Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 23, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1907
Page 8
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; -1 ..- nB lOM PAILT KMlSTBiBtisiKCI, yOT^^ -r- THAHKSGIVma SALEf For the p«st seven years it has been our annual custom to jive a THANKSGIVING LINEN SALE Thu season we are'going still further and in addition to the regular Linen Sale we will give one of the most thorough general sales, ever attempted in this community, there must be a reason for ihls, something out of the ordinary in the delivery of Fall Merchandise has caused iL You Know that most all merchandise is contracted for months in advance, and owing to scarcity of labor and raw material in the east, deliveries were delayed '60 to 90 days. This merchandise:b secured by iron bound contracts—^goods to be delivered as soon as finished. The result Is heavy shipments are now arriving that ought to have been in stock September 1st This means we will have to turn the stock quickly, and in order to facilitate this, we put on Ithis MAMMOTH SALE. This will be a money saving opportunity seldom placed before you. A chance to buy high grade goods, the best the country affords at great saving in price. Remeiidber when you read these prices the quality is there first. Quality is the first thing we consider when buying merchandise. Price Is not a temptation unl^ it is backed by quality. Read the prices carefully, compare them with the price you usually pay for the same quality. Then youj will pt a customer always. Owing to the close margins these goods are marked et sale will run but four and one-half days. Gommenoes S^iunlay, November 23, Ende Thureday Noon, November 28 4. Sl.OO Grade—tan, gray and blue fancy mixed plaid, 54 inches wid^ suitable for skirts and cloaks, abso- lutelv all .-R -ool, extra heavy quality on sale per "yard"......: > 796 S1.2o Grade—fancy plaid suitings, 54 inches wide in red, srey and green, extra' fine quality suitable for skirts, suits, cloaks and boys suits on sale for. 986 S1.50 Quality—tan colored, CO inch, wool suiting, water proof, the finest fabric in the world for storm coats or substantial skirts. Special price during the sale \ 91.29 Grey mixed plaid .'>2 inches wide, water proof, very fine quality: regular price $1.50 per yard. On sale ; $1.29 Fancy Maroon Plaids. 38 inches wide, the foremost fabrics ,on the market for waists and skirts, $1.25 is the regular price. On sale for j 98C Fancy Silk Stripe plaids ia red, green and blue com binations, S8 inches wide, dress goods that sell the world over for $1.00. Huy them in "the Thanksgiving sale for 896 42-lnch Oxford gray and green mixed water proof suitings, regular price S-'.c. Special for Thanksgiving sale, per yard 756 44-Inch Fancy Mixed Plaids in brown mixed and green mixed, regular price Sue. On sale for ...756 3S-Inch tan, grey, red. green, light: and dark grey shadow checks and fancy mixed plaids, regular price 65c. On sale per yard for ;. 4*56 36-lnch Fancy Plaids in dark blue, light and dark red. green, maroon, brown, plain dark blae and dark green, fancy checks and stripes, regular price 50c per yard. On sale for. .............. 