Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 21, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1908
Page 4
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miA BJJLT MEmami sAwatPAT EirEniT» miimmur^im. Ik MNi imr lensiEi •iUMi at Jola, KuMS. FottollMb u StWirOlam Mttter. UraclMv B «tM lUd* Knows M AspUeatkn. iDMCBIFnOH BATIS. n III* la «M Citr,iM7m> Tllto n IisHuyai. IM WMk 10 enU lu MoBtb 44 «ai^ (M» Tear tSJM ~ ByHafl. Oif yaar laiMa etaatr |Mt •M year MtaMe caaaty HM nrM MoDttas, In adruca. ILM Oaa Uoath, la advuea 44 trriCLLL PAPI^^CITT or BAS* Tdepkaaai . • IS BnalneM OSca • • • • . • IS •dUortal Room - • - - - - ttt ASK FOR A ^EVi DEPOT. i'onDcU FUes Complaint WKh lUllitay Conuniaslonerik STAMP OUT DISEASE The Humboldt Herald says: Tbe city council has filed a complaint with the state t>oard of railway commissioners aslcing them to intestiBate the depot situation at Hnmboldt and decide whether Hum- boWt noeds a ne^ Santa Fe depot or not. The complaint was filed in the regular way and tbe l>oard will set a time for hearing the complaint and will visit Humboldt. At this meeting the citizens will be called upon to testify concerning tbe needs of (be town for a new depot. Both sides will be beard. Those who think tbe depot is good enough will have a chance and those who think a new one is needed will be questioned. ' The road has promised a new depot for several years but the matter has always been put off. The depot is the same one that was erected near the beginning of the time and is wholly unsuited for the needs of a growing town. This move was not taken in opposition to the road but to bring the matter to a head so that some action can be taken soon. Tbe road has been doing a good business in Humboldt and the depot is frequently so crowded as to force many to stand outside. This is all right in the summer time but In the winter the patrons of the road desire their cold air filtered to say the least. : Tbe commissioners have not yet set a date but will do so soon and then tbe public will be called .upon to testify. ' , TO CUBE COLD IN ONE DAT. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab lets. DrugglBta refund money if it fatia to cure. E. W. OROVE'S slgoi' ture la on each box. 26c. BUIND 36 YEARS. Miss Alice Hollia U at Last Made to See. New York. Nov. 20.—After being blind for 36 years Miss Alice Hollia sees again. Sight has been restored to her, and although her vision is not perfect, she can read, with eye-glasses, typewritten letters. She easily found her way around New York. Miss Hollls left here today for her t)ome in Port Hu^n, Mich- Miss Hollis wtis determined to go to Germany and; consult a famons specialist on the 6ye. at Wiesbaden. Tbe doctor performed several severe operations on her eyes with the happy result that has been described. ^ TAFT'S FUND I'/j MILLION. A New York Newspaper Says a List Will be Filed Monday. New York. Nov. 20.—A campaign fund of 1% million dollars, contributed to the National Republican committee in the recent campaign, will be shown when the list of contributors is filed at Albany next Monday, according to the New York Evening Post It is said that there are 15.000 names on the list PennRjhania aad New Tark Qaanui (laed to Have Cattle, Sheep aad Hnlne From an Epidemic. Washington, Nov. 20.—Vigorous efforts will be made by the Department of Agriculture to stamp out the dread ed contagious ailment among cattle known as the foot and mouth diaeafle. t was discovered among live stock In Pennsylvania and New York. As a result Secreury Wilson yesterday Issued an order quarantining these states. All driving of cattle, sheep, swine and other ruminants is prohibited. The quarantine is unusually strict in (be hopes of preventing the spread of the disease. NEW SWINDLING SCHEME ' A Fruit Tree Graft Being Worked in Southend Kansas. The Coffeyville Journal says: It bad almost come to be believed that the da}-B of the swindler in Kan sas had passed, that the "cut-throat' note had gone with the departure of the lightning rod peddler and the sewing machine sharper, but a new one has bobbed up in this part of the state, and it is just as well for the farmers (o he on their guard. The game is this: The "agent comcE along as. say. a fruit tree man He