The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 27, 1946
Page 5
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SATURDAY JULY 20, 1946 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION •frilou; i Hair M, ' K* ^__^: t~ I X"** "" "" •••* *•» — £ S !K£ £! »«•»•' *•> — For Sale. 0 Acrtsi ul 6g>-l)t)»nK «ml cotton on>|)»; Irurtur and i>i|uipmenl: 1,-atii mnl ! 1'o.iiil'iiH'iit: tat,- anil call: 1U licxl hogs. Vv'. C. Mnnt.'rmn, 4 \'j luilvs SW of M;iriLI;i. ln»iuili> ut Mi-Minims ' Grorory. Manila. ".7 i>k-au . _____ I tlmii j»» Ua. ft, *,, ___ , I. Monlk wr || I( ___________ to , Oonm fin >> wori» I* U< llM. ordered (or tbrM or ill Um« «a< d b»Jot« uplnilot w ||| fc, lku«>d tt« nubtr of Item It. .d »ppf*r«d bill m*dj. Jeal lloini' U &li<nEa*ip[d County. *'» •ta ftcreii IV:: Jttile* of Mjiniln. >'ew four lit room fnin.e dwelling. r'«ir Burn. F«nc- !•• I'd. Kteilricily. On Suny lli^'liv.'.*) 1 - 1'rict'd to sell. Airc furJii nrur J'dra^onld IlKle Jier a, re. Bottom 1nnil Fi>nr loom 'rutne dvvcllinn. Siruill >;srn rVncod Kloclri- rily HVnitab!,.. I'lioe 5:11.011. 1. C. (•Imiiiii. Mnnllii, Ark. Aditrtlilaj ordtr f»r IrraoUi UMT- Uoni uk M tk. on. tlm. nu. NO re.ponilMlltr will b» t.k«n for Bor« 0 '"""""' """ t " >n «* "' ""• For Safe ,•.-;, l.iijiitL.,1 aup|,ly 8" clctlrie fnru. . Blylha- •J-,'- vllli. SalrS (Jo.. |i!ione 3UIU. 2;,-J»--< •;| Light and dark green house Sfs and liarn paint. Best grade, ^ T> gallon containers. I'aint •g before Kail. Lowest prices. :£ l'hilli|)s Robinson, phone 3* Ml U. 25-ck-2S l«:l!i -Na>li N,u- sea "">>•-. I'j.-ui,.,-, »n A|'l. I'.I. Ah-ljnt. Call A fol,.y Hand, Oliclf. ami tiiunl saw filer ini u ri'luutliiij* tiihcliitLe UU- ni'w. ' n, Wlllif I'urriOI. Yarbro, Ark. 1 FOIl SAI.K to lilKtieil Udder for CASH Ijy Dyrss Scljuul Ilyard, Uisl. No. 5(J. UN.- liirKe f 1:111:,. school 1,11 [Mi UK known in l-'i-rn Sftlyors School. lorKlrJ :!';.• Jnlli-s X K. Dy.'ss CVnti-r. Thousand* nf /ool of loj> tfritde .-iidiui:, floyriiiil Sa'lo -fl-,- !>'•.'' liiils In wrill">! will I.,- nrre],ted nl tlie office of Sn|ierin- kiiri*:is iinlil Priit:iy Aliens! 2, U .si K ni'il: Krio W. Darin, 1'resldenl Vi-riHin IK-niy, Sii-r.'tury. Servicei i^ f.ii; '"" g ICE COLD WATEKiMELONS —wholesale and retail. Day or night. ISiK'k Alch.irg, 304 Knsl Main, phone 918. 7-2,'!-pk-8-23 >> Jlrauly Shop. I'ricul for ip.ick sal,.. Wi-ll i'C|iil[i|ieil 0 Iniolli slir,,i; 2 slinni[,oi, tn:iys: ;l ilri-ssiTi-tlt-s; fi rliriniu.ini l:iM.'<li:iirs uii-li;' on,. sluOlun l»-rniaiu.,it M-nvfi uiiu-liin,.; r, l:ir[,'<' inirror.s; oiui l»or,k jitan-l;' 2 lowt-1 one uul; ony fa'cinl clia'ir niul stool: :i ilryore: I'lorvnc.- oil lii-AtiT—noiiil cimililiou; on*' sniokii htanil; ^ M'ls colil vvuvo roils; Mock- omiivis: fluid <'li r |i«riM.r.s'; ni:icliiiH'li.s:; I'lijjs. Slioji must ]„. sold at one,.. Own- i-r liMvinx city. Mj-s. A. liuinti. Hi.x Hi. Lfai'livllli', Ark. 2;|.|ili-S;H I'liiiilitiK und lions mv Mrs. Hlii'rrod al Mo lloli-l. iiliono 2:<C(i. 2:i-|i linl wliiln Inily M'lll kceji liou^c for m:tl] [aniLly. ConlKcl at U^:i North oi-ojiil HI. 15-i.k-^'J ', ; 14 foot boftt with trailer. City -HJU l-Inst .M:,in. 2 Klliorta |)unclii's. frnil.s. InelorLS. Krocerii'F. i'li-nly of ini-at. Xow Ideation Hnntll division St. I'Liinc «lia2 for Jc-livery. HOY. HKSTEK CiliO. NO CASH MONTHLY TKRMS FALL TERMS Paint Body Work, Recondi tion motors, Sirmvni/ing and Scat Covers. Wrecker Service, Night and Day. PHILLIl'S MOTOR CO. Ford & M^crcury Dealer 5th & Walnut Sts.'l'hone -153 79-ck-tf For Fine Portraits it's O'STEEN'S STUDIO 5-25-ck-tt Picture frames made to order O'Stecn Studio. 