Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 25, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1907
Page 4
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^•Room^......^..^ US Office .L..;...: 18 • i if ,r'jilIB8CBIPTl6ir BATES. : •r Ito^^ iota, AM City, IMJ** ', Tin* « L» Hakpe. OM Week .1.. .....10 cents DD4 :Mon(h .i, %44 ceoU OMYMT 16.00 I -rj; ii By II.IL pM.TMr, ini adT'aniee 14.00 Time MonthB, tn adrance 11.00 On* aConOi. la advance ;... .44 Is ateMd at lola, Kansas, Postoffice, as ! ^-r : Second-class Matter. Adrarttslng Rates Made Known on , v-- Application. omciAL riPEK cnr OF BAST SET. SixJnch Pipe Line to yt*wl Field hi Completed.';.: ^ The. new to In^ pipe line which the city has-been laylng^from the river to the city was completed Satui^' day night aiid as i^: result the gas pressure of tlie city ii a great deal better. Now there Is ajslx Inch line from the ..wells to this <hty. Heretofore there Was a six Inch line from the wells to the river. ; ^here it was attached to a three inch line. This three inch line has been talcen up and the six inch- laid. Today the gas pressurf In the city varies from twenty-flvVi to forty pounds. This pressure can be changed any time according to the demand for gas. SUPT. FAIRCHILD TO VJ$IT HERE Will XEMBBB OF ASSOCIATED PBESS. I Tto I*ta DUly Beglater is a neaber •I tt» Assoetated Press and Beedvetf tkjB darnpAit If that mat news or- gmBhatloa for Exclashe, Afteracqn PablkatiMiltt tota. ^-1 PROIVIOTION FOR CREED. Assistant Has Been Made CWef of Poiice. - I Chief of Police Wnj. Gates, today / annonnced that he. bad appointed / Jlahn'.4t Creed to the position of As- I tBittant Chief of Police to succeed Ira dtaillh - who tendered bis resignation Baiwday on tire account of ill bsalth. Alfr. Creed is a hustling, vigilant offlc . ,er,iand doubtless will make an able \i«salstant to Chief Qates. i Discuss Plan to Mer^e Sciiools in Public Meeting. County Superintendent llirnudc Funs, ton is expecting a visit from the stat superintendent, Mr. Pairchild in thi near future, during which tfme he wi discuss in a public me^tinpf the vali of the scjiool merger plan. Th' plan Is to merge the couni;.r>- scboQ'i and institute a graded system. It Is said that the plan works very suq cassfuliy In plqces where |t has been tried. Under this plan It IK noco.=i!?ary to convoy the pupils to school in wagons. Mr. Fatrchlld spoke on school mergers at Leavenworth a few days ago. mmm OF HIGH GRADE Stomal Widkite. tola. For Men and Young Men. A redacltion on every Suit, Overcoat, Rain Coat and Top Coat in the Store. Do not fail to attend the timely sale of the season. GLOBE SHOE CLOTHING CO. Pitttborgaai andWdraty 1 HELLER BILLIARD HALL SOLD. FINED FOR DISORDERLY.^CONDUCT Chas. Chaute Was Court Arraigned in Police Today;, Chas. Chaute was arraigned In police court this morning where he pleaded CTilty to disorderly condiK -t and the use of loud and abusive lunsung? on the street and was fined" , J.'i.OO and costs. Ho was arrested a't the corner of WVst and Washingtiin avenue. McduB of Illinois Took Potsessy ion Saturday. He'ler closed a deal Saturday whereby F. E. Medus, an Illinois man. comes into possession of the fine Heller billiard hall on l!:ast Madison avenus. The consideration of tho was $3,500.^ Mr. Medus took session Saturday. He Is an <)1<I pool hall man and has had a great deal of experience In conducting thi.