Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 23, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1907
Page 7
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BO^S FOR LIB I&KY ABE B 4$^ terJ L LLED. SN(liTiN6Mi^ClHii^lrTEN^ LA iiABPE I'Ei^^ti iiriotntfl OUT tHii AT LAirrO^ftltiK POlrt. IrftloM Aijo Inl )»n »TiB»— lAbnrj BMks Arrire. TUe books vthrph W. J. Waters <if this city ordered^^or thd high schuul Ilbrftty arrived yoalerday and today urc4)etng itistall^ in the high school ItbraVy. The bodka Bre:'ot such ua- tiiro lis to help in the 'nchool work a gteal deal. They will:be bcnellclal U.I rcforcnco bookti. EXTRAORMNARY SALE OF MGH GIUU>E Suits, OverccNits, Run Coats, To^ Coats For Men and Young Men. A redaction on every Suit, Overdoat, Rain Coat and Top Coat in the Store. Do not fail to attend the timely sale of the season; Stores at WichiU, tola. GLOBE SHOE CLOTHrNC CO. Vi)ti will not rcpret !i(tPiiilli)K these services, nnj the inoro of tliem yoti iitiend, the Krenler gowl you will .from tlii'in. Siinday school at i<> a. in. ;.lnnioi- nieoling at p. ui. Youns I'eo- '|lIp •^5 uii-etlnK ai <i:;!0. .lOlIN 11. niUGlIT, I'aslov. Dr. UHlm I'p Tpnn. Dr. C. .1. Unlm who has. been very ill for the past week wi(s able to be up to\N-u again yesterday.^ He has been conhucd to his home tor the past wook. Ho says thai he Istcellng muib bcttuV again. ERNten Star Xei U»l MRht. The liasferii Star of Ihi.-* elty lieM their first meeting since t)ie hot wcalli er ucasoji yesterday eycniug. The lodRB was well attended last nighi. -Much work or liM|)OVtanGe was dtnip. The lodge will mwt repiilurly in the future. IsBiip I'oe Hus a Sore Kye. Kormer t'oslniaster twiac Coo of this city Is NuffprlnK frons a very sure eye. Mr. Coo says thai: lu- dui's not know what the disease isj. Xr8. F. H. Mr^Bipin Here. .Mrs. F. H. -McUulgan ^of .Montreal, is vlsling at the home of- W. S. Urigs- by. president of^lhe 'Tntevnailonal Drng company Is cliy. .Mrs. Mc- Ciiigan says thaff3h *'r Husband who recently retired S B vice-president of the Great Northern Railway company is a great fleal better. :Thls Is Mrs. Cnlgan's second visit to Ui Harpe. LA IIARPK Will .Miller Is .Marrii'd. : Will Miller who eanw- in yesterday from I'arsons, Kansas, for a few daj s visit, with his parents who live south of town. snrprtRfld his friends and relatives hy tellln/t: them' that he wa? married last Sunday. Although the newP of his marriage Is a surprise 10 his rrfends in tliis city he has many friends who wis^^ini happiness. K4>T!tmte .VrV Inleirfstliii^. The revival meetings Vhlch aw in progress at the Presbyterian church are progressitig with increasing Interest. There have already been .several confessions and the interest has liet 'u Intense. The meeting will continue for another week. KeM<i>* Teurn Pif«rttce. The Reb^cft dHll team practiced in the hall last cvenliig aft«r the Kaslern Star Io<lge meeting. Th«i team Is preparing for a great deal of heavy work which will be dona in the near future. There will lip a Mniber'or candidates at the next regSaV meeting of the lodge. ^, KbofdMir TUtteh Well Altemlrd. The shooting maTeh which is being held near the tanyonville pond is being well ateftdefl.. Manylxi Harpe |>ei> jile are accepting the opportunity of petting turkeys for Thsinksgrlviug for {.iracticalfy nothing. .' rolt^llftkfl Are JMier. ; TV. S. Grfgsfcy.'