Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 25, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1907
Page 2
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mi. MShnX FBOn, Asst CuUcr. BsUUI MiHliMlfiMCi. IT.-?"' •r- Our Great Semi-Anoim^ Oloye Sate Is now in full pro- jjitss. The cBtiy fiurchiiser reaps the benefit. These gloves were not |>nrc hasted i. r a sile but are taken from our regular stock. ! Our )l.00 two tlup M«l igllvc while only. fkA. thtcs S 3 .4 to 7 1-2' Mmlqnnual pricr, pair. Ouu Our $1.50 h. & f. two bution clwp. over scant, walking tl«^ Iriitan,!greybx blood, tizu 6 to! 8; Mmi.annual price bahr •. UwU Ow>U)0 two ckip Mdj gloves. CItampagflr. new. tan.and grey, sizes 5 3-4167 I-2, scmi-tnnuil QII A pri«,Nir OilC Our ctlcbralcd IS-.i^) Milvjilio lobutt <n kid g)avci in black, sim-5 12 to 6 il-.2, scmitnnuti #0 011 price, pair |.. •.••.O/i90 Ottr $3.50 Molvolio J6biilton Md slvt in whitr. fizcs 51'2 to 0 .V4. sci^i-innual pnt, 001011 Ptir---- • ••••-•I--- ^IiOO Our $3 SO Hiaivolio l6.button Ud ioves in grey sirts 5 1-2 to 0 1-2, semi-annual price, Qr :...iZl90 Our $3.00 Malvollo i2buHon kid glove*, while, liza 5.1*2 to'6 3 .4, senti-annual price. #<) JC pair SZ|40 Our $3.00 Malvolio 12 button kid glovu in Navy, sizes S 3 -4, 6, 6 3 -4, semi -annual price, ^ JostHccivcd.;l6-button P. X. Cape over .Kam gloves, the mat p'actical and sensible ^ AH long gloves liiade, pair WTlUU Only one h4nd fitted in this sale. No gloves exchanged. R <iriiemberi |5a4e Ends on Thanksgiving Day Thankii(|iving Social. ;• most oujojable lioiir witli ••Karf;7h"i Tho EJndeavorei-s of the Pi-oklntcr- il;i< licsioss vorvotl ii doliclous Iriiii | Ian chrirch have completed afraiiKO- liinclu'oii. Tho fj"-'^'"- were a Krini;-' nients for a socfaVto celcbiafo tliaiikH o, iiitliiiatp fri<>uilh*<ii' ilio liostcss, ! eivtaB. . The parlors of the rhuiTli ^111 be used and It is rxiioctod^that a ' larps numlter of y<v\itig pixiplo wit' |;'' jwrticlpnt? In the amiisi'ii\<Mits 10 in- i provided by a comuiittec. * + * For Miss Mitchell. >>Ir. and Mrs; \V. S. Goodin. .Mr. and Mrs. Browii,"^ Zkliss Naniiie Mltrhell. -of .Tefferson City. .Mo;. Mr. Oiis! Hos;- •KDOd, and Mr, Kinley Imv? pone for a week's canijdng trip to ilio cani!> Etor Port Scolt. \ \ * Orpheus Club Sang. The servici'^i ;at the llel!(>rni<'! I churdi were nindV^ unusually plt'.nsaii; Jast evenlHK hy ihe s^p.-^cial intisle contributed l>y tho On)lieus c'uji. Tl:e Teudltlon ,or two sarrtnl solifctlourf took tlw place of aniheiiis usiialiv . tung by the choir. i • •> • Beau Knot Ciub. 1 : Miss -Vlfa Puncan wrts liosti-s-js of :i lit JBTOup of friends on Saturday laftrr noon, Uie occasion l)eing.a nieeiing of Itte-Beau Knot rlnti. The ;ruesfs spc-ul on .hour with needlework and wen • entertained with nms'c. - • •> •> For Miss Paris. Miss JIaude MclCinney pave :» most gellgbtfal party on Saturday eyeninc io entertain Miss Harel PaHs of La'med. • Mtss ilcKinney was pssist |r<fid by Miss Miary McKinney and after Ldok at Oitr I.ibbcy C-.t Glass, Kook- wood Pottery aud Hand Painted Chitia. • S &wilUewderandOpliciafi n).