The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 24, 1944 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 16
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Thursday, August 24, 1944 gfce SahfTgficlb California.! Announcements Classified Advertising columns of The Bakersfield California]! close promptly «t 10 o'clock each morning for all one- column ad*. Two-column or larger ads must be placed the day before publkn- tion. Phone "-T631. 1-H-lf For rant—Trucks, ] Irkups, trailers. Parker'*. Eighth and Union avenue. Phone •-9942. _Jl- ! J_ f ALL kmds of weights and widths of can- fa*. Canvas goods made tn order at Hornung't-. 1606 Nineteenth street ._\_- 8-U REFUNDS on each classified advertisement which have been canceled before the expiration date must be --niled for WITH CASH RECEIPTS w.thin one month from date of cancellation. The Bakerflfield Californian. 5-21-1 f FIRST UNITY TEMPLE—AM Unity pel-v- ice? available. Complete ftnrk publications. Subscriptions taken. Noon silence daily. 123 Southern hotel. Phone 5-892S Occupational Services •WE BUILD ANYTHING MADE OF SHEET STEEL. FURNACE AND COOLER SERVICE. u metals, lite 3826 CHESTER AVE. 7-79flfi _ _ _ S-3-lf RALPH FURNITURF. ic.'irnshing nnd re- pamtinu. Home and riffjee. For th* _be-.i fall 2-SSfifi. 25 TRUCK hauling, anything, any time, anywhere. l-'urnil in e moving a specialty. Call WhiPe Morehead. Phone 2-922n. Oiidale. c a |jf._ __ _ 29 ALL TYPES carpenter work, new construction, remodel'niT. repairing, pap'r hanging. Phone 2-1149 32 WALK or female Hornmn'-s available at Rrundage Pharmacy, lo Cheetcr. I'hor" 5-5019. ____"'] Lo»t—Found—Str«y«d STRAYLD from two Coach dogs (Dalmatian). White with black spots. Male and female. Reward. Phone 2-3658. 21 TREE SERVICE ro Pinning Shaptim. Topping Also Trees Taken (nil P>. Pnrker Fr^e FMimatincr I SOT H Street Phone i-l.'IVi Help Wanted—Male Help Wanted—Male DRAFTSMAN—FKM ALB CHAINMAN—MALE OILERS FOR GAS ENGINE COMl'KESSOB PLANT—MALE IIELPEKS FOR INSTALLING AND REPAIRING PIPELINE—MALE APPLY TO: TAI-T, CAL1FORXIA BAKEKSFIELD, CALIFORNIA 23 RELIABLE PAINTI.NU lusule .-ill'] Out SII< I) HELLER L^rns-d nnd Bonl'.-d Contractor 2409 "Kye" Street Phone 2-249: 7-Kl-lf LOST—One maroon fender akiri for Cadillac automobile Between Bakersfield and Delano. Reward. Phone 2-3331. 2J LOST—Brown leather zipper brief cape, initial A. Contents geological report. Reward. Clerk. Hotel K\ Tejnn. 21 ETRAYEP nr stolen — lO-year-oId Boston Bull Terrier, female. White ring around npck. Name. "Blnks." Reward, ''hone 2-47;:). 2J LOST—2-monthK-old red CockT Spaniel puppy, wearing collar. Named "Laddie Boy." 110 reward. Call 7-7924. 8 lo P:r,t> p. ni.; (all 2-7915 after 6 p. m. '.'- RKFIUCKKATION .crvice. any mnkes. hou?eh"ld nr commnreial: nlf=o washer*. gas ranges and floor lurnarep. Call nft- ernoon or niphts. Phone 7-7160. 22 I TRUMAN'S TI.ANS.'KR—I Personals UEMORRH01D SUFFERERS — No hos- pitaliration nor loss of time. No surgery nor injections. New. safe. painless method of eliminating hemorrhoids now available from Dr. 1.. R. PenninKton. D. C.. suite 2, Professional building. Phone 6-6100. 2-C-tf B. D. McBt-ide Detective Agency room 110. Hay building. Bakernfield. Licensed and bonded. Confidential Investigation. Phone 2-2800 or 2-6659 26 SACRO-ILIAC LESIONS. l">w back paina, arthritis, constipation and prostate disorders corrected. !>r. D. U. Parish. D. C.. 407 Haberfelde buildln«. Phone 9-9132. 3-9-tf WILL NOT BK RESPONSIBLE for debts other than my owu after August 21. 1944. Kugenc H. Hakanson. 108 Cen- <r«l. Bakerafield. Calif. -] ANYONE wishing to Ren Henry Kgger, former manager of Eastern, please call at 1S23 Chester avenue. Financial i» your car us security for * loan. No lone rigamarole. Prompt, private service. Sensible monthly payments. per mo. repays In 12 months Com* in, or nav« time by 'phoning your application. When approved make just ona trip 10 pick up your cash. No waiting or delay. Private Sale of Automobile and Furniture Financed 150» 18th St. Under the Bit; Coca-Cola Klirn Walter Verhang. Mar. Phone «-6f.95 Consolidate your obligations with a quirk, confidential, fiiendly cash loan on ynur car. furniture, truck, salary, farm equipment, etc. "PAID FOR OR NOT" Tou may still borrow for as lone as 12 months. JOOT. LOCALLY OWNED Trad* with local people who understand local conditions W. 3. (Bill* Bergman Maurice St. Clalr 25th and ('heater Opp. Montgomery Ward Phone €-6796 Appointments made 7-15-tf EMERGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow $100 Cash for Thirty Days Repay $102.50—Total Cost ONLY $2.&0 If Tou Prefer, Tako Up to Twelve Months to Pay Only You Have to Sign— No Co-signers AUTOMOBILE, FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sales of Automobiles and Furniture Financed SEABOARD 2300 Cheste-' FINANCE COMPANY Telephone y-94.1 8-21-tf PRIVATE PARTY will Inan money on first trust deeds; 6 la per cent inleiest. Phone 6-6382. 23 1140 MONTHLY Income fur only J40UO down, on a permanent business prnpert.v. well located. For a see phone 3^11197^ _ 24 CAKE for sale, with 1-ecr. music. Blot machine: good llvu spot. Owner has other business. 10j .North (JhcHlci avenue. Phone 2-954'.i. ___ _ 2 2 FOR SALE — Kquipinelit ami uldtk in grocery, cafe, servk-e station und trailer jmrk. doing good business. Kivv-rmim hou«e for living quartern; rent cheap. Priced to well, owner leavlnK Mate; 12 miles north 911 Highwuy. Call long di*- tance Lerdo Service Stmion. 22 I'Ol'NTAIN-LL'NfH. with hm trade bolh regular and drop-In, choice location In downtown Bakersfield, 1 !i stool*. UrniKH biB returns nn investment, (.ixvtier tnnx 1 - irifi ttway, a reiil oiiptirtuniiy. Tn>'lor- ft Taylor, 1660 CheUer uvciiue. Phone _ 6-6593^ ___ ____ _ 21 I HATH CLEANKI> and blocked, liy ii for- | mcr emplo>'e of Kretsun fmioiy inr 7 ^|.•arH. Calit'oi IIIH Hat Shop. M)7 Bukei street. Kam Uitket-Kfleld. 22 Business Opportunny Close In highway cafe. Kxi'-ilent monthly income, open 24 hour*. Iteufouable lcaf.e. Kspecially desirable !Or t\vo inM.pif. Elmer F. Karpc. 1017 Kii-'lilvenlli. 'J-L'l-lf dis- tanco find local. 812 North Chester, Oilflalo. Phone 2-]Xfi. r i. 39 BEST Pi.UMniNC, SERVICE. Tbe best cosls legs Little lobs get first ntien- t Ion. Coilntv license onlv. No (Itv work Phone___2-2i_!i2. 24 AVA SHI NT, POLISHINC! STEAM CLEANING SIMONI/INO T.IACK ANIJ SON California and I' i'liono 2-1 ""ft 4.') CLOCKS and wiilihe paiied. lair, Kern FOR GENERAL work, call :i-li(»; WE DO TREE topping, removing; building, team work, plowing, t work: just work; have tiink. ( t. Phone _ ont i n( t iny a nd ONE shipping room m;in ant! one full-tun'! R.'ilesniiin. Ivers t'tirnl- lure Co., 01:7 Nlnteenth. 