, where she has been the guest of relatives. To Hare Taeatlett. Schools will be dismissed here on Wednesday evening for the remainder of the week. Tharsday is Thanksgiving, a legal holiday, and F^day the teachers attend he meeting of the Southeastern Kansas Teachers' Association which convenes in lola. WtaHpar Did N0t^: Privcnl- Ma L M I Night It waa sstimiiy day yesterday aad ererythlnc felt the effect laat algkt. bat this,did not stop as from baTtac a Sue miMtinJc at the Mrst Metlwdlat church. ' Th« attenilaiKe was iiot up to the nsnal bat the .IntercBt waa higher. The song aenrlce waa Inspiring and the senaoo was apUftlog. The preacher tooH for.fats text Have Faith la Ood. From thia* text %e gave us a rreat uplift since' he .bore dosta oa the fact thiit "aceordlnt unto thy faith so be it tmto yon. There Is no llmtt with God's power save the will of the sinneir <u>d opon this God will jnake aa iwful assault when there is a faith filled sotil'praying We must have faith In bar teilovt men and ««;maat Ifitetrise hav« faUh In ;God. Testimony ,is. )|cctipted: a^ evidence «alll<^. I^nt to l>ase a conciaalbn'' upon, ay touching the truth or falsity of a atate ment So we,believe and account aa tiiithful statements made In Scripture since there are testlfnonies .to bear out the statement When Blljah prayed for rain, though there had been none for the period of three years and six months, he told Ahab to get ready and flee for there was coming, a great rain and It was so. Ahab bad to (lee to reach the home before the streams cut off his going. God has promised bis people that if they ask In faith, believing, nothing doubting. He will answer their prayer. There was a practical demonstration of this last night. Every sinner In the house was mightily moved In an swer to the prayers that were sent up. Two ^ults came to the altar and were blessed leavin?, their "burden and going away with Joy and .five more expressing a desire to be saved and four of these for prayers. No oho should stay away from these meetings. The great shout of the ev' ening before gives us certain know ledge that the old fashlgned religion has not quite died out and the over coming by the power of the divine ought to press every person on to VID tory. We are In the midst of a re vival and there is no mistake about that. The question that is how fac shall we push the battle Come, give us a boost and get your loved one saved ere It is too late. Scrvlres each afternoon at 3 in the church and each evening the services open propmtly at 7:30. The male quartette sings for us tonight and souls are to seek the Lord. Come, help up Just a little. J. M. M. 8PERRY WILL LET THEM 60. Jackies Will be Allowed Full Shore Liberty at Manila. WHAT CAUSES DYSPEPSIA I Is Rpglslpr want ads pay. READ THE BIBLE.'—BEVERIOOE No Magatine Stories Have Such Gripping Interest, He Says. Chicago. Nov. 24. —^When In search of good reading matter turn to the Bible. W-en. in npcd of hard .material ad vice on hard, material subjects, turn to the Bible. When in search of exciting tales of battle, tales of love, tales of the good ne.<is of humanity, always turn to the Bible. It contains all of this and [.much more, according to United States Senator Albert J. Boverldge. ol ilodana. who spoke on "The Bible as Oood Reading" before the Chicago Sundav Evening club at Orchestra r.all last niebt "No storirs published in the 'magazines of today have such gHoping in terest as the stories In'the Bible." de: clared Senator Beveridge. "Turely as a volume of entertainment I have often wondered that the Bible is not more widely read. Like other gifts of God. it is so common that we fall to appreciate U." Is the joy of the household, for I without