* kind of business. He will remain in the present location. Mr. Hellar expects to devote his entire time In the future to looking after his liv cry business. S. deal PARTITIONS IN OFFICE. County Attorney's Office Being Ar- ranned l«'to Three Rooms. Carpenters are Today placing a partition In jihe offices of the county nf- tomoy. TJhis Istho result of a dec^s: ion of Iho boanli of ii)ninrr ,.-iion <TS at tkoir la.^k. mooting. Mr. retorson n.^s two, consultation rooms and the lecoptiou! room is l.irp;or than is i!ecossaryi hence It is lioing divided. My Wife and Dressing Them If I loved a girl enough to marry her, I'd loye hor enough to please her vanity by clressing her well, Td begin the very day the ceremony was performed, no matter how humble my income might be. We'd begin life right by dressing well and; you know there's everything in that. There's inspiration, comfort, contentment and real : happiness. Even if my means were limited that wouldn't make any difference to me just so I had a position at a lair salary. That would be enough. Vd let the^eo^'s Store do the riBst. ^Phey would clothe my entire family ks my income would permit. If I happened to lose my position, it I got sick or disabled People's Store would suspend payments until fortune smiled again. That's their way and plait and that's what I call a human credit system because it crektes, it helps, it builds and it never hinders or harasses, that's the kind of credit which really plays a human interest part in our daily lives. It is a credit which elevates and offers aid to ambition and makes homes happy where cash houses never would make them in a thousand years. Any man can ^eep a store and sell lor cash. He is no real benefit to nine- tenths of the community, for nine- tenth§ are _ wage earners. But the Firm which is willing to put out its ^__B ^andise and money in making-things easy for the work< .nian and clothe his entire family on $l.O0 or $200 a wee)^} well, that house is. accomplishing something besides and selling. gripes in every instance are exactly what you wou^d Day ii strictly cash stbres and we do not charge you one ^^NW ^tmdre because yclu purcjiaseion credit. You enjoy the ^lvj6DQliL |e t)f tUe goods wljile payjing. Remarkable showiug Ladies; black cloaks from $2.50 up lUdiesjman tailored snits mnd skirts in voiles, Panamas, iweeds; silk- waists, furs, niadetwear and shoes. Me &*s, Youth's and Boy's snits, oveircoats, craveDetts, lists, onderwear and shoes. Hmadmimrimn forSehomtl Mimo for Bmm Ugki RI>XO K Some Helpful Hints for yoar TtMAkigMikg Diaiter Seeded Knisins Honey Cleaned Currants Hlxtracts Oranpc Hoel Nut.s lAinuin Tool I.<^t«oe Citron Cranl )orrie3 FIBS Celery White r.raiios IMne Apple— OranKCs Grated or Siloed Apples Powdered Sugar Sweet Mixed Pickles Chili Sauce Salad Dressing Cat3up Olives-Hulk or Bottle India Relish Parsley Try Our .Sealsblpt Oy.stcrs. JOS. WA H TSl SHOOTING HAS LOCAL INTEREST. Gen. Momt Once Owned Plant Local Newspaper. of a Tho morning pap?r comes in for Iiriof mention in the shtxttlnR of O. 1). Wioodward and H. .1. Orovos by (ion. It. C. Honjo in tho office of the I\iins.!.s r ty i'n.-<t Satnniay. Sponi;- iuK of Gon. llorne. Sumlny's Kansas City Tliiios sa.vs: •in is;i'.> ho ixiuRht tho Slater Index and niovo 1 it to MnrshaU. H.; sold it (inco and bought it af:ain a fun- yoars later. In tlio interim he wjus chief statlstioan of tho bureau of la I.or nuilor tho Dooi<ory aiiministration. When he soM it ti;o soconii time It was niovotl to lola, Kans." PEOPLE PAYING GAS BILLS. Financial Flurry Has Not Affected Business at City Offices. City Clork C. K. W.-'ndorf said to- fn convor.