Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 23, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1907
Page 5
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lolA, one block from Di ^MSMof domesticated /txeat ^iChaiges tboKitalblorpiaients promptl]^ night or Ie3cperienc4 Veterin- >8peculty^ HMir Onrfiwta ol Ooti^ V«ter^ taanr Coltote, Pr^. PliOM 1068 Rm, PkoM 139 9r. WlDar. OcplM^ Qunther'$ . • i. •• Hbarhound The Best Made We Sell it. at SPENCER'S BB. J. F. JAMESOX, Tlie SaeccHfal Ave- tloaenr, TcterimurUn. Farm nlcicor PediRTccd slock mica madr mnywhere. Veicr inary culls aoRwered d.iy or' night. Office Drith UourLim Bros. Phcnc ij. residence 400 10I .A, KANSAS. )ie^M .'.Mf'Mm .Sm: OILFILLAHf a «Mnil Coatnetar. riacstone and C«m«nt Sidewalks ani Cnrblng a Specialty. ' Oflee m East Jfeeksta Im Fkeaa tti. .Si PInnkard at the Grand Theater tonight. . i«.jiia«««H' Cure your cold by nalng Mnndls' White Pine with Tar. Jowa Store Baryala Wedc on AH Kinds of Fall Xerchandbe.: Grocery Department. . We carry everything that can bo got in the friut line, also fresh vegetables. Win call your ittentlon to our I big window which will give you Boma idea aa to what we have. We ar^ making big preparations for Thanlcsglvlng day for Turkeys. Geese iJQ^ks. Chickens, Fresh Oysters, Veal, Virh, Mutton. Beef, Pork, Mince Wiafr Cotofene, Lard, Fresh Ham, One of the finest Skin Fbods made Is Mundis' Cold Cream. •Miaia;:'8moked Ham, Sausage, Pressed Ham, Bologna, Head Cheese, Spare .Ribs, Sauer Kraut and Cranberries. We will ffive Free to one that bays the lanmt bill of Groceries a dressed piff the day before Ihanks> irlrJn?. \ ,mi,i A. G. MUMMA; Prop. iota Bisiness College Pwnwaahlp, Artthmetie, EloenUoa, BboKkoeplBS. BB^Ish. Hiyslcal Cnl- tnre. etc. Shorthand. Letter Writing. MHOIaifitn One kaadred pounds ol Crxa- tallee will make IS gallons xO. aMfflsd water anltabla tor timUy osa. T17 tt lililceiCiUStinceCi ' nUNKRIDDLB.;«ffr. •?5RFECTION WIGKSS&QlilSTOVE -"j: e J. S. Detwikrii atteney, eTcc Cea* UBt*8. .J. M. HASOnL paa- or of the Firat Methodist churcti. of lola. Is making a fight against cinirch memlwra plar ing cards and preached a strong ser nton on that sultject last Sunday. It in a good many years since a aennou of this Iilnd has be^a preached in any of Bmporia'a stone chnrches.—Sm> porta Gazette. ' Mondis' WUt« Fins with Tar wUl cure your cold.' DOCTOR and I Mrs. Morgan were in the city Tuesday morning. The doctor was on his way to Fredonla where *hey tiave purchased a fine home and win locate. Mrs. Morgan visited friends In the city.—Neosho Falls Post. St Plaakard at the Graad Theater tonight. I Powell, the real estate man. has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable irate. PEn'E« Herdman and sister. Miss Martha, of lola; called at the Divers Sunday afternoon.—Neosho Falls Post. i Free dirt at Lliccoek's. i . A COMPANY of men from lola hiivo leased considerable land in this torritor}- and will iie bsre next week to star*, drilling for gas. Mr. Brum TtinuRh telephoned Frank Bailey that tho [ityiple arc nil right an* good for any contracts they may make. It pecting. for if gas is found In qnanii ly It will lv> <^ tieneflt to tho community.—^Neosho Falls Post. 25c bnys a Jar of Mundis' Fragrant Cold Cream. MESSRS. J. T. Ralston, Earl Cox. O. K. Donoho and Ixmney Mooney wore in lola Monday paying taxes. These gentlemen report that taxes are taxes are about 40 cents higher on the 1100 than last year.—Glsmora leader. GUS DeHART was here from Kansas City this week visiting his grand parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. DeHart. He went to lola Wednesday to see his brother Les.—Moran Herald. DR. CAVANAUGH reports that little Raymond Bcrgsten, who was accidentally shot in the forehead by a pla.vmate Thursday of last week, is getting along as well as could l>e expected. The injury is a very dangerous one and at first it was believed that the child could not possibly recover.—Savonburg Record. See J. W, Coffey when in need of fine furniture. AN-M. JACKMAN and wife went to lola the first of the week where they will spend a couple of months with their daughter, Mrs. Hill. From lola they will go to Newton to spend the balance of the winter with another daughter, .Mrs. Fred McAdow.