Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 24, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1908
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imkfi Tbm Rm^mimr HmmUm iiy—f OlrmulmUom Im -fa XL NDXBIB ^ SIX PAGES. lOLA, XAXSAS, irpTBMBSJt IMMC-TrCSDAY ETENINti. SIX PAflES. HOLD GAS CITY MAN tr, SCOTT OFFirBIW AKRKHT WM. , GILLEKWATEK SUNDAY P. M. iDENriFIEDBY CUNT WEBB AS THE PARTNER OF MA> WHO SHOT HIM AT STOTESBERBT, MO. HuT7 Howell, Cluirgnl .With Shoot* iBgr, Worker at Hanil^ldt—Oil- ; lenwafer Denies Guilt. I Will Glllenwaler, who says his .; borne is in Gas City, and Harry Howcli who says be has been working on a pipe lino iear Humboldt, were arrested in FL Scott Sunday evening on ttte charge of being connected with the . shooting of Special Agent Clinton Webb at Stokesberry, Mo., a few da >-8 .ago. , Mr. Webb and the porter on the train on which the former was shot, came to Ft. Scott and said the two .men answered the description of the fellows wanted for the offense. Botn GUIenwater and Howell deny being . connected with the affair. Gillenwater told the officers that he left Gaa City only a few days ago and that big mother lives there now. He says that he met Howell at Gas recently while the latter was enroute from Knmboldt, where he said he had t )een working on the pipe line, to Kansas City. The Ft. Scott chief of police told a Register reporter over the 'phone today that he entertained some doubt as to GUIenwater being connected with the shooting. The Gas City man cgnsented to go to Stotesberry for trial without requisition papers. The Ft. Scott Tribune gives the name as Gildenwater but the Ft. Scott chief of police says that the prisoner's name is GUIenwater. . The Tribune says: Yesterday afternoon Chief Mendenhall on East Wall street saw a couple of suspicious characters loitering aronnd a comer and at first glance ::3beif7appearaiBce tallied very much, with that given him of the men whoj •hot Special Agent Clinton Webb of tte P. G. a few days ago, at Stotcs berry a few days ago. He arrested the men and took them to the cala- boow. One gave bis name as Willlam GUIenwater and the other as Harry Howell. Howell said he lived In Kansas City, while GUIenwater told the officers that Gas City was bis home. Mendenhall at once notified Officer Webb at Pittsburg of the catdi and the officer came, bringing with bim Clarence Phillips, the train -porter who was present at the pistol duel Webb had with the men. This momingi the officers brought GUIen­ water and Howell before Webb and Ftamips. who at once identified them. Howell was identified as the fellow who did the shooting. It was observed that after tis first glance towards Webb he turned his head slightly to the side and never glanced towards Webb again. He acted as if he destr- e|l t« shield his countenance from the 4>ecial agent. We'ob was positive that a ball from his gun struck Howell, iuid the man was disrobed, but no miarks of a gnnshot wound were foDod on liis person. Both men are abont 3S years of age. ' Officer Webb says he. is positive that the two suspects are the men who boarded the train with the Intention of holding it up. The plan was to ride the blind baggage to a lonely apot'between Richards and Stotesberry where a holdup was to occur. Tl?e porter. Phillips, tried to force the man ^, from the train but Howell, after mnmb 1 Hog ««>me words to Gillenwater. drew • a gun and the porter leaped to save bis Rfe. every indication pointing to ^ the belief that the man would faave shot him. The porter had pulled tl'e bell cord and the train was slowly stopping. He caught the next car and k. i notified Officer Webb who went for~ : i ward And told the men to leave th" train. GUIenwater came first and as be stepped from the train the porter called to Webb to catch the oti-or man for be had a gun. At that instant Howell drew a gun and shoved It against Webb's breast and forced I ^ lifm to bold up his hands. It was .3::{o ' In the morning w^hen this faapneaed bot 'the porter flashed his light on - t&e jUro men and the officer had an encl ^t chance of getting a descrio- |< tlffltr af.them.