21-tf 21-tf PAINTEHS WANTED—Local shop. Wages open. Phone 2-Ox:i'.l or 4-4.)13._ _ 23 WANTED—Delivery ,»nd repairman, availability ed tificale. Apply Davis I-'urni- _ tiire_Compan.v. 1400 Chester. 8-17-tf FULL TIME bookkeeper, map 01 woman. Also man to act an co-manager of local tiie recapping company. An exceptioria I opportunil v for advancement and postwar permanency, flood starling salaries Write Uox B-S19, Tbe Californian. _ _ __ 8-18-t f iMILDLI. A(JEI> man for funeral and ambulance work, evt.erienre not necessary. I-lickinger-Digier. Chapel, 1227 _Che.«ler._ 8-11-If ROUSTABOUTS and total y helpers, work near llakersf ield, aix and seven-day wor k | week (*< beilillns. Phone D-II4C1. Tide \\aler_Assorialed_Oil f.'umpa ny. 23 FJ.OOK and .ianitor ser\ ice, waxing, win- dovy waHhine. and house denning. Free estimate . Phone _-!i:i4!l. Help Wanted—Female 21 (/lie Auto repair shop nnw opened All wink Kiln runlfc-d. Hrin« yo\lr ( ;i rs lo KHSL Nmeteenlh Hlreel. .l.iiiieH (.'. ris. K; DKXX'S C.AUACK L't-llOUIl SIORVICK COM I 'LETE AI ;'I'OMUTI V K SERVICE HEPAIR INO AND RECONSTRUCTION IGNITION. (-AlinrRETlON, MOTOR BRAKE SERVICE AND WHEEL HA LA NCI XG IN THE HEART OF .K> W XT( > \V X Ii A K E RS KI ET, 11 141. EIGHTEENTH J'HOXE _-::'J^S I'KTItOI.A.NK Truck Terminal .SITVM e sIMlinn (tpei;ilur. Thi H Knnd MI hi i y. plus < 'muniti Iir,'li'i it innn f:i nnlliir \\ilh |( 'UK. Sen Ceni. stahl. at ovi-r IS. lo hi. Ip on KCuphysirill dull. of lo\vn. sl'<ai]y f.|np!ii\-in''llt . top Phone .Mr. Water. 4--i:i7li. L'3 DISH An iiniisuiil opportunity for yoniiB liiiiy with some .sales experience; interesting and dignified work. congenial associates; 5 to /! hours per iljiy. Apply in person before noon. The Little Folks Shop, 2014 _ ( 'liester_ avenue. _ ___ 23 .MAJOR OIL COMPANY bus stenographic (irieninu for well qualified girl wilh shorthand and typing experience. ('all 7-7HI1 between S and u. Availability __ eei i ifica li- refiuhed. __ 2'! WANTED— Experienced sales girl to work 111 illlldien's depa llnietit. Kr-fer-r-iu-es furnished. Write Hox 11-70.1, The Call- I'oriiian. _ _ ______ 23 WANTED- White woman to do house- \\-oik. Ihree nioinini^s a week. Two udnlis. on No. 4 bus line. Phone 2-."it)iil. SERVICE STATION SALESWOMEN Full or pail I i ini- employ inenl . Opportunity for valuable iraininy and advancement up lo und ineliidini; I lie position of STATION MAN ACER AKes IS lo 40 preferred. COOD SALARY P.-.rl time work also ,'ivalliiblp for house- n students, etc. In vonr neiuh- wages. Phone Mr. Wale, . 4-i:i7.i. __23 I .„„„,, SI] ,, i(mH . ' >, nr im^viev, call a. iwi iiv- \ sMTI.'p \l-in ,,i- tvcm-i'iii STANDARD STATIONS. INC.. CALIFOK- IM1U A.SIII,U .Man 01 UolVMn, \| A AND CHESTER. IIAKERSFIELP. f.-xpfl-ioncecl. I'reddles l.afe, I wen- j Wm-kcrs in war production activities should t.v-l'ourth slrc'Pt find !>!) Highway, i nm apply. 2:1 Wanted to Rent—HOUSM t For «•!•—.liitpr«v«d ProMrty I For ••(•—Improved Property For §•!•—Improved Property ______ _ _________ 7-^-tf. WAXTKIi--- TWO MKN \~O\l RMCA PI'IM 1 IM;l'AHTMK\T KXPKHIKNfF.H PIIK- FI'.'IIRHD III'T NOT NKCKSSAHY. CoiUi .SALARY TC. START. FIRK- STON"'! STOP.KS, TW KNTY-FOI 'ItTl I _ AND CHKSTKK AVI-:.\rK. S-2.'Mf KXPI'MIIKNCKD i-hicken iilekerc wanted. Mood salary, per inanctit po.^uion. Apply ISakernfield Chickr'n Snop. Twenty-fourl h _ and M sin-els-. Phone _7-7!i24. 22 DRY CI.KANINd help i:i all depa rtrnents. 1'ii'fer ones \\ i ilh Home experienc' 1 . Apply I'lnsi Side cleaners. I72X Niles. 23 WA.N'TKD— Mini lo in. n. I'lxiM-n' II- e y.ino's Aulo S'TVi lo woik in service Manot ll"i cssa r>'. Hene, phone y-IISlll. __ x-; - .-. — | \VANTEH Man Si; 1'AINTINC. Inside and mil. i mil- t dine delivery truik. •rcial Hpray tiainlilig. aliiminuni roof I old prel'ciied ml now available Itum-h buildings Nmi-leenth and Hake, •en Hperial dltenliori. Licensed ton- — — - - lelor M F Di-nev phone IMi.'ilin ":'. j W VNTED—Nigh; man for Karag Caiai;e. Phone 2-,'l!l. 1 :s. MIL: 1-; k in Klore nnd Fmm '111 to :i.'i .Naliiinill .Market. Help Wanted—Male. Jobs available In this wn r-e^sent ia I industry with a postwar future Apply to Vic Ingharn or Geotge Hioelian. SAI.KSMAN tor siloi'M. in D.'la POSH ion. W MOIMM Depai lni un's furnish, n K « and . llood u;i«rs. sleady ll-' nr phone inimediiindv'. i-nl ^lorc. Iielano. Calif. 3301 Chester Avenue Al the H. P. Railroad Tracks JlcAIAHAN FURNITURE CO. Has OpeniiiR.s in HIP DELI VEH Y DEPARTM ENT find SALES DEPARTMENT for Honorably Di.schiirgod SERVICEA-IEN Apply Eighteenth and H Stroot __ ____ _____ _ _ X-.L'-lf WANTED — Trimmer to operate Klass and upholstery department In large repair shop. Wee l-tuckman at Motor ("enter. _ Twenty-second and Chester. 8-1 6-1 f EN PER1ENCKD hardware man lo work In our Bakersfield store. fi!6 KaM _ Nineteenth street. J'hone !l-!l(i71_. 8-12-lf WANTED— Shipping clerk for general ol- fice work in large packing house: must _ be able to_ type. _ Phone 4-4011 8-12-tf LUMBER CAMP. liO miles from [lakers- field; green pliers and lumber handlers. Bring blankets; no families. Phone NEEDED 1.0 help maintain transportation, auto and tiuck mechanu-N and body men. Full time work. Mol or ^ 'enter. Riilek. Chevrolet and Cadillac denier. See Buckman, Twcilly-aecond and Chester. _________ __ _ _ 8-Ki-tl BUILDINU SERVICE man for position with permanent company. Must be able to furnish birth isilificate. If Inler- _ "_«L e _ l l_il a JL_i - _ < Ayi ___ ______ 8-17-tf EXPERIENCED tractor drivers. year- round job for men who qualify; lodging «nd boa rd furnished. Apply (i!5 KIINI Nineteenth stiec-l Phone U-H671; alter _7_n. m. _ca_ll_2 -7705. ____ _ _ 7-:i-ir BELLMAN— Must be over 21. Apply Hotel Padre. 7-1-tf VANTEn — TRI'CK AND AI'TO MECHANICS. APPLY SOl'THERN GA- KACiE. TWENTY-FIRST AND 1 STREETS. __ 12-31-lf Paper Carriers Wanted for ICast und west Bilkers- field.Cnlifornian office. 6-14-tf HELP WANTED— .Metal workers, metal worker helpers, wood workers, auto tiodk's: wood workers, furniture. C. N. Johnston Hody Works. 1001 Eighteenth. _ Phone 4__4_7iJS. _ _ ( WANTED Hoy over M liu'il :IK<- or man lo work in wasli room. Kamilv Serviee Laundry. J'liune l]-li43.'i. eveniiiBS li-l.SS.'l. _:] MAN to woik in dairy. Washing eiinip- nii-nt nnd helium; in liollling room. __ I'llolie IMihL'li a Her (i.l'.n p._ in _:! HELPERS WANTED by geophysical company, chance for peitnanenl position and ad v.i menu-lit. Apply !:'(» Cleoiue Hay building .:', TO HEAL ESTATE siilfspi Ic. all lends of liuyeis furnished. Apply in person, ('amp ''oinfoil (Tl;rslellt bll>ers walt- Ini; ) I-'iank H l.iliek. licensed leal es- taie hrolicr. .'121 ,'i Chester avenue, ilak- Help Wanted—Female TELEPHONE OPERATORS BEGINNERS Fascinating Work—Essonliu.1 Peacetime Future PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEOUAPH COMPANY 1520 Twentieth Street __ _ ___ 5-_9 : tf WANTICD — White mauls. See housekeeper. Hold Padre. ___ _ 8-Ui-lf WAITRESS wanted. Freddie's Cafe. 631 _ Golden Staie_ Highway. 