\ North Washiugton. liMttii^ort be made to make these ftcimeii as'Interesting and- belpfUl atfj io«8lbIe. • •• . SajHist Missionary Soeicty. , . Thci-ie will be a M8sl <i:i of th^ ^M;RBlona^y stKSIHy of the Baptist c::urch on Friday afternoon in tho thi:rch ijarlors. •> .> + Birthday Dinner Party, .^US«<^»' lAMt Culbertsoi. Wttnia- Cate. L«na Joliffe. .Maude and Mable Vezlc. Edna NlKh. Mrs. Florence I/rngslior* and Mrs. Jacl; Jameson, of- Denver. Colorado, woro sut >F(B at a most delightful party 8atnrd(-y cvcn- inR when MI SK Blanche Thompson futortalncd nl dinner. Tho tablo WOK iltKioratetl with fern brunchon and car- uatlonH and the uji>nn was i.erved by Mra. ThoinpKoa and .Ml.<;^ Gruc? Thonip8on. • • • Entertain Ino Informally. yWt-n. I.uni Leech in holdinK an In fornuti reception \,Ms afternoon from fnur until six o'clock to Introduce her sixier .Miss Rllrabeth I.eech, who Is here for a visit. • •* Y Society Program, tin 'I'llurHilay eveniUR the V K(K 'Iely will he enl:>rtalited at the home of the I'lvsidenl. MlKsllesHle Howard. The pro(;ram which' will he under the ilirection of .Miss Margaret Mc- Cle'land. will l>c coni|>oiied of nnin- I KMH appropriate to tUa ThanksRlvinp .lime. On December Ilfth 'ho proRram will lie made up of read ups and qno- t.UicnK from .lamea AST l^mls Riley. • + * * Miss Wagers III. 'I'lic many friends of Miss Bertha AVivi. s. iTh 'C Spnioe. Canvagi City, .Vo.. will be sorry to he. r that she has l)H«Mi III for some time and has been onmpellcd to abandon her work In the Spaulilini* sclio<d In tiiit city. Misst Wnvei-s Is now arranRln;; to KO to Iowa wliero she will ..-iiend th.^ winter wilh relatives. Entertain Card Club. I Mis^ Unrtlia Sickly will lie :i( Imnn'' Ki uifnibor.-* of th<' Vounp l,:id :.-s MI d ' <<.i '!s of Ih.- event will go to the . on Salunfaj- afienioou. • 1 "u'liu'-nt fund which will be lUi.-d to 4, .(> '.(> j l 'Un -li:tse a nionnmeni to old soldiers. Evenino Card Party. | ili.^s of the Friday Euehro e.Iu'.i I i III.' i -o: ps has worked dlllgontly to ->\i '!l tli<- fund aud pive dinners ami •11 cnii rlainuu-nt for tliis pur|)osc. •> <• •> Miss Kapp to Come, .\;r .s. T. S. Stover will eutartaln her SHI. .M ss Flora Kapp of l,awrence n r UH : THankspivinR time. .Miss Kapp - <liii1H'mne at the Kapi>a sorority vil) pive a iiarty on Fnd;(y evi -ijin'-- I 'r their hushauds. The hwne ofiMr. ] •Tud Mrs. C t.'. .\nsherman, :;iir.\orth' .'(•Ifei-son. will bo thrown optMi : Un the occasion. i •> •*• Birthday Dinner. .Miv. Coiu -pe Heiroth celobrate.1 Ji,r Inm,-,- in Lawrence. !>'.rtlul :tv auniversaiy toihiy by a \ery plea.><ant iiariy. .Vt mxm .1 ' Family Dinner Party. ,i;r '>up or ladles was served wiilr-au| and Mrs. S.. R. Rerasberg. who • laloraio dlnn -^r and the aitcriHwn '! vr s.uith of ;;as City, will entertain has lieon spent fnrornially. The ;: UPS I SJ;I ^IIITIU of rrlatlv;.s un Thursday, well' uienilicrs of the Mothers" C3ul). 1 j- - M:iry llemsberg. of lola, will be •> •> * !he guests. Entertained Friends. 1 • * • thoreS "Wlierc are yoti going?" "Goitig .liter a sack of If, SmPiliimt I^lour. Mvwtfe -woa't ttseanyiliiog else." i-Chfm O0m M • and 5Ir«. F. W. Wlllkerson u !'i-iaiiied Mr. anil Mrs. O. K. Cntiiii • lirll of ChiDinte. and Mr. and Mi-s.