Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 23, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1908
Page 5
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JOIJLAAIIiZ. V Whoro DM I S/tendlt? Have you ever gone *^dowd towu" with $5.00—more or less—in your pocket, and the next morning got up "dead broke" and wondered where you spent it? What healthy, live, vigorous man hasn't? iiBut there comes a lime in the lives of most men when they "get wise." They realize the folly of that sort of thing. They see that the moment Jheir mon^y is gone, their "friends" have no further use for them. We don't expect a young man to hoard every cent, but-] really, he should save a little each wenk, eveu if only a dollar. How about it with YOU? Don't you think it about time for YOU to begin .saving a little? Bring in your first dollar, or five dorar.^ Make the start. Be independent. Be a MAN. Siato Savings Bank Gmplimi$2B .aOO Mm, Kmnmmm Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights oooooooooooooooooi o . . . o OOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOP AUDITORIUM—Roller sksUos. ELBCTRIC THEATER—MoTlDK pictures. .« MAJESTIC THEATER- M OT U IK pictures. ORANDr -Irene Dnckett Stock Co. —Look at the Our Way window. Bntnghl^H ClrU Salts.' Cfvll 6uits were filed in Justice Clark's court this afternoon against fourteen Lawrence grocery store keep ers. The actions are brought by Jotu Kleinhans: deputy inspector under the state pure food law. and the charge is that the merchants made short weights In selling, doing business by measuring the goods rather than weighing them as required by law The Inspector bought a peck of potatoes at each place, and the measures ran Fhort from a half pound to four pounds. The suits are to recover the difference In cost between the amount purchac-ed and the amount secured, which is doubled by law, and the $10 penalty In each case.—Lawrence Ga zette. —Paper Hanging. Phone 1428. Kred Rowdra READ! A few hnndred M lecUoai No. 1 weatem land at 111)00 and np. GOLDE^^ WEST LAND CO. OBce Orer loira Store. THK lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Maufoctorers, WboI«sal« and UtAea Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Vcw C«M Stanga MtUj far BufaMk FkM8 111 FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Short Stories lola Happenings I —Sep the Our Way window. Call Atwood. Attorney John H. Atwood of Leaven worth, who spoke here for the Democrats during the campaign, received a message Saturday from the Interstate? Commerce Commission at Washington, calling him into conference in connection with the Injunction suit filed by the twenty-eight railroads doing biislneBS In between Kansas. City, Omaha. St. Ix)uis and Chicago, to prevent the enforcement of rates recently fl.xed by the commission, in th" cases i)eifWlng between the roads and the Missouri river shippers. Atwood left fir Washington yesterday. Burnt Wood demonstration every I afternoon at Ewing & Burdlck'a. Use No. 7 FJour Good aa any-better than ooat, . Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET Wa handle only the beit^ot Fretb Maatf, Smoked and Bait Maati. Wa Want Your PRODUCE farmeri, and will psy the hlKb#*t »{iarliet prlre I D cash or trails. Come In and see UR. We are sole agenU fnr J. M. IJom's COFFEES and TEAS If you will give this line a trial you wilt use no other. Fryer Fkane 101, Bros. Inla. Kaniaa. Thorpe & Hoogh Caiitnd«rf, EogiD«ieri. SnrTeyors. Fully equipped for all kinds of irreying, estimating, patent draw- lig. bine prints, maps, lidewalks, curbing, and farm drainasa. OBe# Oier "Pamoaa." EXCHANGE OB SELL. List your property with me. I have a large list to match from. No expense unless a deal Is found for you. I bavp 240 acr** in Neosho county. Kan, to exchange tor good lola property. J. T. MII.Eg. Boon 10. 