8-14-tf GRAPl'Al'H; nurse wnnted to work In nlr- coiidltloned doctor's .Hilary, b'.ii-dav week office. Excellent Plionc- 6-6834. 21 TWO EXPERIENCED 11 EA nV-TO-WF.AR SALESWOMEN WITH LOCAL FOLLOW INLi; PERMANENT POSITION WITH GOOD SALARY TO THOSE WHO Ql'ALIFY. GIVE Fl'Ll, DETAILS IN FIRST LETTER. APPLICATIONS WILL HE KEPT STRICTLY CONFI TiENTl A L. WRITE BOX 1.-12, THE CAL1FOUNIAN. WANTED — Experienced tray Klrl. Haxter's Drive Inn. _ __ 22 WANTED — Experienced sandwlrh mil. Baxters Drive Inn. _ 22 WA NTED-- Cnpiilile housekeeper for mother and child: loom, board nnd excellent Mil- nry. Sunifiivs olf. Het'ei eiices inelerred _ Pin. lie 2-2K. r ,;l. _ _ 2.1 WANTED - A till for dental office. Apldv 2.'." Eighteenth Mni-t __ _ _ 21 WANTE J—AT ONCE. A UTOMOlU LE .MECHANIC. PERMANENT WORK; TOP I FU LI. (lit PA ItT-TI.M 10 houseUceper warned WAIJIOS. APPLY HAKER.AOAMS PON_TIAC C.AUAiIE 2701 CjlESTEIi. 6-22-lf N10KDI.1) AT ONCE—Furniture reflnlsher. Alsn upholsterer Topnotch wages for topnotch c. N Johnston Shops. 10011 EinlileenUj street._ 7-21-tl \VA NTEI> —ICxpei ienced ante mecharic. Good hours and pay, i.i nn fsst'ntlal 1ob. Ilimd tools and n vailability certificate necessary. See Mr. Iteed, Kitchen-Boyd Motor Comphliy. 2220 Chester avenue. _ _8-2a-tf WANTED—M.irvest hands. Alen to operate (onibme harvesters. Kxpcrlence neressary Hed and board furnished. Apply Kl:> ICast Nineteenth street. Phone !»-!!(i71; ntlcr 7 p m. cull .-770S 7-:i-tf HOCSEM.XN. over 40. Padre hdtel. See housekeeper. 8-12-lf MAN WANTED tor farm nnd dairy work Pbune G-tifr2(. alter ti:.'!0 p. m 22 _ Pliimi) WANTED Shipping clerk for general nf- lire \\nrk MI pnikiiiK house; experienced tvplsl iiid'erred If acceptable, hoard and IddKiiiK I ill llished. Phono 4-4011. _ _ S-2;l-tf MAN. W'l.MAN \\nnted for bagguge mid express (k-rli. pi-riiinllent position. Apply m peis.<ii. PHI it lr_ (Ji eyh.iiind^LlnoH. 22 GOVERNESS FOK 4-YEAR-OLD CURL. EXCELLFNT SALARY. CALL 2-«:i2!l. UHill SCHOOL (HKL tor mother's helper. Salary, nu-u home, ptivale bulb. Phone 2 -!M OH. 21 W . NTUH- Women for cure of sick lady. Bo. nd. iinriii and Hillary. Phone even mfc s. ." - 7 :! 7 7 211 HIGH SCHOOL completed at home for recognized diploma. 4'iy other < nurfes Kree catalogue Call Lee MHIIIUII. 7-7o3o. International Coj teKjtundeiK e Kcho'.ls. <:, SANTA FE AND BURLINGTON BUS DEPOT Sixteenth and F Phone 2-0472 3-6-tt FREE MEALS AND PILLOWS Lowest Fares to All Points ALL-AMERICAN BUB LINE INC. ZOJ6 Cheater Kills L. Rail Phone 2-3433 Litf WANTED—Ride to Colorado or Wyoming poinli, by high school buy. Phone _-_V(,:! 22 PBIVINO to Oklahoma City. Leaving Friday noon. Room for four passengers, •hare expense. Phong 2-7881 Occypirtlenal ••rylco» ROLL specialist. Make up your nay roll*, social security, unemployment tax, witbbnldlnc tat and eictse tax returns. Part-time rates reasonable G. H. Slack, JS21 Twentieth street. Phone 7-7974 or L 2-OC«. 11 C4XILER Mrvlc* ud p*d«. V«nc» Btrobl". • Pboo* «-«l»0, 23 WANTED— Dependable while woman for general housework and care of Invalid, Hoard, room, good wages. 1128 .Monle- COUPLE wiinted on large ranch near link- | n-.v Mreel. 23 eisfleld. Mali for general iiincb work I Wife to do IlKbt office work. House furnished, eood salaries, plensant siiiround- ings. Write IJox \' SH2. The Califoi-nlan. giving agps. i-xprrir-nee etc. S-21-lf WANTED—Hoy over U eral milk plant work. 82.', Knherts Lam-. Tcukwuod for Ben. UPHOLSTER EH WANTED Experivnccd uphnlslerer needed Immediately. Exrtllenl workim; conditions. Koi-d salar> See Mi. llrnwn Reeve." Matliehu mid Upholstering Shop. 27d'.i cheMer avenue 7-21-lf MEN WANTED bv nld established Oil- well pump ( 'nmiift uy H >dii lire me- rliiinieallv iin lined ;ilid have a depnc fur Hiewdy emj>ln.\ nient. apply nt l.'ion Twerits -eighth Htret-t. llakei nf ield. Calif Al'TOMOHILE A Nil TI'.I'CK MECHANICS WITH TOOLS TO WORK AT RIO HHAVO. MOST MOPERN EQUIPPED SHOP. PLENTY OF WORK FOR C.OOI) MEN. ALSO NEED ('All WASHERS AND GRKASE MEN THE SUPERIOR OIL COMPANY, PUItSEL. PHONE __HAKERSFn-:LIl J.9811. _ _ '.Ti WANTKn— TIUTK MKCl I A NIC. NKW SHOP AND ALL TOOLS KITRNlSHKn. S1/J5 I'KR IIK.; PERMANKNT .1OB KOH IUCIIT MAN. NORTH KKHN JIAY GROWERS, MfKARLAND. I'll. _CO. ________ ^3 WANTED— -Service siilmman. (iood Hillary and excellent future for man with fair education who can aHKiime responsibility. Firestone Stores. 2331 Chester _ aveniif. IT;i ki-mf u-ld. _ S- L':M f WANTED — MECHANIC. MECHANIC'S MKLPEIt. BODY AND FENDER MAN. AND A NIGHT (JAlTAdF ATTENDANT. APPLY AT UNITED UAKAUE. 13"! EIGHTEENTH. 22 WANTED (iirl lo work lu office. Musi h:i\i.- I \ pluu fxpcrii'ii'-e. 1 --. Family Serv- ire Laundry. I'llolie 0 - 1'. -I !l 5 ; evenings ' ' MIDDLE-ACED woman for office work, 4 liours per day. Insurance und real rotate oftii-i-. Must lie good typisl. Write liux 1MO-F. The Californian. _ 23 SALESLADIES wauled for full time work. No experience necexnn ry. A_pply at the information ,lenk, S. 11. Kress a nil i 'ompa ny. _ 21 'I NdlEONKTTE WAI PRESSES wanted. Wt» havtj opening for young lady for fountain and luncheonette. Steady (Jond hours, good pay. If employed do inn apply. Availability certificate ic'liiiiL'd. Between nges of 18 and .10 years. Apply to manager. J. .1. Nevv- lieiiy Co.. Ki2S Nineloelll h__stri l ot. __ 22 DIIY CLEA.NINil help in all depn r linentu Prefer ones with SOMIO previous exper- lein e. Apply Kast Side Cleaners, 172R _ Niles. _ _ __________ 211 (ilRLS WANTED to work In tailor shop ax Simon's, cjrner of Fourteenth Me WANTED— Saleslady, with clerical ex- pei ii-ni e. lo v,-oik In Im^Wit i e wtoie. Apply I'loneer Mercantile Company. K.'isl UaKeisIield. 1U24 Uuker. See Mr. Vnl Vivian. _ ___ _ ______ 21 WHITE WOMAN, lor general huusewm k and pl.iln cooking, nix ufinrnnons a week from '.t p. in. to 7 p. in. tlood wage*. cution near California avenue and Clicsicr avenue. 7 i»nd 9 p. m. Phone 2-6041. between 21 WANTED— Stenographer. Capable individual. for downtown Insurance snd real Heinle office. E.xpel lenre in real estate and insurance, not necessary. Phone _ 2-1)1)5, 'I. ___ 2.1 WANTED — Two cljierieni nd vait resses and on. i inshiei'. Hestaurant. Ureyhuund Inlemuie -3 WANTED- A while housekeeper. Musi KKi v nights. Excellent salary. (.'all X- Xll 11. " 22 HEAUTY OPERATOR. Heautv Palon. Apply Welll's WANTED — Shoe salesman, experience not necessary. Top salary and commissions. Chanre for advancement. No age limit Apply Leed's Shoe Siore. 