The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 4, 1944
Page 5
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MONDAY, "SEPTEMBER. 4, 19<M INFORMATION 1 time per Ufl».7..'""""""'3: I Uaw pu "" —i—T.- 1 ft 1 Uu< * * *• ttm ** . _-. itpppfcl befor»"wplr»tJon 1 will I b» ehiuged for th» number «f'^m«« All. 'OlMtin*^ AdTertldag copy iubniHtec; by pereon»'melding out; lid* pi the city muit Va wcon}. puled by «uhl Rate* ta*y~b« easily cotopvited froni \pa Bbo?e t«i>i«,' Advertising ordered tor Irregular utloni'takec the one time r»t«.- -Io nqnnslbilitT will be token lor more ta»n one Incorrect lni«r- "" ' " j£SQ**-—- ForSalt I 5 rooms, bath. 3 roam residence in rear. Rents for $49 per monlli Price $2850. H. C. Campbell. 1st Nat I. Bank BUtg., 104 s. • Si-cowl- Phone 2ji41. ' ' 8 . 4 . 1)k . ft I Milk goat. A. R. Wilson, wcst~of Cninp'• MQiiltrle. 9-4-iilt-7 | Living room, bedroom, breakfast room suites and other furniture 201 West Cherry. 0!4-pk-7 I Westlnglipusc clpclrlo'range in good I order! Phone 2957. ' g|.)-ck-7 ?; Simmons roll-away bed With innerspring nmttress. P!K 2228. 1138 XUIllnw ' '- „,. . _ Willow;. 9]4-pk-7 I Kelvinator table-top electric range, with cable. Several small wool rugs, two'small white'.enamel side wall cabinets, one coal heater with pipes, IHJO ladders, one' ISO jioi'ina pressure tank, 50 [mil 1 '-' '----• . -...,. Ki.u u^i.\i (jtuvttuiiuu pipe ,and used mechanical tools "*"» '""I. ' ' ; '9|2-ck-6 s . t>P^s. mattresses & springs rugs,-chlfferbbe', v ch'esf of drawers 401 N. 2nd St." .'. '• "9-1-pk-s' 15 room house In good condition. Excellent location: Also furniture, including Frigidairc, circulating oil 'Rr and electric, range. Ph. 589. ' " ' ' ' ' ! 9-l-pk-5 I Two ^heel cotton trailer, good tires- 1 new kodak; Masonic'ring with six sjinall ijianiaiids and 17 jewel Elgin Watch.'Write Box DP % Courier News'. 9-l-pk-5 I PracticaUy new. Burroughs adding 1 machine, hanid operated,'and one toys bicycle. E. B.'Gee Cotton Co p}ione 2026. 8|3 BLYTHBWLLB, {ARK.)" COURIER' "NEWS for Black evening'dress with imported sequin jacXct. Size 12; worn pile time. ph. 3255, 9-'l-pk-5 Baby bed; complete. Good condition"! Phone 2570. ' s;4-pk-7 room residence" just oil prS.nkliii St. Fried $875. Pos$essioii today. H. C. Campbell, 1st Nat). Bank Bldg. 104 s. Second.' Pli. 2?41."- : J '' 8-4-)>k-7 Two brick buildings;' one' 2 story and one building sOxlO. Inquire at Ash & Broadway/c, '' ' Late model Zenith cabinet Radio eet, Phone 413. ' • '• 8]18-'ck-tf For Rc/tf 300 acres 'farm land; gbpd Improvements for tenants; Located In De- aliu County, 'ii6.ii' Watson, Ark. J. M. Buchanan, Bpx 587,' Wntson, Al ' k - ' fli-i-pk-18 Rooms far men. Harry Atkins. ' ' 818-pk-9|8 Office In IcfMm Building. Inquire »t the Parkhurit bo.v IJ-SO-ck-tt For S$le or Trade of farm horses for good tractor. Will pay ciisli difference. Phone 027. O-l-pk-15 Help Wanle* Part-time collector on 'white debit only for national firm. Good job for lady or liigli-schpol boy after school hours'. W.' P. McCallum, 7:00 p.m. God Hotel. 9-4-pk-7 Girl for generel office work. Write Box W. H. % Courier 'News. ' a 8[31-ck-9|7 Man'for weighlhg and office work in cotton gin. Write Bpx H. -w. % Courier News. ' 8[3I-ck-9|7 •- : -.