Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 23, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1908
Page 3
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EWS OF U HARPE THERE WILL BE UMOX THANK8. rJni >0 DAY SEBVIIE TUURHDAY. MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TODAY EPWOBTH LEAOIE OF M. E. TO «ITE SOriAL Tl ESDAY. Prof. Srhpnk of Baldnin Prrached lirfp Sunday Mominf: and Eren- Inff—P<'r>>onaIs and >rn8 Xotes. Mill Di-cldr Today. Definite arraiiKt-nienis for the Tn Ion TUanksplvinK day siTvlrt-s will be made today. Heratiso Rev. Ira M. Benham has bron nut of ilie tliy thus far no definite ai ranjrcmcnis have been made. >vni Gho Swfal. The Kpworlh I^-apiie sorial of the VrthodiM Kiiisropal chiirrh will clvc a luclal Tuosday nijihl al the tliunh. hefre;-".inienis will be served. Will .Meet Tuesday. BeiM'iPp Thiir.siiay is Tlianksgiviiii; day thp L.-'dles" Aid smiely of ihe Pres •.nferiaii church will nioel Tiiesjday niclit. The meeting will lie heUI in the Prrachi-d Here Vrsterdny. Prof. Srhenk. a nienibrr i\f the Baker university at Maldwiii. Kas.. faciill>. preached at Ihe .\leihodist Kjiisropal chnrch yesieril.iy. Rev. tteiihain. tlie pastor, was KUI "f the cilx. •*>eelrrled Sahatjiin. There was IID inertiiiK at llir Krietid ^ chttrch Patiinlay nishi Siimlay iinuii Inn the tiervicfs wiry in iht- nature nf n praise and rxperinn-e nieciint: .\i niBht the snlije<-t of the seiinnn way. "Neclectinc Salvation." fiotn Ihi- le\i. "Therefore, we oimhl to KJve thf more earnest hi'ed to tlie tliini:s which wi' have heard. It ^sl .it anv linn-wc .shniild let them slip." Hnlir.'W The ni'-ct- inKS wilJ prniiably rontimie through thi.s week. TiicMla.'. iiithi ihi- siiliject will be Hapti-m." Willi Ihe (il)i/-<t of plvlnp lli;lil on the li'xtriries h'-M h: Friend.;" The National prestige of Urieeda Bisbuiit is bak^d in. The moment you take a biscuit from the package; as soon as you taste it, the reason becomes apparent why so many hundred million of packages of Uneeda Biscuit have been bought by the American people. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY 08TE0PATBT— DB. W .H. AI.BBIGUT. Registered Osteopathic Phyelclan. State Bank DldR. Phone 145. Only Osteopath In La Harpe. Win Hold Repilar Mertlne. Those interested in the Sunday school of the Presbyterian chnrch will meet Wednesday nipht There aro several IniportaTit matters to be considered and it is hoped that there will be a good atendance. A Bahy Boy. .A. son was born yesf-rday to and Mrs. T. T. Anderson. Mr Many t" ("liannfe. Many Hnriie peopb^ have in.iiii- fesfed their ittrritiori »if alifiifliim the foot ball pame at Chapute Thankspiv- inp between ('h.inntc and the 1 riplets The Santa Fe will run a special |i^„,,„.,l ;„,,.,„iv METHODIST REVIVAL Bishop Thoburn Didn't Come But Fine Meeting Was Had Both Day and Night. .As P 'Tr amiuiini-onient the day opened with a sunri.-e prayer meeting whirh was an ludicatiun ot the good things in ston- lor the church, ^any .iti»-nl"(t and th>' i.our wa.^ loo hhorf for all to take ihr part desired. Time liast''n''ii til.' wor.-iiiiiier.s . awav to 'oni'- to tti'- ii''.\t Sfrvici\ Sunday scliool o|w^ne.l at :t :4.". with nearly ••f'n pr-'seiif . ..\fter a short li'.ison Rev. Haniil 'i 'ii ariiii. ss'd the School, pressing lioiiii- Ihf- iier.'ssiry of an experience lor .-iahation before one is sav- .li. Tiw II d'clocli .S'Tvic- fouiijl lb*- hriiis.- fii:i and wr.ili- iii.