8-16-tf Situations Wanted—Male WE CLEAN kitchens, 85r hour; also blindw. windows; floor by floor. Larko Cleaners. Phone 7-7462 before 8. after fi. __67 POSITION as leaye foreman or production Hiiperin;endent. Tlnr'.y years experience alifnniiR oil fields. XVrile Box 319-K. _The J'nlirprnian 23 HOY WANTS WORK inon ing lawns, does not have equipment. fall 4-41111. 22 Situations Wanted—Female MIPliLE-AOEr) woman wants to assist with general housework. Phone 8-8714. ___ ___ _ ______ 21 WOl'Ln I.lkl-l po.silion as housekeeper a ml companion 1'or elderly couple or invalid in vicinity .,!' Nineteenth and Myr(i>. riione2-7!l4. 22 Wlint hour work. EXPERIENCED Birls CaH_2-67K:. ____ _ ____ __"WILL TAKE care of children during day or evenings at vonr home. 102f> Owens .sir el. Kast E<akersfie.!d, three blocks i-asl of l!iikeiv__ ____ __ ____ 22 (,'( IM rl-ITICNT. experienced bl»-nonrapher ili'sireH permanent position. Wl'ile Uox D-')!l. r i. The Californian. 23 For Rent—Rooms FRONT BEDROOM, adloinlnc bath, use of phone, on bus line; gentleman preferred. _ 1(I08_R street^_phone_2-7891. __ 21 FOR RENT — Rooms, beds nnd sleeping _ porches. 1 !llfi_Truxtun jivenue. _ 21 LARCiK airy, nicely furnished room, for gentleman. Twin beds, adjoining bath. One block from_Jius line. 1331 Benle, 23 FOR RENT — Front bedroom with kitchen _ pih,-ileni's.__ Phone_2-21CO. _ _ ___ _ 21 FOR KENT — Room to business irirl. teacher. or cadet wife. !) to 5 call 3-0042. after fi __ i-nll 2-0_178. _ _ _____ ___ ___ 21 LAK(!K qul-'t room adjoining stall shower and tub hath. Gentleman only. Garage if desired; use of phon • 2.'IO'1 H street 22 LAIUIE bedroom with new furniture for man and wife or two working women; close downtown. Call at 1829 Eight- eenlli MI i eel after 6 p. m. 22 FOR RENT — Nice room. $7 per week; Kcnllemnn preferred. 1715 Twenty-third si reel. ___ __ 23 ROOM, private entrance, ndioininc bath borne privileges. One or two womon employed. Phone 3~lti!M before 7:30 p. m. Foil SALI-I—One small record player nnd one Airline radio, table model. Phone 2-R55!). WILL SHARK my home with childless cadet wife in exchange for care of baby wtnle T leai-h. Phone 2-2853. For Rent—Apartments APARTMENTS for rent, 1 and 2-room housekeeping cottages, for two to four people, $14 to $21 tier week, nil utilities paid. 14iu> slop, laundry rnnin. garage available. Apply al oll'ice, 3215 Chester avenue. Camp Comfort, Bakersfield. Calif. 23 For Rent—Offices, Stores OFFICE SPACE for rent on or after Seplelnber 1. in heart of business district. Cround floor. See Mr. Cox. I,'i20 EiKhtiMMllh. PI,one 2-5321. 25 For Rent—Farm Land 90(1 ACREy cotton and grain land, Paloma disirirt, for renl. Water available from both u ditch and three water wells produi-ing better than 6000 gallons per minute. ISMimnted cost of water. $3.50 per ncre per year; rental $10 per acre, payable one-half first of year and one- hall' in fall. Sec Warde U. Watson, 2120 Chester. Phone 2-4884. 21 For Rent—Miscellaneous WHEEL CHAIRS, hospital beds with Innersprlns mattresses; walkers, rubber sheeting; everything for sick room. Folding chairs. Phone 7-7489 or 2-0067. CATERPILLAR tractor 30 for rent by the month. Phone 2-3224. 21 Wanted to Rent—Rooms WANTED -Room for rimy seigennt »nd and wif,', preferably wilh kitchen or kllcben iTlvik'KeH. lu vicinity of traffic circle or near Cheater in Olldale. Phone _ S -1 4 « 3. ____- '•• YOl'Nt! .MAN wishes board nnd room in private family. Work for major oil company, permanent; can furnished references. Phone 4-47!ll. 22 WORKING MOTHER wishes board nnd room in privtile home and complete care of 3-year-old boy. .Mrs. Cooper. Write in CHIC of Dr. H. Hern, Pout Office Bov 416. Porterville. 23 Wanted to Rent—Houses No charge for renting or sending preferred people to rent your homes, apartments or courts. Only those meeting your requirements will call.J'hone early, Han .louquin AKenoiec* Kdward W. Moody, 1812 "Kye" street. Phone 2-2315. If no PERMANENT Bakersl'leld couple, present location over 5 years, forced to move by September 7 account sale of property. Desire 2 or 3-bedroom furnished or unfurnished home. References gladly given. H. M. Taylorson, Crane Company representative. 110 A atreet, city. Phone 2-9407. 22 WANTED to rent email furnished home or apartment: lieutenant and wife must vacate by September 15. Bent of eare guaranteed. References. Phone 6-6776. 21 WANT furnished house or apartment, prlee no object. Glenn Kleinhammer. _ ^L? ML -•! SERVICEMAN'S wife greatly in need of small house or sleeping room with kitchen privileges: two small children. References. Have some furniture. Phone 7-_7n.",8. 21 TO RKNT—Two-bedroom furnished house or double apaltment. Will pay three mo iths in advance. Tea, we have txvo well behaved boys. Call fl-!>997. .':2 A borne without children, but children wilbout a home In worse. Need a 2-bed- inoin unfurnished house. We have two children. Best of care given. Please _ rail 2-JU29. 8 a. m. to 4:30 p m. _ 23 Mt'ST have furnished or unfurnished house or apartment at once for couple and one small child. Best of references. _ Phone__4-4_851. _ __ _ 24 WANTED — Furnished or unfurnished house or apnitmcnt by employed, very responsible couple. No children, no __ pets. _ Phone 4-4851. _ 22 PERMANENT civilian couple with young daughter, would like to rent or lease. furnished small house or apartment. Will give good eare. References if de- eired. Please phone 3-2251 or 2-5788. SOI.niER, wife and 10-months-old baby need furnished home or apartment; ur- __ Ken^ _ References. Call 2-9465. 26 TWO OR THHEEvBEDROOM furnished apartment or house urgently needed before school start** by officer, wife and two young well-behaved children. Price ranKe $"i(i lo J120 per month. Phone _ 5-^*Slj_exl_ension_ 37. _ 26 Bni'CATOK and family need, at once. 2 or 3-bedroom furnished house, apartment or duplex. Phone 7-7671, county school superintendent's office, between S:!IO a. m. and 6 p. m.. ask for Mr. Morton. Will sign a lease. _ 23 JA — 1 ........ JA — t ................................ WANT furnished house or apartment, permanent. Will take good cure of prop_ erly. .Phone 2-9543, Sam Ciailher. _ 23 COFPM. — No children. d h Phone 2-6164. FPM. — No children. dent 3 years, wants house in desirable nei Rakersf ield resi- 1 or 2-bedroom ighborhood. Kefer- 2li SOUTHERN PACIFIC emplywants 2or 3-bedroom house, furnished or unfurnished. Best references. Phone 2-4649. _H._ Fielder. ______ 22 WANTED -Furnished or unfurnished house .-r apartment hy employed, very responsible couple. No children, no pel »_. _ Phojl e _4-_4 185 1 . ______ 2 1 Fl'RNIPHED house or large apartment In or near Bakersfield. ('all Lieutenant C. F. Wodtke. Bakeisfleld 8-8601, ex_ tenslon_Jj. ____ 22 OFFICER «,nd wife need furnished house or apartment by September 1; no chil- _ dren or pets. Phone 2^4JJJ> . _ 2 3 LIEUTENANT AND WIFK WILL TAKE GOOD CARE OF FURNISHED HOUSE OR APARTMENT. NO CHILDREN, NO PETS. PHONE 2-2893. 