Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 21, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1908
Page 6
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Thousands have taken advantage of the wonderful bargain event, |rom the St. Louis $1,000,000 sale. This great sale will continue until all these goods are disposed of. Such a chance to buy the things that you need at such low prices does not present itself every day, or every week, or every month. Take advantage of the opportimities offered. Come prepared to spend at least a part of the day. Visit all departments. Every section has attractions—attractions that will appeal to you; attractions that wilL enable you to make money by spending money. $5,000 Worth of Domestics Mitst Go Quickly in This Sale Mit«iin«. Calicoes. Aoron Cmshams, Shirtiniis, Dress Ginshams, Sheetings and Outings; dl at> Spedal Prices' For tonight and Monday we off a- extraordinary bargains in Ready=to-wear Dep't. LBdies'Tailored SultSf CoBts, Finrs, Skirts, Waists and Petticoats Big Smie of Giaih mnd Fur Oomtm All Wool Korspy Coals W Inches long, new fityles. Spec- All Wool Mro ,iikl "lh ;iiiiI.Kt"r:!py foats In Kenil -flltrtl and eniplrw effects. Sptciiil tonlKlil and Monday.. .ifV.OS All Wool Kersey and Hroadclotli Coats HI luclios InnR, newest models, all rolors. Siicrlal at |II).(N) Heanllfiil Broadcloth Coat:;, satin lined throughout. Special at *I5.0« Pont fail to see our new arrivals in Coats at f <11S.00, $20JM), KliWH). $S0.00 Fur Coaim Special [)rice:; for tonight and Monday ti:,M, $3«JK). if3;>.oo, 'mm, $.'>o.«o New Sklrim Jumt in from MewYork In Plain and Fancy ^Wrbleds at «3.98, W.9S, $.-..»8, $«.».»». $7.»8, $10.00, «i!2-i<) Loaiom' TmHorod Suiim LadlPL-. Tailored Suits worth $2r. un JVir l !!l.'..()0 /.adieii" Tailored SuK:; worlh ?; [•'or $20 .(m Uidleu' Tailored Suits worth $3r..on For <a .'..00 f Ijadlis' Tailored Suits worth |-»0.nn For I30.00 Ladies' Tailored Suits worth >4r!.«0 •••T.^ 135.00 Chlidren'm Cooim At special prices tonight and Monday. Hf'arskin Coats in all colors at $1.98, «!2.!»*. «3.98, ».->.00, !j«j>0 Chlldrrn's t'loth I'oals at tfreatly reduced prices for (oni^^bt and Monday. Mow Walsto In ;;mt and Net. Also New T.iilored \Val!=ts. MESnOMLJOLKNAL! ^,^irTTV7TC »?i'i ^<.!-l-l.lj .HIL^J| ADitSnOMEJOliKNAL MOtlTHlY 3TYU BOOK f WtC PLAY Indian B«fc'.h..ii rn i.ri m Chaniite Footb.tli 1 Inr-ip »••« 1 liant^sgiv- • 11.. Ill' r<' will • ,'^iiiiday iin- Hum- 1.1 urn Kauio. fur tli<^ UlR .1 . ("ily and .1 I." played T!r CI,.)!,,,., Kmii! pr.-,,. Ml hi} no fu')lli:i!! • less til.' T- .|.". I'.. 11 boldt to I 'i;. I. I The (^-Uivils wii! 1 .battif wjtli t)"' i"':< LaHarpe <()iii'.iii :ii! • here Thank.s^-uiu:- i'..The TripU'i^. !is i • \!I <'ii county aggregation ralis its, 'i. -y .ilrcady beginning to niak.' :i !)i <i.— like ilef.'at. It Is chargiiiR Chanu'i' wiUi raJting the United States aii<l part of Missouri for players t" lalo- p .Trt in the TbankEgiving game. It is not likely, howevr that Cha- note will pity any outside men. The regulars are plenty good cnoujdi «o hold their own with anythius that Allen county can send against the^. They are working from time to time, Aod- expect to do some steady worx between now and the time for the big mxtcb. The *oys have some pretty plays up their sleeves—plays that thejr have never been compelled to resort to In games bitberto, because tber hwe not met opponents which made tb^ plays necessary. •'^ new Btsr was discovered this week when Sam Morris worked with tb* bojHB. Morris Is an Indian. He THE LOCAL MARKETS hail played football on Indian coUego ti-aina and h" knows it from A to. lizard. Ho practiced Wednesday fwlth (he eleven. Kleshman wa« not out that nlKlil and Morria was jilaced al|J»rlri'S Qnoi<>d hy (Jard X. TngKart lialf hark. He rauRht onto tho glg-j Frodnrp Canipuny. nnls In an ninaxinK short time, and'; The folh.wing local market r .<|Hirt l« ' CATTLE MAKE CHILDREN ILL. The Foot and Mouth DIseate Contracted by a Danville, Pa.. Family. WaHhington. Nov. 21.—Alarming re- suits following tho outbreak of font anil mouth dl.sea.>«' among cattle In and 11= he agrees to do so. he Willi , poultry. cKgs .ind l .utler de- I meet with the practice squad rt'gu-.Hverod here: 1, , , , iKggs. current recelpis per raKe...l !.Sc j Chantue has more reason to KIVC QIJ HPHS . fat 7« lout hear reports (hat lola has, and •lola is already al it. The players hero |spri „K Vhic)ien^' .'.'.['. Sr are somewhat discouraged for flnan-.gpp|„jj uucks So wal reasons. They went about »35js „ring Turkey.s.' S -n,' 'lOr in the hole on the Burlington game .ioi .i Hen Turkevs lOc Ucause the Burlington team had to old Tom Turkevs '.^^V .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.\()c be cared for overnight and n^Ul after- gid Ducks • c noon of the day following tftc game. Butter, le-^s'tlianiper cent salt .