Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 25, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1907
Page 3
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^'iM^ 4XD LA HAfFE WILL mt FOOT. BALL THAkxBCIITDi'G: WiJLLjDONTIKlJE TOACTASTBEAS ; VBEB OF SCHOOL BOAilD. Oi4 SaUJen M'lU j Clmibite FeUtion .to Hjiire P^MIOB LBW CfamiKed. •Mm WiU Fl«y ThinksslTing:. PfOL ionels ' of the Moran high etsbaoi loot ball team was iu Ijn lUitpt) UBt Sa^rday afternoon and tistwd a contract . to meet the LA Harp« U(ta sf^hboi foot | ball team oo -. th* )^ Harpe grounds nekt Thursday attetnoon. Thfere has been' difficulty about the term* of the saise'and for a tlofa It aeemed ai it the ditrereiices w&nid b« «nouKh to mike it impos- Kiblft tor the teams to get together for the samie. These di ferenc^s were se^thid and now will oi ly add to the rlYftiry between the tw > teams when thtly reach the gridiron. , The Moran high scl ool foot bail teftm has playM a nuiiil>er o( teams this fall and has been auccesafui in all, defeating their eneii>' liy a large soore. Among the teaimk that have flUiehliefore them are Humboldt and Ittoran and almost eveiyihigh school team in southeastern Kansas. The Mftraa high school teim Is not trn hfavy as the La'Harp4 team will be b«t .«ild to have Md enough superior woric to balance {the slight diff- er^noe the weight . From the fact that tliia is to tie (he only game in this part of the state on thct 4Ay, tt is beltered that there will be a big crowd ipresent to witness ilie gnhe. Moran has pronised to bring over a large numl>er and it is ilke'.y that lola and Oas Citk will be well repreftented at the gan e. Both teams are' praci ictng enrer>- afternoon and getting tionselves into condition for the game. Prof. .\. .1 Baker will play with the La Harpe team and Prof. Jones brinclpal or ]^,u ran schools, with the ^ioran team. Mr. Daggett Vtill Bemain. U H. Daggett will remain a» treas nrer Of the school boa^rd. There was a meeting of the boatilc^ education of the La Harpe schoolb last Friday night to consider the resignation of yir. Oaggett w)tich wai submitted at a preTious meetipg. ; > r. Daggett sub- -mltted his resignation saying that bis work in the future voutd not allow htm to attend to th< duties of the treasurer andm for t: lat reason want ed some one to take t is, place. Sliere was ^ome question when ihe reMgnation wks first handed in as to who had the pjower to ippolnt his successor. The attorney g enieral said thai he thought it would M the duty of tht mayor of the city of he second class to aippoint the siiceesior of the treas urer of the board 01 education and that Iti^ould not be n?ce.ssary m bold a speclil eSectlon. A\1ien this was lea: ned represeniu: tlves of both, banks of the city siralgh; way made.for the naVor and asked I ihAt he appoint men who would de- Iioslt the ach<^l fundi In their respec- ; ttte hanks. Upon tear ling that he wa ; tb get Into Bttch a dir lenity the mayor annonnced that he wiuid not take the ceBponiibillty of app>ii^ting the sm eesBor to Mr. Daxget . It was then deemxl advisable n>i the board of education to meet in »pedat session and select the succes M»r of; Mr. Oaggeit. It wa.s at ibii liaeetink thatj it was decided that it would be best for Mf. Daggett to remain in his office. irOi Ask Chmngti M Fenslon Lews. A number .Of old so diers of this city met Saturda^- afternoon in the cit> hall and aftejr discussing many point of interest iti was de<ided to draw up a petMon which will be presented u Congressman Chas. F. Scott of ilih district asking 'that pome change ii the pension law be made. The |)etj- tion will be circulated today. Stores Will riese. city win close The stores of the next Thursday afternoon. Thanksgiving day. -To close their places of bus-, ness at least a half aiday on all le^a: holidays is a custom jobsened by the La H^rpe merchants if or a number of years. 