Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 23, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1907
Page 4
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i CtRCULkTlW Am. Reportiera'iJtocAa ;. 2 W BaiinsM once SUBSCBIPTIOir BITES. B/ Curler la lela, Gu CKr* I<M7*** TlUe or L» Umrpe, One Week! ;.10 eenU One Month ..44 cents One Tear |6.00 By Man. One Tear, fn advance KlOO Three Months, In advance tVOO One Month, In advance .: : .44 gSM —e —wgagggggggB f ' t'ss Entered at Ida, Kansas, Postofflce. as Second-olast Matter. Adverfislns Rates Made Known oo Application. OFFICIAL PAPER, CITT OF If AS* SET. MKHBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. Til* I*U Dafly Reffister is • nember «t tke Aneclated Press aa4 Recedes tke iST; report If that great aewsior. (taaisauoB for ExclBBlve AftemooB PabliMtloa In Iola« tar Ua Umt twratr -flT* y^mti falUr aaUl ba bam takla* , ^abaabacmMkiaeUanaUu ba baa aarar haa jm. tMlnbi. Tbar bar <haaaian jio^rbatyaa raao VIU c**« r» Mia eHrilatt . tJ(.IHakaaa,UaBailMrS^irJa<JaawaUt.lB«. Gov.^Hoch fUlMMe* Convict WHO R^urderetf >iiiteltitis«n IColored M «i. , i •- ^Plaaawat. I >ai ,.«ab)a, > >B I, TaaU flood. Do Oeed, Mid in balk, Vha caDalna Ubial lUapad 000. Oaaiaalaad to enra or roar nooar batk. .8t«rltiicRemadyCo.,Chlca«eerN.Y. 39! AIIUU.SALE, TCI MILLION lOXES PRESTON GETS PARDON. He Is a Harmelss LanAtIc and Will Go to Asrlum. CRIME COSTS 1200,000^. Pardon Attorney TSakes a Remarkablr Statement Jeffefson City, Mo., Nov. 23.—The actual cost of crime in the United States 18 now more than two hundred millions of dollars a year, according to estimates recently completed ;by Thomas Speed Mosby, Missduri state prison attorney, and made public hero today. "l^we consider the well-known non productiveness of the criminal classes Bcnerally." says Mr. Mosby, "(his would bring the estimated burden.of crime up to fully Ave hundred mil. lions per annum. Every honest mkn In tills country, who is the head ot a family, is obliged to pay not less tlian 126.00 per year on- this account,' apd the per capita cost of crime is muph . more than the per capita cost of education. "According to the most reliable sources of information, abont one in - every three hundred and twenty persons in the United States is either a pauper, a' lunatic or a criminal, and our degenerate population alone would make a city larger than the national capital." Topeka, Kns., Nov, 21.—Governor lioch on Tuesday afternoon Issued a INirdpn to J. Li. Preston, the Ottawa man) who In 1S81 shot his wife and tried to commit suicide. Preston was sentenced to the penitentiary for lite, but the Judge who sentenced him, A. W. Benson, now a supreme court Jus-! clothed. Topeka, Nov. J3.—Governor Hoeb yesterday afternoon gnmted,,a pai^ don to Len Lewis, of Reno coanty, who for the pait four yean has been in the Btata penitentiary at Lansing under conviction- of the. murder of "Bam" Hatch, formerly a notorious colored character at Hutchinson. The killing was the result of miscondnct on the part of Lewis' wife. He was convicted before Judge Matt Simpson, then on the district bench, who In passing the minimum sentence on Lewis stated that he would within a year or so recommend that he ba paroled. Before T .«wl8 was eligible for parole .Tudge Simpson was killed In an automobile accident J. U. Brown, who as county attorney pro* etutart I..ewl8, recentl.v took the case up with the result that the governor has pardoned I.