•2r.c and tlie gate receipts were not enough I __ to iiieet the expenses. j jfXDE IT A LU'E STI'DT. The team counted on that gamej to put it something ahead. The wea-jDr, J. S.' Leonhardt Found the Canse tary of Agriculture Wilson, stating that four children In Danville, Pa., had contracted the disease. A rigid investigation Is in progress (o determine whether others have become similarly affected. The offlc- ials believe that the spread of tho contagion will bo checked. such consignraents nu hand Will be forced to send Ilium back, hecannc tho duty on cattle makes their local use |)rohlbltlvc. KB KA.>SAS FIKK COMI'A.MKS, uueHtlonK Keicnrdlnir Katefi. |(;JenpraI Jark .Hon Fllwl Fort; QUARANTINE AFFECTS TRADE. thcr was bad for the Parsons game, and the locals came out only 49 cents ahead then, because the rain cut the attendance down. The Thanksgiving game will doubtless be largely attended, and the big end of the receipts will be worth playing for. The team that gets It win obtain quite a boost financially. Chanute wants the victory for that reason, as well as the satisfaction of defeating its old rivals from time ont of mind. —Our Way Window! and Cvn of POPS. adelphia were brought to an abrupt close today by the* cattle quarantine estahlli^hed in this state and In Penn- Dr, .T. S. I.,eonhardt. the celebrated | sylvanla. The quarantine does not af- specialist of Lincoln, Neb., proved, af- j feet ports outside except as to cat- ler years of study, that the cause of tie from the two states. Western piles is Internal—bad circulation, cattle may stl'l be shipped abroad Then he perfected Hem-Rold. an In- from either Boston or Baltimore, temal remedy, and In 1000 different 'WTiile there is not likely to be any cases It cured 98 per cent. By. Dr. local scarcity of beef or raise In prlc- Lieonh^rdt's order, Hem-Roid Is sold es. as a result, of the anarantlne, the under an Irbn-clad gnarantee. If It foreign trade will nndtfubtedly be ser- talls, the money is paid back. iously hampered for k, time. II at Cbas. B. Spencer & Co.'s, or Eren Canadian cattle recetred at DiAilad by Dr .J ^onliardt Co., SUtion tJiMe'ports la l^ond cannot be/re- Wer.tern Cattle May Be Shipped Abroad: Canadian Stock is Stopped. New York. Nov. 21.—Shipments toi.,any "a8 a witness and if any of the foreign ports from New York and Phil' • " ] niueki. Nov. 21.—Fred S .fackson a « ri e.v peuera!, fi.'<'d in llie district CO I -t for Shawnee county lodaj- a list Iff lorty-fonr questions for the eighty ill! I ranee companies accused of vio- laiingi the antl-lrust laws, to answer. Tl|e questions are submitted under the interrogatory law passed two years ago. • In nearly every anti-trust case tried the witnesses when asked about H certain transaction replied: "I do not know." In that way they avoided giving the evidence desired by the state. Under this interrogatory law the questions are asked of the com- .srFS JOSKPII JL'FFEKMON HEIBS. An Arrdiintlntr of the Cstate Axked In »w York hy Fdwnni «. Black, Kxerntor. companies' employees know about it thev must answer. The insarance companies are charged with making a trust agreement not to,«at Insurance rates under the rates published by Charles B. Bldredge of Topeka. Eldredge fixed the rates on every piece of property in Kansas and sold the premium rates to the insurance companies. The attorney general asks all about the companies' plan of business, how long it has been a mem ber of tbe rating bureau, how It uses the rating sheets, details of business relations with Bldredge and copies of contracts. There are many technical If, Bvtialo, it. Y, Write for boQkleL [supped to Sn«I«iid and dMlenwitttqawtlm^^ ..New Ynrl;. .Nov. :!1.—Edward O. Itlaek of Hasbrook Heights. N. J.. as I'xenifor and trustee under the late will »f .loseph ..Jefferson, the actor, who died at West Palm Beach. Fla.. ,\pril 2.!. I !J0.'., harf brought suit in the Inited States circuit court against Mrs. Sarah A. Jefferson. Frank Jefferson. William W. Jefferson. Joseiih WAV. .lefjerson. Thomas L. Jefferson. .Margaret J. Farjeon. Josephine Duff Jefferson, Edna U. Jefferson and War ren S. Taylor, executor under the last will of Charles B. Jefferson, one of the actor's sons, who died In this city June 23. The complaint asks the federal court to settle Mr. Black's accounts from the time of Joseph Jefferson's death up to .November 14 of this year. The plaintiff, in order to avoid a multiplicity of suits and vexatious litigation because Involved Is located In several states, asks the United States circuit, court to enforce his claims for commissions and that he be declared to have' an - equitable lien upon any funds or property of tbe Jefferson estate undisposed of. According to the complaint the actor's estate consisted of bonds, mortgages, stocks, paintings-and otber-psr sonal property of rmsvla dssoirfptJOBs of'the value of several hnddreds oT thousands oC doIlari.^juid:«t nU tate worth of.4.i9|.IUofr.M|»Kft«it- a«t«d la TMTtoMi^

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