Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 21, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1908
Page 5
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,—a THE BUSiNESB MAN In Onlmr to SMAkHig Mast HsTe CapttsL It is also necessanr Out he kare CBEDIT. Creill : evMes fniBi aeqaatotaace. Ton canot get credit at »mj baak aaless jn inynequbkttL ^. 'Wkoi a auui starts a iwak aceoaat, 1 M aa4 tfee baaker beevaies ae> - r|iiiite4. He esfabllshes ercdlt A bank aceviat Is a Mp la mm irays ''tibaa aBtw The banker takes aa loterest hi joa; ke aakes It a pviat t« see vilk kis eistonen are areomaodated. (^nmn are tines when a ataa wants eredlii It is wen to be in a posHIea to (et credit vlKtt yoa want it Start a bank «:eoant with ns. mifWMm.)i1iMrMJtm Stmto Savings Bank open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights -* — READ! A few kudred H seetloni Ke. 1 woeten land at flOM and np. GOLDEN WEST UND CO. (Miee Orer Iowa Store. TW lOLA ICE AND COtD STORAGE CO. Wkolsials CRYSTAL ICE Ami Diitilltd Waur IMT G«ll Kmc* iMir (w VulMMk neMlll. PRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. "Ose No. 7 Flour Good as any—better than most Don't Forget Otfr MEAT MARKET We handle only the best of Presh Heats. Smoked and Salt Heats. We Want Tour PRODUCE tenners, a^d will pay the falsest toarl ^et price la cash or trade. Come 'Is-wd see as. . We are sole agents for J. M. Bom's COPPBES and TBAS If you will give this line a trial yon will nse no other. Bros. tela, Kaasaf. Fryer rutae Ml, 108. Thorpe & Boigli CenlraeterSt Ingtaeerst Sarreyen. Folly eoQlpped for all kinds of nrreylng. estimating, patent draw- /ig. blae prists, maps, sidewalks, enrUng, and farm drainage. OMee Orer Taaoas.* EXCHAV0E OB SELL. List your property with me. I have a large list to mat<A from. No expense nn< less a deal is found for yba. I hsTO 340 acres in Neo* sho county. Kas. to exchange for good lola property. XT. MILB8. B MM I«, OM Cnxt HeasA Stoves Set up and connected, also any other gga fittiflg* Oood work and reasotuble charges. Phone 39. jt... •iiiif «"i"iiii"fp" IMfekcr'i Cash Gnury aU 1^9^V»U> Meat Markefc Oysters and Fish Every Day Ti:^RMlaK task, the Ideal 'i ^.'iairB8 OF FJtVITS Happeniogs —Thursday. Friday and • Saturday only. 75o and )1 caps will be sold for 10c fj>d 25c. Doggett Millinery. Triple Tie Sapper. After the regular meeting of Jhe loaK« laiJt iiislit the Triple Tie members were liened with an oyster stip- ptr. I'urlpK the regular lodge work one a|>|i!icul!ou for membership was ballotted on. Mrs. Anna Heacock. o( Par^tons, was among the guests. —See the Qur. Way. window. A. 0. I'. W. Rrothers you are hereby notified that business of importance will be before No. 98 on Monday night. Elach and every member is urged to l>e pres ent and assist in the transaction of thlK, hus'nesK. After business, oysters. —Committee. Burnt Wood demonstration every afternoon at Ewing ft Burdick's. •—Fsper Hanging. Phone 1428. Mrs. DeLoag Better. The latest news received by Dr. De< Long from Mrs. DeLong who was operated on at the University hospital at Kansas City the first of last week is that she is able to be up some and may be able to come home next week. The operation was quite a severe one. —Moran Herald. —Dr. P. £. Waagb, DenUst. Ffaoae 13. To and From Ceiony. Miss Margaret Knowlton and Miss Ruby Christy of lola, visited Mrs. H. J. Denton Saturday morning. • • Mrs. Cottrell of lola, who had heen visiting friends at Northcott. returned home Saturday.—Colony Free Press. —Th»> Our Way window. Won't Haul Brick. A number of persons are inquiring into the advisability of hauling brick along Second street since the paving of this street isn't to be taken up until in the spring. Several weeks ago Mr. Gil Allan bad his order in for brick with tne local plant and teamsters were set to work to haul the brick to the paving site. The plant desires the brick removed so it can have use of tbc kilns again. The brlclv will not suffer any damage whatever by being left along the streets if they are properly stacked, and this the contractor agrees will be (lonp.—Ft. Scott Tribune. B\irnt Wood demonstratloi* every afternoon at Ewing & Burdick's. n.JA. Cunningham Manager. At a recent meeting of the opera bouse directors R. M. Cunningham, of lola. was chosen as manager. Mr. Cunningham owns a big share of the opera house stock and Is therefore much interested in the welfare of the institution, He will try and work up some more business for the opera house. Mr. Cunninffaam thinks It likely he will move back to Humboldt before long. We hope he and his family will amin.become residents of Humboldt. He bku considerable property here which also needs bis at­ tention.