Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 21, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1908
Page 7
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What wiB $100 Invested in SotttfiCoffeyville.Okla.Now,mean to you in a few years TVlMt m few hndred dollars loTegled in this tonn or any of tin* Xorthem Oklaboma Jowns soreral jrars airo wonM im-nn (o yau mni The ni.iii nlio I)ouirIi< J»ls in these itmns in the beginning and held them is now well fixed, he haa accumulated a fortune purely In the advance on III K Investments. This is not unly parlicularly true of this town or coriuin other towns l)iit it Is Inio of rvcry town an <l city where the in- Testor gets In on the ground floor and invests In loin in their lieglnning? The shrewd bnalBeas man, the man without a ItnittneiiK hare all made rreat fortunes In earlj- InTeRlnirnl .H in ih<? l>p;;IiinlMK of town^ imd rltlor: ixr.ui.^" H K- !i <lvan <<Mnpiit uf Real K:;tatc in a, new town with a thriving prosperous future can not bo checked and the nian's investment KOPS higher and hlKher over year no matter whcllu-r h.- is the Hhre -.vd imtincys man or the other man. The man who iiaK never ^accumulated a amall fortuqe has let the opportunities go hy. Ho has stood Idly by with perhaps more means llian the niher fellow and frilled (o Invest. Iferc IA il'- ti'Klnnlnr: of .1 Krcat rlty. that eytr>' man can invest In. From 120 to 160 down and 15 .00 per month will buy a lot In South Cnffeyvllle. Oklahoma. Lota ranulnR from Jioii to t ;;;!r .-^>nc-f |[th down. $20 to $50 Down-$5 a Month will buy a Business Lot in the Heart of South Coffey ville, Okla. Has it ever occurred to jou wliat a future South Coffej-illie has hrforr IL II 1st time for .von to pivr ihl.-. pr'.|H. .ition a little tlir>u»;hl. if jfn do not wmr it, le'. an "iTorttinKy slip hy that you will regret all .vour life. Are you going to be the fellow that In a few years will wonder how he ever oveilooliPd ;;iirh an opportnollv. and v.ondrr whv h<' failed to itne.t in tli? i.'eir.nioa "i 'liir, -MI f^ni . t -iir:! ynu r '>Mifi have bought lots in the very heart of the town at frotn $100 to 1^25 each. Have you not r,een a grca' many inr.ian-o; wliere p :irHes; ijne told of hov.- ih ^y ronl -l li.i'" I'—'lif i--*:. \v tl.iiviiic. ' ; r-j.vus i^r iMties where thsy had the opportunity to have gotten in on the ground floor and bought lot- in the becinnlnp of lliese various towns or (iilr-.; .md what a "JT it f Minn' >i ^o -ni h,-:e uu'lc Vn "W. and liov. t|i". regretted tlieir mistake by not investing. Are you going to J)e one of these came iDdlvldual.-; wlien yt.n ran buy now at sneh low prlr"; and" r>'a.,onui,ie t-niis" If yun (!•• it v. ill l .i- .-nr •.- n f :iMj' Has It ever occurred to you —What a few hundred dollars Inve-.tivi in Ihi:; city or any o 'h'^r northern riltahotiKi town !< Vi -i-il yf :ii.; as" VOMI'< m- 1:1 rr> yi.:i tiov.. ••.ii'-i,, iii-^ ii'K MI 'ynd r-mrSitions existln.e to assure a future for these towns were far less than those of SouUi CoffejTllle, Oklahoma. In fact Sonfli CnfiryTiUr. f )),l ,r),':rii;>. ti.-iiy ],;,:. Kcit-r i.tiln.:"'! t.ulliti".;. cr- <. to u gif.r .'".itorv din'rict. n-.ore favorable conditions and advantages than many of the larger cities' of the Southwest. A man who has never (irenmni.ited i^mall have l ^t I IK." oph '-i iiiniti*.. L... I .V H ,. ii .ii: lood idlv l>. with perhnp.-. more means than the other fellow and failed to invest. Here i.-< the beginning of a greal eity. thiat every man ran inver.t in. -.lyif n- ilie l >.i.; i.i tiv vij lii :irt 1;,. „• .. I'.v.n i;iii<;e tiom Jl'.'O t" i '^i ej'Ir. one-fifth dcovn. balance |5 per month. You must remeni'ber that South Co/feyville. Oklahoni.i. i.. beginninK of a r.reat city an^l n -.i lik'- tii. ii-r- town thai beivn . • •••u I IR.IIKII i' /;ro .vr. iiito ;i pi L «.,ii(ri.ii;; town or city later, out South Cotteyvllle. Oklahoma, in its beginning has all the advantage;; that ytm ronld looli !<•>• in any of ilie lait.vr liii... '! hi--'- bij: r .tilroadr. nov in -.'i.