Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 23, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1907
Page 3
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Sa|dg« of JSonetty ! li on iTiihr vrnpper ,of t)octor PierceV Golden HHU^ILI Dlteoyerr because * full Ilttl^ ilK* iOfradlwU eompaelnc It Is, pfi4M .tlHw«|in pla^a English. Forty jeiM or wperiepieek h»|i proven Its auperior «nonb'M a blood pueifer and Invlgorat-. I Ing cbnle for tlie ciire ot stomach disorder! -X *n<^ MV liver i ^i It|bullda up tbe run- Jf doiro fyatem 'li* no other tonic can in wlUehalooholitnaed. The active medic* inaj^'^ncHtlea.oI native roots inch aa. OoUM Snlil and 000*0 *8 root. Stone and HalBdrAlt*-root, BioDdntot and BUeIr Chatrybirk are extnicted and preserve^ by tfa* ;ttM o( chemloally pure, triple nOnedglyoerfoe. Bend to Or. R. V. Piert't mi Buffalo, N. Y.. tor/rce booklet which ita from well -recoKnized med- I Ukeh u Drt. Bartholow; *Ga«,! Etilficwood and a owing that theM roota upok tor their curatlva weak atateeof the stoaaeh; IndlMStlon or dyspepaial dtlooa or liver complainta irtt dlMasoB^ where thero ad gradual running down •BdiTSt _-- het ,plSpI5? and wuptions aa well as scrofulous sxreU UngsamljbkLopen.running soros or ulcers :are«toatf and healed. In treating old nitihfng aores, 01^ ulcers. It is well to tn^ tuie their hei^g to apply to them Or^ Pierce's All-fiMpg Salve. If yonr drug^ gist don't h ^Pl to have this Salve in stock, setod nity-fouir cents in postage stampa to Dr. B; V. Pierce, Invalids* Hotel and Surgical Instltuie, Buffalo. M. Y.. and a targel»x of the ^li-Healing Salve* will reach von by return post^ You can'^t afford to accept a secret nos* irum as asntaatltnte for this non-aleoholici medlone or ibrowji coMPoerriox, not even though the j urgent dealer may - thereby a^e a little bigger profiL Dr. Pierce's Pleaaant Pellets regulate and invigorate stomach, liver and bowels; Bugaiv«oatiad. tiny gnaulea, easy to take •aeaody. WIFE PREFERS D06S A Topcka IMan Wants a Divorce On That Account. Topeka. Nov. 21.—(Special.)—R B. WJiltfi of this city, has flied suit in i the district court here for divorce' from his wife, Eva M. Wniite, on th*". ground that she prefers the Bociely* of two doR.s to that of her husband, and hBii deserted him. The White's have be?n married but a month anil their entire domestic experience seems to have been crowdud with Infelicity. WJiite alteRca that his wlfp' married him only to provide horsoir and the two dogs aforementioned with a home and that ehe left him November 9. when he protested mntinst her preference for the society of the dURS and has since refused to live with him. Cured of Brifht's Disease. : Mr. Robert O. Rurne, Elnora. X. Y.. writes: "Before I started to use Fo- • ley's Kidney Cure I had to get up frnin twelve to twenty llnjesa night, and I was all bloated up with dropsy and my eyesight was so ampaljred I could scarcely see one of'my family across ,the room. I bad given up hope of liv- :IHg. when a friend recommended Foley's Kidney Cure. One hO cent hotfie worked wonders and befor« I bad taken the third bottle -the dropsy had gone, as well as all other symptoms of Brigbt's disease." Burrell's drng. store. ' MOOTS iOLA STATE BANK CAPrrALSt2,500 lOM, KANSAS. A. W. Beck, L. K. Ilorvillc. J..A, Kobingi^. H. L. HcuclL-rKon, J. H. Campbell, Geo. K. Nirhol.^on, Hrauk Kiddle. But General Accident Insurance Co. Muct Give Truthful Policiea. Toiipltn. Nov. 22.—Chas. 