Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 23, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1908
Page 2
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Slitef BttduisM 1869. A. L. ninBAVCn. VuMm •S*Si:i:V-?.Sl.-=3'". gatber up clothing and turn it over to a cheap cleaner. When we take your clothes they are cleaned and pressed in onr own works, which is the most modern Dry Gleaning works in southeastern Kansas. No odor, rings or dust spots left when we do your work. Gossip of Society ^•Fltigcnld, AHto^LlTery. Fhonei. * - TIsMed Mother. , MUB EUle Gilliatt spent Saturday end Sunday with her mother. Mrs. E. J. OilUatt She returned to Kansas City yesterday anernoon. • • • For GIri Friends. The Altruistic club will give a party on Wednesday night at the coun­ try-liome of one o{ . their nuqiber. James Woodin, who lives north oi the city. The guests will be a number ot girl friends. • + + Buy Pawnee Rock. . The Woman's Kansas Day club has at last accomplished the plan for whtdi it has worked so long and ear- neatly. Saturday the papers were signekl which bring that old landmark on tiie Santa Fe trail into the pos- MBBibn of Kansas.! The club which has done most to raise the money for the-purchase was represented in the transaction by Mrs. iohn S. Simmons of Hutchinson and the land was deeded to the sUte by Mr. B. P. Unruh. $8,000 was paid and a note for Sl.OOO gtren so that the purchase price of 14.000 will be paid. • • + To Plan Party. Tbt Alta Seta club will have a »pedal-meeting tomorrow night to plan a party. Miss Amy Massengale will entertain. + + • Returned to Colony. . ttrs.-mockey and Miss NetUe Per- UBS who visited Mrs. G. W. Apple to attend the O. A. R. reception have returned home. • + + Mrs, Davies Here. Mrs. Llewellyn J. Davies of Joplln. is here to visit her parents. Dr. and Mrs. R. N. McMlllen. • • + , Miss McMillan in Club. !'8one of the Washburn girls have •rgultad a music club, called the AJpte Mu aoelety. and the members «er«. anterUlned Thursday at the bona of Mis* Eleanor 81ms. The mem- baralil» includes: Miss Sims. Miss Ra Hetehklss. Miss Bess Uhls. Miss Mmie Btonehlll, Miss Mary Dallas akga, Ulu Marie Zeigler. Miss Irene lioCram. Miss Ethel Allison. Miss Rattte- Howard, Miss Bess Howard. Mlif HeteD Turner, MIse Bernlce Ciiipman..lIiB> Cecil Strohm. Miss Battle MdCiUan and Miss Huldah Chwio.—Topeka Journal. Calabrated Anniversary. Vr. and Mrs. G. D. SUllman. 701 North Elm street, gave a dinner at BaaiL _7aBterday for their son and dni^^r. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Harri- wm; the occasion was the third an nlTorsary of the' marriage of the hon (ir...cnests. , The table decorations wjrra yepow and white. Those present •f^ Mr. and Mrs. T. H> FYiermuth •ad. daughters, Mrs. Mother and the W|M|i Mather. Mr. and Mrs. Harrl- IBilljlInd daughter, and Mrs. G. D. StOlmao. • • • IC «PP«. 8<8n*s Banquet . impoitant event of Thanksgiv- hUi w)tek.ln a social way win be a tfaqoet given by the Kansas mem- bera ot the Kappa Sigma fraternity. TUa^ evvnt. usually takes place In wmaaa City wtere so many of the AiemJtiea of Missouri and reunions at the time of _ . i-Mlssouri Thanksgiving mtttptiA .it Is:^ the purpose of the tratemity to give their annual^Thanka * HhTe yotx seen the new Shirt Waist For the little finger in tnrqnoise metris. If you have not we would like to price them, to you. J. W. COFFEf S SON Exclusive .Jewelen. EAST SIDE SQUARE. City giving banquet hereafter In Topeka. The Kappn Sigma Is one of the strongest Kreek letter frats In the United States, ranking In the lead with the Phi DelU Theta. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sigma Chi and Beta Theta Pi. The: membership In Kani^ Includes among others such w;ell known men as Mr. Phil J. Campbell; of Pittsburg, congressman from the Third district. Mr. Parks Helmlck. and the Cavaness brothers of Cban- ute. and Mr. J. C. Denions. of. Brie, all of whom are expected in Topeka for the banquet next week. The entire chapter of twenty men fiom Baker University will also be present. The local members of the frat are Mr. Monta Klstler. Mr. J. Lee Turner, Mr. Julian L. Synder. Mr. rred P. Hill and Mr. Lynn W. Bloom.