Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 21, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1908
Page 2
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m i^lh^^i, ^ito^lMiT. Roy*l Chib The first meeting of the year for tbe purpose of organizing the cinb and listing the members, was an event for the Royal Club yesterday. The entertainment was given at the home of 3tfra. T. Slack, 412 Nortn first street. The election of offio- ers resulted in Mrs. Slack being chosen president, 51r9. C. E. Eakin, vice president, Mrs. J. E. Lamb, secretary and Mrs. C. J. Meyer, treasurer. Tbe next party will occur in two weeks at lie home of Mrs. C. E. E.iUIn. 423 N. Elm street Mirs. Slack served .1 liinrhron at the club meeting. * * • Bucictesfl Meeting. The Endeavor sodety of the Presbyterian church will have a buslneai meeting on Monday evening at tba home of Dr. and Mrs. O. T. UiOrange on East Madison street. The purpose of the mbcting will be to arrange for the gifts which are to be sent to their missionary, Mrs. Barrett who has recently returned from China. The week of splf-dehlal whicn the social Inaugurated will close tonight. * + * Qui Vive Club MeetinO' MiKS M'lvin nrJtton and MIKS Ocnr gia •Grltlon were ifcostonscs of the Qui Vivo club last evening at their home in Wheeler nolpJita. The usual selocttons of music and the business meeting preceded the luncheon which was served. * • • MtsB English Coming. JflBS Quelle English will be here next week to spend Thanksgiving with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. C English. *•!•'> Visit Mrs. Apple. 5frs. M. Sharkey and Miss Nettie Perkins of Colony, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Apple. The guests arc members of the Colony W. R. C. And are here for the social events of the past two days, which have been given In connection with the Tola Corps. / / • •:• • To Bronson Today. Mrs. Anna Hcacock of Parsons, who insppctcrt the Relief Corps here yesterday is in Bronson today to visit the corps at that place. 6he will return tonight for the reception to Commander and Mrs. Morgan. * • • Guests of Mr. and MrcMcClure. Commander and Mrs. W. A. Morgan who are here as guests of the G. A. R. and W. R. C; are being entertained at the homo of .Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McCluro on South Washington nvc ntie. / / • * * To Visit Friends. .Miss Nolllc DIckorson of Yates Center is a guest of friends hero lo-day. * • • To Gas City. Mrs. E. n. Keys was Iti Gas City yesterday to attend a meeting of ihc W. C. T. U. there. Mrs. Keys conducted a hand book drill for the union. « • * To Soeeial Meetings. The Aita Seta club had two special mp <>tlDgB, afternoon and evening yesterday, to make confections for the sale. Several delicious recipes were used wiih success and tlic young wo-, men are receiving'many compllmentfn from their patrons todav. ' + * •»• Unity Club. Mfs. if. Schocnbnin. 220 East St., will be hostess of the Unity Club on Mondav afternoon. + * Nordica at Ottawa. The music lovers ot lola will hail with delljiht.the announcement thai Madame Lillian Nordica, one of the world's greatest sopranos, will appear in Ottawa early In the new year. The Oratorical society of that city has the arraogementa in charge and the contract was signed and mailed ' the prima donna yesterday. The Republic says: Th the appearance of the great BRUSH NEEDS? No matter what sort of a brush is required there is an advantage in get ling it here. We have the good kinds, the newest kinds and the ecnnomteal kinds. Hair