The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 25, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1944
Page 10
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Pridoy, Augmt 25, 1944 .; F.--' *1 Formula for Fashion Thr HclK \vill soon hr lulling niijilher sovion of hiylit r lenriiinp. and the subjects Hint n s«l cets in r-ollego those days hnvc certninly clinnped alone with Ihe times. ,]ii-t liow inticli they HA\'K cliaiiced was liniught to mind when we came across one of the satirical peuniu^'s of I'liyllis McGinley in n recent edition of Town and Country. . . . To whit : i hi pa rt ' ". . . Hut think of Hie wonderful thinks we know ! The Four Krijrht Freedoms Hint dare not fade : liooit'il'-Wiiojjio nu( ] Nurse's Aide : Medicine. Radio, Chnimel S teerinc : Calculus, linndy for cimineerinc: Meteorology. Drill, tlic wnv That two inn live on nil ensign's pny : Wliat well-dressed welders will likely wear : Itcndinp. Writ inn iind Jeep-Repair. Tlie eonpn stop and the tasks of war. In Anno Domini, '41 . . ." And in "Anno Domini MT' the cirl who will be solid with the cnnipus set will let KGGKR'S. I8','3 Chester Avenue, help her choose hor college wnrdrolie. It'» the knits Hint triko Hie class honors any day. and Catalinn has put out some very, very lovely ones for you this season in shndes thnt are just whul you want . . . bnby blue, cedar, stop-red, fuschin. nnturnl and maixe. Put one with a stunning skirt of lovely plaid or a smart plain shade mid you hnve what it takes for a successful start at school. You'll plan the Grand Strat?C\ of your college campaign } in n suit and contrasting top- r>er. Beverly Rinker. one of the more popular of the young loonl lovelies, plans her invasion of the University of California nt Berkeley in a honey of n two-piece Sliep- herd-eheck cardigan with a solid lirown Chesterlleld topper. Another good eotnliinntion would be n grey chalk-stripe with a bright, vivid topper. They're all-wool, you know, and just two from n wide choice at KGGEK'S, 18::;; Chester Avenue. A blaze of Rlory for those crisp days on cniupus is the smart, smart bla/.er by "Miss Cricketeer." . . . You can wear them with skirts or slacks and K(>GKK'S has them In red with while piping or beige with brown ... a compulsory subject for school this year. An easy pick-up for that "enrt- of-sumnier" feeling is one of the beautifully tailored slack- suits that are featured at KG- GKR'S this season. They're nil wool gabardine of stunning solid colors, with contrasting plaid sleeves and backs. Ideal for walks in the hills or hen-sessions in the dorm. The first subject on your campus curriculum will be the ABC of fashion . . . Arresting. Bewitching Color. . . . The colleges tills year will lie aglow with vihrnnt, flambouy- ant colors ii: coats, slacks, skirts, sweaters and anything and everything you'll went-. Why don't you drop into KG- GKR'S. 182H Chester Avenue, and select your college wardrobe in those easy niul wonderful colors that will give you the lend in the class play? LET "Things Worth WhOe" Brighten Your Life KPMC at 3:30 P. M. LET IVERS FURNITURE COMPANY Brighten Your Home Th. fUmt of «u«lity. Style »ot Bcautr In furniture 625 Nineteenth Street Phone 4-4711 •CHllfornlnn-NKA Tolpphotn I'AKATROOPS I,.