—Topeka Journal. • + • Returned to Parsons. Mrs. Anna Heacock who was here on Saturday to Inspect the W. R. C. has returned to her home In Parsons. • • • Vesper Servlca. The afternoon meeting at the Y. W. C. A. rooms yesterday was very home like and pleasant. The address was made by Mrs. A. D. Williamson and the young women who were present also appreciated a solo sung by Miss Lonla Gates. The selection Miss Gates chose was "Goodbye, Sweet Day," by Kate Vannah. • • • Going to Colony. Miss Mary Remsberg will go to Colony tomorrow. She will be a guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Flook for the Tlianksglving season. • <- * Klinker Club to Give Dances. In a short time, probably on Thursday of next week the Klinker club boys win give a dance. The members recently organized with the intention of entertaining on altenJate Thursdays and invitations were extended for November 19. but the event -was postponed so that prospective guests might be free to attend the theatre A few months ago th'e club house which had been recently furnished and appropriately decorated was dedicated to its prt^sent use by a reception and dance and at home cards were sent out for Thursdays. + • + For Mr. and Mrs. Morgan. Commander and Mrs. W. A. Morgan of Topeka. left at noon yesterday for their home. They were here to in la luud to decide upon and only an expert is familiar with the tell-tale eatmarka. We never buy cheap common jewelry and in deal- j|| here yvn mn no risk of getting it. The frank assurance of the ac^ajf ^ttrfi^ value of • purchase is invariably given. ... Isa't this some inducement, then, for you to pay a visit here and fJLTffiv* by giving as the pleasure of showing our several dlSerent Uaes? . Iti'aitvierware ire have as complete %n assortment as yon will 6nd SMUtlful Berry Spooos at li.sp, $2.00 aaA up to $8.00. apeet the O. A. R. and during their .vteit In lola were house gueata o( and Mrs. W. H. McClttre. ; Mr. Wharton Hara. Mr. Chas. Wharton, of Kansas ^ . was a guest of friends here yesterday. • • + Their presence was .the occasion for a reception on 8att|rday evening at O. A. R. hall and the Relief Corps entertained to greet the visitors * a lar^ number of friends of the orders wera there In'company with the members. Mrs. O. W. Apple the addreas of welcome and both and Mrs. Morgan gate excellent talks S^periencea in grand army circles and the many delltfitfnl- Incidents their extensive travels makejthem . cepttonally interesting conversationalists, and the hosU and hostesses en- Joyed meeting them. The evening was haivily finished with refresh ments after the program. • • • . Thanksgiving Danes. The Marchlneal Dancing club will have a dance on Thanksgiving night. This Is the second' of a series which will be given this winter. • • • ft Birthday Dinner. V Mrs. C. A. Foster, 201 West Campbell street; invited these guests yesterday to celenrate the birthday of her husband: Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Fry. Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Bishop. Miss Bes sie Mercer. Miss Freda Ellis. Miss yiola Brenner. Miss Grace Bishop, Mr. George Curran. Mr. Carson Gjore. Mr. Roy Fry. and Mr. Chas..] Bishop. An elaborate dinner was served at noon with table trimmings of yellow and white.-' • • • Music Club. Mrs. W. P. Dewey will entertain the Ladies' Music club tomorrow afternoon. + + + Mission Band. The Mission Band of the Reform ed hcurch met on Saturday with the Misses Btherton for their regular meeting. The lesson-study which was interspersed with music was follow, ed by a small lundieon for the twelve members who were in attjBudance. • • • Miss Bakar in Topeka. Miss Nellie Baker, of Lathrop. Mo. who recently was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Travis, is visiting in Topeka. Mrs. Clad_ Hamilton gave an informal tea for her a few days ago. • < • Celebrate Two Anniversaries. Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Brown and Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Apple who live in adjoining houses on South Walnut street are enjoying a celebration at the Brown home today. The occasion is the birthday of Mrs. Brown and the fortieth anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Apple. At noon the two families and Mrs. Brown's motb er who is here from Humlwldt. were served with a very elatiorate dinner and the afternoon has been pleasant with the recital of happeninics In the lives of the honor guests. "The homo of the hostess Is gay with autumn flowers which made the table especially beautiful and several handsome presents were received. • + • Endeavor Social. Dr. and Mrs. O. T. LaGi^nge will have members of the Endeavor Society of the Presbyterian church- as their guests tonight A social to celebrate the close of the self denial week will be given. • * * A Talaable Food. 'Sealshipt" Oysters are parUcular- ly rich in food values—nutritious but light and easily digested. One can eat heartily of them without discom fort. They can be prepared in scores of different ways, all equally tempting They are acceptable as a single course or as an entire meal. Eaten for lunch dinner or supper, they are always ap­ petising and delicious. To appreciate the real flavor and piquancy of the oyster It must fe freafa. That Is one reason for "Seal­ shipt" superiority. "Sealshipt" Oys ters must be fresh because they are packed in sealed, airtight containers with ice around the containers. No water touches the oysters. You get the natural oyster, whole and perfect We sell "Sealshipt" Oysters—you will find them displayed In a white porcelain case bearing the blue "Seal­ shipt" trade mark. Fryer Brothers. Otto Hinze, "Our Wa.v." For Mr. Wharton. Mr. and Mrsj J.' C. Balliet, Mr. and Mrs. Seward Bizby. Mr. Herman Tiiolen and. Mr. Chaa. Wharton of Kansas City were guests of the Misses Dogett at dinner on Saturday evening. The table trimming were whitei and green, chrusanthe- mumsj and smilax making very effect Ive ^eoorationa. • • • Hat Scarsd ttte Harsa. llilosa BIG hats have, provoked another sweet tempered remaric: A man who was discussing fenlnlne styles the other day said: "When I see one. of those big tky pieces com ing I Just get clear off the sidewalk, —that is if I'm walking. If I'm driv ing I turn the corner on a side street so my horaa won't ncara." The effect of that seoftence on the group of Dear Tblnga who heard it was iastantaneoua and the mere man kMt no time la retreating to a plaea of. safety to escape the anvil chorus wbnch fbllowed. engaged Anyway. If this rale held good la Inla there wovid )>• mora aewB for the B. R. . A ouB who goea to see a giri twiea wmir la legalir engagad- to bar-ae- oordlag to a reeeht dtelsloB wbetfaer he says aaythlag abook. aURfagv :or not and she wAi^'jiwtw- la a salt for breaeh of proailae; We hope the CAN PREPARE THIS ELDEBLt PEOPLE SHOULD TALUE THE RECIPE HIOHLT. ProrapUj BeUeves KMaey and BUd- der Troable an< Bheamatiim and Is Easily Prepared at Home at Little Expense. • The great majority of men and women at the age of 50 years begin to I feel the first signs of advancing age' la some form of kidney trouble and bladder weakness. Few are entirely free from that torturous disease, rbeu roatism, which is not a disease in itself, but a symptom of deranged func tlon of the kidneys, which have become clogged and sluggish, falling in their duty of sifting and straining the poisonous waste matter, uric acid, etc., from the blood, permitting it to remain and decompose, settling about the Joints and muscles, causing intense pain and suffering. The bladder, however, causes the old folks the most annoyance, especially at night and early morning. Hundreds of readers Who suffer irill find the following, which is kiaown as the Dandelion mixture, the mewt^'. harmless and effective treatment to clean the'system of rheumatic poisons, remove itrttation of the blad der and relievia urinary difficulties of the old people. It is a true vitalizing tonic to the entire kidney and urinary structure, reinvigorating the entire system." The Dandelion mixture consists o( the following simple prescription, the Ingredients