«wis. FIRE IN HOTEL. One Death Reported-~Many Fatal Juries to Buffalo Guests. In Speciil Sale >f ifite Today. Mondty. Tuesday All bats will be sold at 20 per cent discount at Ifs. E. Pefly's .MILM^ERY STORE 108 i East Madison In Old Cotirt Hoose Bldg. tice, was one of the strongest advocates of the (lardonj and made a personal appeal to Gov^ernor Hoch on Tuesday for Preston's irelease. Preston is now a harmless lunatic, and has been for yearsj He Is also In a very delicate physical condition, and has been employed at the penitentiary for many years in making toys and souvenirs for sale to visitors. At the time of Preston's 'trial, his defense was insanity, and strong evidence was presented to show that the man was not right in his mind. The sheriff found at Preston's offlcp a big roll of papers filled with writings In cipher. The key to the cipher was found, and it proved that the writings related to Pre8ton,'s imaginings concerning his wife and her alleged Improper conduct . The daughter of Preston has been one of the strong advocate.'; for a pardon for her father. She is now a resident of New York, and wanted to take her father back to New York with her to spend,his last days. The one condition Imposed by Governor Hoch was that Preston should be taken from the prison by some able bodied gtmrd, arid taken to 8<inie asylum for the insane in New York state, where he should be k»M>t until such time as the dnt^tors ofllcialiy decided that he was a safe iierson to be at large. Riiffalo, N. Y.. Nov. 22.—One man is dead, another dylnj:, a third I.H In a serious condition nn<I a score of persons had narrow oscapes as the result of a Are in Sawtells Hotel In E:xchange street today. A hundred ^leaping persons wore nrousod by the lire, and rushed Into the streets half Great confusion reigned for a time. For Sale. Three good big work horses, one good farm marc: a good pair ]>onles. HOWELL & nRE\VER. La Harpe, Ks. After all. the principal objection to winter is that one has to deiiend on basket ball for his excitement.— J. E. House, in Topeka Capital. PISO'S Conquer That I Cou^ Don*t KG atoond wilh a moriR^Ko on rour chot. Evetj dar that •you U-t it n-main. the lislit,^r its grip Ix-comrs. Tb>- cooEb bcHTomea nicn* viult-nt and ohausliDi:: tin' d^-l- ic.ilo bronchial pa!i>,ti;if E>'t intlanii'd undi-r tho conlinu.-il hacliDs: the luncs b.'come l.-ic,'rali-d ondrrlbo constantir rc- cariiDK patnitycDij. •With Ptso's Care tli<'i<- is a »ootliini: and bcaiinii rttoct upon the vnlire rr*.v*iratoiT tnu- cous mrmbranc. It has stood ib>- trst for n.-arlr half a ccDtury as Iho onr roliablr n-mcdy for con- somplion. cold.i sr.d all cht-y-t atfoctioDs. Ii KOOS ridbt lo tbo orisin of ihe trouhlr. remon-s the caus.- and aids nature in n-sloring hraltblul con- ditiuna. I'iso'i Cure is ab;'oluii'ly fr>-e (ro.-D ot>- jrctionablc inen-dii-nts. Its perfect sali-ty. pleasant taste and unequalled cCRcacr m.nke it (be ideal reroedT for nian. woman . and child. If you hare a couch drive it out today Before It ConqaersYon CURE OF Penonal knowledge is tlic winning factor in the cnlminaling cooteris of Am competitive age i and when of ample character it places its fortuiate possessor m the front ranks of The Wen Informed of the World. A vast ftmd of peisonj knowledge is really essential lo die achievanenl of the hii^esl excellence m any field of human effort A Knowledge- of Forms, Knowledge of Functions and Knowledge of Products are 411 of the utmost vakie and in questioas of life and health when a troe and whoiesome ranedy is desred it should be remembered that Syrup of Rgs and Elixir of Senoa, mannfactiffed by the Califoniia Fig Syrup Co., is an ethical product vHudi has miet with the