The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 22, 1964 · Page 9
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 9

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1964
Page 9
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PAGE 8 THE TIPTOrft>AlLY TRIBUNE Tuesday, Dec. 22, 1964 Bundle '.. (Continued from page 1)... dents. -. • ••The robbery^ was the biggest in history in the New Jersey- 3s T ew York metropolitan- area, being rivaled only by the $427,«i=n holdup of an armored car outside a Brooklyn ice cream plant m 1934. . Although police declined to .speculate on any possible connection. between the robbery and other spectacular holdups, it was staged wi;h all the precision and daring of the S1.2 million Brink's robbery in Boston in 1950 and the $1.5 million robbery of a mail truck in Plymouth, Mass., in 1832. Parked Auto St _ uck A pirked car, owned by Al pha fmith, RR 2. Sharpsville. was sideswiped Monday morn- j ins, in, the 2C0 block of Maple' Street. Marita Compton, 17, 221 M. Independence St., was the driver of the moving vehicle. ; Her car's damage was esti-' mated at STTo while Smith's vehicle suffered approximately a ¥150 loss. SHARP EDGE T<i kc°" vour f ine cutlery in i • tip-top shape, the makers o f knives suggest cutting all food; on a wooden board. Cutting on I the sink or a metal pan will dull the cutting edges. OLD STAMPING GROUNDS—Vice President-elect Hubert Humphrey does a bit of browsing in his brother's drug store in Huron, S.D. That's a new calendar in his hand. HAPPY Sharpsville Mrs. Fred Leap Dianr. Sue Barnett a in the United States Pvt. WAC Army is home with her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Fred Leap for the Christmas holi- Mr. and Mrs. Max '.Muggier and family, of Englewood, Ohio will arrive Friday to spend Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Huggler. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Meadows were Wednesday guests „ . „ ... ... , i of Rev. and Mrs. Jones, of Aldays Pvt. Barnett is stationed. bany Rey Jones was a former in Valley Forge General hospital, Phoenixville, Pa., where she is a medial corpman. She will return to her post, December 28. .' minister of Sharpsville Methodist church. Want Ads Pav The Tipton Building & Loan Association will be closed Thursday, December 24th for the funeral services of J. C. Tolle, presi- dent of the association. Will remain closed until Monday, Dec. 28th be a ^MATCHMAKER THERMAL SLEEPERS and THERMAL BLANKETS FOR PERFECT SLEEPING COMFORT! Perfect sleeping comfort assured because: ... both Gordon's Blankets and "Winks" Sleepers are fashioned from genuine knit thermal weave that insulates, ventilates and circulates for baby's comfort. ... Both blankets and sleepers are made of 100% non- allergic, brushed cotton. • , ... Guaranteed machine washable. - ... Nearly weightless. ... Sleeper offers handy full length' nylon zipper. • .. 4 Blankets: White, Pink, Blue, Maize and Azure Blue. ' V. ; ... Sleepers: Blue, Maize, Pink and Azure Blue. ' . Matchless in quality and economy.' • 1 I ami I Shoes Sweeten (Continued from page 3) pour in candy and let set until hard and cool, then remove mold. ' For fancy-shaped, lollipops, let candy set in molds about a minute, till it holds shape when removed but is not quite set. Press in a lollipop stick: fill in pres-in. point with a drop of hot candy. To make giant lollipops', use oiled eight-inch cake pan, pour in thin layer of candy; when partially, set, invert pan over a sheet of oiled foil. Remove pan; quickly press in a dowel stick. To make swirls, work as soon is candy is poured. Quickly lip a woodsn toothpick into food color and swirl the tooth- nick through the hot candy. It's easier to swirl large •ounds because they take long- ir to cool. College (Continued from page 1) automobile,'' the "carpenters" arrived in this small northeast Mississippi town in two groups Sunday and Monday. . The voluteefs were housed with Negro families in the rural irea and began work immediately on rebuilding the church.: Megro members of the congregation earlier had started work 3n the project. The group is resigned to a spartan Christmas. "We'll miss not being with ->ur families, of course," Von