014 Canrl Hna»«. Stovos Set up and coDnttted, also any other g«<» fitting. Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 29. Readicker's Cash Grocery BB4 l>-o-Date Heat Market. 0.vst*r« and Flih Every Day Try Holland Batk« the Ideal Food. ALL KINDS OF FKllTS Wm. Kca^Kcr 8K. G«1fagbau« Bik. Or <TiBlie at FL Scott. S. W. Sturdlvan who with Henry S. West, organized the Fraterniil Bankers Reserve society here several wppks ago. Is now organizing a similar lodge at R Scott. The Republican says: This association will be organized Friday evening, with about 100 charter members, by Mr. S. W. Sturdlvan and Emmetf QuIry. at Wood man hall. Supreme President R A .Mo.ei, of Cedar R.-jplds. Iowa will be prcrpnt Thl=; will be ODP of the s' fraternal orders In I orf Scott it I K Raid —Dr. P. E. ^Vadgb, Dentlit. Pbnne S9. ronitldering lola. Tlif ;fiit 'hln.<;on . W WH M.V.<. Phil M"/imifr. iiiPHldfnt of ih'' liutrhln- vnii t).r. !• iiKsorlai Ion will leave luTP Suri 'lH .v niKht fur Plilshiirg. Kas v.-hT" hn will jfiiii Tom ll.iyden of ih** S|.rliirli >'l 'l rliib. and Larry MUfon. tii.ip.iivr 'if th" Wphb Oly aggrega- il'.>n 111" 'bvr will (h«>n mnk" a ('.in 'f fh" flflr.; which wish berths In fhr V.>:f<Tn a^soclaffon. * * Spring flold ?• J .I'^i'iln will b" In the new JeapiK n>^n,i<.n'5»iir<'. .Muskogee and Cofff- viile ii" snrc to be added, mak Inc f'-" fim-. The other three will i>e pI'-U'-'l frr >m Pittsburg. Barfles- vlllp. 'Tii]=-A. lola. Frrf Srott and Webb City. In tar* if wM' be simply the rival cf th° oH ^^s?ourl Valley IfiB,'!" vhifh -Aas in effect several years HEO ' * —The O 'U Wav window. Fcr Second Auction. The rpfpfoe in bankruptcy announces th^t the serond auction of the [iroppriv f.f (fie Southwestern Bridge compafiy of .lo |.iin will be held in a fpw rt .ivK Thi:; rompanv placed bids for ilip '-nn-triirtlon of lirMgeB In Allen CMinty a ynr <?r two ago. Burnt Wed demonstration <nery afterno'jn at Kwlng & Burdlrk's. Tan't Hnnt on .Sunday. ^\'he^ you take down your gun on a Sunday to RO out and do some shooting or hunting, be Just a little careful where you go or you might bf» caught Hnd BCTII in the lock up for violation hy the .=;taf law. Ther^ Is a law. pa .'ssed hy a Kansa.*; Joglslature more than ('.venty years ago. making it unlawful (o iiiint or slioot on Sunday. This law in Btill on the books and bur. not ben repealed. It says that ativ person or persvins who shall engage In hunting or shooting on the first "f 'he week, commonly called KitM'ifH-. t -hall be g.uiliy 'if a ml»- denieannr and upon arrest and ron- vlcil'U. ihiil! be fined a Buni not less j;. in mote than Lawrence 'Ja /ette. -raaalBKbam A Araett, fl ptr ent money. A rittklinrff~ExlilblL Borne of the departmentg at the State .Manual Training .Normal are preparing for a pleaaing exhibit which will be placed on display at the meeting of the Southeast Kansas Teachera" asBociaiion at IDia next week. Prof A M Bunroaon will have charge of exhibita in patterns. Iron turning, filing and chipping and forging. Ip this work all stages of a given finished product will be shown in patterna, the rough casting and finally the fln- Uhed article.—PitUbnrg Headlight. Fn« Leaaaaa In Burnt Wood at Ewins ft Burdlck 'a, Pralfies Brennan, In thl.« week"i» Sporting Xews. old Man Oalryniple. once with the Philadelphia National League team, hut last .»