^rMt ion. tv .o 1 jiliy .id:. ^ivn I - i-' b'lilt. th- Ganta l-'e railroad now within eight blocks of the new town site. 16 passenger trains daily. VNION INKPOT for all road^. !>treet car llii<- in operaii'-n viMiin ei::b) blo-k . "I »• v.- o .v.n :!•• :-)v)i!!; nrimte. • -ivire. r.oon 'o l >e extended to new town. NO BONDED INDEBTEDNKKS. Aeress to the ('.real Car, Field.i of flklahoina which are held within <)»- ilai-. i.-.jnir>d by Slate Utn. ;.(iiri IIKUN Mor .Xl >ARY ol Ibr (•;,nie (Juaranflii'- line. The advantage of the INTERSTATE FREIGHT RATE. The Creat Difference In the rrohlldlb'n laws of Oklaboma and Kansas, -.vlthln ..ijlit |. .,1 k . of ilie I'amon . oihuian :.pinir..; and Nalatorium ami Bn.vns tJreal Amnsernonf Pari:. :.f» acres to be given free for Factory Sites, the advantage of the exemption law under which the I'ariorles and rnblir ("liliiin.; inn l)e exempt from .Munirip?! ( (\aiion In la'l yon lia -.f- ri'ver Lieen a city in the beginning with such unparalleled advantages and favorable conditions existing thai assures Its immediate and rapid t:routli inlt. a full fledged modern ciiy. 3.. ISt SB :-1fiW THE pyLY I>YESTME.>TS EVER OFFERED THE PEOPLE WHERE LABOE PROFITS ARE ASvStRED AMP WHERE THE MA.V WITH OXLY SMALL MEAyS HAS THE SAME CHAME THAT THE FLVA .\riER HAS. KKJIL.MHI;R THAT OLESS YOU l»A IK 1 HLS IIPl 'OimMTY IS LOST in \ iil l ^iji'^ VOr PAY THE »> I 'ltK K.S. FOR ANY FIR- THEK INFORMATIO>. WIRE TELE- PHONE OR WRITE TBt Kansas Land Co., ^eyTllIe. Kans. Ihe Big 3 Land Co., (offiyillle, KanR. 'Ke Etchen Bros. Land Co., >(iwa »s, Otia. EAT FRESH BREAD OR FATTT MEATS WITHOIT HAT. WW INDIGESTION., Bid Tonrself of Stomach Mitirrjr For. ever hj Taking-a Little Diapepsin Which Any Drngg^lst Can 8uppir< If your meals dont tempt you. or you feel bloated after eating and you believe it is the food which fills you; If what little you eat lies like a lump o' lead on your stomach: if there is difficulty in breathing after eating, enictationa of sour food and acid, heartburn, brash or a belching of gas. ypu can make up your mind that yon need something for a sour stomach and indigestion. To make every bite of food you eat aid in the nourishment and slrength of your t>ody. you must rid your stomach of poisons, excessive acid and stomach gas which sours your entire maal—interferes with digestion and causes so many sufferers of dyspepsia, sick headache, nauseous breath, and stomach trouble of all kind: putrefying the Intestines and digestive canal, causing such misery as billous- nesB, constipation, griping, etc. You' case is no different—you are a strmi ach sufferer, though you may call it by some other name; your real, and only trouble Is that which yon eat does not digest, but niilckly fernientB and sours, producing almost any unhealthy condition. A case of Pape's Olapepsln will co&l fifty cents at any pharmacy here, and will convince any stomtich ruffe re r five minutes after taking one trlan- gule that fermentation and sour stomach is causing thn misery of Indigestion. No matter If you call your trouble catarrh of* the stomach, nervousness or gastritis, or by any other nanie always remember that a certain cure is waiting at yotir pharmacist any time you decide to begin its use. Pape 's DIapepsIn will purify the sourait and most acid stomach within fire minutes, and digest promutly. without any fuss or discomfort nil of any kind of food you could eat. PITTSENBEnBER DON'T DENY IT, TO PLAY PITTSBURG Tomorrow Afternoon Triplets Will Meet the Fast Bunch From Crawford County. METHODIST REVIVAL Bishop Thoburn Is to Preach Tomer- 1 row Morning at M. E. Church. —Meeting Last Night. What promises to bo one of the best football games of the season wiir be played at the Electric park tomorrow afternoon between tho Pittsburg Athletes and the Triplets. The Pittsburg team is regarded as onn of the strongest teams in this part of the state. They will average about in I>ounds to Ihe man heavier than the locals. In their lineup will be fonnii some of the fastest in Kansas, including