approval ol the roost eminent phyadans and gives universal satisfaction, because it b a remedy of . Known Quality, Kiiiown Excdlence and Known Qmiponent' PartSLaod has won the vaWble patronage of mffions of the WeB Informed of the^ worid, who kiK>w of dieir owb personal knowledge and &om actual UK diat it is ^ first and best of family laxatives, |or which no extravagant or uneasooabie dainn are made. This valuable remedy has been long and bvoraUy known nnder the name of —SyT^> of Figs—and has attained to wodd- wide acceptance as the mos^ cxceUcnt family laxative. As|ib pore laxative ptindplei, obtained fns Senna, are well kno%vn to phyadans and the Wdl Infcsmcd of the world to be the best W have adopted the more eUKcr^c name of—Syrup of F|gs and EEarofSecxa— ^ OKXC (uSy descnptive of the temedy, but doubtless it zlways be caQcd for by the; shorter name of—Syoip: of Figs—and to get its beneficial effects, always note, when puidiaang !lhe ItJl name of j^ae Company—Cafifomia Fig Syiop Cou—ppnted on the front of eveiy pacbige, jwfaethcir yoa call for—Syiif>pf Figi s— oc by the fiJ name— Synp d Figs and Efadr of Senia. JUOHOOH yoRK.H: Mayers of Kanaas Town* vnii con- teet Right to •rfng Svit in th« Suprama ceurfc dcy preparing to , file answers in the supreme court for R. W. ICarkbiam. -mayor of Scanunon, and Thos. Tonng, 'mayor of West Mineral, against whom Topeka, Nov. 22.—A. I* Wllllami, of Colnmbus. w„ In Topeka renter:IKA^X^ TO THE RECIISTEB OFFICB. As an accomodaUon, the Register receives ads for its want columns firer the telephone, bnt expects the advertiser to call at the office and settle as soon as convenient as the bills are Attorney General Jackson haa ll!ed too small to warrant the expense of a ou8te» proceedings for alleged failure collector. Telephone your want ad to to discharge their dutlea.wltb regard to the enforcement of tte. prohibitory lav. IMr. Wllllamt. who wUl also act as attorney for the defense of the other officials against whom ous- eltber phone. No. 18 or 222, and It will receive careful attention. imp WAMTED BOOKKEEPERS WANTED—This is KiHGHTg OF XAj KnlghU of Maccabaaa o€ meata In&P.Hall. aaeond Wednaaday nitfita la mA^: W. Fostwait, commandir; (er, record keeper. W. 0. W«-Camp No. lOt K. of P. HaU every Friday' T. 8teel«i a C; A.H. Vlaltori tiordUlly Inntad. X5IGHTS OP FXTHIA8^( . ,, , , 4__.„j ..(Aian age of business, and there Is ac-|lodge No. 4S'~tBeatS eraiyJ ter procoedinga have been sUrted, did^ ^,„g,y ^ ^^eat call for bookkeei^ night at K. of P. HalL ^ not state definitely the line of de- era thofouKhi.v trained in modern I invited. W.a. f^nse but Intimated that a motion methods. We teach the most approved, Chris RItter, K. of R. aad B. may be filed attacking the right of systems, ut a low coat, the attorney general 10 hrtng acUons p,^, circular." I. C. S., llox 799, of this particular character In the Scranton. Pa. \ Supreme court first He Inclines to the belief that the Supreme court has held In the past that cases of this raccoon, etc. HiRhest prices kind should first be Instituted In the square deal. B. S. Barnard, lola, Kan- • sas. 324-.^26 North Buckeye. The M. W. A.—The It W. A. Lodga !aeeU every Friday nl^t la 1 L A. ball. VIsiUng brother* iavltaL W.H. Anderaon. V.C; W .A .Oowa«, Clarit. 1 and a)._,a _-j «-„_AV m .