-ear with Springfield, Mo., says thai Ad Brennan. the local southpaw. haR a bright future. He also says a good word for Ktinkfe and Affy Wilson. — Our Way window—Look at It. Dr. Krumm Was There. Dr. .T. D. Krumm. who fills the pulpit of the Episcopal church here, was in attendance at (he convocation of the deanery of the Episcopal church of southeastern Kansas at Independence last week. The Independence Reporter says: The visitors were taken around the city in automobiles and were shown the manufacturing plants of the city. They were well pleased with the city of Independence with regard to its cleanliness and its order and finely paved streets.I The afternoon session was in charge of the Rev. J. D. Krumm. who opened a dls ciisslon on the subject of "How to make our neople feel the importance of regularity in church work." Looking at Plant. Three or four days of eacli week here is a bunch of men here to inspect the work at the Monarch Ce- iiient plnnt. Before they leave they arrange to buy some of the stock ot the company.—Humboldt Union. —A|waya time to eat at Onr Way. Rire Gnnn Was Here. Rice Gunn went out to lola.yester- •iay raorning on business for the W. C Ounn Investment company—Ft. Scott ftep.ublican. —New Post Card Albums at Mundis'. Both Plants Bnsy. Work at the two'cement plants be- ng built her", is rushing during the fine weather. New InveBtor.t are com- ng almost dally and arc buying stock. Things look mighty good to them when they come and take a look at the big work being done.—Humboldt Union Potatoes for Sale. Will exchange small seed potatoes, bushel for bushel, for corn. Price for same 65c at home. Large sorted potatoes 70c. Also turnips 20c. A. L. Town send. Horseshoe Bend. Phone 992—42. Is at Eldorado. MIs.i; Lizzie Burton entertained Miss Fannie Cawood. of lola. and ,Miss Martha l^ankford. Thursday evening —Eldorado Republican. Rooms for men. T. M. C. A. building Steam heat In each roonl. Baths tree f'nlliertson Gave Address. PreRldent H. C Culberlson. of the c<illece. went to Oberlln, Ka«.. loday where he will make an address. He will visit Kansaii City and Norton before returning.—Emrioria Oazette. —f)Mr Way Window! LOTS OF BOOKS FOR BOVS h'> titles Horatia Alger's, ornamental cloth covers, good print, oOc; our price 20c 40 titles Henty Series, uniform cloth binding, all Idnds of stories. 50c; our price 20c JO titles Young People's Llbrar>- Juvenile stories. JOc; our price 20c 12 titles Rover Boy books. Including the 1308 one at..60e 43 titles Young People'* Famous American series. 7Sc: our price 50c •10 titles The Castlemon Books, heaiitifiilly bound and illua- trated iMOks for real live boys. T5c; Our price <>0c 6 titles Motor Boy Books, up to date and very interesting; our price 60c 8 titles Capt. Bonehiil sportsman series, 75c: our price 60c I'lO titles in the Good Old books, Indian stories, natural history rlas.'ilcs. Juvenile fiction, as cheap as you can get them anywhere. The iilory life of Lincoln, just out. one of the best and most inreresflng books about Lincoln, price, net $1.75 Harper's Out of Door book, tells bow to make all sorts of things for out door enjoyment, fully illuEtrated. best book of Its kind. 11.75; our price $1.60 The Uncle Remus Books are very popular again. Wle have them. lola'g Book Store a«>lln as cheap »6 you can boy anywhere in this part of Kansas. BOOKSBLLPRS Low fnknm'tu tfttfi' ^ M» d jfji BlUIIB _______ Local TMerlavr: aarcBad^^lileUari: that the nport that the epMemte among hbfsea In thla dmntt.'atarteft: from a dtaeMaed circus boilMt,Of OuLT Rlnglint; circna. la not eorre&'^IWlien.^ the Rinsllng drcna was la PfUabuirg' last Angust" stated Dr, OUDeri. one PiUBburs veterinary, 'one-.of their Borees waa' alek with Udney trouble. But the epidemic of pleuro-pneumonla which Is prevalent among the horaea of this section waa at its worst several months before th6 circns came here. The epidemic among the horaea was the worst In June and July-fhere' are still a few cases In the country district, but the atatement that the epl demic started from the circus 'la cei«- talnly wrong."