-..^, « u gunun wtiLur .M'/ - .-- ^^—;— • — , — . —, tank, nevy and used galvanized Aut -° 1'arLs counter'man.NAPA system, permanent Job, liberal pay; Aston Autq'ParU; Osceola, 'Ark. ' ' '"''''. ; 8]3p-ck-916 Soldier's" wife, whose "husband ' is overseas, to assist in house wbvk,' good home. Phone; 712. 8)29-ck-9]S, WARNING OHUKR In the Chancery Court, ClilckasaivHi Dislrict, Mississliipl Oouiity, AJf- Cliiirles T. Wallace, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8150. Ethel Wnlla^ce, Defendant. ' Thp defendant, Ethei \yallacc, liercby warned to [ippcrir ' wllli thirty days' in tlie court named Experienced coqt» ' Apply Ho'tel Noble.'• W anted To Trade IG g(i.' Dcfuble-barfel 3hol Oiin'w'itl. ease and 5 boxes shells for small , outboard motor. : Gun'been Wed one''season."'Sep Bill Cprdell at Hubbard Furniture!' 9|2-pk-0 feinted' I 22\h.p. Evinrude outboard motor and factory built hull, H. R. Edington, .Herrnondale, Mo. ' J[29-pk-9|5 -Wanted to rent'for a'yea [One 2 wheel cotton trailer; one'4 •wheel two bale trailer; one John Deere .water,pump; two wagons. •^ R. Garner,' Armorel. "' 8|26-pk-B]9 FARMS FOR SALE ~ All sizes; from 30 acres'up. ; $25 per ncre and up. j A. See ofwrite • jfT E. J. MURPHY TV Real Estate Broker ' '' Advance, Mo. i . 8-25-pk T 25 I ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS W,e have onp six foot display box, four beverage coolers, and a few household boxes while they last All are reconditioned throughout JACK ftAHSH & SON -Refrigeration Service '216 E."Mairi St. 8|19-ck-9|5 I Four room house located on large lot with garden. Three blocks frqtn grade and high' schools.' Phone 3181. ' 8]25-pk-9|25 I Duplexes and houses, Chickasawba arid'Hearn Streets: Small down payment. Small FHA payments. Available when vacant. Get on our waiting list. Call or write J. T. Cone, Searcy, Arkansas. ' 8|16.-pk-D110 | Regulation overseas mailing boxes. Sturdy wood con- tiction. Planters Hard- Co., Inc. 8-16-lh-lG |Fiiel will lie scarce this Winter—Buy a Warm Morning Heater and get more heat from less coal. We'll help you make application for a certificate. We have farm trailers on rubber. ' Lee Wilson & Co., Armorel, Ark - 8-23-ch-23 (Hunter attic fans. Gnlvan- roofing:. Flashlights j?ed and flashlight batteries Hubbard Hardware Co. 8-15-ck-15 lOne 35 cu. ft. reach In refrigerator one 20 cu. ft. reach In refrigerator; one 12 ft. beverage copier with counter top; one 10 ft. meat d's- play case. E. B. Gee Sales Co phone 2026.' 8-12-ck-tf iMaybe you couldn't find It because yoiv didn't fciow where to go. Try qMkhrjrst, 107-109 E. Main, for so%5 of the best of everythlhst for the home. 8-5-ck-5 iPufebfe'd registered Duroc bred gifts. Bred to out- Rtanding boars for September, liters. Prices are reasonable. J. C. Buchanan, farm 2 1-2 miles W. on Hwy. 18. Phone 578 or 3335. 8-4-eh-8 Iror fann'bkrg&toi to Southeaist Mb• Bourt wrlt« or see ^7. E. epiSTAP- BQN, lp»rm Bales, Otorkton, Mo. ^^'^ •'8-B-pt-B •Two lots near Amerlcavi Legion Hut. coston, Ojceol*, Ark. "'" ' 7-17-ck-M or 3 ;ro6m furnished Apartment. 