^^presldfnt-of the In- .j^teriiational Ttrtig company liWfeved ^ "^that the finanrW condition of the stalJ 's IR ttn'previiig. He wiya that their collect itms art iSuch better at. his time than they wVre a ."^ibrt (hue ago. He believes this to he an Indication of the clearlBK condition. lYp of the financial MIM fferUMT ITHI fJafertahi. Tlio .\t6dem A'd Ancient 73mbrold- ery club of tM« iefty will be entertained next Tuesday-by Miss .T. Katherlne iiarfley at hw hWfte ati North Jefferson avenue. The club ineeMngs haVe been attended negnlarli^ sfnd a gr*at deal of interest lias bee^ taken by the nienibers this fall. Reiaraed fraatJHbxIarrK .VeHJair. I'. SliocnartR. W. O. '1/cnharl and William TMrt«e¥>.r(«tft«e* yesterday from ly^v^mverrflt wlrt»re they have been attrtidfnsi'"lhtl SSriticr's meeting. TTi* tort feijtrtrt * an excellrnf time. Th«y sKM tliat tiiey were rov- ally enreri«fB«d- ^efnit: taken to all points oT fnrcreit In the city In .iiifo- inoblles. VHMAlMt E|>keap»l C'hsrrh. Sunday school at 9 :4i; a. m. Preach lug at 11 a. m. Class ;meetln«; at n in. .hrnkfi- Le«g«k at S ji. ni. Rnworth I/>ninie at fc :36 -p'. in. • Prenchliig at 7 :;!(t ji. ni. •II. . .«rtJi««IM iJtMMtiait riiarrh. Uetrular Rerv{i«a Ruftaay. Shnday school at Pr»»af!hlng at 11. Sublecf ^K^nmfi. "Mistaken .V'otlotis Resoeotllur Man's InaWllt.v." .lunior :it 2:nn. Subiect.>"Runuing Atvav from t>itn-." C. K, atv«:.1l>. ?TbnIe. -Home Mlsslonu."' PreMktng fit T:SO. Sn'- .lect "So Neulrtdlty In-Religion." win have serricea raJn 6r shine. Cod's weather iief^r Stridera " his work. Dampneaa irtrn'trntU felicton. Prar er taeetlnJE We&eBday evenlni; at 7 o'clock. BverytWlt- velebme. B. C. ceJRN.-Pastor. The eraageltille sendceil wbkb are beiDK b «td ere^algtai Mrill conUnue on the 8abbatk,^'d Sgf. T. 8. mw- 'ley will lireMft.iSomlliK and <>r«alng. Cmrie and bffnt-a rnbiiia --irltb you. Wm Held SerWces Here. The cliurch of l.;iiier Day S;iiiiis will hold services 011 llie siri 'i 'ls of Ihls city today, Sunday and Monday. They will hold services both afternoon atiil evening. Tlie services will be held on the streets. rersDiiaN. Mrs. I 'llizahetli Spera of Wiiii-lieslcr lud.. caine lu yi-sterday lor a visit with her sister. .Mrs. Oliver frecuian. of this city. Mrs. K. .M. (ireeii reliirtii'd lo Uluc .Mound. KaiisMS. I IX I MV after a few dnvs' visit with S. T. Crceu of this city. .Mrs, Sieve Hryaiit of lola is visiiiiig her daughter. Mrs. S. Malcom. .Mrs. .\nua Poter of (Urard. Kas.. is visiting at the liniiie of her liriMlier. W. T. Donald, of Ihls city. .Mrs. .McHeih returneil I" rarsiin.<. Kansas, yesterday after a few days visit ill this city. S. .\ .Ucel whi> Is In charge of the I'nited States Survey station at Ilald- wln. is expected In this evening fur a few days visit with Morris Pat ton nf this ciiy. Hev. .1. S. Thomas Kave a special services In the Chapel car yesterday for the high schf)ol pupils. K. .\. Quintard recently traded off his store bnilding for "ju acre^irof lloilgeman county. .1. ('. .lones went to Murliiisloii ye.-- lorday on business. I>.\\('I\(J PROVES FAT.U- Many men and women eateh culd.- at dances which terminate in piuiiiim- Ilia ami consiiinpllon. .^fli -r i\\ n^ure. If Koley's Honey and Tar is i:ike-i it will break np a cold and im sei.ons results neetl be feared. Ucliise any hut the genuine in a >ellow package. llurrt-H's drug store. ••SlKKR.\<iKrTKS" FltJlIT .MKV. Herliert <JI«dslone*s .Me«'linB In a Free .f «r..\ll. I(reak« Leeds. Kng.. Nov. L':;.