- The pistol duel resulr- • ed li exchange of twelve shots and f once' Hbwell fell, but this is believed • -ri to have been the result of stepping |:«l6a:«wne soft earth near the right- oC -wajr}' ; .Tbe wen under arrest have been / /-placed In separate eel 's, one Uken to ' ^ ' tbp. ' eoniity Jail. Gillenwater was >t! length bv Webb and Men- thls morning. He showert .M-wjwBop aerrdnsness but said he hadn't s ,^-nSe &:tiB^. Stotesberry. Webb says there jM /iiiance for his being mistaken "'""'lie ,men and the porter corrob- i>;jrliat be says. Officer. Webh iwgifer if be was opposed lying Um to Klssourl. and be was not, VaxwgD. be bijrijnBtt tliere. to apaoirBter tbiit with fairness. But Gillenwater was odburate and would not yield. The Missouri, offlcrs came over this afternoon and will return the men to Nevada, where they will be formally arraigned and charges preferred against them. They will lie charged with trying to kill and committ murder. E^••er since the shooting episode the officers In every town In this locality have been on the lookout for these suspects.* Mendenhall's quick eye was not fooled at first glance of tte men and he made a good catch. HAD A CLOSE CALL MR. MCALLISTER ATTEMPTED TO FORD MARTIN CREEK TODAY, Team Was Drowned.—He was Car^ ried Down Stream.—Didn't Know Ford. Mr. McAllister, a middle aged man from Elk county came near being drowned this morning while attempting to cross the Martin Ford on the Davis farm north of LaHarpe. McAllister was making a trip overland from 'Elk county to the village of Shires near tbo Anderson county line. The recent rains, had swollen the stream to such an extent that It was alranst impossible to cross at this point. McAllister being a stranger in this county throught the stream conld easily be forded and drote in His team was instantly caught by the current and carried down stream. T^-e weight of the buggy prevented the animals from swimming and both were drowned. McAllister after being carried down stream quite a distance finally succeeded in swimming out. Roth the horses and bn?gy are supposed to he in the bottom of the creek a« no trace of either had been found at press time. TO HELP THE HEEDY lOLANS TO SEE THAT POOR HAVE SOMETHI.\ti TO BE THANKFl'L FOR SCHOOLS HELP THE ORPHANS THE PUPILS ARE TODAY .HAKlXi t'OSTRIBUTIOX FOR LITTLE FOLK. The Board of Charities to .Meet Tomorrow for Purpose of Fumfehlng SuppUcH (o L'nfortnnatrs. MOOBERRYIS NEXT Damage Case Against Iota Portland to be Taken Up After Northrup Case is Over. As soon as the regular Jurors wlo are now deliberating over the evi donee in the case of Mary E. Northrup vs. the Lanyon Zinc company are at liberty, the case of S. A. Mooberry vs. the lola Portland, a suit to recover $1300 damages, will be taken up. The Jurors of the regular panel, who did not hear the evidence In the Northrup-Lanyon case, were cxl:aust- ed before a jury of twelve men could be secured to act in the Mooberry case and the defense objected to talesmen, hence further progress in the case is delayed until the jurors in the Northrup-Lanyon case are, at liberty. The Mooberry case Is one in wHlch S. A. .Mooberrj' is suing tne plant be cause of an accident to his son. C. W. Mooberry. Tte son was a minor at the time the accident happened and the father is suing to recover the expense he was put to because-of the accident. Young Mooberry worked in the quarries and received injuries from a belated blast. JOHX D. MTIBEBED SHARE.S, Oil .Magnate .Said He Owned 'SMSU In Jersey CnmiMny. New York. Nov. •.'4.