Korff said. "But we felt this was something certainly worthwhile. Most of us. hope to find ime to visit our families next lonth." " Barry (Continued from page 1) publican minority leader in th* House of Representatives and will do all that I properly and reasonably can to that end," Halleck said Monday. Halleck then ducked a question-and-answer session with newsmen and settled down to the job at hand. He had expected to spend this week in Tlorida, but. when Ford an- j nounced against him Saturday • he flew back to do battle. Halleck spent Monday after : noon on . the phone, callirjg members who owed him favors and seeking their promise of aid. Some have it. Some hedged. He -also was said to have -tried to get reaction to the proposal to take Laird into his camp and make other concessions, if needed, to the younger GOP members—liberals as well BSi conservatives—who have •been flirting with Ford's candidacy. While all this was taking place, Rep. "Glenard . Lipscomb, R-Calif., in a letter to all GOP members had his own suggestion about the best spot ' for Laird. Lipscomb said regardless of who wins the leadership race, Laird should be made chairman of the * Republican conference. This is the post Ford is.vacating to make the race against Halleck. The conference comprises all GOP House members. . Ford's forces today appeared confident he had the votes. So did Halleck's. Nobody will know for sure who is wrong until Jan. 4. Jailed Monday W. E. Rodgers, 43, 434 N. Independence, was arrested three miles northeast of Tipton at 2:25 p.m. Monday toy Sheriff's Dept. officers. Rodgers was taken to jail on charges of public intoxication. STEW HAINES GARAGE FOR AUTO REPAIRS FRONT END ALIGNMENT WHEEL BALANCE • Service on all makes '. 614 E. North : OS 5-4500 by PLAINSMAN $595 (No Tax) Bumbling Bandits Behind Bars In Milwaukee, Wis. By RALPH SCHAUER . United Press International x MILWAUKEE, Wis. (UPI)— It V was just like a two-reel comedy but nobody passed out Academy Awards. Everyone was too busy laughing. The participants were two bumbling bandits, - a. pet monkey, a pair of little girls and police, from four towns in a cops-and-robbers chase .Monday that wound up in a maternity ward. Today, the bandits were behind bars, the monkey was being cared for by the Humane Society,' the little girls were put in a home for dependent children and the police were still, writing their reports. The.comedy of errors started •.vheh a* man entered the suburban Brooklield National Bank Monday, pushed a cardboard portfolio at "a woman bank teller and said "give me everything." She gave him Sl.900. David Reddemann, cashier at the bank, raced outside, .saw a -ed panel truck 'driving off at high speed. Reddemann, got in ais own car and gave chase. Change Vehicles Two blocks away the bandits halted the truck, jumped into a parked car and sped away again. The" money was blowing all over the ground. Reddemann followed the car onto the freeway system- leading to Milwaukee. When Reddemann saw a state patrol officer, he pulled alongside the bandits' car and sideswiped it to the shoulder.- The officer had stopped earlier to check a stalled dump truck. He didn't know whether to believe the suspects' story of "he hit' us" or Reddemann's shout that they had just robbed a bank. The officer believed Reddemann's story when one of the bandits whipped out a gun and disarmed him. Reddemann and the patrolman, . Ronald W. Stock, were forced into the getaway car which also contained two small girls and a monkey. Talk was the only weapon Stock had, and he used it well, persuading the robbers they were liable to be charged with kidnaping. When they reached a shopping center, the two hostages were shoved from the car. Heard Reports 11 Meanwhile, motel owner Fran Burany heard the first radio reports of the robbery and remembered that some customers who checked out earlier in the day behaved in an ' unusual manner. A .woman who was with the men was later taken to a Milwaukee Hospital's maternity ward. Police went to the hospital and arrested two men. They were identified as Harry Shinn, 21, Costa Mesa, Calif.,' and Frank Michel, 21, Orange County, Calif. The two were charged in federal warrants with bank robbery. The two men were at the hospital to see the woman Shinn said was his wife. Authorities said the two little girls —Melody, 5, and Cynthia\ 3— were the woman's by a previous marriage. ' •Milwaukee police said about$500 was found in possession of the woman at the hospital and that the hospital bill apparently had been paid with the bank money. Another $433 was found in possession of the suspects when they were searched, police said. Former (Continued trom page 1) . Land and Josephine (Tudor) Molden. He was married to Arline Parker of Oxford,' Ind., and was an employee, of the Nickel Plate Railroad.