Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 23, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1907
Page 2
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d MM 18^: NEW Y<(RK STORE ^ mn YORK STOjE Our Great Sem^Anriual OioVe ^i|c Commence* MoiuHiy mordins;, theeariypQrchaMir reaps the benefit. Ttoeee gloves were not pnrchail«d fc r a sale but are taken from our regular 8to(ik. , Our $1.00 two dup %\d glove, wh^lc only. AQf| sizu 5 3 -4 to 7 1-2' ««mi'«nnMl pi|cc. pair. .09|| Our $1.50 H. & P. two batten clajpi: ovtrMui. walli- injt glove in tan, grey and ox blooi^^ iltti 6 0E|| to 8; Mmi -annual price, pair..... ^' «f|fU Our 1^.00 two cla *p{ kid gloves. Cimnpagne. new tan aAd grey, sltei 5 3-4 to 7 1-2. >imi-<nwal CJAii price; pair ^ Qilb Our celebrated $3.50 Maivullo l6b^Hon kid glovci in bUck. liici 5 1-2 to 6 1-2. icmi-apmukl mti QP price, pair «ii «H} Our $3.50 MolvaHo |6-bu ((on Md llfeva in whHc, liUi 512 to 6 3-4. pair Mmi-annual price. S2.95 Our $3 50 Malvolio 16-button kid glove* in grey ^t*5i-2to6 I'Z. Kml-annual price ^2)5 Our $3 001 MalWtllo IZ-butten kid glo^ white, lizei 5 I'l to 6 3.4. Mmi -annual prlc«i ^2 Our $3,00 MaivoUo l2btttton Ud glovu in Navy, liiti 5 3-4, 6, 6 3-4, *emi-annual price. - Ar pair SZi43 Jut rectivtd. l6b«tlon P. X. Cape over-Mam gloves, ttKino.1 p'actical and KniMe nffl long glovci made, pair dTlUU Only one hand fiited in this sale. No gloves exchanged. R^mgmber Sate Commenceg notidgiy Morning NEW YORK STORE tee .Wnu, KnaM). S. S. Hflaelier. A. VNwnt. amie Tkopapaoo. R. :B ^viinson. 'W)m. Btekford. L.. UoiiVt. W'. McClnre. Allc9 Cbaatatn and Win. * • • B*au KuM Club. Miss Alfa Duneaa Is iKMteu of the B«au Ruot clhb this afternoon. • Visit in Kanaae City. Miss Bessie Beck ffill go to Kanns City next week to spend the Thanksgiving season with ICse Pearl Laney and Mils Bertha W^ra. - • • • Enttrtain Mite Paris. Miss Lena CnlbeHaon will entertain at dinner tonight for Mlas Hazel Par IE , of Lamed. . Mualc Club Program. The I.«dle8' Music olub will meet on the apbroachins Tuesday afternoon with /Mrs. Vr. T. Wktaon. 618 East Madison avenue. Tlie program IB composed of the following num ben*: '^oll Call—Musical Events: Reading—Summary and Outlook, from Pilemore's Musical History. MISH Alberta Itfunson. Italian— >(B) Scarlatti, (b) Scarlatti • Mrs. Dr. W^ugb. RngMsh—Henry Piircell. Mrs. L«'mns tera. Wiriam Bird. Mrs. O. T. LaOrange. <^rench—I^illi Ramean Oliick. Mlsn Grace Nelnon. Violin "TarllDl, Corelll. Mrs. C. L. Bvans. • • Arranplnri a Soclat. Thi« Rndonvor.^m of the Prcsliy- lorlsn church will c<>mplete arrnng'' ments tomorrow for n serial whirli will pmbably occur next Friday f*v onlnr In the church. Qflrman Play at K. U. One of die many educational eventn a six o'clock dinner last evening fori "'J^* Informal Afterneon. taiionq for six o'clock dinner tomor Mrs. Fred Qerbits. 309 North Wash- row evening to celebrat.» her blrth- ington avenue, was the charming bos- doy. .Mrs. Cole and Mr. and Mrs. Inraan of Chanute. Covers were placed for Mr. and Mrs. Inroan, Mrs. Cole, Mr. and .Mrs. Lute Mutton, and Mj.s8 Ulllan i Hntton. + + -1. W. C. T. U. Afternoon. Mr». G. Wv Nawman, 422 South Cottonwood street was at home to a nAm' teas of a group of ladies yesterday uf tenioon during an informal hour witli ' needlefrork. Mrs. Oerbltz closed the afternoon with a vary pretty luncheon. The dining table bad a centerpiece of comations and boquets of cantatlons were used in the parior. As souvenirs of the afternoon each lady was given a pretty favor, a symbol of the