Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 25, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1907
Page 5
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Mi Wetit Street. lola, one block from square. Diseas^ of domesticated anioials successf UUy treated .charges modefate.godd t>oxstatIs forpat^ents Calls aofivrered.promptly -night or day; zo.years experieuce,' Veterinary Dentistry a^. Specialty. Honor anidwit«' AT Onta^ Veter- faiaixCollcge. prop. HospiUI Phone 1068 Res. phone 139 CITT KEirS. I I "hyric Quartetlc." Quinarets Mighty good for a bad ^old. Try a box and see. At Tndpr 'Noathrm Skinr , al the (irand Theater tomorron ntifht Dr. Oenlbt ('I>.\ri)K C'lilhortsoii iiHH (HHiio njonoy which he Is at a loris to know Jiow to disiKise of. Severul da.vH apo two voting ladles were In Ills stoii' shopplnp and left a iKickefbpoJt lying near the telephone. The JKK -kcfboolt rontalned some money antl a return (Irkct to lliimlioldt. Three wood building lots on Wash- iiigtun avenue, oast front, tii trade for cement "slock, r. K. Smclizer, Ixjck Box l". Inla. • A S.UIT- on a not? to reodver 131.000 i;; to bo flled today or ATotaday by, F. .1. Oylcr of this city at Topcka. SPENCER'S I)K. J. F. JAMESON, The Snccj'ssfal Anc- ^(lenetT, Veterinarian. Si *lc*in.-idt-aiiy-nlifif. \'('lfr in;irv- f.ilN .-iii'iwcrt^ *!;iy or iii;:ht. Ofiicc nilli Uausla*'- Hu>s. rhtMif i;. it 'sidciicc 4 'Xj lOI.A. K.\NS.\S. R. JS. BtLFUlLMM, eeaeral Contract >h Flagstone and Cement Sk ewalka anA Curbing a Specla ty. OMe« lis East Jackt^a 1 T«». Pki>a* SM. Iowa Store Hitr Hiirvain Wyck on All hinds of Kali .tterrliandf>r. ••"rorrrv Iloimrtnicni. \Vc >;tny overythiiij; that can be f;<if in the friiil line, a'.'^nj fresh vr^- t'liilit^s. Will call yonr atteutlon to on)' :l)is window wliirli will pJve yon ^<lm^> Idea as to what wcj have. We nn' making; big iircpa^aiions I DI ThaiikssivinK day fur Turkn>s. Ceose Uucks. Chickens, Fresh Oistors. Veal, Lamb, Mutton. Itccf, I'Ark. Mince .Meat. Coroleno. I^ird, ijresh Ham, lloiied Ham. Smoked Main, Sausage, l»resaed Hani, Itolosna, licad Cheei'e. Si»are iRibs, Sauer Krami and Cranbeijries: We will irl^ e Free tol t he one that liarn tke Iiireest Wll or (Jroeerles a drewif^ piu Ihe day In ft re Thuuks- A. a MUm^i Prop. lia Bosiness might OP Day Sekaiom PeuujanRhlp, Arithmetic, tlocutloa Ikv:kkeeplng. Eiyjlisb. Physical Culture, etc Shorthand. Letuer Writing. Distiasl Watw One taandred ponnd Ul Ic« will make 12 dlsUUed water iiul<abl ftmUy use. Try It idalce&CoUSt<^rafeC« FRANK RIDDLE. of Cry»- ;allous ot for Mgr. ERrECTION WICKilliSfe OIL STOVE Powell, the real esliile nian, has a lew thousand dollars to loan on r.irni! Ill a rcii.soiialih' rate. .\ IMITITION xlRiie.I by over a liuii>lieil iianioK was HK M I in flie dl?- iiict ft>iirt today asklnra! parole for W'i'l llii)wii. a rolorod n(au who is i:ow 111 ihf couniy eltargi'd with iiimioral cijiuliirt. Free dirt,' at Lticcock 's. U. 11. HKNNM:TT is experird in llil • ".•iiliij; from KIch lllll. -AIo, whr:c l.c lia.-^ been on a bitsilie.s.>; visil. TlUC r.\SI-: iff the Stati> vs. .1. C. Ki'iiii whir I was to bo tried in .lustin- I'olli'i-'s c< uri today I LIS - locii oui tinned until Tiicsilny moniins at o" dork. For parka^e au<l liipb urailr Caiiily tile line haiidl<>d by .Muiidi.s surpasses lUein all. .