2 children iii family, one school age". Phone 2930. 9|2-pk-0 — a 5 or 6 rooin modern rioiise In good neighborhood. Or would buy if price were rlgh't. Phone 2316. -ck-8 Wanted to \Vardrobe fruhk. PJioiie ""' 811.9-ck-tf Hay and Corn.. BIythevllIe Grain and 'Elevator. Co.' " a]1-ck-tf Wiir pay ca^h for 110,00.0 Tforth of gopfl iised furn{- tnre. 'Wad(e"FnrnUnre' 'Go', Per <?6i'for-Wlro'coat " 3 or more room apartment. $5 Jt ward to person getting apartmen Write Bok A.fc.ii.y : "sj,'"c6uru; News. 9-i-pk-l Services Lnndy's Beauty Shop, 2003 W. Main '^: . c ?1! 2 ,? 4 ? fa> ajiirointments' All types of beauty work'. Operators: Marie Roclery and La'ndys """" '" , ' £t-l-i)t-8 I Iwye no'sidelines— -•'•--.• EXCLUSIVE REAL. ESTATE Sales and service H. C. CAMPBELL, Ph. 2G41 8128-pk-2B Painting and paper hanging. J. B. Freeman,' Phone 2434. 8]22-pk-D|22 Home laundry done; 407 21st Mrs Lula Woods. B|16-pk-9ilG Shoes are cosily— have them re- 'newed where ei- ac(lnj care combined wi(h superlative workmanship insure their being properly repaired. • Every style of repair Is m»4e here H-fl LTC'R'S [QUHLITY SHOC SHOP [ 121 w. MRIN ST. ACTOR HORIZONTAL 57 Before \ 1,9 Pictured 58Singinn\ . aclor '_ 12 Symbol for •."erbium 13 Rent H Auricle I $ Attend 16 In bed II Valise . 19 Lyric poem 20 Pair (al>.) SI Daybreak OQ Exempli., gi'a(ia (ab' Cl In llie y " (Latin) 02 lle'a'ppea a film — C.rdsictciit Wilson A'' (conlb. form) 2!) Female deer VE11TICA j 2 Comliiclorl 3 Great uik •! tvjoihklin Close .a15 Eroded ....: N 39 Plenly • .• 1 ^ m •f (IS Domesticated j t<3 5i(|nal'vJ?f!|i t: animals i T40 Species ot'eull 20 Strike' lightly 1 ' ' — f V ->2 Individual /-'45 Lenpliij !5 Ml 51 2-| Musical note : 6 Small poi lilj 23 Egyptian sun 7 Compass pa] Bid ".aifi 8 Interpret /"' 25. Negative M* 1 9 Barrel ' 26 Lieutenant shti Mhtgrass (iil>.) £^'*' Songbird disease .'«3,'l 31 Edges of root •"" 33Baclielor of, Arts (ab.) 31 Musical ' '• . syllable 35Sel again 38 Occasions 41 Measure of cloth 42 Accomplish i 43 Bone 44 Nickel (symbol) •)5 Seine 47 Nova Scotia '' (rib.) ;~'- ' " 49 Iron (symbol) 50 Saturate ' ^ 51 Stove'par I »." 53 Sneer 50 Sliipefy , 25 Pressed in •> . amphibian; flowing co«'n 00 Stair 27 Desert garden R2 New 30 Acrifoim fuel 54 Yale ' ''1 55Rno|)¥an\'l[t • -^theater of,l»i m) Ojierations .Hf . /' I f.iK \' '' ' ^V . 35 Nevada city SOVootbnll team) H7 2000 pounds '' ' (ab.)' . _^'i 38 Pedal digit » '59 Senior (ab.)V!! §T TT the iniilloii' hereof am; iihsvvcr Die complaint of the plaintllT, Charles T. 'Wallace. ' ' ' ' ••••••<•": Datc'd (his 20 day of AUJ;., 1944. HAHVEY MOnms, Clerk, Percy A. Wright, AUy. 'for P.lf. One spot in tlie Papln" Desert of Peru has not' had a -drop of rain iii i more than 45 years. ' " -.'•'•: ' HEALTH DESERVES THE BEST WATER^ Bad Health Demands St. Py? r ? v « mlltlop Ainerlcan, llomcs have ordered the Famou MOUNTAIN VALI.EY MINERAI, WATER From 1IOT SPRINGS.' ARKANSAS. 11 Is reliab'lc-an aid iii"treatiai;nr'9f ArlhHiUL S^f.?