-.l. I'-. Hnrtlott of Vates Center y<>sterd;i> . • •> * Tri; Mu Club Mrcts. The .iouu« people who lielong to ili •! Tri .M]i club, which was rec -i <nl'y or ; Kanizeil by memlters of the L'.tt'r' Y. f. t". V. to Meet. Thf usual weekly meeting «)r llic V P. <•. f. of the I', n. church will • r.-;;r iLiiinrrow eveulug. Miss l.lnnle \.'• 1-^ will d I reel the meeting. • * • K(Ii|U(>t1«- of the rur^e. Ilirrr is now an etiquette of the liiH -ketbook. Fashion's latest fad is Buiiders' chaiK >l, will meet on Th«^- ,^.„ ,„,r)cetbook must rctlrp with day evening to b?gin arranpemejit.^ i,,. .„„„ „„„r. ^,„pe jt chiefly de«or the Chrsunas festivities m th.-.,^,„„, f„,. ^i,„,,„i„^, or marketing ji:in>osr>s. After the morning duties it :'ir..ii 'iivi' way to Hie l)cade<I or metal |.cln !!i n-ticule, now one of the most f ha pel. • • • Miss Coooer to Sanitarium, .\ .rroup of friends were at Santa Fe yesterday to see Miss I^oraiinaiiV Coop.^r and Mrs. S. M. Cooper, or P^nr- si:ns. who were enroute to Battle Creek. Mich. Miss Cooper has been il! for some time and will spend part •f ilie winter months at. ih;» Michigan ;.il!l;:iiliti!. • * • Lyric Quartette Coming, \V-uii.'ii of the Relief Corps hare Tranced: a coiin-rt To occur on Pii •ly evi;iviiig Ml the First -M. K. chu'rch. 'he Lyric Uidies" Quartette, of Enior;a, w\ll furnish iliei numbers. I'fo- tlin;ro.<i .y iti-nis in the fnshionable wo- uiini. This must be large cMoii^h to hold card case, change purse and handkerchief and as costly as the owners Income will allow. I Meetinc* to Continue, j Tiie revii'al meetings conducted by C. W. Cassldy at the Ba|>tist church lor I he past two weeks ars to bo con tiuuid by the pastor of tho church. Till- iKistor w-ill preach Monday, Tuesday and NVi ^nesday nights. Tonight the pastor will s|>eak on the subject, ••ppcs the Devil Kesp His Promises." "Trtar-Switheni Skie*.^ ' One of the pleasantest fetitures of ; the. theatFical season will be th^ rp- .torn of that aellghtfiij plaj- "linder 'MBthem; Skies." Xo father plak- of t- yeiaTS deaiing with life ii( the i ;:^itu^ sotith has met with such favor 'M',,!urfi. Parker's entertaining ilay. Ai, tact no other play of southern life MB ever.been written which presjent^ •'Mp po^aance. the gayety, the icvlsh " "Ity anftr^Jbe buuior of life in .sooth, with snch natural clarm i':intense initerest asj Mrs. Parker i;sncceeded in putting into "Uhder .Bkiee." The Uieater gjolng _^ IcthrionRltrint ,the,iconntr>- lias ^jheen i)Uiek in.recngnialug the treat 1 nicrit of the piar. and it is now in its seventli season of phenomenal su«- cess. Crowded honses are the mge for tJii.t splendid ottractiob and ita return diittr.are greetjed by enthnaiastic audieii«fc*-which test the' capacity cf the-theatres. The beautiful seuitinept of the play appeals to every one land the fun and frolic of the Hallowe'tfn ; party delight the yonng and make the older aud sadder ones forget theSr year.s and renew the da.vs of tlieir own youth and romance. "Under,Southern Skies • )»WKe.'4es the imuspal i)Ower bf makiug the audience seem a part id itself, \^ee|)ing with the cR^amctors Jn their griefs, and laughing with Ui*^ in (bdr merry moments. It is this great success it is, and wlricfa draws peoiiic to