Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 23, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1908
Page 4
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m lOU DliLT lEilSTEl ciiii>r.8con ••Und at lola. K«nMi. PottofflMk u Becond-CiaM lUttor. ftiTMttoliis RatM; Mad* Kmowa oa Application. •DBSCBIFTION BITES. ^ «Vftte In loM, Gaa Cttj, LuyM. Till* or LaUarp«. >M Weak 1 10 eanU kn Month L 4« MD U Do* Taar i. IS.0O B7 Mali. IH H * ymir iaaUa eoutr pM is* jnr oaUMe tmij HM FkrM Montbi, in advanc«.......|l,00 Oat Month, In Kd¥inc« ..Ai miCUL PiPEI^^OITT or BAI.I telcphraei Aititn«M Offlca 18 •ditorlal Room IM -' f Hflj ft> Ever Occmred to Yon WJiat a »iDall fortund jou niirht have madn had you nadr rarij InveNtmpiilN In llif linrinnliiir of UarilcHvillp, .ViiNknircr, T II I NH ,Oklahoma Clly, or uii; of i(ii< HHH I KTII Okliilionm f;<>ivii> tlmi Imw cromi I 'rom siiiall town* to modPrn cltlM In^tfae eonrnti of a fpw fear* with Iriot aNMuranrp of a fuliire than Honth CoffpyTJlle, Oklahoma. Thin ix iml purllrniarl) line of Ihox- I OUMM nr iin> ofhcr piir1i«iil:ir I MIMI rmi il is iriic «f «-H 'r.> town or city whrni there I N »n liitNttrHnrf uf II N falure. In nioNt raHPN II ICNP I OWUN or rItlPH Nturt<'ii nith prriiuiiN oni' riiilroiiil niiil nifh tcry lltth- oMit-r iivMiniiio- 01' a IH I IIIT. Unl hin<- iii|>iill} UTOMII until tiir; iirr now larp (ownN or modrni rltli't* and rIONC In lotit that nait worth from IM to i|i|(Nl, lu their iH-icluuInK urc now worth from tiM» to i^lO.iNNi ench. Think 01' ihr ( MIIIIUMIIIS uuiiinc iM:i(i< int(>lin<nj> IUK I nhiit a MHiall amonnt wan luveiited In the flnt plaro. ' ' * : EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE. Wasnington. D. C. Nov. 17. 1908. Headers of The Register will doubts less remember the meeting of the Governors called by President Roose- •velt last May to consider various phases of the great policy inaugurated by the President for the conservation of our natural resources, is hardly fair either to say that this policy was inaugurated by the Prosi den) because some of the most im poitant features of it. notaVIy that of the preservation of the forests on our public domain were alceady well established before he came into office. The policy has gained much, how ever, in breadth" -and scope and momentum under the enthusiastic advocacy of President Roosevelt, and thi meeting of the Governors was one of the most effective steps yet taken to Interest the people of the country generally in the great idea of preserving for the whoie nation the resources that belonged to the nation One of the results of this meeting was the appolntmeiit by the Presi dent of what i& known as the Natural Conservation Commission, its mem bership iwing composed of Senators Representatives, Army Officers and men In private life who have given special attention to some branch of forestry or mining, or to the ntlliza tlon of water. As one of the members of this Commission 1 was asked during the summer to take the chairmanship of a small sub-committee which would spend a week or more studying the forest situation In the Southern States, and that was one of the things which compelled mc to return to Washington sooner than might otherwise ihave been necessary. The committee, the other members of which are William