of which can be obtained from any good pharmacy at smal' cost:' Compound Kargon, one ounce: Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-half ounce; Compound Syrup Sarsaparllla three ounces. Shake well in a bottle and take In teaspoonful doses after eacli meal and upon going to bed. al so drink plenty of water. This prescription, though simple, is always effective In the diseases and afflictions of the kidneys and bladder and rheumatism. A CHANCE TO GET A is offered this week by the skating rink. Every admission gets a nnmber and the lucky number gets a Turkey It may cost you only 10 cents AUDITORIUn girls will take advantage of this dp cislon and force the young men to marry them. Young men have a habit of loafing round a .girl's house for years, and then drifting on without saying a word about marriage. While a young fellow Is loafing around a girl's house he Is probably keeping someone away .who would talk bus! ness and the girl is injured in other ways. No one likes to marry a girl who has been the subject of another man's attentions. She Is apt to be all kissed up.—Atchison Globe. + + •«• Dinner for Relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Tbolen will sive a dinner party at noon on Thursday. A number of out of town rnia tlvcs and friends will be present. * *• Wiien Von gat at a Beardlnq House— The other night a wurrukin'»?url was Invited out to dinner. The hostess realized what an appetite day's work down town will create and the courses were served with a reaar'i for quantity rather than any other reoulrement It happened that' the girl Is a tioardlng bouse patron and she was doubly appreciative of the dainties. After the desert course when everybody was quietly munching mints and raisins a man who was Just across the table peered through the chrysanthemums between them and said: "I'll wager my best hat that Miss B— eats at a hoarding house." and after the chorus of why's he announced in a positive way "Look at that napkin," and down i>e side the plate of the worrukin' giirr' In place of the loosely piled piece of linen was a tight roll. She bad unconsciously prepared It for the ring her landlady provided and it was In the language of that observant man a dead give away." • • • To Visit Daughter. Mrs. W. B. Neff of Humboldt arrived today for an extended visit with her daughter .Mrs. H. k. Brown. + + Dinner Party. .Mr. and Mrs. Hi A. Richardson will tave a family dinner party at noon on Thursday. Their children and grandchildren will be present. • • • Aid Meeting Friday. The Aid society of the Christian church win have a meeting oh Friday afternoon of this week. The meetings are usually held on Thursday but the time Is changed . tbia week. i Y. P. C. U. Meeting. The Young People's society of the U. B. church will have the usual meeting tomorrow night. + • + Aid Society. The Aid society of the United Hre thren church .will meet on Tuesday afternoon of this week instead of on Thursday. The change is made be cause of the Thanksgiving season. + + + Home From Thayer. Mr. and Mrs. G. W; Adams are home from a visit with relatives in Thayer, this state. * * * Teachers' Meeting. Teachers ot the Primary depart ment in the Presbyterian Sunday school will have a meeting on Wed nesday evening at the close of prayer- meeting. Card of Thanks. We wish to extend thanks to thr neighbors and friends for the kindness and sympathy shown us during our late bereavement: also for the 'icautiful floral offerings. MRS. S. M. VAUGHT. GEORGE VAUGHT. MARY VAUGHT. MRS. IRA TOWNSEND MRS. N. A. SLOAN. !OHND.IS MODEST >Vont Claim Credit for OrganizatloD of an Oil Trnst In 1882—Un Stand Today. New York. Nov. 23.—John D. Rockefeller was ' called to the wllnesf stand when the Standard OH hearing was resumed today. .lohn n. Rockefeller te^llfled toda.i ihHt he did not conceive the plan oi the formation of the original Standan* Oil trust In 1882. "I'm sorry to say that I did not." said he. "r cannot claim any credit for that. .Mr. Flagler and S. C T. Dodd conceived It." I - . . - . , l;l ...ll WANT^SD—Dressmaking. Will go to house.: Phone 104—31. ~MBN WANTED^ QUICKLY—By big Chicago mall order house to distribute catalogues, advertise, etc. $2.1.00 a week. 160.00 expenses allowance first month. No experience required. Manager, Dept. .".01, 3Rr. Wabash Ave.. Chicago. ' WANTED—Lady bushier and presser. steady employment, good pay. Apply Milne Tailoring Co. TO LOAN—$5,000 private money on farm land at 6 per cent.