Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 25, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1907
Page 6
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Sattttday Momlng, November 23rd, out Big Lfnen Sale began. The most admired of afl teztttrcs Is linen. 1^ reason for Uils Is becatne they are 'always In (fse. No otfier line of Merchandise Is gircfi t|ie prominence ifiat Uncns are. Tfili seas<m we f»ave Increased tfie stock to twice Its normal sl«e^ that we may be more able to serve y 00. Special attention Is given to table linens In patterns. We carry In stock an ekgant fine of patterns with napkins to match. Patterns vary from 2 to 3 f-2 yards In length and 2 yards wide, and all are Included In this sale at special ThanksgivlngI prices, the sale lasts btrt4J-2day8. * TabliLinens in Panerns Tabic Linens. In imtt .9rns. Trumpet Lilly, size 72x 108, regal »r price ^1.50 ontsale tor ....ft3.95^ ::ix24 Inch Nupkhis. reRular price <(i.OO, on Bale for I 'oi )|i .v Strliio and yiRiiB— cloth 63x90, rcRuIor price $a.50, on tulii for S3.^5^ Siimo puttcrai 6Sx!)0, retc.ilar price 15.00, on Mle' for JB4.25 Inrli N:ij|)kln to niaUh. roRular price |3.G0, on wile for f ...«3.1.'5; Moiro Stripe. 72x108, reRtlar price $0.50. on sale for ...>. ftS.S.I 24x24 Naiikini!. to matcb, regular price |G.!iO per: dozen, on pie for ..*.. .S5.85 Dowknot and sale for . sale for Palm pattern, for Spots, 72xl2t' Inch, regular $5.00 on • • SM.25 24x24 inch Nai|ikins to match, regular price $5.00, on • ..^ $4.25 68sS0, regular price $3.50, on sale -.$3.13 Napkins to niitch, size 2Dx2a, regular price, $3.75^ on sale foi" $3.25 Chrysantherauiju aud Speck, size 72x72 Inch, regular price $3.0C, on sale for .1 ....$2.6.'> 21x24 inch Ni; pkins to~ match, regular price $4.00,on sale, for 1. SB3.25 Wild Rose and Dots, i2% yards long by two yards . wide, regular pru|e $2.56, on sale for ..$2.25; 24x24 inch Nf pklus to match, regular price $3.00; on sale for S2.6a Lily pattern, size 2% yards long by two yards wide; regular piice $3.75, on sale for S3.25 24x24 inch xipklns to match; regular price $4.00; on' sale fjr 83.25 Fleur de lis pittern. siez 2% yards long by 2 yards wide, regi lar price, |2.50, on sale for. .$2.25 22x22 inch N: pkins to match, regular price $3.00i on sale for 32.65 rioral design, 68x108 regular price $3.50, on sale! for - r ..$3.15 23x23 inch N ipkius lo match, regular price $3.50^ on sale fcT $3.15 Pansy pattern. 27x108, regular price $4.00, on salei • for. ...... $3.23 24x24 inch NJipkins to match, regular price $4.00; on sale for $3.2.1 Rose and :)ots, 6Ss90. regular price $4.00, on sale for ; $3.25 24x24; inch N'apkins to match, regular price $4.00, oii sale fo' $3.25 Rose Leavi s on sale] 24.\24 inch on' salel and Dots. 68x90, regular price $4.00i fcjr $3.25 xiaiikins to match, regular price $4,001 f>r $3.25 , 2 '.2 yard cloth, 2 yards wide, regular. Poppy Desfcu, . price ! o.OO, on sale for $2.65 24x24 inch Npiiklns to match above cloth, regular price $ l.ob dozen, on sale for $3.2.'5 Chrysanthe ni|ms pattern 2% yards long and 2 yardij xvfde. i(?sular price $3.00, on sale for. ..$2.65 24x24 inch xipkins to match above pattern, regular price $i.()0 dozen, on sale for $3.25 Rose Sprig design, 3% yards long and 3 vards wide- regular price $3.75, on sale for $3.25 23x23 inch >|apklns to' matcb, regular $3.50 dozenj on sale for $3.15 Tulip Heads battern cloth, 3 yards long by 2 yards, regular price $4.50. on sale for .$3.98 Marguerite sjjjpe design, a very new design entire- nt than anything we have ever shown ly diffdrt in thellnen line, pattern is worked out between broad satin stripes, very, striking cloth. 3 vards long by 2 .yards wide, regular price $6.50, cjnfsale for .................. $5.95' Table Linens in Panerns 24x24 Inch Napkins to match above cloth,; regular $5.00 dozen, on sale for $4.35 24x24 Inch Napkins to match above, regular price $6.u0fl on sale foV $5.05 Lily and Acron pattern 3 yards long and wide, regular price $6.00, on sale for . 2 yards $5.05 24x24 inch Napkins to match above. $7.00 dozen, regular price, on sale, per doz., for ...