> -i I most reliable dealer. WANTED—Girl for general housework. Intjulre 706 East street district court. Althoijgh tlie ouster proceedings against the mayors of Kansas City, Kas.. Wftchlta, Leavenworth, Pittsburg and Junction City were attacked on various technical grounds, the point raised Mr. Williams has not been passed upon by the court In connection with any |South State street of the other suits: 1 WANTED—House Phone 1112. WAKTED'MmomUm WANTEI>—Four Itoarders 14.00. at 209 cleaning to do. WANmD—Second band Wlncbester pop gun. Inquire lOS South Second A WOMAIPS APPEAL. To all knowing sufferers of rheumatism, whether muacniar or of the Joints, sciatica, lumbagos. "backache, Jstret pains in the kidneys or neuralgia pains, to write to her for a homc|n|f| SiUE"REJd. ESTA1M. treatment which has repeatedly cured all of these tortures. She feels it her FOR SAUE^-Good runabout Stnde- duty to send It to all sufferers FREE. buggy and good set of harness ^ou cure yourself at hlme as thous- , , , . w _ i_ .».- i » onds will testify-no change of dim- " ate being necessary. This simple few days. Inquire at Howard's LIv- dlscovery banishes uric acid from the ery Bam. blood, loosens the stilTened Joints, purifies the blood, and brightens the eye:', giving elasticity and tone to the whole system. If the alMve Interest \ou, for proof address Mrs. M. Summers, Box R, South Uend. Ind. ond and fourth Tuesdays ^ month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner,] oraela;, Mrs. Maqr Hatton, 41* WwMt Btraat. « Recorder. c.a; F.A.i.-GoIden Leaf Ooahefl No. 462, F. Ai A. meeu flrat and third Wednesday nigbta In each oumth la K. P. Hall. G. B. Lacey, piiiealdaat; Miss Mablo Rhortack. aacrati&y. BONO SUIT TRIED TOIMORROW. State >Yo"'<' Recover Bond Given by Eaatem Company to Kelly. FOR SALE—Cheap on $10 payments, two one-acre lots on trolley line. Smeitzer & Co. . FOR SALE—2 work mares, 3 fresh cows. WJl trade for Laliarpe rental property. G. W. McKlnder, Kincald, R. R. 1. FOR SALE—Furniture 5 room house. Inquire 404 South W^h. ave. Topeka, Nov. 22.—The suit of the t^tate against the Title Guaranty & Trust company to T. T. Kelly, as state treasurer, will come up In the TRADE-A well improved 80 district court of Shawnee county here acre farm. 3 miles from Hallowell Saturday on a demurrer filed by the Labette county, Kansas, to trade for defendants. The suit was filed more r ^A"*.".^^ J 'i""r/'.Li° ."il?" Address, than two years ago. Just after the big Devlin failure which tied up 1647.000 FOR SALE—11800 stock of grocer- In state funds which Kelly had depos- les and store fixtures. 402 South l!ed In the First National Bank here. Kentucky street \ conference of Attorney General poR SALE—A driving mare and Jackson and C. S. Gleed, who has bugrar. Horse «ty broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street FRATERJTAL BKOXmaUtOOOl^ Fratamal iBrotharhpod NO^W noata second and fourth fTnaadijra vet aaeh Booth In A.O.n.W. HalL qyiattlas nembera eordialy iartttA^M.fLAa' daraon. praaidant; (^da Bai^ **er** iji tary. Juior Order ralM Aaerftn ¥•> ehaalcar—Meets every Wednaiuy craning at 8 o'clock la K. P. HlilL All visiting members Invited. IJR; 4. Wldick, Conncelor; C. B. Black,,Ra^ Secretary. JEWEIiRRft' B. r. Pancoast old rellaMa Jajaatai^ 110 East street 1 PTAMHER. ' !.;{ Complete court at the btaC ladMOl for atanmerers In America Ut oaa> balf price this tall and wlnterJ Wlilta for Information at once. McKla flehioot tor Stammerers. 2706 Eaat Uth iStraaC Kansaa City. Ma been retained to help conduct the case for the state, was held at the FOR SALE -^ood mare with foal, office of Governor Hoch yesterday. Call at 210 West street but the subjects considered were not made public FORR£m~i TO CURE A COLD IH QlfE PAT FOR RTOJT-Two furntshcd"i^. Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine 309 gouth Sycamore. Tablets. Druggists refund money if — It falls to cure. B. W. OROVETS sig- FOR RENT—Furnished rooms ati nature Is on each box.' 2Sc. AFTER THE PEDDLERS. I No. 5 North Sycamore. Phone 1091. FOR RENT—One large room for two persons, sleeping or housekeeping. 212 West Madison. Ccuncll Passes Ordinance fo Make Them Pay. FOP. RENT—Six roomed booae, (Humboldt Jlerald.) good barn, other Improvements. In At a special meeting Monday night qnlre 628 North Kentncky. the councn passed an ordinance FOR RENT—Modem dwelling orT which If properly enforced will bring rooms. 803 South Washington Ate. In considerable extra Income to the J- Horton. city's treasury as well as force out a nninber of fakes who at present can come Into town and work their T/NOTI on v . , . . . LOST—Silver chatelaine purse, schemes without it costing them a with Pearie engraved on one side, at cent ' Grand theater last night. Contalna The ordinance In no way affects I5 bill, small change and return ticket home people who do business excepting local agents and all they are asked to pay is fifty cents a month, or 12.00 a year. Farmers or hucksters selling their own products will not be taxed. The oi^inance is similar to the one In use at lola and In other towns. It Is not prohibitive and any one who really wishes to do business in the town is not barred by the license fees. On the other hand legits irate dealers who live here and pay laxes are protected from a class of agents who get the bene:^ of the protection of the city wltbout payfng^ a cent The ordinance should bring In about |S0O a.year to the rtty treasury, whldt will go a long Kay toward to Humboldt. Return to this office. Its Economy To have your Carpets and Sags cleaned ^ TfeelolaRifFactoiy PAID PENSIONERS IN CASH. ^ying aalajles of some of the o«^ ,,0,000 in t:a.h"^n t. Inmate. ^ Soldlera' Home This Week. COMES UP NEXT TUEtOAY. I Leavenworth. Nov. 23.—Over »80.(HH) in casta has tiean paid out to the Another Hearinn Pxed- In Rehttaiigh | Pensioners at the NaUonal Soldiers' 'Homo hero this week by Major W. W. Martin, the home treasurer. More than 135,000 additional was mailed to Inmates of the home who are absent on furiongta. The cnrreBcy wlA -irhteh to essht the pension check came inm the sub-treasury at St^LAols. It to «zpeet «d that tnrtilng this mouy fatii'drenlatioB'here .win do relfevlng" thf». Ihtahclal :srUeh-haai--eaiat4r POLAR BEAK Has Stood t&c itet&c iaj Acce|it No on • • I Wm.Obetdotf,^AgL Tke New 07 Saab Barbary Sheep, by Robert H|c liens. Beth Korrell, by Randall Part ih . The Brass; Bowl, by Lonla J seph Vance. ! {Balai in Gllead, by Fldrenbe Kingsley.- - -- i The BlUe as Good BcaiUaftfl y Albert J. Beveridge. , • Ceagressma PoaQtare7 «<li!y 'Mc- Cntcheon. ne CaMp -^.Jx ^^m r" Edward WhiteL v. . 'i-.-^-^-irf ' WHIianison: --r- • The Crimson Coaqaei^ by C. Hndsott. Craise of the Sfeblif Ugfeb by - Norman Dnncan. The CasUe of Orab^ Jnr John .~H. Wbltaon. ^ Baaghter el Andmaa Ctwrn^ by. Geo .B«. McCutcbedn. Evails Brosi ^^^^^^^^^^^^ cnsisTaiAS Nothings t)etter than a a friend. For your J. E. HEin>ES801^ Phone 98. miGrWrnn*^ for Livinqa^ AuaaHlaa pM^yp to M«p|j ^ AMI l«i Saath Kcaiaeky. (Ottawa Herald.^ The Rohrbangh eaaea will • come «p again In Tola next Toeaday. Npvem-, her 26. Judge Voost has aotlfled the attorneys in the ease to this effect Th« case of Bethaar hosnilal ot Kaa- pas City acafaut Hra. KtOia. Habbard Philippi aad soaie ^ -macs srtn Ibe those braaih|;iia:. 4t:ia tbo«tfMf attWMfR 0^:.. tlwij^- «ni. aofe>lpa: T.B. The j iM^ks sioniM^^^

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