—John D. Rockefeller testified in the povemmeat suit against the Standard Oil company today that at the time of the organi­ sation of the Standard Oil company of New .Tersey In 1889, he owned 2.56^54 (bares out of the total stock issue of !)&3:<83 shares. Rockefellers re-direct examination was coDclMded In a few minutes and be was followed on the witness stand by .lohn D. Archibald, vice president of the Standard Oil company. Returned to Topeka . A. B. Conley returned to Topeka this afternoon afte- a short visit with relatives in this city. Or, Cox Here. Dr. Art Cox of Bartlesville, is the city today on business. in Storm DamaKeit. T^^e residence of F. Kwell. of 70."> South Chestnut street, was damaged to the extent of about $]2a yesterday evening by fire. Lightning struck the kitchen at the rear of the house. The Oder green house east of the city was also struck by lightning during the storm. The total damage was about $2,5. most of which was broken A-indow glass. A CHINESE MUTINY Fishting in City of Nanking. China, Has Causetf Foreigners to SfsR Refuge jn British Beats. Peking, Nov. 24.—The situation at Nanking where the mutiny on the part ^f tbe. Oifnese; tnwps broke out on November aiafit«wt]|. Is serlodi. There ^hu bee9 ;Qi ^^tt|.3 *^~Mrts of] The unfortunate people in lola and vicinity who might not otherwise en- Joy a Thanksgiving dinner are to be remembered by the citizens of this commiwlty. The charitable people of lola are now planning to supply the needy with food and clothing. Following the custom which has been established for many years the schools of the city arc taking a contribution of money and supplies which will be presented to the Orphans' Home. "The school children sre requested' to give whatever they can. In the past years clothing, vegetables, flour and fruit have been donated to the home as well as money. On Thanksgiving morning the supplies will be hauled to the home in dra.vs. The schools' donation last year was sufficiently large to keep the children in the home for several weeks. Tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock the lola Board of Charities will bold a meeting for the purpose of making arrangements to furnish supplies for the destitute families in the city. At present, however, the board is bankrupt, and it will be necessary to make an appeal to the public for funds. I .a8t year during the bard times tbe citizens of lola and vicinity responded to the request for r.applies from the board of charity an<l many needy i)eo- ple were given asslv^tance. The Salvation Army will not make any t^pecial effort to help the destitute Thanksgiving, but will save their efforts for the Christmaa season. This has been their custom for years. Before Christmas they will canvass the town and see to It that every needy family has a good Christmas dinner The army Is dolnp general charity work every day now. OYER TWO INCHES FELL. Hnvy RalB Visited This Section Last Erenlng. During the j-torm yesterday and last evening 2.02 inches of wuler fell. The rain started about 11::i0 o'clock yester day morning. IJetween 2 and a o'clock ..vcsterday afternoon alxmt one Inch of water fell making a total number of Inches at midnight last night, when the preclpiution stopped, 2.02 inches. The predictions for tonight and tomorrow are: Probably showers tonight aiid Wednesday: warmer Wednesday. A GREAT CONTEST H, S. CONTEST IN MUSiC TO BE FEATURt OF TEACHERS' ASSN. Yates Center Wants 100 Seats—Boom Prof. Wishard for Next President of Association. RUN SPECIAL CARS Mr. Massengale to See That LaHarpe People Reach Football Excur- Slon Train. Superintendent Lee Massengale of the tola Electric Railway company today