Brashes . Cloth Brushe.t Bath BraKhes Complexion Brashes T•otl^, Hand and Nail Brashes. Wo can save you something on the price. Barrell'sDrgiStore The Bcxall Stare. WEST SIDE SQUARE. her own concert company for the Ottawa engagement. The expense of the concert, which will be given at tbe Rohrbaugh, will be 11 .000 or more. Already about 460 tickets at,' li .SO each have been ordered in advance and numerous reservations from smaller towns around have been received. I It will Jjo the most notable musical' event In Ottawa history. This city, it is understood will be tl:e only point' in Kansas at which Mme Nordica will; sing in her 1908-9 tour. Prof. Bixel and Miss Harrison made the canvass for the advance sale of tickets to guaranice an audience large enough to defray expenses and there is every indication now that the "Standing Room Only" sign will be hung' out on the night of the concert It Is probable that a large number of people from tola will attend the' concert because of the sliort time required to make the trip and other advantages of nu opportunity to hear the singer. 4. J. J. Inspected Corps. The afternoon meeting of the Woman's Relief Corp.i was one of the most eventful of the fall. The lola corps and a number of guests were served with an elaborate dinner at the noon hour and after dinner t1;e program and the inspection by Mrs. Heacock of Parsons occupied the at. teiuion of members. Twenty-five lad- Irs from Yates Cent or were present and also several from Colony, business of i a 0 01 0 « M •A *• 8 9 8 (5 . . U. B vChurch. Sabbath school at '9:4S. Praacbing at 11:00. Jr.V P. C. U. at 3:30. Preaching at 7:30. Everybody cordially invited. O. G. MIS9AM0RE, Pastor. Baptist Church. W. H. Garfield, pastor. Sunday school 9:4$ a. m. .Morning service 11:00 a. m. Sermon, 'Walking Worthy ot Rod." B. Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m- Evening service, 7:30. Sermon. "Appointed Not Unto ^•yath. but Unto Salvation." First Church of Christ, Scientist. Sunday school at 10:00 «. m. Church service at 11 a. m. Subject. Body and Soul. Testimonial mooting Wednesday at p. m. I Sen-Ices held' in ChrL^tian Science hall at 110 East Jackson. The hall is • used as a reading room, from 2 to 4 l-p. m., each week day. The public Is cordially Invited to attend the ser : vices and to visit the reading room. MRS. EMMA IBL ADAMS. First Bender. 8t. John's Church. .MaR.scs at 8:00 and 10:00 a. m. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m. , Sermon at ]0:30 a. m. The iJist ' Judgment. I Vespers at 7:.10 p. m. ' Sermon on the Apostles' Creed. First nrdcie. I Some attributes of a necessary be" Ing. I Mass on Thanksgiving day at !<:00 n. m. I>resb}terlan rhurrh. First Chnrch. Rev. S. S. lillseiier, the pastor, will preach at 11 a. m. and at 7:30 II. m. Tito evening sermon will Im on the subji-et. "Something That Unrns Like Fire." Come .ind hear it. The Sabbath school meets at 9:45 a. m. and the C. E. Society at C:.'!0' p. m. All young people are Invited. Little Bnllders' ChapeL Mrs. E N. Jones, ftupt. - Uoyps' Salibath school at 2 p. m. Regular school at 3 p. m. Eveninc ser%ice at 7:30 p. m. led by Mr. Starkey. , ,^ v I Bassett Chapel. WIllLim Davis. sup|o9i la. Ave., Cedar Rapids. Iowa. erintendeni. Sabbath school at 3 p.ra FX)R S.\LB— A fine white Angora W. D. l-'reeman. Sewing Club. , ;\ Dingman ( talncd a few friends yesterd.iy after .St. Timothy's Episcopal Cbnrcb. There will be service and sermon 10 morrow morning at 11 o'clock. Siib- male cat Price ?10. Jort of sermon. "To What We Are' to llronson. Kansa.s. Moid on." Special music. • Sunday school at 9:4.