Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 26, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1907
Page 2
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• \ ,. t Our Grc9t Semi-Annual Qlove Sale lis now Ui fuirpjv- gixss. th^ early purcliaserreaps the bAwfit. THeseilltiVefl were not pi^rchas^d a sale but are takeii from oiir re^» lar stock. .896 6 (fr'|l .06 (wd dup kid gll>vc while only. «(s 5 3-4 to 7 1-2' lemi -^nnual pricf. pair. oir $1.50 H. & P. two butjon clasp, over scam, walk- lloyc in tan. jrcy and jox blood, ilits 6 8i unij-annual price, pair UwU 61ir ^1.00 two claip kid gloves. Cltainpa«n«. new ahd g^. sizes 5 3-41(| 7 l-Z.semi'annuai gg^ celebrated 53.50 MaivUo I6 .bu(t>n kid glove* Our )3 50 Malvolio l6button M4 ikwcs (n grey sizu 5 1-2 to 6 l>2, semi-annual price. black, sizes 5 t-2 (o 6 I- , semi-annual S2.95 ^cc. pair $3.50 Molvalio l6but|on kid gl'^ve' in wliHe, S2.95 liiu 51-2 to 6 3 -4. semi-annual pr cc. P<Jr [. eraember pair S2.95 Our $3.00 IHahrolio 12 -buHon kid glove^ whHc. sizes 5 1-2 to 6 3 -4.! femi-aiuMMl price, AA JP pair 5Zl4D Our $3.00 AUIvofio 12 -button lid glovei In Navy^ sizu 5 3 -4. tl 6 3 -4, semi-annual price, k C pair 52l4D Just received. ^6-baHon P. X. M. Cape ovtr -MMt gloves, the mjut-p-actlcal and scnslbic long gloves nfadc. pair tP^it iig pelMitioo to Attund ttit Aa «M>( ^ ' tl«?%Mt «is at Cifttyvllli?^ |- The public aciiobla «)n GIOB ^ Wed- nuday fd>- Ithe reitiiUr ThanksglTins p^eatlon, ariil trill i-emain eloMd nn^ UI aixt Moaday. Qnlt« a Ur|»--d «l» galtdn of t«ach«ra ftx>m this comity Wifrlll attend the meeUng of the flooth- '*^(>B8t«m Kanaaa Teachers* Association to he held at Cotrejrrllle. Tbonday and* Friday. The rollowing Allen county teachers will take part In the Ivurograni: Cbaa. 'W>i^t, Savonborg: Mlaites Alice Hendricks. Graoa Boat- wlcU, Minnio Bowen and Bessie Iflll er. a 'l of lola: Messrs C. V. Deanls .9n4 L. H. WSshard. lola, and Comty Superintendent Mrs. Maude Funston. Tola. The Santa Fe will run a special train . from OofTeyvllle to Cherryvale Friday niRhr. to make connection with the main line north at this latter I'place. DON'T forget that free entertain the First M. E. Church. Us tomorrow night. Only one hdnd fitted in this sale. No; gloves excMng^ed. Sate Ends on Tti^nksjgjfylng Day UnBRELLAS Just received a new line, some gold, some silver, some pearl. Piincy band engravinK Free on goods bought here. 1 J. w. mmi SON ne Choir Practice. , The Presbyterian choir wll |^6hl>onB rehearsaj this week, Fri­ day'evening. At this lime thejchrist iiT/tnaa-iniisic will be selected and the I' li'rOgrani tor the two services to cele S^'^Btat* .dhristmas partially arranged. ,l !,^lOss Jbpes 1B making the work [exceed ^^?l^y- P'^^»iit Bnd: beneficial this year By her efficient Instruction and the : holM^ music will be taken from the iwoHts of the best compoBers. ' W. C. T. U. Work. ,.1 tola women Who belong to the W. ( Iv, C. T. tJ. are finding a great-6eal of' = tha magazine is devoted largely: to reiiorts of the meetings. Presidents of various states report a larw'in­ crease In membership lists. Kansas gained 700 last year and USIH- gates to the Tennessee convention promised to lend a movement to" secure one thotisaud during 190S. • -fr •:• Qive Family Party. Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Brewer will give a dinner party on Thursday for a tioup of relatives. ** •¥ For P. E. O. Chapter. Mrf!. Glenn D. Finney, assisted, by Ibtteresting reading in • this ibonth's l Mrs. A. P. Harris, gave an Informal ii6<sntine], the ofilcial paper of [he «n •iim. lihe National Convention has afternoon party yesterday for ladles ; of the P. E. O. chapter. • Contrary to ire (he Lan^ ibtita the dreadful nivapcs .'«(.cotuiunj ^ion by curing ^me bad cougti «r cold here h is lo.> law.: iPiso** i in tpeedily stops^ ^oughs- .^nd. rcIirvM lliroat .and ' trouhles. Ab^ilutely | VoM objfctiunaMc ai<d 'ul , ingrcdicntiJ «ud' 'lo the tast^. II. Jnst corhe to a close in Tenne-'.-lee ami • the usual custom thore was no pro' ' Kram and the guests were entertafaed with music and other pleasant diver I , slons.' Mrs. A. U Brumbaugh was Initiated into the chapter. At th« i luncheon hour Mrs. Finney served the followinfc guests: Mrs. A. L. Brtim baugh, Mrs. M. Hllles, Mrs. A. P. 1 Harris. Mrs. F. Riddle. Mrs. W, R.. I Heylraun, Mrs. C. B. EWgerton. Mrs.' r. S. Mitchell. Mrs. C. f... Evans, Mrs. .T. -Wl Bolton. Mrs. O. O. Storie, Mr«. W;. T. 'Ulatson and-MIss Beulah McCance. • • • To Visit in Chicago. .Mr.s. D., P. Northrup. Mrs. F. .T. Horton, Miss Lillian Northrup and Miss Riith Horton have gone to j^jChcago for a week with Miss Ethel lllarinn and Miss Gladys Northrup. I* "Where" are you going?" " "i 'kting after a sack of Um f iwoapt io^ apytbiag else .M. ^< - EnterUin Sewing Club. m\. Miss .losephine Riddle is hostess of Hhe Sewing Club this afternoon. + + • Entertain Wednesday Club. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Howlan* will i !be at members of the Wed^ I'liesday: Euchre club tomorrow even- .Jng at thsir hOme, come rof Broadway and Walnut streets. * * 4- Federation Meeting Here. The new year which will soon: be ushered in by a number of notable Store' Open Evenings The moft remarkable and- surest investnieut today is; is Diamonds. Rematkable; becaasf* no condition in-: iiaences their steady, a i-; vance in valn^;:. Because thi^ advance offers soch a- large per^tage on the money invested. It is a matter of hislorr tbat from .the earliest times diamond values haile'always advanced. Every Diamond booght of ns carries oar guarantee, ffone di ipme the worth of our gnarantiK. iUBBV CUT QLASSr-HAWP PAIMTfiD CHINA A4arge stock of the above a*, prices never before offered. New designt io Kookwobd Pottery (one price everywhere.) Tne only line o^ Rookwood io this part of the. state. A general line of Jewelry and Silverirare at loweit prices. About Jannary I bt, I expect to move'iiay stock to the foom now occupied by the lola State B^hk and intend reduc- iog'^as much as passible to avoid trotible an J expense attending a retnova'. G.T.SEWALL JEWELER Fii;|gt door north of Postoffice TKanksgiyiog tor the table. Beautiful pat- 'terns In Gorham Solid Silver Knives and Porka, Table and Teaspoons, Fancy Single Pieces, etc. Community Silver, Rogers 1847 iSilver and complete stock to aelect from. MtMEtL mmm. fkro- tHAlTKSti ^a BAT , HATF. There will be no special rates on the railroads tbls year bedsuse of Thanksgiving. The railroad companies did away with special rates l ^hen they granted two cebt fares. It is not expected that it will make any difference In the volume of travel compared with what it was a year ago as the rate now is about the same as was granted for holiday travel nnder the three cent fare. Then the special rate used to be a fare and a third for the round tri|i. which waa two cents a mile net. It may not look as If there was as much Thanksgiving K. U. STUDENTS COMING HOME. Ten to Wltntaa K. U.