— The ttniiiaii siitTracIsts today virtually <-(un|iel|ed Herbert (iladstone. secremry of stale for hotue affairs to aliaiiilo;^ his ai- ieni|)t 10 address a meeting here. The interriiiitions from the •suffra- ueltes" liccanii* so perslstpiil that Mr. (iladsione declan-il he wfuiiii no louder slrUKKl*' ;if:alnsl s:ich taeii<'s. and brouKht his speech III a sudden close. One i>r the sutTriiKists lliereu|>cm tried to take pi>ssessiou of the nieet- In?.'. While she was speaking a free fiKht brt)ke out between the men and women nf the audience. Mr. (.;iailst(iiic and his wife hi-at .-i speeily retreat and the cliairnian declared the meeliiiB closed. V. .M. C. A. Ctl.WtNTIOA «U'K\S, Thirty-MxHi .Vnnnal XeeUng Is on hi TVashiaglon. Washinplon. X«iv. 2;!.—The tl.iriy- slxlli convention of the Youns; .Mens Christian Association of Niu-lb .\inei- Jca oppiKvl today. Speakers on ili- progiani include Mr. Mryce. lli" Mrii- ish aiiiliass;Mlor. (Jovernor tlliiiii of North faroliua and W. .lemiinps Uryan. Pains at the waist, back, front, or side, are nearly sure proof of female troable. borne Other signs are headache, pressing down pains, irregular functions, restlesfr- n^, cold IJmtw. nervousness, etc. These pains may be allayed, the system braced and the womanly functions regulated by the use of ^ * ^ Wine of Cardui Mrs. Annie Hamilton, of Stetsonvllle. Wis,, writes: "Cardui saved me from the grave afterj three (3) doctors had failed to help me. It Is a good medicine and I recommend it to aU suffering women." For sale at all druggists, in $1 bottles. GAS CITY NEWS ITEMS ^^^^ .M.VYIHl WIU. .\0T (ALL KLE(TH)N OF <(U.>( ILIIKX .VT PKESEM. VACANCIES ARE Tj BE FILLED .11 E\ S\V ll.lltTLESVILLE LS tM EK KIN MITJI L.VBOREKS. K, (). Vundergrift Will Open .llayor O'Connor's Store ut Itartles^ille —Personals. .\o Cil) Elet'don Aon. .Mayor 1'. 11. tj"("oiinor aniKiunceii jesierday thai thero would be no i-ity el<-eli(iii al (he pivseiil Ilnir. lie .s-i.» that it win iiiii i )o necessary at this lime as there are still sl.\ menihurs of t^e cotiiicil in the city or enough to transact business. The luavdr slai ed that if it was deemed advisable they will hiild an election in the Third ward .some linie In the future to cle.-l a councllmaii to succeed K. O. Van- di'i-^rilt w ho is to KO to Itartlesville. Are Coming Home. .M.iny of the Has Clly citizens win ell heri> smne time apo and went to llarl lesville are retiirniim. Tlie.\ .sav that nartlesvllle Is a K<K><1 place liui there are alHiiil ten men for I'Very po.sltioii. They ."^ay Cas City Is I;(KM I eiiiiiiuh for them and that th<-ri,- is plenty nf ;;oi)d work here. .>laiiy ai. luijiii;- Imnics here. I>r. and .Mr<.. Wlltt Urrc Enlrrluined. Mr Mi.v It. T. Willy left Tues<lii: I M riiiim r <ir C MS Cily. K:iiisas. «1 lir. Win> will pracii<-e deii- ti^:r.^ .\li-iida> evenius a nunilier of the!.- iiM'uils uMiliered al the home <if Hon. l.<e T. Winy to bid them Cod spif.l ami wish Iheiu success In their iii'W licnie. Mr Witty Kradiiatcfl at St. I.niiis line .ve.irs alio, and haf pr;!cliceil at Si. l,<iiiis. in Old .Mcxlcr and fur .-'wliile praclfced here. Mr. and .Vlr.