*> a, m. Holy communion at 7:20 p. m. .Ml are cordially invited. REV. J. n. KRUM.M. D. D The Christian Church. nihlo School at 10:00; morning ser- WANTED—Dressmaking. Will KO to. house. Phone 104—31. MEN WANTED QUICKLY—By big Chicago mail order bouse to distribute catalogues, advertise, etc. $25.00 a week, $60.00 expenses allowance first month. No. experience required. Manager, Dept. 301. 385 Waliash Ave., Chicago. WANTED—Lady bushier and pres- .^er, steady employment, good jiay. Apply Milne Tailoring Co. TJO f/)AN—$.^.,000 private money on farm land at « per cent.—lola Land Co. WANTED—Two young ladles to solicit. C. V. I'lorence, Rooms 10 and 11, Evans niock. WANTED—All kinds of second hand household fiirnllure.—The lola Fnrnl- liire Exchange. A. fipclt. I'rop. Phone 25. W.\NTBD—To buy a good second hand buggy. Phone 403 or 1092. _ WA.NTED—lola property to AX- change for Kansas and Missouri land Qolden We.qt Ijinrt Co. Offl'^e dver Inw.i StorO, lola. Kas, SALESMEN & AGENTS— 1$ 5 »50.00 pnr week and over can he made selling New Campaign Novelties from now until election. Setts to Store.<>, County Fairs, Picnics and Private t'amiIlea. Complete lino of samples, charges pre-., paid for r.On. Order today. CHICAGO i. NOVEI.TY CO., eO Wabash Ave.. I, Chicago. JOH\ G. WOODD*, M. D. Physician and Snrgeoa. Over Bprrell 's. DR. MILDRED CUBIIS; Ffejsician and SWSMB. - OIBce over Bu-rell's Drag Stor* Office Phono 554. Residence 214 R. Jackson Pbone 569. DR. UcMILLEir, • Special atlenlion given to tka treatment of all Chronic Dlaaa^ es and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32. Ras. 2S3. Office over Hurreli'i Drug Star* West Madison. Pbone 887. Rea. DR, 0. ii. COX, Rye, Bar. Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fittad. OBlR* K, O. U. W. Bldg. • » • WANTED—Young men lo prepare for coming examination for Railway .Mail and other Government Positions. Superior Instruction by Mail. Established 14 years. Thousands of successful students. Sample questions and "How Gov't Positions are Secured" sent free. Intgr-State Schools. Offlra Tel, 1088. Nlfht Tal. ^ DB. B. 0. CHBISTUa • Physician and SwgMI f Rooms 7 and 8. Evana BljfS. * a • • • • • • » f9R SJktM" FOR SALE—Good second hand .•sewing m.'icblnes, $3.00. $4.00, $.'•..00. $6.00. $8.00. The. lola P'urnlture E.v- change. South Jefferson Ave. F. n MASTnr, ? Bnrgery tnA lilseaaaa oC . * Women. Office and Residen<w Pbone KM * • Office 7 North Jefferson. 9 • • . • 9. JEWELR8. B. F. Fancoast old raUabla ]«walac. 110 East Street Lods^ FOR SALE—Two Bu«h & Gerts pianos slightly used, left with me for nihle School at ser-;-^,^-^ p^rf,^^, ^,^^5,^ - mon at 11:00 on The Christian s sac- ^ ^ ^ . jjj,herl.s Music Store. .Mrs. Hazel Dingman Curtis enter- riflce. Junior meeting at 3^00. Y. I " . P. S.C. E. meeting at G:.''.0. Evening j poR SALE—.\. 22-acre fruit and The only buslne..« of the ^tl.r^^':^^.o oZr>l~S.'^^^^^ — noon was a vote to assist a Corps member.shlp was represented bv only ZT^n *"'^",truck farm. 2 miles north of Gas City, whicli is erecting a now biillding In „ f..^ of those wiio are to belong bttt The TianksMvinir services will he Good bottom land. .1. W. McWIIIIams, the place of one recently destroyed hyj.h, anornoon was very pleasant.^ Re- hell in Ki^TSch ^.^rsdaj ^r 10:30 G„s City. R. R. 1. freshments were seired. Among those n. H. EIJLBTT, Minister, present were Mrs. Jeanette Cooper Myers, .Mrs. Frank Faucett, Mrs. Joe Urandt. .Mrs. Earl Stanrteld, Mrs. C. J.' lire. •> 4- Sorosis Musicale. The Sorosis club will have a miisl- ca'c tonight at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. .T. Norton. 