[$6.15 Ornamental Shell round design or square cl<^th. pattern 214 yards long, 2 yards wide, regular price $3.00, on sale for ..$2.65 24x24 Inch Napkins to match above, regular price $4.00, on sale for .$3.25 Rose pattern cloth 68x101 inches, regular prices $3.50, on sale for ..$3.15 22x22 inch Napkins to match above, regular price $3.50, per dozen for $3.15 Lime Leaes and Spots, pattern 68x72 Inch, regular prlce$ 2.00, on sale for "•...-$1.75 Or the 68x90 inch pattern, $2.75, sale for.. .$2.2.'5 23x23 inch Napkins to match above patterns. $3.50 dozen, regular price, on sale for ..$3.15 Peony pattern 68x68 inch, regular price $3.50, on sale for .»3.15 22x22 Inch Napkins to match, regular price $3.50, on sale for .$3.15 Clover Leaf design 70x90 Inch, regular price $3.00, on sale for $2.65 23x23 Inch Napkins to match, regular price $3.50, doz.. on sale for -.$3.15 Iris and Spots, 2\i yards long, by 2 yards wide, regular price $3.75, on sale for .$3.25 24x24Xinch Napkins to match, regular price $4.00, on sale for, dozen -.$3.25 Plain Linen with Grecian border, cloth 68x90 inch, regular price $3.50, on sale for .-$3.15 Napkins 23x23 inch, $3.75 dozen, regular price, on sale for $3.25 Plain Linen with Scroll border, cloth 72x72 Inches, regular price $3.00, on sale for ........ .$2.65 24x24 Inch Napkins, regular price $4.00, on sale for ..$;}.25 Clover Leaves 68x86 inch. $3.00 regular price, on sale for :.$2.(;5 22x22 Inch Napkins to match, regular price $3.50, on sale for $3.15 Spots G8x72 regular price $2.50, on sale for ..S2.1.1 Or *8xl04 regular price $3.50. on sale for ;.$;$,]5 23x23 Inch Napkins to match, regular price $3.50. on sale for ..$3.15 Rococo Scroll pattern, 68x72 inch, regular price $2.50. on sale for ..$2.15 23x23 Inch Napkins to matcb, regular price $3.50, dozen on sale for $3.1.? Chrysanthemum 68x72, price $2.50, on sale.. $2.1.1 Or 68x104. price $3.50, on sale for $3.15 Napkins 23x23 inch, to match above cloth, regular price $3.50, on sale for ..$3.15 Table Linens by the Yard. Half bleach, small checks. 62 inches wide, regular Jrlce 6c. on sole fo r. 57* Chrysanthemums patterns, 72 Inch, Napkins to match, regular price $1.25, on sale for ..$1.10 Lily Napkins to match, 72 Inch, regular price $1.50, on sale for $1.25 Large Dots G6 Inches wide. Napkins to match, regu> lar price $1.00, special price yer yd.. 80* Clover I.«aveB, 68 Inches wide, regular price $1.00, on sale for HO* Daltty Pattern. Napkins to match, 68 inches wide, regular price $1.00, on sale for 89* Trumpet Vine, Napkins, to match, regular price 35c, on sale for 27C Unbleached German Finisji Linens BEST WE.IKIXG LINEX IX THE WORLD. Daisy Pattern. 72 inches wire. Napkins to match, regular price $1.50,"" on sale for $1.25 Small Daisy design, 72 inch. Napkins to match, regular price $1.25, on sale for $1.10 Small Dot design, Roman Border, 72 Inches wide, regular price $1 ,on sale, per yard 89* Clover Blossoms and Leaves. 61 Inches wide, regular price 75c, on sale, per yard 62* Tulip design, 64 Inches wide, regular price 65c. on sale, per yard 55* Thistle. 68 inches wide, regular price 50c, on sale for 43* Full Bleached Table Linens MOST BEAUTIFirL OF ALL TABLE COTEBIXGS. Lily pattern, .Napkins to match, regular price $1.50, on sale for .$1.2.5 Rose pattern. Napkins to match, 72 incres wide, regular price $2. yd., on sale for $1.69 Chrysanthemum wide satin stripe, 72 inches wide, regular price $2.50, on sale for $2.15 Napkins to match, regular price $7.00 lozen, on sale for $6.25 Dots, 72 inches wide, Wild Rose border, regular I)rice $1.25, on sale lor $1.10 Flags. 72 Inch, regular price $1.00 yard, on sale for .89* At this price, nineteen different patterns to- select from. , , Poppies, known as Hotel Linen, 84 inches wide, regular price $1.50, sale price $1.25 Plain linen. 72 Inch, Napkins to match, regular price $1.25, on sale for $1.10 Fleur de lis and Clover. 