~a;ipoinied b* is that when the battle has come we have been, on "dress parade" hence there were no (pialincatlons for the discovery, lola has a flne crowd ot parade soldiers and It is the ear- ni -si 1 opo thai with the many real good :;oliliers that are to l>e found. In fac( have h«»en found, many of those who: have only been dreso paraders will J>ecome real good soldlors. The battle IK on .ind the Ixjrd Is onj8. W. Last the look out for soldiers. May He Af-iF. Ballard pcnd upon you? Sudden death InfU'ra. Saar three instances in our city week.|\V. L. Russell a prcat strupsle on In this chttrch.iC. T. Rlpp.^ wonder how we will pive an account*.?. E Blbeus of ourselves In the Judgment for non-jW. S. Case P'^-forniancp of duty? Very tenderly'E. S. Brees hut earnestly do we plead with each-C. L. Williams follower of the l/ird to come to llie|(). F. f'otl.-; front and show yourself worthy of theifl. .M. Culley Advertisement. .>oncp fo Hantrr.i. Deer Creek Township. Nov. :i, "OS. We. the iinderFipned. pledge ourselves to protect our wild game and properly from the r.ivages of nonresident hunters and therefore bar any and all non-resident hunters from hunting or risbinR In Deer Creek township. Signed: pn at call to duty. The harvest Is ri;u and ready and great. What we r. S. .Mcrritfin C. K. Rfbenstein iiee.i is reapers n-ady tri po out and T. A. Howell pet the grain. Thi« revival is to eon-,.Mat Fox from Chanute to in the evening in order to ;H coniniodate llioRe who wish to return early. The special will leave Chanute at <•.::'." and arrive heie at 7: lit. \ Personals. I Helms wa.s in BroTi .>-'in ve.^terday vi.^lling friend;. He rornirriy livrd there. .\. Pavi.s wrir; rejioried fni the ^icl; list yesterd.iy >trB. S. M Knn.\' hai- retiniied fioiii a trip tliroutrh, the pa.'-t. Mrs. C. .T H,i!ni was in fiiioTitowii Kas.. yestrrda-v tlip pufsl.-, of relative.-. .1. R. Willirinis of Pitt.^hiirg. K:i.- . V as- hTe yecferdnv fin loisjtie.c.*. Mr. and Mr.*;. .Tames II Wilson of Neodesha wr-re vl-i!inc here yesterday. Thpy fornieriy livf-d here. - State Needs $144,394. State .-^ud't 'ir .T. M. Nation estimate<! that the expen.^es of the state for the ne.\t quairer of the fiscal year will be $144.rP4.U and State Trea"surer Tulley drew on the county treasurers yesterday for a total of that amount. This will come out of th" state taxes held by the different counties. In some counties there is no money left belonging lo the state and In such ca'jes the balance wa« made up from other roiinties. —Topeka Capital. cause the Bishop did not come. they!,j„„p while <:od gives u.s victory antlM. L. Skinner the strength of the workers can holdlc. B. Dickens ly to a spleiiiid ser- inon d'-livereri by Rev. W. H. t.'ndr-r- «'>o<l from Clay Center. Rev. I'ndi-r- v.iwxi took for b.i.-; subject. "A t;<iori •Sobli- I. • :i)ii! ill .-1 plain, fore.-tiii way told the qiialilii-afions ti( a pood -sol dier. HI- V.P.H a soldier in ilie l.'ivil War. wearing the A. R. biillnn. and hence was aM" to (ell in a verv tn'er estiiip way the makeup of a .=:oldi«^t wnitliv of the name soldier. Rev riid'-rwood said anionc other thin".; that soldiers are discovered in the midst of t'r" baitl<-K of <ar;h Sti we may al! have the r:liance to be (Iis<-ov- et<v|. ^iii.i ill ease there has been no discovery in <iur case the probability C'ue to Sheep. The sheriff .5 olfire received word this morning that a beaten iiath tlia! resembled that whieh would be made by a larte flock or sheen. lia<l be»ii discovered south of Baldwin. Mr. James, the owner of ft." missing sheep, at r.nce went out to the place and is Investigating the trail today. If it promises to lead to some possible clue .the sheriff will go out tomorrow and follow it up.