\ n .\UOHTKU was boni to Mr! ami .Mrs. Waiter Darncs. Saturday. .No vonilii 'V d. ••rnder Southern Skii->" at the (.'mnd lofliorronr ntelit. ThN romiian; is cnamnteed lo he Uie licsl II IH I has been in loin. C. K. n.XRD w ;!.s in Uallwin Satur (i:u I'U 1iusin <-ss. * .\. I<. I >.\N 'rELS broiiFht .suit in il sivict court Saturday to fore.cjose :i uiortpaKO on property In l>a-Hiiri»e owned liy .\'vin Uloyil i <t satisfy an :<'l.>i:ed in(l','l/to<hie.<f.'s of J -lrfo lot ^llirr with inti'nst auiouiitiiig to $2'. Tl"' linesi Soap on the'niarkel f<ir llie |iri<-p is now"on display al .\riitidis' Pru:; Sf<irn .\N lOI.A lady was aii;ested whil" I 'luli'V the influence of iinuor, and when \lie :ip |H >arod bi>fnie ihe cadi, tliat aide jurist offerinl to let her down easy. If slie won'd W'll where she pot Ihe boo.-e. lint s'ie said Her, l.ips Were Siviled. anii' s"i> she drew; a live dollar fine with trimmings to | nirteli Yi't they say that a won'iaii; c:\\\'\ Ui'f\t a secret'—iFTniiiorla fla-j •/.(tie. • " I , • i See .1 • W. Coffey when in need of I line furnilure. ' l Over ft^lpikj^ Arbucklco' Ariosa Coffee 18 ra^^ at a time, in a large reiroivf^ cj^^aa^^ which drops the co0ee tltfioiijp^^ atid ^ain rihtil eacli is uniformly readied. > iSto ptber c^^fiee is ia siiffir cient deman:d to afford such stieiitific and perfect preparation. The sales of Arbucldes' Ariosa Coffee exceed the sales of ail other packaged coffees combined, and this scfentilic roastm^, whick no other coffee^can afford, by its very magnitude, reduces our cost to a minimum, o.nd enables us, with our other advantages, to give better value in Arbucldes' Ariosa Coffee than is possible for any one else. ArbucMes* Ariosa Coffee is the cheapest good coffee in the world, and the best of all for you. ARBUCKliE IVROS., Kotr Tork aty. DAINTY CORRESPONDENCE PAPERiJ 'I'lie iirw fall styles in liuie- .iuoiidi u<e papers are beic. W-'' liave liieai in various ;;rades V'li all are siriery ihi- iliiu;;. Il c(..,ts viiy liliii- lo k<c;> in siyli- as far .is >: ii ipiiiMv j, eiiieenied and >oii aii' ,il '.v ,iys time of CO! reel di sit,ii>, if \i>ii selecl here. I*n)»rrs by the h<i\, lOe |» i'lipers in labiel fnrni. UN* loti^ Pii|irr« in (lound |i)irkai;e> »ud KiM)l)>iirs in all .sixes. y\r rordlally in»He yioi l« Inspect (itir slock. Bamir Drugstore WKST SH»K OF THE SQIAKK ARGUMENTS NEXT WK. Bradley Ca^o Will Go to Jury About December Fifth. THK HI^POUT that ihe Cotfa tirove 'school, norlh of the city, had 1 )007; closed Itec .HUse of dlphlherfa luistake. the teacher Informs the Tri!iiii:i.. She vays there; is no diph il.eria 11 Cottace Grove neiphborhood a!'!-oi';i tl'e disease i.c prevalent 'U •idio-iilv: ,r-.r,-iots and that ih" «;rtioo! ha- i;o'. heeii cl'.iM-d.—Cianiiie TiiliuiK'. THREE COLORED MEN ARRESTED '(Each Pai'l Fine of $50—Disturbed the Peace. ^11/1 :w-.\- •111 'It I', miles fr"'ii railroad ti"vTi •••.nuilio" iinr .i:v. '•' acres •r) riilTi'"' • " ri-<ini I 'ouse. ete. Price clear. U'hiiaker & Ilouiiel!. I>. 1!. n. S .MKI.TZKP will i.'luri! home iM lol.i today. \h- and an tola lawyer wl I > ndeavtjr to secure a Car nepic iiK -'dal .led tUleeii Hioiisalul dol lars in cash for .