announced that In order that the I.,aHarpe and Gas City people may catch the special train to Channte on Thanksgiving afternoon he would run special cars to leave LaHarpe at 1:15 o'clock. Many LaHarpe people desire to attend the football game at Chan ute between the Triplets and the Cbanute Go-Dcv!Is but do not want to be hurried away from their Thanksgiving dinners any sooner than necessary. The advance sale of tickets for the special train indicates that a large crowd from lola. Gas City and La Harpe will witness the rame at Chan ute. The special train leaves here at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon and arrives at Cbanute at 2:40. The return train leaves Cbanute at 6:"0 arriving here at 7:10. JURY SAW THE LAND. Now Deliberating on Evidence in the Northrup Ci^. The jury whlcb heard the evidence In the case of Mary E. Northrup vs. the l.,anyon Zinc company, a siiit to recover $1900 damages, retired at noon today.- Mrs. Northrup alleges that tbe fumes and gases from the smelter ha%'e damaged her land and this morning tbe Jury in charge of the sheriff was taken out{ to see the land. On their return they -went Jnto the jury room. FOIXD THEM GlILTY. Ed JfrHngb and Enmett Lamsnon Received Seatence Today. Ed McHugh and Bniniett Lianiunon were each fined (100 and given a sentence of thirty days in jail in IMIIIC^ court this morning. Several months ago the Lamunon and McHugh place on North Jefferson street was raided and bottles marked "Mist Beer" were confiscated. Tbe '*beer" was used' as evidence in court this morning. K. OF F. CELEBATIOX. MM M«iiAers Are at CearenliM h OMha. . Omaba,: N 'ebr., Nor. 24.—4ix thous- ud members of tbe KnighU of Py- ><la8 today began a celebration of heir 40tb upir ^rsary of the estab- lisbmeBt of the first lodge west of the Allegheny ^oantalH. It win lodge No. 1, Onuka, rooBdMl .ia IMS. The IlaytoB;. (Mo ,;i4MMi „wm tb»JDaxdau The Inia (caehers are armnglng the details for the convention of the teachers of Southeastern Kansas which opens here Tlmrsday evening; The teachers will begin coming In on Thursday afternoon. Prof. Mayberry said today that he expected a big attendance. One of the features of the association will be the contest in music to be held in the Grand theatre Saturday afternoon. The following is ttie program for that event: Chorus "The Garden of Verses Cbanute High Scfhool. Chorus "The Two Grenadiers" Garnett High School. Vocal Solo "The Haymaker" Irma Lewis of Yates Center High School. Vocal Solo "Ava Muria .Madge Utterback of Caney High, School. Vocal Solo "I'm a Pilgrim I>awrence Smith of Ottawa High School. Vocal Solo "Speak Ixwe" Fern Fair of Montgomery County High School. Quartette Selected Parsons High School. Quartette "Kentncky Babe" Ottawa High School. Glee Club ... "The Village Bells" Cherokee \ County Hjjrti School. Yates Center writes that they will bring over one hundred students to this contest and have reserved that number of scats at the Grand. Miss Catherine Joiies. supervisor of musk in tho Tola scnools, will act as Judge in this contest. Notes of the Meeting. The committee that is to secure rooms for the visiting teachers consists of the principals of the different ward schools. If you still hav" rooms that you can spare list thet with any one of those principals. Tbft committee sttH needs over one hundred rooms. The teachers will be Klad to remunerate the citizens quite liberally. Some of ttie local talent that will appear in the musical part of the program to be rendered by the Southeast- em Teachers' Association is as follows: Miss Clara Crangle, organ solo: Mr. W. G. Anderson, vor'al solo: Misses Riddle and Hol>art. piano du­ ett; Miss Catherine Jones, vocal solo; High School Octette fgirls) piano solo: Miss Edna McCIain and the