426 36-lnch Plaids and checks in blue, red .and.grey, Bhepard checks, also 27-inch fancy flake French flannels, regular price 35c. On sale per yard for 276 36- ;pch tan and bluo' checks, green checks, plain Fren ch. flannels, 25 and 27 Inches wide in fall colors regular price 2r«c. On sale per yard for ... ^... .216 30-inch Fancy Plaids in green and ted. Suitable for Childrens and Ladles' Dresses, regular price JOf a yard. On sale for ; 226 ' 36-lnch Tan and blue Covert Clothi regular price 20c a yard. On sale for ;.; 146 Csmeion Tweeds 27 inches wide in ^ark plaids imitation of wool dress goods, very flnle wearing fabrics, suitable for children's school dresses, regular price 25c. O nsalefor 216 Reat/y^tO'Wear Qar^ menie Ijidics' Long Loose Fitting Coats trimmed with velvet and braids In black only, $7.50 and, $8.50 coats on sale for $5.85 Ladles' 27-lnch Black Imitation Fur Coats lined with Fanner's satin, a value that cannot be duplicated any place under $9.. On sale for #7.85 Ladies' 45-inch Light Colored Plaid loose fltllng coats, values up to $9.00. buy them during the Thanks giving sale for $5.85 Ladies Urown and black Ix)ng Loose Fitting Coats lined with fine quality satin, trimmed with velvet and braid, regular jn-ice $15. On sale for ..$11.85 Ladies' Long Loose Fitting brown, blue and black coats lined throughout with fine quality satin, elaborately trimmed with velvet and braid. These coats have no competition, regular price $17.50. On sale for $14.85 Light Castor Loose Fitting Coats, full length lined with fine qualit}- satin, grey squirrel collar, an elegant coat for cold weather, regular price $25.00. On sale for $21.85 Copper Color^ Coat satin lined, loose fitting, ricn- ly trimmed with velvet and braid, regular price $35. On skle for .* $29.85 Ladies' Long Black I^jose Fitting Coat with the kimono sleeve made of an extra fine quality broadcloth, trimmed with velvet and braid, regular price $27.i->0. On sale for $23.50 Grey and copper colored Coats made with Bertha effects, elaborately trimmed with velvet and brain, regular price $32.50. On sale for .$28.95 Ladies' long loose fitting or semi-fitted black coats with broad Gibson- sholilder effect elegantly trimmed with braid, regular price $17.50. On sale for. $14.85 Tan, dark red and black tight filing coats, man tailored, satin lined, velvet collar, regular price $2.-..00. On sale for $21.85 Black cheviot, tight fittin r. full length tailored coat, velvet collar, coat stain Mned, regular price $2:5.00. On sale for $21.85 Ladies' Black Broadcloth Bertha effect, braid and velvet trimmed, saiin lined, regular price $35. On sale for $29.85 Prince Chap tailored suit in brown stripe, satin lined, pleated and fold M rimmed skirt, als-o a very pretty red and grey checked cutaway suit, ail art very late models, regular price $15. On sale for $11.85 Fancy stripe or plain colored Broadcloth suits in cutaway or square cut coat styles, satin lined, strict-' ly man tailored skirts are pleated and fold trimmed regular price $20.00. On sale for $15.9.1 Ladies Full Length grey, pleated back coats with strap fastener at waist, regular price $7..'>0. On sale for $.'5.75 Children's blue, tan and grey rain coats sizes 4 years to 14 years.* regular price range up to $3..'>0. Choice ot the lot .... $1.;19 Ladles'Shoes Ladles' calf skin shoes, heavy sole, stock tip strong and servlcable, an exceptional good value at $1 .85, but they go in the sale at $1.G5 Ladles kid or calf sUn skoea, patent tip or plain toe, dull or ki dtop, button or lace, light or heavy sole. 14 styles to select from, the greatest ladles $2. shoe In the world, almost any style you can think of. Owing to the late arrival they will have to go In the Thanksgiving sale at $1.85 Ladies plain toe, kid, college boots, blucher, lace large eyelets, wide laces, the new \-assar toe, regular price $2.25. On sale for $1.95 Ladles paten tcolt and patent calf skin shoes light and heavy sole, college boots or straight lace shoes. Our si>eclal $2.50 shoe on sale for $2.25 Ijidles' fine kid shoe turn sole, patent tip, military heel, soft and flexible, just the shoe for dress or street wear, same style can be had in patent leather, regular $3 shoe on sale for $2.05 Ladies' fine kid or calf skin shoes college or Standard height styles, heavy or light sole, regular price $3..