Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 22, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1907
Page 7
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V. - m r<« tile Ca)ip«catiba- 'ditti^ TbitakiciTtDS. At the church, ^Vbodman hall, mm by Mr! of lathe Bftertiooii. went to lola liooday. \#1 !pBii »jl!rtr and tamllr^Tttlted at ^ ' " 'n last TiieB^y. Tlilted herP daughter, itwlne iaat Friday ev Miller and Mrs. Mont their mother, Mrs. W. the Presby- laatjP«dayj night, to chtmhejr broiight them at the home of ^he bride. $nvT«HMWyj, Novemher 19^ Mr. Ben . ^Itit ^M^^i^ .Mias Ida HamQton. Mr. »lAJ£«t li from Kansas Cfiy. They |« some time this week, ^bbl Hampton, o^ Kansas visiting her giynd moth- hfljfe been qnite sic^. irape Oliver drove'to lola.last • i I /afrii^Orace Mhbie visited^ Edna 01- I^STi-iraeidjiy afternoon. ^ VrSSk mite vlSited court at Yates C«l )%rjliBtl week.; -'U&j'i^tttina visited Ethel Oaddis last week. ; J ip^Wlier and Mrs. GwJ.n. of La- Sb [iq >ii@{Thl)^ Delanei's daugb- ^.ii^ra.^. Sherwood last^ week. l-C-Ll:Knolrlton attended? lodge at ^eoslib' Fails last Tnesday. ^ IflSLET CHAPES. '.krkr .'jiiihn'Rogers is enjoxlnx a vis- bw riitfce from EHdAmdo. '4l servfces began'at ^Lf Grande iU ^t ^Rev. Chambliin is oon ••"will' be no services at the . .Sonday night on ^ount of thit itie^ting at LaOrande. : TtU ^e have been some faiins chang- l&S hti&di. The Fowler placer'has been 1^^: ii^d we understand $he Valla Buttalplacewas sold easifot it. ^A '.ior^b^ of LaHarpe iwople are jfttcalgtit, the meeUngs at LaOrande. w4re a nnmoer of t|e friends c»t-]||yJ^dies Tamer'* mef; at their laat I Thursday eveniiig to re- Turner and Ml^ Bertha .y anniversari-. A pleas had by all. OeOrge Heiising made trip to LaHarpe Tues- jlayiiliitenibon. Mrs. King ,took care ^rtli^ h«by while they wer^ gone. Rclade la on the sick list at :(»r:tiwi^<hi ^jlWjOCBCTl. i !€(uitt° retume(( home on *lili^'«Ti|nlilg froi a month 's visit itf-Tsulkta texas. She had a d^cJlllgi^^'Mp and an enjoyable visit llMfii.: fttfuB Msftln and children ifietti auiday at Hoy Howiird's. ;j «lir. Mm S. E. Gtntt were P»irij«l^>Wlera at Mr. Prase's Fri km Water m6ved on the Frase M^StaSr helped Mr. thei^a IMI Monday. Amos bat- Mrs. A. B. Mui; and Miss 1o dm TnoUiil ,»iiwalwiiyatodo> riiOealin'witballoe d9i«tot*l»jiom tUnr mm. ia BMW tA «{MH (ioasadia- ins ^oflM Of the greatest barsaiin of theiyear. This to the freatett opportunity we ever offered you |>f nVinS money on winter garmciits. Womcnfs S^bh Coats $4.95 110.00 Long Loose Coats, made of good quality] wool fabrics in plain and mlxturea, wirm and serviceable, made to sell at 110.00: a great opportunity to aave mohey on a servicabte coat at this great sale. Each HK 50*lnch Long Loose Coats, all satin lined and handsomely braided on yoke back and sleeves, the greatest value lo be had at the price. For this special sale, worth lie.OO, at IIOJW Handsome New Coat Creations, remarkable values at $22.00 and $25.00. On sale at $IBM School Coats fof (mh Ait 6 to 14 Years 200 New Wool Kersey Coats in red. blue, brown, velvet and braid trimmed; also Astraklan. and Bear Skin Coats, worth $7.60. On sale ...SjM Children's Cloth Coats In plain and fancy styles. 