-M. U. Game on Thursday. Many of the Allen county students who are attending Kansas Unlveralty at I.Awrenc8 will be home tomorrow tiftemoon. Ordinarily Instead of com- lug home to iipend their ThanksglTlng vacation they go to Kansas City where they attend the big foot ball game between the university teams of Kansas and Missouri. This year the big game Is to be played In St. .^sepb. Mo. The studenU think this is too far to go to attend the game. It Is hoped that everybody wll lat- tend the "Lyric Quartet" concert In the First M. E. church Nov. 29 and 'hua contribute to the growth Of the 'Soldiers and Sailors' Monument Fund. ADOS NEW DEPARTMENT. As-eut Ralston of the Santa Fe has trecelved notice of an!order Issued by the head offlclala of the road that af- •er December 1st an extra charge will be made for fares paid on the train, which are not to be refunded as now. trnder the present plan refund sheets -ire granted to those paying on the car .H. which are cashed at the dew's. 4v.-»nrR will bring at least one Import- which hai< already been tested by sev- snt meeting to lola. the convention eral women. The Idea is to serv-» v;f federated clubs of the Second dl.s- jiie, the kind and manner of serving trict of Kansas. Each season there to be arrangec to carry out a color b a spirited contest among c'ubs of, srhenie or any other predominating the different cities to settle the ques t-on of entertaining the federation, and tbls honor has i>eea claimed by lola for the approaching year, so that October. 1908^ will find tb« city clubs busy with preparations for the reception of guests. Some time ago the local federated organizations voted to send an invi latlon to officers of the district and the women have been anxiously await 'ng a raply. In a letter to Mm. W. D. 'Wolfe, president of this district- Mrs. Bustaoe H. Browne the aUte president, accepts and the meetings will be held during the third week of October, 1908. There are twenty-four federated clubs in the district to which lo'a be longs, the total membership readilng the seven hmidred mark. Out ot this number there will probably be seven- y-flve delegates and a irronp of well i:nown officers. lola was the first of the eight districts to announce the time of the meeting and Mrs. Bustace Brown of Ola^he. the state presl- lent writes that she will probably come here. Mrs. May BelvHIe Brown. <i former president, and other women of note are also expected to be pres- ?nt. • + • Mr. Smeltzar to Chicago. Mr. Chas. Smeltser Is arranging to 'eave soon for Chicago, where be will cnt?r Rush College to begin a four vear's course In medicine. Mr. SmeUxer Is very well Imown In musical circles and bla departure will jnak» a vacancy la choir and quartette organliatkma whldi will t>e exceedingly hard to fill. Mr. Smeltser ex nects to leave lola early in December. • • • Begin Chri«£ina« Muaie. The Sunday sdiool of the Plrat Methodlaf ebordi to one of the first in •he city to b^ln work on the Chitet- s:as music. This year to eeiebrata the comlBS of the Christ diild the ••ounr people-wiU give a cantata, "The SaaU Clans dob." The rdMaJmls will b« ooBdocted by Mrs. Mule HH- e* and Mtes Olive Hankina who have Tor several years spent vlth ttae elasae* to aaaisi •be ent2rtalnments sndeenfbL The first meeting'Will occnr-'on'Saturday afternoon at the chmrii. ••••"•• New LJineiteoii Idea. fTaviagrffiW of 'ihe loBr"obaerve« ^toMuot aerrififfce cream. le^ oe^ ^rtilt -Aalhtle* wlb^-laat'eourie of a innoh^ after a cant party. TMahiw- teaaea-hawoMglsatad r^a i'lea. One hostess served a dainty slice of fruit pie hidden by a generous spoonful of Ice cream the other dsy and another served pumpkin pic after a first course of turkey .