Irvine, manager Chippewa Lumber & Broom Co., Chip pewa Palls. Wisconsin; Joseph H.vde Pratt, Stete Gcolopist. Chapel Hill. North Carolina, and Henry S. Graves, director Yale Forest School. Now Haven. Conn., will start south tonight and will visit points in Nortli Carolina, South' Carolina, and Tennessee, where it is expected there may be •een typical results that follow the denudation of the forests on the steep mountain sTopes. It i.s said throughout this region where the primeval forest has been stripped from the mountain sides the soil very soon washes aWay, filling >ip the streams BO as to interfere with' water iKjwer and navigation, covering the valuable farm lands with gravel and leaving the mountain sides entirely bare of covering so that when the rains fall instead, of being soaked up and let out slowly to feed rivers and sprinsc they rush down in a torrent creating .destructive floods during the rainy xtemton and leaving the streams with -wnl water when the rains cease. Sev- «ral years ago some one suggested that the United States Government ou^t to purchase these mountain slopes, re-forest such portions of them as had been denuded and prevent the deatniction of the forests that still remain. A bill was first introduf>cd In the Coagresa to carr>' this idea into effect In 1900 and has been regularly Introduced in each Congress since then. Last winter It passed the Senate and now it Is pending before the HouBo Committee on Agriculture and very greiat pressure J« iM ^Ing- hmucht to t>ear for,Its passage. It was doubt leaa this fak;t wMch prompted my appointment pn this Kub-committee and I ahall tx* very glad to acnuiro information at first hand bearing upon the problem, because It Ix one of the moHt Important that w^lll come before this Congreaa Involving as it does the BD- proprtatlon of many millions of dollars and the Inauguration, If adont- ed. of a policy which will commit the Ckiremment for all time to come to Weak Little Boys may become fine stroofi men. Some of the strong men c» tfHiay were sickly boys years ago. Many of them received. Scott's Emulsion at their motfier's knee.. This had apoMttrfaiitthat dxanaed them from wreak, ddicate boys into strong robust boys. It has the same power to-day. Boys^nd tfiris who are pale and weak get food and eneigy out of Scoits Emulsion. It makes Lancest Pavilion in the Honthwmt, In Brown's AniiiKrnent Park, eipht liloriis di^tant from new town site. SOUTH COFFEYVILLE, OKLA. In licKiiinlii;: liiis niiliiiMit r.vilitM '.s iijiiiii m ilii' i.ii:^vr- 1 loadliiR t<iiall ihf l:ir>;cr pciiiil.'j uf ihi- (•i.iii !ii>. .--c'liii to .-i r. i-^ lilock.s of the now town sll.- arid whu-V wili mil. .^..'ili I'mti district in the nouth pat! of f'ntri y\ i !<•. -.viiirli is hut :i which will make it :i .nr.'iii f;iiii>i> pniiK ;ii; wiili. I' Hi'-.,, .'idvaiitages arc yot tn speak of MK I I :I.S i \!()\' l)KI';)T liir v'>."!. and NO UO.N'UKU INnKllTKD.VKS.-^. riirvj CX.-;. VUKV: r \t T()!;V s:!i S<'llO{)l .*5 fur wl)iH>.>( and colnnxl. yciy.-.nn^ ;. i;,v. . '! I;.- ';>••:• I': Qiic-lioiv-wliich is niiirh iliffrroist iinirc/ la'.'..- i.l OkliihoiiKi \\v.iv lim of the l.\TBKST.\TK KIIKHJIIT i{.\Ti:. .NOltTiiKlvX ItOC.XI • \i: V ( : vaula>;e of oxciiiplin.n l '.\("n )Ui::.S ai'il i 'i !!l-IC I.MIMIOVK.MK.N'l S fioii; eroiiy cither advaiiia^ifs ami favoialili' < 'KMiiiion.