-sation with a Rogistcr roportor that in spito of Iho flnan- cial strluKoncy |)coplo wore i>ayinu their Kas. wnt( r and lifiht bi'ls hotter th .in cn any previous month since Ii.- lias had ch .nr .w.V Ho says that thi:-; niay In a nioasnrc bo attributed tr JSb^ fact th .nt ho hrs been more oxact- injr with tho consunierR than horetot ror.\ Pooi)Io now Ixdieve that their nas will l)o shut off if thoy do not pay up promptly. GAME ON THURSDAY Moran anr* LaHaroe High School Teams Will Play on Thanksgiving. r PRESENT OR TAXES? County Treasurer Has Check From Standard Oil Officials. County Treasurer M. F. Sickly is in receipt of a chock which he does not know whether to regard as a 1)resent or taxes. Saturday the check came In from the Standard Oil offices r.i Kansas City. There was little ifj any explanation. It wouldr natural! lie supposed that It was in 'payms for taxes, and the county treasurer' Inclined to take it that way, as lias no reason to expect a pros from .Tohn D. Tho onntr.irt which will niako It IKissibio for Iho f <K )tball onthusiasts of lola. Gas City ami I.aHarpo to HOC 11 foiitbail Kamo Than!;si?Ivins aftor niMu. was sl.-juod last Saturday by l'rinoi|ial .loni-s of the .Moran high school. Tho- contract cal^s for a Kanio betwoon tho Moran and I-i- Iia^l)o high .'schojd foot bail teams on <ioxt Thursday afternoon, Thanksgiv Ing day. There lias boon some diffcroiice be­ twoon the managers of the IjiHarpe and' .Moran high school foot ball teams for some time. It wa .<5 Ihoussht ior a time that thoy wore of such serious nature that it would mean tho calling off of tho game between the two toanis which had been arranged some time ago. Uut the signing of the contrart oliminatcd what differ oncos thoro may have been and now it is certain that th?re will be a g;imo on that date. This game between the two high school teams • |>romisos to l)o one of tho most exciting in high school cir- cos in tho southeast. Both teams Iiavp idayod a number of games this fall In whloh thoy showed oxcellent form. Thtro is intense rivalry be, twe<>n the teams which will add a great deal to tho InttVest in tho game. BREWSTER LEAVES THE RECORD Weil Known Newsoaper Man to Re tire From an "Active" Life. TELEPHOXE YOVn WA>T ADS. TO THE KEGISTKR OFFICK. As an accomodation, the Register receives ada for Its want columns over the telephone, but expects the advertiser to call at the ofllce and settle as soon as convenient, as the bills aro too small to warrantthe expense of a collector. Telephone your want ad to either phone. No. 18 or 222, and It will receive careful attention. HEIP WAtmo W.-VNTRD—Men to learn barber trade and aocei>t iKJsitions waiting our graduates, splendid chance for liQor man. few weeks comidetes, tools given, write today, Moler I'.arber Col- logo. City, Mo. 100 Men Wanted. To trap minks, skunks, muskrats, raccoon, etc. Highest i )ricc8 and a square deal. 41. S. Harnard. lola, Kansas. .124-:'.2G North IJuckoye. The most reliable dealer. WAHTEO- ^mUmllmmmoua AVAXTiCD—Washing .Vorth Kim. to do. ."OS WANTKI)—I-our South State stroct. boarders $4.00. at 200 WANTKD—House Phone 1112. cleaning to do. W/VNTED—Second h.ind WInohestcr pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second streL LODQE aiReoTokYm KNIGHTS OF MACCiiBIUL-. Knights of Maccabeefl of th» World tneets In K. P. Hall. Mcond asjd ta/UOi Wednesday nights In M<A month. J. W. Postwait, connuuider; B.B.FW'. ter, record keeper. ' W. 0. Tf-,—Camp Na 101 K, of P. Hall every Friday alfbt. T. Steele, C. C; A-ILDavla, Visitors cordially Invited. SSnGHTS OF PTTHUar-Wio**^-^ Ix>dge No. 43 meets every MoodtKii-^H^ night at K. of P. Hall. Vixltiiis l »lO .Cl^:#| thers Invited. W. 3. Thompson, (l '0 ,r • <nirl3 Hitter, K of R. and & '•'"-J^ BOTUL NEIGHBOIUL-Iola Cuqb^'V ^ Ko. 36&. Royal Neighbors, mesta M% t^^?: ond and fonrth Tnudaya .o^. '^^i month. Mrs. F. A. WagBsr^ otadtT/' Mrs. Mary Hutton, 418 Wsst OtrsdU • • Recorder. ^ ^ ; j 4 M. W. A.