—Humtraldt Union. —Caaahifhaai * Iraett, « per eeat moaey. Pleased With Voyage. Mrs. Overall of lola, was in Colony Monday. She reports that her son Farrel wlbo is on the battlesfaln Vermont is in the Philippines, that he is deliahted with his voyage.—Colony Free Press. —liook at the Our Way window. Jim' Hanshaw Returns. Jim Henshaw, the day man at the Our Way, returned yesterday from Emporia where he spent several days visiting friends and relatives. He saw several former lolahs In Bill WliIte'B town. —CaUiolle Lady Wanted in every oarlah In. Dnited SUtea and Canada Ifor Chrlstmsa work: tl6.«0 ner week. Addrean H. R. nwiegan. lU Flymoiitb f laee. Chicago, nUaols. , m lOLi PiiLT BgCMmn. SATUBPAT iTgimrft iroTiMBtt ai, tm. ooooooooooo oooodo O 1 • , .o e AMDSEMEVffS. O O . , O oeooooeoooooooooo AUDrrOIUmi -Harley.Xloore. Juvenile stilt skater and trick skater. ELECTRIC THBATBR-^^ioTlng plo- tnres. MAJESTIC THEATER—IWovlng pictures. ORANi>—Irene'Duckett Stock Co. Free Lesseas in Swing ft Burdick's. Burnt Wlood at Kress Store Opening. Kress ft company beld the ofienlng of their new store at Independence yesterday. Judging frdAn the stories in the Independence papers the store was as clos^y packed with visitors as was the store here on its opening a few days ago. , —Watch the Ouc Way window. Successful Session. The Ft. Scott Republican of yesterday in speaking of the rennion of the Scottish Rite Masons which closed there night before last and which was attended by several lolans says: The annual fall reunion of the Masonic 4x>dles of the valley of Fort Scott came to an end last night «fter - successful session in every way The class of candidates at this reun ion wiUB marked by Its great success. Jtany visiting memberis of t%e lodge have been In the city dbring the week attending the reunion and all were much Impressed with the Fort Scott lodge- and their beautiful home, nomher arrived in the city only yesterday to attend the closing meeting and the banquet which was held last night —New Post Card Albums at Mondls*. Some Turkey Shoots. Two turkey shoots for Thanksglv ing day are reported, one at Gas City and the other at Electric park. A number are reported for various places over the county. —Look at the Our Way window. To Decide It Teto principal* of the city schools at Coffeyvllle held a meetbig Wednesday evening to discuss the matter of the teachers attending one of the teachers' meetings this fall and ^winter. The board of education has expressed the wish that all of the teachers attend either tite Southeast- em Kansas'Teachers' meeting at lola during the Thanksgiving holidays or else the State meeting at Topeka during the Christmas holidays. The teach ers will, use their pleasure -as to which one they attend.—Independence Reporter. Low pressare gas heaters at K. Plambtag COJB store. C. Trades Jack Root.^ Manager Dick Cooley of the Topeka baseball team announced this morning that he had secured: a new shortstop, Groeschow, from the Terre Haute team of the Central League. Groeschow played on the Terre Haute team for three seasons and was only secured by Cooley because he was tired of the town. He ranks among the best shortstops of the Central league, both In batting and fielding. Jack Root will go to Terre Haute as a part of the consideration for Groeschow.—State Journal. Free Lessons in Burnt 'Wood at Ewing ft Burdick's. . . . With the Diekersona. Mr. '<aod Mrs. B. Dickerson had as visitors over Sunday, Mrs. H.'b brother and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Settle of lola. • • • 8. and C. Dickerson have been hauling lumber from Tola for the Improvements going on about their farms.—County Line item In Neosho Falls Post. Fred Rowden. ,. Tp. and .From Toronto. . Nellie Ayling returnea home Sat urday from an extended visit wltU relatives in lola. • * • Dick Fuller and son Richard visited relatives in lola Sunday, returning home Monday.—Toronto Republican. —Regular )3 and (5 hats special sale Thursday. Friday and Saturday. Doggett Millinery. Visiting at Erie. A. H. Miller, of lola, was here the first of the week, visiting his daughter. Mrs. R. C. Henderson, and old friends and attending to some business matters.