("lias. WJII-ains who made th'- lnToic re .scne of a child in a ci.ste ~:i Seiin -nib 'T 22nd. last — W Is<>n Co'it;;' Cil'/.en. ; 0«w eTff Rnrreirn Pra* Slor*. L I. ."^TflNK ivVii ha; ^n -C '-ntly n-- tuni-'d (:••>:•• :. ;::i'i'iii= trip in Mis'^m- n.J» >,>'•• i]'.r.ii \v.< .-.j-ire-lime shoot- iiiir Ilif li'.- •'.•it an- lir,ave eniuigh lo ri:i! .'f .'ii:d 'h" '.vaM of his ofHee at Ih" (•.>:!) lit idapt .Mr. Stout- to d; atioiii a'l of his fnnc' hiiatinir api>ar atus; .which he etaihl lay his hands on. .'•nd rcnrid<'inl.r expecteil to rfiurn 'wnvt'y n "i 'ii the jtaine of I'le 0/aiI>s. lull -iliie"^ h's ni .iMi le, •"<• 'wn iiimli aixiii! li - lii;>. -Chaiitite Tribitii"'. H Muid. W. Hartlett and Hider. I. TO colored men contrihute (i J.'iii to 111.' cWy tmlay as' a result of bavin:.; t.ui ,i;oi)d a time at the Bartl."tt home • II Calhoun streej nf.cht. Th-- n'en were arre.sled by Officer Wni. icdd on the chiirRe of ilisturbiuj; the \V. lUirtlett was nned $1.". and -Hider and llurd w.-re piven Jl'i and 'o^t--. Ilartletf was piven more be- enU!>e he owned the house where the (I!.-,;iirlianci- took place. If. Hiird was re-aire^ Ied on Ihe chars • of di.=- rharpnR a r.-vidvcr and noon ide;<d- ill- uiiilty lined and costs. W.! I'll !l >e men were first arniiciicd Ti iioiee i-y.^t Ii <'fore .ludpe (V>(li;i-- iiot uiiilty and save a iiid for their appear' .••'i><-. '^ll••^ li'.id lia'dly time (o leave ilf lic.iiliiuarferv wUi-n i\ii>y returned :i:i.| asked ilie jinlce wliat iheir fln3S \w Hid 1... if t|.ey woii 'd idead KOilfv. Tli.y Mid that the niiniiuuin fine lo:- disi 'irfdii?: tl;o p«-ace was one dol- ';,r aad ;lie niaximiini ?.".i>. liie\ pi Ml','-"] Hon cash 1" IhaiikMihinp Flowers u( u .Snap. , .1 W. Primmer at, Ti»4 ,F,j'st Lincoln, ha?; l.'i dozen large fine ;chrysaiuhenn>i'is\aiid alwiut ihe same <iunnti!\ of ih" smaller size. If in water in aj eiHd |dace will be fine for Thiink:-;;;iv!ii^-. If sold .it oni -e. 'first clioiee sues al $I..Vl, seeond U-li'ii<-e 7--.I- jier dozen. Phcuie I'lt. Itts- J.'- Katl^erioe ivaie liFSSons. ;ma?pec^Uf. lartiey wiltj Benn Pitman: and iiidivijinl ptccos ol Sllvcrw.irc \o:: will liiid here io abun­ dant ptJ.hts-d.i, and prices, our ••tcriu; ij -LViiy cna-iidired, will be found in cvcrv] irstauce the J:ind. For tbc.Christ- nias ; lir j.ijcr'our More is a plac- ol dciivjbt, bccaiisi: everything is ol a j;ifi giving u clul and ortiatDcntal iiatiire. vSend lor our Iwauiiful So page catalog, free. ^o. Fit, 8a«ta Pe u4 «vKl.<<|!^v^^.l^<•^ \Va:>hiii(;ton. Nov. —liisaiiily ex roils weie wtliiesses ill Ihe ltralill•.^ trial t <i <lay. The lonfr h.» poiheiiial qiK'Sl '.on Is in evidence. ArKnineiil:~ will hettin next we.'k and indications a -e thru the c.ise. will co to thi> jury i.<! '.Mer ilian Deceiiiher fifth. imrinu the luorniu;: l {e|ire-entaiive .^i-ciit of Kaus .i-. sal on llie rithl ol .Indr ^e St.affoid. .Mrs. Miairey came in (o eoiii-; (•(!>, appcaiili" depnssrd .ind p.r-'i- lliaii ii .-ual. Sin- inok a seal iHliiiid lier lawM'is. .\l limes she cIii .->-d lier f>es. ilic lii-avy iilai-k rini:^ ariKind ilii'iii slKiwinu plalnl.v, and rr- iiuiiiied for si -veial iiiiniiteK as in ii stupor, (ii'casionallv she caiiKht her hiiaih ipii<kl\ as if. on tho verge of faiirliii;:. The aiidieiici' included ninn.