^ will li .'l;. in MM K Ithe (ireat^st Citynf the H' mri- >(>ii is an opiinrtiini-y'tn iim'.- ("iiy. with its fitliire assiiiftT. wiii'ic c i .-c iji In!.-; laiiK" I 'lDiii Ji '^'i. ID will he worth up in the ihou^atiiis. '.'lie f)n!v iniKDnunity yoii li.tvc ;<i i :iv Gretil City willi such sniall a:ii()imts aini W I H-IC lar.u-i> i•>!liiii.-; arc as.-iiri'l. 1|i:iiH |i:ls..i'tlL';r!- 11:1111 I'lr (|;iy .ai-^ v.liith aic within .'.Kht (tl(hiiioiiia. Willi it.- i;jcai r.i'Mnry '(. li'lli" ft cim iil'W IDWII ii-.'lii.' cf ni'lil cm^' til** ::i'*'ir*'.<t si;i-\!:\Ti: (:(>V!:ux.MK.\-|. •, i.'iw r\\y.^. :-;i';i".M;.\TK 1- ill-. ill i'.iil: ii'ii • 1:1 K.'i . A:-. 'Ill'' .'il.- '.!i- ( iM ;!r;M'.l U'- ii |i>-. 'i'lii- nil- Mii!iii-:|iril i^ix.i 'i'iii .iiiil iiiini- Soiith I'-iflcyMiio. okl.ihoriia. .<r ill liic ilc^ iiiiriiiL': 1)1" ;i f.r-jif: I'icli. th:i; wi.liiii l-w ynai'.i t ill ilic iifLTiiiiiin.i; of a Big Opening NoTeuilKT -'(ith, UTIh. •>lli. Prices of lols r;ni:;e iViim ?^IIM) 1<> ^-l-i:,. tJiic-iii'tli ihtiin. I'iilunre !S.">.tM) pir luiinlh. HAVE YOU EVER STOPPED TO THINK? What will $100 Invested in SouthCoffeyvilIe,Okla. Now, mean to you in a few years Mliat a few hundred doUars invested In any of the Xortheru Oklahoma towns .several jears nco would nieiiu to yon now! The man who hnuKhl lots in H UM - f»nus m ili.- h. t^iiniiii- aiul hni.i i|„.,„ Is now well fixed, he has accumulated a fortune purely in the advance on his Invcstnicnl .s. This is mil'Only parliciilarly true of thi:. town "i c .>iiaiii ..ihci towns, imi it i.^ iiii.- 01 - v. i> I '.wn .lu .l city whci.- ih- investor gets in on the ground floor and invests in lot.s iu their begiunhiK? The shrewd Imslness man, the man withnnt a basinets have all made Kreal fortunes in early inveslinenis in the liPKiuninkV'f towns and ciiic;: hcai!,- Oi-- ailvaiiccn.. MI oi i;.',.! K i.;i" in a n. .v t,.v.n v.iih a thriviuK prosperous future can not lie checked and the mans investment goe.-^ higher and higlicr ever j-ear no niatirr whether he is tlie sliiewl liii:-iiic>s man m- ili.- otiior III;'M. Ihc man v I", h., n.-v-r . M ciininlaipil a small fortune has let the opftort unities go b.v. He has .Rtnod idly by with perhaps iimro means than llie other felhiw ami failed to invest. H-rr i:, the h ');innia.: of yj'-a' city, iliai . -. rv man c .m inve.;; in. lYoni JJO to $.-.0 down and T'-OO per month will buy a lot In South CoireyvlIIe. Oklahoma. Lois ranging from $ I' MI I O $L '2.-.-i )Me -fifil wn. The only great invesfmenta ere;-offered, the people where larite prnfIN are assured, where Ihe man with MIIIH II means has the same eliaiire «i lis the iluiiurirr has. lor lurlhcr iniormaiion nire. urile or tehphnne 'Ee Kansas Land Co., 'Ee Big 3 Land Co., Ihe Etchen Bros. Land Co., Cofreyrille, Kami. ColYeyTllIe, Kans. >oivatii, Ohiii. a very great annual expenditure. I; The very modest house which I occu-'should he required to serve on a sal­ ary siualli-r than is paid a county of- raight add that the trip will not comcpy here, although nearly four miles under tr.e head of •Congressional from the Capitol, rents unfurnished fleer." Tleie are s.'veral men In lola junkel-s as all the mqmbers of the for $6.