\M> liEIIIM) (iKRMAN MXES—I'arachutrs fill the sky over coast of southern France afler Twelfth Air I-'oi ee troop carrier air division C-47s carried men and supplies to dropping- zones over and behind the new beachheads somewhere between Nice and Marseilles. Signal Corps radio-telephoto from Italy. First Dispatch From Paris Describes Arrival of Yanks CORRESPONDENT MCGLINCY RIDES INTO CITY IN ARMORED CAR BEHIND FIRST FRENCH TROOPS Market Shows Plus Signs as Bids Active Emporium, Blair Co. Shares Feature Mart SAX KRANCMSCO. Aug. 2.".. <#> — TtiP stock market gained strength today. Kinporium preferred was up T« to a now liiKh of o*>, and iho rominon advanced **» to 'J7. Another new high was in Hlair ft Company, up ! 4 'to 3 'Hi. Wostt'rn Df'partim'Mt Stores oo-n- mon pk-Ucil up T « to 19, and Di< Jim-pin preferred gained JL . to L>. Pacific Lighting common raped *S* to '14 ! 2. and - the preferred ? w to | in? 1 .*. Honolulu Oil was off % at j :J«M-I. and Southern Pacific, selling ex-dividend, was down \± at L'S :1 .i . Tranyainerk'ii was unchanged at f»V NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE Hitnk i-,f rjilifuniia PltlttirKlo pfd ..... Kmiinrium-rn pwHI Krniiortum-Oipwpll pfd ' Iriifi M | pjt nil Oii'-rat Pfiinl pfil Honolulu Oil Hunt Hrulhf'is pfd. . 1 1 >., 41 '"! ;;n i , R 1 1 ":>'•„ I'iH'lf tr l.tCllI 1MK I'M- it'if Li^lit in« pl'<! I'tKifli I'uhlic SoivkT plfl I ltM.VMlH.M- pl',1. I H> HII Aeronaut Ira! . . i Smihlcrn I'm ifir .-\-rliv | SIH-IT.V com. ........ : Tide Wjtinr Oil PARIS, A New York i reviilulinn ra I'aiis today. French .'i stabbed into Ity JAMKS T. (.11 11 Oil PlCHS Wa iHv R.idiu to new l-'ri'iu b i In- si reels of I' .\inciii an I'orrcs- ;H is |ii r'lmriiiK' I" tiiitllr the IH-HVV ' 'ii'i'iiiii M I'mrr 1 *. 'I'lioy fulfill from l>. r iiTli-(Hl(\« inul liciiisf.". They fought with lilies and niarliiiK'Knii." ami soiiir.-llinc.s Ilify I'oiiKlH with their liamls. Ami i he I'Yonrli eill/.pns nl I'aris fought hesifle the soldiers. They fmiKhl like their lorefat hers did under Danlon ami I'oliespierre. "Vivr I,it Krancc" "Vlvi' La l''ram-e" Is Ilio ery, sa>s the mnrniilL: 1/1 Imnanile. That is the unr ery of the I'ari- slaii.s armed to the teeth to ro- jiulMP HIP I litler horde. I came into I'ari.s liehlnil the first French troops in annorcd earn last night amidst rifle shots. I was informed that another French column had reached (the name of tile town, evidently in the J'.-irls outskirts, was nudist in^ ahie hecanse of at mosphcric interference) at Hi o'clock last night. \Vp I'nlliiwpd our planps into the outskirts this morning amid rolls of artillery bursts from our hat- terics ,-yicl there seemod to lie no opposition In front of ns. Tanks Arrive When the liooplc heard the Americans had arrived they crowded tile streets. T,lglit.s flashed on in all the nearby buildings. We tried to tell the peo|do to put out the lights but It was no use. The lights of Paris had been out too long. As I write these words I can still hear Ihe righting nearby. As I came into town, thousamls of people lined the streets; old veterans of the last war: the .veiling boys of (lie 1-T'l--everybody dancing up and down. They cried and sang the Alar- sellaise and cried and sang some more. Thev you' 1 ' Thev and all shunted "thank you! than