—l.awrenee World Sheriff Bollinger had received word to ^e on the watch for the sheep. OLD GOLDEN —COFFEE- So delicately flavored that only a taste can tell ils wonderful excellence. Tiie special process of blending and roasting brings OLD GOLDEN toils fun maturity, driving out all the unwholesome bittcmcGS and leaving that aromatic, full- bodied richness found only in colTee of highest quality. Ask for OLD GOLDEN y —a coffee surprise. out. It is not a card signing campaign being worke/l up for nnmhors and a big" collection, but a real work of Cod in which men agonize for slim commiited and for experience of sa,I- vaiion which in soniH people's minds iiave become a lo.>t possibility. Several infants were baptized In the afternoon by the pastor and then Rev. Hamilton spoke to the congregation. The climax of the day came in the evening when a crowded house pave the preacher an opportunity that would gladden any heart. People found it difficult to get Inside and when once inside they were not In any hurry to get away. A great storm, a strong appeal and flne response. AlKiiif l."> people were seeking and many found. Great conviction rests iifon the people. Hod ;.s moving and we arp rejoicing. Now is the accepted time. Today is the day of salvation. Seek ye the Ixjrd while He may fe found. Life. Fternity. Judgment Sinner think and act quickly. Behold I stand at the door and knock. R. W. Penland C. W. .Mcklnder J. ,\. Vlckers J. F. Mulhint Robett Shapel W^i. Weaver H. W. Hardy R L. Walker Arthur Scott A H. Rlggs Chas. Perkins M. J. BIbens H K. Wynn T. V. Nadler C H. Vand^ver W. J. Hoke .1. F. Dyee .\rthiir Brown Wm. Dadler W. H. .Morrison Frank F. Selller .Martin Robinson I. N. Dickens \V. E. l.atham H. L. Snyder Chas. Robinson n. P. Wialker H. Push .1. C. King W. F. Davis J F Quart UMOX SERVICES WILL BE HELD HEBE THANKSGIVING FORENOOy. Re\. W. >. Leeper, .Pastor of .tht United PrrsbytPrian Churrb, IVill Hare ('barge—Personals. VILLE EXTRA SERVICE. .S( (IBKS «.A.HBLI>« l.\ HO.VE. Pavtor .Morony Says Rrsprrtahle People Ret on Curd GamrK. In his sermon i»> the congregation t;f St Paul's Kplscopal church In Kansas t'ity. Kas.. yesterday morning. Pas tor I,. C. Morf»ny dwelt at length on the evil of betting on card games played in the heme, says the .Vliy Jfitrrnal. •'Whi.e I do not tolerate any kind of garmllng. • said the Rev .Mr. Morony. "this form is particularly obnoxious. It is a very common occurrence In this city for respetiaJile people to gather together in little social parties of two or more and garablc for cash. "I recognize this to lie a hahit that has grown-ui)on some of us unawares, ."^ut it Is strong. The only way to acquire money according to God's laws is by honest employment." Chas. E. Merkeheiser Chas. G. Edmonds I.«wis Btiford B S. Buford J. H. Vaughn I... B. Williams J. D. Holllngsworth M. Heulett Thos. J. Anderson J. A Clark Grant Haywood S Dragoo F. I .Athani C. E. Dragoo FENN AT COFFEYVILLE. There to See About a Site for a New Refinery. CfaorBi Cloh to .Vect The Choral club will hold rehearsal this evening. Since the time (or the entertainment Is not far distant, a full attendance is desired. T",?'^r^ff" ^*??''"f'"' ». 'M.K. AT. TO GIVE SOUTH COFFEY John Watts of Newton, has been appointed receiver of the First Nat-i lonal bank. Mr. Watts, it is expect-j ed, will be on hand to take charge of the affairs of the banli tomorrow Hot«««« r<.