21 Wanted to Rent—-Apartments TOUNO COUPLE wishes furnished apartment- permanently located with tool company; no children or pets. Phone 7-7816 bet_ween^8_ a. m. and 6 p. m. 24 WANTED -Furnished apartment. Phone 6-fifi64. Very urgcnt: defense worker. 21 YOT.NG COUPLE wants furnished apartment. Promises good (.are. Phone 2-8260. 21 PROFESSIONAL man wants clean sincle apartment with garage. Phone 2-6Sii.1 between * and _8_p J m. 21 COI'PLE desires furnished apartment or small house in Bakersfield. Desire occupancy by September 10. Phone 2-3726. Wanted to Rent, Miscellaneous WANTICn to lease service station outside city limits. Write box X4S7 Californian. Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous FURNITURE of all kinds. Sell us your surplus furniture you have stored In your garages and basements. Phone WANTED—dash for your used furniture, electric appliances, etc. We buy, trade or exchange. COX FURNITURE Formerly Oiidale Furniture 501 East Nineteenth Street Phone 2-4603 6-14-tf WANTED to buy. old sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. 1509 West Eighth street. Phone .-9437. §5 DIAMONDS, watches and old jewelry of any description: highest market prices aid In cash. Earl McEvoy, precision watchmaker. 918 Haberfelde building. Phone fi-r>397. 11-30-tf BROW>"S FURNITURE Formerly Roy White Furniture 2CL'0 CHESTER AVENUE We buy used, furniture, stoves, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. Call us for real prices. PHONE 7-T021 6-9-tf WANTED—Portable typewriter: preferably liite model. Phone 2-2645. 21 WANTED—Put-put motor scooter. Phone 2-5618. 812 Knott street. Call between 12 and 5. 21 WANTED TO BUY —A buttonhole attachment for Singer sewing machine. Phone 2-1032. 21 FORD V-8 3-1580. motor; 85-horsepower. Call WANTED—Electrio Phone 8-8889. hot water heater. 21 WILL PAY good price for washing machine in good running condition. 1210 __''• _ cir _£ a JJL:-: 2 _-l : !lL 23 WANTED—Hereford bull and weaner bull calf, no crosses. Phone 5-536S. 2_2 W\NT TO BUY fertilizer loader and Ford tractor. Call «-6679. 23 Wanted to Buy—Property CASH and quick action when you want to sell your home or ranch. No deal too large or small. Buyers waiting. Call Elmer Martin, 2-9294. _ 220 Haberfelde building. 1-10-tf SELLING HOME OR FARM? PHONE 2-0653. LISTINGS NOT NECESSARY. HAVE BUYERS WAITING. SAN JOAQUIN AGENCIES. EDWARD W. MOODY, 1812 "EYE" STREET. 5-15-tf (45.-FT,)—J.1100 cash equity, newer 2-bedroom home, restricted district. Has front porch, entrance hall, living room, cooler and ducts, Venetian blinds, dining room, kitchen, service porch, pantry, bath and tub shower, fenced rear yard, double garage. (442-D—15750 eash equity. A lovely 2-bedroom and den home, better built. Tn restricted new district. Has living room. Venetian blinds floor furnace with thermostat control, dining room, large kitchen with space for breakfast table, service porch, wardrobe closets In large bedrooms, bath and tub shower. Den furniture can be bought with house. Fenced rear yard, beautiful lawn. This house Is a very reasonable buy and won't last long. Owner leaving town. (32S-D—15000 cash equity more or less, for this large, distinctive 2-bedroom and den home In one of the best districts In town. Large living room, dining room, kitchen, double garage. One of the more favorably located lots. This home completely furnished. Even the cooler goes. Owner out of town and says sell quickly. WE HAVE MANY, many more properties, homes, Investment! and farms, large or small. IF WE HAVEN'T WHAT TOU WANT WE'LL HELP YOU FIND IT Have opened by own office. Need listing badly. Buyers waiting. WILLARD E. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Phone 2-0555 6-14-tf NEED listing!-, for cash buyers on large and small homes, acre homes, farms nnd incom- properties. Elwood'i, 1923 "Eye." J. C. VAUGHN will par cash for a new 2-bedroom or larger home, in A-l district. Buy immediately, Phone 2-3134. ultable. 23 WOULD LIKE to buy house from private party In East Bakersfleld, with two or more bedrooms and large living room. Call 6-5689 froil'.iJ?..?:: ?.! WE NEED property to sell, have buyers waiting, quick action guaranteed. Call Wicker, phone 2-0239. lJi«0_Chester_n venue. 2 3 TO HUY FROM OWNER—Two-bedroom modern house, unfurnished. Permanently employed by stale, 10 years. Not over JIOOO down Can pay to $100 per __momh. Phone Lohse, 7-7521 days. WOULD LIKE TO BUY FROM OWNER, NICE HOME IN OIL DALH OR HIGHLAND PARK; WILL PAY CASH. PHONE 8-8986. _• 23 WANT small business or interest in one, Hakersfii-ld or const. Write Box 77-<". The Cn llforniiin. 23 For Sale—Improved Property MODERN home and one acre. Three sleep- Ing rooms, double gat-ane, fruit, shade, chicken equipment. Plenty of water. An exceptionally well furnished 2-bedroom home on corner lot in well-restricted subdivision. None of Hi is furniture Is more than [i yeitrs old and includes drapes, refrigerator, tnble-lop stove, etc., etc. Double garage. Almost new ti-room home, three bedrooms, Venetian blinds; some Hhiidu and fruit. Close In. in Easi Biikerxfield, email bouse, unrestricted district, 131100. Home and Income—Duplex nnd apartment over 3-car gursge. Well located for steady rental. Modern throughout. E. C. tlffert, »01 Niles. Phone 2-7151. FOR SALK—Two-bedroom dwelling, half- acre lot, near Nlles and Sterling. $5850. terms. See Paul Sybrandt, 213 East _KUjMe-__rith; Phone 5-6003. 25 TWO-BEDROOM house In El Camlno Tract. Lot 50x213 feet. Bearing fruit trees an-1 berries. Convenient transportation and school. 1608 El Kalfcx Drive. Pboo* »-»-(34. 1 21 IM] 1812 "Eye" EDWARD W. TllOODY Phone 2-0653 or evenings 2- 21 YAIUE FIVE-ROOJI home, completely furnished, on full acre of finest soil in Kern county, near Fairfax School. Has light, water, gas, a lovely bathroom. Full price $4000, substantial down. FIVE-ROOM home, near S. P. shops. In good condition. Has chicken equipment, garden space, shade trees and nice lawn. Full price $2500, substantial down, balance easy.. FIVE-ROOM home In exceptionally rood location, close to everything and In perfect condition. Has two bedrooms, hardwood fl Hirs. floor furnace, lots of shade and fruit tree*. Full price $4750, $1500 down, balance $40 per month. TWO HOUSES on large corner lot In very desirable location One house furnished. Has electrl • refrigerator, table top range, bedroom sets, all In gond condition. Both houses have hardwood floors, tile drains: doubla garage, nice lawn and shad? trees Full price $6600, $2600 down, balance $55 per month. HOME AND INCOME property, close to Southern Pacific shops. Has nice rentals, all furnished: income approximately $375 per month. Full price $18,00". Some terms, o Spacioua