The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 25, 1944 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1944
Page 11
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BAKERSFIELD Tuesday AUGUST 29 Ktnticky Street Sh*w Grounds THE ALL-NEW COLOSSAL AND •EOROEOUS OPENING, SUPER-SPECTACLE- THE CASTLE of TAJ THE MOST DAZZLING BEAUTIFUL PAGEANT OF ALL TIMES HODGINI FAMILY SENSATIONAL EQUESTRIAN STARS JCON COLLEANO WORLD'S GREATEST TIGHT WIRE ARTIST THE WORLD RENOWNED ANTALEKS HIGH BALANCING STARS BOXING HORSES THE SEVEN FLYING THRILLERS - HUGE LIBERTY HORSE DISPLAYS JEAN ALLEN Dtrlm Ridtr of Braa* Tokl«« PETROFFS HIGH.IN.THE AIR.TRAPEZE THRILLERS A •• J%l" <f«l||R V V Vfe "l»'«oflo»ially »iiow««d r«i. fenMit In a Gl. THRI LLING SPECTACULAR BALLET OF ELEPHANTS DAILY 3andlP.M. DOORS OPEN 2 and 7 P. M. POPULAR PRICES OIOANTIC RAHROAD SHOW HUGE DOUBLE MENAGERIE In view «f th» up Mat 4*. maud tut thU ****** cbcw («•* Ik* •wnbvt *f •••(• dmate* to bnjr«n «l W«r •*•<•) cticni palrans ar* urged la •MW* M«t MMnrattMM !• Mhmcc. Tickets (Reserved and Admission) on Sale Show Day at VESrS DRUG STORE Nineteenth and Chester RIVERA Continuous Saturday From 1 P. M. FRIDAY and SATURDAY FOVDJIU* KAY FRANCIS UR01E 1ANDIS I JMMHA RAVE MITZI MAffAlft I MK.MUGGS IPO Gortey-Huntz Holl-Gobriel Dell Cartoon New* Saturday Matinee Only Chapter S, "The Phantom" 'ARVIN Continuous Saturday From 1 P. M. FRIDAY and SATURDAY ALSO Russell Hayden in "THE LAST HORSEMEN" Chapter 7, "The Phantom' Continuous Saturday From 1 P. M. .FRIDAY and SATURDAY '-V BAKER A PATkli.'JA ' MORISON ALSO Rod Cameron in "BOSS OF BOOM TOWN" March of Time Cartoon Saturday Matinee Only Chapter 10, "The Phantom" Ceilings Placed on Used Plumbing, Heating Items Dollars-and-cents ceiling jirices have been set for 65 u.serl and reconditioned plumbing and heating items, and maximum prices fixed for most others by applying a specified percentage discount from the manufacturer's list price for the article when new, the Fresno district Ol'A office announced today. The new regulation, which he- came effective August 9, covers sale's H.t both retail and wholesate. with prices based generally on March. 1942, levels. Items covered include used plumbing and heating materials, reconditioned heating equipment, automatic hot water heaters, and seconds and culls for new items. The curtailment of production of new plumbing and heating equipment and the limitation of sales to those holding essential priority ratings have caused a greatly increased demand for used and reconditioned items. The new specific ceilings will end confusion in the industry and will protect consumers from paying unreasonable prices. At the same'time, the normal relationship between the prices of new and used and reconditioned plumbing and heating equipment will in the main be re-established. Items covered by dnllars-and-ccnts prices include bathtubs, lavatories, sinks, faucets and shower batli fixtures. Price schedules are available at War Price and Rationing Boards, nnd must be posted in a conspicuous place in each seller's place of business, OPA said. Legion Okays Kern Vet Service Officer In view of the stato resolution passed by the American Legion in favor of county service officer to be named and paid by county board of supervisors to serve discharged veteran.;, the Bakersfield Frank J. Reynolds Post and the Fellows Post of : American Legion were reported today to have withdrawn their opposition to the creation of the new position here. The board of supervisors recently created the job of county service officer here at the request of Veterans of Foreign Wars posts throughout the county ROAD WORK IN CHINA—On Burma's Ledo road. Chinese engineers rush to completion a handmade wooden bridge across a river. Americans and Chinese are working feverishly to whip important road into shape, replacing the old Burma road as a supply link to China. Optn Daily at 12 Noon FRIDAY, SATURDAY Jean Parker, Tim Ryan In "DETECTIVE KITTY O'DAY" -Russell Hayden In "The La*t Horseman" Chap. 4 "The Tiger Woman" . Cartoon New* MOREandMORE, Discriminating Buyers Are Coming to One of Our Five Stores Is NEAR You R. B. HAYDEN 4 YEARS OLD STRAIGHT KENTUCKY BOURBON Distilled and bottled before the wax. 2.77 RON MANAMA A Rum that ii distinct in flavor. Very little difference when used at whiskey. 