shows you his catalogue and perhaps Just as a blind carries with blm samples. Of course, the same graft m.ay be worked with a pretense. of selling something else—kitchen cabinets, washing machines, or almost anything. UsOallr it is worked in connection with a supposed patent right. The victim takes the local agency of the article, which In this case we will call fruit trees. The "agent" very magnanimously refuses to take money in advance, making his pay for the stock i'f. is to sell you contingent on you selling the full amount. If yon do not sell it all. you need notaend him any money at ail. perhapa^' so sure does he say that the article will he a ready seller. That looks good to you, of course, since you need pay ont no money unless you are auccaw- ful. and yon sign the "order" for $800 worth of fmit trees with that under* standing set out in it plainly. Gaily the "general agent" goes on ihls way. and you sit down to wait for the fruit trees or whatever you are expecting. But you don't get them. The first you hear of the transaction is about sixty days later when you And that you owe a bank somewhere In your neighborhood 1200 in cold simnleons which you will have to pay or bo sued for. The obliging, "general agent" has merely clipped off tlie last third of the "order" and made a plain promissory note of It SNEEZED HIMSEi^ TO DEATH. Practical Jokers Had Scattered Snuff on the Floor. iNew York. Nov. 20.—Police investigation will be made into the death ot Andrew M. Taylor, who literally sneezed himself to death in Paterson. N. J., last night. Seized with a fit of sneezing after some practical Jokers had scattered snuff on the floor of the saloon, 'be fell exhausted and was stricken with hemorrhage. The "Jokers" took alarm at his plight and physicians were hastily summoned. An investigation showed that the man had broken a blood vessel. The flow of blood was checked temporarily but broke, out anew in a Aort time and Taylor expired. He waa 40 years old and leaves a widow Register want aus pay. **My Young Sister'' writes Mrs. Maiy Hudson, of Eastman, Miss., "tooK my advice, which was, to take Oardni. She was stayine with me and was in terrible miseiy, but Oar­ dni helped her at once. CAST370,000 VOTES THIS TEAK^ TOTAL NUMBER OF BALLOTS THE OBEATBST. XcNe^ far State Primler Led tfeel CAUCUS WILL GUIDE, CANNON. Ticket Witt a PlanUlty of l«,918 OTer CaUH-Stabba Law Maa. The Speaker Saya Ha It Standing on the fiepublican Platform. Danville. HI.. Nov. 21.—Speaker Cannon's attention was called today Tppeka, Kas., Nov. 20.—The latest to the story tent out from Hot count Indlcatea that Thomas McNeal Springs, Va.. that Mr. Taft would- op- Republican candidate for state print- pose Cannon't reelection to the speak er, leads (he ticket with a plurality of erablp on tbe ground tbat "Uncle Joe' 40,818. Charlea W. Barnes for insur- would not underUke In good faith i ance commissioner is second with revision of the tariff. Mr. Cannon '40.894 while Fred S. Jackson for at- said: torney general is third with 40.484. It "I have not seen the storlea refer was generally expected that Jackson red to. I do not believe that the would run away behind bla ticket President-elect will undertake to'* or- However, he polled more votes, than ganize the House. In common with any other Republican candidate. W. tbe President. I indorsed the Repuh R. Stubbs for governor is the low lican national platform and am en man. He ran 2,000 behind Taft and tlrely willing to abide by the action 6,000 behind the rest of the ticket of the Republican caucus when It is Kansas cast a total of 3D9,067 votes held to determine the organization of (or Stubbs and Botkin at the election (he bouse of the Sixty -first Congress, two weeks ago. This is the highest vote ever polled in the state. It doesj /TO SAVE OKLAHOMA DUCKS, not include the socialist Prohibition or scattering votes for the Hearst In-1 The Next Legislature Will be Asked dependence ticket These may bring | to Limit Hunters of the Fowls, the toUl up to 370,000. Tbe highest vote ever cast In Kansas previously Muskogee, Ok., Nov. 20.