The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 8, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 8, 1949
Page 2
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FA(JE. TWO •LTTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, OCTOBER «,. 1949 Election Board Pay is Clarified Attorney General Says v Each Member Due $4 ' P«r Day and No More LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 8. l/f)— An election commissioner is entitled to $4 for each day of service In connection with recent school elcy- tlons^not M a day from each of the county's school disirir's. Assistant Attor "y General Cleveland Holland yesterday said he had been advised by telephone that Ouachita County commissioners -had submitted » bill for »4 a day to each of the county's seven school districts lie satd he had advised Ouachita officials orally that the commissioners were entitled only to a total o* $4 * day each. j In - a formal opinion to O. v Boldnls, SeUer County school sup- en Isor at DeQueen, Holland ad vised that all expensces for the school election' arc to be paid from school district funds He said that he did not beiiev 1949 act changing procedure i school elections had any effect on that provision Each district pays Judges and clerks and payment for election commhsiouets Is pro-rated among all districts in * county, Hollant 1 said. In another opinion Assistant At torney General Arnold Adams ad vised -Labor Commissioner C. K. Call that maiden voters may sie petitions for. Initiated acts. Maiden ' voters are .persons wh have reached legal voting age sine the previous period for poll ta paying and are entitled to vot without payment of the tax. Relief Seen in Long Hawaiian Dock Strike olio is Expected "o Reach All-Time High This Year NEW YORK, Oct. 8—W>—The 949 total of polio cases In this ountry Is expected to reach 41,000 y the end of the year Basil O'Connor, president.of the National Foundation for infantile D aralj'sis, made the estimate. It Is ,000 above Ills previous estimate. So far, ne reported, there have een 33,144 cases, the highest num- er ever recorded for one year ui his country. The previous record epidemic was n 1916, when about 30,000 persons were stricken. TEXAN" WELCOMES PRINCESS 'WIIDE TO l!.S.-M31ydc Hauls Amarillo, Tex., interior decorator, greets his bride, the former Princes Cecilie Hohenzoilern, granddaughter of the late Kaiser Wlllielm, as sii arrived at New York on the liiier Queen Elizabeth. They were married Ir Techttugen, Germany, June 21, after a three-year romance. Harris re turned before his bride to prepare a home for her (AP WirephotoK HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Housew/Ves in America Place High Value on Independence HONOLULU, Oct. 8. PP}— Hawaii docks, struck since May 1, may be humming again at a normal rate next" .week. An agreement to settle the lone 'arid -bitter dispute with a 14-ceirV hourly wage increase was reached orally Thursday— 159th day ol the strike The dock workers Immediately ratified it without a dissenting vote. The only hitch to an Immediate back-to-'nork order was the settlement ol non-steveddang issues In porta other than Honolulu That will, delay the work order two Ir three days The settlement worked out by the- union and representatives of the seven struck stevedoring firms was this' Aii" immediate 14-cent hourly wage boost to the current $1.40 Eight cents of this to be retroactive from' March 1 through June 28. Another 7 cent increase next March 1, the contract to run through June 15. 1851 Fmplo>ers demanded the longer contract. 'SUN FUN—Movie actress Pamela Britten is having some sun fun in Hollywood. That (an gadget is built to reflect the sun to places where the rays won't EO without a bit of help. Chin up, Pam, you're do:n;> fine. By Tlal Boyle NEW YORK, Oct. 1. I/T) — Do American housewives want govern- ent handouts? Well—yes and no. he girls are as divided on this jestion as on any other. A few days ago I wrote a piece otnting out that legislatures have dly overlooked the most Infper- mit figure in our civilization—the ousewife. • TJiey fret about the problems at le .businessman, set limits to the Jilt of the laboring mail, and .vote ash on the barrel head to protect farmer against rainy days. But the woman with the mop, the ady of the house, they have ryoted o 40-hour week, no cash subsidies, o benefit payments, no bonuses for •vising the nation's chief crop— hildrcn. ' Well,-should Congress.and Prcsl- ent Truman set up a new cabinet ost—secretary of the , . home? Should housewives get pensions? , Scores of ladles across the land Iropped their dust cloths, sat down nd wrote me how they felt. And heir answer as to whether the gov- irnment owed them anything boil- id clown to this: . ; "Ves" 'and "No". i 1. "Yes, of course." I 2. "No. naturally." I One mother wrote objecting "to , .he prevailing sense ;of values which i excludes from economic cotisldera- ! .Ion the work of the home woman." j ler idea was that mothers mold ' :he character of future citizens and should be paid in some way by the state for: this Important .uncUon. Mrs. Sue Persons of Mandan, N. : D., thought It might be simpler if J women just did more to solve the i >roblcms of government and inter- i ...Jonal politics—even against male j objections they are "getting too big [or their unmentionables." 