—Pittsburg HeAdUght. —Catholic Lady Wanted In every Darlsh in United States and Canada for Christmas work; $15.00 per week. Address H. R. FInnegan. 121 Plymouth Place, Chicago. Illinois. —Watch the Our Way window. rislt Brother. Rov FInnell. of Pittsburg, is visiting his brother. F. H. Finnell. Free Lessons In Burnt Wood at Kwfag & Burdick'B. A Good Well. Thursday the Humboldt Brick Man •ifacturlng company drilled in a good las well en the DeWitt (arm, west of he city. It will prove one of the best wells in that field.—Humboldt Union. —Look at the Our Way window. General Fnnston Returns. General Fred Funston and his aide, lieutenant Hornsby E^vans. returned i!tay fiom Washington where the gen ral was called as a member ot a yoard of officers to make selections or the gejeral staff.—Leavenworth ^osi. -Dra. Lathrep. Oateepatfta. Pbeae M M To and From >'erada. RIthard Lowe left today for lola. Kas. and will he the guest of friends n that city. • * • Walter Dowell, of lol.i. i? visiting his parents In (his it.vj • • • n L Mitchell and wife left today for lola. Kas.. la visit friends.—Nevada .Mall. with Would like to hear of alork for sale any enterprise where an Invest- Tient of several thousand dollars would be safe. L. Darbyshire, Box 031, Rochester, N. Y. The Proof Ja In the Eating. Wouldn't you rather pay a few snts more for an oj-ster that taste? le an o.vster with the true, irresistible salt sea-tang? That's the kind Sealshlpt" Oysters are. The price of ".Sealfiblpt" Is a trifle higher: but the actual cost la less, because you get so much, more for vour roone.v. And the delicious flavor "Sealshlpt" Is beyond comparison —superior to the taste of the washed- out, flabby oysters sold from tubs. Get a pint of "Sealshlpt" Oysters. See the difference tor yourself. They are sold from the white porcelain case with the blue "Sealshlpt" trade mark. We sell "Sealshlpt" only and guarantee them. Fryer Brothers. Otto HInze, "Our Way." 50c Dress Goods In plain colors and fancy stripes and plaids, choice, per yard, 29c 25c Suitings All double -widtli goods in this lot, actnal valne up to 26c, on sale I2c .Ladies' $1 Corsets Discontinued . iDO |<dels, in Corsets tbat fbriner- ly sold at $1.00, at 25c Commencing: Grand Cleah-up Sale of Coats and 5uits Those who have waited for the final lowering of prices (ot the present season on ladies' Coats and tailored Suits may now reap the benefit of the radi­ cal price reductions we will make, commencing Taes* day morning. Every garment will be included in this clean sweep in our ready-to-wear section—three hundred elegant garments to choose from. Look for the THEY'LL SAVE YOU ALMOST HALF. SPECIAL COAT SALE! Ladles' $7.50 Coats at S5.98 Ladles' |8.50 Coats at........ .ft6.50 Ladles' $9 50 Coats at $7.00 Coats worth $10.00 at 87.75 Coats worth $12.50 at S9.85 and $16.50 Coatg at... 812.50 Coats worth $20.00 at 814.30 $22.li0 and |3f..0O Coata at... 817.50 {.'oal.-* worth $28.00 at 810.50 SPECIAL SUIT SALE! Ladles $15.00 Suits at ..S10.50 Ladles' $17.50 Suits at 812.50 $1S.50 and $30.00 Suits at... 813.95 Suits worth $25.00 at 8^16.50 $30.00 and'$36.00 Suits 832.50 $4.00 Children's Coats at 83.50 $6.00 Children's Coats at..... 84.95 $7 50 Children's Coats at.-... -85.50 $9.00 Children's Coats at 86.75 FRISHflAN'S —Sign painting, phono 1428. Fred Rowden. For Deer Funeral. Estell Edwards ot Columbia. Mo.. came In yesterday to attend the funeral service* of his fafher-tn-law. J. N. Deer. —Get your Mundis'. Post Card Albums »l —Fitxgerald Storage an4 Transter Co. Honiehold and plana moving; largeit rtore room In ctty. Fhone t&B. A.