bung flags from houses the windows thev could McfJMM'y i f'nrreflp'Mideiit rind- l-'.rit isli. A ni'-i i» ;i n and their nu n Ki ouch I'lat:. Thi'.v c!imbed all in. cr imr jeeps; they disiiH nl Ml c-d I'ri IIM t iK'ir hikes ami they kissod us. Lord. hn\v they kissed us! I didn't think it was possible tu In- kissed hv sn many people so many I hues in such a little while. A lid so til' 1 excitement &ocs un in t In- -si reels nf Paris 'I'll*- fon'KiiinK d is pat rl» was recorded 1»y Ihe Nat innat Hma dca st- iii S < 'ompniiy from nidio Paris. Tin' broadcast opened with the following wnrds: "This is .lanu-s MeC'liney calliim Die I'nited Press in Xew York a nd London," Twire (luring the Mr- Olinry identifier! himself. A pai't of the broadcast was unclear because of almosphorlo conditions but Met Jllncy indicated ho might have written l ho dispatch in the Paris police staLiun. MHMJMVS MAKAI UKHS srOltK VM TOKY. TOO \K\V YollK. Aug. L'.".. OJ.P>- It was a \ iciory I'm 1 "Mr(.; lim-y 's .Mai ;i udcrs" when I'nited Press ('in-respondent .James ('. Mrdlincy lima (least ''"' 'ii' s ' dispatch tn an Ameri(\m news agency from radio Paris today while* fighting between Allied t roops and (Jen nans still cnnt i in led in the streets of the capital. For almost a week McCIlincy has been scouting the ruotes into 1'aris accoinpaniorl b,v a mot Joy group which dnbhed itself "M<-CJlincy 's Marauders." Ol ten operating well inside ('.erman positions to The astonishment of roving A me i lean aimorcd reconnaissance units, this jeep-|o;nl included ;i corrcsp<>ndent for ihe army newspapers Stars and Stripes and live I'Yenchtnen of the Ma.piis. The I'Vencli underground rig liters, armed to 1 be teolh with si en guns, volunteered to miide Me< Ilim-y in hi Paris find marie gnnd t heir word. < hie of the Ma<iuis. Mrtilinry reported in a dispatch received jn Xew York yesterday, formerly was a famous Krench racing car drvier. 1,(»S A.\(;r;LKS. Aim. J".. (^P)-Tlie early market showed plus .signs slightly in the lead today in a fairly act i ve turnover of soli) si i a res with 'j issues up, 7 down, and 7 unchanged ; on the Los Angeles Stock Kxohange. P.lne Diamond Corporation climbed i a nickel to '2. !>."., lOxeter Oil a nickel to :',."• cents. ('reneral Paint ' j to 1 l and Standard < til of California . 'i to .'W-V Her key & ('.a y was down '••• to i! i and I Ivan Aeronautical ' K I" «J 'u- ; ............ . . . \\Yll.s-FurRo , ..... .TIT \WslPrn O'Mm i-l mm i Si oros .. l ;i \V-slrMii J)f>partni<Mit Store* plH. 1M > YiwPinM" -Pori l;inrl iVnipnt pfil. fi Hil niliri I I'rl r n!, lull l!i'ili"\ k tiny l:lll<< IMiininml I'IN |KII :il I'. Hi I :i I Invi'MI inrnl Kvi'-r <nl .\ i;.-n,-rul I ii ..In p.'iiiiloinn . K\|||| Arnuui III n;i 1 Si :i iul:l ' i] liil nl' I ":i h!'i.i i Tl.ili.iiililiTn M Los Angeles Hay I.US AMiKI.KS. AUR :.',. (/Pi— Alfallii iitHl KIHIII hn>' piiies \\PIU unclianf;'.'!! tu- ilnv ("nrlol mriviils; 1J \vlinitt, 7 b» i- lo\ I rorri 1 niiUi. r> fUnir. 7 reri-al. 7S buy. CAMPAIGNING? -- Harry K. Glass. Jr., former Michigan stale legislator from Grand Rapids, an old hand at making friends and constituents, greet Xablu, Xew Guinea tribal leader, with traditional forehead bumping upon Ills arrival in the chieftain's bailiwick. Poorly Sealed War Ballots Are Problem SAl'UA.MKXTO, Ailfi. 