-,0. On sale for $3.15 l.«idics patent kid turn soTe. patent colt welt sole, Cuban and military heels, plain tose or tip styles, button or lace, the most up-to-date line of dress street boots 1 nthe west. Regular price $4.00. On sale for .$.3.35 I.adie.s' turn sole, imtent kid. Ix)uls heel, plain toe, glove kid tops, btitton or lace strictly a full dresk shoe, regular price $5.00. On sale for $4.25 Children's SHoea Child's Calf Skin or Kid Shoes, button or lace., size 5 to S, regular price $1.25. On sale for « .$1.10 Children's kid turn sole, patent tip, fancy drem- Bboefl, made by Utx and Dunn and Malofiey 3roa, Rochester. N. Y., regular price |1. BO . Oi^^aale for $1.35 Misses good quality kid shoes, heavy sole, stock or patent tip, sizes 11'/4 to 2. On sale for $1.19 Misses good quality kid shoes, blucher or straight lace style, sizes 11% to 2. On sale for $1.35 Misses extra quality calf skin and kid shoes, bluch er lace, dall top, large eyelets or regular style, sire 11% to 2. regular price $1.75. On sale for $1.48 Misses fine quality dull calf skin or kid shoes button or lace, broad toes, heavy i or ligljt soles, sizes 11%. to 2, regular price $2.00. Oin sale tor ...$1.79 Misses fine quality, patent kid shoes, heavy sole, narrow toes, regular price $2.50. On sale for $2.25 Misses extreme broad toe shoe, hard ^finished, ifelt sole, lace victor kid, the most up to date misses sl»oe on the market, regular price $3.00. On sale foi$2.65 Children's kid shoes, stock or imtent tipi bmxx sole, size 8% to 11. On sale f^r 95^ Children's kid or calf shoes, heavy sole, mine m stand the kicks, sizes 8% to 11. On sale for. .81.15 Children's kid or calf skin shoes, blucher lace heavy sole, stock and patent tips, size 8% to 11. On sale for $1.39 Children's kid, patent colt or calf skiij shoes heavy soles, broad toes, small heel, the most practicable shoe In the market for school wear, regular orlce $1.75. On sale (or S1.48 Chlldren'l fine qualUy kid shoes, bnitoavOr laceb light or hea%-y sole, natent tip, siJes 8% xo H, r-'nr"- prlce $2.00. On sale for .-...>-«i»o« 81.79 Art Rua^ 2^x54-Inch Tapestry Rugs in floral or oriental pat- teriis. good desirable patterns. On sale for .••$1.29 27x34-Inch rich floral and animal patterns velvet rugs, regular price $1.75. On sale for .••'..>« .$1.39 27x34-inch floral and orlenul axmlnisier rugs, the kind that sell the world over for: $2.2S. On sale for ....V....... 81.85 36x72 Axmlnlster rugs floral or oriental patterns, rich subdued colors, regular $4.(^ Ta>"~ o- sale for •'•vc 83«88 27x54 Eg}-ptian rags, copies oC ori^tals, long heavy braided fringe, regular |4.00 vilaa on tu>i<D .-V 83.85 36x63 EgypUan rugs, saime as above in a very larsa range of patterns to select from. Regular price <|5; On sale for ; $4.25 8-3x10-6 Axminister Rugs In floral or• oriental jiat- terns, rugs that sell every place at $22,50, oh sale for 818.95 9x12 Axminister rugs in floral or oriental:^ttema:: almost every color combinations you. conld think of.' ; regular price $23.00 and $27.30. On sale for 8S1.85 < DO YOU KNOW in our washing we us^ eight to twelve changes of !r, ranging In temperature fr^ cold to boiling hot? that water. You could not possibly use this much water at home, and it explains one of the reasons why our washing is more thorough, more sanitary than hoine work can be. PHONE 10£ ASSISTANT CHIEF RESIGNS. Ira Smith Will Rest and Try to Recover Health. BANQUET FOR K. & L. OF S. »iits Ibr ymv TMn^^ Seeded Raisins Cleaned Currants Orange Peel Lemon Peel Citron Figs ( Wbite Grapes Oranges Apples Honey i ' ? ExiractSi Nuts \ Lettuce i ; Cranberries Celery Pine Apple— Grated or Sli<^ Powdered Sugar \ Sweet Mixed Ptckles ^ Chili