see iu orer and over agiia. For this-season an entirely new outfit jof scenery has i»een provltled to ren- j resent the l>eautiful southern landscapes and stately mansions, new coa^ i tomes will lie worn by the. actors and an entirelj: dilfereat arrangement of JBongv and dauoeS:has been made for {the Halluwe'eu celebration wliich is jsucb an-enjoyable feature of t^e perr fomiance. A strong cMBt has b^a selected to portray tlie manr interestins ; roles. The date of "Under Sontberd , Skies" apiiear^nee at the Crahd is Tuesday, November 26. Junkem Attention, I am III the market for all kinds of Junk, scrap Iroh, hides, raw furs, etc. XlRhest cash jirlcps and a .«qiiare deal, IhluRs lookUiR brighter, liable to ad ranee,'t he hootlooed. Come dl n>ct to headquarters where yon al ways are treated right and Ifi ounces make a pound. B. S. Barnard of loia Kansas, the most reliable dealfr. ;!2I :L '« .North Buo!;ey.>. ADAMS CASE "ro THE JURY, thanksgiving Silver r «ir the table. UeaulJfiil patterns In Uoi-ham Solid Silver Knives and Forkk. Table and Teaspoons, F'^ncy Single Pieces, etc, Cntnniunily Sliver, Rogers 1.S47 Silver and complete stock to select from. McllElL MOTrifRS, r .iways the '.'ame GIRLS C/WSED MIINITY The Closing Arguments of Darrow and Hawley, Opposing Attorneys. Boise. Idaho. Nov. The Steve •\i |:ilii!< ease was given to tli.-v jniy hv .liidpe Woixls at Rathdruui fhis cvi -n lug in li 'W ininntes bi-fore t> o'clock frncttoally the entire day was taken <;p In araiinients by Clarence Harrow Io- the defens.' and .lames U. Ilaw'ey "or the state. Mr. KuJght finished his argument for the iinisecntton of .Adams l)efor»» Mr. Darrow be«an. Tliis m<n-ning he -|.oke only half an hour. .Mr. narrow .-aid that from be\ilnnlug to end the (•rcsef-nthin of .Adams ha<l bo .Mi a 'iitmbuff and a fraud. ".\dinis '<»d to go hac?c cm .M<-I»ar- l.uid the Pinkcrton man," said t>ai" -.^w "and tlie stale of Idalio has been ••laying with his life ever since as a cat plavs wilh a m ise. Fiml hini '•.nlliy if you wi'l. T ,• s!ali« does not hire 'o liii 'i-; hliu. . do not fear for 'lis l'f>. They lielieve that If they •ail kiM'p this ninii under thidr thniuh llii-y i-nuld use hlui ill thi' pi-o .--i -eii 'ion <if Haywood. Thi-y bidieve now Ihnt if this jury will put a rop< around his neck they can use him to '.ang PettilKine." Hawl;>y d.'cared tliat the Western '•'ederatiou of .Miners cared nothing .-ilKint Adams and that the only rea.son 'I was defending hlni was because il feared him. Se and hear "The I'Mag Sfiii:; of the Vntions" as lllustratcti by ihe Lyric Quartet Friday evening, Nov. 29. ANOTHER POWERS JURY PANEL. Three Republicans, One Democrat and One Independent Have Been Passed. (Jeoigeiowii, Ky., Nov. •J.',.—.Another jury panel for ihe trial of Caleb Pow- rs. charged with tho murder of Governor (Joebel, was completed todav It includes five Democrats, six Repul)- ticans. and one Independent Dcmo- :r:it. Of this number five have pass•d a'ul .are perm .in en t jurors. Three lie Uepnbllcans. one Is a Democrat iiid one is an Indepi-ndent Democrat \gaiiiM this |>auel the coiuiuonwealtb an four and the defense eight, per- -•mptory clial'™ges. The defense moved lo«lny to have the deputies In f-harge of the jury removed for jireju- I'ce. The court said a motion would be considered. uixiii application by nioper affidavits. The court adjoum- d until Monday. AWOKE ON A HIGH COPINa The Plight of an Aged Sleep Walker in St. Louis. St. Lcmis, Nor. 2,-,,—After bavin? wa'kod In his 8l.