The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1951 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, October 29, 1951
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VOL. m,VM-NO. 189 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ^.vn..^- """ I>OMIHA " "* WSPAPBt °* *0™*ABT ABKANB*. AKO .<>«**„ MW8OUM Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle D«Uy New* MlulMippI valley Leader Blytheville Herald THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OT MORTBEABT ARKAN8A8 AMD BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS. MONDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1951 KEMOVE BODY OF POTOMAC PLANE CRASH VICTIM—Men from 'Boiling Air Force Base take the body of an unidentified woman from the half- •ubmerged'wreckage of a small plane in the Potomac River In Washington. Bodies of two other vic- —AP Wirephoto tims w«re removed earlier. The plane, licensed by Thomas H. white of Chagrin palls, o., was approaching Rational Airport for a landing when It crashed. * Docks Stay Closed; Crops Slowing Threat' Fades Out Jury Selection' NEW YORK, Oct. 29. (AP)—A threatened showdown in New York's waterfront strike failed to develop today and miles and miles of docks remained closed tight after mornins: work whistles blew. Reinforced lines of pickets marched in front of 'many piers. Announced plans of AFLi long-* shore boss Joseph Ryan to send men "through or over" pickets didn't materialize. Police, anticipating a possible violent climax to the la-day dock strike, increased waterfront patrols to about 400 men along the Manhattan docks alone. But as the morning advanced, the docks remained quiet while pickets" shivering in a chill wind, ploded to and fro. No Sign of Threat There was no sign of the non- strikers Ryan had threatened to « nd out- . V . ' *^o vr . uaa , we , ..^l n , J .'. S ^ mpsOI ?:J eatler . al ' the ™« Urmed states now has at least U.S. Has Three Atomic 'Arrows' B-29 Drops Medium Size Bomb; V-Shapt Cloud Rises in Air , . revolt against a new con- —BULLETIN- NEW YOHK, Offt..». {/Pi —' A blgiquM of stevedores edged their, way onto a strike-bound plej?'io i -" day, while some 200 policemen held back a surging, angry throng of some- 250 pickets. tract, said of Ryan's threat: to send in non-strikers to crash picket lines: . ., .: : "He said that two weeks agp..'!he men will stay out as long as we are on strike." Ryan, lifetime president of the AFL International Longshoremen's Association, yesterday wired Presl- • dent Truman, promising that his followers will not be kept from work by picket lines. Men lo "Go Through" Ryan belligerently Hdded that his men would "never go around" the pickets; but through them. j',v At almost the same time, John J. ..floene) Sampson, leader of dissident ILA members, sent a telegram to the president urging creation of an "emergency impartial body" to reveiw the strike. Sampson said he would urge the men to return to work if Mr. Truman acted, but the wildcat leader maintained his opposition to the new work contract between the ILA and stevedore employers. There WHS no immediate reply from Washington to the two telegrams. Auto Prices Going Up DETROIT, Oct. 29. (AP)—Another hike in retail auto prices, ranging from $30 to $135, becomes effective Thursday of this week. Also going up at the same time will be new car accessories, with automatic transmissions advancing an average of S6 at retail. Weather forecast. Cloudy with occasional rain this afternoon and PARTLY CLOXJDY tonight. Tuesday jiartly cloudy and warmer. Missouri forecast: Partly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Tuesday with occasional rain this afternoon and "southeast and extreme east tonight; cooler northeast Tuesday; low tonight in 40's; high Tuesday 55 northeast to 70 southeast. Minimum this morning — (5. Maximum yesterday— 63. . Minimum yesterday morning— 55. Maximum Saturday— 60. Sunset today — 5.10. Sunrise tomorrow — 6.19. Precipitation 48 hours to today — .72. Total since Jan. 1—37.33. Mean temperature imidnay tween hixh and lowi --S4. Normal -mean temperature October — G3.4. This Dale Last Vcar Minimum this morning— 62. , Maximum yesterday— 90. Precipitation January 1 1 to date— 55.44. 7 s m. be- v for this lirce arrows to. Its atomic strong bow. Joining the select company of the large A-bomb and the baby A-bomb yesterday was a medium sized weapon which rave off a brief, brilliant Ha?h -and .{iCrhiipi file mosfiff-^k-'' ish cloud effect yet seen.