—When the was in 1904 when a total presidential Oklahoma legislature . assembles in vote of 324.588 was cast. In 1900 tbe Guthrie tbe first of the year it will total presidential vote was 2.'il,766. be asked to pass a game law prohlbit- Thls year the vote on Taft and Bryan ing the sale of migratory game birds alone and not counting tbe other par- in the state. The motive back of this ties Is 358.384. 643 leas than the total is to prevent the slaughter of wild cast for the gubernatorial candidates ducks in the fall and winter, when for the two parties. they are alighting and [feeding in These figures are not those com- countless thousands about the grassy piled by the secretary of sUte. but lakes and rivers, as they have been they are practically correct. They doing in the last two weeks, were compiled by the county clerks in The law as it now stands contains each county from the official count no prohit>ition as to the number of and then forwarded to the Republican ducks that may be killed by one per- state central committee. son in a day. or their sale In the local or foreign markets. The result nn«.M. .»-.iT i*'*^ been that in the last two weeks utn r rtAll. . I every market has T)een glutted witfe _ . . ^ . . - , , ducks and they have been slaughtered n ^xiiftV ^^^r^UA^ by the hundreds by pot hunters. When the bacTI ^^Ins to ache. "^^ T"^ TWO FLEET OFFICERS. Don't wait until backache becomes M,^„^uct in Japan is the Cbaroe i?.*! . u... .... J . Asalntt Lieutenant and Commander. Till serious kidney troubles develop; " Till urinary troubles destroy night's j,^^,,, Nov. 21.-A courtmartial ..... . , ... . I with Rear Admiral Seaton Schroeder Profit by an lola citizen s expert- „ president and Major Williams as ""ff" ». ... . . r.„ », .V Judge advocate con veiled on tbe bat- Mrs. Nettie Morrison, of 510 North jieg^jp i^nisiana today for the pur- Jefferson avenue. Ma Kas.. says: I pose of trying Ueutenant Commander as attacked very suddenly with kid- jg^^,, ^he Ix)uisiana and Lieuten- ney trouble several years ago. There t,,^ ^^^^ waa no warning and In a short time ^^irges of personal misconduct in my condition became very serious, ^j.^ ^^^^^ t„ „ ^1^^. tenant Commander Jewell will be that he had only bad otie worse caae in all his practice. Although he re- 1__ llered me to the extent that I was able ARKANSAS riREft STILL BURNHSIA to get around my back was still weak ARKANSAS FIRES STILL BURNING U2v«X7 «!'.l.d Sfi°.„*3"f'er'YJ^' """" Threat- neys that caused me to suffer a good «nin.. Natinnai rm -M* paaamaa deal especially when I overexerted my National Forest Reaan^es. self In any way. The contraction of « ,,,, „^ . ^ ^ ,1 —DIsnateh- a„S°LVfE.%' with '^hl k^d'ney «cr°e' ScaVe'no''rbi^ fi«n /«S ^rf ?ii '"'^''t »«''ve been burning Hi« K!^. n.«r f ™.n^ S^WMLT.? this State for somo days. Already Kl?.!..hf ..r.h Lalnv^ r «n .V5. » B"*'^ «"°"nt o' property has been VMnf^^ni^ ^ni^^^ri-..X.^^rn! destroyed. A Mena. Arkansas, dls- ^«H^.f i^n!^! -.n« P*tch says that fifteen miles of solid ^til^^A^n^Lft^rfHt^ti^rZ Sweeping through the Kiamash L^nrt^ L^^unA Xr „„^n^ fio """ntains in Eastern Oklahoma and the first dose and after using two threatening to destroy the Arkansas S ?AnJ -^^H''°-?ir!rHL'"I*fh«*VM° ™««'ve8. Steps havl ^L?»'i?"»Mnn, ^^^^ taken by government ofllcials to ney secretions became corrected, I ^^5^,^ ^he progress of the fire. could rest better at nights and my fback was strengthened. My experience with Doan's Kidney Pills was indeed a most gratifying one." DRY CLEANING HIGHEST PRICE! FOR TOBACCO. Tlie Burley Society Pounds to the 'Tniaf It Wm Help You "Last spring," Mrs. Hudson continues, "I kiaiaekofpain. The doctor did qo good, so I began to tdn CtaxnnL The first dose help^ me. Now I am in bettA** health than a three years." ~ girl and< woman needs Oardni, to cure , fBmngfeeimgs, headiM^ huAaciiet^m Cto^td is, —fl^ rfflialMli;"' Was for years a trade secret. By Sold 80 Million I this method the most delicate fabrics can be cleaned without injury. The secret is now ont Any-one can do Louisville. Ky.. Nov. 20.