^ a month' which must be paid who for vwiis have been earniiiN Committee pay their own expenses. the year round whether we are herejmoio than $T.r,n(i hi the employment or not. The cost of everything is of one nr more corporations, it This last observation reminds mp of one of the lines of attack pursued enormously high. Readers of the Register may have noticed that only a by my distinguished Democratic op-, few days ago two Episcopal clerff^•-' Riven'an et 11 IKjnent in the late campaign. I think mon who were offered the office of larlv in view ho tnnL- nrpn«inn in nil tii« KnopohpR I Did ii-„,.ut wou'd seem as if the liiisin<?ss agent of 2fi5.n(>0 people is not over paid if lal compensation, partieii- of the fact that Ihe ex LUMBER DN GROUND .>iATERIAL FOR VARl) OF .1. 11. HOISTON H.V'S .VKRIVF.D. gress he would Introduce a bill to reduce l^e old figure. I understand that to his personal friends he said privately he would introduce the bill but he had very little expectation that it would pass. But that is neither here nor there. I did not discuss the subject in my own speenhf;; l)ecause I was willing to let it be submitted without argument. Now tfcat the campaign is- over, however, it may be due to those who supported me, possibly in spite of my action in this matter, to state briefly the reasons •hat influenced me in voting for this increase. It required but a brief experience as a Member of Congress to demonstrate to me that no man could hold that position and mi>et its expenses on $5,00 (1 a yhar. I think I will be acquitted by those who know me of not having any expensive habits or living in an extravagant fashion, but yet my actual living expenses, not inclnd- "K the cost of campaign;^, either for he nomination or for the election, have exceeded $r>.(lfln eacli year since have been a .Member of Congress. With the salary at Its old figure I should have been obliged to retire n' he end of my lirst term If my other business had not fortunately been making a little money. In view of this fact 1 had frequonlly stated in private ronversation<t that the salary of a Congri'ssman ought to lie raised. iniide this statement little expecting hat I should ever l)e called upon to vote u|)on the proposition. When the question was submitted, however, and was obliged to vote one way or the other, f voted Aye. I did this know in?' that I should be criticised for it and knowing also that the measure would be passed jiist the same even if I voted against it. But^one of the resolutions I made to myself when bpcame a member of this body waf that I »!ould n^ver cast a vote in public contrab' to an opinion I had ea- preased in private, whatever the political effect mi^t be. I have fully ex nected the criticism that has come but I still believe that the vote w«8 right. An income of J7,500 a year looks large and tt would be large to anyone In private life, fiut it dwindles rapidly when It Is put up against the expenses necessarily Incident to holding an important public office. A Member of Congress, if he responds to the demands upon him, necessariljr travels a great deal, and railroad passea are a thing of the paat. He neeeaaarily stops at the best hbtsla:;. He neceaoam/ weara good clotbesJ If be UyeS'With'Ua family, as'jfi-efw^ lUnd man onght to. be nepejMprUra hone tOFQ 'ppdt OB T In " • - •^''ai»*.