^ He' moved to California, on retirement,*'after having -worked at Rankin, Illinois and Lima, Ohio. : > Survivors in addition to the wife are three-daughters, Mrs. Gene Hill of York, Penna.; Mrs. Don Wilton of'Alva, Oklahoma; Mrs. Raymond Binkley of Woodland Hills,' Cal:; a sister, Mrs. C. A. Bill, Detrcit and nieces and nephews in Tipton county. Last Minute Xmas special. Child's upholstered rockers,- regular $11.95, Xmas special $8.88. A fine selection of boudoir chairs, regular $29.95, Xmas special $19.88. Cooper's Home 'Furnishings.' C-68 Make Ornaments For Christmas Remember . the gingerbread men, stars, trees and aiigels— all made of cookie batter—that decorated trees of Christmas 'Past? Such , ornaments did present a few problems. The icing hardened and crumbled off. Heat from radiators or e v e n Christmas tree lights discolored the cookie-ornaments or. dried them up. They couldn't'be stored, and the work on new ornaments began all over-again the next year. Here's ' a modern method to maintain the traditions o f "made-itmyself" Chris imas ree ornaments. Youngsters can make them too, a-d-d i n g their own creative touches. Best of' all, the ornaments can be saved from year to, year, and the special pre-holiday fun-] of unpacking favorite' ornaments becomes a Christmas tradition itself. Combine one cup of dry starch and one-fourth cup cool water in a mixing bowl. M i x with the fingers until crumbly. Next, combine one-half cup salt and one-half cup water in a small suacepan and bring to a boil. Add the hot salt water mixture to the starch mixture; then add one teaspoon vegetable oil. With your hands, knead the mixture - until it is pliable. Kneading is the most important step, so be sure to knead the mixture thoroughly. Model into desired shapes or roll out with a rolling pin and cut with cookie cutter into Christmas shapes. For hanging the decorations, make a hole at the top for string or ribbon. Allow ornaments to dry and harden.,This will take about 36 hours' at room temperature. To speed drying, place molded objects on a cookie sheet and dry in a 250 degree oven for one hour. •Paint designs or features on the ornaments with tempera. Add string or ribbon for hanging, and have a merry old-fashioned Christmas tree. A LITTLE SNOW,' & skid, and this car wound up on Its side tn an excavation in New York. Neither the driver nor a passenger suffered any Injuries, however. St. Joseph's Academy School News by Madeline Thrall Tipton—Students ai St. Joseph's . Academy began their Christmas vacation at 3:00 p. m. Friday after a week of joyful anticipation.. The boarders are to return Sunday, January 3, 1S65, and school will resume Monday morning, January 4. The Freshman Class, under direction of Sister M. Ruth, presented the annual Christmas party and play in St. TCathar- ine's Hall Thursday, December 17. The play, called "A Way Out Christmas", represented the two basic Christmas traditions, the story of Christ's nativity and Santa Claus, in the Littlest Angel's helping Santa to tell the people on Mars about the Savior's birth. The refreshments and entertainment that followed were in keeping with the • Martian Christmas spirit. ., Topping For a flavorful topping on fruitcake and steamed puddings, combine 54 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon cornstarch and. 1 cup water. Cook slowly in a small saucepan, stirring con- stanly until clear and thickened. Remove from heat; add XVi tablespoons lemon juice, M> teaspoon salt, Vfe teaspoon nutmeg and 2 tablespoons butter or margarine. Stir until butter is melted. Serve hot. - Give Gift Certificates for Knapp shoes. Phone Walter Batts, Tipton, Indiana ELK'S CHRISTMAS STAG This Wednesday,, Dec .23 Steak Supper' . -with apple pie 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. 