living room with fireplace, real dining room, three good sized bedrooms, acre of ground with fruit and nut trees and chicken equipment. Golden State Tract—Two-bedroom home. Hardwood floors, floor furnace, Venetian blinds. Three-year-old home on larpe lot In Casa Loma. Broudloom carpet to walls, floor furnace. Tills is well built. Immediate possession. Rosedale acreaT- home with chicken eriuipment. cc.w shed and pasture, large garden, berries $3500. Greenacres acreage home, equipped for about 1000 laying hena, lots of shade, fruit trees. Might trade home, preferably In Oildole Near Jefferson Park, 4-year-old home, modern 'n every way and possession immediately. S3250. Home with large living room and dining room; a house for large family, then three furnished rentals bringing $115 monthly besides. Xear Pierce Road—Home with about two- thirds a.cre. very desirable for Santa Fe. Gulf or .Mohawk folks. Immediate possession. One of the best small courts we have had. Investigate for unusually attractive Income. EIGHT-ROOM two-story housn with bath nnd half, southwest section. Roosevelt School district. An older house that has been rehuil*- and modernized. Three bedrooms (or two and dei) upstairs; 10x20 sun room, large living room, den and drawing room, nice dining room and kitchen, service porch. 10x20 knotty pine sleeping porch; double garage; trees, Bhrubs and lawn. Lovely drapes, some of which go with house. Quick possession. Full price $7500; substantial down payment. FIVE-ROOM stucco house, only a few years old, on 60xl50-foot lot with lovely lawn and shrubs, in southwest district outside city limits. \n attractive place. Possession this month. Full price $5500, about half cash FURNISriKD 4-room house (one bedroom) on OOxlSO-foot lot with lawn and trees. Kast Bakersfield. near Southern Pacific yards. Full price $4000, about half cash. TWO HOUSES on one lot, one 6-room. one 3-room, east of Union avenue near California. House- only few years old; good to live In or rent. Quick possession. Full price $.1800. about half cash. For these and other buys call Taylor and 1660'CHESTER AVE. PHONE e-esns 21 STOCKD^LF on corner lot 90x245. a beautiful .-bedroom home with large screened terrace, outside patio, tile roof, bath and half, stall shower; one bath has tiled walls. This place is In excellent condition. Has the finest barbecue pit In the valley. Landscaped to the las. word: sprinkling system, and so gorgeously furnished that you will have to call ami let us explain. Priced at $18,500. Some terms. OREGON STREET, close In. one 3-bedroom home and duplex on 100-foot corner. Duplex Is furnished. Live In house and rent the duplex. Nice income. All for only $9750, $4000 down, $65 per month. IN OILDALE—Two-bedroom home, nicely furnished, with It-room apartment over garage for $5500. $2800 down, $40 per month. H STREET—Two-bedroom, sleeping porch. $4950. W1LLARD E. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street. Phone 2-0555 S-19-tf IN THE SOUTHWEST—Practically new 2-bedroom home with Venetian blinds and f replace, large bedrooms, nice sized living room and floor furnace, a dai.dy kitchen, well cared for lawn and the back yard Is fenced: with shade. Priced to sell ai $7250, with aubntan*la! down IN LA CRESTA—A nice stucco with two bedrooms and den in knotty pine. Venetian blinds, floor furnace, double garage and barbecue pit. This borne Is priced to sell at $7000. IN THE COUNTRY—Just off Rosedale Road. Three acres with a nice 2-bed room home that is completely furnished: has Co>dspot electrli. and table top stove: other furniture In keeping. All for $6600. Terms can be arranged. CLOSE TO KKKN GENERAL—Really a very fine 2-bedroom home, large lot, well landscaped wltb trees and fenced in the back. Nice living room, large bedrooms, plenty of closets. Tile vanity In bath and a kitchen that will please any woman. There Is also an entry hall. Has cooling ducts and nice front porch. Price $61(00. with a substantial down. CHESTER N. BEARD 1807 H Street. Phone 6-6908 or 2-4522 8-17-tf MCOML PROPERTY—At Weed Patch Corners. Includes large shop building, store and living quarters; separate modern 2-bedroom home. All now rented. Will net over 10 per cent Oh investment of $8500. NEAR Kern General and schools, 1-bed room home complete!:* furnished with excellent taste. Including rugs, drapes, cooler, yard toola. Lot 76x160. Cash or terms. NEAR East High, an exceptional 2-bedroom house. Yard completely fenced, shade. Extra large living room and bedrooms. A better built modern home to own with pride. Freal W. Harvey, 2011 Brower Building Phone 2-4260. evenlnga 2-4143 21 FOR SALE—Income property, by owner. Am forced to sell my lovely home, urn getting too old to take care of It. Will furnish a lovely home with garden and fruit trees. Will pay Itself out with money to spare. If Interested call 2-8840. 23 BEAUTIFUL home In the Virginia Tract, one block from bus line and stores. Hardwood floors, tile sink: plenty nf nhude and nice yard; $5500, $2850 down, J.12.50 monthly. BKAIITIFl'L corner lot and 5-room home in Alia Vlstu: hardwood floor* and tile sink, hprlnklinir system; only $5760, $2M)0 rash, $51) monthly. SIX-ROOM home, one of the older houses In a nice neighborhood, only I60UO. $1600 down and $40 per month. FIVE-ROOM stucco house on Lake »treet, $4250, $1100 down, $35 monthly. Call Mel Hay or Jim Jarvis. Phone 2-0878; evenings, 8-8131. Office, 1624 Eighteenth street. 2.1 FOR SALE, hy owner, two partly furnished house* In Olldale, on large corner lot. excellent condition. Completely fenced. Tile sink and good rugs. Good Income property. $5000, $3150 down, til.>0 ptr month balance. Phone «-9»47. 20 ARVIN"—Three houses on large lot on Orange street. A good income in a fast growing community. Income $67.5U month. Priced to sell at - only $5300. Some terms. DRIVE BY—Look at 2805 Terrace Wny. Now vacant and you can buy this for only $6300. Half cash. Move right In. 4-UN1T COURT near Kern General Hospital, on 75-foot ctrner lot. A nice income for $11,250, half cash. INCOME—$182.50 per month. Tenant pays all utilities. Buildings better than new. Haidwood floors, coolers through fillets, floor furnaces, tile drains. On a large, beautiful corner lot. All for only $12,000. Some terms. POSITIVELY the finest home In the southwest district. Two-story Georgian Colonial, on the best corner of Oleander avenue. Beautiful driveway to the front door. Large entry hall, lending to the front stairway. On one side of hall the living room, den an.l library. On the other side the large dining loom, kitchen, hutler's pantry and maid's room, with balli, etc. In addition to front stairway ><m may use the rear stairway leading to four beautiful bedrooms and two lovely tile bathrooms, with tile stall showers nnd the finest fixtures obtainable. Each bedroori lias large closeta nnd in the tipper hallv.