2ii. (.£>> — dimity dorks ineotiiiK lierr today decided to notify the Federal War Ballot Ciunnilssliiii thai' will nut ac- I'ei't federal war ballot* wlileli have hecn .slit open unless they have ;i special weal signed by the .soldier vot inc. The muni on the envelopes containing Hie ballot seals ihe flap before Ihe soldier receives it, due to i hot weather in the smith Pacific 'and other combat areas, and the , serviceman has to slit it In Met his ballot. Secretary of State Frank Al. : Jordan told the clerks. ; The clerks decided they will send J a special sticker or seal alonp with i Ihe ballot and that unless the en- i velopes are resealed with this they 'will be consideied "mutilated" ballots, and tin-own out. "WE'VE LOST \VAR"—Breaking 1 '.i months' sullen silence. Field .Marshal Friedrich von Paulus, Germany's "hero of Stalingrad" and highest ranking military prisoner of the Russians, has admitted that Germany has lost the war. .Marshal von Paulus. who joined 1!) other Xa/.l officers in appeal to German army to quit, is pictured at Red army headquarters, Stalingrad. Cotton Futures NK\V YORK. AMP. 1!.V (^Pj— I'ntlftn I'm nres adVHncrMl «ho u $ 1 M bu lo today mi aKttrcpslvp mill tuid mm tiling ion house buying. IT fie*' I MIK pxprrtnt ions* that Horn** of i he Runkhpad proposals lor i aiH : ng IMI t Inn prir-rs to full parity would probably tip adopted. Buying mpt only s< a In tip h"<lKP HP! I ing and liqui- da l ion. l-'uiuicH rlosrd S.'i roll IF tci $1 « halo hiirlH-r. Oilfiller -1 «•">. Pei-cinbor 1M.44, 1 Man h '_»1 JI!, .May '_'0,HX, July •;(>.« 8. i Midi] 1 1 UK i;pui u ^. ;!I noiniua I, up 1 :). '• Los Angeles Produce I I.OS A.\(JKIJ-;S. Aun. J-V I.4 3 )— TradiiiK i in f I'M us .md veapltibh'H was fa h ly fznod ! i{Kl,-ty l>'-t tur-c sliKhi ty «t ronpor with , i ''ilniK i-luuiHt'. nun and fiiiilifltnvpr was NI n»n KIT : boa its firm uu bp«t Krnuickys : I < anlitlniippH nbnut stnariy n nd hannydPWH ! nliKhtly stroiiBor' on ion n wew Bhtfbtly j wpukor; puu I-R abuut nt<>ad> . I 1 .ol I urn: [>ry pm-k Santa Bar ha i a ] | county and San I, ills ObiHpn counly rralpfl, [ 4*.~i diizeii, $4.1(1; lofal Ji doxmi, ordinary to fair $1 .riOf J. (Virn : CJoldpn t'rn«^ kn-al. IU«K, .T-.T '; ! dojsi'n. tM' 1. -.">; Loili. t.'ralca. 6 dozen I 7 5("?i J1.75 j Cauliflou-pr : Lettuce r rat PS. nntrimmpd S no w ha 1 1 . Santa Ha rba ra c-oiyi t y a nd SH n Luis Ohfapo county, $ 1. ?."» ft( 2 ; pony crates Santa Barbara county holdovern $1 .H.'t. Beans: Kentucky \VondprB local. San DipRo county and northern 1 0 <&> 1 '2c |b. ; y,dln\\* wax S*r' 1 Mr th ; hliirkpycfl ii <* 8c Ib. ; IUIIHH, local and San Dip^o countj-, li'o 7c Hi. L'autaloupt'H! San ,f on (in in vallpy, era top jumbo ^fis and larKri $;) fr 3. !»0 ; hmipydcu-R, San .loaquin vallpy jumbo BB-HH and standard flu-Ills $^.J5@2.30. I 'ca rs: Bart lottw. Sai'i-iiniunto valley, R'h *'-<• Ib. ; Litdprork T^Sc Ib. ; Placer- county R '... f(i !» ' L ,c Ib. Orantfpf*: PPI- box. local Valencia*. fancy wrapppd and packed, medium to la rue. $ 1 . 7T» f n 5. smaN J4 ,"iO li 5 ; lonsp, choicp mprlium to Inr^p $.1 'S I! "iO ; pmall ?•_'.. M) 'n :'. i.v LpmoiiN. Per box. Juca 1. loopp. best S ^ !).". ''i ,"i. soinn o id i nary J4 , fain y wrapped a nd packiul f 'I. ".V. Los Angeles Livestock LOS A.