Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 24, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1908
Page 2
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PL Id turn It over to a cheap^ :e jwor cldaiM . titer 'are^ " par ogrn wottur^hUtJa.^ iter, rin^ or Unii spots feft'^ 't.:.;crr ""^ l^pmrtment if yon B*«Bd low prices. TMWW tool ckwtih 'wMi to krwta iptMtpoaed . Tlfenitnr- Intlie TiMe- B millinery departrj cTtr. ElegBiit batar;) in cm Biiitelal sale." tv«ie» ta8i;8atnrtay. And I rir ^ottter Kansas ha^ f so «i«id a jireddlBK! A count" fe^v -MiMi ftm .Europe tq •mi JOHtrivtimti^ on tliq ' fiM3af »rrll >e Bttraote:S - ^ w .*UIy. In the m hats ttiat cost cost from $400 to gaTe bier attendi ^vdlreietpire sasheiu ..'•Uaaduts :wt!re. a*! t ^iflidwir -town men. Tfaej iJW;Jllsa Mar-- ifather baT tbie man 'Bba aUam^ Stnart. repd Btaadard Otl CMB' iriiere tbey will daofbter ot GoBayviUe; _Ja. MUs 0I-: Grace Osbom _iha state .nbr* B OD .tta« guoUne yon iEOOir about kaTiBS a xrand smart set In ViMMalMof? We're just , TBbrToat— ««te JonmaL -Mew.and follow the ,^ -tt 'Mlardi for cloak« ^ir^' the v?^ " jjiiiiftTTlil ' inim r-r— • r** " '"'^ ' Tff'ilimti'T"t "^-T wlth'prep- .«ni be here on ,^TeraI days with and odier friends to Cnteruin. 'atJt -Beimvwlll glre .Wttaday. Their LllJBiiilier of. reUUver. jtfn.Here. arlain, of Humr lay to 'attend In bnring a wiftbh care Ehonld i be takeo—yon ; don't buy one every day. In bar large stock ^ yon will find nofblns but standard makes of movements and cases such as Eirtt,-:WaItfcaa. See m before buying. J. W. (ir ^i SON ExekiilrejJewiiier*. EAST 8I0E 84UABB. ti^sses in this order: t^okraphy of -Tennyson—Mrs. Kat* 11^ Xe^lam^Wra. B. W. Myler. Musie-^Etshth grade pupils. Selectioiis from Blain " ~ liM. turn. . , r it..irbrd^:iil denU tb-yoii to stop -Miss Cornel- that iWfbl. airtbl Mco&lx&ig Itch? fin.. . Ityw ^reiinioted wltbakiBdiMase Characteristic Sketdi—Mr. Cari Sal- the Jj^d that aeena to baffle'medical treameiit. and .leaves you wild with —Mr. Aiezanoer. ritdi.) we hope yon.will not fail to in- This last feature was Illustrated vestlgate a prescrfpUon-wliich is now with stereoptioon views and - the racoinmended by .inany of the best guests were appreciative ot the unl- akin'apecialhits. even in preference to que presenUUon of .the poem, fbi Uieir ow |t prescriptions. It Is the pupils in the grfde> Unglit by Misji atnipie soothing oil of wintergreen Grace Bostwfck also gave a class at- eomponnd known as D. D.' D. preserip ' tlbn. A 10 cent trial bottle must con- bibit After the program the guesU spent ''toco ^o" that ^J^JL^^Js inaptly a social hour- in the spactous hall on jaiayed Xx^LtJ!^^T hSing (he first floor. Punch vaa served from Hfieral n D D an artlstlcal'y deoorat«l Uble by °- ° ^^ Miss Grace Moore^d M « Edna P'^Pt '^S'^^Tihat before long MtSmn^ leaves and other foliage wItO k«ew-«?W»W POSmTELT - that autumn leaves and other roiiage wiw ^ ^.^^J-jL^iUy/t^^ stalks Of com and pumpkins to carry Xjart "UhCu5nWl 1^^^^^^ Is to the skin. iChas. B. Spencer ft Co. Write direct to D. O. D. Ca. tlZ oat the harvest Idea. An enteftalniikeilt of this kind unusual and the evening afforded ao officers and teachera. • • • —Special prices that spell economy In stylish milliner};. ^Richardson's. For Maslc Party. The young pteple '6f the U. church will have ,a mask social on W. C. T. U. Meetlna. •The Friday afternoon meeting of the "Woman's ChrUUan Temperance Union will be especially Interesting K social on t""' ^eek. The program will otwn- Sir-Mbniay erening. JhrSesIs ^.^^^^^A'^tr^irTii^^^^^^^ win be entertained at th*_hoine oj ;„Bt:";„:^;" Atchison who Mr. and lira. B. P. Adams. 