-«cp. John Droeland. 80 years old. awoke before dawn to- power which has made the play the|^<la>- t& find himself crouching on a trail copinic less: than a foot wid^ ontside a' third- stotr window of the homtC; in which be IxMnis, The shock »u8ril htm to lose his balaoce. b'nt io seix3d il>e coping and dangled id feet above the street screamins lua- titfi Aroused boarders who were 'jnablH to dra? hlih back to safety, seixed his hands and beM him for twanty-flve minntes until a fire det>art ment wagon arrived and Dreeland. ex- hansted and suffering from fright and exposu-e. was carried down in fjafety. Ho mil Miss llenriiig Quartet." I lie !..yric Fonr Kei olntioniNtH IVrsuaded Itus- slan .Sallom to Steal a IloaL Victoria, lt,.C.. Nov. L'."..—The si<-ani- • r Kiimcric bnuight Ihe lu -ws today that Ihe recent mnliiiii-s at Vladivos- lok were caused by four girls, Kus- slaii revolutionists, wlio wc -nl 011 iKiard the destro.\-er Suknrni and Insti- :aieil Ihe bluejackets of the destroyer o .vt i -/i' the olllcfrs and escaiH- l «i latiati with the vessel. They agreed, tiiit decided to shell the city from the niad<!ted before leaving. .\ rctl Il.ip was Ixdsted- and the destroyer opened ire on the adinlrally and then ex- lianaed shots with the cruiser .Man- Ijiir and three destroyers, as well as I ho forts. Tho cnpine riHini of the di -slroyor was struck bv a shell from the fiirts iiid ihe %-eKsel was rnn ashore to prevent sinking. Tlie fonr girls who In- sli «at,.|| the inntiiiy were kiilinl, as .M 'll as a niiiiilier of Ihe bluejackets, riie reiiiainder w'cre arrested. The nintln .v was ftdlowed by a most •letive campaign on the |iart of the aii- hnrltles against tlie revolutionist.?. The Uiillsh steamer Mary, which left Vladivostok October "I for .N'aga.sakl, was thronged with refugees. The Vla- •Jlvottok corresiKindent of the -Voko- hama Osaka .\sahi says the revoln- thinlsts, who are Indd under strict <npervlslon, were using their wives to ;pre -id the revolutionary pmiuiganda •inioiig the men of the jirniy and navy. More outbreaks are expeeli -d. W. H. ANDCUON, Notary and Stanographar in Omca. PboDo 4&5. • • H.A.1!wlnK. 8.A.0ard, Q.ltOara • • Ewae; GAKD * eiis, •! • Xawyera. • Fractica In all • 9% W. Madliofl. • • • • • Dl. HcXlLLEX, • BpMlal atttntioa given to tha • trentOMat of all Chronic Dlseaa- • ea and Dlaaues ot Children. • Telephonea: Office 32. Res. 233. • Otnca in.Mrs. Turner'! BIdg., • West Madlann. Phone 687. Rea. 701. .DK.O.L.COX. Eye, Ear, Noeo and ThroAt. Bpactacles Properly Fitted. Offico-A. O. U. W. Sldg. • Phone 6IS4. lola. Ktna. DB. B0ITR g. BA IAH. • Offlcr and Realdeace orer Bur• rtll'i Drug' Stord. • Office Houra—^0 to U; a. mn S • to 4 p. m.. 7 to 8 erenloie. • Sundays by Appotattnent Office Phone 1083. DB. B. 0. CnRISTIAJt. PhyilekB tmi Sargeea. Rooms 7 fend 8. Eraaa BIdg. : F. H. HABTlir. Practice Limited to Boiiwy. 