\T,II;LI-:S. AUR. :•». (UP)— LiveKtnck: * 'M tile unlable ^."»U. slow, pract ically IM» stoerH nfi'pcpd, fov RjilcH she sto<-k. about aload> at week's dpclinp: common to inedluni heifers $!*. 50 fy \ 1 ; common to medium oowa $81a 10. 7u. some held higher. canners and cutters $,">.. ^tll; 7.f>0 Calves salable 1 r»0. fairly steady; medium to good range ealvps $10.50<3'1J.75, cull and common J7 ©• TO. KOKH salable 350. early clciiranre at st«-.jidy pricrs ; mpdium to choice 180-^40 Ibs. Inrsely $1o."."i. fc\v higher weie-hts $lo: nu'<l)uni cutouts $ H (Tr 1 5 ; medium to irood -sows $1.". 50 <ff 14 .10. Sheep wa la bio none; noort to choice wuolpd lambH quoted ? H (5 H. 50. Los Angeles Cash Grain T.OS AXCKLKS. A up. U.V (^I—drain quo- tiiiinns from t»- Federal-Stale Alarket XPXVS Semen (I'ricpH quoted are c\vl,, field run. in <•» rliiis (iiiyl) : fiilifornia hurley, uradintr 16 Ibn. bulk. .<? i:7 l jfi/ L 1 ::2 l; j. ralifornia vellow milo. No. :' bulk. S2.rj,~i4i'2.riO. California wheat, bulk \n 1 hard or soft while. $2.KO<& U.tiG, No. 2 oats, u.") HIM., bulk $2.Ht)ffi S.Ci't. Government Bonds \KW YORK. AUK. L'ii. (^P>— Tbp clnsinc prict-M of bonds on the New York Stuck Kxchange: TreaNiiry ?'-'». «9-fi4 .Tune 100 !i. '2^». 72-67 1 odd 100. 19. NKW- VUHK. Aug. 25. {A Aliiwka JUMPHU A llcKliHiiy < 'm poral ion A 11 if (I ('horn H a I ar.d Dyp " .. Alh'Hl Stores . . AHi5 ('hflmnrs Mf« Anu-rkun (*nn AniPricHii Car and Foundry A me i Iran and Ko reign IViwc Amci'it an I^otomolivp .. A in*?f i c a n I *n WP r and I* i c h I .. American Had. nml Steel H.. Ajiieriran RuIlliiR Mdl AintM'ican Smrdlpr aiul f{"f. Amorfcfln Htrpl Knuncirlnf* Anif 1*1 can 'I>lei»honp A- TP!» I I AinprifHti TobHi/cn Ii AnicriiHii \Vatrr U'orki* Ainoric^n £in<-, Lcml an it Si' Anacnnda Armour & <?ornt"inv. Atchison. TopekH & Sitnta I Atlantiir Rpflriery A vial ion iNirpni'H I tun . ... Ha Id win hofuniotlvf' ffHhtmorr A Ohio BtirnndHll Oil n*»ndix Aviation . Bclhletu-in Str-'-l HociiiK Alrplaiip Ho cd on i 'o in puny Roi K-\Varnpr Iii'iKB« Maniit'aciurhm .. . Hudd .Ma nil fat lurinn Rudrl When! 'iiluniPi & Ho-Hn 'aniultan I'ai if M- 'us*' Com pa ny Vlanosi' < "orpora t ion 'h"Kapp;ikp & Ohio 'hrynlnr (.'01 porat utn 'ulna U'-l'si Imoli Vf*-I*( »'i "olu moia *ia#» R- Kl^ri ric 'otnniPi'riii I Invesi nient Ti i^ 'mniiiprcia I Sol\TTHs *ni union \vra1lh & Smii he en 'nnia iii' 1 ) ('in porai inn '(Mil hli'MI:i 1 nil I Jot. 'orn 1'iofliirlH 'iirt is-Wris'l'it .)oviKlHfl A ii'f.'i'a It ... . )iiPont DpNi'mtnir •Ik'ftrif Aiiio Littht. Olcctrli- 1'i.wpr and l.lMlu. Oi-in Fiaili-oad . ieneral Kln-i rit- Jen PI nl Foods !t*npr«I Motors ioodi'irh ioodyear Tiro and Itubhct . I rent Not rhprn pfd. ;i-('yhfniiul . IniiHton (hi •fudpon Motors . ... Illnnffi Central nnplratlun Copper nlerlakr Iron ntpi-nat ional Ha r\ ontpr ntprnai Ional Hydro-101 or. A . ntprnatiuiiftl Nirknl Tun bit prnal ionn I Pn pt*r pfd. r U. S. ARMY MAN Anawer to Prtvlou* Puitlr POULTRY Week-Eld Specials RED FRYERS > 38' BROILERS -38' FAT HEMS ' 33' ABOVE PRICES LIVE WEIGHT Drawn Weight Slightly Higher BAKERSFIELD CHICKEN SHOP Twenty.fourth and M Streets Phone 7-7924 SORRY — NO DELIVERIES HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured leader of troops that captured Bizerte, Maj.