'W. BameiT, Kt .ite superintendent of Insurance, ye.<,terday, re-issii;^d permission to transact buxine-ss in Kansas to the (•fuerul Accident Assurance company of Srutland on the pledge of Franklin .1. .Mrure. of Philadelphia, -man- aK< r if the company in the TJnited SiuttH.. wlio was here.lthal the com p:uiy wQuUI ceaHe writing in Kansas !i c 'nsK of contracts, to which Super- inlendMiit Barnes lias objected. The I'.oi'nse of the company In Kansas was nn^^ntly revoked because an agent of liie cimipnny lind l>een selling what pnriK)rted to be a general accident policy to railroad men at Kinsley, whirh <in examination proved to in sure tlie roller holder only against floriderit in burning hotels or theS' tres. M.\KKS THEM E.1R>' THEIR PAT. Antl-Pas.s Law Directly AlTecU Waab Ingtnn Depaitnent Clerks. ; WAJIT HOCH' AS A REVIVALlSTi T4 -:npenii (>e Pwiple -Plaa Crnsade^ in JLIIe«ei Wet Connties. ,',l^1 *pelta. Has., Nov. 21.—Governor 'prtjjt* irin be asked by.the Kansafi 'vSliite temperance Union to assist Ip 'manufacturing sentiment for the en^ foi^eromt of the prohibitory law ih AtchlflOii, Leavenworth. Cherokee, Crawford and! Marshall counties. Ift the other oi^ hundred counties tS Knnsaa'Senat|»r George'Codding, attorney for the union, declared last uiaht lhat the prohibitory law l.o enf- forcedj as well as any other law on (he lUnsaa statute books. the governor will l>ej requested tfl make a serlea of speeches. With him ,nre to be piher speakers of state rcputation.j llhese meetings are to be heM In tl^e couriie of a month,, and ai* to be regiilar "prohibitory law revivals." I TluiAs8;ivfa« Flowers gt a Smlp.: •J. Ww Prlmtaier at Oreenhojise. 704 E,xst Lincoln.'! has 1i> dozen large fine rhrysuithemums and about the same quahtl^ at the smaller size. If put in wat\|r in a cool place will be fln'e for Thanksgiving. If sold at once, first Choice goes at 11 .50. second iboice i."ic peir doyen. Phone 104. . i ^ -WlOUt-O SEE MISS VANDERBILT. \ • ;i- ; A. Church 'fitle Probable for Szchenyi I , • asd Hi^ Prospective Bride. Rome. No^. 21.—It is said the por^ hu-wHttenJo Archbishop Farley ei p ^minS n ^!deB ,1re to receive MIsi Glady's .Vanderbilt and Count Szchenyi bt '/ore t;t.^.4rejmarrled. It is said In that the pope Is aan- iVlng Mias VanderbiJt of Rome. Should the the Vatican Miss Vah ib^dly would be honar"- were a royal princess' pope probably wouM S^tf&in di ^niaer i>t .into, the ehii couple the titles of ifeas. of the Hqly R«? PIECE OP METEOR FOUND I TO HOT (OlOTKS. Uncovered While Excavating Barn. for a (Jjrdpn rify .Hen WiW .SpeiNl TIniiiks- I givintr In ElYort to Kxternilniile M'neral. Kas.. Nov. 21.—(Special.1 —K large piece of the meteor whl-li (harden Cliv. .\<.v IM.—One of ihe feM beiwesn here and Weir two weeks i ,,„pe3, cnvoie round-ups ever ai- ago was uncovered here Tuesday and ,e.„,„<.d |„ Kansas Is beinu planned bv is now on exhibition nt a local storf. onrdcii CItv hunters. 10 be held near The meteor, which wa.s , seen from h,.rr Ttianksplvlni; dav. Jklountcd both Weir and this place./appeared to j,„nrers frflpi various parts of western ha about the size of a barrel. When Kansas have already sihTiified their within fifty feet'of the earth the met- jnrentipn to take part In the round- por exploded, pieces fl.vli)g In all di oi'er flfty hounds have already rections. The piece uncovered passed i,een secured tor the event. Territory through the roof of a bam and several far miles adjacent to riardeii City •^..1 tons of hay. seltlnp Are to the hay. t,o scoured and the wolves driven to- and then, buried itself in tbe ground, ward a center by the hiinter.s. .