aproaching holidays. Among those who were present were Mrs. \V. R Redfeam, Mrs. Bartlett, Mrs. Roy Kelsey. Mrs. B. P. Barnard; Mrs. W. * * + Kamping-Arnbid Wedding. }n Decenib?r fourth in Elsniore X '.ns Katherlne Kamping and Mr. F. ; ber of ladies yesterday afternoon. „, „„„ . „„,t,„„,„^„ iiiom two until five o'cock when the|ffLl^LiL*''«^ I W. C. T. U. had the regular fortnlgjit- »nan play whicfr Is given'annually by the college students. The Oerman iK- partment of the university has com pleted alt preparations and will pre sent on next. Saturday evening In F. A. A. hall, the farce. "Die Sountags .I»eger." or "The Sunday Hunters" The play is the most elaborate Qer- man play ever attempted and those who hare seen the students at rehear- Between scenes there will be singing of * W. M. imiBSOI, * Nottry and Staaocnpbor ia • OSoo. • PiMtte 466. • I * H. A.Bwl»s, a A.(Mr«. O.B.agrir4 Oa. HeaiU.EK. SjieciBi attention tfveo to tlia trantiBeot of all Gbronle Dlsaae* m Md Dlaaaaea ol C^iUdren. Talaidumea: Offloa S2. Res. 231. Ofllca in Mrs. Turner's Bldf.. Weat Madlaon. Pbona tt?. Rea. 701. .Dl. 0. I« COX, By*. Bar, Noa« ud Throat. Bp«et«el«« Proparly nttad. oaca A. O. V. W. Bids. Oflea Phona 1083. Dl. B. 0. CBUSTIAII. Pgyikiaa Ml Birfeea. Rooma 7 and 8. Bvana Bldf. -ir- Phone 664: : lola. Kau. aa. UMTH 8.: HAUOL Office and Residence over Bar. rell'a DmsfStoro. Office Hourt— 10 tb U a. m, I to 4 p. ia., 7 to 9 araolnga. Sondaya by Appolntaaat r. B. VABlrn, • Practice Umitad Jo • • • 16 N. Buckayo. PhopatTC. « • • « • • • IV meetlne The sn ^ier \.nblPrro German songs, selections of Oerraa.. ;;e '"a^roon^'':ai '^?ior "*'irvU: ^^i:^^^ i'l^^-^rt ± banks and the discussion was con- Arnold of Crandall. Kas., will bi-I «l"cted by Mrs. Philip Helgle. super-11^,"?^, of the German addresses by the phon cgraph will be a speech by Kelsei united tn marriage. The groom Is a brother of Mrs. WiH. Root of lola who Will be among the tola guests. The [couple will make their home at Cran all. • • • Social Meetins. The VVtoman's Christian Temper E. Stairks. Mre. Geo. DeClute. Mr». ance Union wlU give a social anil Dickiirsont Mrs. W. E. Carmaln and impromptu program on Thursday, De | Mrs. H. L. Harris. i ce.mber 6 at tbe home of >trs. J. W. •I- • * i lilwards, 602 East Madison avenue. A ; Evenin? at Cards. ntimber of guesU will be entertained.' Miss NanniU Faddls. of', Gas City.. i • + + gave an informal card party last even- Entertained LaHarpe Ladies. Ing for a few tola friends. ! Mrs. H. H. .tones pleasantly enter* * + , talned a numi>er of LaHarpe guests Pox Ball Party. 1 yesterday afternoon. The hostess pro- Miss Opal Mundon, Gertrude' Fitr.- vided informal diversions for th.™ fol- intendent of this department of thej l.'nion. Mrs. Helgle hae lately con- f» rred with Prof. L. W. Mayberrj- and has secured parmlsiiion to establish a savings bank In at least one school as an experiment. . The devottonal honr wa.s followed by a business meeting which was given over to the disciisslon of var ions pans for future work. ?erald, Hattie Fronk, Almeda Arnold. Grace Brackenrldge. Madge Cooper, Messrs. Leslie Campbell, Bert Horn, Guy Cook, Leonard Gilbert. Ted Cll- llsaen and Clark Gilbert were among those wbo enjoyed a box ball party at the Royal bowling alley last even- ^ • Birthday Dinner. Miss Blanche Thompson. S14 North Wa.nhlhgton avenue, has Lisued Invl '•Whereare you going?" "OoiuR after a sack of ff, AlflBliaf Plonr.. My wife •on't nae anything else." Iqwlng guests: .Mrs. \\^\\ Rojj>n«', Mrs. Thos. Lel^hty, Mrs. Behhani. Mrs. I.awrencp, "Mrs. RIckettn, Mrs, McGurk Mr?. Means, Mrs. Kholer, Mrs. Kelsfer. Mts. Dagett and .Mrs. \Yn). Zelgler. • • • For Royal Club. ; One of the most enjoyab'e after- npon parties of tbe. week was given by MJS . Frank Dell yesterday after- neon at her home In East lola. Au enjoyali^e hour with needlework was fQllowrd by a Hve o'clock tea. Mrs. Delt's hospitality was extended to: Afesdames J. H. 