- In imy nuclear : lest by the Atomic Energy Commission.- - - . : The moderate, by comparison bomb was dropiwd by a B-29 plane m a daylight demonstration yesterday mornirig. * .-.,,-, .Test Second After Dawn It was the second after-dawn nuclear test put on by the AEO after much delay because of weather.and- various operational difficulties. Unlike the pallid blast last Monday, yesterday's detonation caused a rumble heard as'far awiy as Big Bear, Calif., 225, miles away, and St. George, Utah, 135 miles off. An aviator flying at about 11,000 feet over Kalbab Forest, Utah, reported seeing the flash some 200 miles distant. Some Radiation Found The AEC reported finding a small amount of radiation in the Beatty- Lathrop Wells area, about 35 miles southwest of the Yucca Flat test site, but it was termed unharmful to humans, animals or crops. Yesterday's bomb — unofficially the, 19th major nuclear explosion by the U.S.—flashed white, then glowed red for perhaps two seconds fcefore sending up a column of smoke and the familiar atomic mushroom. Changing through various colors from grey to purple to brown to pink, the nuclear cloud assumed a V shape, which stretched widely across tlie sky before finally disintegrating three hours after the blast. At its peak, the cloud rose to probably 10,000 . feet 1 and attained n width of nearly 50 miles. Store in Joiner Robbed of Cash Between $35 and S45 in cash was reported stolen from-Roy Elrod's grocery store In Joiner last night Deputy Sheriff Herman Oden said this morning. Entrance to the store was gained Two-Thirds on List Of Veniremen Unable To Serve This Term Circuit Court met for its fall criminal term this morning but lad to recess when 24 of 36 prospective jurors were unable to serve. Most of those excused by Judge Zal B. Harrison were farmers with crops in the fields and no way of getting them harvested except by doing it themselves. Twenty-four members are required for-a petit jury panel so Judge Harrison recessed court until 9 a.m. tomorrow and instructed the sheriff to call^ those named in a special list of '25 prospective jurors. This action was taken under a. ew law used here for the first time today: Previously, when the jroup of prospective jurors failed to provide a panel, the sheriff was instructed to find substitutes. Now, the jury commission makes a special list in addition to the regular list and the special list is opened in by breaking door of the building. The money was taken from a cash register. Nothing but money was missed when the store was opened this morning, Mr. Oden quoted Mr ElrcO as saying. ^i?.? 1 ^. S V crlft J - T - W'S'ey and State Patrolman Clyde Barker assisted with the investigation. Hold On to Your Piston Rods, Boys, the Flivver's Going to Start Knocking CHfCAGO, Oct. 29 <F>~ c. E. Davis, director of the Refining Division of the Petroleum Administration for Defense, had this advice for motorists today. "Oet ready to clean up jour engines, retard the spark setting, and pcrpare ffcr knocking on the hills." In an address prepared for the National Lubricating Grease Institute, Davis said the anti-knock octane rating of automobile gaso- lines has been reduced In an effort to make more of the antiknock Ingredient, tetraethy) )«d, available for the miiniii'acture of aviation, gasollm). Id, N, B. Hooker -arid Ben Reed of Neal; Township; Walter Dyre of H«!or-Township;-J. A. Bowling and N. H. Hughes ofCanadian Township; Lucian Broom and Fred Davis of Big Lake Township; Vance B. Dixon of Clear: Lake Township; Frank Wagner, Fred Fleeman, Wallace S. Hoke, Aivin Huffman, Jr., Allen Pickard, Jiomer Nunally, Byron Morse, James Barksdale, Marcus .Galnes. Kendall BerrJV-Sam Johns, Carl Judd, H.'"c,; Knappenberger, Glenn Teague and John Mayes of Chlckasawba Township. Atomic Plant Is Strikebound Plumbers Walkout Holts Vital Project OAK RtDGE, Tenn., Oct. 29. (AP) —Construction on a vital atomic plant defense project was halted today by an AFL plumbers' strike. The plumbers posted pickets In defiance of orders of their international union president. And for the third straight day, hundreds of APL worltere honored the picket lines. The Atomic Energy Commission announced that the project shutting down because of lack workers to man the job. British Fire Kills Woman Egyptian Pair Tries To Crash Suez 'Block CAIRO. Egypt, Oct. 29 (If, — A 'Arsenal' Wreck Survivor Faces Burglary Charge Alabama Wants Man Hurt in Crash of Gun-Laden Auto Alabama authorities