'All members invited to attend, The National Honor Society held induction ceremonies for three new members on Friday, December 18. Kathy Schweg- marf Tipton, President of the Mother Gertrude Chapter, presided. Mary Jansen, Kokomo, spoke of the history of the Society; Cecelia Hellnian, Tipton, spoke on the symbolism of the banner and emblem; Patricia Sottong, Kokomo, spoke on Scholarship; Rose Mary St. Clair, Elwood, on-Leadership; Linda Fishback, Wabash, on Service; and Madeline Thrall, Tipton, on Character. After this. Sister M. Caroline, principal of S.J.A. and National Honor Society sponsor, announced names of new members, selected by the faculty. Those inducted were Jeanne Thrall, daughter of Mrs. Jeanne Thrall, Tipton; Karen Elward, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Carl Elward, Wabash; and Nancy Roesler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Roesler, Kokomo. Refreshments were served to N.H.S. and parents of the newly inducted. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Rome E. Findling, et ux., to William R. Findling. 19 acres, Sec. 1, Liberty Twp. Rome E. Findling-, et ux., to Jean Alice Plummer. 26 acres, Sec. 1, Liberty Twp. MARRIAGE LICENSES Paul Lee Rogers, 40, Kokomo, mechanic to Marjorie Ann Spps, 44, 213 E. Washington St., nursing home supervisor. We will be closed from 3 p.m. Dec. 24 to 7:30 a.m. Dec. 28. Burkhardt Cleaners C-70 AUSTON LODGE 128 F&AM Called meeting. Observance of Feast of St.'john. Monday December 28, 6:30 p.m. Dinner 7:30 table lodge. J. CARLETON HULL Wroshipful Master GEORGE W. GREENE, Secretary p.m GEM RESTAURANT WILL BE CLOSED DEC. 25 AND WILL-OPEN DEC. 28th |fTODAY'S THPUGHTJ P &s&& By PHIL NICHOLS Christmas thoughts ... A time for gay decorations; for Ivy, mistletoe, candies, flowers, simulated snow, light* both dim and bright. A time.for presents, pretties, game* end goodie*. A time when Salvation Army people ring bell* and humbly appeal for gifts to help the needy. A time for giving gifts. A time when not only neighborhood-merchants, but whole communities engage in competitive maneuvers to clang cash registers. A time for parties. A time to celebrate with a Christmas drink. . A time for family reunion. A time for cheerful facts and kind hearts. A time for 'antagonistic minds and moods to mellow. A time to gladden the eyes and hearts, especially children's. Depending on one's view, these are only a few of the plea, santries or tmpleasantries of .Christmas. Many others could be mentioned. With it all, let us be thankful there are many people who celebrate Christmas for whet it Is. Let us be thankful they celebrate the Silent Night reverently. Let us be . thankful the crystal Star of Bethlehem speaks to us as It still glows In the sky; it It still outshines the romance of the moon and a host of other silent stars. Above all, let ui be thankful we have the choice and the priyeleged right to join with those who are thankful. PHIL NICHOLS, Young-Nichols Funeral Home . Phone OS S-47M SM W. Jeffemn DIANA The Young Lovers Ends Tonight 2 Shows At 7 and 9 P.M. PETER FONDA NICK ADAMS Tiies. & Wed. FIRST FEATURE AT 7:20 In response to countless requests we have brought back the story of President Kennedy's wartime adventures The true story otIt. John F. Kennedy's incredible adventure in the South Pacific! 'ilMROBEraffiM ItMMlOir 'mVlSlir 'WiMBROS. ® Til C " C «. Continued Show Christmas I nUrS.-rri.OQr. Day; Boxoffice Opens At 2:30 CHRISTMAS DAY SHOWINGS AT 3-5-7-9 P.M. A First-Class, Rip-Snorting, Hard-Riding, Hard-Shooting Technicolor Western I I ASTANIIYKWMERpRoouciitiN "MmniM ^mJttM ^MJUlTlSTS PLUS "The Great Toy Robbery" and Cartoon f — OPENS THIS SUNDAY — DECEMBER 27 ,<S v ELVIS PRESLEY IN "ROUSTABOUT" . HEY KIDS! YOU ARE ALL INVITED TO ATTEND OUR GIANT MERCHANT SPONSORED KIDDIE HOLIDAY VACATION SHOW. FREE — FREE TOMORROW! DOORS OPEN AT 1:30 P.M. CARTOONS - AND" • *id'oi-> 'ARABIAN NIGHTS" FREE POPCORN AND TOOTSI-PiOPS. AND YES! * - SANTA WILL' BE HERE TOO ! !

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