«>. morning. The news of the appoint- ^""^ """"^ Betwee. Ce«ey. ment of Mr. Watts came in the fol-rille and the Jfnr lowing telegram, received by Mr. Hor- jnady at noon yesterday: Washington. D. C. Nov. 21. '^rant Hornadr. P^rt «'cott: Bradly unable to accept temporary receivership. John Watts, of Newton, has been appointed receiver, and instructed to take charge of bank. T. P. KANiB. Deputy Comptroller. To Hold rnlon SerTlce. Union Thanksgiving day servlccB will be held here Thursday Thanksgiv Ing day. The services will be held in the Christian church at 10:30 a. ^^. Rev. W. N. Leeper will have charge. Town. Did a Fair BnsIneNS. Tht; social at the home of Mrs. Joe Coman Saturday night was fairly well attended. The proceeds goes to the local Women's Christian Temperance Union treasury. John Deer Dead. Juhn Deer, formerly of this city butj who recently moved to tola, died yes-i terday morning. A full account of his death will he found In other parts of the paper. F. W. Fenn. formerly mayor of I Humboldt, but now representing the Chanute Refinery, was at Cpffeyvllle recently to see about a site for a new- plant there. The Journal says: The land selected for the site happened to be that recently given fo the P. C. ft M. Railroad company by the old Commercial club. Tt is believed, however, trat there will be tio trouble at all In getting things. ironed out so the land can be used by the refln-j yesterday, ery also. Mr. Fenn was in conference- Chas. Ballard left with George Pfister. president of thejiiui. Chamber of Commerce, Friday even- ign relative to getting matters fixed up so the refinery work can go right ahead. The company Is to build. .Mr. Fenn ha."* represented the com pany at Chanute for some time and Is-terday. well posted on the business. He says the plant here will be a good one. and that it will be enlarged from lla^. to time. He thinks it will be a valuable industry to the city. Six acres of ground are in the site chosen which lies on both Sides Personals. .Mr and .Mrs. George Rice. of,Center villc. were the guests of friends her« vesterday on .less trip through the north states. A. .M. Blcknell Is reported on the sicl: Msl. H. J. Marshall, of Neosho Falls, now ready j Kas., was here yesterday on buslnesa. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mitchell, of Kansas City, were visiting hefe yes- Thev formerly iivcd here. . .The Rnrlster want MIIBB can ivB It rent It or ret it the qilckesL On Election Totals. lola has quit leaning of the city of the I directory and has placed one foot switch leading from the main lino ofi squarely u|ion the election totals, to the Katy northwest to the Ball Bros.'j challenge the assessors with the In fruit Jar plant. Register want ads pay. dictment of not having found enough people In the city at their last census.—Baldwin Ledger. Mr. Watts has been a national bank receiver for many years. He live, at Newton when Mr. Hornady was at the head of a bank there, and is well known by the latter. It Is ex- Jected that Mr. Watts will Issue a statement some time Monday concerning the condition of the bank. South Colfeyville, Okia,. Nov. 23.— -The M. K. & T. railroad company will run a special train every hour-between this city and CoffeyvlBe. Ras.. on the opening of the town|dte of South Coffeyvllle ThanksglTlnc dajr. The transportation will t>e free to all who may want to go back an^jt Until between the two towni;. Severallthoaa and people are expected here for the opening. —Our Way window—I^ook at it Mrs. Jack Pepper is Tisltlns 'la the city for a few days. She ItM beaft spending the past three montlM. with relatives In lola. KanMs.' and Clla- ton. Mo.—PlttsbufK HesdUght.

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