Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 21, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1908
Page 8
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THB lOLA PAILT MGISTEB. SATPBPAT ETKfiyC. HOTEMBEB S 1, 19M. THE NEWLYWED»~TnEIR BABY BY O^OROE MlcNANU» THAT CUTE, I LOVEY? / "-.II. HE ^;ET^ n ALU OVER > ' HIS ClOTH»tJl /^TDODtEUM* nimr PUT tOWNMNK IN PhVK'h/C. HE WANTS To 9H0fW VOW THC INK! 4f TOWN WONT SUFFER raBare of Hornidajr'K Bank Will >o( Affect Other IntereaUt in Fort Scott The Kansag City TlineK. prints this itatn concerning the Fort Scntt hank fall9re: Fort Ccott. Kas.. Nov. 21 —"Husy- bodlea peddling mallcluus utorlcH killed my bank. Other bankH have hnnn killed in the same manner. No hank could stand up under Kuch a lot of lies as have been clrculutml here for •everal days." Orant Homaday. proHldent. of the Ftrit National bank, made the forcKo- ing statement last night following the cloainc of the bank's doorK thU morn- Ins. He spent the morning nt the bsink. bnt went -liome at noon In take same rest He had been up nearly all of last night. Last night he was rest ed and talked freely of the bank's affairs. "What started the stories almiit the banks condition?" he was asked. "A 8t Louis man came here several days ago and tried to effect a consolidation of two banks. He camo to see me and we talked business but before we got to the point of an actual deal he found be could not agree on terms with the other bank he had beep treating with.. So, without bav- tnC examined a book or paper in my institution he gave up the plan and left town. The next day the report was in general circulation that the consolidation deal fell through because an examination of the books of the'First National had disclosed a lot of bad paper." "Have you some bad paper on hand? "Yes, but not enough to have any effect on the bank if it had been left alone." "How much of this paper is there?' "I cannot say. There would have to' be 1125,000 of it before the detHW- itors would stand to lose anything. The bank is capitalised, you know, for $100,000 and has a $25,000 reserve fund." FabUe Utilities T \'0ttt Suffer. "How alwut your other interests, will they suffer?" "I think not—I hope^not. Arrange ments have been made which win keap everything going ekcept the bank I believe." •' "The street car line; and tbe gas company electric light- service will not-he affected?" j .; Wo, these companies are bonded. If tba worst should come itbe bondbold- cm would step in and take control, so lb any event Fort Scott! will not suf- for inconvenience from its public utli- Mr. Hornaday repeated last night %f» belief that within two months a iMHik'dividend of 50 per cent .will be laeUind. A 26 per cent dividend •haold be available at once, be said. 11u> netiver, he believes, can wind qB'<h« •flairs .of tbe bank in fivd ^'Th* dapodta In the bank ar« I 'la nmad Bumb^ This does 00 ofM band $20,000 in city bonds which are negotiable for their par value. The First National bank is closed for all time. Mr. Hornaday said last night that he never will re-enter the banking business. This bank has had a varied exi>crience since it was organized in 1870. At one time It was a niilllon-dnllar bank. There are atiout •ililrly small banks which are corree- 8i>nrdtnts of the KlrBt National. Ar- innKCtnentB were made this morning Willi ihe ]•'()'I Scott bank to advance V.'i iipr cent of the derwsltK of these Hninil liHni:«. .Mr. Hornaday would not «lve tbe names of Ihe banks be- c.iii.ii'. hi; .'.Hid. such publicity might cHiii-f runs ( JU ' theMfl InslItutlonH. Tilt fiiliiiis of the M»»rnuday bank was a b!ow to Kort Scott. As a citizen—a diy Konds merchant—put It tills fiflfinoon: 'fJrunl ilr-rnaday fopls bad about ililii thing, of course, nut not nearly as bJtd as Fort Scott feels for him," he said. Don't Buy Watered OjHten.. Oysters should never be watered or packed directly in ice. The ice should bo around the container. Otherwise the sharp, jagged edges of the ice cut mangle and batter tbe oysters, spoiling their looks and ruining their delicate flavor. Tbe oyster is a salt water chell fish. When put Into fresh water It pulls up and loses Its pleasant, piquant flavor. It is Just an unnatural to soak oysters in ice and fresh water as to subject a fine. Juicy steak to such treatment. "Sealshlpt* Oysters are the only kind that are properly packed. They are shucked into airtight, steel containers, ^sk for "Sealshlpt Sense," a book about "Sealshlpt" Oysters. It goes into the details of "Sealshlpt" excellence. You will find the White Porcelain Case bearing the Blue "Sealshlpt" Trade Mark at dealer's stores. Fryer Brothers, Otto Hinze, "Our Way." Prof. Berry Is 111. Prof. E. V. Berry who has been confined to bis home for the past week with an attack of lagrippe and neuralgia is still quite ill and will probably not be able to attend to his