-Gen. 11 Per 13 About 14 Italian money 15 One (Scot.) 16 Long Island (ab.) 17 Northeast (ab.) 18 Rate of pay 19 Age 20 Louisiana (ab.) 21 Species ol poplar 22 Liquid 24 Bone 25 Sodium (symbol) 26 Three (comb, form) 29 Jumbled type 30 Italian river 32 Parts in plays 34 Permit 36 Yard (ab.) 37 Manuscript (ab.) 38 Late American humorist 39 Palm lily 40 Paid (ab.) 41 He led the U. S. Army's Division 44 Rent 47 Missouri (ab.) 49 Insect 50 First man 52 Old English (ab.) 53 Iridium (symbol) 54 Master of ceremonies (ab.) 55 Always 56 He led troops in 58 Exclamation. 59 Tear 60 Villain VERTICAL 1 Public walk 2 Operatic solo 3 Negative 4 Deep sea fishes 5 Individuals 6 North Dakota (ab.) 7 Enthusiastic ardor 8 Delve 9 Sketched 10 Biblical pronoun 11 Nude 40 Equals 12 12 m<mJfehs 41 Cognomen 18 Us 42 Measure of 19 Greek letter length 23 West Indian 43 Possess shrub 44 Shortening 24 Lubricant 45 Print measun 26 Attempt 46 Couch 27 Pole 47 Mineral 28 Donkey substance 29 Standard ol 48 Verbal value 51 Lair 30 Seed container 55 Symbol for 31 Be indebted erbium 33 Send forth 56 Measure of 35 Boy area 39 Powerful ex- 57 Index correc- plosive (ab.) tion (ab.) i aph »•*, ti'ii 6B 30 ', !.-.*<, <J 3 . lit'. in- 1 to InlPl-nntionul Tot anil Tol IS' US' KfMinprott < 'opprr ..„ Inr. IB "• 1 41 •> III '.. IK if,-, n Mark TruckP MHI-IIIP Midland Marshall Field M id-' 'muinenl T'etrolruin Minneapolia-M^olinc Mfintgoni.'i-v \Vard Murray C trporntion Na.Hh-Kcf\ in.iior ... National Hiwnit N tit ional CHHJI Keyisu-r .'satinnal Dairy l'rod\]ct« National Difltlllery Nat ional Power and Li«ht, Naiinnal Supply Newport InduMi it's NYu- York Out nil North AiiH-riian A\iati<ni . North Ainpi iciin Company. .. Norihprn 1'arifM- . . Ohio Oil I 'aokard .Motor Paramount I'li'tures Park I'tah Cuns. Mlnint; IVniiHyh uniu Kail road I'hplps I)nitf>t> :. Public Sorvh:e of Xt'u Jorscy I'ullniioi Pure Oil Radio ' .'orporat ion of Ann-rut Radio-Ki.-H h-urphtMJm .. Kt>ininij(on-K;<nd RrymddH TolmcMi '.'.. S. hrnle> DiHtillery Sours, Itnebnrk Shell I'nion Oil . . Sitnnions (.'umpaiO' Snnocn.v-Vni.-nnm Southern I'aeifk- S o 111 h'.- i n K a 11 w a y Sparks Withmirton Spprry Coi'pot atlon Standard Hrandtt . ... .. Sianilatd Oil of riitiforriMi . . Standard < >i| nl' Indiana . . Standard Oil of Now- .Jrrwcy . Stewart -\\'.U'n**r .... Stolie A: \Vcliboi-.. Sttulehak'M Coi'poi a lion Texas < 'orporation Tide \Vaicr A«i-oi ialod ' HI Timken Uptroit Ax It* . . Timkeit Roller IJeariim Ti niiHHniPi ii'M T we nt i et h i 'rninr> -Ko\ t "n inn ('a rlmte .. Cnron <)il of California 1 "uion Pat ilic I 'n iied A i r L.ini I 'n ited \ *n jled a ft i'at i las Imp. t ion I 'nited States Ruhhci I 'nued St ates Steel \Val\vurth \\'a rner Mro(h*'r.H Pirtur<'H We.slern I'nion TeleBiaph A Western Cnion Telegraph II West liiRhouse Wlni,. .Motor . Woolworth Younw^lown Sheet Hint Tube Stocks Ease Up in Slowest for 3 Months nO\V-JO\KS AVERAOK Closing; |)6\v-Jonps avcraKes: Tnn iistrialK 14T.(iL'. off n.O!); rails 4«.li5. off H.OS; utilitlPR 25.2(1, lip o.oi: 65 clocks na.«::, off 0.03. S«]PH wore 599.24!) shares com- Piircri with 773,SI•> shares yesterday. Curh turnovor totaled. 254,. 4S» shureH against 311,510 yesterday. , XK\V YORK, An*. 