Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 21, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1908
Page 3
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m lOIA Bin,! SE< ^Ul0 WM0 Umem H At tM^ time wm iff mom on mmlm our mnilrm llt»mWTml^o Urim fuU ofUnmn Q6o Table Lines, special prioe t9o 860 Table Linen, special pnce. 27o 6O0 Table Linen, special price. 49o 660 Table Linen, special price $1.00 Table Linen, special price SBo $126 Table Linen, special price 97o 26 per cent discount on all Napkins and Linen Pieces. Tliree days only—Friday, Saturday and Monday. Seo our Window Dimpimy S §9moiminmnkmgiwimgMmlmmfiMiimm%ll/iimm9m' mnil ChiUrmn'm pfiMfm 60 idcb semt-fitted CoRts, handsomely Uilored, of best black Kersey, elegantly trimmed, .,.$f8»O0 50 inch in same style in fine Imported Broadcloth MM,00 52 inch Empire Coats, all wool Kersey at 919-90 62 inch Empire Coat«», fine imported Broadcloth 919mB0 52 inch Empire Coat", come in blue, briiwn and gray stripe, finely tailored with same cloth. 9tO»00 60 inch semi-fitted Empire style, handsomely trimmed with: silk braids, silk velvet and buttons. Cheap at $1000, on sale 97^0 . 50 inoh black Kersey Coat, trimmed with silk braids, silk velvet and bnttons, the best value wc have ever shown, on sale 99,00 Misses and Jonior cloth Coats in every new style, handsomely tailored and trim< med in a wide range of prices, from $12.60 down to .99*79 1 .50 Bearskin Coats, in white, gray, bine, red and browns, from $2.00, rnn- niug into the larger sizes up to .99tOO We pride ourselves in saying we will show yon as fine a line of Cloaks as you will find in any city store. Special ThanksgMng Sale of lUminBry Our mid winter showing is now at its best. Here you will find everything pretty for Thanksgiving—beautiful large flat ef- ects; trimmed in plums, roses and foliage. Our Miss Crockett and assistants are trimming up some of the prettiest thmgs we have ever shown. PHomm rmnglngfrom 93,90 to 97,90, If you are after a pretty Hat, one that is chic and up to the minute with style, you should visit 113 East nadlson RICHARDSON'S 113 East Madison NEWS OF LA HARPE riAXS BE1S« MADE FOR IMO.V THA>'KSOIVI>fi SERVICE. TO GIVE-tHAMKS THURSDAY MR. AXD MRS. RA>SOM EXTEH- TAISED FOR MISSES W'ALTOXS. ed to the following guestK: Mr. and Mrs. Hartley, Mr. and Mrs. Terry Malcom, Misses Bcriha and Nellie Walton, Emily Wilson. Christine Ruble, Messrs. Clarence Gales. Will (}. William, lludoiDh Felger, Walter Clinc and Prof. Mercer. In Letter to His Parentu, Del Donald Says That He I» Playing Onard on a ifaiT. Foot BaU Team. Is Able to Be Ont. John Towers the farmer livJn;; north of the city who sustained severe injuries while cutting corn several days ago l8 able to be out. He was in the city yesterday for the first time since the accident. He was struck wtth a corn sled and as a result he •will likely ne\'er be able to use bis Eight leg again. Del Donald FlayH Foot BalL Del Donald, son of City Marshal W. T. Dofiald, is playing foot ball with a •nam composed of players from the >*^ited States navy. The team he days with will meet a Portland. Maine, team .Vovemlicr 28lh. Del Is playing left guard. OSTEOPITHT— DS. W .B. AIBBIGHT. Reglitered Oateopathlo Physician. 