1 BrTtTal Serrlces Were Well Attended. The revival services which are being htid in this city at the preseui time were all well attended yesterday. Rev. Hawley. the evangelist, who iv cnndnctfag^fae revtfals at the Presby- 'terlan church, preached to algood aii- tUence tooth morning and evening yesterday . Rev. MItcbem who has t>een coDducting meetings at the Christian diurte closed them last evening' b.v poaching to anoiber large' audience The .meetings at the iiapilst church •wipt also well attended. PerMnaU. • A:. D. Brewer left' yesterday for Hoajjioldt where he spent Sunduv w^tb't^latlves. J Robert Cater was In Moran Saturday. • Ifrs. Bessie Witt and daughter left TftitTiKT for Cherrtnrale where thfj irlil visit friends and relatives. C. H. TOLLK ARIIEtTBO. H«M in «alt Uloe~Ctt)r en Charge of • Word h(W natjhad hare to the et- ttfftmii. C. an^a. fonnerty of this diy to .BBiM- amit at ant Uik» eitr. '.I - Our handsome line of elegant Millinery, Cloaks and Underwear greatly reduced. To the p< towns, this is an opportunity of much importance to those who want an eldgant Cloak, a stylish of Xola and surrounditnt [at and warm XTnd«it^villt Cloaks for Ladies, Misses and Children ft Two HoBdred Ten Handsome Tall- nred Coats, made hy the bewt mana- fnrtnrer!* la the 1'. S. Kvery nrwent In the coat seellon mart tea. We oin lit any nlie no mater how lance or bow !imall. Krery mat has lieen rat to the cla<«e«t sellinR prire to clean up. We have enjoyed a lur?er bukl ness by far than ever before and from now on We will give yon the proflta and ask yea to come early in the morning to avoid the great rHNh we baveevery affernooB. 393 A great Itoe far y«v to seleet (ran aad the liest flttiair IIM ^ tkat raa he bMgiit, all goe^ In this great special sales. . ^..jgi. Dress Goods If yoa' witat tke aew aad rarreet thiarc In PRESS UOODS and TBIV. XIMw.S aad want to save aaaey, visit m'R dress goodM seetloa. Udies' New Skiru New Shirt Wabts New KnMNMt nirert from the aiannfactareni. Ev- erjlhlag that h kew yoa will fad here. We are ever an tke laokoat for the correei tklaitH. Onr low price* will please yon. 200 PAIBS OF WARM BLAXKETS FROM Me TO IS.30 FEB FAIR. M FIECEH XEW P.\TTER!IS IN' TEXXIS Fl.A>->'EI. FROM fi TO ISHe FEB YARD. ^ WARM KIMONA MATERIAL 10. MM, I8e. ' .We have gone throat oar XBIIMIT: i^tlon and every Hat has been mt at a priee_ that will make tlieaT;^ qafekly. These priees are « nri^ttkf ta the bandreds of eastAKcn «k« iM racking hi to take advantage af'tkb fireat Cnt Sale. We arge yaa ta raae before tke raod things are all gone. tt3 Emmi mmdtmoM RICHARDSON'S 2 domrm tflfM Thmm/i' IRIEO TO DROWN FIVE ^oman Tied Three Children to .Her, Took Babe in Arms and Jumped into River.' St. Ix>ui8, Mo.. Nov. 23.—Mrs. Mar varet Deters, wife of a, drug clert^ before daybreak this morning tied he? three small children to her with rope, -(>lzed her infant in her arms, and lumped into the rives Ifrs Feres ih .It- attempt at wholesale drowning. Fo-I liceeiian, attracted by cries of the tcr| ror stricicen children, rushed to the I scene. The woman is suffering troni' mental trouble due to the death of near relatives. JAP WORLD'S FAIR IN 1912. > bIploiYiats Attend a Dinner in Tokio and Hear the Plans. TBder Soathem J»klj«.- at the Rraad Theater tomorrow :afrht. Tokio. Nov. 23.—^\'Jscpnnt Kane'so. director general of the Inteniational •x!