five rormer college players. The Triplets had the best practice yesterday afternoon they have had for many weeks. Captain Brennan gave the team two hours signal work. The practice was clo.sed with light scrimmage work. The game tomorrow will he t^f•.' best test of the locals' strength nn-! til the game with Chanute Thanksgiv ' ing day. In order to accomodate the larc crowd which will likely attend the game tomorrow afternoon Snperlnten dent Massengale of the Tola Electrl- has announced that special ear^ will be run to the park from both ballarpe and lola. GAME WAS CLOSE PorlUnd Bowling Team Defeated tlie Booster Team by a Narrow Margin. Man, Who Seen Sawfng off Jail Bars, May Have Accomplice. T. W. Piltsenberger, the man who was seen by the officers In the act of sawing off the hars from the Jail win dows. is not attempting to deny his soilt Hoover Kerr, the Jailor, saw PlUsenberger at work eeveral days ago bat did not mterfere then Jioping to walk in open him in the midst of his operations. Chas. Allen, wbo told Mr. Boatrlght yesterday of Plttsen- bergcr's sdieme but who sa^ he had nothlne to do with U. has not satis- fisd all of-«fc« ofaosrm me that bs Tli»' match game of tenpins at thf- Royal Bowling alley last evenint: war. played with only four men to the team. One of the regular iilayers from each of the teams failed to show up. The four team game was a hotter exhibition of tlie game of ten pins than has Iteen given on tho Royal Alleys this season. The teams were evenly matched and there wn.*: only a difference of six pins in the final score, tho Portland team defeating the Boosters by that narrow margin. The final score was: Portlands. IS.IS; Boosters. ISo.l. Tliv Boosterii won the honors for spares by a mar. gin of three, while the Portlands carried off the strike honors with a mar gin of nine. Followinc is the program for tomorrow at the First .M. E. church: SuiirMe prayer nicelinc. ! fnnday school at ir. with an ad (Ipts by I!ev. Hamilton. Preaching at 11 o'clock by I!i.<bop Thoburn. Infaiii eapti/inc 2:'M* hy the Hi:?hop, follmveti by a Mass Young People's ineeiini; address, incidents of travel in the far east hy Rev. Hamilton. I 'pwiMth l /eaKU''. r.:3n. Subject, ('onlrollfd by the Spirit of Goit Sermon at 7:.'in by Bishop Tholinrn. iVilinv.iii l)_v aif'-r service in charge.' of the pastor. j Last nielli lie revival wa.s liie ber;l of the week. ConsreKation line and the .Spirit of the Lord was present.' .Six :iilulis riiw 10 the altar and four prof-:- "d conver.sion There was a ileciib d jmpi "veti;>n! In the nieotinp iind Ihe preacher. Ilev. Htunilton. preached a very earnesl ami appeal- Iniz sermon, taking for hi;; subject the surrender of the life to <',tu\. The heinc found Isi Cliro. 1:111., "Bless nn- indeed, enlarse mv coa:;tr.. and tlat thine h.'iiiil might be with me ami that thou woublst keep me from <'\il that It may nnr grieve me." In this disrourse th" prea'-tior .sliowed tlial it is a bl>'ssin« for (Jod lo show one himself as lie ((Jodl :«'es him.' A young man on h"inir esainin e >l by a doctor wanloil to return to ;;ehonl but the d'letor advised a visit lo Ills parents. After 'he was pone the physician told the rest of Ihe slii- denlK that he wa.s sorry for that young roan, hut that hia condition was such tliat he would never be liaeij to .«:cl)ool anil in four weeks he wa.s a corpse. God knows our condition and He alone can .show it to us. Each ought to be earnestly iniuiring to know the tnith for his own .-.afety. Pm- larglng Ihe costs is the natural desire of a converted soul! No r.ooner does a man know his oivn sins forgiven than he thinks about and he iieconier; very mu'.-h (on- t • N AUDITORIUM Picture Frame Sale PRICES CUT BO PER CENT. FOR ONE WEEK ONLY TOMOIIT AUDITORIUn WHITNEYS WERE O.K. Gifted Brothers Gave Fine Program at Presbyterian Church Last Night. The Whitney Brothers' quartette opened the V. M. C. A. lecture course at the Presbyterian church last night before a large, audience. As yesterday Avas p:iy day. the program was not begim until late that business i men ami clerks might attend. At nine • o'clock the quartette was Introduced and for two hours delighted the audl- ence with ejcreilent musical numbers iand readings. Edwin Whitney, the second tenor, is tiie reader for the company. His .'