— The H. W. A. ;meets every Friday night in M.^W. A. bail. VIsiUng brothers invited. W.H. Anderson, V.C: W.A.Cowaa, Ottkr- F. A. A.—Golden Leaf Conndl NOii 46::, F. A. A. meets first and third, AVcdnesday nights in each month la .'2* K. P. Hall. C. B. Lacey, presldsnt; Miss Mable Rhortack, secretary. FOR SALE—REAL ESTAlE FOR SALE—Good runabout Stnde- baker buggy and good set of harness for sale cheap if taken In the next few days. In(iuire at Howard's Livery Bam. FRAT£RN.iX BBOTHSBHOOlKr- Fraternal Brotherhood No. 880 mssK second and fourth Tuesdays of Mieh ^ .month In A..O .n .W. HalL Vlaltlae; J members cordlaly Invited. W.HiAB^ >/ derson, president; Golda mam, soar** - Jnnlor Order United iiiiiieH^i^^"!^^ FOR SAlE^MiBomllaaeous FOR SALE—Cheaii on $10 payments, two one-acre lots on trolley line. Smeltzer & Co. FOR TILVDE—A well improved 80 acre farm, 3 miles from Hallowell. Latiette county, Kansas, to trade for residence property In lola. Address, Lock IJox 17, La Harpe, Kansas. FOR SALE—$1800 stock of groceries and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street The RcTival nt the Christian Chnrd Crowds beard tho sermons yoster' day and with tiio delightful weather.' thoy will doubtless continue through tho week. Thoro \Core' six accessions to tho church, and tho tone of tht' moetiiigs were deeidy siiirltuai. Mr. Kllett preachetl to .Mr. Kilclion's congregation in Chanutc, and there were four additions to that cliurch. K^'ory IKHIV IS urgoil to attend tho meeting tonight. Quito a Httle sensation was produced this morning in newspaper circles when It was announced that F. \V. Brewster had disposed of hts in tercst in thoJtccord to W. C. Tcita. Brewster is as good a newspaper man ns over prace<l an editorial chair In-| tola and his reputation for reliability together with his pleasing personality has boon a groat factor In the bnild- ing nil of tho Rocord. • For many vears ho was connected with The ^naiIy Rogistf^r as ntannging editor. Mr. Tlrowstor has not y?t decided whore he )vill next anchor his bark, liut It Is known that he has s«>verai "ucrntive offers in his calendar. IS CUNSr .Ml>TIO\ IXIIEKITEDr Opinion of a Prominent Barterioloidst UlTen at a Recent Lertarr at liar vard Coilejce. Prof. H. C. Ernst in a recent lecture before Har^-ard Medical school discussed this theory at length. He claims that consumption is not an inherited di.sease. and that the children of parents who have had tuberculosis are as likely to grow up strong and healthy as children of parents who have not. Dr. Ernst further claims that the cardinal means for coring this dread disease are plenty of fresh air, sufTicicnt nutritious food, rest and exercise. For centuries physicians ever>-where have recognized the value of cod liver oil in the treatment of consumption and all wasting diseases; but, unfortunately few could take It ith benefit on account of the Indigestible oil. VInol bas solved this problem. "It is tiie modern cod liver preparation wlthont oil. made by a scientific extractive and concentrating process from fresh cods' livers, combining w^th peptonate of iron, all the medicinal, healing and body-bolldlng elements of cod liver oil, but no oil or grease. • As a specific for all throat and; Inng.tronbles. and. ad a strength ere«tor and body bnllder Vinol Is m- ezeelled. Try It oa onr ofear to r*- toro yonr money It It talis ' satlidtetloa. & R. Bvrdl. DEATH OF DR. W. C. WHITNEY Nephew of A. N. Mitchell Succumbed to Effects of Severe Bums. A. X. Mitchell receive* the sad news this morning that hift n.