—lE^le Record. —Our Way window—Look at it. Went to Welds. J. L. Barnes, superintendent of the Southern Kansas division, Santa Fe railroad, and M. N. Wells, resident engineer, passed through hero from Chanute to Welda yesterday afternoon. Potatoes for Sale. Will exchange small seed potatoes, bnshel for bnrtel, for corn. Price for same 55c at home. Large sorted potatoes 70c. Also turnips 20c. A. L. Townsend, Horseshoe Bend. Phone 992—42. •-Alwaya time to eat at Onr Way. To Serve aa Juror. G. B. Burk will go to lola Monday where he will serve as a Juror during the adjourned term of the Septem ber court.—Savonburg Record. —Watch the Our Way window. Bought Stock Here. G. A. Gillespie and Geo. Clark went to lola last week Where they attended a sale of high bred Aberdeen cattle. Mr. Clark bought four cows and one calf of this breed and will start, a herd of fine stock on his ranch on West Buffalo. George has the right idea In buying the best that can be had as it costs no more to raise thoroughbred than It does to raise a scrub, and wiben selling time comes the profit is much more. Nearly all farmers are improving their herds and It will not be long until there will be no scrubs to be found in the county.—Buffalo Advocate. llr.PRIGrS eREAM Made from healthful grape eream of tartar Will make twice as much good bready biscuit and cakcipound for pound^ajs the low priced imitations made from alum and alum phoS" phateSy and will make the food appetizing and healthful. Dr. Price^s Cream Baking Powder is not only economical but makes the food more wholesome. >—sign painting, phone 1438. Fred Rowden, Farmers Object to Hunting. The farmers of Salem Township are being troubled this fall with hunters who tramp over their farms, leaving gates open and wounding stock and otherwise making themselves nuisance. The trespassing bas become so general that they have called a meeting at Jeddo school house fOrnext Saturday night to discuss the matter and see if some concerted action cannot be taken. The law does not allow a hunter to shoot game on a farm unless he has the owner's consent. It Is not known what action will be taken at the meeting. —Get your Mundis*. Post Card Albums at When Judge Foust Goes. With the completion of this case the work of Judge Pinley for the October term will be practically concluded. Court will not be a^oumed, however, for two or three weeks yet, as there are a number of cases still uendln;; In which the court is disqualified from sitting. These will be tried with Judge Foust of lola on the bench and will not be set until it Is learned when the Allen county Judicial ofllc- er can conveniently come to EJrie. The latter has notified Judge Finley that it will be Impossible for him to come to this county before week after next and he is not certain that he will be able to come at that time. The session will not be adjourned until Judge Foust completes his work here.—Oha- nute Sun. —The Our Way window. Come From Caney. ms8 Madge Utterback who will rep resent Caney high school in the annual contest at lola, November 28. will favor the audience with a solo, at the Ash Davis entertainment Monday night.—Caney Chronicle. Rooms for men, Y. M. C. A. building. Steam heat In each room. Baths free. OUR AIM WAS STRAIGHT AT QUALITY In making our selections for Christmas this year qaality was the npper* BMst tfcoagM In oar mlad Cheap Jewelry Is repel* sife and will lose.yea the respect of year best frieads. Ceaw where yea yea thai QUALITY relgas abore all other eoaslderak tloas. Tkafs at VIB.jisijrgiir.- Chanute Elfcs Minstrel. Chanute Elks will repeat their mln- Gtrel of other years again this season. This conclusion was reached at the regu'ar meeting of the herd bela In Elks' hall last night. The minstrel will be given some time between December 15 and 20. and will be produced two nights. AH proceeds of the entertainment will be donated to the Orphans' Home.—Chanute Sun. Both Were Fighters. Police Judge Collins of Ida. and Attorney J. L. Barnes, were arrested yesterday for fighting on the streets. Both men are southerner."? anrl come of fighting stock.