\ women, all sliowiii'.; intense Interest. l )ele <(ive. Charles Mullen, the fust wit iiess, was asked lo idi-ntlfy scraiis of Ihe lorn leiier.* found in the waste basket in .Mrs. llrail!ey"s room at the hotel. One of iliese rcfer.< lo other etiiM-i wiii.'.i liy the prisoner. •Wiii .loii kindly keep tliebe," slu- wrote, "i have writtiui yon. I may need tlioni aii >l In case there is need for defense of any rashness publish them." The saiiiiy expert. Wilfred II. Uarty followed. .Vfter (iiiesiionins as lo his experience, a lonK liypothptical qucs- tiiiu w ;is pill lo him. During the reading Mrs. P.radley closed her eyc«-^d (owed her hetid .:;rew perceptably more paie and a.-i the readin.s ot.the liK 'siion referred In her close relations with r >rown and his declaration .if love. rii.. raised a Iiaiidkerchief to her e>es. When ihe noon recess was lakeii Ihe h.\ polheti<'al (jtiestion wa.« -till '•(•ui-^ read. «;oi.n sTii.i, i.Kvvi .MJ (;KK.MAXV. V(tetn|il I" Inrn-ase .Siippiy by I'slnir Small Dank >t>lcs. Ilerlin \"nv. 1'.".. —(;i >hl continues to leave Cerniaiiy in a steady Flrcam. the iteicti>l>ank losiim proliuldy $:'.,ono.- duriiiK the past week. Rut the sioek iTe;) lu 'iH' lhaii replenished ihroii;:!) arrlvtils from honn- -sources. The Keichsliank is iryiiiiK to iuorease •IS -.loid suid'ly by paying out l»ank tioiivs Mf siiiall denoiiiiaiition which recently I>ecanie available for circiila-" lion. T!ie ii!;iii e.--;(Ui here is that iiiosi of 1 the :o'd taken lor the fnited States] diiriii}; ilx- week was drawn from tnr j open market. The tendency shown in Wall street llie past few days has had <-almin}r eReel iipun Ihe minds of Ihe flnaneial coiuiiiuniiy and the lioiw is now etiie.taitieil lliai a gradual rc- ivery will now set ill III llie I'liited Stales. >V|1.I. VSK .MURK AITIIORITT. Ilklahnina Stnle Hoard of lirallb Thinks L MH ITcak. • Inihrie. Okia Nov Lr.,_The stale lK >aril of ln-altli nut Iti'fe today and orpapired. with I)r W T. Tillery of Mnskopri^e. president: Mr. 1. C. .Mahr of Sliawnep. secretary, ami .\. K Davenport of TlshoininL;o. vlee president.' The new board will ask for IcRls- tailon increasinff its ]«>wers so that it f;iti 'revoke licenses of practitioners whii violitte any of the rei;niaiions of the profession and can tirivc fakers out fif business. Thr r/.»lahi>ma law, whlr;h now applies is wi>ak. iiieuihcrH of the board say. and while the board may, lieen .se physicians, it has not final power to revoke the license and keeii out <iuuck practictinners without resiirtinK to tlie courts The board eallett a meeting of till the Siipf 'rintendenls of the coiin- tv liprads lo meet with the stale Inwrd at M'lskouee December If, and 17 to <lis<-iiss these propo-:iliollS. KtZV. K I. .tones, of .Vldine. To^ns i< itere for a visil with his brother, 11. H. Jones. MUs Grace Fitzgerald spent the wdek end in Cbanute. As is customary with our Btudio to make a Xmas offer, we will not make this year au excej^^ tioD, but maVe th-'s the most Jibcral offer we hava ever made considering the recent advance in the Vricc cf photo matcrial.s. Our Offer Tci and incluliug Dec, 10th is Six Cabinet Photos Free! With an Order for Six. This includes all styles in cabinet size and 'all gradep, such as Plalino, Platinum