>nd the accompanying delicacies. Viftb apple pie two small cheese balls may bo served. The pastry tilled with minco meat may be topped by a mound of snowy wMpp^ cream or a meringue of grated appH>« and beaten whites of eggs dotted with chonped nuts. • <f • A. M. a Club. The musicians who met a short time ago to organize a mandolin club, met last night wltb' Miss Norma Ressler. Mr. EJdward Bussing was selected as leader. The club will meet once each week. Among those who enjoyed the meethig last nlg^t were Misses Alfa Duacan. Trean Lowdier- milk. Lizzie and Norma Reasler, Mr. and Mrs. Bussing. Mr. Fred Killlan, and Mr. Harvey Heller.* ' IJnity Club Meeting. Mrs. O L. Garlingtaouse pleasantly entertained the Unity Clnb yesterday |ii afternoon during the dendltlan of the regular program. Mrs. John DavUn hhd charge of the historical research work and the regular lesson waa taken from EnidiBb history. Daring a buslneas meettuit lira. O. T. LaOrange resigned from the office of secretary and Mrs. John Devlin waa elected to fill her place. A large number of the members wefe In attendance. • * • Sur<>rfsed Wiaa Crangle. Another of the merry sarprtse par ties which members of Mra. Grant unier'a 'claaa give was la eoapltr meiit to Miss Clara Craai^e. Karly last 'evening a group-of frlenda went to Mtaa Craagle'a home' where ttiey were prettily entertained wMh nuUie and ether pleasant dfVen those 4rho attenMd Were-Blxs. Qraat Mffler. Ifra. Roy Fkmk; Waiea Ahna aianler. lv» imaebrairit. taara HiM» braadt. Maisaoret McCMIaad. Kay Pike. Oraee-Varr. EMe Itee, Jean* ette PDlfeya.- Zoe Atdikoo. Tretoa Lee. Kiiaie Hbward. One* Fttkigar B4aor; Iwmr dirrle; Vairte Kflfioin. Fieari Al'en. Jalia JMmsoB.' HkM Van Andale. Hettle Dmnm, Mary Domm, MyrUe Newman. Seteh Pollock. State Lioas. With Caia. and Evaalwiine Haaddbme embbeaed TfcadBdvtad . , Post Cardf. pitafied ta ten 'eokMs. t- mw p]aa|«>r Sc^ar jBi^ ft BurdlekTs. Shields 8ho« Store la Installing Repair Shop In Rear Room. The Shielde Shoe company of this Ity has added a new department to their shoe store. Today W. D. Woods r Falls City. Kas.. Is Installing an up- to-date shoe repairing shop In the rear room of the Shields Shoe Store on West Madison. Mr. 'Wood Is equipping himself with new madilnery and 'a preparing to do.all kinds of repair work. Xt» REFrXD FOR CASH FARES. The Saate Fe Makes Ralbir. New WIUL HOLD A SPELLING BEE. National Annuity Assembly Arrange for Thanksgiving Evening Program. The National Annuity Assembly at their last meeting voted to give an o'd fashioned siielling bee on the er. enlng of Thanksgiving day. In connection with tha spelling contest a ]i:ncheon wl'l be served by the members of the order. A big attendance Is expected. FIRE IN DRY GOODS STORE. Hundreds of Women Shoppers Were Thrown In Panic. Cincinnati. O.. Nov. 26—Fire broke out In the Wm. Wndhorst Dry Ooods company. Twelfth and Main streets, at noon yesterday and the flames 8 |iroad rapidly. There