6 to 14 years, nicely trim med. worth $5.00. Special price fSJM Heatherbloom Petticoat $1.95 Heatherbloom Petticoats. deep flounce extra wide, perfectly tailo;-ed. Heatherbloom label on each skirt; $2.75 value on sale tomorrow .. .tlM Mercerized Satine Petticoats 95c $1.50 Mercerized Satine Petticoats and Imltatlou heatherbloom $1.50 value at Ke Sale of Furs Complete line of Scarfs, Boas and Mutts at money saving prices. Special Black Dress Goods Sale We have a large quantity of the flner Black Dress Goods thsin usual at this season; to reduce ft we offer your choice of the $1.25 and $1.39 materials at. per yard 98r 50c and 75c Suitin js 39c A great c^ea^mce of Handsome Dress Goods the assortment Including Fancy Suitings, this season's newest weaves In stripes, checks, plaid and mixtures. A blK assortment to select from; our regular COc and 75c qual^- Itles. for a yard Me Sale of Linens 72 inch Bleached Damask to marked ... 60e 64 inch Bleached to Damask, marked tSc 72 Inch Bleached Damask, nice pattern, worth $1.00. at 75c $1.2.^ 72-lnch All Unen Damask beautiful paterns, absolutely best value offered at ^ We Fine Pure Linen Damask beauttful line of patterns, a $1.50 quality. On sale $Un $17 Coats $12.50 A splendid aggregation of Styliah I^ng.OOats. handsomely trimmed Broadcloth Coats;, lined thronghout with elegant satUj. black, brown, tan and red. eW baVe been selling these freely ever since the seaaon opened at $17.00. For this gi^at sale, each $1%S» Stylbh O^acul Coats Magnificent chapces to procure one of these very stylish Coats at a great saving, 24 Inch Caracul Coats, collat- less effects, neatly trimmed with velvet and braid. Bned thTtrnglKRit; »' very neat., stylish Uttle garment, worth $IS .SO. Tomorrow fttJf Pansy Mull visited at Chas. M^ill's, nekr Bayard last Sunday. Mr. Bi. Carpenter Is moving to Gas City and his ^ brother la moving on the farm. Mr. J. O. W. Howard of lola, was out to his farm the first of the week. Orvllle Graves is staying at F. A. Longstreth's at present. MONARCH WORK PROGRESSING Unloading Material at the Tank Farm for Use at Plant. ' L. B. Kihne and;family left Monday afternoon for Puyallup wh^re they will make their h(^e, Mr. KInne engaging in the drug business with his son. Clare. ' | A blind man with an accordeon was on the streets Thursday morning collecting the stray nldceis and dimes. "The Girl and the Stampede" will be plfved at Mehdell's hall Friday night. i Since the increased pressure of gas last we€.«c r early jeVery one in town has found a leak or two on his or her l-remises. j Revival services commenced at thf Methodist Episcopal church Thursday evening. Rev. Wharton conducting the same. Next Thursday Rev. Armstrong and singer will iarrlve and take charge. I • A box social will be given by the Udlei' Aid sodfjty .of th^ Baptist churcb in the Fisher building Friday night ; The lecture by H. V. Adams on the lecture course, wa!s well received Saturday night. His kubject wis "Grapes of (Sold." Mr. Adams preadied at the M. E. church SUnday morning and also gave a aem^oa lecture at the Presbyterian church Sunday nifcht, his sublect being "Infallible Fods." S. H. Holmes mbved the last of last week into the B. Paliner property in the extreme soutl^ part of town. (Humboldt Herald.) The work on the Monarch Portland Cement plant is progressing very nicely under the weather condltons. The offlce building Is now ready to 5 *4S<f occu£led and,the'Gainer Engineer- \ng company will be moved 'in It by fl^e first of the month. ^Several car* orHools have arrived ana are being unloaded at the tank farm switch. One hundred cars of sand have been ordered and Will be^n arriving soon. The frame work of the buildings has been shipped and one of the big crushers is also reported as sent out from the factory. A carload of wheeled scrapers is between here and Kansas City and Is expected at any moment. The volume of correspondence in regard; to the switch has grown about six Inches anc It. Is expected that work will begin soon. The road ver>- seldom allows tbe reports to become eight inches thick before commencing work. Since the al>ove was written the surveyors have^ arrived and are now setting the sUkes for the switch. As soon as the car of scrapers, now at Kansas City, arrives, work will commence on a larger scale. The engine for the big crusher is also promised this week. PILES CURED IN « TO 14 DATS. POZO lONTMENT Is guaranteed to core any case of Itching. Blind. Bleeding or Protruding Piles In 6 to 14 days or money refunded. 