—lola Land Co. WANTED—^Two young ladles to solicit. C. F. Florence, Rooms 10 and 11. Evans Block. WANTED—All kinds of second hand household furniture.—^The lola Furniture Exchange. A. W. Beck. Prop. Phon« 25. WANTED—To buy a good second hand buggy. Phone 463 or 1092. WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola. Kas. SALESMEN ft AGENTS—IS $ tSO.OO por week and over can be made sMling Mew Campaign Novelties from now until election. Soils to Stores. County Fairs, Picnics and Private I'^mlltes. Complete line of samples, charges prepaid for BOc. Order today. CHICAGO MOVELTY CO.. 60 Wabash Ave., Chicago. Business Difectofy. JOHN G. WOODDf. M. D. Physician and Surgeon. * Over Borrell's. Phone 148. DR. MILDRED CUBTI8 • Physician and Saigeop. • Office over Burrell'a Drug Store * Office Phone 654. • Residence 214 E. Jacksott * Phono 569. • DB. HeMILLEir, Special attention given to the * treatment of all Chronic Dlseas- * es and Dlsaases of Children. * Telephones: Office 32. Res. 283. * Office over Burrell'* Drug Stora • West Madison. • Phons 687. Res. 701. DB. 0. L. COX, Bye. Bar. Nose and Throat Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O, U. W. Bldg. WANTED—Young men to prepare for coming examination for Railway Vlail and other Government Positions. Superior Instruction by Mall. Established 14 years. Thousands of successful students. Sample questions and "How Gov't Positions are Secured" sent free. Inter-State Schools. 291 la. Ave.. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. FOR SALE—Two Bush & Gerts pianos slightly used, left with me for ?ale by Chanute parties. These are bargains. John V. Roberts Music Store. FOR SALE—A ga-P".- r: ,•- 1 truck farm, 2 miles n- > -•' - • '. jood bottom land. J. \.. ^.K .. »..._...a. '.as City, n. R. 1. FOR SALE OR TRADE—Good prop- )rty, close In. Call UO West Monroe. Offica Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 40« • DB. B. 0. CHBISTUH Physician and Sargeaa " Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. • F. H. HlBTUr, Burgery and Dlsaases ot Women. Office and Residence Phone B7S Office 7 North Jefferson. • • • JEWELRS. B. F. Fancoast, old rsllable Jewelar. 110 Bast Street Lodge Difectofy fOR ROn^mimomUmmmotf FOR RENT OR SALE CHEAP-A hreo or a six rooniod house In lola. CIOKO In. Inquire Klmrr Cnmnilngs. Richmond. Kas. I'hono 02. von RENT—Newly papered 4 room house, close M. Other houses. VVhlt- aker & Donnell. FOR RENT OR SALE CFIEAP—A •hree or a six roomed house; close in. Inquire Richmond. Kas. Phone 62. FOR EXOHAKaE six Clear La Harpe residences $7000 and $3000. Cash for merchandise or tarm. W. ^. Lenhart. tola, Kas. OIGHTS OF PrtHUSr -Neodl* tiOdge No. 43 meets every Monday . ulght at K. of P. Hall. VIsitlns bM' . ' thers Invited. W. S. Thompson. B. d Chris Rltter. K. of R. and B. KKIGHTS OF MiCCABEEfr- Knights of Maccabees of the WorM meets In K. P. Hall, second and foartk Saturday nights ot each montk. h W. Pnstwait. commander: R. B. POT' ter, record keeper. Yl. 0. W.—Camp No. 101 meets h K. ot P. Hall every Friday night W. T. Steele, C. C, A. H. Davis, Claeii Visitors cordially invited. H. YT. Ar-The M. W. A. Lodgl meets every Friday night in M. W. A, Hail. Visiting brothers invited. F. n Coffleld, V. C. W. A. Cowan. Clerfc. BOTIL NEIOHBOBS^Iola Camy No. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of ea* month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, orael* Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Btraaf Recorder. 000 00 000000000000 O Experienced Auctioneer. O O To get acquainted with the O 9 public I will sell all public sales O O free of charge listed before Jan. O O 1. 