-". Wjti.vs friends here wish I hem suci-ess in Kansas where llnj}' will reside. —.Memphis, Mo.. Democrat. FniRk lloekiiier Fainted at Srhool. I'raiik Hockover fainted at school yesterday and today is i|uile ill at his So perfect In make, so simple in tise that beginners may work ^ irrUk it successfully. It makes • home baking easy, and gives yoo bread, cake and biscuit nicer, better and less expensive than the baker's« But to make your home baking successful and perfect you must use Qr.Price 's Bdd^ VawAst TO RELIEVE ALL TrtE CATARRH SIFFEItERS HERE IN lOLA. .Make SoTie rp I nd Try It as It Is Sa\i U> Wo the Work rromptl)-. The <<)niiiiK months will be a har- for the doctors and patent medi- i-iiie niamifacturers unless ureal care Is laNen to keep the feel dry, also iress wiiriiily. This advice should be heeded by all who are subject to rheumatism, kld- •ley and bladder troubles and espe- •ially catarrh. Whik- the latter Is con dileiHl by most sulTerers an incura- >le there are fi'w nii'li or women who will fail to experience ;;rpat relief from the following simple home ireserliiiion. and if l;iken in time It will prevent an ailaek of catarrh dur- iuK the entire seastui. Hi -re is the prescription which any uie.cau mix: Fluid l^xlracl Dande- 'ioa o :)i --lialf ounce. 'Compiuind Kar<on one iiuiice. Compound Sy'riip Sar- iaparilla three ounces. Shake nel' In a' bottle ntnl ii .se In lcas |KHiiiful loses after each liieal and again ut 'ledlliue. The Compound KarKon lu ihls prescription acts directly upon Ihe ellni inatlve tissues of the kidneys to make" hent filter and strain from the blood, •he poisons that produce all forms of , •atarrhiil affectlmis. Relief Is often elt even after the llrst few doses and ; t Is sehhmi that the sufferer evi -r ex- ' lerlences a return attack within the ' i'cnr. This prescript ion makes a splendiil remedy for all forms of blotnl dl.sor- lers and such sympt<mi.«« as lame tack, bladder weaknesses and rlieu- uaiisiu jiains are entirely dlspeli'ed. As this valuable, though slmiile. re- zi\w comes from a thorou'.;hly reliable lource, it should be heeded by every iffllcled reader. ferenre With Corteljrou. .1. P. .MORiiAX AT WHITE HOUSE, ments. replied that conditions In Now I York were reassuring. He said that Financier Sees President After Con-, everything possible is being done to relieve the money stringency and that the situation was satisfactory. W;ii;bintou. Nov. i:::.—,1. I'ierimnl Mr. Morgan said also that hl.s ob- .Morgan and Ceorge Itakcr. the lat 1 j<Tt in coining to Washington today I 'T president, of the First National wa.s to .see Secretary Cortelyou In Hank of New York City, arrived here ;furtherance of the conference he had yesterday for a conference with Sec- iwitb the secretary In New Y'ork last refary I 'ortelyou of the treasury de- week, al wWch time means were dla- partinent. cussed for the further relief of the At 1" o'clock last ninhi .Messi-s. .Mur ; slitiation. lie -saw Secretary Cortelyou bi'forc ^oiiig to the White house and said gall and Maker, accjuiipaiiied by .\s- ] sislant Secretary Koliert Macon of tliejj state department, went lo rlie White,that he called on President Koosevelt house to see the president by appoint | last iiit;hi to pay his respects. Mr. nient. The object of their visit was ;.Morgan f»robably will return to New not divulBed. but II was I»elleved to be in relation lo the financial situation. I'pon leaving the While hmise at 11 after heiiiK with the president an hour and a half, Mr. .Mor;;au. on bciuK asked in regard lo the develop-}er York totlay. He coiild not say whether he would again sd& the preddent Iiefore leaving for New York. We claim that niliblt is just as Epod ' turkey, and a blaaiC'd sight CheaB- aoine. It is not known from what he suffers. The boy was pla.vins with he other school