'Williamson, C. M. G^imming!), C. E. Eakin. C. F. My- efs, G. W,. Allen. Augusta Hanson, 8i C. Curley. A. Clack. N. Fulton. J. Umb. A. H.. Phl'llps. C. F. Guy ah* A. N. Stillwell. Line Party at Qrand. Ladies .who are members of the Royal cjub are enjoying a line party at thrf Grand this afternoon. + + + For Out of Town Guests.' ;Mr. an^ Mrs. J. W. Newman gave Our Store As: You See It It is a woaderlacd of grandeur, beauty and ha-- galns—foil of suggestions to gift givers. A vast variety to select from—exclasivea-ticles tbat you wilt not be able to fini e'sewberr. Today flfe wast to call your attentioi to our solid silverjdisplay consisting noveltie:* of all k<ad<, liiuitanriSets. Toilet Seb(, Spoons. Ladies' ,Mirror.->, Ciqdiei and Hat Snnbeis. Combs, etc. Come in and look our sto^e 4^^- Sasy opportunities to *ek evirythtng; no sdiicitati(>n8 to buy; no comittUsipn to keep iiiftcr: yoa have bought, if not sa^sfied. Perfect sE|tifyaJ||i«^ la^hh quktities and. pfiiect conSdence that pricjK are the lowest. Look at Ouri Libbey Cwt Glass, Rookwood Pottery ani Hard Painted China. Sewill, Jeweler udOpHdai 104 North Washitigtoo. Miss Ethel Bennett of this will have a prominent part in raut. * * • RumRMfle Sals Success. Ladles of the Presbytariaa Working society are very Jubilant today con ceming tbe sale wtiich was held the DeCIute bui'dlng this week. The proflts will amount to IIOS for the two days. The confectionary table contributed largely to the fund. Th sale was conducted by a gronp of lad 'OS from tbe churei;. city tbe aia Diamond Rings, from 115.00 to I28Q.0O. Brilliant Stones, perfect In ciit and color. Signet Rings, all sizes. 8tone>8et Rings for ladles and gentlimen. Best quality, and style and prices rlgnt. McNEIL BROTHERS. I SI PLUNXABD TONIGP Company at Grand Qlvea Two Performances, Matinee and Night J. C. Lewis in "Si Plunkard" re- 4^«r^i*siHi, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Kennedy, of Chanute, are visiting. Mrs. Kennedy's mother. Mrs. W. F. Blxler, of 801 East {^roadway. Mr. Kennedy bos a two weeks' vacation and will spend his thanksgiving holidays visiting relatives and friends in this city. •Mrs. E. D. Shields and Mrs. l^e have gone to Kansas City (or a week. + • • For "L^dy Maccabees." Mrs. Blanche Craig entertained the "Ijady M!accat>eee" Thursday afternoon at her borne. An enjoyable afternoon was spent. Refreshments were served to Mesdames Fanchon Core. Mary McGuIre, Bertha Taylor Laura Barton, Bertha Folkner, J. .M. Fu'ton, Lole Strode. 4 >4>« Taelty Party. Mr. and Mrs. Suavely. 714 Suth ilreet entertained a number of young plete with Interest, mirth and pathos pei^e last evening with a "Tacky will be presented at the Grand to- narty." The guests wore costumes In n'ght. and no lover of rural drama keeping with tbe occasion. After aji should fail to attend the perform- evening with games Mrs. Snavely ance. No expense has been spared In: .wrved refrpsbmenta to Misses Lucy the effort to make this performance and Nora Clowdls. Alberta Spurgeon. In.every way artistically realistic. Kellie Spain. Mary Farquhar. Lois One breathes the atmosphere of the McNally. laien Krause, Lydla Lar- simple