4-24-ck-tf Wniil llrothcra corn picVpr, Now. 10 Kl. train ilrill, grass sued. altnclniujnt. A-l cotiilitiun. Kotury bou. t;onil condition. 5 good farm wagons: I ].:,!/. !uud mill; 1-IIIt} fcfd mill; 6 indal water trouylis: J iteul wntl'ring trontrljs, 3' |ii]iii|>s: Lt ton tiluain Imno niciil tiiint'rnl Ki\lt. Vnrions liorse drn eilni|,m,Mit. >Inrn.;iiR. cnttlo dehorn tattoo set, etc. 1'hoilo 292J, Blythovi] Krert ritfinan. 7;i-ck.8|l I5ii5 r your v;iter softener from a dealer who does their own installation and guarantees soft water from now on. Planter's. Hardware Co. 7-10-ck-lf Ki.rrdy Sun U what they'll call yon at I,T rliMiiini: a IUK with Kina Foam, til,- n,.w srii.nlifin jiffy fnaiu ,.|,-aiipr. l>C'al's I'aint ,t Wallpaiior Store. 1 fl I H. First St., IllMuuville. 2^.cl;-2'J ouses inoVL'd and fouodattoni rc-iijiireil. Call <UI2 or eee Prank Crockett. ISlli ' and Vine. 7|l.t)k-8|Z lave your voice recorded. We have the ! hilpst t'Qiii|iment for recording voicva, | h&nd and orchestra music and me*- ' ^. Inilcior anil outdoor Bound BV inns for rent anil for ealo. IMytlievlllo ] Hnilto Sn|jply. wholesale, only. 112 Ho. \ Pirat, plione 467. 7|8-c.k-8|8 GI LOANS If you want a \% GI Loan to buy a home, see MAX LOGAN, LYNCH BLDG. Phone 2034 or 502. 6-14-ck-tf Vfeea you oil itov« ne*dt cleaning or repairing t»ll 8904. All work gu»r- »nleed, nd repair*. All type* and kind*. We •petUUi* in power mower tharpeiling aad motor overhauling. T*t, w» pick op mad deliTer. BljUi pick o M»chlnft Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. 3-15-ck-t£ Bwap whit you t*Tc and don't w»nt for wliat we k»v» jon do want. Satisfaction £uar»Qt«ed. Albert Huffman Swap Shop, 401 E»it Uaio Street. I'kone 859. B-ck-tf DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. &-3-ck-t,f Old kutUkft and cftmem (or parti. O'8leen'B Studio. 4|7-ek-tf Ve PBJT c«Hb for need furniture, on« pieco or a , ko k QBe fall. O»1I 2302 Al- Tin Hard j'Fu mi tore Oo. 4|10-ek-1f Will ]>ay cash for one or two vacant lots between Main and Holly and west ot Sixth. Mail price and location to Courier News. 7-22-tlhtf Wanted to Kent ^ or -I room nnfiirnislied lionpn or nitnrl nu-nt.^Ni, childn.ri. I'ernianenl r.-n'ler i fnrnislipil nr unfurnished or house. IVriiinin-nl r iEpr lllvllicvillii Olion Oil .111. 23-i,k- (irorery Ston-. K1ock * llnildin^. > Inn-s mid lot. 1'ri, -,-<! lo sell. ICea for spiling owner I.'avin^r to- Wanted: Three or four room unfurnished apartment for newcomers to Jilythcville No pets other than two small children. Call Courier News, Phone 461. 37-lf linf. 2 other f l' III.IISPS. fS Arr.-s. llie i.irce of Iilnd in ri.nds. nir,. liniii... rnnninc v.aler all fviiri'il. Nil-,' iniv.'d or.-haril. l.oraleil Klionl :<U. miles in.rlh of Sleeln on I'lini^eot Hayon. First time "II market For .(iii.'k sale— 2 111 Aero* well loenU'd at New Survey t;in \- Store On ninin t::,-,.l ,.,.,.I. ilood uiise.l snndy loam soil :. IIIIIIWB. 