64 Inch leaves, regular price 75c. on sale for 65* REAL WORTH I wish. Vi'e ask for your business on merjt alone. Ijare our work and methods with any laundry you proven by comparison. We invite you to corn- id ^ GETS RE GULAR RUN. Chas. Shanf»4 Wiip a«' Trairi Eijcired •n* Chas. Shapel.. months has beei for tlie Padfic aid rupipauies.Jhas I Ktra tralnimess City. As substl ut Shapel will, secure for s regullfir ru i Mr. SApell is to secure a| good Ing the baBiDes4 He lellt the lola offloe.i KnisEas City and IilB neir duiies. iOiA LAUNDRY, PHONE 102. \ FOR A BAKER BANQUET. Xcthodist Students Contemplate Be- Unlon. t ow Hav^ Position h esaenger. THROWN FROr^ BUGGY. ^•bo for several working as driver {American Express a position as :er out of Kansas messenger Mr. the first, opening 4 'itb the eompai^/. fourth lo^i miiii position after leaifn- drlver for the ;yesterda)r for morning began 4s this Battlin Brothers ifi .Runaway Last Evei^ing. A team driven by Battlin Brothers of the Gas City Dialling company became frightened at tlie Missouri Pacific crossing east bt the city last evening and ran away.; The runaway was the result ot a : horse nmning into the rear of Hbe buggy. The men were thrown (Hit. and the team, findjns that they Vcre loose, ran on to town, alopplns only iwhen they collided with a tree fi the court bouse yard. Neither of t3»e Aen were hurt There is a movement on foot among the students and ex-students of Baker unlversity in this county to bold a reunion and banquet here sokie time during the holidays. There are about one hundred such students in Allen county. Two years ago a very sucj- cessful banquet was held, being widei ly attended and a number of the faculty of Baker utiiverslty attending. EL W. Myler is now president of the couii ty organlaztion. If the banquet is held. Dr. L. H. Murlin and other mem bers of the faculty are expected to attend. EXTRA IVAtiOX DURING HOLIDATS SAY QUINCES ARE SCARCE. Wholesale Fruit Men Say They're Unknown Quantity. - J. Welh Fariro Sake Plans for the Big HolMay Baslness. In order to handle the big holiday business which is expected in lola this year. U# Wells Fargo Express com pan jr has shipped a new wagon to the lola o£,lce. This wagon will be used in addition to the old wagon already here. When the holiday rush is over the old wagon will be shipped to some other point and the new up- to-date wagon will be left for the use of the ]o2a office. JNO. P. CILUaSEN spent Sunday in PitUburCi The almost total absence of quinces from the market this year has prol)- ably been a puzzler to the hou.sewlfc who usually puts up some of this fruit. At the same time it has been just as much of a problem to the whloesale fniit man why quinces were absolutely unobtainable this year. In- quir>' shows that so far there ba3 not been enough of this fruit on the market to supply the demands of the public. Now comes the announcement that there will be no more on the market with the exception of a few of the California variety w.hlch will ba exceedingly high in price. TRAIN XACHINEBY BROKEN. EqnaHser Springs on West Passenger Broken. Boand UNION THANKSGIVING SERVICE. Rev.'Ellett Will Preach Sermon Next Thursday. The churches of lola have decided to hold a Union Thanksgiving service next Thursday at the United Breth- em church. Rev. Ellett. pastor of the Christian church is to preach the Thanksgiving-aermon. Further details of the sert'ice will be announced later. The- equalizer springs on the engine which pulled the west bound Missouri Pacific train broke just aJ the passenger train was pulling out of La Harpe this morning. It tm quired something over of hour for the trainmen to repair the broken machinery. C. J. BUSS, physical director of the Y. M. C. A. will spend Thankagir ing rial ting with hia mother'in Lawrence. ^ KANSAS LAND $100 AN ACRE. High Price Pai4 for a Farm in Dick- lasea Connty. Enterprise. Kas.. Nov. 25.