—Savonburg Record. 81 PInnkard at the Gnad Theater tonight. 200 arres, about 6 miles from mil- road town. Bourbon county, "5 acres cultivation. 3 room house, etc. AT tm SKSN or tHE ..JKAMIIUL.. ^ (Dbdw tMi beadlac tke ... be Btaaaed to nrlDt tbo vtewa > •erfbrn OB any anbjMt oochm ttisar may wiS to wrltsi IT : kl^ aboot anjrthlns, or air y« awr w ^j «:t, tcQ K tbraoili lb* OooMbnton ahoald «t«« BMir waniM aad ^Ub-esMa: they wfll not be ^rtatad. Ad- Editor Register: I have been reading in the Register of November 18th a letter from Comrade J. B. Joshom, In reference to the Soldiers' Preference law as amend ed. While I do not care to discuss the amended law, I wish to submit a few thoughts as to the original law. I have the honor of being an old soldier, having entered the service in 1863. at the age of 18, in Co. K. ITth Illinois Cavalry, and served to the end of tbe war, being discharged in 1866. I did not keep account of ail the ret>- els I' killed, but I am sure I killed as many of them as they did of me: I hope no more. I feel it Is a great honor to be an old soldier. I am very proud of the distinction, and were it not for a few things that it is the object of this letter to contain, I believe iwould be much more so. No government on earth has so liberally honored, and rewarded its heroes as our government has. And while It has been very lllieral with Its soldiers of former wars, it has outdone itself in the matter of its liberality toward its heroes of the late war, which Comrade Goshorn and myself were lucky enough not to have been in. How sumptuously we have t>een and are being taken rare of by Uncle Sam. In this connection I wish to cite the bounty I have received from the gorernntent in the forty years years that have passed since I left its service, ^^'hlle in the service, I developed what the doctors called hemy" of one side. It was a slight disability which might have developed as a citizen. For that disability I'ncle Sam gave me H.OO per month until June 1S90. when the Morrll discharge Law passed. I had received at the government up to that time $1152.00, during which time "hemy" of the other side developed, and I r^ celvcd an increase to |12.00 per month under the law of 1890 which I have enjoyed since—amounting to tbe very handsome sum of $2516.00 which added to my original pension makes 1.1668.00 that I have received to date. If i live to be seventy, under tlie late iige law $3.00 ])er month will be added and at seventy-five $5.00 more. Now my case Is not more (ban an average, am sure, and I believe more old soldiers have received more than leas, and It really seems to me that the old boys as a class- do not rise to the dignity of their position. For my i)art I depreciate the said preference law and all former state and enactments giving preference to the old soldiers. I believe with our liberal pensions and Other privileges that has lieen provided for us. together with the respect that all people feel for the old soldier, who Is alito a first clas.^ citizen, we could afford to stand on an equal footing with other citizens for appointments to office. Since the preference was passed a soldier having an appointment to office may feel that it is the K-iw and not his fitness to perform the duties of bis office that has procenred for him the place. And since we are as a class—as comrade Gosborn flatteringly suggests In all that pertains to reputation, character and good citizenship, the l>eers of any other persons living, and will compare favorably with the best l>eople of our country In every walk of life" we certainly do not need a law to Insure us fair play among our citizens. Very Respectfully. C. W. GRIFFI.V. 1 Price $2500. All clear. Donnell. WbiUker & THE GAINER Engineering company will soon move into the new office building on the Monarch Cement Company's site. A big lot of machinery and tools for work on the cement plant lias arrived and more is on the road. The machinery we mentioned last week as having been hlpi>ed from Des Moines, Iowa, has not arrived yet. The Santa Fe surveyors have commenced to set tbe grade stakes, and when that is done the work will hum.