it no happiness can be 'complete. Angds sroUe at and commend the thou^ts and aspirations of the ipotter . , bfending over the ; [jhr6u£h which the'expectantnjother must pass is such vafd with ditad to>Uie hour f ben she shall fe^ th» Every woman ^ould kf ov-that the di :te fts-w*>^ mtindi And laeideatany CwuUpatiaa. Coated Toagae, Trerroasaess, Headache, aad Other Syaiptam Did you ever luow that the stomach is a churn? That Just as soon as you are done eaUng. the,healthy stomadi commences to roll the food around, and mixes it thoroughly with the luices of the stomach? And did you know, dear rekder. that If the stomach Is run down or flabby, so that it cannot do the churning, that dyspepsia is the result? If the food'is not churned. It lays beavllyon your stomach, turns sour, and causes all klnda of distressing symptoms, such as headache, coated tongue, constipation, etc. And SO; as every physician will tell you, the way to cure dyspepsia is to fix the chum, or in other words, build up the stomach so that It will proper•y mix the food. If you have dyspepsia and want te ;et rid of It before it gets rid of you go to Chas. R Spencer * Co.s, the druggist, and get a large box of Ml-o- na tablets. The cost Is only 5Q, eenU, and every reader of the Register is welcome to his or her money liack if Mi-o-na' does not cure. Washington. Nov. 24.—The offlcers aad crew of the fleet of the battleships under Admiral St>erry will be allowed toll liberty at Manila, as at any other port at which they have touched. Admiral Sperry reached this conclusion after thoroughly Invest! gating health conditions at Manila. The offlcers and crew will Uke part In a parade and enjoy the liberty oi the city. Cases of cholera reported In the Philippines. It Is sUted at the navy department, are Isloated ahd under control and do not menace the public health. . .The Kefflst«r waat ralaaia eaa aeP tt reat ft or get ft the qalekeat TAKES CHARGE OF BANK. Ja Arkansas CHy, Kas^ lastltalM Haads of State Commtostoacr. Arkansas City. Kas.. Nov. 23.—H. G. Marshall, assistant state bank com missioner of Topeka. came here yesterday, sent from the bank commissioner's office, to take charge of the defunct Citizens and Farmers' State bank. This bank closed lu doprs on November 6 and W. T.. Watson, deputy state bank examiner, faias about finished the payment of dividend No. 1. Mr. Wataon will turn the business ov; er to Mr. Marshall on Monday. Lawrence. Kas.. Nov. 21.—Negotiations are now pending to have-MIa- nle Maddern Fiske give a performance in Robinson g}-mnaslum under the ansplcea of th4 univeralty. Nothing of this kind has ever been attempt ed in tbe'west, but It Is common to the east. Prof. John Boodin, who has charge of^, the attractions from the university, is at work making preparations to introduce classic jilays un der the auspices of the university. The gymnaillum has a seating capac ity of 3.000. and the idea is to hare the price made so low that every student can attend. Harrison Gray KIske visited Lawrence two weeks ago, and it only became known today that his vis^ It was for the purpose of Investigating the proposition. If. Mrs. I^ska does not come some other widely known star will be secured. PLEXTT OF EXERCISE tTECESSABT Plenty of regular exercise must be taken In order to keep the body in a healthy condlUon. Any excessive or unusual exertion, however, is sure to cause stiffness and soreness of the muscles and Joints. To counteract this effect there is nothing better than Sloans Liniment Lay It on lightly where the muscles have been strained; It requires' po rubbing for tt penetrates right to the tMue. relieves any congestion and Inflammation and makes the muscira elastic and pliant Sloan's LInimebt Is a great boon to athletes, for it not only relieves pain and stiffness, but it is an excellent remedy for sprains, cuts bruises and cramps. Mr. J. F. Price of Tescumbia. Ala. writes: "I am an engineer on the Southern Road from Chattanooga to Memphis, Tenn. The contiiiued elevation of my ana upon the throttle gives it a sore feeling when on a long Journey, and there is nothing that will take the soreness oat like SIpan'a Liniment and I keep a bottle In my grip always." DEMANDS THAT FLECf REMAIN. LOST 10,000 VOTES Bryan .