—Eighty acres of bottom land near here sold today for |100 an acre. This is the highest price ever paid for farm land in thisjricinlty. The bottom land has been rising in value steadily .for the past two years and has more than recovered any loss that otcurred when the flood covered the bottoms. Many sales are being made and farmers are holding for high prices^ PRANK Carroll who for several years worked at the Register offlce and other print shops in lola, was recently married in Kanaas City to Mrs.) MeFarland ol that city. Mr. &ad Mra. Carroll are vow la roia Tlattlng Mr. CarroU 'a fttker. Captala CarroU. of 712 Sontk atrcet %mm ASSAULTED W. H. McBrMe of Enrdta, Foaai Cat and Bleeding In AUey Satardar Night The police officers were called to ^e alley at the hear of T. B. Shannon's hardware store last Saturday night about nine o'clock to look after i man who was lying on the paveihent on Washington avenue about ten ^feet from the alley. When the police reached the scene several men :bad gathered around the man who was lying in an unconscions condition with a big gash in the back of his hiead. His clothes were blood stained, and disarranged giving every appearance of foul play. He was picked up by the policemen and taken to" the ;iall where a physician was called. The physlciauj- after making an examination, announced that the Injury which appeared to have been inflicted by some blunt; Instrument, would not result fatally. The man did not regain consciousness until Sunday morning. He revived sufficiently Sunday morning to say that his home was In Eureka. Kas. and that his name was W. H. McBrlde. Bnt further than stating tbat ho was a railroad man, be told nothing of him self. Officer John Creed is said to have met the man earlier in the evening and, noticing that he had been drinking, told him to get In off ofthr street or that he would have to artest him. The man told the officer that he would go up to the Clapp rooinlng house and retire. A halt hour later Officer Creed received the telephone call from Mrs. Orant Miller thnit a man was lying In the street In front of their picture gallery moaning and seemingly In distress. It lis believed today that the man was assaulted as he said this morning on being released that when he Irft.the rooming house to go to the alley he had two ten dollar bills In hltf pocket. When he revived yesterday they were missing. It Is believed that some one came up behind him and assaulted him and then went through his pockets. PLAY BASKET BALL AT Y. M. C. .V. lola and Cbannte Teams Thursday. Win Meet Final arrangements were completed today for a contest Thanksgiving evening at-the lola Y. M. C. A. rooms between the lola and Chanute basket ball teams. The lola team has been organized but. a very short time while the Chanute team has already played several matched games. The members of the lo:a team have, however, been playing some of the Y. M. C. A. teams and arc in good practice and therefore expect to win. The lineup for the game has not been fully decided upon. The members of the team are Gardner, Fulton, captain; Murray, Osborne. Wheeler. Core and Root. The game will be called at eight o'clock. G.ARFIELD Brown has returned to his home in Springfield, Mo., after a few days'' visit with relatives and friends. BET. MASOFS SERXON.,c Serrlees at X. £. \Gkuck -Werei Caa^ saallj laterestlBf Testerdaj., i Rev. J. M. Mason of the -First Methodist church, yesterday took •?temr perance" as the subject of hia morning address. "The Weapons of>thR Christian and How to Remove th« Stambllng Blocks" was the subject chosen by him. ; • Mr. Mason first reviewed the present temperance advancement and:^ explained that, of the eight million people In the United States. 33 million lived in dijy territory. ' , .-, He attributed the slowness in'.the advancement of the temiierance cause to the fact that the enemy was entrenched in a stronghold. "A minister starts a campaign against liquor cards, dancing, etc., and lnstead| of being upheld in that fight by 'the.-entire; congregation, up bobs somebody who professes to be a Christian and gives the preacher a knock. Another man in the church owns a building where liquor is sold, the minister' causes the building to be vacated. The man then comes back at the minister because be has been hurt financially. Another case, a girl in the church goes to dances^ when the minister preaches the church rules against dancing' the mother gets after the min later." Rev. Mason after telling of thd strongholds of the devil explained the weapons with which to fight the devil. First the personal experience of the spiritual salvation. Convert the owner of the saloon building and instead of dghtlng you he will see that the sa- :oon Is ousted