duties in the Y. M. C. A. for some time. Would like to hear of stock for sale in an/ enterprise where an investment of several thousan'' doI '|«ri« would be safe. L. Darbyshlre, Box £031, Rochester. N. Y. Operation for Appendicitis; Clyde Morrison, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Morrison, wis taken to the Allen county hospital yesterday for an operation for appendicitis. He had been sick for several days, but it was iboped that an operation would not be necessary, but hia condition yesterday morning was such as to make an Immediate operation was neeessary. The operation waa •nccesafnl but the caJM was • tad one and all dancer ia not past bnt It ia ballevad that be wlU noor- er tnm it Dr*. LuAeth ft I «m- btot. M mm. tat Vr, mtam. ot UA SPECIAL SALE OF 'AHOTHER Rugs and For Monday, Tuesday and Wedoesday Room Size Tapestry Rugs on sale for ilOJJ(5 $20.00 Rugs on sale for 115.00 $2n.00 Rugs on sale for $21.8o $30.0«J Rugs on sale for $24.50 $:!5.00 Rugs on sale for $40.00 Rugs on sale for $33.85 LACE t'lKTAISS. $1.00 Lace Cu'tains on sale for...85c $1.25 Lace Curtains on sale for...98c $1.50 Lace Curtains on sale for. .$1.19 $1.75 Lace Curtains on sale for. .$1.19 $2.00 Lace Curtains on sale for. .$1.62 $2.50 Lace Curtains on sale for..$2.19 $3.00 Lace Curtains on sale for..$3Ut5 $3..';0 I^ce Curtains on sale for. .$S.15 $4.00 I.ace Curtains on sale for. .tU9 $5.00 l.,ace Curtains on sale for. .$lJi5 $6.00 Lace Curtains on sale for. .$5.00 $6..'>0 Lace Curtains on sale for. .$5,35 $7.00 Lace Curtains on sale for..$5.85 $7.50 Lace Curtains on sale for. .$8.35 $10.00 Lace Curtains on sale for $7.98 $12.50 Lace Curtains on sale for $8.95 $15.00 I.4tce Curtains on sale for $10J18 RUGS. Small Rugs worth $1.25, choice..98c 27x54 Brussels Rugs, worth $1.75, on sale for $1.89 36x72 Rugs, worth $4.50, on sale for tM* 36x72 Rugs worth $6.00. on sale for M.15 36x72 Wilton Rugs, worth $8.50. on sale for $7A» $10.00 Rugs on sale for $8J5 CI RTALV 3LVDRAS. 40c Curtain Madras on sale for...38c 45c Curtain Madras on sale for...S5c 50c Curtain Madras on sale far...89e 65c Curtain Madras on sale for—59e 75c Curtain Madras oii sale for. ..59e 85c Curtain Madras on sale^or...68e $1.00 CurUin Madras on sale for..79e $1.25 CurUin Madras on sale for. .98c $1.50 Curtain Madras on sale for $1J9 DraiH -rjr Piece Goods, DenlBis, Cre> tonnes, Silkolfaie!!, Swisses, Ktc. 8%c quality on sale for 7e } 0c quality on sale for ...8Ue 2Hfc quality on sale for 19c 15c quality on sale for ISMe 17V&C quality on sale for I4e 20c quality on sale for Ite 2.5c quality on sale for .$9e 30c quality on sale for S|e 3.TC quality on sale for ,..87e €. D. Webster, J{ County, StartC^I Charles, SSii C D. Webster, fonB4>rly in chare* of the refinery at Humboldt, is now branching out. The Independence Re*' porter says: * •.. •. j C. D, Webster of the Humboldt ral- finery and promoter,of a plant at^TuU- sa, turns up in a new field. The>«har ter of the Webster Refining compan: , caritallzed at 9100,()00, baa beenfflle I at Lake Charles, X«. The compan ' is domiciled in Jennings and- Ita ol • Jectc and purposes, as set fortbrts tli) charter, are to prospect for-oll^.to deal in petroleum and In oU Iaii4^ and to operate oil refiaertaa hi» corporators are C. Ih" 'WisMM; S. Webster. Eda U HeiaeB. X H. nen, Edith E. Erwltrabd Arthur er. The board ot direetors ia C. Webster, J. H. Helnen and Ejda U Heinen, with Mr. Webster as prealr dent. Mrs. Heinen. ;ilca.'presld.ent Jirit Mr. Heinen secretary and treasurer.^ CAB5EGIE FOR FBEE A Cemhig Article bj.4«i 1 Said to Take Sneb a-8 ^ New York, Nov. 21 ^WbeB que^ tioned-concerning an article s&owa tiim on the tariff wfalcb -.4i «oon to ai>- (iear in a New York dMqpixine. Andrew Carnegie declined to:d 'eny that he advocated the removal of the entire tariff on steel. r' * Mr. Carnegie's attltufte waa sou^ in view of a report that be had de>- cided that the tariff coold^be relieved without hitting the American steei li^ dustry and that he 'inteBi ^'to^1d•- scribe this in deUil (n tb« forthcbnt- Ing article. - • J When seen today Mr., Carnegl^ saift "The article has been announcad -lB the usual fashion and it will spealt. for itself in a few days. It is a companion article to the one on 'Ratas and Rebates' which ' I wrote for the •ame magaxlne." Mrs. Lambeth Better. _ Mrs. H. W. Lambeth, who waa operated on at the Allen County boSidtal last :week is recovering nicely^ wbleh will be good news to all 1 >er friends. Mbran Herald. TrirleU and HeBvywelgMa. The heavyweight foot ball ta^ of lola will make their initial appasr- ance on a Galena gridiron on^ Sunday of next month, wbaa. -" will oppoae the Oohtsn The manager of the lola w%if Informed of the reoorl madB tgr. Dwarfs tbhi seaaon and la aT,. received by Maa«i«r Hoa;a |j» j that be dealrea tka locRlp ' * ' \

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