^H sl °i Kidney, Bladder, and many Intestinal disorder* - It 't.lrouktes Kidney elimination. For'Particulars, Free health CRosstoWN WHISKEY atain & DiTlslon ! •• - Br/thtyiUe,'Art NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may b« raining your proDerty. C|J} me f<K check-up, wifnqut cost or obligation. .":'. KAT6I, MICE AND ROACH CONTKOl GUARANTEED \yORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP ?•», -Ml ib Kentucky - ... •' '. ; . j. . FALL PLANTING SEEDS WINTER WHEAT, BARLEY, OATS, RYE and HAIRY YETPH. Recleaned. ..... High Purity and Germination. . Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main. ELECTRICAL GIN AND M|LL SUPPLIES AT PRESENT pur stocks of repair parts are as com- ple.|e as during pre-wqr (imes! Put 'your"plants)' in shape for Fall NOW. WE GIVE SERVICE—call day; night or Sunday. i-.r, ... VBelt Lace ^t^Sn 1 fflcking * lipe Fittings * Ajl Size Pipe * Crane Valvei * Gin Saw files and Gunimers Hubbard Hardware Co, BerTlng Blythevlllo 25 Yean po You Want To Sell Your Property or Business? — If So LIST IT WITH US FOR SALE! Our wide experience In real estate and business qualifies via to give, yon better service. • -•• .••-.• •«..,,, .- , . ~ TOM LITTLE REALTY CO Phone 861 We Have Buyers Eddie R..David, Bakimin FoT'Investuients. " '" ' HOW is YOUR¥D BATTERY? When It Stops-Your Car Stops Batteries wear out faster with today's irregular driving. They''fluently _ go dead withqiit advance warning. Guard against tost lime inconvenience and annoyanpe Ijy letting us check your' battery np,w Genuine Ford Batteries fit all makes of cars and trucks, therefore, re(1 thp kind of car you own we can'serve you. •••••• Eighteen Month Guarantee PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Walnut at 5th Tel. 453 /.PAQJB'PIVB- 1 PRESCRIPTIONS -. rw^j Qtwnntcti) " Mb , na(ed. Contract 'itntco in' control Biddle Exterminators US 8. Third f hon , mi VK'FILt AU, UOCTOKI PRESCRIPTIONS , AM) HAV(5 IfOV HWNI STEWART'S Dr« f Sttr. A Lkk> ' 'rv«_. im You'll do both yourself qnrf ypur country q f ifu'H brin^thqli !J| us, sq thorweqrW-selll if who Try our ^'Own Made' who Urgently tinie tronspQrtqtfpn? For Sole DOCTORS NEED 285 Acres of highly improved land oh Highway 61 four miles south of Hly. ' ' FARMERS NEED TMNSR.PRVAT19NI WORKERS TRANSPORTATION! RED CROSS wcftwi&Nto FOOD SUPPLIERS ' ' NEED ' VULCARIZIRG Tire'ft'Tube Rentr Wl.icrV MuUovs Slund BECAUSE OF A BINS BQSG^D HISTORIC t^OO.WHEijE, HE WAi5 GOklE TO iL , vx, EWLlST ^"^ ''*~ ! *"^'**- ^vi^'-v^' \L03S OP MEMORY, MED HE WAS ASSUME .TO BE A BlG-fet^OT « ..... '.'LATEST Act OF THIS ADDLE- • RATED DOPE WAS 1 THE PURCHASE OF HIS OWM GIRI-FRIEtOD WHO HAD coftE 1 ; ' :BACK iWTo q'io B.c TO Rescue HIM WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU'LL BE A TOWERS MODEL AND POSE FOR GtAMOUR ,\DS P ij> I Jusr eor A MEW JOB' WOULD AMVBODy LIKf To Buy 'A ' Copy OF- NdAGAZINE? HUMPH ! TAG, BOY; I'VE SEe SMARTER.'THINGS POP our OF CUCKOO ' ' VBAH, BUT sucrose VOU ONLY APPEAR !M OlMT^EMT ADS AND BKOME KWOWM AS MISS ' OF rij.u 5 GOSH, HILDA. ARE YOU im vpun RiGtir MIND? fr I'L TWEMTY-FIVF COPIES' .WASH TUBES . BY LESLIE TURNER TRUTH TO THE RUMORS THATOUROOrfir ' MOVIN6 PUNMO PEFlNifELV, Oft. 6UU wOUl BE SURPRISED . WEU"BE LEAVING A AHffiKAN CuSrOMi Wir« THESE NATIVES )IER BUDDIES •\V\OG6VV-VMO\

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