3.96 Pt. 2.52 * IMPORTED BOLS 'SILVER TOP 1 Distilled London Dry Gin Distilled from Grnin, 100% Neutral Spirit! STH 5.83 BACARDI RUM Light or Dark Imported Puerto Riean Rum. Nothing Take* the Place of Barardi. Sth 4.13 PORET BRANDY At*d in Oak 4Vi Yean A definitely in. perior brandy. You'll enjoy hi clean and fruity flaror. 5th 4.11 SCHENLEY RESERVE The basic whiskies in Schenley Reserve blended whiskey are supplied only from prewar stocks, blended with American grain spirits. ... 3.97 SELECTIONS RON DIABLO RUM, Imported Cuban ............ Sth MOHAWK BRANDIES, Apricot, Cherry, Blackberry .................................................... 5th SANDEMAN 3-Star Sherry, Imported ............ 5th ROMA SWEET WINES, Port or Sherry .......... Sth DUBONNET Apertiff ...................................... .-.Qt. HARTS RUM, Imported Cuban ........................ Sth MARTINI & ROSSI, Sweet Vermouth ............ Lge. VERMOUTHS by DUBONNET, Sweet or Dry Qts. ITALIAN SWISS Colony Sweet or Dry Vermouth .................................................... Lge. CISTERCIENNE, Yellow Liqueur .................... Sth CROIX ROYAL GIN .......................................... Sth ALMADEN, California Champagne ................ Lge. ST. REMY, Champagne or Sparkling Burgundy ... ............. ; ..................................... Lge. ITALIAN SWISS, Burgundy ............................ Gal. HERMOSA TEQUILA, Imported ...................... Sth MARIMBA RUM, Imported .............................. Sth «•!• SmUtet tm Sloelt *n Ham* ... H!0fct JtoMrv«4 t» Limit 4.01 3.94 3.45 .97 1.86 2.65 2.11 1.45 1.07 6.32 3.84 4.27 2.92 3.26 2.23 3.09 DeKUYPER DELEGTA After Dinner Liquenr 4.88 Sth Creme de Cocoa or 'Ornnge Cnracoa Sth 3.67 DeKUYPER CREME de MENTHE Anisette or Cherry Liquenr 3.49 Sth TAYLOR'S ATLANTIC PORT From Portugal come* thii fine Port at a price no low that only by trying can yon be eon- Tinted of it* value. 5th 2.15 CHRISTIAN BROS, BRANDY Produced nnd bottled by Mont La Halle Vineyards. Skillfully prepared and blended choice Brandy STH 4.33 MORTON'S GIN A compound Dry Gin. „ 1.95 MORTONS TMMPOUNlf DRYCIN Open at 12 Noon... Closed Sundays 1309 Nineteenth 164O Chester S50 Baker 31 Chester Corner North Chester and Roberts Lane SI Sherry* Stores !• California Procedure in Old Age Laws Described EDITOR'S MiTK-- -Tli s I* tli" ihml in >i S'TM.s nf in t, ,-],* ,lr«. rilnim r«-.|.'inl nld- "WHAT I>OKS A I'KRsnX 1IAVK TO DO TO CO.MK INTO THIS SYSTKM" Ho must wnrk in a job that i-ninew under the law; that is in a factory. mill, shop, mine, store, filling station. cafe, hotel, theater, laundry or s,.me other business or industry. and he must get a Snciay Security number card to make certain that his wages are properly crerliteri. After the worker obtains, an account number, the Social Security Board sets up an individual account for him. Every time his employer reports a certain amount of wage earnings for him. these wages are credited to the worker's Social Security account Later on when the time comes for the payment of benefits. this account will lie used as the basis upon which the insurance payments are calculated. For further information call or write the Bakersfield office of the Social Security Board located at "O'J Professional building. P.akersfield. Mrs. Ross Winslow Honored in Fellows GRAPE SHIPPING SNAG PROBED GROWERS URGE OPA TO SET WINE CEILINGS Friday, August 25, 1944 FEIJ.OWS. Aug. 25.— Mrs. TIoss Winslow of Fellows \vl\o is leaving next week with her family to make their home near Pismo, was the honored guest at a farewell party and potluek dinner recently at. the Fellows West Side Park given by the members of Samaritan Kebekah Lodge No. f>.-> (f Fellows. After the opening of gifts the guests attended the Softball game played between Gardner Field WACS' and the. Fellows women's team. Those attending 1he party were Messrs, and Mesdames Melvin Smith and sons, Frank Shane and son. S. B. Turner and grandson. O. P. Ooode, and TJ. O. Mason and daughters, Mesdames Catherine Chambers. Betty Lambert, Ralph Winslow and baby daughter, (Iladys Formay, K. F. Boucher, Bernice Alley, Elizabeth Berry, Miss AVinfired Form way and Bridges Marks and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Winslow and sons. 231 SHIPS I'SED \VASI11NGTOX, AUK. 23. UP)— Navy Secretary Forrestal discloses that 231 American ships touched tho shores of coastal waters of southern France during the recent Invasion. Six of them war craft and a part of the approximately loot) Allied vessels which crossed the Mediterranean in the blow against Germany. Kern i /(unity growers and packers of talilu grapes have l..cen holding ii series of mcftinns during the last few days with the gfowcrs and paek- prs of Ontnil California in Sanger in an effort to find some solution to the present grape shipping shutdown brought aliout. Iiy the t'aiiuro of thp Office of I'rico Adtiiini.stration to p.