Ladies' Quartette, consisting of Miss Jones and Miss McCIure and Mrs. Le?range and Mrs. Lemasters. Vocal solo, Mrs. F. Bennette Smith. A very real and good sized boom to secure the presidency of the^Southeastern Association for Mr. L. H. Wishard was started at the meeting of the lola teachers last night. A half dozen other counties have already consented to tbls demand. The address of welcom" to the teachers Thursday evening will be delivered by Dr. S. S. Hllscher in the , msbv-terian church. This will pro- Icede the lecture bv President W. O. Thompson of the Ohio Stale University. It is underBtoo<l that Pittsburg wlil atk the Southeastern Teachers As- Bocl 'atlon to come to that city next vear. Tliey want to show the teachers the hew State .Manual Training Bui'dlng. FATHER SHOT TWO KILLED DAUGHTER AND FATALLY WOr .YDED A SOS. TRAGEDY IN EARLY MORNING CARL LOOSE ML'ROERED CHILD WHILE FAMILY BREAKFASTED. Had Returned Home From Sights Absence—>'o Reason for Deed. New^ York, Nov. 24.—Returning home early today after an all night's absence Carl Loose, a baker 57 years old, opened fire with a revolver upon members of bis family at breakfast, instantly killed his seventeen years old daughter, Mela, and probably fatally wounded his twenty-four year old son, Frederick, a Lutheran minister. He was disarmed by his son John, nineteen years old before tbe third shot could be fired. Loose was arrested but be stolidly refused to give any reason for his act. PCBLIC THERMOMETERS SOW. Automatic Weather StatlonK to Be Known as Meteorologiral KioHkn. Washington, Nov. 24.—A "meteorological kiosk." or automatic weather station, has been erected in this city. It Is one of twenty ordered by the weather bureau, to be established In the principal cities of the South. This booth-Ilk9 innovation shows on Its four; sides a barometer to foi;eteIl approaching storms or fair weather, a standard thermometer, which will obviate the speculation of the accuracy of the different kinds of recorded temperatures, and a precipitation gauge to show the amount of rainfall within a specified time. Electric clockwork will be utilized to work the cylinders of the self-registering instruments. There will also be displayed weather maps to show the meteorological conditions through the country. The "kiosk" is ornamental in appear ance. and if the benefit derived by the nubile is as great as is anticipated by the officials of the denartment of agriculture, these sub-stations will be put into general use. REPUDLICAN, COME! The Republican City Club WIU Meet Masonic Hall lomorrow Sight / —Be There. ( Not in years has there been so much interest on the part of tbe Republicans of tola in the spring campaign, at this season of the year, as there is now In the coming city campaign. The organ ization of the Republican club In tbe city has had the effect of creating much enthusiasm. Moreover there [seems to be behind tbe enthusiasm a determination to gain a sweeping victory. 'Republicans all over town are saying that they wil! be on hand at the meeting of the club in Masonic hall tomorrow night when the plans for the campaign are di&cussed. Some good siieeches are In store for those ho attend. PRACTICE TOMORROW. Boys Get in Trim for the Relay Race Thursday.. The Young men's Christian Assoclk- tion of this city will hold a practice run tomorrow evening to determine who shall participate in the relay race between the members of the Humboldt and lola a880clations .r Twenty- eight boys have entered for the practice run and as only eighteen boys will be needed to fill ail the positions of the relay race It Is expected that some fast records will be made tomorrow evening.' The Humboldt boys who will enter tte race have already been chosen and tnclr names have been. sent to tbe local secretary of