-V $iin- It was while excavating on the old iicr hunt a year aK<> wa .-i liiuliiy siic- «ite' preparatory to erecting a new cossful and did niiirli in nssi!;i in ilmr bam that the piece of Ih? meteor ijm thi." Sertlon of the .-stale of rn.v- wfts uncovered. It weighs ^ poniiil:-. (-n-.-. A blKser and betu-r bunt Is B% otmces. ' pl .iiini-d for this year. Wa.shingfon. Nov. 23.—The effect of tbe anti-pass law Is now being felt In the Kovernment departments here. JThe otflcials are all being swamped iwiib work. In years past when congressman or senator was riding on a I'si^s he would make frequent trips to Washington during the sumer va- ratlon to look after department business alfecling his district or state. As a result this kind of woric was siiread over the entire year in the deparf- menis. Itut the anti-pass law ket>t ail of the members of congress at home last summer. The members are now coming in fast and are iryinfi to set their de- narnienlul business out of the way before congress opens. They are flooding the departments with business and government clerks are kept on the jump. Wanted—Everybody to know that W. B. Kelley ft Son have moved theli transfer and storage ofllca to 211 South Washington. Office and Da' .^hone 290. Residence and night Ptione 17. The Universal Staple. StFengthening: food for fhe weakest digestion. Nourishing food for the strongest digestion. Good for the babies—good for all ages—the moot nutritious of all the wheat foods. Biscuit •KO. A. BOWLt^ Praeldaal. THOB. H. pOWLUS, GMMar^ ALLEN COUNTY I^TATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 UlRfiCTORS A. W. Beck, L. C. Begtty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. Cvane, J. O. Retff«r% A. Bowlus, Thoa. H. BowlMa. ' jftmwnKQtmo ^MQHAmom Au omoptAUMumn •APCTY DEPOtIT •OXKI PGR RBNT PROM M to W PIK VIAIt ahapely, pretty flfora, I manyof them dl^kiv* A* lou of their lirluh foiai* after tnnrnage. The baariag of child»A is often deetraettTa Marrlotl to the mJOiLer^e ihapeimrt*. AU of tbit can be UfMid, however, by the lue of Mother's Prlmd befoie bal>7 cornea, chii great liniment alwaya prepggia the body for the atriain npon it, aiMl pieaenres the symmetry of her fann. Mother 'a rHerid iovercomea all the danger of cbild>birth, and caiiiBa tfa« expectant mother aafely thgo^gh \ this critical period without pain. It u womanli gicateat blea&ig. ^ ThooMnds gratefully tall 0/ the benefit and reliif d«riT«d frem tfii ue of this wonderful remedy. Sold by all druggisu at $x.ooper bottle. Our little book, telling all about thia liniment, will be sent free. Hi BfiMiU Ripittv Cfc. Iflut^ H FHBnd SUED WESTERN UNION CAN'T RKCOGXIZE S.4LOON8. I Wlchtta, Kas., FollccBleB Tdl Why i Law Ik >-ot Ejforved. I I Message Concerninn Death Was Not! ^^^^ t3.-.rohn Daw- Delivered—Judgment of $600 jgon and Charles .Shukers. assistants Recovered. | to the attorney general, returned today from Wichita, where they have Ft. Scott. Nov. 22.—kT. B. Botkin has rf-'c3vered Judgment for $600 against file Western Union Telegraph com- 'lany for faiure to deliver a message to his parents at Ilennison. Texas, tolling them when he would arrive there with the l)Ody of his brother for burial. He sought Judgment for- $2000 but the Jury seemed to have reach- ei! a compromise verdict. The tele- ram was filed at Kansa.s City, where Ht-.tkln's broth.