-ays are five large line nnd dressing rooms. Either from kitchen hallway outside entrance you reac'.i the basement rumpus room and the furnace room, which has a $5000 heating and cooling system. Lots of slornge space in well designed and large closets. Hasement has built-in safe enclosed in extra thick concrete. Now, upstairs tu the. beautiful yard with its wonderful patio and barbecue pit. This you will have to see to appreciate. The extra large garage is entered trom the side street and has a completely furnished Biiest apartment ove: 1 the mnin structure. Without a doubt this is the finest home that we have ever had the pleasure of sulimitling to a select home seeker. Price SHri.OOfl. POYDSTUN * LANCASTER 1817 "H" Street. Phone 8-863!) S-24-tf ONE-BEDROOM home i Oiidale. Home is about 4 yearn old and is modern in every way. Has floor furnace, hard wood floors, lovely kitchen, front yard fenced, large single garage. Price $3850 $1000 down, balance easy terms. TWO-JEDROOM home on Eighth street. Hardwood floors, one block from bus line. Home needs some decorating. Price *4.'!50. Some terms TWO-BEOROOM home on Verde street In LHguna Square. Homo is In perfect condition, has fireplace, beautiful kitchen with breakfast room, service porch, double garage, lovely yard. Price $6500, terms. THREE-ROOM home completely furnished. Home is on Dracena street. Has electric refrigerator, Montgomery Ward washing machine, good stove. Large single garage, separate laundry room. Home has tile drain and tile In bath room. Lot 90x303. Price, $3500, $1000 down. Payments to be arranged. FOI'R-ROOAI cabin In excellent condition on four acres on Mount Breckenrlrige has nice guest house. .lust the place to spend those vacation days. Is easily accessible and is among the beautiful pines. Price $4000. Some terms. Phone 2-32')4 220 Haberfelde Bide. 53 OX ALTA VISTA DRIVE—Furnished 6-room home, very nice and roomy, on fine corner lot. 100x140; nice yard and shrubs; 250 good laying hens, room and equipment to double flock. Several bear- Ing fruit and citrus trees. Close in and best location. Total price $7350, one-half down, balance easy. HIGHLAND PARK—Four-room home, garage and laundry room, largo corner lot close tn school and bus: Immediate pos- sessic : $1000 down, balance easy. INCOME PROPERTY—Close in on Baker street. Very nice 6-room home like new, all lar?e rooma, venetiar blinds A nice large stucco building, tile room, for cafe or make two nice apartments. Service station on corner with good equipment and a good business. All this on seven lots. This is a real buy in best location. Substantial down. HIGHLAND PARK—Fine duplex large lot. Ona side completely and nicely furnished; just redecorated throughout Double garage with wash trays. Thii place is just about S years old ant very nice. Price $6850: down $2950. ON WILSON STREET—Lovely 2-bedroom home on fine large lot. Lots if tile Venetian Hinds and floor furnace. Good double garage. Vacant now. This is worth the money. Terms. Phon 2-7680. 2 HOLTBY ROAD—7-room home, completely furnished, good stove. Electrolux refrigerator, washing machine, other furniture $3950. $1500 down. EAST BAKERSFIELD—Five-room stucco home and den, built in 1940. Completely furnished with prewar furniture. $6500. EAST BAKERSFIELD—Five-room stucco home, on corner lot. close In. $5150, INCOME PROPERTY—Close In on High way 99. Two duplexes, two 4-room houses, completely furnished, one 6-room house, unfurnished. Three acres of ground with 250-foot frontage on High way 99. Income $165 monthly, excluding the 6-room house the owner occu pies. Has good well and lots of water, large shade tree*, trult trees and ber ries. $4000 down. HIGHLAND PARK—Stucco duplex, built in 1940, One side furnished with nice prewar furniture. Other side unfurnished. One-half blocl- from bus. Close lo store and school. $4750, $2250 down BANK STREET—Moderate size 6-room house, in good district. Close to bus and market. $3950. $1800 down. BEAUTIFUL. 6-room stucco horn* on corner lot. Hardwood floors. Venetian blinds, nice tiled kitchen and bath, fin* cooling system with ducts In each room Double garage, lawn and shrubs, $6960. Phone Z-7554 1671 Chestei 8-23-44 UNRESTRICTED—Nearly new 4-room frame house, no bath, but ran easily be built on. Lot 75x135, all fenced chicken equipment, lawn and shade Price $2500, tetms. W1NOLAND SQUARE—Lovely new 6-room hi me. living- room, dining room. tw( bedrooms, den. kitchen with plenty o tile, also nicr bath, including tile van ity and stall shower floor furnace, cool Ing system, double garage, fenced In hnck yard, lawn and shade. $6950 $2500 down, $47.50 month. 2?* ACRES OF EXCELLENT SOIL In Casa Loma on one of best streets, sin- rounded by lovely homes. Plenty o domestic and irrigation water at fla rate. A dandy buy at $2850 cash. PHONE 5-5924. Evenings 2-9288 LET'S TALK IT OVER GLENN Nichols, £515 K Street 8-23-t TWO-BEDROOM house In Sunset Park splendid condition, Immediate possession $6000, half cash. Tw i-bedr.iom house, east side, $4750, nea and nice. Two-bedroom house, near airport, $4250 now vacant. Brandt Investment Company 1802 H Street Phone 2-8946 8-8-t NORTHWEST district, beautifully ap pointed 3-bedroom home, two baths, Sol arlum, carpeted floors; Insulated an< weather stripped thermostat and timed controlled basement fnrniicf. May be seen by appointment only. See Ward D. Watson, 2120 Chester. Phone 2-4884. INCOME—2 houses each 5 rooms on large corner lot, walking distance down town. These are not new houses but are good houuea and always rented. 13000 cash wil handle. Kindig Realty Coompany 2801 Chester. Phone 4-4851. 21 SMALL HOME and garage in Oil dale. Very modern. Priced |'J83i) Substantial down, balance easy Ken Mynott. Phone 2-4386. 22 Oiidale—Here's R. home and Inccme; two houses on corner lot, furnished, very modern and in good condition. Close to transportation and market. Highland Manor—Practically new 2-hed- room home, with large living room, generous cupboards and closets, hardwood floors, dual floor furnace; tile, and a nice fenced back yard. $»600. California Tract—A large 1-bedroom home. Very modern, with hardwood floors, lols of closet and cupboard space, floor furnace. Good location. $2250 down. Wingland Square—Nice 2-bedrootn home, with all the modern conveniences. Dual furnace, cooling system, generous closet and cupboard space, double garage and back, yard fenced. Full price $5800. .a Cresta—An unusually lovely home, two bedrooms, large living room, dining room, breakfast nook and well arranged kitchen. Enclosed patio for outside living. After m. call Bill Irvin, 2-5642 1704 K Street ASIWI 1 ACRE—Dandy 3-bedrsom and den home, plenty of outbuildings and chicken equipped. Own water well. $5500. 