>phew Dr. W. C. WMtney. of Westervllle, O., who was bnmed very severely In a fire about a week a?o, died from the Injuries last Friday. He was attempting to get the animals out of a l>nming barn when be saffcred the bums which caused him death. Dr. W. C. Whitney. Mr. MlteheH's nephew, was state representative and a very prominent man of his state. SOLD WITHOUT HIS CONSENT. One lola Butcher Gives Explanation of Embalmed Beef. Sale. One of the local butchers asainst whom J. SI Cramblne. of the state board of health has been recommending propecuOon for violation of the pure food law. In that he has been selling emba'med meats, called .on County Attorney Peterson a tew days ago and explained that some of his employees had been selling the goods without hls^bnowledgeor consent Mr. Cnimblne has turned over the pras?- cntion of the bntdiers. said to be violating this law, to tho inosueatlng attorney in the eooaty In whM> tke law hi alleged to havo^ been violated. POBO lONIMBiT FOR SALE-^A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street. -FOR SALE—Good mare with foal. Call at 210 West street \ FORREMt' IKtMOQUamootn . FOR RENT—Furnished rooms at No. 5 North Sycamore. Phone 1091. chanlcs.—Meets every Wednesday cr* enins at 8 o'clock in K. P. HslL All <rtsitlng members invited. B. A« Widlck. Conncelor; C. B. Black, Racb, Secretary. , ! BMtsmessmREmmt JCWEUERa B. F. Pancoast, old rellablo fmrstort' 1}0 East street OTAMMfER. _i ^\ Complete conrt at the host sehaol. ' for stammerers In America at'oo»»/ /-.aVj half price this fall and winter. TOtto"" for information at once. Mem* SAejol for Stammerers, 2706 East Uth Stnalii! Kansas City, Ho. . > / TOR RENT—Six roomed house, good barn, other imjiroveincnts. In- ijulre tins North Kentucky. FOR RENT—Modern dwelling of 0 roonta. S03 South Washington Ave. Fred J. Ilorton. FOR EXCHANGE—in I acres C miles from Howard. Elk county. Kas. Fenced but no Other improvements. 100 acres can be plowed or mowed. Balance pasture land. Price $-1,000. Will trade for clear rentnl property In lola. Gas City or La Harpe. Quick deal. I See ns. lola Land Company. STRAYED—From my place In noxsec*s addition to Gas, one horse mule, about 13 hands high, harness marks on shoulder and back. Finder notify E. E. Ebersole, Ga-s, ICas. POLAR FLOtIR Has Stood the Test Bccaioe its tie Best Acce|>t No . Wm.Obttdorf, Its Economy To have yotir Carpets and Bugs cleaned by The iola 80s Factory —'Mdiijr. aneraoqBt.«i» woir attend' ("{T^^^andiiiieot: |nc -'flT «»<.a-,auisI.. Tbe New'07 Books Dajrs tlflf, br Henry VanDyke. End of the Ga«e, by Arthur Hornblow. Five LHtle Peppers in a Broini UoBse, by Margaret Sydney Fmit of the Wharton. Tree, by Edith The Flyers, by Geo. Barr Mc-; Cutcbeon. Frost k Friendship, by Fred^ck Turner. 1 Golden Uorscsfaoe, by R. Aitken. Greatest Fact In Xodem His-; tory, by Whitlow Reed. God's Calendar, by Wm. A. Qoail His Own People, by pooth Tar^ klngton. nitna, by W. T. Eldridge. Evans Bros. 1 CHRI8T3LiS FBESSHSS' Nothings better than a tor ' a friend. For yonrmagaslBfa sa* ^ " J. E. HSHBl Phone ML itfJli

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