Sauce Salad Dressing Catsup 1 ' Olives-Bulk or BottlSi India Relish Parsley Trr Oar Sealakipt Oysters. Assistant Chief of Police Ira Smith yesterday tendered his resignation to Chief Gates. The resignation went into effect at once. Mr. Smith sev eral months ago suffered an attack of typhoid fever and for a time his life was dCspafhed of. lie has not been in good! health since his illness and so he decided It was best for him to lay off for a time. Chief Oates has not yet deeded upon Mr. Smith's successor, but expects to do so within the next few days. No applications have as yet been made for the position. TO HAVE EXTRA CARRIERS. lela Post OfRce Force Will Be Enlarged During Holiday Seaaon. Postmaster C. B. Spencer has received notice from the post.offlce department stating that the lola carrier forc.» win be allowed two extra rarrlera to handle the big holiday deliveries. Mr. Spencer some time ago made application to the department for help during the holidays Th? sub- vXtnte cnrriers, J. S. Brady and Mr. Ckimes hare been appointed by Mr. floencer to help during tbe bolida:^. The substitute carriers are allowed SO cenU an hour for this kind of woric Ten Candidates Were Initiated Into lola Order Last Night lola Council No. 73. K. & L. of S. met in regular session last evening. Ten new candidates ware initiated Into the order and sixteen were received | by application. Three of the new members were from Humboldt and one from Parker. Visiting members from Parsons. Cbanute, Humboldt Gas City, I^Harpe and Parker attended the meeting. The address of welcome to tha new candlAites and visiting memt >er8 was delivered by Rev. J. M. Mason of lola Council, and the response was given by Mrs. M. D. Cole of the Chanutc Council. After the ceremonies were completed a banquet was given in honor of the new memliers. at which one hundred and seventy guests were seated. POSTPONED BAND-CONCERT Lemoa. fkorolale, faslard. Tliese are .the three varieties of "OUR-PIE" preparation which are creating so much favorable comment everywhere. Each package-is put np according to the strictest Pure Food I.aw8. It does not require aa-exper­ ienced cook to make good pies from **OnR-PIE." Just the proper proper- tionis of all IngrMients are In the package ready for yopr Inunedlata nsa At grocers. 10 cents. Program ;Will be Rendered at Date Not Yet Decided Upon. ' — The band ,conceirt which was to have been given at the Grand theatre tomorrow evenings, has been postponed Indefinitely, oir account of the inability of some of the members to be present. An excellent program had been arranged and the musical public win be greatly disappointed. i Three good building lots on Washr ington avenue, east trade for cement stock. C. E. Smeltxer, Look Box 137, I^la. UBBRTY School, taught bjr Miss Pearl AVbeatley, of Tola, is the first to send' a thanksgiving offering to the Ida Orphailhge. Betister iWaat Ate. U a War4 The ChriaOanJf^Mireh. The revival a«r*ieai«irere attended by a large iadtsaie* last ni^t. and the religioiis t<nw of the mee'- ing was deep and strong. Mr. Kitchen is glvlns hismewsage in audi a way as to win the oon|ilal good-wllf ol his hearers. The seirrices ton|pbt and Sunday wi'I be of stirring inter «8t The , subjects to bci discuiie 1 arc o( the deepest importance Both to Christians and to all who are B.?r- ion?ly considering thalr relatltAis' to <T<>d and the life wlileb Christ offers. Come -early ai^ enjoy thcs* sermons: . Give atteatloB to thr> !great concerns they present "Get right with God." The Bible School and other Snnfla services as usual. R. H. WJUBIVt. MSnlvter. Bcsbter Waat Xia. Fay boeaaw •« Alien Cantf BMrlr everyMr mM^ theBecMcr. ''I •" ' ssSf

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