607 Nortb Walnut street. .The social .committee of the' T. P. C. U. has the p/o: gram for the evening in Charge. itcmNfi snN Are readiOy etu «d. by -ZEliQ, a dean Hqald for eztenal use. ZEHO draws thii gern^aaiid tiiA tcsim to tbaJOffaed and rflettrajra thetn. leaving idMn: healthyaUq. ZEMQgbrMinUnt and .permanently dues every foJrmbf akin oracaip diaeisae. . ..Forsale ayerywl^ere. Writefoream- p]-: E. W. Bpse Uipdidne Co .,8t Louis. For sale at Burreirs Drug Store Par Mra. Adaiha. .One of the pleasant evening partiieg of the week waa -an entertainment last evening to celebrate the birthday aapiversajry of Urs. G. W. Adorns. Hiss LUlie Adams and Mrs: Maude ~UedIotr Invited a large number of ILCflends for the occasion and the com Oiiny was happily enterialned with ^nsic .and informal games. The evening was a complete surprise to the honor gneat. —Clearing the decks for Holiday^ Goods. Richardson's. * • • • Art Club Program. IM Mrs. Sadie Thompson, -of SoutlHl Walnut street enterUined the meaH*" bers of the Art chib yesterday afternoon for the usjiai, program meetingiti Miss Florioe Wheeler and Mrs' I Thompson contributed interesting pa^' pers and the business relative to the • club was discussed. Miss Rosalie m Charles wiU entertain the club in twii [weeks. • Pamily Dinner. Mrs. John Foust has asked relative^ and a fe# .ttttlmate friends for dtu'' ner 4m Thursdky. Serve |>inMr. The Aid society of the First M. E; ^ureh win serve dinner and supper :to tbe public on Friday. The placei thosen is.the gymnasium of,4he T, M. C. A. biifldlng which Is tin espeo^ iaUy roomy and convenient plaoe'i Plans for the day have been made for the convenience of out-oit-town teach^ era who 'Will attend the association. * •*• * —The Richardson MHlinery depart mentis taming out some'elegant hats for Thanksgiving. Special prices on; millinery all this weA. Federation .Meeting- A meeting for the civic federal! of women's clubs 1^ been anno^ac for half pastv two •'clock on Satiuda]^ afternoon. The aassion wiU be helinM in Ubrary ML Mnk^R. y. Boyd wji^ is chairman of y .the. program eommlt*! tee winj complete ::WT«BsaBient* for mnsic and other featares today. The aabjeet ^paperaand-fcneral diseusi' lion Is "aub Extension.'' Vistt In NIokeraen. Mr. and 'Mrs. J...€; -Henderson are Nldieryoqi <.tom({rrow. They Lwin visit for several days with relatives. • >• Party for .YMtiliaOlrif', The AlU Seta, dob .win give a party on SatUTdHr-evesiiig in-ieompUment to lhe..e»nege glria-^- other visiting ft:lef4a .of the' «M^n.. who will spend the' irhaafeaidvlng seaaon lai lola. The place win be announeai llater. .To VMt Mra. Sucher. , Mr. H. T. of. Downer's Grove.' m.. lacl^MW jbraSf^Mtt wtalt wtth 'bU «lst«r. Mn. C. Sotfter. Mr. AidriohiwiU spend Thanfcsctviag I Hera;':- OiHsUlMt ] 6«e4 FtaMs 1 flood Pianos ....... ... iUM 6 M 4 Ptees ... ISMi emtviuM tssjiii fiMd PtaMs ...skM IM -naMS ... deed PiaiM fM flaaos tKM flood liaiies ........ jg'gjig .8Md nilies 4ttliM$' .flaad'PteMs , .^^-Compare onr price* and tonalities Ion Ladies. Misses gad.Chlldran's Coats •11 OB ape^hU.Mlf. They will stand thet-t Rld««|.^ PartMtMehm. fXMiffi PiMitj el Thaaksif^.«Ms la lehM- SellflW JerjTMt* «• FMCt M CcBli ' mm lirlU |Wit .Mfter^» to the fortaaat* turlHy local iiibps ivr thii 4^ Pts i;Ma plaatlfBl aai II ' snt-m^ ITCH. '^xr-OM^MtiBe- 0isewa> 10 RIKflED AROUKlj fn ||H flOLB and gems is the «p ehdid stock of ATTKACtlVE JEWELRY jwe are displaying. Jewelry Is u good ble firm such as ours. We have spe clal facilities for securing the most fashionable jewelry. W« buy largol.v and pay cash for all we buy. This I means a saving for us and for you. Always glad to show our goodB, no mater whether you buy or not. lift Jewdsn MY! SO PARTICIIUft tional