the association. HE PRANK PCRUNA. Explanation of Vebn Hiiddleson Charged With Drunkenness. UST John Huddleson, of Humboldt, Kas who was fined In |M >llce court this morning on the cbarge of being intoxicated, sa.vs that he got drunk on one drink of Pcruna. However, flask containing Jamaica gin was found on his persdn. W. B. Greenui) was also arraigned In court this morning on the charge of being Intoxicated. Both he and Huddleson pleaded guilty to the cbarge and each were fined |10. TOWN SWEPT AWAY TORNADOES DID GREAT DAMAGE IS ARKANSAS YESTERDAY. MANY PEOPLE WERE KILLED DEATH LIST IS LARGE IS PATH OF THE STORM.S. Relief Is Being Sent to Stricken State Today—Many HOUHPS Blown . Down. L4ttle Rock, Ark., Nov. 24.—Relief is being hastened to Arkansas towns which last night were reported destroyed by tornadoes and thi.* afternoon the stricken district will be in communication with tbe outside world. The loss of life wlil probably exceed forty. One of the tornadoes started In Missouri traveling south through Carroll, Newton and Johnson counties. It swept a path through three'] counties a half mile wide also totally destroying Boxley, Murray, Low Gap, Ozark, Dale,' Posfon, Judea, Trath, Omega, Dryfork, Dlnsmore, Parthenon, Mossville, Limestone, Red Fork, and other hamlets. The tornado split at the head of Mulberry creek, a porr tlon going through Turn and Smed- loy Into Ozark where a, number of houses were blown down. The main storm almost wiped out Plne.v. where the largest loss of life occurred. Probably thirty are dead at that place. Knoxville and London. Tbe second tornado came from the direction of Louisiana and traveled north through Lafayette. Pike and Hempstead counties. Lewisville, Lodl, Ozan, Murfres- boro and other towns are reported to have suffered severely with a scattering loss of life. CHARGED WITH MURDER. Mrs. Sampson of New York Accused of Husband's Death. Rochester, N. Y., Nov. 24—Mrs. Geor gianna Sampson, of Palmyra, widow of Harry Sampson, a nephew of the late Admiral Sampson, was arrested lOday and charged with the murder of her husband whose- death was at first said to be suicide. ooooooooooooooooo o O ADDITIONAL SHORT STORIES. O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LI on Baslaess. ^V!nliam French, of Kellerton. Iowa, is here on a business visit. Sewing Club. * The Y. -M. L. Sewing club will have an afternoon party on Friday. .Mrs. Frank Faucett will entertain the club. John Oecker Better. John Decker, who was injured in a football game at Elsmore Sunday is able to sit up today and is expected to be out in a short time. Barber Shop* Close. The barber shops of the city will be open Thanksgiving day until, 11 o'clock a. m., at which hour they will close for the balance of the day. 'THE VOTE 19 ILUMM^ AT THE RETUflA^ll BALLOTS CAST Ql YI0U8 Bbtkin Led Bepil The Kansas Catyi-nmSf'^"^^* following conceriUog;tIi«<^)«t».. iTopeka. Kas.. Nor. tX3 <i^;|l vote In Kansas'aoiiedAdi^IVS: most optimistic estimq Kansas, politldfans. ;It that the total vote ' wool J70,000. The exact figpjtpit' votes. The bigheirt: .Tpt«fdL.. sas previously was^^n^lMy^ vl tal presidential Toteof; aj" cast in 1900. the total if. vote was 251.766. ; - i t 'JpSi The vote tor the different'" tlal candidates was: i'-^'^ Taft, Republican ,. ... -:4l . Bryan, Detuocrat Debs, Socialist Chafin, Prohibitionist . .i?. • Scattering '. ......vii..;.SiiSi Taft 's pluralUy. 35,«5T.? TafBt Jority, 18.436. - i i •-v'&l The Hearst ticket periled. i^toUr aixty-clght votes In thrf ?«iife»^, are listed as scattering oa^ tbe fact that the IndeMoii managers refused to.jhrttrlbe ^ii,^ tary of state and pledges.