16 N. Buckeye. Phone 671. • !• H is hoped lhat everyl>o<ly wil lat- leiid Ihe "Lyric Quartet" concert in he i-"irst .M. K. church Nov L'.t and thus contribute t" tlie Ki -owtli of the Soldit-rs aud Sailors' .Mouiiiiieiit Fund. TKACIiKIiS IlliAW i|!l.:!IM TIIKIti-:. And 300 tlww Arc \ecdcd for Phillppinett. Washiuglnn. N «iv. —Tlie bureau 'if iii .iular affiars I KIS received a cable- trrain from the governor general of the PHiliiipine i.ilands indicating lliat prolMbly :;oo teachers will lie r ^inircd It the be;rinning of the next sciiixd ivar. wiiich oi>ens in .iiiiie. These iMchers will be .sclcrtcrd fnuii among 'hose passing either the "teachers" or 'assistunl" examinations, which are held semi-annually by llie I'nited States civil service commission. The age limits are "0 and ^0 years. Tlic iiilk of the appoiiifineiits will be made It the Olilrance salary of ILL'tiU. -L>ric Qiiarlel" .Nov. L'ii. • ••••••••••••••••I R HS. Tel. 1»8. Office Tel. 163. OiB. B. PEPFEB. - DeHtlit Is pennansntly located orer E. C. MeCIAIiTs Clothing Store, and ie prepared to do all kinda of ap-to-date dental work. Brening work by appointment DB. tf. B. HETunnr. Fbyalciaii SnrgiMB. Office N. E. CMraer of Sqaare. Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'e Store. Ree. Tel 38. Office TeL 602. • • • P. JM i;athrop, Mrs. Bessie iO. Lathrop. OSTEOPAtHIC PIITSICIAIIS. Spedat attention givea* to OU* eaaea of Wo^en and CUldren. Over East Side Hardware. Office 'Phone, Main 468. • • • THAY ARK FRESH. A choice aisortmentrol this popular brand nt CRABB'S. When yon buy Lowney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get \our next candy at Crabb's and see how well It pleases you.- CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washiiigtou anJ West Sts. TO BE TRIED ON DECEMBER 6. Clyde Wririfit Will Answer to Charge'] of Rape. The hearing of Cl.vde AVright the i.allarp> boy. who is charged wifi nii«\ is set for December tJth. \\>lsht vas arrested hist Saturday at his '.'onie in IjiMariie by tho sheriff fmra Barber county, and was taken 10 the county scat where the first complaint WHR qnahi'd but AV-ri.ght was re-ar- ivsteil. Md then aSer a few wMlit wd^ y««r. «eir «irin. If yod arc Mn| wdjM take scorn EMULSION. Biollie Mi ^^airfii^ UiiRi|4elM: Trythbbrafcwwcdto. 7^ wd^yiiiiiairipin. Tht ecpc- iffMC m. thMBafldb of men. MdcMldrcaiitittt Mhiki thewi^iiht. K Miitalnra Wc are booking ordtr.s fur ThauksKivltig Ttirkey.s. Call ns up. Give lis your order fi>r anything in the jiouliry line, live or ires.sed, and we will deliver it to you on Moiid.-iy, Tuesl-.y or Wednesday ol nvxl week. We >.cll lur caslu Our price is ri^bL fiflcHafdson Produce Go. TELEPJIOME 3:0. II. If. Kicbardson, Prop. The SA.MA EE will sell 1I»X£8EEH £US* Ueketo N OT. IWli, Dec. 8d aad I'th, 1907 to poiats hi Texas .Uklaioaia and ladfaa Territory, >'ew Mexico aad Arkaasas at verj low rates.- . tri.lTEB TOLBIHT tickets ea nle daily Son ISth, 1807 to April Mth. tm. wHh fiaal retara liailt Jaac 1st, laJMi. to Beaamont, £1 Fasti. Ft IVertli, Cairestea, Texas, Carlsbad and. Dcaifai?, S. at low rates. Please see as (or farther parleulars. W.£. ^•i .*i '*-,HS--.i

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