8UU Bank DIdg. Phone 145. Only Osteopath In La Harp*. Prof. Schenck to Preach. Dr. P. L. Sciienck. of the Chair of Biblical Literature in Baker University will preach in the Methodist Episcopal church next Sunday morning and evening. Ho takes the place of the pastor who goes to Blue Mound to hold quarterly meetings for DIs- ulct Superintendent Bernard Kelly. The people of LaHarpe we are sure will be greatly delighted with Dr. Schenck for he Is a man of splendid equipment and Is very popular with the students and citizens of Baldwip, and wherever he is known. WE DON'T gather up clothing and turn It over to a cheap cleaner. When we take your clothes they are cleaned and pressed Jn our owp works, which is the most modern Dry Cleaning works in southeastern Kansas. No odor, rings or dust spots left when we do your work, j ioim Lmundry Phott0W2 Pentonals. J. Haines returned yesterday from KIsmore, Kas.. where he has been working for the past several weeks. ». K. Richards and .1. H. Uirkey. of Woodard. Okla.. were here yesterday on a buBlness visit. H. -M. Clinc and Willlani Plew return ed yesterday from Neodesha. Kas., where I bey have been on a business visit for the past several days. Miss .^Ia^y Green returned yesterday from Blue .Mound where she has been visiting for the past several days. Several Ui Harpe .voung people attended the dance Thursday nisht at the home of William Cole north of the cit.v. .\OsK Uertha and Nellie Walton of Kansas City are the guests of Iji. Harpe friends. John Bacon rame In last evening from Ktsmore to .spend Sunday with his fqnilly. He has been working In Elsmore for the past several days. Notice to Hunters. Deer Creek Township, Nov. 3, '08 'Wo. the undcrslsned, i)ledge ourselves to protect our wild game and property from the ravages "of nonresident hunters and therefore bar any and all non-resident hunters from hunting or fishing In Deer Creek township. Signed: La Harpe to Have Picture Show. La Harpe Is to have a picture show, n. Peet of this city is equipping the oi>era house preparatoo' to Installing the Rhow. T^.^ Haw ThankKRirinK Service. Plans are being made for a ITnlon Thanksgiving day service here next Thursday. = They will be announced (n detail later. TO OPEN BIDS TODAY S. W. Lust F. Ballard Wm. Saar W. L. Russell C. T. RlgRB J. B. Blbens W. S. Case E. S. Brees C. L. Williams. O. F. Potts R. M. Culley C. S. Morrison C.'K. Robensteln T. A. Howell Mat Fox J. L. Skinner C. IV Dickens R. W. Penland O. W. McKlnder J. N. Vickers J. F. .Mulhinf Robert Shape I Wtai. Weaver H. W. Hardy R. L. Walker Arthur Scott A. H. Rlggs Chas. Perkins M. J. Blbens H. E. Wvnn T. V. Nadler r. H. Vandever W. J. Hoke J. K. Dyee Arthur Brown Wm. Dadler W. H. Morrison Frank F. Selttcr .Martin Robinson I. N. Dickens W. B. Latham H. L. Snyder crhas. Robinson D. P. Wilker D. Pugh , J. C. King W. F. Davis J. r. Quart Chaa. R. Berkehelser Chaa. O. Bdmondi< 1/ewls Buford R. 8. Btiford Contract for Laying Switch to Site of .J. H. Vauahn L. B. WllJiams Union Portland to be Let. jJ I). HolllnKsworth M. Heulctt _i JThos. J. Anderson J. A. Clark The contracts.for laying of the rail- (irant Haywood S DraRoo way KWlfoh to the proposed site of F. Latham C. E. Dragoo the tinlon Portland Cement company, three and one-half miles north of CiaB' Clt". will be let this afternoon. Richard C. Patterson, vice president and general manager of the company, la - Our Way window—Ix)ok at II. F«r MIPK Waltons. Mr. and Mrs. Ransom entertained Thnraday evening for Misses Bertha and Nellie Walton of Kansas City. The evening -ifas spent with games' afternoon and music Refreshments were serv- pany'a engineers. Hough & Thorpe. Dear l« Improving. J. .V. Deer who sustained a tempor Fii the eltv today and will be"prcVent ary stroke of paralysis as a result of at the time the bids are opened. The a fall from a scaffolding the first of bids win be opened at 4 o'clock this the week. Is reported to be greatly In the office of the com- improved today. Stomach Blood and Lher Troabtes M«eh aieloMM starts with weak ataniaeh, aiMl eowequeat poor, im^dTariabMl Mood. Nerrons aad pah paopto iaek iood, ri^, rad Mood. Thair •tomaeh* Mad iarlgoiatiai for, aftar aD, a ma can ba so 9ttoa$K thaa his