planned today to attempt extradition of Sam Massa. Jr., of St. Louis if he survives Injuries suffered near Bassett Friday in an auto wreck that touched off a robbery investigation and provided a solution to at least one burglary to date. Massa is In Hospital in Memphis, where attendants today said his condition was "slightly Improved but still serious." ' He was hurt in a wreck which killed two other Missourjans Identified as Marvin Mack Allen, 23, of Gape Dirardeau and Chester Ketchum, 25. of St. Louis. In the wreckage were found five shotguns whose serial numbers revealed thev were stolen In Athens, Ala. Deputy Sheriff Herman Oden of Bassett said today that all five guns have been identified as stolen from the U. G. White Hardware Store in Athens Thursday night. he ferial numbers were checked aturday. Sheriff John o. Sandlin of Athens and an Alabama. State Police the store was gained Br «ish military spokesman said to- *' erc shown a tllm of the National window in the back d "V an Egyptian woman was killed l/o " on P'<*lng Contest which was .ni1<-14 nn rm-^ _. -in.I Vin^n.'.ln t_ - . mROe DV t^lP Tlt\1horl Ot-i i-. _ TWELVE PAGES came after criminal investigator the guns yesterday. The Alabama authorities are holding » warrant for Massa's ar- The fatal wreck that launched the investigation occurred when the car in which the Missouri trio was riding cut in frant of a truck driven by George Butler. Negro. Butler suffered rib injuries. Deputy Sheriff w. R. James of the Pemlscot County Sheriff's Office in Caruthersvllle, Mo., was in Bassett and Memphis yesterday to check on possible connections be- Jlween the trio and some Southeast Missouri robberies. The presence of a quantity of coins in the wrecked ' aiito and ding.of apparent.'y altered draft -as on the bodies of the dead men have not been cleared up as ye. Explanation of these items depend on Massa recover! talk, officers say. SINGLE COPIEg FIVE CENTO Yanks Rebuff Screaming Reds *'*» **!»«»«.. Truce Talks 'Stalled' Buffer Zone Item Delays Progress New Meet Scheduled For 8 o'clock Tonight, Blytheville Time -MUNSAN, Korea, Oct. 29. Wj— Allied and Communist negotiators failed again today to make any progress toward agreement on location of an armistice buffer zone in Korea. "Today's discussions were completely Inconclusive," the official U.N. spokesman announced. Subcommittees of the main armistice delegation met 3',i hours in Pamnunjom. They scheduled their sixth meeting for 11 a.m. tomorrow (8 p.m. Monday Blytheville time). Each Proposes Line Bach . side has proposed a demarcation line. The o. N. wants it generally to follow the current battle line, mostly in North Korea. The Reds want the Allies to pull back as much as 15 miles, giving up such hard won positions as the iron Trlang|e, the Punchbowl and Heartbreak Ridge. In exchange, they offered the Ongjin Peninsula in the west. The U. N. says that has little military value. Allied negotiators rejected (he Communist plan and said it could not be considered "any further " Brig Gen. William p. Nuckols, the U. N. spokesman, described Monday talks as "R fruitless effort to arrive at" a solution. Wreck Halts Speeder Fleeing Under Gunfire Three Assaults Are Hurled Back Allies Retain Hill Mass; Fresh Enemy Division in Line U. S. EIGHTH ARMY HEADQUARTERS, Korea, Oct. 29. (AP) _ Screaming Chinese Communists three, Inside Today's Courier News drivin other muni when a speeding truck crashed Into a moving car at 85 mlles-per-hour after pursuing officers had fired 19 Shots trying to halt its driver No one was Injured seriously. The*— ' police car was able to stop. According to SUite Trooper Clyde Barker and Deputy Sheriff j. T Wigley, the chase began about 11 p.m. when the two officers spotted a speeding pickup truck. When oppreneiiae<i, the driver gave Ills name as Joe Ernest Parker of Plant City. Pla., but this morning told officers his right name was Henry Brooks Robinson. He said he didn't slop lor officers because he was wanted on an old charge of Army desertion dating back to 1942. The truck was weaving across the highway. Trooper Barker said, about one and" one-halt miles north of here on Highway 61 as a stow drizzle With siren and red lights "wide open," the officers gave chase through Wilson, Bassett, Joiner and Frenchman's Bayou at speeds ol 75 to 00 miles per hour. r Bark- cars off the highway, T er reported. ' . End of the chase came about three miles south of Turrell when,an on- md sentenced to 01 days in