>c.<ltion to be held In Tokio In 1912 III a dinner given to the foreign am t>i<?sadors and ni(ni.'itc>r.'< 10 .lapnn ai the Nobles' club, aunaiinc:'il the scopo of the exposition. He said that ex bihits would be admitted free of duty end that It wa.«i expected the compre b«'nslve ex|>osltlon of resources of lie F:ai;t. wherein the wou'tl r-arttclpate. would Inure 10 the bonf^ ni of the East. Ite attrliiufed the advance of Japan to th.^ early introduction of ,he Indian relipinn aiul Chinese philo<:o. l>hy • which enablejl the .laiinnPBi' to KraKti the sciences bro.ught in .'aii>r hy I iheir benefactors from Europe and , America. in the abf!enc>? of the Hrltlsh am 'oassador. Sir Claude .M. MacDonald. : (he German ambassailor. Baron Mum ' von Schwanzenstcln. re.sponding on behalf of bl.s colleagues of. the dip '. k.marlc corps, said he w8.<i as.sure:! that all countries would imrtlcipate iu ; t'.ie exiKJsiilon which wou'd prov«» a ' n.»tv motive and means for the reap proachment, which would Ruarantee '. the peace of all the nations. The minister of agriculture, M. Mat . 7Udka. said thar the relations of Jap an with foreign countries were never more cordial than at present and they ; sie dally growing more so. He ex . p;pssert his special gratlflcatlon at •the UDolBclnl Intimation that Amor ii>:i would pur(ici|iatp In the exposl lion. . Work while others rest. Win through sheer eiiergy. The greatest energy-pto- duciAg food made from wheat is Uneeda Biscuit the perfect soda cracker. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY m cmr NEWS ITEMS <TUHKS WILL ri.OSE THl'R.^iD.W IFTEKMHIX FOR TH.4>'K.SIilYim WfLLArTENOTNEfOOTBALLeAMI fiA.S fITT PEOFLE ARE FLAN.MNCI TO SEE lIUiH M'lKiOL IMIXTEST. Xerideth Kalllager Entertained—Fer- xonal and Other Xen .<i Notes. .Stores Will Be Closed. The stores in this city will close -10x1 Thursday afternoon-. Thanksglv !ng day. To close the stores on. the .ifternoon of a legal bollda.v is a Ion; ohsei^-ed plan by the Gas City niei- '>hauts. Many Will Attend La Haii>e. Since there is to be no foot ball ^ame In this city the Gas City people are planning on attending the game lietween the La Harpe and Morait high school teams which will be played at I..a Harpe. This game promises to >)e one of the t>est foot Imll games to be played in this pkrt of the state. JokB Bayle TeUs Big Stories. John Rayle. so the lioys say, is telU ing big stories of how he dd things while hunting near Hartford. Kansas lohn has been off on hia vacation from McColloch's drug store for the last several days visiting his parents It Hartford and Incidentally doing <ome hunting. LItUe Meredith Bolllager EnteitaM. Little Meredith Bollinger, the seven vear-otd son of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Bollinger of this city, entertained a number of friends Satnrday evning in honor of his seventh birthday. Tke fifteen little folka who were preaent enjoyed a pleasant evening as little folks do. LYRIC QUARTETTE TO COME. Four Ladies Wfll Give EnterUinment at M. E. Church. The Lyric Quartette will be the at- t> action at the Methodist Episcopal church on the evening of November 29tb. This quartette is composed of fnurladies who have well trained voices, and are entertainers. Ttils quartette a-aa organized in 1900, anif li> now on Its seventh season on the Chautauqua and lecture course plat- firm. WJiile the ladles' voicea hlend I>erfectly each of them is a soloist aoif *b said to be capable of maintaining ^^ good standing in ihe most exclusix-e -ninical circles. Twenty-live cents will be charged for adults and ten cents for children mder twelve years of aga. Doeant Reflard Fi^iiiem aa a ':tSaii- didate, Biit la Anxiawa to Naiiio! • . •HO sr. DIED IN AUTO ACCIDENT. Motor Collided With Wagon.