%l(v«^ the presidential candidatei :#r ' for if elected. Hlsgen wasill candidate but hIS: name v .Hvaie ^sfj placed at the head .of Headquarters for the Southeastern TeacheVs' Association will be opened in the Pre8b.vterian church next Thursday afternoon. It Is booed that as many of the teachers of Al en county as can will enroll before the crowd arrives from other countle^. TO HONT FOR A SHIP Vessel Will Lwive Ooam to Find Hospital 8Mp Relief Which Has Not Reached Port. SIaiill«^>&>. 84.-^me concern Is felt beraieinrdtM tbe safety.of the •Wp^BiHel. Tbe K. Pi ELECT NEXT WEEK. Put Off Election Last Night Bemuse of Weather. Local lodge No. 43. Knights of Pythias, count on a big turn out next Monday night, on account of that be^ leg the meeting for election of officers for the current term of 1909. On account of the tiad night last evening no special work was out on so that this will mean extra doings for next meeting. Has DIphtherlk. Dorothy, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Hillebrand. 702 East street is 111 of diphtheria. a. THE WEATHER. Forecast for; Kansas: Showers tonight or Wednesday; virarmer tonight and In west portion tomorrow. The constilnt dropping water wear* . •war.'-Hl*jltvawt'Stoae, - v-.t iTI»';9BM|i»t-ipa^. <»f'•T*w«et Going to Bartlesville. Mr. and Mrs. C H. McDowell and daughters leave tomorrow for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McDowell of Bartlesville. They will spend Thanksgiving there. Real Estate Transferal Minnie .M. Teeters to A. G. Mumma. lots 3 and 4 In block 2. Sunnyslde addition. Consideration $400. ; Mattle B. Church to Bert Featherline, lot 3. block 1, Twiss addition. Consideration |285. H. A. Richardson to Roy Bush et al, lota 15, 16 and 17, In Keyser's addl- tlon. Consideration ft400. Kansas and' for this reasdn^^L given a place in tbe ofBdali The state canvassing, boerd its work yesterdiayy .AH.of were in last week btttthej not made up until board met'and aftlr pluralities ordered to the snccessfnl cani The Sodidbt Tfle ;iri ^i E^rery Republican state office in Kan ly received a good pi majority over ail candidates. . . "--St^^^ii ^M The Socialists did nofcSM^ClwS^^ _ vote as had been; ^^«tB figures given prevlbns wV^,,,. were that this party JhAiuIi^ poll from 15,00« td ^MKJfrSi " highest nnmber reponiSd:'-: Debs for presldenti^w'bb . Tbe Problbltlonisfs aUD.;^^ as high a vote; as ezpe^llei^^'-; timates gave t^ piurt]r:Q<fli^1 10,000 while Iti hlghestiTjote^l!^ Cbafin. who received S,OJ20r^«f^ McNeal led tbe Uck^;in jplnr as he received 41411 iaot«^1rol the DemocraUfs .candtdat4'' W. Barnes for sui. su ranee was second'wltltj Fred S. Jackson foe was third with 40.58iS.'^ ever, polled a larger other candidate..bis 183. W. R.,8tubbwf«:; low man on ttae^tlck^i; is 34,307. And be^alsdt er total vqte tbaii'?*ijf^ _ candidates. .. J. D. Botkln. DitaMi^ for governor.. led Jtis'tti polling 162.38Svote«^ Bryan and 4.000-more', candidate on the; tutional amendnMBt:j':t9r^l pay of members o^'Xii^r deefated by a vptsH /dCs iqo.576 against,. .:7b»lm vldlng for the aboUsi^*^ system In tbe probated lost by a vote tUtXVtM.-,. Ail of the R^pnblkui;, candidates show deerMiaMtt' except Campbell.^ aladlwiivi dock. /-••:,'v;y>?^ Scott ... .St;.^ Sheridan ...... -iii^'^-" Scott's plurality. 2j57^c^; OBSERVE WOOLD HELP HARRIS Senator Fetaker WeaM Faver Him If He CuMt iMWk Senator. ; Columbus, O.. Nov. 24.—Senators J. E, Fbraker, Charles INck and Gover- ik>r> Harris held a conferenos' today «t.tlie atetfrbiiMiM, Mppbawlly cnrertba Ceanty Seko^ Wf||^ nerrew. ,aB4>M |nr^] Tomorrow Ui. tli9^ Maude Funstbor, suggested to tl^a^^ should be obsecirad' 9bmy of the'Sdiool are to, have: plant trees i^i ^iii er tbday: Is 'qBmi; of yesterdarrfiir good eoBdltiov-li tbe schools ^"biitot: ahsubbery'; not observa; 1 to hate ls:aBuaJly' year, Ttm>m toq^eartags- UHinhtkfiii mm

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