Jail this morning in Munlclpnl Court at Osceola. He was fined (loo and costs and sentenced to one day In Jail on a charge of driving while intoxicated, $50 for speeding; and fined $50 arid Army Seeks Speeding Navy Vet for Deserting 710 Farm Agents Make Tour of South Missco South seven-hundred and 10 county agents from all states in the nation in '° raatl0n °" »* vast .gricultura, resources or a r sippi County on a tour of that area yesterday t. »•- *><•! "*-»*-6«tca ijiuyu ijOQ ^SvTssifflSteMsr today at Memphis, were guided on the tour of the Wilson and Osceola areas by members of the Mississippi County Farm Bureau, host for the trip. After registering /or the convention in Memphis yesterday, the agents came to South Mississippi County In special buses and cars They were guests of the Crlttenden County Farm Bureau at a breakfast in West Memphis yesterday morning and proceeded on to Wilson where they were met by a delegation of Mississippi county Farm Bureau members. Visit Oil Mill, Gin On the tour, the visiting agents visited "•- • - •• Yesterday afternoon, the agents loured the Godfrey .White farm at Osceola where they watched mech- nnlcal cotton pickers in action, tests on chemical weed control and use of anhydrous ammonia. The huge delegation was led to Mississippi County by Edwin Bay of of visited th; Buckeye Cotton Oil Mill at Bvadale where they saw cotton seed oil extraction and the manufacture of oleomargerlne. From there they were taken to the Grain Brothers Cotton Gin at Wilson where they saw is cotton bales ginned. At noon yesterday, the agents were served B barbecue luncl'con at Wilson High School by members of school's Home Economics Department. Following the luncheon the agents were shown a film of the National n ay o Springfield, ill, president of the county agents' association and j. i Carter of Greensboro, N. c, secretary-treasurer. tt V. Maloch, county agent for South Mississippi County, headed an Arkansas county agents' committee for the tour and Keith Bll- brey. North Mississippi County farm agent, was chairman of the 'luncheon committee. made by partment and her male companion wounded „,„ by British troops who fired on their nartmcl11 automobile as they tried to crash i 5 ^ " 8 through a British roadblock In the I „„,„„"!" embattled Suez Canal zone j "dally The spokesman said an Egyptian !S?. u " t3 ! -ft' H ' tficer immediately made an olli-! ^ S " le ' p ial orctest against £„ «v!L?•" S '-«'PP' Counl the United States De- of' Agriculture several the film, the group was officially welcomed ta Mississippi County by H. C. Knappenbcrgcr of The group also was addressed by officer immediately made an"o':M-! "'* tncvnle - president of the Mis clal pretest against the shooting !^ ssipp j County Farm Bureau and which occurred last night after a ~ Bull < ;r .^ayor of Osceola. weekend lull In the Canal Zone. Egypt meanwhile moved toward a war footing. The Egyptian state Council which was the status of a supreme court, yesterday approved general mobilization of manpower and drafting ol all Egyptians between 18 and 50 "in case of war or threat of war." Manila Soldier Killed in Korea Pfc. Gerald L. Perry of Manila has been reported killed in action In Korea according' to a Defense Department announcement. He was killed In Korea Sept 20 his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Perry, were told in a letter from the Defense Department. Perry, who was IB, entered the service In March of this year. Besides his parents, he leaves two brothers, Billy Wayne Perry of Manila and Pic. Robert Grovtr Perry, Jr., of Camp' Chaffee; and three sisters, Mrs. Fmi s Powell of Paragould, Mrs. Henschel JohnsoA of Flint and Mrs. Byrl Ware of Jonesboro. Henry Brooks Robinson, who first gave his name as Joe Ernest Parker told State Trooper Clyde Bnrlter and Sheriff's Deputies Herman Oden and J. T. Wigley this morning he deserted the Army at Fort Ben- nnig. Ga., in 1942 nnd run away from the stockade before an AnViy Board of Review could pass on his* four-year sentence. He further told officers lie enlisted In the Army when he was IS years old falsely swearing he was is. and less driving, "He tried to wreck the police car icveral times," the trooper said, 'and when we did get him, I asked " 'You damn right I was, 1 " Trooper Barker Quoted Robins™, "'j got no love for you Riding with Robinson was his 24- year-old wife and her brother. Jack Curtis. 