—Chanute Sun. A Snap. We have a 4 room house on car line, corner lot. that we can sell for 1660. ISO cash and balance $15 per month at 6 per cent. This house rents for tS per month. WHITAKER & DON.NISLL. Come to Hoot. Thanksgiving day will hp six^nt out of town by a good share ot the high school students-at least it should be by those who are able to pay their fare as far as lola and root a bit for the basket ball teams, it might not make the boys of the gridiron feci very bad If a few accompanied them to Leroy and cheered them a little.— Chanute Sun. -Dr. S. B. Pepper. Dentist. Phoae Its. Fetch Held Down. Miss Pearl Schwuchow. who raced Jack Fotch In the handicap race at the Star rink last night, held the professional down to a struggle which he had not witnessed prior to that time. He gave Miss Schwiiohow one lap the start, both starting at the same time, but him to make twenty- eight rounds to her twenty-seven. Fotch Is the fastest man ever seen In Chanute. He gradually gained and caught his opponent about the eight eentb round, but was unable to pass iher.—Chanute Sun. In Jenk^ Henceep. Thp alarm of fire this morning from box 5S was caused by the burning of the chicken yards at the residence of W. S. Jenks. -128 Ash street. Kre ijad communicated to a shed from a bum- iiiK refuse heap. The chicken house n'as ron.sumed, but the department was in time to prevent the very probable burning nf a bam and various other structures. The damage was about $.=50. The loss was covered by insurancp.^-Ottawa Republic. Visiting at Ottav»a. Mi.vs Fannie Boyd came-hafre last nig.^t f.-<inr lola and will be the guest of the family of B. R. Brows.- uijtll today; with .Miss Jennie Brown She will visit in Brown county next week. —Ottawa nepitblic. —See the Onr Way window. Returneo Home. .Mrs. Novada Moore, formerly MiSS PInson. ot this city, returned to her home in lola laist evening «^ter vtalt* Ing relatives here.—Ottawa BepubU?. —Munrtis* Drug Store has Just received a fineline of Post Card Albums To Wrestle Here. WIIMam Gates, a crack wrestler of this city, and B. R. Hull, of Rochester, N. 'y.. have arranged a wrestling match to occur at Tola on the night of 'Novem4)er 24. The mat contest win be pulled off in Booker hall and promises to be a big attraction, as wrestling 1» practically a new sport in tbe Allen county hub. Gates will go on the mat at 180 pounds, five pounds heavier than his, adversary. He is a clever wrestler and very proficient in mat tactics. Gerald Baird of this city will referee the match.—Chanute Sun. —laalst M kavlaa "»i. R." flaar. "Bulleto" Bought It. The case of the Brinlgar Reflty company vs. Mrs. ^aura James was tried before Justice Qroome yesterday afternoon, resuUlng in a victory;for tbe defendant The suit is one in which the defendant sued for 1100 cnmmisslon for ui* sale of tbe Mor rill hotel to Fred Oerblts. of lola. The 'evidence introduced yesterday, how. ever, showed that a man named Redfearn, and not Oerbltz. was tbe pur ehaaer 0/ the property, and on this "hnwIuK iudgment was found for the defendant An appeal will probably be Uken. O. J. Briley and T. F. Mor riaon were Khe attomeya in tbe caaa. —Chanute Sun. , far » •—Six per cent money; no commis- iton; no delay.—Smith ft Travis. Knowles at Louisburg. Tbe big revival campaign, under the auspices of the several churches of Louisburg, conducted by Rev. W. B. Knowles, of lola, and Rev. B. G. Coons, pastor of the Methodist church Ith an able body of associates., ic; one of the most noteworthy church events held down in this town In years. « * • The Rev. Mr. Knowles speaks with such force of conviction that he at once attracts attention, and thus bis hearers are soon interested in their own welfare and eventually brought unto the threshold of the better and cleaner life.—Louisburg Herald. •-Frank 8. Bsattie. V. S. Phone 139. Happy WanU to Play. "It it is tbis warm Saturday, we: will have a little game of baseball.", said Happy Westcott yesterday, to a bunch of Trade Winners players. They all assented to Westcott's sug-' gestlon. "This is baseball not football weather, and if we had much of this'it would put'football on the hum-- mer." But this does not signify tiiat there will "be a ball game in Salina next Saturday.—Salina Journal. -Dn. Latkmp. Osteopaths. Pheae 44B. Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward Leaves lola 7:19 p. m., arr rives St. Louis 8:25 a. m. Through sleeping cars. Thla train connects with the wit bound trains at St. Loula. For further partlculan call and see us. C. P. Hale, Agt. The World's Efest Piano Prices Inge fnni ^ Is JISN J.V,

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