20 ACRES—Finn land, nice 6-room homo, veiy nice, yard two good water wells, five acres tomatoes, three acres alfalfa; had 10 acres spuds this year: farming equipment goes with place. Price on re• nest. K STREET— 2700 block, very nice old bouse, two bedrooms and sleeping porch, immediate possession. $1000 cash, balance tcrma. DUPLEX—Three rooms each side, on H street, renting for SCO. Furnished, for $3150. HOLTBY ROAD and First street, fine corner, 105x137 feet; 2-be(lroom homo, $4000. $1000 down, balance terms. HARDING STREET—Two bedrooms, new home; immediato possession. J.'iOOO. 6 ACRES -Old house on Casa Lonrn Drive for $4750 ,T. T. if»y) Wicker. HiliO Chester Phones 2-0239. evenings 2-3895 or 2-6463 (87)—$5100—In Garden Acres. 100x300 lot; nearly new 6-room strictly modern home, garage, chicken equipment, a nire buy on today's market. $3000 cash, $30 monthly on balance at 6% interest. (88)—$52oO—Golden State Tract. A most moder.i 5-room stucco home on large corner lot single garage, rear yard com- Ple.tly fenced, lovely landscaping, fruit nnd shade trees. $2100 cash, balance $50 per month. (8!))—We also have a number of very fine building sites for sale at prewar prices. Buy no-v for your future home. We can also assist buyers and sellers In financing salea at 6 V2 % interest, 10 years to repay. 0 Ii 0 326 Chester Avenue Phone 6-6751 51 LA CRESTA—A house you will thoroughly enjoy. Large livingroom with fireplace and dual floor furnace, large dituriK room, modern kitchen with large nook. Bath has lots of tile, stall shower and cove linoleum. Two bedroom, two-ear garage; well lands-nped. fenced rear yard. The view Is excellent. Pried $9400, terms arranged. OH,DALE—Two-bedroom home on corner lot. Garace nnd work shop. Price, $3650, $1650 down, $23 month. CHESTER AVENUE—In Rivet-view. 213 feet on highway, over 268 feet deep, income $300 per Tnonth up. To see this and other exceptionally good properties, phono for appointment today. DEAN R. HURLEY 411 Nineteenth Street Dial 3-0275 R-24-tf Beautiful entrance (with large guest closet), lovely large living room, real fireplace, large dining room, most attractive, convenient kitchen. Plenty of built-im», two lovely large bedrooms, large closets, beautiful hardwood flqors throughout. A perfectly grand loggia, 20 feet long, with very attractive outside fireplace and barbecue pit. Lot 50x150 Beautifully landscaped. Large double garage and laundry room. If you want a real home this is your opportunity to get one of the grandest ones in Bakernfield. Owner leavWuc town and has priced it much below building price. Shown by appointment. 2801 Chester Phone 4-4851 21 IMMEDIATE possession, upper La Cresta stucco. Tile roof, 3-bedroom home, bath and half, carpeted floors, venetisn blinds; well landscaped yard, with sprinkling system. See Warde D. Wat- eon, 2120 Chester. Phone 2-4884. 21 $140 MONTHLY income for only $4000 down; a permanent business property. well located. For a see phone 3-1997. 24 HOUSE an-i lot in Shatter city, recently built. John T* Sirlerman, Route 1, Box 212, Dlnuba. Calif. 22 A SWEET 4-room bungalow with two bedrooms, excellent condition, lot fenced, shade, lawn, garage, only $3950, $1000 cash, balance $45 monthly. See George Taylor ,11- Frank Day. 1915 I street. 22 5-ROOM house, garage. Oiidale, two blocks from bus atop: $3500, $2500 cash and $25 month. If Interested coll at 723 Lincoln between 10 a. m. and 7 p. m. 23 FOR SALE—Small house and two lots, full price $2280. $500 down, balance like rent. Partly furnished. 624 Crawford street. 21 TWO-BEDROOM house for sale, half acre good land, $3500: some terms. Call after 6 p. m. 2313 South K. 25 FOR SA1-E—A 2-bedroom nearly new home, !arge lot. In Casa Loma. $2600 down. Phone 2-6546. 23 BY OWNER—Home with income, modern adobe, 5-room house with two bedrooms, on half acre with modern apartment In basement, also 3-room house in rear. Main house has Venetian blinds, flrq- place and harwood floors, all newly decorated and stuccoed. Lots of shade. Easy terms. Inquire 1288 Ogden or see owner after Ii at 1286 Ogden. 21 OWNER LEAVING in 30 days for coast, will sell attractive, like new, 3-bedroom home. Roosevelt School district. Immediate occupancy. Has everything for comfortable and graceful living. Takes about $8500 to handle, balance $44.50 per month, including taxes. Interest, etc. Phone 6-5895 for appointment. 2J FOR SALE—On Alta Vista Drive, corner. 63x150, 3-bedroom house, lilvng- room, dining room, den, breakfast nook, kitchen, two baths, small basement, screened porch, two floor furnaces; newly painted: 2-car garage. Full price $9750 Immediate possession. For Information call J. J. Consanl, 9-9614, or 2-9487. 8-9-tf EAST Los Angeles Income property, furnished duplex, each renting for $30 per month. 3-car car ace and 2-bedroom house with sleeping porch In rear renting $30 month. All concrete driveway, lot 1.0x160. one block from Whlttler. Boulevard, and eight blocks from Atlantic Boulevard, restricted neighborhood. To be sold for $8500. first trust deed held bv bank. Day- able $35 monthly. Will sell or trade mv equity for house or what have vou In Btikersfleld. Phone Frank R. Bllck. real estate broker, 2-8622 or 7-7649. 21 BY OWNER, lovely 2-bedroom home, Spanish style. Skyline. Fireplace, patio, basement; beautiful back yard. Phone 2-4428. 2S SMALL, furnished house, large lot, fruit trees, garden and chicken equipment, $2500, some terms. 509 Crawford. 23 TWO-BEDROOM houses for sale, leaving town and slate: also courts for sale or trade. Why fool around and miss these? B. W. Bolen, 128 '/a Wilson street. Oiidale. 24 HOME AND FARM BUYERS WANTED— If we haven't what you want, we'll find It. San Joaquln Agencies. Edward Moody, 1112 "Eye." Phone 2-0653. 8-1-tf BMALL HOUSE—One acre. Modern; full pi-lee $1380. $1000 will handle. Immediate possession. Electric refrigerator cooler and some furniture tn be had extra If desired Four miles south on Highway !>9, turn at Collins' Market on Garden Drive. Route 2, Box 726, first small house on left hand aide facing west. Might trade for good factory built trailer house 21 THREE fine houses, on lot 125x196. These are all fine houses, near good school! an . transportation. Two are completely furnished, Including the very latest In furnishings. If you are Interested In something substantially (rood, nee Syl McNinch with R. A. Moore A Ron. l. r >.Ti Eighteenth street. Phone 2-1268. Evenings, 8-6185. n COMPLETELY furnished 6-room home, * with basement; corner lot. Now vacant, move right In. Total price 15750, $2750 rash will handle. Elmer F. Karpe. 1517 Eighteenth. $-24/tf

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