17, of steele, Mo. Robinson suffered ciits above the left eye and on his right cheek and a sprained knee. Others escaped with scratches and bruises. The car hit by the speeding truck was-driven'-"by Dan Schwab of Chicago, Trvln.'V-Berrman df-.'V*r*-dnd Park; 111;,' waV ridlu B wltri'Sl*. • : •' •'Neither wns hurt seriously" al- ilioush their car was knocked about 75 feet by the Impact and its rear See CIMSE on Page 3 fled to Oeorei Mississippi to avoid county from term In the stale penitentiary there Trooper Barker said Robinson loltl them he came (o Islana 3 _ Wilson in the summer of 1945 and changed his name to Joe While working on the Fielding Cash farm, he readied the nge of Upon being drafted, he was offered a choice of Army or Navv service and chose the latter because he knew the desertion charge would be renewed If the Army got him subsequently, he served 28 monthi hi the Navy aboard the USS Nia China A r S8? 8 " d saw ."rv(cc In China, Japan and at Okinawa before being honorably discharged in lie then returned lo the Osceola- W.l.«n area and was convicted of stealing rndlos In Memphis arid served II months and 20 days I Shelby county renal Farm County and since "has" b^en'^'im nlng around" between here, stceli Mo., nnd Plant, City, Fi a . Typhus Check' Is to Be Made Rats Trapped in Blytheville h, night that A "typhus check" on rats found In Blytheville Is to be made at the Health Unit here by W. R. Sum- mervllle, Mississippi County malaria coiit,-ol supervisor. Mr. Siimmcrville nsked Blythevllle .. --, -Jsidents today to help him locate Carutlieinvllle i rats for the check. He will set traps Man Reports Theft of Automobile 1 sir. fcummcrviife asucd Blythovllle on Wilson reported | residents today to help him locate car, a 1937 mcx jel ' , m Btilck sedan, was stolen- 'from it E?Mri ? ?' S 5f " the Art»itt»s-MB. sourl stale lint yesterday Missouri officers dlSMtched '« three-state radio aUrm r« thfslo" and remove the rats, he said, II persons who know where any can be found will notify the Health Unit here. The rats will be captured alive, Mr. Summenille explained, and blood umplet taken for lAboratory analysis to determine lyphus Infcc- uon, Rats UFcd in the check are first anesthetized by them! in a ar containing chloroform-soaked cotton. After the blood sample is Mental Check Planned for Rape Suspect Berryman htlIn "«l Sheriff William 'his morning that seek a court order thcw Fleming 37- lli " J o. ^l-j-... -u, u LJIU Negro, to the stjte Hospital to 30-day observation period Fleming Is being held in the year. Fort Smith sets up t*en-afe i( law a* possible model for Arkansas citiei.. .stale Com- st probe planned.. Page 12. . Razorbarks lose Jfurney for ..Mississippi County >port> .Seven are killed In freak bin k...Pare 9. wr«k. ..Paie 9. :urred. Parker was fined a total of »200 side and chest is Allen about 35, of Blytheville. Clayton Office said he was shot as the result ol .in argument growing out of a crap game early yesterday. According to Deputy Sheriff Charles Short, Jones was shot Jr, another Negro, Clco Fxlwards. The sheeting took place at Edwards' home on the Colcman Stevens farm near Dell. Edwards told olncers he .,„„, Jones when the latter came to his house late Saturday and tried to gel In the front door. Negroes "Stared of Him" Deputy Short saltl Jones had been "wandering around the neigh Negro Is Killed In Break-In Try Another Is Wounded In Shooting Scrape During Crap Game One Negro was killed and anothe wounded in separate shootinu scrapes in North Mississippi County over the weekend. Dead Is Walter Jones, about 58 of near Dell. Officers said he was shot through the heart by a single blast from a .22 ririe while trying ,... c to enter the home of another Negro day. Saturday night. . TJ- In Blythevllle Hospital suffering so " •" ' vlr - ana Mrs. John F Moon from shotgun wounds in the right °' Blythevllle Route Four, was tak held hill mass southeast of Kumsong but failed to regain the positions Allied forces took three days ago. A frontline dispatch snid the pre- Inwn attacks kicked oft In com- - pnny strength at 1;30 a.m. (11:30 a.m. Sunday EST) and built up to battalion size three hours later Whooshfng mortar fire pounded Allied Infantrymen as the Reds rolled down a slope facing the U.N held hills on the central front. Division Shift Seen AP Correspondent Mllo Farnett reported from the central front that Allied officers believe the Reds have shifted a fresh division lo the Kumsong area to reinforce a Red division badly mauled earlier thij month. On the western front Allied forces slogged forward as much as 1200 yards. ' In the east they seized a hill and gained up to 1,000 yards after turning back three separate night attacks. 