1909. Reference furnished from O O those for whom I have sold. Sat- O a Isfactlon guaranteed. Graduate O THANKSeiTI>G IS COMNO ind our country is preparing to welcome It with feasts and Joyous songs, ig lEfactlon guaranteed. Grad Yes, there's plenty to be thankful for. Jo of"Missouri Auction School. Among other things, the display of JEWELRY, WATCHES A>D RICH ri'T GLASS, offered to the public now on our premises, unmatchable In quality and pleasing tn price. Let us help along the Joyous season by pointing out thr jatlsfaction and saving offered to the public RIGHT HERE—a splendid "hance to g^obble up bargains while turkey feathers are flying and pumpkins going to squash. ^fc^fIELBRo$. lEa JewaiBrt ffiHOVES THE CKDSE 0F No remedy that does not entirely remove the cause of Catarrh from the blood will ever make a permanent care of the trouble. Just as long as the drcttlatiM remains contaminated with the impurities and catarrhal natters which produce the trouble, the mucous membranes or inner lininn of the body will be kept in a state of irritation and disease. Sprays, lotions and othcc.local apiwcations will sometimes temporarily relieve the ,tight, full feeling in the bead, bnzang noises in the ears, uncomfortable, stuffy feeling of the noatrils, and help to loosen the mucus in the throat; but Catarrh is a oonsntntional blood disorder and tmtil it has been entirely driven from the mtem tiiere can be no nermanent cure, - 8. 8. S. cures Catarrh by removing the cause from t:|)e blood. It attacks the.dlsawe 4t ito head dnd by thor- ily pttrifyingiaad cleansing the circuli^n,.sind ridding it. of every par-, cnrMpurity: and at the siune time eawiing the.Mood, allows the inflamed and irritated membranes to heal, improves the sennal health, and tkpig»;Vmy disagreeable, symptom. 8. S. 8. reaches dbw^ to the vezv amandXeavesnotrsceof thedisease^in.the system.' Book on Catahh any medical advice fFe*(a all who wnt^< ' IBB SWIFT SPSCmC CO.. ATLAHTA, GA. o O Telephone 835. O O E. E. VICKERS. O O 409 East St.. lola. Kans. O a 00 00000000000000 LOST—^^In front Krpss's store, pair spectacles. Leave at Kelley's transfer office. TURNED BIDS DOWN. Union Portland Will Build The Switch Themselves.—^Thorpe & Hough Direct It After opening and considering the bids for the laying of a switch to the site of the plant, the Union Portland Cement company concltidfd to do the work themselves. The work on the switch which was started this morn Ing will be under the direct supervls Ion of Thorpe & HoiK;h. engineers, of this city. It has been announced that just as soon as th»> switch la complPtp work on the plant which Is to bn located on the lx>gan farm three and one- half miles northeast of Gas City will be started. It will take several weeks to complete the grading for the switch and laying the rails. Taken to HosplUI. Mrs. Demoret. of 615 South Second street, was taken to St. John's hospital today. She will be operated upon tomorrow morning. A. B. Conley Here. A. B. Conley. military store keeper fbr the K. N. O., at Topeka. came in Saturday for a short visit with home teXlu. FBATEBITAL BBOTHEBHOOS.— Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meet* second and fourth Thursday of eacH month In A. O. U. W. Hall. VisltiB* members cordially invited. W. H. A»- derson. president; Golda Blam, Urr. IS. Ollfillaxi Acaeral Contractor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks an* Curbing a Specialty. Oflea 115 East Jackson Ava, Fhaae tt4L Real Estate, Insurant^ City and Farm Loans Low Rate. Annual Interest Payments received at anytime without notice, and Interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Time Loans. Cunninsham& Arnett OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing tnese days. Be^ tember, you know. Is the time to hsT the summer dust cleaned out ot car pets. We are busy, but your order wH; receive prompt and careful attsnlloa- Phone us today. lOU RUe FACTORY iiit.> : MlGAZIHBfl AlfD PSiaODIOlI/ can t>a aacared ot J. S. Hendcnaa ho deals with the pubUshsrs ani famishes them at the lowest- Driaa posaihle. Trial snbseripUon to Va» Nordaa's. a aontbs SEe. Phone M. . 414 N. Budtn* r.

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