liour. Miss Zoe Atchison who Is here for a f»w daj's will give a reading and the Thanksgiving season wlU. be observed. * <• • Earl Keasler Coming. Earl Kessler, of St. Louis, will ar .rive In Iota on Friday to spend a ifew days with his avother. Mrs. Ella Kessler and his sister. Mrs. H. L. Hkrrts. • • • Chanpe In Time. The class which (s usually held on . , „ . Monday night at the T. W C A manager of The Register was me^U tenlSt i"st ^aS. tb^ chin^ '^^^ was made to accomodate a number of had violated one of the postal teachera who are In this class. r^Sj'J/'* AttenUon is also called to a change f"'^l"'!?.,^J'^ '° "on-a^'sslon in the hour for the h|gb school gym. ^j/^'.^"'- ^lf'"'""'°f"4' ^...-v «,„ afternoon P «r"cu'ar yoo kirow about what its Register Is Barred From Saying That Rbk WW Aire Away a Turkey. ciaas. which wiU meet this afternoon at live o'clock instead of four * * * Class for Matrons. Class Tor mairariB. Innocent appearmg item on toe iirs. Atithe request of a number of mar- telling that the skating rink war rled i women wT^o want gymnastic going to give away a turkey Wednes work at .a morning hour, there Is .a night' to the holder of a luck> •WUlIk »b ... H>w»»._0 class organized to meet Monday and Thuraday^ mornings. from 9:30 to 1^-30. beginning Monday. November .10th. Any women who want further Information In reiard to this o^ass can ^^«mmunieate with BJflss Seyle at the-'Y. W. C. A. office, phone 548. For Miss Sickly. To entertain in honor of the bride- to-be and to present a number of titts, a grouo of girl friend* enter- itatned for Miss Bertha Sickly last 4lKht at )be hone of Miss Josephine Riddle. Miss Sickly had been requested- to bring with her six -garments which wlM not J>e included In her trousseau and tnese were aueUohed off to the guests. Payment was made In articles of kitchen ware which will be used in the bride's new home,^f- ter tlie auction a luncheon was'serv- i«d. The table was covered with a handsome lace set .and places were imariced with red paper hearts. Tbe !oeat«rpiece of yellow and white chry- aanthemnihs was mounted oh a handsome base of glass'and llJBfatIng wan from yelk)w and'white-wax tapera with shadis of tbe same colors. * • • Unity Club Meetlnfl. k. The aftcpioon study of the Unity club yesterday was .one of the most interesting and profitable ! which has oecvrred this season. Roil call was r answered by Itetns of Interest about IJWted Auslriaas in keeping with the Cenen(I study of Austria-Hungary .which' occupied the afternoon. Mrs. 0. 'T. Talbert conducted the lesson from the history and Mrs. "W. M'. Anderson had charge of the magaslne ar-^ tldesJ The most Ihterestihg feature of th^ afternt^n was a description of a trip to Austria Hungary which Mrs; Schoenbrun ?ave. Having spent a sommer :there and in other interesting portions of Burppe ifrs. Schoen- brnn waji able to give some exceedingly InstruictiTe descriptions .of peo- rPle and customs. The.rennd table discussion was very informal and after the critic's report the program was closed with a recital of public happenings.; • i Die* ef HeutPallRrf. MiMred. the Infant child of Mr. and Mrs yf. H. Mayer, of 211 East trvin faflufe. 