=^*v. must fall short of meeting th fjiiirements of a man »Tnv nius^ only, provide for the ordinary paid. If a .Minister of the Gospel finds'of if distrihiileii equally !>• $5.0nn insufficient upon which to sup- tweon all of the people of the Ker port his family and the office of ond Oistrict would lax each one less Bishop in this City, it ou:ht not to than one rent eaeV, year, even if it take much argument to convince any-} were paid by diiert taxation upon th" one that the same amount of money ponple, whirh of course it is not. It re- would hardly .seem as if th-re were nof.,.i very great poliliral issue in a nieas- ex-; lire which involves no more "per penses of a family hut must in hldi- oapita" expense than this. That is evi tion meet the expenses of a cami.aign I ijpntly the view that was taken of it every two years and of almost con-, by tlie people of the Second pistrict. tiniial travel. There are county of-jaiid I refer to the matter now only fires in at least one of the counties „„. „i,„,r .s|,i,, of the question in the Second r>iRtrirt which )>ay an , , . . . ,i » . i annual .salarv of more than J-„';.io. Itj^^''"^"' ^"''^ per»lsientl> hammered does not seem unreasonable that the'''"ring the campaign may he nnder- representative of 263.000 people stood. Frame Sale PRICES CUT 50 PER CENf. FOR ONE WEEK ONLY Active Kuildiuc liiioni >'ow on lu the .New Town of South Coifej- lille. .-Viiilh Corieyvillp. Okla., .Nov. L'::. .1. II. Huston who purchased a half block of land for a lumber .vard here is iiaving his liimhcr shipped. .\I le.i'Iv an active hiiiiding hooni \\\\.^ i; Uci. liolfl ot this ciiy. 'ihe K!chen hrolhers have erected an office Iniilil- in.:^, ('. A. iiihbs is piilting up a liiiild- ini- fur a hardware store. X. Ta! man is erecting a l>ui!iness bnildiug for a diiii; ^loie and lj. .1. Hawkins Is piinin ;4 ii;i a new Imsiness building IO lent. S :'V '<raI llioi's-ii;d people are expected loi He cpetiing of the town- f.i'e en 'rii .tn''!'^'\iiii; day. STATE OWNS ROCK tVnuiiui's liiuisus Day Club II U.H S C cured Old l.aud .Mark at I 'unnce l«ir Male, lOc Moulning at Bo 20c Moulding at lOo .30c Moulding at...; #5o 4<>c Moulding at 20a 50c Moulding at 2Bo 14x17 and 1^x20 Frames for enlarged pictures 9X one half price during this sale. If you don't want a frame come in and .<:ee our bargain liPt. L/'ti of things at close out prices the last week of November. ^leeper & Son POSTOFFiqe BtOCK iliitcliinson, Kas.. Nov. -- Vc-li r day llenjanilii 1'. riinili si:;npfl deeds traiisferriiiic lo .Mr:-. .lohn S. Siiiiiiion.'- iif lliilehlnson lor the stale of Kansat-:. I the properly on whidi stands liisloiic I'awnee lloek. Il will now become the properly of the stale of K HI'S-I- andfllhls place, known to every traveler of Ihe old Santa Fe irtii:. will In- cared for bv Ihe Wnnieu's Kansas fay club represented by .Mis. Simmons. There are ten atires in Ihe prop'Tty and it has liolonged to .Mr. rniiih for ^•ears. He pave part of it without eharpp but was to rereive $1 OOP. Thr^p thousand dollars has already been paid and the entire amount wa.'^ to be raised before it was turned t.v- er to the women, but he atrreed to wait iiDiil the remainder w-as rais,ed. Pawnee Rock waw the srene of many Indian fights in the fionii-r days. It is one of ihe ntited points on the old trail. CAK .fl MPKH TIlAt K. DR. ESTEY DECLINES Former Allen CoiKity Teacher Not Attracted by Offer of Wealtliy St. Louis Church. Dr. K. S i:.