^talillsh a proinisfd lower ceiling prire on wino, thus UecpliiKr winr-nrj. from pstaliliiihinK the pi-ire which they can pay for fresh grapes. $85 Per Ton Under the present i^i-apo. ceiling- price, according to local packer*, the most they can pay for a ton . of Krapes is SS5, while the growers are unwilling to release their product, in belief that the wineries will pay them $101.1. However, because of the ab .sence of revised ceiling pnces on wine, the wineries have slsned very few contracts. As a result of the controversy, the entire grape indus try is stymied. Packers fear that the \VFA will modify the raisin drying order soon by releasing certain acrease, thus flooding the wineries with Thompson ami Muscat grapes. The outcome of the series of meet- j inps was the institution of a plan to ! enlist concerted grower aid in get- j tins ceiling prices established on j wine so that growers can intelli- j gently market their crops. Modern Studio of Dancing Reopening Announcement lias lieen made of the opening of the fall term of Modern Studio of Dancing under the personal direction of Mrs. Evelyn B. PenUer, with Miss Malclie Du Fresne as the instructress. Registrations for al! types of dancing are scheduled for September 1 and 2 | from 10 a. in. to 12 noon and 2 p. m. to 5. Registrations will lie taken nt XVonmn's Club building, ISOti D street. MR to the Music of Bob Sisson and His Orchestra SATURDAY in Kern County's Most Popular Dance Spot in Downtown liakersrhl Within Easy Walking Distance ON THE CORNER OP SIXTEENTH and "EYE" Admission 60e Including Tax Servicemen 50c Including Tax RECOVERS FROM KITE XEW YORK. Aug. 25. (JP)—Catherine Searles, L'4-year-old resident of Hahway, N. J., whose right arm was bitten by a Central Park bear, July 15, today was reported in excellent condition at Roosevelt Hospital. Agosto 27 Rumba Conga Bolero Danzon JOSE SUVA ORQUESTA Admission $1.00 Tax ','Ot- Ladies Sic Tax 04c 9 P. M.—1 A. M. Union Avenue PAVILION Semi-Formal EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT Modern and Old-Time Dancing W. H. Blunt. Ciller of Pioneer Dances George Liffoen and His Barn Owls Furnishing the Music Admission SOc, Tax lOc No Jitterbugs No Slacks No Levies THE BARN Bell Terrace and Stlne Road DANCE EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT BEARDSLEY DANCE PAVILION "The Cool Place to Dance" RAY MARTINEZ and His Swing Orchestra Admission SOc, Plus Tax Dancing 9 to 1 DANCE JACK RANCH RESORT Saturday, August 26 Saturday, September 2 Sunday, September 3 GOOD MUSIC DANCE EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT EL PATIO PAVILION Hit -Mile* WV«t of firrrnrirld on Tuft Highway NO BETTER FLOOR IN KERN COUNTY Miikir by OUKI.l. JOIINNON KIIYTII.M KANCH HIS BALANCE ROCK RESORT Now Open DANCE EVERY SATURDAY GOOD MUSIC CABINS STORE DANCE MIIKKf tKIKNUft MKfc/l B. K. (Uimlrri KV4N3 WIIH HIB VKVIOKt |IAN«:» OKI II KM K A KVKHV HATIIKIIAt MO 111 UNION AVENUE BALLROOM Modern ind iiri rime <lHnclriii-*-nr Jltttr- — «verv HaturriH* ntcbt. lMHtmi iHtc I'lu* I'm IMnrlni • **• » WIST COflST OX THEATRES FOR VICTORY BUY BONDS! NOW—Shows at 7:00-9:30 Feature at 7:20-9:80 Doors Open at 6:30 TOMORROW at 1:30 m EXTRA! Color Cartoon - News 1721 I3th-St - /V;.-.,,,- ! .'Mr Last Time* Tonight! OLSEN AND JOHNSON THE GHOST CATCHERS PLUS— RETURN OF THE APE MAN STARTS TOMORROW- Raw, Relentless, Romantic, Human! with Humphrey Bogart Marjorle Main Sylvia Sidney Joel McCrea Dead End Kids CAllhOKNlA NOW MATINEE DAILY DOORS OPEN 1:30 WOMEN WITH WINCS! IORITTA YOUNG SSs sag 0 ^/ Continuous Daily From 1.7 Noon Hopalong Cassidy in "Riders of Deadline" Victor McLaglen in "Powder - Town" PLUS Chapter 9 of "Smiling Jack" 1721 ISthST. NILE I PHONE 7-7N8I 12 NOON TOMORROW CARTOON CARNIVAL FOR KIDS and Grownups, Too! 8—FUNMAKII SIXTH CHAPTER "DESERT HAWK" AND 2 BIQ FEATURES 2 All For the Same Price RIALJO*?, "Under Smpiclon" "Raiders off the B«r«er" Clpp. 7. "Secret

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