and daiban. Open Evenings We make pictures rain or shine, da}' or night. During this offer we will keep our studio open ev- ening.s till ',• o'clock, for the j)urpo£c of making ^ittiDgs /or those that it is net convenicul to get in in dayliglK. We have spent considerable time and expense this .season having the Aristo Arc Lamp demonstrated to us in the large cities and arc now ablti lo ni .'tkc t-itiings at night and guarantee the picturcB to l>c cf|U :il to those made by daylight. Remember your Xmas box will not be lomplete without a gocd photo of yourself, and in order to get.a gcod photo of yourself you should always go to P. O. Block |foM|»lroil«:r «r ikt Carmiry L'rgea Banks to Brsane VayiieBis. ChtcaRO. N OT. 2.5.—W. B. RIdgcly, comptroller of the currency, today •cut lo J. B. Forgan, chairman of th« Chicago clearing house committee, 8 telegram Indorsing a letter sent by the latter to bank presidents In the Middle West and West in which cooperation In the resumption of currency payments was requested. The telegram which was sent from Spfing field. III.. Is as follows: "1 have seen your letter to the presl dents ot banks. I most heartily Indorse If. You may quote me as say- inK thai I urge all banks to co-oper- ute with this inovement to bring abotrt the speedy resumpMon of currency paynients and transfer of funds In the usual channels. "Itjuiks are asking their dejiosifors to trust and stand by them.. It Is Ihcir duty lo conijilete Ihe chain by supportiuK their reserve agents. -The bankliiK position Is esscntiaily sound ami ali that Is needed Is confidence and ei.-operation. If a general ttgrec- aieiii is made business can nt onco tic resiored (o its normal condition and not only uoiild Utnks be relieved, but all liuei; of business should quickly recover from the disturbance of the last few weeks. The comptroller's olhee will c-ooperale aind assist lu this in evcuy i)ro|icr wa.v. IIK.MCS THK .STORT ... <ol. Hunt Sayst He nn.i Filed no I'hanres Atralnst Kovrrnor of Soldiers' Ilome. ; i.e;i veil worth, Kas... Nov. 2.'>.—Col. K. II. Hunt, qnartemaister of the National Soldiers' Home here, denies the pithlishcd reports that he has flled cliar.t;es a^rainst Sydney B. Cooke, governor of the home. Col. iiunt admits tha" he and f.'overnor Cooke hare bad serious differences repirding the man a^vment of affairs at the home but he .says: "The statement (hat 1 filed charges apainst him is iinqualilledly false. I have no intention of filinj; charges as:aiiisi (Jovernor Cooke. Wliether he hrio filed eharxe.s asainsi nie f am not ptepnred to either affirmor deny.'^ Col. Hunt also detiie-t the truth of the story printed in a Kansas City paper (hat he had been in Washington to push charges against Oovernor CiK;ke. It is :iow believed here tliat the differences between the two of- ficial.s will be patchefl up wllhont an investigation of the ofllcial course of cither. .) .M. .MORIUS was at Mount Ida Saturday for a visit with i). H. Mc- Kai;,'lit. paisor ot the \l. K. church. PA in ¥i:W.0<IO F(>K BEET.S r. Sugar and Land Comnnny Paid Furiiiem of (•ardrn City. Harden rily. Kas., Nov. 2r..