farm life, anil one's bean ^mt, Lucy Bwing Alice Baker. Ida thrbbs with tbe snrfertng of tbe p'aln Cross. Margaret Smith, Kate SmRh. country folk who engage the atten- Anna Snavely, Ida Largent, Chas. Sny tion with their homely ways and slm der. Will &iave'y. Dewey Smith. Roy pie natnra. The eople in this city Snavely, Lola Ewing. Tiny Pettibone. and vlcinltv will have, an opportunity Irwin Snavely. Mr. and Mrs. G. Ser- to laugh away their cares. No one SMe, Mr. and Mrs. H. Ewing. will regret the time spent in witness\4 • Ing Ur. J. C. Lewis In his own ver Ex-Teacher» Club. sl'on of the new "81 Plunkard." One of the most pleasant of the A matinee is t>eing given this af- se^ison's parties for members of the ternoon and a «i)od honse is wttness- EnTracbers club occurred yesterday Ing the production, afteiiioon at the home of Mrs. S. A. Gard. Mrs. Card was assisted by Mrs Y. M. C. A. Men 's Meetinq. .Tobn Devlin and Itrs. H- W. Bwinir. Eirangelist T S Hawley is tba One of the very pleasant diversions of speal^r. at the Y. M." C. A. Sundav the ^toraaon -nmrn ao auction to s^l sfternoon. His subject is "The CaU articles tor Chrtsttnas gifts; Mrs. of a Man," Evjery man in town is Sadie Thompsot. acted as auctioneer icvited-^tranirers always And! a wel- Vid after a humorous speecji sold tbe come at this raeMing. first article, a patent 'skirt lifter, fa ' ^ ehocolsfe BKMias.) After an enjoyable hour in this way the hoistcARet served an elaborate luncheon In two eonra- •s. The tnests .were: Mesdames L. A. Thrasher, W. iB. Lowder. W. Dun- oap. L. W. Mavberry, M. P. Sickly. C. L. Wblttaker. A. H. BWIBK Ida Colborn. Sfiihf llowe. W. t. Atlltion. 'L. HmderMm.'R. H. nralr N. ^Ciwweli. A. C. BkiKtish. A. W. Beeir. ^ W. .^avjyi,: o ^iBe«e-^1^^ J. P. Sal- Xatiee Ca. D. U. fl. W .0. W. are raouested to meet tonlaht at K. P. haU fpr eoectat bnslReaa for team. >»eet nLg.o'cloek sharp. By order of Captatn. C. C. tnJMMWOS. Capt. Wi^TRDrrfilderlyvonaraa IKMPIM keeper, tiap^'o^, Bte «. H. K. t. Rita. Tel. 198. Offlca Tel. 163. DB. i. B. PBFPEB. DeaUst Is permanently located over B. C McClaln'a Clothing Store, and ts prepared to do all kinds of up-CD-date dental work. * Brealng work by appointment. DB. IT. B. HBfunm. PfeyafeiiL k %!untm. Office N. B. Oornar M Boaara, Over K.O. Plumbing: 00.% iMera. Hea. TelS8, OflSimMI. P. L. Latbrop, Mra. BwMla a UthtP^< * [ osTBiiPATHic piraoAn. • Spactol attMitloa gt»m to Dla> « • eases of Woman aad CSlldtaa. • • Over East SIda tUrdwarai * Office 'Phone, lAUn 4ll • • . e Lowney's Qiocdatier THAV ARS FRESH, lar brand at CRABB'S. A cho'ce aiksortmeot of this po|ni- When you buy L,owney'i^~dSoco> lates here, our perfonal pledge of their ireshness goes iiriUi them. Get your next caody ut Crabb'd and see bow well It pleases yoa. CRABB'S DRUq STOR^. Corner Washir<gt-n and West St«. We are booking orders for Thankagtving Turkeys. . Call ns up. Give us your order for anything Jn the poultry line, live or dreased, and we will deliver it to you on Monday. Tuesday or Wednesday ' of next week. We sell lor cash. Our price is right. Richardson Prodiice Co. TELEPHONE !-«. H. H. Btdmrdsea, Prap. /I TbeSAITAFB wfllaeUHOXBSKBI^By tieketa far.iH^Bai."^! aad ITIN, 1M7 to la Tesas /MJSItaqw and ladfaa Tair'^ Kew Xcalea and AffcauM St very law ratas. Wn^TIB T0UBI8T tkkcti a« sate dafly Her. Utt, JIM t*; HO, itH. wtth Iwa Ntan llmR JIM lat. HWj ta BcauiaSI, In 1^ R. Wartk» Oahrcstaa, Tana, Caillabad Md iMbtev, H.* M. at FlatM Ma u i »t farllMr pKiealan. m

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