->r died, and notifled his |i!i .-ents when he would reach Dennl"Am in order that they might make I be funeral arrancenients. For some reason unexplained the telegram was not d3livered to the parents and when Ihe train bearin.e the body reached Donnison no arrangements had been made for interment. The evidence showed that arrangem^ts were quick Iv made, thou.^h. and that the funeral was delayed on'y abont thirty minutes, hut the Jury gave Botkin Judgment for $600 against the Telegra'ih ccin »pany an.vway. The case wl'l probably be appealed to tlii' Supreme eiiurl. ATCHISON LID IS TIGHT. been taking evidence in Joint cases. Ur. Shukers declares that tbe reason the law i.s not enforced In WlchUa is that the fiolicemen on the stand swore that they wouldn't know a saloon if they saw one. CASIIIEK SKJXED THE NOTES, Swran He DM Thh aad Disceaated Them at WakkV i)N <T. • Chicago. :iov. 23.—Frederick W. McLean, former cashier of tbe Chicago Nationalbank. teatifled in (he trial of John R. Walsh, charged with misapplication of tbe funds of the Institution, today. Klve notes, each tor $!)3,00ii. were brought before tbe Jury. McLean testifying that he had algited and discounted them In obediencejto the orders of Walsh. RESULTS TELL. There (.'an Be >'o Doabt Abant tbe Resnlta fai lola. Uesults tell the tale. .\11 doubt is removed. I The testimony of an lola citizenj Can be easily investigated. What better proof can be had? i W. ». Kelley. of r.07 .N'orth Bnekeye street. lo !a. :Kansas, says: "I fajave been troubled with hacltache otf and ou for fifteen years and attribute lit to bard work I have done. When stooping or lifting it was sure to brfni on la tired dead aching pain acron my iloinK. Finally I came to tbe con^lu- Topska. Nov. 2;.—Attorney PKn ^^ra'tsion that mykMneys were respotii|lbIe Shcrifrs Raid Last Week Many Jointa. Closed Tacksnn says that reports he hxis receive<l f ™m Atch'son indicate that and I went to Chas. B. Spencer ft (So.'a drug store for a box. The morning In moistun and dust proof packagex. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY I the Joints at that place are either all' I called I had been pajntlafg and my closed or riinnlnr very nuietlv since; back waa canaing me a good del I of the r«''>i; maiie br the sheriff's forea: trouble. The odor of the tarpitUne last week. He thinks that he will ! was probably the cause.: After dtl iQer with the help of the conniy attornev. * I took a doae and in a half honr<a ter- be able to keep the ioints at Atchl-.wards my back was free frbm pa n. I »on c'ospd nerman.'ntly. Pountr AN kept on taUng the remedy iutU the iora»v Oiithrie. at the direction of trouble left me. and from that ine the attorney general and on evidence until a few/Oaya ago. I did not ttve sf<5ured by a genU of the State Tern- ank sign of backache. In Uiili f a n'-anco Unkm. Instituted the snits walk I dverelerted myself and thla which led to the ralda laat week. .brought on a return. I have liutpM 1 that Doan'a: Kidney PUla tegnlat^ the , The Jr«r Pan read aad 9rmm Law. •«Mo>» of «»? WtograecretfcmB .J ! 1^ We are pleased to announce fat "'f^* •o'* > fl» ••Poldv'a Honey iand Tar tor eoo«h!«.»*'>»"_""W: j , cnlda an diungi trouble* is not affect- 1 ^ sale :br aH dealers: Prill, SO •d hv the |«atiaaal Pnra Food cents. Fo^r-lUlbani Co., Qdlilo. Drug' Law aa It eoMalas so oi>iatca ^e* theUilted or other harorfol dn«g. and we ree-,w*f««- ..^ ", . -1^

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