—The Wg their own dry cleaning by using ORT- deal between tbe American Tobacco CLEAN-O. Full directions on each company and tbe Burley Tobacco so- can. A SO-cent can will do $10 worth ciety for the 1906 and a portion of of dry cleaning. the 1907 crops of tobacco, which has You will find' DRY-CLEAN-O the been, hanging fire for several weeks, ^ery best preparation in the world for was closed here today. The price washing all woolen goods, underwear, agreed on in the transaction which dresses, dress skirts and every thing was said to be the largest of its kind ta&de of pure wool. The goods will ever put tftrough Is an average of 20 ^ear longer and be more satisfactory, and one-half cents for tbe 1906 crop heep their color and natural gloss and and seventeen cents a pound for the fiuffiness until they are completely 1907 product. worn out Made only by Putnam The deal Involves almost 80 mill- Fadeless Dye Co., Qulncy. 111. For sale Ion pounds of tobacco held In the pool by chas. B. Spencer & Co.. J. D. Mun- by the Buriey Tobacco society and aig & co., w. L. Crabb. Dr. H. A. an outlay of something like 14 mill- Brown. io6 dollars on the part of the American Ttfbacco company, practically ^ PLAY BY K. U. STUDENTS, all of this money being placed In cir- '^'''^ '»'""*^"»- culation at once in Central Kentucky, T^O Masque Club Scored a Hit in "A Royal Knave."* Lawrence. Kans., Nov. 19.—The Masque club, tibe dramatic organlza- BAKINB POWDER Stands for Quality Economy Purity In providing the &mily'snieaIs,don't be satisfied with BtxyMng biit^be^ best. K C is guaranteedperfec* Hon at a moderate price. It makes everything better. Try and see; •effect ^ or Mo|eyback. THO& H. BOWLU8, President. J. F. SCOIT. Caahlar. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BkNK Capital $30,000.00 § DIRBCTORS A. W. Beck, L. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evana, J. O. Rodger^ W. L. Bartles, Thos. H. Bowlus. WE t»SU£ OUR OWm DRAFn OH AU UHlOPEAm POMTB SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. o M «a>t«> 15 IE EPOSIT8. i R YEAR. lEQALS. fnrst Published Nov. 7. 1908.) NOTICE OF rilCAL SETTLEMENT. The state of Kansas, Allen County, as. In -the probate court in and for. said county. In the matter of tha estate of Orville Williams, Deceased. Creditors and all other persons Interested Un tbe aforesaid estate are hereby notified that I shall apply to the Probate Court In and for said County, sitting at the Court House, In lola. County of Allen, State of Kansas, on the 8th day of December. A. D.. 1908, for a full and final settlement of said estale.' EMMA WILLIAMS, Administrator of the Estate of Orville Williams, Deceased. 11-7-14-21-28 CAMPBELL FOR MORE TARIFF. The Kansan Would Increase Schedules Where His State Is Concerned. COOKING ABILITY IS FIRST. W!ashington. Nov. 20.—Representative P. P. Campbell of Kansas arrived in Washington today to attend the numerous errands In the departments. He announced that he would appear before the ways aqd means committee of the House November 25 to urge that a protective duty on zinc ore be levied. As to general tariff revision, Mr. Campbell said that all of the products in which bis district is interested will ask tiat the duty be continued as they are or increased. If it is possible, at this time. GAS AT COUNCIL GROVE. Four Million Foot Well Drilled There.—Rosy Prospects. Too Much-Attention Paid to Beauty, tion of the aniversity, pleased a large Says a Rabbi. audience tonight with Its presentation of "A Royal Knave" in the Bower- Y^hlcago, Nov. 20.—Ability to cook sock Opera House. The costumes wall, 76 per cent: physical beauty, 20 were elaborate and the play was elev- per cent: dress. 5 per cent erly staged. The play was under the This Is the score by w<blcb the mod- direction of Miss Gertrude Mossier, ern young woman ^ould bcr Judged recently chosen aa instructor of elo- refardlng ber. qualiflcmtions for mar- cution and. oratory at the university, riaae. according to the views of Rab- It is ai dramatization by Miss Moss- bl Felix A. Levy of Emanuel temple. ler of the novel "If 1 were King." The , VThe woman who can cook well In- play was enthusiastically received, variably makes the best wife." aaya and will be repeated tomorrow night. Rabbi Levy. "Too much attention is paid Bowadaya to t>eauty. A pretty DENIES CABINET TALK. face Is a big asset to a woman, but it Is T5 per cent to 20 when compared Taft Says That No Slate Has Even to her ability to set a first class meal Been Started, oa the table." Hot Springs. Va., Nov. 2i:—'I Wish ,you would Just Bay tbat my cabinet ia VAUOHT FUNERAL TOMORROW. |not made np nor alated. No one has been decided upon for any place in it Itev. Oarfleld to Preaeh Funaral.