—Humboldt Union. P. E. Wass*. OeatM. FfesM M. OBee over BarrelTs Drag Msrsk MRS. L. M. Duncan, who has been visiting her cousin. Mrs. Joe Mathews, after a visit at lola and In Nebraska, returned Thursday to her home near Salt Fork.—Wlnfield Courier. 131S Cpid Cares in Mnndls' window. Progressive Raffles parties are greatly in vogue and highly enjoyed. Particulars in the box. Ask S. R Bnrrell. Handsome Christmas Catalogue Free Send us yoor name and address and we will mail you one of oar handsome illustrated catalogues. Yon will find it foil of Christmas sugsestloos. It makes gift baying easy. This fs Worth Beaeaiberiagw As no one is immune, every person should remember that Foley's Kidney Cure will cure any case of kidney or bladder trouble that is not beyond the reach of medicine. Burrell's drag store. FOR COST OF CLOTHES Mrs. Ellen Linn Tiled Suit in District Court Against LaHarpe Men. Ellen Linn, of LaHarpe, yesterday through her attorney, J. R Millar, fll- e.i suit in district court against J. A. Brown, a mechant in LaHarpe. Geo. Harris, constable, and Samuel Malcolm. S. T. Green and I. Helms, as bondsiiien for the constable, to recover $212.40 and damages for clothes which wera attached by Brown and the constable 'In justice court J. A. Brown had a bill against Ed. Linn and atUched clothes which the plaintiff says were hers and her children's, to satisfy tbe account The plaintiff alleges that all of brar clothing and that of the children, with the exception of what they were wearing was taken. I. Helms. S. T. Green and Samuel Malcolm were made parties In the !>uit l >ecau8e they are the bondsmen of the constable. The plaintiff asks for $50 damages also. See J. W. Coffey when in need of One furniture. ARE VIOtJkTING CONTRACTS Farmers Livinn Near Bronsan Want to Know About Gas Leaser Ed. Sbopabire and 8. A. Caldwell, two farmers living northwest of Broo <on were in town yesterday getHng 'egal advice relative to the oil and 'nts leases which are on their farms. The men do aot Iielieve that the cob»- nany is complying with the contract They say that the was whielr was fonnd is not t>eing used and ooaa*. ^nently they have not been recelviag •Jielr royalty. FOR EXCHANGE—154 aeres • •nflaa from Honratd. EDc cooatr. KasL Feaead bat ao otlier iaproreBicata m ken» can bsi ptoarsior^aMWBl. Sftfean ^Ssfi -ltiha?^' ,.--;lr' As is cnstomaxy witli onr Btndio to make a Xmas offer, we will not make this year an exception, but make this die most liberal offer we bave ever made considering tbe recent advance in the price of pboto materials. Our Offer To and including Deo. 10th is Six Cabinet Photos Free! .With an Order for Six. This includes all styles in cabinet size and pall grades, such as Flatino, Platinum iknd Carbon. Open Eveoiflgs We make pictures rain or shine, day or night During this offer we jwill keep our studio open evenings till H o'clock, for the purpose of making sittings for those that it is not convenient to get in in daylight. Wr have spent considerable time and expense this season having the Aristo Arc Lamp demonstrated to us in the large cities and are' now able to make sittings at night and guarantee the pictures to be equal to those made by daylight Remember your Xmas box will not be complete without a good, photo of yonxself, and in | order to' get a good photo of yourself you should always goto Millerls U. B. Charefe. Quarterly meeting will be held by P. B. Gillette Saturday at 7:30 p. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. by P. E. Gillette. Junior Y. P. C. U. at 2:30 p. m. Preaching at 7:30 p. m. by Presiding Elder Gillette. Everybody cor- daiily Invited to attend these services. O. G. HISAMORE. Pastor. Baptist Revival. Last night'Itev. O. W. Cassldy gave one of his Iiest sermons In closing his service at the Baptist church. He spoke on the subject of "The Shut Voor," and so forcibly did he present the picture of the door of Salntkm being shut to those sinners who delayed until It was too late, that five accepted Christ. After the sermon Mr. Eastham sang a very effective solo entiUed "Why Not Toni^t?" It was vot^d, by the congregation