4 l.nrns. I'rire JlTiO. easy tiTIns. -IO acres wesl of Holtnnd. Mo' Niee lioine. sandy I,.mil s-oil. On I < .Vicr In.nse ininierii. l.oraled on I ;:,.,nl, Illh. llar.luood lloors. liol I I -water allie fan. Ideal home. Price T»'i> prii-nl l,< . : llie alne . ( lill Acres sinilli e.f lllylhpvillp e,n llwy. r.l. Fair inn-rovenii'iits ini\ed soil $7 Acres Mississippi Connly. west of Wilson Cimil heavy mived fair improvements. l'rii-e fll.OUO. "-ill cnr. ' J/ have oilier farms lisle.l in f <t,,,k farms lar h -e ,in<l nunII. .' . A hefore l.Myinir. ir. Office l,,.fo I.t.'TIIKIt I1HAY. I'leotv of starlrr. Brow, Ser'atrl, K r n in. Hnl.y linies. Lewis 1'onltry. I'lione SH'J. . liny coal tlow ar.d nvnid tlie rnsl | ! .No or.ler ton law. I'done or leave jour orders now. Lewis Poultry, 4VI f:. Main phono P4lt. or While's Con Yard 21!) W. Cherry, phone 481). i" 0fi r-ioilel Minnpa|mlis >Tolinp comhin I wilh niolor. Hoc Wpllinrn, Roselano olpRiioL plpctric rcfripcrnlnr. 2120 >Tar gnrito SI. nfler fi |i.m. 23.|i Lost red Thursday, licward. fill -MO*. :7-pk.:tl lack Corker <.l,l. with l :tlll. I'J.T F. Kycnmorp ijpl piip|iy. !l wrrks 3fi-l,k-:i .nilirs liiilovn v-ristwalch \viilionl lisnil between Ilerricli's -lewelry and Vilz Patrick Jewelry. Call 20fiO 2o-t,k-2f own lealher l.illfold c.onlaininp vn nalile papers anil money. Finder plca= call :i(i^c. Mrs. J. C. Unless. 2ripk'J ForR*nt ist lloj- liro. <mall furnished apnrlmrnl ftlsn lierlroo, .Hi nr without kitchen l.rivii s I.-- Davis. 2(>.|,V-:i (trpo unfurnished rooms. 19,1C, ^ Fnrnisllpil «|il. I.iehls Anil I. Il2. r > \V. Syrarnnn-. T>»lk. C«ll 2739. 25-pk-8|2 Bedroom SI* N. 9th. Phone 2338. 2pti8 Parker's Kooins, with fans, 7|10 iik.S' Sell to PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. While Prices Are The Highest Bring Your Car or Truck to Phillips, Where You Can Get The Highest PRICE No Red Tape—Come in Today!! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. T«L 45S—1M 3 olitical nnouncements M. D. TULLOS Refrigeration Air Conditioning Service Engineer 1211 W. Main Phone Day 22fiO; Night 2808 Help Wanted i(5ilti- nyfil cotoruil ivonmti To c.lro for cliililri'ii ami licl|i vvllh lini.scivort. Call or ivrlli, "Kd," cu L'mirlcr Ki-wn he iinrnl. rlriiii rixik. would rnnVioW Ink- nislied. lio,,,] ,,„;-. U,,' v r.2. l.nvoi.v .sphall Construction Sii|)er- intendent. MisKCo Clon- slruction Co., Wilson, Ark. 2<i-ck-28 As of June I, trnlfic dcaliis in he United States had totnlccl 13 80. Traffic fiUnlilics for the inoiuii f May canio to 2410. T!ie in.IBB lenth figure represents a 'a pur ent increase over those killed in !H5. Radio Service -Pig" Angel ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams, MET. 'hone 2071 206-08 W. Slain ' INSURANCE X'inooriUo JACK FINIJR ROBDWOM WILLiAM BERRY MAN COUNT* IDIKi* GEN8 R. BRADLBT ROLAND QRIEKM rOH TAX ABBEWOI DOYL£ BENDERAOM W. W. "WINK" WATBOM O1KCUIT OUCU HARVEY MORRIS COUNTY COURT CLUB EUZABETH BLTTHB COUNTY TEKABUM1B DELIiA PURTLK •TATE KEPRBSENTATIVB ALENB WORD I.«8IJ« "DUKIE" 8PBOK U H. AUTRY W. J. WTTNDERLIOH H. H. (HUD) I''I8HER ATATK 8KNATOM J. LEE BEARDKN JRFPER3ON W. BPBOK UIKCUIT JUIK1E E. Q. WARD I. M. QUEER CHARLES W. LIOHT We Pay Top Prices We Pay Top Prices Sell Your Automobile While Prices Move Minn 100 fishing Inkos nurt '0 tlMiIni; .stiviinis lire loealeil In Fiend Courier News Wont Ads FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. 