children when he suddenly became ill. .V physician was •ailed. E. I>. Viindergriri In llarUenlllr. K. O. Vauder:rrif; who has Jieen cm doyed in P..H. O'Connor's store In his cily for a nunilwr of years, will lie put in the O'Connor liraucTi store It llartresville. Mr. Vantlergrift is a 5otjd busini-s man and donbtless will ninki' a success of Ihe work. No one will he put In his place here at the pics 'cul ilnie. Roagbt i'nion II VUM-. .Mrs. I.. M. Hall yesterday dosed a le:il whereby she coin«*s in possession >f the Inion House in this city. Mrs. louHion who formerly conducted this hotel will leave in a short time for 'esvllle where she will open "aJ hotel, i^"* The Aorlh End Charch. The ii .sual service at the l.'nllefl rrcsbyterian church North Main street, next Sabath morning and evening. Mlble Hchofd at 10 a. m. Preacliiuu at II. Subje<;ts "The Hrst P;M;e of the l«ettcr hy .laines." .'iiiilor at " p. in. Bveniu}; service at 7 ::;u. Siit>jii-t. •Twelve Views of the Crrjss." You will he made welcome to an.* if these service.-!. KKV. W. N. I-KEI'KU. Pastor. PrntanaK Mr. S. K. Swnn went In Hjirll^gton. \ansas, yesterday on a'lmsliiessi rlsfl. .1. n. Ifrtiisherg. president tk Ihe •Jas City Sfnle hank. Is In Ktinsas City in llMNllleSS. The iiifani of Mr. anil Mr.s. Si>enc<»r Miller Is f|uHe III. Mrs. Martha Sherman Is <inlie sick It her home on .North Taylor street. Sfrt l /nri 'a bnhy Is on the sick list. WA.N"TKI>—Men to learn barber trad*' am areept iKisltihni waiting -uir gradudtes. hiflnndid Miknce for loor man. few weeks completes, tools ^iven. -write today. Moler Barber College. Kansas City, Mo. PrimnKaia PoliowK R rkM. tifit tievef roffo«-8 the nse W Foley's ilea^y and Tar' I( sttips Ae cough, haafs and arreogtbena the nn^s and prerents rffleomonia. llarrfeU's drug "lore.' A Favorite Bowel-Medicine With INon This new. improvctl la.xative has become extremely popular with men everywhere. It works .so .ijcritly and effectively that it never fails to bring relief, and at the same time never interferes with business. prderiies have none of the faults of the other laxatives on the market. They are entirely new and better. Positively do not grijx; or cause nau.sea. Oitickly and permanently cure constijjation and sluggish liver. Arc not followetl by any consti^tivc reaction. Regulate the bmvcJs perfoclly. Try them and yon will understand what an improvement they are over other remedies. Pleasant, vanilla fiavorL -d tablets. Snun B M (1« laMeto) ^0^. Lars* Bex (30 tabiaW) XBe. p EX maans •king,'" and the cnmblnation taakes K KXALL "U BC of all.- We hare proven time andtime again ttiat Rexall Remedies are kinss above all Dthen. For moie than t«o years an expert traTclIM aH a«er thevorU in*eardi of eztrloidinaTT remedies. Wbeo- ever tie heard of a wondnful enie of any namre lie cHd not rest until he personally conld see the e«ect of the prescri^n ased. Wlierebefaandtlie remedy perfect he porchased the prescription, but rl was never used asa Sex- ail remedyniitilthe vropert ies had been thuronghlr . analyzed by the choa- ists and piiytidaos 4 of tbeCnitedDras ^mpaay. S. R. BURRELL, Dri^^ist THE STORE Gnaranteed Pare ana Whotesoaci Ton Mfi maafBf W a?(»l faiiiirai in: diiif if ^jon vK BAKING POWi>ER 25 Oonces lor 25 Cente Here is true eoooomy. Yoa cannot he sore every tlmeot have yoor food dainty, t«sty and: wholfr* aome if yoa pay. kas or BCOBgk. a sutaUtube.

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