23. (UP)— Stocks eused today In .one of the slowest sessloria In the past three months. Traders were cjuitlous about mnk- Ing coirimltnients In view of the two-^ i day week end ahead. Tomorrow the j Xew York Stock Exchange will be ! closed for the second of its three | summer Saturday recesses. j Chrysler and General Motors gave up early gains and held unchanged. Republic Steel and United States Steel eased, but Youngstown Sheet and Tube added a fraction. Bethlehem failed to appear on the tape. Rails ruled steady to easy. I'tlHties Rave ground guiulHinKly. except for a few selected preferred Issues, in- eludinn General Gas and lileclric convertible preferred which gained i two points. j American Telephone cnualod ils I high at hi4 and then lost 'i. Rlidd t | Manufacturing preferred ran up ' nearly two points, and Tinted Dyewood preferred added 1'j. Poultry and Eggs ,\.\'(.;Ei,t;s. Aim. :s. itlP)—KKBC: U'lmlcfHli' priccM i nnsnnicr m.-nln I.HIKO. Krnili- A Ifii IT.. Ki-iKlp <i \i:, 'ft 3:!i •; iniMlnim BiHil.- A :i7«:lSc; niniill. sr:i(|p A liili Mir. lli'i.iiil pi in-s ici iniisiimi-r: LMI-KP. Brnilf AA .".mil OLV. srmli" A ~<:ifl Mi-. urnilB R <0 W4;:.; mi'iluim. snnli' AA <!><& ,'>:;<•, trado A I7 r nl'.l(. xiiiiill. Kiiiilp A :.i^29i'. CHIlillcil Ifl.'lllni! r-KK* In rctalliM'M IcilF^I: l.nrisi- Bi-ailu AA ."i 1 'a .',n '...c. Krnrlc A 47'. iM!i'...i-. iri-aiii. |i :!:,fi 3(ii ; inotliilni. grade A '•'•H'a-\-c; siniill. Ki-julc A ?2tf/'2'!c. I'nultiN- in-it I'N writ' un'')iai))2cil except l«n- <'in U.s, ;il! \\ctKhls IS^/JL 1 *- SAVE WASTE FATS THE ALLIED MIGHT IS ON ITS WAY Victory Is Sura • Peac* Will Be Secure Our Meat Department Will Pay 2 Points a Pound Plus Cash for Your Waste Fats Lifebuoy Soap 3 for 20c Lux Toilet Soap ,3 for 20c Rinso large 23c Swan .small 6c Swan large lOc GREEN FROG MARKETS California and Chester Bernard and Alta Vista ... and Don't Forget to SAVE KITCHEN FATS Your nation needs them to make medicine and explosives. . .. \Ve will give you 2 red points per pound. Rinso—Large 25c Swan—Large lie Lux Flakes—Large 24c ??/ular 2 for 23c i rr -i , c. o « oo Lifebuoy 3 for 23c Lux Toilet Soap 3 for 23c Spray—3 Ibs 72c BLANCHIETTI'S MARKET 1701 Brundag* Lane Phom 9-9M6 PONY YOU WORRY-00*t YOU FRET Our Meat Department will give you 2 Meat Points a pound, plus cash for your waste fats. Lux — Small ........ lOc Rinso— Large ...... 25c * for Kinso — Small ...... lOc Swan — Large ...lie Stop and Shop Market 702 Bernard Street Phone 7-7400 Your Market Man Recommends SAVE WASTE FATS Bring in your waste kitchen fats and help speed Vic- * lory . . . Our meat department will give you 2 red points per pound. RINSO—Large 25c SPRY—3-lb. 73c SWAN—Large 10c; Regular 3 for 20c SERVICE MARKET 801 Nile* Street Phone 9-9466 BUCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY. A. D. Wandering Willies t By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS KANE/DO VOU SUPPOSE OUR INSTRUMENTS ARE HAVWIRE I CAN'T IT OUT/OUR INSTRUMENTS SHOW WE'RE HEADING POP EARTW MVBUNKERS/ COULD BE.' WMV DIDN'T SURE/ TW SPACE SUSPECTED WE'D TRY WE A GET AV/AY.' THEY/ DON'T GUMMED UP OUR ^e£aWt<NOW MAVIGATING GADGETSIWMERE SO WE'D PLY BUND /J WE'RE VET WE SEE NO FAMILIAR LANDMARK/ NOT EVEN TW MOON / PlRATE . PUNKS ?

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