60c. Wvited—Everybody to know that W. B. Keller 4k Son have moved their tra'nafer and atoraga offlce to 211 Soath WaahlBftoB. OtBca and Day Phone 2M. BMdenea and PiOB* 17. Seeded Raisins Cleaned Currants Orange Peel Lemon Peel Citron Pigs White Grapes Oranges Apples Honey Extracts •Nuts Lettuce Cranberries Celery Pine Apple— Grated or Sliced Powdered Sugar :^e»t]|iaaandi9e8- . cnut Sance ; Salad Dressing ' Cataup • Onves-Bolk.or Bottle : IndU RelUh Parsley Try On Seatelilpt Oysteft. LOST GOLD WATCH. Rer. Harkness Is SewrehlBg for Tain- able Gift Teday. A little jump across a ditch cost Rev. Harkness of East lola his gold watch. Mr. Harkness was on his way , „ u. „ vi- to a grenhouse wben he either had | Roeky Moimtaln Tea, the mokt reilutl^ to Jump a ditch or get his shoes cov-' prevanUttve. Nothing so snte^ ita)^ vest pocket He went back two : later but was unable to find the wat The watcb was given him by ' church ati Arlington, South Dako and he therefore values it vety Ugli­ ly. Start winter in a healthy oondltirai, be free Yroin dlaeue. HofUaU^ night, ered with mud. He chose to jump and he thinks his watch fell out of hla you #ell..iS5 cents. Te Burrell'a Sntg Store. or Tablati. r STONT POINT. Mrs. Rose Broughton- was able to go to Bronson yesterday. The school board of East Liberty district has employed Miss Georgia Bronghton to teach the primary grade this winter. Sbe commenced last Friday, j There will be a sewing bee at Mc- Bees toda.v. Mrs. McBee has been so poorly thhi fall she conid not do her sewing, so the neighbor women went in with baskets fllTed of good things to eat and helped her do "S^ sewing. Ai Burrls and mother visited at George Brougfatoii's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. jS. D. Brandenburg spent Sunday with their Idaughter'a family, Mr. and Mrs. Raymion Harlan. Floods the body with warm, glowing vitality, makes the neiirtis strong, qnlckens circulation, restoi'es natural vigor, makes you feyl llk^ oa'e bom again. Hollisterfs Rocky ! MouhUtn Tpa. 35 cents, bdrrellls Drug Store. 8& OpOK OOT PinsfORQ CONTRACT Will Construct I <ewer [Laterals Contract ftlMiVXT^O. Extraordiniiry Sale of Htgii Grttle For Men and Younj Men. A reduction on every Suit and Overcoat in tlic Store. Do not fail to attend the timely sale of the season. IMteii's Suits $10.00 Suits, $750 sio!eo mM now.. $13.60 Suits, now . W. W. Cook. ^ omtraetor who did for the cUy oC Iota, was yea- terday given a teoiitnet to construct aewar laterals »t PMabnrr The oon< traet UBOonta t^ tmut |4 <7(.70. Mr. wiork In this Re but In t |ia JaA perfect- :%o^Jutf open* $15-00 Suits, now . ;i800 Suits, now.. $22.50 Suit.-, now.. $25.00 Suits, now . Men*s Overcoats f lO.OO Oreraub, ^ ,I2 60O.^coa.s. Jiyjj $12.50 »"'".^'': SliQO $22.50 Overcoats, Q|| $22.50 now. $26 00 Overcoats, now A large Hoe of Boys' and Ctalldren*s Suits and Overcoats ftiuQtOr prices durinf thia -M||fe. A. ipeolal offer in RumCdatioii AU $25 Rain Coats snd Top Goats will sell at Onr $20.00 Raini Coat^ at $18.00 Rain Coats and Top Coats lor ... $16.00 Raiit Goats and Top Goats at $12.50 Raiu Coats and Top Coats it ...i $22.50 1J TheLiifl^iflNatrttAitors of Clothinc iq ^(iiir $iUltc^atoi«s at Wichl^^jPit |ilMiltr. City and lote;

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