-!'y. icirni":!;, ;i it a -li- er in th"- iltiniliolil! scliools Imt now pastor of III"' i'"ii .i Prisliyti-riaii cliiireli ol' To," l>a. "ill iii >t ri'-i -i -pt Ihe call IO otu- ot th'- w^allli> am! '•xeliisive ctitireii'-;: D T St. I.oiijs wlucli h>' rcc'ivcil i -iffiiiiy. T::c Ti );>i -I:;i roMt .-rtis iliis Maleni '-'ii' iioiii Dr. Ksi-y: •"I lovi- Kaiisa.-:. Urn' I ;i,iV'- siir-n! most of tiiy lif". I lov niv i" oplc and my ccincie:;;it inn and I alopc on 111'! lies' of lei ICS Why ^lifmlil til'- pronii .si- <.| till iiivn .i.-cd sahiiv lalif till- away fi -(iiii tie- pia'->- wle-r'- the hapiii'-.;!' year.; of iii> lift- hnvi been SiKiit'.'". I>|-. Ksli-y lias tiiaiiv frii-niis in tins county who will read his I '.i.-oiis tor not ,iceeptiii3^ lli'- c,-ill '.vitii inl'-re -f. He was ordaiiii il a Pn-:-;iytcrian iiiin fster in isrtr.. Mis lirst assiKiiiiiPii' was Inileppiidcnce. K.i.:. Hrr" 't- rr iii;ili"-d livi' V '.iis Til" iicx' ioiir vears wre sp" nr as I K-U I of tli'- lina i -oiii.'.ri;^al ion. In I'.'til. lb- iir- ccpli'd a i-.ill lo til- l-"i":;f eimrcli a' T<)pe|<.l. lie has i |iiii'» ;.;"'-;>! work in Clii '-.I'tn iiiiivir.~ii >. \ I'\< y.':iis aco. h-- receive.I i'is l''i |l i| •:i'' Iriiiii Woi: ii-r i -oll'.;'• III. I> Il w'ii-; aw arili'ii I (.,; liiin ill li'ir, In (';il of .\Ii.;-i [;,.^ Sinn I. I Monuments! l!" you are coutemplatinic the enctinii uf a iimniinient o;- tnli- l..t, c:iil and spe our new and ii|i -tn -il.i ;t' sici(-k f)f I-'oremn and :\iii':'rii-aii fir.-iiiite.;. \V.' c:irry tin- i.i'.-^i thai can he oliiained on the niarl;ei. Our slino in ei|ii ;[)!M <d wiih a new compressed air iPtteriii =c machine for 1^1- t.riiu; ami iraciim. Our prices an^ the very Inwrsi lar first ci.iss w-firk. Call ami ; "-e ns and I-.'-; prices. Vvc wai;! your biisi- IIL'S.S. J C.COFFIELD&SON I '!i..|i'-i IS':. 2L -I) West St. IT WAS ACCIDENTAL \it I'l'iuesi to He Held iu the Foufh ( ii-e I nncFul IVa> Held Ves. tenia V. r, iV'jii 'i'- r. "I .Ml. .Ml., Si'llll l ';i:Mi :ck.. rr.'iii I . i'-r-.- <ivir the remains 111. K ; yiar n|i| son • •I. .\1. l''oiicli of ;;.ii; weie cr)iiilii'''((| I!'.- Al'i iiocli-i cliiircli <>( :_• I' .I 'll k liii.-, afti-rii 'ioM. with KiiiiW 'i'.. oiliriaiin:;. Iiiiiiaien' w,is m.i'l" Ml Ille IlinlllalKl (•••iri.-c.-i> ^11 MK : Kniicli xvas aecidei'ia 1 iv .^.li'i' M Ith Chris IMIler. (iii'l kiiled liv a piaytiiaii-. r'-n- In.; .Ii.hii Kriii. I 'l- n.' ll'll. Ills.. I '.i";ii'' S.iiiiri!.i> alt'<rin>i)ii. '1 li" nf- • in I 'Sterdai lo s 'C his .-on. \ i - | i ic; i... h.^v- ib'cided that ilv .-slioot j • irmv rliri': liiii'-r. lie 'All! ;i: ''I'a lily ! >-. .i.; i.tir ly accid'-nial and ilo lU'ineat •iiii-nii III'- wMiii'i- here. jivill \f. Ifld. \o One Was HnrI—Tansed by an OhstmrtionI Bassett car number three jumped the track at the Intersection of Oak and Aladlson streets last flight about r9:15' o'clock while coming Into lola. The-car ran into the bank but no ode ilfas hurt. It Is thought that there ;Yaa a block or obstrnction of some .l^ind on'^t ^iii 'titekrliatlaiiig the derall- The World's Best Piano Prices Baage Urn $599 lo $15W J. V. Roberts, Distributor

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