'The body was shipped to taiieral services and be held. interment will people get to read about and^ lola't exacting guardian of box rents stamps and postal cards discovered ac innocent aplfearbig Item on the firs' number. No charge is made whatevei for the numbers. Mr. Spencer, the postmaster, has ruled however, that the rink is.conducting a lottery and that the same cannot be advertised ID a good rellAle newspaper like Tbe Register. The advertisement Is there I fere withdrawn today. It cannot be presumed, however that the rink will not give away thlr turkey on account of the ruling. Of courte we can't say that they will but a reporter who visited the place las' night saw a big white bird In a cage and It: Is only fair to presume that the tnrkey will be given away Jugt as Intended. We trust there la no violation of the stringent postal laws in doing {a little presuming. RAKES WORK EASIER jlcU People Are Pleaaed to learn How It Is Deae. It's pretty hard to attend to duties W4th a constantly aching back; With annoying urinary disorders. Ooan's Kidney Pills make work I easier. "They cure backachel they cure every kidney ill. Chas. Cole, fanner. living at 204 Budteye street. lola. Kas., Bays: For twelve years I suffered from -idd- ney trouble, having pains in my back so severe at timep that I was completely laid up and unable to work iMy case had begun tp assume a ser- [lons nature wh.en I saw Doan's Kidney nils advertised. I iiad tried manj similar preparations with indifferehi success but from the accounts given of Doan's Kidney Pills I had confl- denbe -in them and procured them. I 3oon felt relieved after talUng them and a few boxes restored me to perfect hei^th. I have since recommended them to my friends wherever 1 have an opportunity." For sale .*y all dealers. Price 50 oents. Foater-Milbum Co.. Buffalo, New York, sole agents for tbe United SUtes. .Remember th^ name—Doan's-nand Itake no other. No Clue en Trunk Thiaf. The sheriffs offlce reported today th'atjthere was no developmentii In Mrs w. H. Mayer. 01 a^i MSI »rTui. >U»V streel. died at 4:30 o'dock this mora- the B.!B. -Merideth trunk robbery ing as a result of an attack of heart which" pecurred ]r«etenlay morning. Mr. Merideth suspects a man named laiiara. »n« aaaj w»» aiu^^inm »"'irv' - — ~7^r Rogersvllle. Mo., at whlBh place the Frank .Lawrence, but he could not be located either, yesterday or todav by the. ofHcers. —if Wonien iTniitrSUTliM Braai wfcshalii mii ^^^^^^^^^^^^ iBttsiiiess WANTED—Dreasmaklng. to house.' Phone 104—31. Win go MEN WANTED QUICKLT-^By big Chicago mail order house to dtetribute caUloguea. advertise, etc. 125.00 a week. |«0.eo expenses allowance first month. No experience required. Manager, Dept 501, 386 Wabash Ave., Chicago. ' , ' •r--'--"- WANTED—Lady buahler and pros- investment if bought from a repute- ier, rtla.iy'employment.' gobd pay. MM Arm uiiph sin fitirR. hAve KT \P- * —.t» uii... a.«ti#..iM#« Apply Milne Tailoring Co. TO LOAN—15,000 private money on (arm land at 6 per cent—lola Land Co. WANTED—Two young ladies to so- lidt. C. F. Florence. Rooms 10 and 11, Evans Block. ^ WANTED^AII kinds of second hand household furniture.—The lola Furni ture Exchange. A. W. Beck, Prop. Phone 26. •" WANTED—To buy a good second hand buggy. Phone 4«3 or 1092. , WANTBD-rlola property to exchange for Ibhsas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Offlce over Iowa Store. lola. Kaa. SALESMEN * AGENTS— 11 $ f50.00 per week and over can be mAde selling New Campaign Novelties from now nntU election. Sells to Store*. Conn:.y Fairs, Picnics and Private I^YunUies. Complete line of samples, charges prepaid for 60c. Order today. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO.. M Wabash Ava, Chicago. ^ .... -Itirvrv^^j • • • • • • • • F»*<^ SAi'^ i'r' JOHN fl. nOODin,Tt9.: ' * - ^ Phyalelaa ni 8ng«ta. f pi«uim -i*v • Over Barren's. • •••••-••••••••a *.*..*..