to support the pastor as be continues the meetings through >Vtednesday night Presbyterian Church. First Chnrch:—The Annual Praise meeting of the Woman's Missionary society will be held in the morning at 11 o'clock. Rev. S. S. Hilscher, the pastor, will preach the sermon on the subject, "Our Sisters Who are Servants of tbe Church." Tbe evening sermon at 7:30 will be on the mh- ject, "The Flood: Christ the Refuge," and Is tbe last In a series.. The pastor will give a lecture at 9:45 to the "Altruistic Club" in the church study. Subject "A Dispensational View of the Ages." AU the men are invited. Christian Endeavor meeting at 6:30. Little Builders' Chapel:—The Boys Sabbath school «-il| be held at 2 o'clock P. M., to which all the boys are invited. It is necessary to make this division of the school because of the number attending. The regular Sabbath school at 3:00. The pastor will preach at 4 P. M. Subject "Precious Promises." Mrs. E. N. Jones, Supt Bassett Chapel:—Sabbath school at P. M.. Everybody invited. VTm. Davis. Supt ^ j _ Toimaii X Clewlsla tke 3i PLUNKARD A Baial Hay ia a CIm* Itself. Prices ..SS, Uk, SUQHTLY U86P OTHER GOOD BARQIIINI: 7- Roberts Piand House Baptist Church. W. H. Garfield, pastor. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Morning sen-Ice. 10:00. B. Y. P. U.. 6:30 p. m. Bvenins service, 7:30. The pastor will preach at both services. The evangelistic services will be continued by the pastor through A\'tedneday night The Reformed Chnreb. Morning service at 11 a. m. Sermon, "The End of the World.' Evening service at 7:30 p. m. Sermon/ "Tho Wise and Foolish Virgins." Sunday school at 9:45 a. m.' A cordial invitation and a hearty welcome. LOUIS C. HARNISH, Pastor. LanyoB Center. Special Home Mission service at 3 ™' JESSIE M. VONSTEIN, Resident Worker. St. Timothy's Episcopal Fharck. Rev. J. D. Krum, D. D., minister in charge. 'ifi#fi There will be service and serm'on to morrow at 11 a. m. Subject or sermon, "The Right Point of View." Sunday school, at 9:45 a. m. All are cordially invited. First Charrh ef Christ, Rcleatist Sanday school at 10 a. m. Church service at 11 a. m. Subject, "Ancient and Modem Xecro- mancy; or Mesmerism and Hypno- Usm." Testimoaial meeting Wednesday at 8 p. m. • • - ' ' ThanksglTlng service Tbarsday at 11 a. m. Subject, "Thanksgiving." MRS. EMMA E. ADAMS, First Reader. Trinity (East lola) - Methodist Church. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Preaching 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Class Meeting 12 m. Junior League 3 p. m. £lpwortb League 6:30 p. m. Sermon in morning by pastor, in the evening by A. M. Perry. At the afternoon service a sermon to the children win be given. A cordial Invitation is extended to all. both old and young. A. M. HARKNESS, I Pastor. First Xethodi!>t Church. The pastor. J. M. Mason, will preach both morning and evening. The- Sunday School Junior League and Epworth League are held at their usual time. At the morning service the doors of the church will be opened for new memtters and the evening will be evan gellstic with special mnslc. Every- bodv will find a welcome at this church. ronfereace at White Hease. Washington. Kov. 23.—President Roosevelt and William Jennings Bryan were in conference for half an hour In the former's private office today. Suits and Overcoats All the and correct styles of - the $7.50 to $28.50 ill OPPORTUNl. Wsiit for no one—This is :i and the opportnnity for fbii- giver to get thefoUest valoeiw monejt to be spent. Be rare to' your gifts a little ahead of tiat. season, and to make yonr clu^6; from this tinexanii>led display. TJE^' very finest and highest Jewelry, Silverware and Cat OhiM' ~ :| Q. A. LEFPLEIK JEWELEB. Office and Storage Ware loon Its West Street Phoar at i .ft 5 GoodThfnii d Ik ScJnlrl I I 1 w WiDter's Tea kaow what tkat BMsas^te: yoa. Doirt yoa waat ta aae4i«: the saew, the cel^ the sliili— aU the dlscoBferts! <fhy aat plaa aow wWiai ta. pus that scasea BO tt^img im •uy persoasi- Write for latafwUtoa ekpit air IMtrlNti Xa GalVarala, ArissM, -Ttmrn Mealea, XezlN, Vnuy FaTataUe Bate. ul« Uidini Stapann. m

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