^elections were fo the humerous kind and made a great hit. The solo numbers were especially good. Preceeding the last number, Mr. Ekiwin "Writney told something personally of himself and his three brother.,. He did the part without any egotism. Infusing Into his remarks some jokes on his brothers. If the otlier numbers of the course are as satisfactory as the Whitneys, lolans may be assured. that line en- teitainment is to be given tbem, this winter. OFFICE IN KRESS BUILDING, Standard Engineering Company Locates Temporarily. The temporary office of the Stand ard Ehigineerlng company, of Oolum- bus, O., which will begin at once surveying a ronte for an electric line from lola to Kansas City, will be in the Kress building on the east side of the sqnsre. The contract for the offices was closed yesterday and they are beins tted np today. Tbc suite oC offices will be nsed priadpally tor worUny rooim for draftaiiien In draw, loc vl^ of ^fl proposed route as the II L- MotiHing al Qo lIUc Motildinji at ^ lOo I'.Uc Mnitldlog it. tBe Vh- MonUliaR at 20a 5<io Mou'dinij at 2BO 14x11 and Wx20 Frame:; for enlarged pictures al oDe lialf price duriu^ thiri sale. If you don't want a frame come in and see our bargain Ijpt. Lot^ of tbing.s at close ont pricci the last week of November. Sleeper & Son POSTOFFICE BLOCK cerned pbout those about bim and very anxiotm to got another «;aved. Then .'in h'- goer; he desires to be kept fr'.'rn the e -.-|l in the i.ind and tliiif. be i.-pafcd the everlasting effect of rlns Hrother Hamilton iva:; very niiich In •'.irne.if la.sf night and his eloipient :errnon together with; this earni !.tne.:r: niade It.qeir felt on Ihe coni:r'?!itJon • There is a deepening • o.f rpirllniil fervor and 'he Iniere .st Irt j ilei ^penlne There are fond hopes that I vet the meeting will touch the utter- moi -.t part:: of th" eUy. Lot iia each iitiil all lend II lit'IpinK hand arid rn .;rr n \i- pro^re:'-.-, of Cod'a klni,'ilom. We pio[io ;;e to hjvc .1 perpetual re. vivjil and yet w want a mightv up ward 'ilie riKlii now It will e/mie if our filth lav.", hoM of the pov <r of .\lielrli''- <;"d •(Ileal Utrep.; i;; l;ilf| nn ||li. S.nlibatti and fond lio|i':; are entertainer) for groat rehuM^'.. Fverv Sunday r.chool tearlier and every (larenl Ir, asked In Jr.dn with u". and make the dav nieni- orahle becaiire fh" fxird 1 .1 with ns. Kervici s will foiilinue Indelinllely and every ni^lit the baffle will be pre.-irjed po loni: as fJod hl3 'eadinjrs and n'rength 'o carry forward,the work. We Ereatly appreciate the cooperation received and yet thc're are any number of Methodists thatinicht help ti.s a liltl'* more possibly than they have. Now is the accepted time: today ir. th" day of Salvation. I' wili not be long tinill 'he harve.-r will he past and the sum mer ended. Slialt my soul he saved? L«>t the tainrise pray«r meeting be well attended and then let everybody look for great things ^from the hands of the Lord. Business ReTlvlBg. Ralph n Drake says that a revival of business is plainly In evidence in his line, yince purchasing the livery and boarding stables from T. E. Haf- enbuch there has been a steady in- rreasp in trade and at this time Mr. Dr.ike feel;; taht the business Is fully erjnal lo Ilie excellent patronage en- lovpd hv Mr Howard, the former proprietor The Drake barn is the larg- ;t ;ind best equipped livery and boanl \vc, :;t.ablc:; in Allen county. Enroote to WkhHa. ' A party of n)%n was In the city yesterday en route IB Wichita from Humboldt wher? they went to Ioo*; the nets gently yet prompt: ly on the bowels, cleanses fhe system ej|ectual^ QSisists one in overcom'mg hnbitual consl ^Qtion permnnently. To get its oenejiciol e-f ects buy tbe <i.enuine.

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