\ot Favored aii Was Taft In the Keccat Election. Hebsen Pleads With Leave "Big 16" In Prasldent Pacific to WOULD SEGREGATE SEXES. Kansas Saelaiaglst AdToeatea It le Sappma CrtaiMltty. Wichita. Kas.. .Vov. 24.—Change In the marriage Uwa wais advocated by Mrs. Eustace Brown, president of the Federation of Woman's Olnbs. who spoke at the meeting of the Charities and Corrections AasoclaUon reater- day as the best way to stop crime. Rev. Edward A. Fredenhageh. presi dent of the assoctatlon. advocated the segregation of the aexea among the criminals and other elaaaes who are hindrance to the progresa of society. He woald do It to prer^t re- prodactlon of jthajr kind. IfiiwevM'. neltliier Mrs. Brown nor tba .Ber. Mr. Fredenhagea suggested Uwa . wUdi wonid fit the case. The Jovanlle oout system waa diacnssed geMrallx^and thia brought oat hiow It waa .worked in different parte of tbo^atafo. Tb* pgrole syateu ;Or;priaoaari whs db. S^iiMd by Jndgt C A. Btaurt 01* Uwa. Bbamaa CBmattoCltlM atafa board of eoatroi aid Mtgk.T.r. Oar- ver of TopaUaUo/if' - rantloa. Waatdaa jM»r»awtjlWtia-froa thii atate \M»MAfm^^ eentrol. .aMuwjlBiiMsaiMm fwilii m* •r tba <mji«m ,m^mS»^^- Bnkws Paoi^ Try W Flit Do not ignore the "little disorderyr of the system. The liver, for octmple, is a particttlarly needful little organ, but must be actire to be of any bse. Whtu H is active it creates gastrk joioBs that help to makej digestiott pei^ect, and then jroo are weB. Wbeii it is not actnre -it becomes what is known as 'totpid," and promptly pro* dncea biiionsaess. . There Is no batter aire for m aadaSiTstr natty, •nviag tfis Akron, C, Nov. 24.—Congressman Richmond P. Hobson, who waa here today, haa sent a letter to President Roosevelt demanding that he desdnd his order calling the United Staten fleet from Cbe Pacifle. fn hia letter he scored President Roosevelt ftor bit Interference in the Japanese treuMta in California, saying: "Odr presldenta have Invariably refused to. Interfere In local mattert, eveii when foreign subjeoto were be- in«!'AaasaInated.-bnt In-this case, Mr. Presldeiit you did interfere where forr eign subjeeta were not twing harmed. "If, you were Justified then in calling on the. people of San Francisco to surrender, you are not Ju8tUled,in now withdrawing the fleet and again placing them and their neighbor* on the whole coast In precisely the same defenseless, posltton." Conditions that have no counterpart in the AtlanUc exist in the Pacific, Hobson saya, and it would be a nation al and international calamity to wlth^ draw the fleet Topeka. Kas.; Nov. 53.—The total vote of Kansas at the recent election will not vary more than twenty votes from 37&.000. This Is the largest vote ever caist in the state. The total for 1896 was 33S,639; 1900, was 353,766. and 1904, was 328.557. The presidential vote In 1904 was the smallest of the four past presidential elections aad yet the Republican vote was the largest and the Democratic vote the; smallest. Tliat was due to the Democrats voting for Roosevelt This year TaZt received 197466- against 212.955 for Rooseveli in 1904; 185-955 for Mc- Klnley In 1900. and 159.345 for Mc- Klnley In 189^, when he lost the state. Bryan this year polled 161.207 votes against 8647^ for Parker In 1904, or nearly twice as many: 162.601 for Bry an In 1900 and 171,614 for Bryan in "96. This, shows that Bryan polled lO.Otk) less votes in Kansas this time than lie did the nrst time be ran. The Republicans polled 37J21 more votes this time than they did in '96. The - socialist vote shows a loss of 3,000 over 1^4.