'We have had a lot of experience cleaning up messes before," she added firmly, "and -we . .couldn't make a worse muddle." An Illinois wife observed: "The housewief should be considered by the government. Possibly a pension plan or a week's holiday at the government's expense to do a little traveling. Of "course I would suggest a set time for the pensions , to start—after °5 years of faithful devotion." Shun Handouts On the other hand, Mrs Irene Pilackas of Chicago Heights. Til.. | telling us off. "The woman who hits .childre ind a home never mopes or is frus (rated. We're too busy. We don want any special recognition.. W reap our rewards as we go along Across Burning Sands, Skipper Returns 'Horn* PHOENIX, Ariz.,' Oct. 8. (ff1 Skipper, the cat, apparently hiked 125 miles across the desert twice because she loved rer home town more than her master. Skipper was content enough while her master,. Seymour Ryan, lived ri Tucson. But when Ryan moved nls family to Phoenix, the cat disappeared. . . Later, on a business trip to Tucson, Ryan found Skipper at hi former next door neighbor's home Skipper apparently had hiked 125 miles across, .the .desert. Ryan brought Skipper back to Phoenix, but again she disappeared and turned up footsore In Tucson 'She wins paws down and can stay In Tucson," said Ryan. More Revolutions? U.S. Government Deficit Goes Above 2 Millions WASHINGTON, Oct. 8! (;1>) — The government's budget deficit climbed , above the $2,000,000,000 mark in little more than three months after this fiscal year began July 1. •-••-. The treasury reported today that, through Wednesday, budget expenditures exceeded receipts by »2,02l',-. 309.935.53 for fiscal 1950 to date. Estimates on the linal showing LOOK WHO'S ON THE WAY—Got your Christmas turkey yet? Uncle Sam has- At least he's bought about 1,250,000 pounds of them for GI's at Pacific bases. At Turlock, Calif., Leonard* Knight thought it appropriate to don the red suit and .whiskers to get the plump'birds on their way to the Army's Christmas table. Lt. Col. Ward T. Blacklook of the San Francisco Quartermaster Market Center looks on. Mrs Pilackas said that/whpn h whcn tnc year ends next June ^° kid-farT-the 'o!' maV'compT ™«? '™ ' *~??> ^'^ mcntcd her on a meal. . . "Why, heck! I glow and beam so that I'd outshine anything buried at Fort Knox. "You can keep your (governincnt- paid) maids. I want to be able to do for my own-"mysel(." And besides, said Mrs. Pilackas, 'we are the power behind the throne, and that's where we Intend to slay. "So. . . please leave tile -American housewife aloue, or we'll start a Down-Wit'i-Hnl Boyle Movement—and then you'll ;be sorry." Yes, ma'am! Who brought the subject up anyway? W.OOO.OCO.OOO. •Adpiinistratlon experts recently have pinned their gue.Vieft on about $4,000,000,000. ; Newspaperman Dies •DARDENELE. Ark., Oct. Lucius Jones Withers, 68. retired newspaperman, died unexpectedly at his home at Centerville Thursday. Withers spent 30 years as a member of the staffs of the Memphis Commercial Appeal and • Pre*s Scimitar and-the Chicago Tribune. He was the author of several short stories. . ; ,.-•••" \Elevaior in Two-Story Plunge, 2? Injured KANSAS CITY, Oct. 8. (/T> —'A crowded passenger elevator in a downtown store suddenly plunged two floors Thursday and then halted with jarring impact, Injuring 21 persons. Automatic safety devices halted the elevator after It went out of control. Man; ol the Injured were released after a hospital examination. Three, however, suffered leg fractures. The accident occurred' in the fashionable Harzfeld store - during a heavy afternoon shopping period. The elevator dropped when a heavy steel plate holding the car's'cables gave way. building superintendent Russell Faublou said. . .: Retrial is Scheduled LITTLE ROCK. Oct. g_(jp>_lRe- trial of Wilson Hunt, 40-year-old unemployed railway mall clerk charged with killing his estrange! wife and a man •companion,, is se for NOV. 8 In Pulaskl Circuit Court ; A previous first, degree . rhurder il Spirit Prevails; /ictim Lands in Bed STLVADOR, Brazil —(/F t r- Al onio Felix, a 50-year-old worker decided an evil spirit had take over his body and went to see female witch-doctor to get him on he tied him to a chair and bea him with a sword of ogurn—n tougl leathery palm leaf shaped like sword. Then she placed a pot full : of black powder under his nose and told him to look al a pretty little thing inside. He looked. She drop- lied a lighted match In the pot to blow the evil spirit back where he came from. He Is now In a. hospital seriously burned. She Is In'Jail. •; .