stDOMch. A fMBiartfaatMliMthettoaMAbstrmlaad thalivar •etiYa, nakaa lioh rad blood aad awomm and dfivw km diaaaac-pradaeini bacteria and awM a wfaota aolti- tad* of diaaaaaa. YoaMB't aSfMrd > aiieapc I avirc to aeeapt^eoy mutmm of aaaat^ •nr." wW* AdWii or CNOVN oMtfOfmoN. fcavj^ •oPMMk Hit of htediaiaa M pWs w tta bat- AM Haa Appendicitis. Harold ETricson of Elsmore, who Is attending the lola Busing College is confined to his Tt3om In the Y. M. C. A:, building with ^n atUck of appendicitis. Reader Child Dead. The Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Reeder. of Baasett died at their home In that city yesterday. The burial will take place tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock in the Hlgbland cemetery. Xra. FoBsioD li Her orflce. Mrs. Maude Funaton. the county superintendent, la her her office today after having aoent the week visiting the country scbooli. fthfriff If Home. Sheriff C. O. Bollinger returned this moming from Bourbon county where he went to Visit his mother who baa been quite ill for aome time. Ha found bis mother not mach Improred. Mr. BoIilDfer aaid there was conaid- erabia «xdtaiii«at la Ft Soatt: or«r. tb* bask ftllBM.''' /• -••••f^ -'.^-^ NEWS OF GAS CITY friends. J. R. Atterberry of this city who has been very III (or the past several days Is reported today as being much better. Grandma Montgomery will leave Monday for Dallas. Texas where she will visit relatives for the next two months. Mrs. VanDusen, of Nevada. Mo., is the guest of friends here this week. Mrs. C. Milan who has been ill for the past several days, is reported as helng much better today. "Curley" Greer, of Nevada. Mo., is here shaking hands with old friends, rie formerly lived here. V. T. Milton, of Altoona, Kas.. wa» here yesterday on a business visit. REV. HIXSACKER <IF lATES ('E.\. TEK TO PREACH HERE SUXDAY. 'IDEAL LEHER WRITING IS TO BE SlBJEt'T OF REV. LEEPER'S SEKMOX SUNDAY. The Turkey ShooUng Matches Held Ye.s»erday Afternoon Were Well Attended—PprsonaU. RpT. Hansacker to Preacb. Rev. Hunsacker, of Yates Center, will preach at the Christian church In this city Sunday morning and evening. The morning service will be held at II o'clock and the evening at 7:30. There will be Sunday school at 1" a. m. HB uHual. ('. F. King Is Better. C. V. King of this city who sustained a severe injury several days ago while unloading cement sacks at one of the depots Is today reiwted as being much better. The sweiilog In his left leg is considerably reduced. W. C. T. U, Held Meeting. The Women's Christian Temperance Union of this ctty held thetr regular meeting yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Joe Coeman. The attendance was good. George Potter Is Better. George Potter who sustained In- lurles wMIo helping to unload rails for the Union Portland Cement company Is today reported much better. He was struck on the neaa with a heavy rail and rendered unconscious. WM Well Attended. The turkey shoot held yesterday by Chas. Poling was well attended. Many Gaa City people secured turkeys for Thanksgiving dintter. Xorth End Charcb. Regular service aa usual at the Pres byterlan church. Bible school at 9:45 Preaching sertlce at 11 a. m.. Junior at 7 p. m. Ehrentng service at 7:46. Subject "Ideal Letter Writing." A sermon especially lor the young people. Yon are all cordially invited.— L. K. Leepeti paator. PerMMili. MiSB • Floasle Morebonse of Grand lalud, Nebr., to h»r« the guest of Conducting Exchange. The Jtinlors of the United Presbyterian church are conducting an exchange at J. B. Hunter's store today. Crge All to Come. On the 26th. 27th and 28th the South cast Teachers' association meets at tola. E-.ery teacher In the county should plan to attend.