were hundreds ol persons la the department store. One woman is already known to be dead. Half a dozen others were Injured In leaping from windows. Railroads Offer ao Speetal •isits Tkh TMT. ladae^ travel this 3rear as there, hMs'been heretofore, for, the reaaoa that the travel will not air ^e oti certain days. beoanse '-of -Haeta 'udaw'^the special rate beliyc tfaced.oft aala .apoa those di ^a. Nqsfjlthera la a sjAMl rate any and 'eVery day. ud is %ddn as people find that this- Is the tmly rate that will be made they will go when they please and come home when they please. "PROP." Bunce received a telephone message yesterday afternoon tbat his sister-in-law, Mrs. Clara Bent l(^y. bad died at her home at Olathe. yesterday morning. Mrs. A. J, Bentley left lc:t evening TO attend the funeral which occurs today. Is Your Hair Famng Out? A few hairs here and there are not missed, but it won't be long l)efore they will be leaving in such large miantities that you will regret tne fact that you haven't done something to prevent the ulthnate end—teldness. Rexall "93" Hair Tonic promptly stops falling hair, cures dandrun and will stimulate a new growA'of hair. It has done so for otheiy. It will do so for you. tradl^name "ReEdJ." It is not sticky or gummy; will Each remedy is a wtll* not thicken on the hair; does not i'^..r *5lP« " ' become rancid; has no disagreeable odor; is clean and agreeable to use. At our store, only fifty cents a bottle. Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded. S. R. BtfRREbL, Druggist Why we guaianteaj Rexafi Remedies. —' We believe that The United Drag Co-^the' proprietors of the Rek>l aU Rethe^es, have b- augurated a pcrfectj system of 'supplying rexdy-made prescn^ tions. They make remedies uader the famous physician Who is a specialist in' his line. THE STORE m m. It would be iolly to safihata person should always twbif own doctor. There are tMes 'whea'bhe'caaiibt be too quick in cbinulting a ebmpetent and leiWMi physidan; bat the^faefdoes remaiia "that there lar* many ailments that be enr*d:at heme at verv^ Uttte- eapense.. Such teaiedies caa bd boagtt: at ahy fiist-dasa dmv store for a amall sum. Among the disrssea that can IM elFec- thrrty treatMnu hom«ai# Wchhs pertain to.the stomach.- liver and bowels, like coaatlpat>bn,' dyspepsia, biUoosaeaa, BsBilwicy. sow «uiM&, Moatsa a«£wiMa.lMrUNirB, w. H. AinuaoH. iiaeney«|.L«w. Notary and StenoKrapbor la once. Ffeeae 466. H.A. Oard.. O.B.Oard • OiiKD * 6ABI»t * Liirym. • • Practice In all Co«rt»,.^ f • W. Madlabn. Pbaia BlL • A e' a a ' aai jMooi itsiMaS ne thwa tMMbtas ' ~ CMtiMU's i'frt«aB*aM4h Spectel attentloii- tiTen to the treatment HaU'Vhroale Olaea*- ea and DMaMa of ChlMraa. ' Telephoaaa: Ofltos 32, Res. 2SS. OSee la Ita. 1 tvaer^ filds, • •. • • f^*?^ - •. • HivM. la 4ss^ •naMsi ih.«kaow •••••••••••••••• BoiMac *>ctt«- toeitrtaaa thsir • soM^uedlathUmsdy. aatheMS • B^.» mmm o.. k • • 70L • Phone 654. lohLjEkna. •! • Ofllce Haggetfjrvjir Bkt- •[ • once Hoara— ir to )S a. BL. 1 *l • to 4 i>, m:,1 to I •jraattla. •! • Snndaya by AppdliiliD^ ^ >, Koaa and Throat. Prmrly Fitted. A. a vTw. aids. • • • im. • • • • < *'W!aiiw.|it, oa |e|j m m. • • to pamumtly Ipcat^ U, C. mami^-t CkWm^ man. ' ,.;-iLa.----;*--t..-s ."-r -i-^ iP.E. HAltOb Prbetl^a Umllatf to IC N. Biackayi « •tiL • ••...,..,.e...*..te« .• • • .• • • • • « •

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