—Orie Occupant Dead and Several Injured. Ike Space, of Sppkane. Wash., is here for a short time on a visit with old friend*. He formerly made his home In this city. A. I. Felger went to Kansas City today on huslaesa. Mrs. A. Dalton of Redfleld is In the city visiting friends. John Fuqna returned yesterdav from a trip through the south. He visited principally la LonlsiaBa. 8. R. Swan returned from Burlington yesterday wbere be haa been visiting. _^ Far Sale. Three good big work honws. ope good fand mare: a good pair poalaa. aOWBLL ft BBBWSR, La Harpa, KiL , Dea Moines, la.. Nov. 23.—O. R. lifattinger. vice president of the Zars Nattinger Automobile company, was instant'y killed and four other per wns, his guasta. were more.or les.^ lerioualy Injnred. when the antomoblle In whiieh the party was rldfaig colUd ed with a gas repair wagon here today. Nattinger was drivUff at a Ugh rate of speed and AC not aee tbe wagon nntll the crash came. He waa pinned beneath the steering gear and InsUntly killed. Frank Getchell. an ofllctal of the Getchell-Martte Lumber nnnpany. la believed to he faUl'y in- ii:red, having suffered a fractured skull and several broken .ribs. rOLLIPEB PCBiyfa FOG. Orcapants of Cars Were Serioasly In- Jared la A»Mnt Sandusky. Ohio, Nov. 2S.—A headon wllision early today between the fn- ernrban Lakeshore Electric Railway motor and a city car a dozen men weer injured, live so sarlonsly that they were taken to a hoispitat and two may die. A heavy fog was over i^he city when the collision occurred."" "Washington. NOT. 23.— Jnatlee llrfir' er. who^retumed to WntilUBCtbB llrMfe; .\>w York yesterday oTentaft didi^, tA today that he had no 1de» tbA kit' »jieedi of WMinaday ntiiht xH/tO^ the Civic Forum woMd cause soidi stir. "I said the Pretld«Bt was hide-and-seek with ttie' ^oiflliL he said, "and I mean It Ifle kai dC;- ciared that be la not & cuildati'ter" i rsHViection. and I tMe kta aC^Vai word, because I belteye iham. an honest maii. bat I do taJlHtlrii V \ would like to control the :ei«n!i»tia6A Hia every acUoa polBtk^tliaC'iriftnHtti i:<im only one of manr'liaiM6iB)"'Mia>'' have called'the StltiLu i# certainty kmka as If he destres| to;'-, ^ - nkme-hts sotieeawr." • ' • I "Four years are enough for a-BMd'r President, and too much ft>r ».'b«dL^". V one." declared W. J. Bryan wtib U\ here, when his attentlan wa». cillHd' to the statement made by JtAttee"^; firewer of the Supreme Court "I' do not care to dtKnn Jnktlee ' Brewer's statemant," contOiiM ' lir.t Bryan, "further than to any that I : 4 agree with him that the Presideat. sliould be ineligible to rieelaetlbik but I-do not think it is neeeamrr: t^es-;^ ' tand the term. I eddeaWbiW ;irbMl^ in Congress to secure a». alpfediieitl't'? -iij to tbe Constitntioa maktw'tiie>«ha>X 1;:^^ . .'J Congress to secure aa akm the ConstltnthNt makhiir the.^ ident Ineligible to re-e!ectW>^!-^ be'ieve that the one ten liMls Jb^, ter. No man with the power vW^ in the Preridentlal office I^UMIIB nnder temptation to use tt to hta: advantage. Hainan nature ta too to be aafely subjected to inA tiona." Waatadi-Bveryhody to W. B. Kel^ey ft pon. . tnufer aad •toNc* Because we have to convince jrou but iMce that our clothes are what should, for your own sake, Hujr wear, and because'you will comiii for your second and ihm^^^uitr^ It will pay you to took for thi| .'adeasdotbesakotildb b ]r UoBoU, SolooNiaftEMiidmh. w floU bjr OM good etoridtr in'yMw

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