—Colony Free Press. LOTS OF FOR BOYS 50 titles Horatia Alger's, ornamental cloth covers, good print. 50c: our price 20c 40 titles Henty Series, uniform cloth binding, all kinds of stories, 50c; our price — 20c 10 titles Young People's Library Juvenile stories. &0c: our price SOcjia \i titles Rover Boy books. In^*^ eluding the 1008 one at..60c 4.1 titles Young People's famous American series. 7ric; our price 50c 40 titles The Cantlcmon Books, lieantlfully Imund and illus- traied books for real live boys. 75c; our price 60c 6 titles Motor Boy Books, up to date and very interesting: our price 60c 8 titles Capt. Bonehlll sportsman series, 75c: our price 60c 100 titles In the Good Old booka. Indian stories, natural history classics. Juvenile fiction, as cheap as you can get them anywhere. The story life of Lincoln, just out, one of the best and most interesting books about Lincoln, price, net $1.75 Harper'a Out of Door book, tells how to make all sorts of ; things for out door, enjor- ment. fully Illustrated, best book of its kind. $^.75; our price $1.50 The Cne.'e Remus Books are very popular again. Wie have them. lola 'a Book Store, as cheap as you can buy an}'whefe in this part of Kansas. BOOKSEIXFRS THAIiKSeiTIXG IS COMOTC! and our country is preparing to welcome it with feasts and joyous songs. Yes, there's plenty to be thankful for. Among other things, the display of JEWELRY, WATCHES AND BICH CUT GLASS, offered to the public now on our premises, unmatchable In quality and pleasing in price. Let us help along the joyous season by pointing, out the satisfaction and saving offered to the public RIGHT HEREV-a splendid chance to gobble up liargalns- while turkey feathers are flying and pumpkins going to squash. (First Published. November 12. 1908.) PUBLICATIOX NOTICE. In the Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas. In the matter • ot the estate of WllUam F. Hammon^, deceased : and. in the matter of the estate of Phoebia E. Hammond, decaaaedi To all whom it may concern, end more especially lo Julia A. S*im. Sarah B. Isom, David L. Hammood. Nora E. Slmpklns, John R. Hemmoad. William C. Ro'.llns. Harry F. RolUaa. Lenora E. Rollins, and Eltle VL-U. Rollins, heirs at law and beneflcUries under the will of William P. Hammond, deceased; and taetre at law ot Phoebia E. Hammond, deceased. Itte of Allen Connty. Kanaas. You and each of you are hereby no- j titled that h T. N. Funston, Administrator of the estate of each of the I above named decedents, did on the 11th day of November. 190S. file a petition In ;the Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas, praying that I might be authorized and empowered to sell at private sale the followlag described land tor the purpose of paying the debta. and cost of adminiatratim of each of said estates alrave named, towtt: All of lots five (5) and six' (C). in block four (4) of Haakin's Addition, to the City of lola, and in Allen County. Kansas, according to the recorded plat thereof. That salA petition will be heard at the PrtAete , Court Room in the Court House of Alien County, Kansas. In the-JCKy of lola, on the 28th day of Kovember, 1908, at the hour of 10 o 'clock A. H. at which time and place each of you and all other persona Interested therein, are notified to be present and ^ow . cause, if any there be, why an order of sale as prayed for ahoaid not be granted. This llth day ot November. 19 (0. T. N. rUNSTOK. 11-12-19-26 Administrator. The constant dropping i»»ter wears away the hardeet i^oae, ,Tbe constant gnaw ot IVnirser mutl- catea the toaglMBt boMk ' The constant- woolag^ lover carries away the hluSUng aiaUI. And' the Constisnt Advertiser ts the BtM wl^ get* the tnida.

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