<seiRMy Board Xei The board of directors of the assembly met last night at the otUcfi ot Judge Smart and considered vartous matters of interest In connection with next year's session. In addition to the attractions already eugagcd a numl>er of other contracts with first- class talent will be closed In a short time. The resignation of G. C. Smith ds director and treasurer of the Assembly was received. The board con jidered that Mr. Smith would, still be a valuable member of the directory even after bis removal to Kansas Cll.v. Kas. and refused to accept his resignation as a director. It. A. Harrl.s w«B elected treasurer in his place.— Ottawa Herald. ' —Watch the Our Way window. Long'* Couain Daad. wail Long baa received word from Wellaville, Kansas. sUtIng that Robert Heath, the six-year old son of his couain,.Mra. Rva Heath, died at that Place about 10 o'clock Saturday evening from an acute attack of membran l-eouB croup. Mr. Long hat been III (or the past -week and will be nuable to attend the funeral servicei. •>lMlit M kaYtw *n. Ilnr. Far an AlbtMU. DallM Ollllaple waa taken to St. John's hoapIUl Saturday evening and vu operated npon yesterday momlns for aa absceaa on the back of ihm iHHdt. cwiMd by a earbnncle, ^ Oslwrne Buys Anto. C. T. Osborne, proprietor of the Cheap Charley furniture store, has purchased Dr. Mitchell's Bulck runabout. Dr. Mitchell has' placed an order for a new car which will be ready for shipment in about two weeks. —Dr. i. K. Pepper. Dentlat Phone ItX OUR AIM tVAS STRAIGHT AT QUALITY In maklbg onr Relections. for CbrlstnuM thla year quality waa the npper- iiwat IhoHgbt in onr mind f'lieap Jewelry I N repsl. •Ire and will ln*e yoa the reapert of yonr bfti frfniifa. f'ome wbrre yo« yon tiiat Ql'ALlTY rflfns iborr all other coaaMeni' tlona. That'a at . TBk Jtwtkr Harold Sctiwarti Mere. Harold Schwartz came over Wichita yesterday for a visit old friends in this city. —See the Our Way window. To Help A. H. KItter. Roy LlTlngston left this niorning for Cherokee, Okia:. where he will assist A. H. Ritter In the erection of a new high school building for that city. A Snap. from I We have a 4 room house on car with j line, coner Jot, that we can aell for $650. $50 cash and balance $15 ^r month at 6 per cent. -This honae rents for $8 per month. ^ .. ' WHITAKER & DONNBLL Sirs. W. H. Ricketts of La Harpe Is a visitor In the city today. -Mundis' Drug Store has just, received a fine line of Post Card Albums Retinied Home- Mrs. C. V. Shulenberger', of Richmond. Kan., who has l)een vtsitiAg at the home of J. F. Varner. of 212 South Fourth street, returned to her home today! e ^ur Way window. Chaa. Benton Here. Attome.v Charles. Beuion of FJ- Scott was In town today on legal business. His frieatiB kept utm busy answering questions about the bank failure there. —Frank 8. BeatUe. V. 8. Phona US. R«T. John Crawford Preached. Rev* John- Crawford of this city preached at Humboldt yesterday. Some parties :who « ere up from Hum b'oldl today spoke highly of hia ad- drcHB. Pmbitmri estimates cbfltrfnuy:'i —flis per cent Boae'y; wo Sinn: no delay.—Smith A Travtn Hnmboldt Atteraeys Here. George H. Amos and V. V. Orton. rhe Humboldt attorneys, were here today on bualnesa in dUtrict court. Xeab BewmaM Here. iVoab; Bowman, a prominent atfor-i o«y of Garoett. was In town today. He} came down to tile a suit In district court., Jidgr Perry Was Here. Judge 'Perry, of Humboldt, waa In town today. Judge waa defeated for Juatlce at the ceneral election. He baa a salt In dlatrl«t eoort .acaiaat t |M elty of HumbiMdt to eollaet aone feaa wbleb 'be ava are dna bim and came here to se* about the case. . •. •i No. 410 when : I 5 Leaves tola 7:19 p. m., «c^< rives St Loals g:25.a. oi: Through aleeplnt.can. Thlirj train connects'with the eeat bound train* at St. LbnljiL For further partlcnlars eah and see as.: . , ,J^ •4 •A - -

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