80-90 Red Jets SI shied Between 80 and 90. Communist Jets were sighted Monday over northwest Korea hut a Fifth Air Force officer said the Reds "weren't aggressive and went out of their way to avoid tangling" with our pilots.". It was the first'time In. nine days the Reds had refused a fight. Bed ground fire, however knocked two Allied planes out of the air. There was no chance of the pilot* surviving, the Air' Force said One AHG Downed In the air Sunday, Allied and Russian-made jets battled for the eighth straight dap. The Fifth Air. Force said one Red M1O was shot down and another destroyed in lhr»iH>aUles Involving M u.B, Sa- bfe.'jeU.and' 160 eriemy.-'jelS?"~' Fifth Air, Force \pitot6 Sunday night pounced on heavy enemy traffic columns and destroyed 235 ve-' hides. Pilots estimated they sighted more tlinn 2,100. The heaviest movement was along the Slnanju- Pyongyang-Sariwon-Kiimclion supply line. : On Saturday night pilots reported they destroyed more than 238 of 3,000 Red vehicles brought under attack. Blytheville Boy Hurt in Truck, Car Collision An 11-year-old Blythevllle boy suffered head injuries in a traffic accident involving the car In which he was riding and a ton and a half truck four-miles south of Blythe- on Hlghwey 61 at 9:35 a.m. to- The boy, John Willlom Moore son of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Moors en to the Blytheville Hospital following emergency first aid treatment at the office of Dr. R U Johnson. An attendant at the hospital said he was suffering lacerations of the b scalp and a possible skull fracture. Jr According to State Trooper Tom borhood" for several weeks and that most of the Negroes in that area were scared of him. Edwards has not been arrested for the shooting. Officer Short snlcl, but an Investigation Is continuing. Deputy Short said Clayton was ; the Intersection of I6lh and Rose Street early yesterday during an argument that grew out of a crap game. ig Smalley,. the car in which young Moore and his father were riding was struck from the rear by the shot trllck ddvcn b y Robert E. Massey shot 0 , West j, cmphts Trcoper Smalley said that the car was knocked 135 feel up the highway into a ditch and when it came to a stop it was headed In the opposite direction. Young Moore was thrown clear of the wreckage. His father, who was driving the car. escaped injury. Following the accident Majiey was arrested on charges of following too closely and" operating a truck Without a chauffeur's license. ! H "pcd a 75-year-old whle ° ne Who " red ^^^^MVT^K^^r"^^:^ ™~ j .L ""~u sample is "<= »»s srmencrn iron) Lafayette removed the rat* are then chloro-1 County in IMi and was paroled n formed further nnri tlln >,»!, L ..,llnlo pnll>ll.U 111 left her lying on the bank of the Mississippi River all night. Sheriff Berryman said he would ask lor the court order during the current session of criminal court here. The sheriff also said Fleming is an ex-convict having served seven years of n 21-year sentence on an assault with intent to rape charge. He was sentenced from Lafayette _ • — -.~ k jn,i| i,|||ijr-u- 1 vsumi formed further and the hair combed] 1948. . — ••••- uniL t.UJMDCU lo icmove «to-para.slles—a type of flea capable of transmitting typhus lo humans. A similar typhus check was conducted here last year. Results of the check Indicate whether a rat- exlerminalion drive U needed In a liven locality. Judy Cop/on Expects Baby NEW YORK, LKt, 2!). rtV~Judith Coplon, former Justice Department employe found guilty of spying for , Russia, is expecting * baby In I February. on an open outcome ol charge pending the Clayton's condition. Deputy Short said that Shannon has denied the shocllng. The gun used in the shooting has not been found. Democratic Head May Be Banker WASHINGTON. Oct. 23 l,P.—ll>- dianai>olis banker Pank Mckinney Is reported to be (he No, i man on a list of persons under consideration to head the Democratic National Committee, meeting here Wednei- Iday to ulcfc at chairman. fearing Is Continued Hearing tor riowarcl apeticer on a charge of driving while under the influence of liquor was continued " until tomorrow In Municipal Couit (his morning. In other action. Tom Boyle forfeited a $10 bond on a charge of speeding. LITTLC LIZ—

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