-. BUCHAREST, Romania, Oct. 8— ft— The comlnform Journal pre- icted yesterday that the Com- mmlsl victory in China; would 'remote similar revolutions In India, lurma, Indonesia and other Asiatic ounlrlea. The journal, mouthpiece of the wlltlcal organization that Units the Communist countries, called devel- pments in China the "greatest de- eat for world reaction and imper- allsm." N THE PROBATE COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. AKK,-IMS'S. CHICKASAWRA DISTRICT N THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF No.1904 E. A. BROWN, deceased Last known address ot decedent: Bltyhevllle Arkansas. Date of death: October 11, 19M. The undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate of the above-named decedent on the 25th day of September, 1D49. Air persons having claims'against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned withi six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or. precluded from any benefit in the I they shall be forever barred and | estate. This notice first published the 1st day of October, 1949. D. A. Lynch, Administrator of the Estate of.E. A. Brown, deceased Mail Address: % Farmers Bank and Trust Co., Blytheville, Arkansas Reid and Roy, attorneys. 101-8 LEADS CHINA REDS-Chou En-lai. above, is the new premier ol the Cemtal People's Govern- . ment of Communist China. HisJ appointment and the establishment of the "Chinese People's Republic" were announced al a mammoth Red tally in Pekin, Soured Friendship DETROIT. Oct. 8. (/Pj-Because their, friendship had soured, Frank Olivero. 18, poured sugar into the gas tank of Thomas Henry's car. Recorder's Jrdge Joseph A. Gillis ordered him to pa- the $540 damages and placed him on three years probation. •. Olivero • told the judge: "I guess I ;was a little sour on him. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock ', Guaranteed Best Price* ' Kirby Drug Stores trial involving the case ended In a hung jury. He Will face the same charge next month- Hunt's estranged wife, Mr>. Mil-' dred'Clay Hunt, and a companion; Edward Joseph'Fugate, were killed as they sat in an automobile near her home last. May H. ; WAISITFD! VVJTXliI JL J-iJ-xi Pictures You Will Like We specialize in commercial and home pot (rails. . .pictures which you will enjoy throughout (he years. Call for appointments. ' Phone 6011 FAUGHTS STUDIO 112 South 1st. (Night Phone 6821) DEVELOPED PRINTED ENIARGED THE GRAMS COMPANY I\E \LTOI\S Real Estdtc - Morlqaqr loan*- Irnurann iCtOLA - BLIIHLMLI Phone 521 Phont 3075 said flatly: "We absolutely do not want any handouts from Washington. "We'd be sure to 'ise not only our independence to clean hou$e how and when we please, what to cook, when to spank, what'to say to the better half, but we'd have to pay sonic Jerk 5 per cent tor ATTENTION LADIES "We have tor sale now: Darwin Tulips in 7 different colors Narcissus — Yellow anil tt'lilli Daffodils — King Alfred and Golden Harvest Galanlhus Snow Orovs Scilla— Campanula la Crocus Cltionoiloxa Luc iliac Madonna Lily Hya.cin.Uis in. different coloti Ttiesc are tlic choicest of bulbs Holland. imported direct (o us from ' Come in and make your selections now while .we have com- pltlt slock. PAUL BY RUM Hardware & Seed 114 Kasl Main Street BtythevUle, Arkansas SOYBEAN SACKS 21 Bu. Size TOP MARKET PRICES PAID FOR YOUR BEANS AT ALL TIMES Doyle Henderson Soybean Co, .Highway 61 So. Phone 2860 5 JUNIOR SALESMEN 5 Junior Salesmen between age of 20 and 28 years old with High School education for training with senior salesmen to sell 3 exclusive lines. Drawing account with liberal commission. Give references and qualifications in first letter asking for interview. No phone applications for appointment will be accepted. Don Edwards Box 804 Manufacturer Agent for Philip Hano Co. Holyoke, Mass. BAGS BAGS BAGS BAGS J We offer new bags, never used, at about the price of used bags, heavy 10 ounce Inn-lap, no patches, no bad seams and no rotfen bags. Also No. 1 used bags at low as 20c each. The bags are stored at Gay & Billings , warehouse across the street from the Frisco depot. See the samples there and buy bags that will last you thru the season. Phone 34 18-3I52 PAUL D FOSTER DISTRIBUTOR Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2723-2700 Hillbilly Jamboree & Dance* LEGION ARENA SAT, OCT. 8 SKIP SKIPPER and All the Boys —featuring— Miss Sally Carter and Cicero Carter Those Who Like to Square Dance Are Cordially Invited! Adm. Adults 75c — Children 25c This Adm. Includes Both Show & Dane* IF YOU LIKE THE BEST TRY NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS

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