61 nl Stnte Line Phon: Blythcville 714 W J. Pollard A G 10 N C Y Safe, Sound Insurance Protection Properly Applied Phone 3545 Glenroe Hotel Bldf. Dial | For Complete Protection • ACCIDENT &, HEALTH i HOSPITAL1ZATION • FIRE ' • AUTOMOBrTJ» » LIABILITY • BURGLARY • FLATE GLASS • TORNADO ) SURETY BONDS • AVIATION FIRST {NATIONAL I INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd CHAS. BrrrNER I You Con Get Your Car Fixed Right! Our shop i.s now adequately sUilTud with KXI.M^K'I' JMKCIIANMCS iiualifioci to do Ui<> very best in body repair, paint job.s—Complete mol-er overhaul and lunciip. Bring it fo Langston-Wrof-en Jb ^ ^ \\ \ ^^M^^ flfiinA. •^~ < ^ Business property for rcn Office space, entire socon floor at 13S E. Main St. Hardwood floors, Venetian Minds, outs-rle entrance. Phone 801. 25-ck-28 Xioc Inrcc I'pilrootn. Vrlvnlp onlrnnrp. HPXI to lialli. Call 2KJ9. 'J*..|ik-2S For R«nf lleilroom. .-ill,,- („„. .110 W. Wilnnl. 27-i.k-S l 2'i Wonted f o Trade 10.17 OMC rirknri trncV (or nr. nlilr-r tTmn 10!)7 model car Ford preferred. Apjilv nt Tnylnr's Finli MirVet. ^00 K, Mnln. 2li-|ik-28 Langsfon-Wroten Co. Sales—BUICK Service U. S. Tires Mobilgas OPEN 24 HOURS WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 553 Savi: Mniicy Tortay, Any Day STOP AND SWAP I-XIIKKT HUFFMAN'S !•:. Aliiiii riuiiie 8SS You Must He Huppy or No Deal CITY GARAGE & Welding Shop Auto Uepairs, Welding 'h. 87J 400 E. Main "Em! (if the world" rumors coil e trnct'd hack to curliest [mtlquUy. Drive in Today and Find Out from Your Chevrolet Dealer What Your Car Will Bring. 50 USED CARS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY Visit Our Used Car Lot and get the Top Dollar. C CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Perfect .npaliiu( for todayt »i- qahlle fofltwtur auared wbtn n- bnilt la mr modrrm «bep. . H-fl LT JUflLtTY SHO€ SWO I Z V W M fl 1 N ST. DON EDWARDS •The Typewriter M«n" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA rod REMINGTON PORTABLE 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 3382 (Every Trnnsnctlon MUST BE SATISFACTORY) I Sco us about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically. Have your brakes checked.for safety. We have ! a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and I trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complcle nf Ta.-(-.i For Chrysler Frodncta E. Main Phone «ZS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIKS Misery Loves Coiiiiiitnv BY EDGAR MARTIN ..... DOWN! t WPiN '. Voo.Too ? WtLV,-., rAINO , VSt B«0t >t.P\CV\ . NO.VOO DOE-SN T.MR. ROD 1 NiOW SHOO '. tH' BAG* Pi\WT tftT VS«W TOO ooww. VOO'Rt \Kl FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY V. T. IIAMlIiTOll" •/. 1 KMew iWe GAS cav\RAWY WAS PUNNING To pur i fTniriLG |M SOME NEW NVAIMS ON 4TM STREET. —SO 1 ASKED 7MeM To A GOOT COULD BE ROUTED TO BV-PA5STeJe e<c^~ \ UEE MRi. KAWE^ NEW DOLISMMUT LA.VOOT' VOU'RE A HARD ,\UM,CLARE>JcB— - j'oo'Rff A HARD MAM f AI.LRY OOP Pultinji Him lii T?Y MRRRIL1, BLOSSBV VK. SIZ.DOCTCC.' IF TH£I AW MOCE OP THAT RJR6 MISfZAL IN MOO.THiS X-Z. DtTECTOe WILL FIND IT. 1 '!' 6OOO5 A«0 HDVV If OOP, rS R£ACV, 1 ^'

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