— Tlie I'nited Slates Sugar and T.and com- 'lany. which operates the sugar refin- ef here. last week paid out appro.v- Imalely $1,10.000 to the farmers of this vicinity for sugar beets delivered diir iiig .November. The payments were made by checks but arrangements had been made so that local banks cashed the checks as usual on presentation. The payment was delayed several dnys by the failure of sevpj-al large consicjiments of sugar .shipped to Kansas City to get through promptly. The large payment m.nde by the sugar company has made business livelier here than for several months preced- Iti.g and local merchants are feeling no etfccis from the financial flurry. .Mrs. F. l.ora \r. Thornton Smith was married in Sioux City, and you will be surprised to learn that sh3 (iid not ^ruard against a rear end col lision by carrying green lights. TO I.WESTlUATE «KAFT. ToiM'kantizensHaTe retith >Bed Grand Jnrj lo Intestiiate Sewer t'on- stmction. Topeka. .Now 2."i.—Petitions calling for a Kraiid .iiiry to tiivcstigale thd chHr;;es of srafl in .sewer c<instruc- 'iou Iiete will he presented (o .Judge \ W. Dana in the district court here ioda.\ or tomorrow. Over GOil signatures are attached to the petitions while under rhe law only tOO would b<> required to. compel .fudge fiana to siinimon a grand jury^The grand jury will lie in session during the .fannary term of (he district court. County .•\ttorne.v .lohn Schenck and City At- lorney Frank Drenning will present the cases lo the grand jury- and both exnie-s confidence that a number of iiidieliiients will follow. WILSON CASE CONTINUED. Colored Mpn Charged With Perjury to be Tried December 2. Tile case of (he Stale v.-!. BH Wil s(Ui colored, who is charged with per- Jnr.v. lia .s Iwen continued until December i". Wilson has eniploy.^d .1. T.. Karne .s of this city to defend Mm in the. ease. Kli is charsed with per- iiiry in that ho swcire that . Itosa Fields, colored, whom he married, was nineteen .vears old, wh.'>n her ••atlnr says that she Is not yet fifteen jeans of age. Suits and Overcoats * 11 the new and correct styles ol the season $7.50 to $28.50 Che BattlaylSSmliB. •n-HE STORE THAT SATISFIES." •Thars4ir> ^•i'- 26. THE GBIAT SUCCESS, 'OifcrSirtlMi. Skies' I Friccs. . ... .. .25-3S-50-75C-I1. Piano SUQHTLY USED OTHER QOpD BARGAINS Roberts Piano House OPPORTUNITY Wait for no otie—This is the time ind the opportunity for the gift giver to get the fullest value (or the money to be spent. Be sure to buy your gifts a little ahead of time this 'Caaon. and to; make your choice from this nne.xampleddisp'ay. The very finest and highest grade of Jewelry, Silverware and Cut Glass Q A. LEFFLER, J£1>'£LER. riTjiaEMLo Siormge mmlTrmnrnfer Company Office and Storaige Ware Room at Its West Street Phone 336 »TCYER'» OROCERY i HMilqaartMv far Good Things to Eat TeteUiODe 139 ii - Santa Fe WJ WifltefiS Comifli! ;Ion know ^nhat that means to you. Don't:you want to escape .'the snow, tlie rold. (he slush- all the dIsoBii'ort.Hl .tVbjr not i>lan now where la .pa.vs that ^nuoa so tryini; to ;many persons! 'Write for Information abont our Winter Tours 'To ralffnriiia, Arlzotia, JTew MexicoL Mexico, Texas. 'FaTorsble Rate. Long Limit ani •\ StopoTers, W. B. BAlisTOJf, Aeent. J1IS.KSIISU. At any ratel mistaking ttae^ certlflcatea tor a nl^ev there is no danger of new |5 clearing bouse

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