from his building. Convert the mother and she will stop th» girl from going to dances. Convert the mother of the card ployor and ab«(, will stop card playing. The second weajion is the baptism of the Holy Ohnst. Without the baptism of the Holy Ghost and they arS'. worthless; so It Is with a chnrcb. The third weapon i^ the word" of'; God. If a person will use the Bti>l«.T lust as It Is. It ts a weapon with'i keen edge. For Instance, a woms the church does not love her husM^Itl she gets a divorce and marries another man. The Bible In plain words says that this woman is an adultress .tnd the word of God preached to her is a weapon of keen edge. Eight adults united with the church at the close of the morning service. In the evening Rev. Mason coojip^d the leper with the sinner a^d Explained how the. leprosy dS&eaikeAras to the body as sin is to the soul: The church was crowded during both of the services. T. BaShoniioh The Allen" comity Hardware aod Implement] man. North Side Square lola. Kan. STOP WOMAN AND CONSIDER Elrst. that almost every operation In onr hospitals, performed 4pon women, becomes necessary because of neglect of such svmptoma as Backache, Irregalaritiea. Dispbce- menta. Paia in the Side, Dragging Sensstiona, Dizziness and Sleepless- Second, tint Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound, made from naUve roots and herba. has etired, more eases of female ills than ^y other one medicine known. It reg- nlatea. strengthens an<l restores women's kealtli and ia invaluable pre^ringr women for child-birth and during the peskid of piaaga' Third, the great Tolnme of nnaolieited and gratefnl testimonials oa file at the Pinkham Laboraton- at Lynn. Mass.. many of which ara from time to time being pnblished by spedal permission, give abaolnte evidence of the valne of Lydia E. Pinkham's vegetable Compound and Mra.. Pinkham's advice. Lydia E. Pinkham*s Vegetable Conif liUUlM years has been curing Female Cotnplainta, such aa For more than ao Dragging Sensations. Weak Back, Failing and .Displacements,. In- fUunmatlon and Ulceration, and Organic DisesaCs, and it diaaolTaa and expels Tumors at an early atage. Mrs. Pinkham's Standing Invltatlon/to Women Women suffering from any form of female weaknesa are inyited to write Mrs. Rnkham, Lynn. Mass. tor advice. She is the Mrs., Pihkham who has been advising side, women free of chsrge for more than twenty Tears, and before thatahe assisted her mother-in-law. Lydia ^ Pink- bam in advising. Thw she is especially well qualified to guide dek women back to health. Write today, dont Wait until too late, j OLDSQSESs^iilLr BYIHPURmESqiTHE ^BLO^D If Old Sores were due to oatsideinfluences, or if the cause wa* confined. strictly to the diseased flesh around'^thie nicer, then external treaunent and, aimple cleanliness would cure them. But, the trouble is in the blopd, whiclt:> n • has become unhealthy and diseased, imd keeps the sore open by cqntinnallj hr discharging into it the impurities luiid poisons with which the circulation tS - i; filled. This poisonous condition of'the blood nay be the remains of somi-V constitutional trouble; the effect of i longspdl of sickness, or:bc«:ause the . natural refuse of the body, which should pass off t ^ugh theprop^ aTpsnei,' •'f . has been left in-the system and absorbed into the blood. Agaid. |the cause* may be hereditary; but it does not matter how the poison becomes intrenched in tlte blood, the fact that the sore will not heal is evidence of a deejinnderiy- ing cause. Salves, washes, lotiqni, etc., may cause the place to^ JKab over temporarily, but the Wood is not inade any inrer: by such treatment, and soon the o0 Inflammation and dischatsie irill tetum aafuav the abre be as bad or irarae S. S. goes down to the very 1 trouble, cleanses and pwifiesj' SaSaS* itURELY^ VECE^ABU aiiake? a permanent once, and f itshens the circnlajtioa diacl^arginsr nnhealthy matter into the place, it aunties milk, fl^hfbealing blood to the diseased paria and in erery way assistste| aire of th^sore.. Book on Soares «pd tJlcem «nd»y l^e^' *"" ^" •II who write. XHE SWIFT 8FICinC''jB0^

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