•••<• DH. XILDBKD CUK^Vi Pfcyalefaa ui Utgtim. V Offlce over Ba>-reU'* Dras Star* ^ .Offlce PBdtae 6M. *: Residence 214 B. Jackson >' Phone 669. ' • • • • M ' DB. M«iIL£lir, ' Special aUentlon.gltMi to tht treatment of all Ohroalo MMaa- ec and Diseases ot CUMitai: Telephones: Offlc* 32. Bi«:J9S. Offlce over Burrell'* Drue Stora West Madlaon.' Phone (ST. Reg. TIL VE, 0. L. COX. Bya^ Ear. Noi* aad Spectadea Properly ftttM. Offlc* A. O. U. W. BldC WANTED—Yonng men to prepare for coming examination for Railway .Vlail and other Government Positions. Superior instruction by Mall. EBtal>^ lished 14 years. Thousands of successful students. Sample questions and "How Gov't Positions are Secured" sent free. Inter-State Schools, 291 la. Ave.. Cedar Rapids, lowa^ •ifci FOR SALB-^Two BuFh & Oerts pianos slightly, used, left, with me for sale by Chanute parties. These are bargains. John V, Roberts Music Store. FOR SALE—A 22-?r..- r..t;i %n1 truck farm, 2 miles n--' 1. 1 - •- • 'v Good bottom land. i. \,.^. Gas City, R. R. 1. FOR SALE OR TRADE—Good property, close In. Call 110 Weist Monro*. 1SSSS= Offlca Tel. lOSI. . DB. B. 0. €L- FhysielaR aai ^Rooms 7 and Bvaaa BUto. r. H. sABfar, Surgery and Pfaeasee ol Women. Offlce and Rssidencs Phone S7t Offlce 7 North JaSenioa. JEW B. F. Fanconst, 110 Bast Street 'KLRSc old laUabl* Lodge FOR RENT OR SALE CHEAP—A three or a six roomed house in lola. Close in. Inquire Elmer Cummings; Richmond, Kas. Phone 62. ^ FOR RENT—^Newly papered 4 room bouse, close in. Other bouses. Wbit- aker & Oonnell. 00000000000000000 O O O E. E. TICKERS O O Lire Stack aad fleaeral O O Aaetkaeo- O O Satisfaction Guaranteed O O Phone 83S—409 Eaat St.. Iota. Ks. O O O aoooxi 000000000000 fOR MXdtMMQE ain Clear La Harpe residences $7000 and $3000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenhart. lola. Kas. moHTs OP Fimiir rxMlg* No. At m**t« •van^; night at K. ol P. H*n. tbera Invited. W. 8. Tl^t_ Chri* Ritler, g. of R. aad IKieHTS OP XA< Knights of Maecab*** of tka • meets In K. P. HaU, aaeond ud- Satnrday nighta ot •aeb Bai_ |W. Postwait. coamaadsr; B, JL-tar, record keeper. _^ W. 0. W^-Camp No. 101 K. of P. Hall every FHday 1 T. Steele, C. C, A. H. Dat&y Visitors cordially Invited. ' M. W. A*-Th*' M. W. i meet* every Friday niglit la HaU. VlaiUng brother* ftnl Coffldd. V. C. W. A. Cowaa. >-'~r'., BOTAX BBIflHBOBa ^IoU No. 3«&. Royal NelghlMr*. ond and fourth Tn **daya month. Urs. F. A. Wagdierii ft Mra. Mary Hntlon, Wa*;;**!*!? Recorder. :--r ^-^-'s^:fey;^- LOST—In front Kress's store, pair spectacles. Leave at Kelley's transfer :afflce. CUIM BIG GAS WELL 0 .\E DRILLED AT SOITH COFFEY. VILLE SAID TO BE 29 MILLIONS. One of the Biggest WeUs In Kaasas—Okfaihona Territory. the South Coffeyvlile, Okla.. Nov. 24.— The big gas Well which was drilled short distance southwest of thiv place has a capadty of 29 million cubic feet per day. It Is one of the largest well* In the Mlshoma-Kan- 3as gaa fields. The endless amount of CM' and the free factory sites which are lieing offered is causing manu- fketurers to turn their atteatioa to South Coffeyvlile. Every line of bust .qes* Is becoining interested in the aew town aad already loverai bulfd- tUS* are going up preparatory to the' establishment of new merchantile lines. •ssai« S«|l*«riV C. L. WliSaher la .la Owi City thla afterBooD adinatlns ia lainraaee low; «Q • rMMwM?*. pwwerty which waa ftrndi byU ^talBS danlBS the storm y «*tr *w.'.. PBITBBNAL — Fraternal Brotherhood Na ,SW,< second and fonrtS Thnnday month In A.!0. U. W. JXalL member* cordially lavfted. W, . derson. praddent; Golda Klaa,, tui. Ocaeral CaatrailMb.^ Flagstone and Cement Corbing a r oac* lu EM Phaa* Mi., Y "im;^- M Real Estate, liuili City and Patrn' Low Rate. Annual lataiMti; Payments recdvad; .gt time without aollMr aa. tereei ceases on jafeaitj Leas u Sh*rt tliia^l Cunnlflgliani' OUR Tl la constantly riatlai:. .tember, yoti kaair, la tfc*-: the 'isummer dnat otaaaad P*ti W* ar* ba«y/bat I r*e *lT* prompt aad' Phona iOU RUGfl

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