— and no offers of any cabinet position Burial In Old CemaUry- have bee^ made to any one." This was the response of. President Funeral aervieea over tbe remains elect Taft today to the statement from of WIlIiaiB Vau ^t who died at hia Mlnodapolla. that Frank B. Kellogg koM. >1S SOBth Second atteet yester' bad been Invited to become attorney fiay, wRl 4w cjoBdiwted from «ba reslr geaetvl in the Taft cabinet Jndce Council Grove. Nov. 20.—The Morris County Mineral. Oil and Gas Development company comprised altogether of Ibnsincss men of Council Grove and of which AV. H. Holiday IK president, and .M. E. l.eatherwood is secretary, brought in a splendid gas well yesterday with a daily capacity of 4.000.000 cubic feet, one•half mile south of WilBey, a small town. 12 miles west of this city. This makes the second well for Morris county, a Kansas City company having struck a strong well last Septem- her 10 miles west of thi« place on the John Young farm. AH| the land in the Western part of this county has been leased by tbe two above men tioned companies and the Elmdalo Gas & Oil company and will be devel Monuments! If you are contemplating the erection of a monument or tablet, call and 'Bee 'our pew and up-to-date stock of Foreign and American Granites. W^ carry the best that can be obtained on the market. Our shop Is equipped with a new compressed air lettering machine for let- . tering and tracing. Our prlcei, are the, v^ry Iqwest for first class work. Call and see us and get prices. We want your bual- ness. • .i.^ j.ccorriiUb&soN Phonell83. , . 220 West St AFFY WILSON DRAFTED. Catcher Erioff Also—The Latter Goes To Colnmlrasi Ohio. Two former Ioii'.S%jl players have recently been drafted from the Spring field Western Associati6n team. They are Affy Wilson of tfie Gaslii^ters and Catcher Erioff of ^e Victors. The Springfield^ Mo;. Lieader saysj^- Frank Hurlburt' andl T. C. Hayda» owners of tbe Sprin^ield base balP franchise, returned, yesterday from Chicago, where they had been attending a meeting of tbe-lattional association of base ball teagufs. In speaking of the IJidgets be says the management is stiu arranging for exhibition games here next spring with big league' feaius. such as the Detroit. Chicago and St. Louis clubs. The local raaq^senient is signing some new players aria losing several old one.s. A ieft-hand^d pitcher from Chicago l>y the Diamond has been signed and willjfbe in the Midget ]ineu|> next season. Thirty-flve men have been signed; by the Springfield and Tiilsa teajjps by Messrs. Hulrburt and HdydeiE|J Three good local pfiyers have been drafted by other ciubf. as follows: Er­ ioff, catcher, goes to floliimbus. In the American association': Toneman. catchpr, to Nashviile. in the Southern league, anl Wilson, left fielder will be seen in Sprinj^deld: 111., uniform, which club is a memMr of the Three- l league. , daacaj afbtBooo. Rev.! iTaft-liad 'an eateoded tair Today wits ar:t|M FM Baptist .chnrch-wmiSeBatorScott'of west Vl^nk, after ,^sva <«iKffa ^ tha aanioea. Inter- ^ith Mr. Scott aald with maeh aarn- l!9I_»>a, •*«•« !• the -old lolataatoaaa tbat^^ if tba conatri^ ooold IjBW--' ; viraaliaa tha qaalittaa^ <Mrea^^ ta- To and From Chanute. A. H. Turner made a business trip lo lola this afternoon. • • • Chas. S. oped as soon as drillers can be "secur-1 Sntton went to lola this afternoon on ed. Experts say the outlook prom- business. • • • Prof. L. I. McKInstry ises to make this section the great- went to lola this afternoon on profes- est gas region in Kansas. sional business.—Chanute Tribune. Is to love chil4r$n, and ito home *can be haprt^'without them, yet the oj4^0i through which the expectatti mother must pass usually is.^full of sufferiog and dread'^^she looks fo\ ' ward to thpr-witti appre^ henslon. Hofliw's Wwd, by its penetrating and^Sng properties, \V allays nausea, nervousuess, unpleasant feejin^i ana |> prepwes the ^ system for the ordeal that she passesjtljrough the even^with but lltUe ^ suffering, as numbers have' testified and said. «it is wortti its weight in gold." , ' '^tUI ft MUa lif-ai^iH Mr ^ of tHMM.1iftii^'riiia mmtlttUm •.,!.r-

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