^ Their vote this year fs 12.240 against 13.869 four years ago. The Prohibitionists abqiU held their own. They'have about 5,000 vote# which always stay by the ticket one election after another. The Heanft ticket did not poll to exceed seventy- five votes in the entire state. 'C.MS MAY APPEAL PERKINS CASE. There's Now Only One Obstacle In , Recovering Insurance. HOCH IS HOT SUBE TET. DecaB*t Knew What He WOl Da tai Contta -Caack Tapriu. Kaa.. Nov. 24.—Governor Hoch waa back at bia desk today, and when aaked coDcemihg the rumor that he to aoon to pardon John H. Oslllha from the state oenlleBtiary. said: .'I understand that this newspapers liave taken some action fn thIa matter, and of. oonrfel'niB willing, wftlioat knowing nmetlrwhat action tbat.waa, to ratify ft. Whatever'tba newspapers inav do about IhUr. ia all right' Of coarse Ooveradr HoA was speak ia« to a JocnTar wiy. bnt there la aaapleion. that parliaDa the aoverapr njpecte to "ratify" the action moira serlovaly one of thaae daya. STRUCK mOLLCY tlNC. LigMnlng Playad ^nlc Diwing Storm Vastordav. Onrinit the eleetileal atorm of yf%< terady. lightalng Mn^k the lola nae^ tris eompaay'a traUay wire at t|a eom^ or Wast^ aa« WaahlagtM Itdatf in the eenrt yard. Twtr^ aiaeMay's can w^ i>irt>ent «f l^^lfuilM^ aa, a rMian of tto g^ Lawrence, Kas.. Nov. 24.—Mayor George Barker this morning received a dispatch from St Paul atating that Jadge Vandeventer of the Unlteq Statea court of.%ppeato had decided In favor of the .'Perkins estate In the case bipught: before him laat' Week. Judge Darker of Lawrence went to 8t Paul last week, where he argued the motion before (be appellate court and also submitted briefs. Judge Vandeventer took the case under advisement and today rendered hia decision. As the case now stands the appeal of the Perkins attorneys from the restr lining order can -be heard and if thi! decision is again in favor of the estate they can go ahead with their suit to recover the Insurance. We. flie selves to property fran'^thJK<; teaidaiit b«ii ^r~ any and all fhnn huntlag eir township. Sli S. W. Lust F. Ballard'. Wm. Saar iW. L. Bnaaell C. T. RIgg* J. E. BIbens W. 8. Case B. 8. Brees C. L. WUliams O. F. Pottt R. M. Culley C. 8. Morrisoa C. E. Robensteln T. A. Howell Mat Fox J. L. Skinner C. a Dickens R W. Penland G. W. McKInder J. N. Vickers J. F. Malhint , Robert Shapel Wte. Weaver. H. W. Hardy , Chaa.E.Berkeheiaer ^ Lewis Buford r B.w. J. H. Vaughn .-Lt-K^ J. D. Hollingswprth Thos. J. Anderson j - J. Grant Haywood F. Latham . -.C.} •.J.-1 mi We. the underaignad:! em townslUpi me^pmjn ship Game i*w -r hereby warn. aik.liaiiteFi^ prosecute any partlsafo on our preniises. C. J. F^rssman 'rB-i L. C. Thomas Ross Laver a H. Long J..W. ThorOMS Jamea Husa • 3ii CF.Hass Joe Strabhart Frank Brooks j; H. Undsey W.P.BiVer Dan White, Jr. ft A ^liMiAirEi^ ZcOM^'St BwatMi sar(aea«(<i. For sala ir.; m SEN A TOII; Prfvata Topeka, Nmr/. here todhjr.'. to Benator- atea tfUl laigr^ inet pliieeVltiU tbathewUir^ • Wli^lta. praetlee When yott first try the moat teitipting~> asvery—fiiie flav^itcd 61 all s«i fobd Don't aaaocutta mbnly bay. *'\ out water in ae^Bdj? !^ the ojRt|art the iiicoaipliM Vbit can't revdation. * Every hqussniii will wia^ a daioty new pfitmmpu r6d 'give yoaac^^:':"

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