402 South Elm. * * * To Visit in Ottawa. Miss Blanche Thompson and Miss Grace Thompson went to Ottewa to­ dav. She will spend the week end with frl«<nds there. I y •> <• Home For Thanksgiving. .Amonff the colle.t^e folk who will he homo for the Thanksgiving seawn this year are: Miss Trean J-owdor- milk. Miss Ethel Bennett Miss Harriett .McMillan, Miss Ruby Heller. Miss Lois Bennett. Mr. Fred Apt and Mr. Harvey Heller. y * • Thanksgiving Dinner. .Mr."!. .A. H. Jamison, of Wheeler Heights will entertain at dinner on Thanksgiving for her sister, Mr.'*, r Johe of Boonevlile, Mo. * + Miss Atchison Coming. Mis."; Zoe Atchison Is expected In TrinHy Methodist Churrh. tiranai. .urs. rMxi DIU.UI.-IU. i. j. There will he preachlns at 11 a. m. Major, .Mrs. Unice Oshorn and Mrs. .,,,,1 7.^0 p. m. at the Trinity M. E. Mack Curtis. phurrh tomorrow. The pastor, Rev. Mrs. i-'rank Faucett will hav.^ the ,^ Knowles. who has been away In club in two weeks. I a meeting at l/)iiishurg. has returned * •> <• :ind will fill his pulpll l )0lh morulnc Costume Party. Ia„rt night. Miss Edn.T .McClaln entertnlnrd .i' Sunday school .it 9:45 n. m. j;roiip of girl friends last night wltti • •— ..<>_„ i-XlR SAI>: OR TRADE—Good property, close in. Call 110 West Monroe. a costume party. Tbe guests assum-j fd real or comical names and the ev-| ening w ,4s mt'rry with games In which poinic rf'cltations and toasts wore pi\'en. After the supper which was el-^ abnraiely served in courses the hos-' less an^ giiosts contributed music. Eloven girls wore entertained. j •:• •:• I Thanksgiving Recital. Junior iJeasue at 3 p. m. Epworlh I>e.iguc at 6:30 p. m. Second Baptist. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preaching at 17. Sermon. Opening of the Sealed noolj. R. Y. P. U. 6:30 p. m. Preaching at R p. m. Sermon. We are Bought With a FOR RENT—Newly papered 4 room house, close in. Other houses. Whitaker & Donnell. FOR RENT Oil SALE CIlIOAi?—A three or a six roomed house; close In. Inquire Ttichmnud. Ki«.«. Phone 62. rOR iXOHAME sis Clear La Harpe residences $7000 '.and $3000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenhart, lola. Kas. Mme. Nordica, w;:o is one of the world's preatest sopranos., will bring to} early In the week for a visit with her parents. Col. and Mrs. .T. B. Atch- The date . oil ison. ^Ilss Alchison and Mrs. Sena w.^ ^ „. ...^ great prima Wall .ice have been lecturing In West donna here is not yet donltely decid- ern Kansas, ed, but It will he .somewhere about > ••• January 20. I Misaion Band. ' The Mission band, a children's aus illary of the Refomied church, la having a meeting this afternoon. • i Program at Chapel. Mrs. E. N. Jones is at Bassett this afternoon nttendinR a special program by tbe Sunday school. The teachers arc Buperintendine: music and drills apnroprlate to .Arbor day and the pupils are nlanting shrubs and plants to beautify the chapel premises. There will be a 'iox social there next week to entertain tJie pupils and their friends. • 4. • to Visit ParenU. , ( Mrs. A. C. .Maildnx and children of LFort SCott will be here tonight to Xlnlt Mr. And Mrs. S. R. Gllflllan. Mra. S nddox Is a daughter of Mr. and rs. Glldllan. .p. - 4. Frank Hardin to Wed. Amonf tbe weddings which will i >c- C4ir at ThanksglvlnR time is that of .yr. Frank Hardin, who lives soiilb of Ln/?arpe to Miss McCune nf Kan- 8^ Cltv. The marrlace will be »ot- ojmnlzed on Tbaaksgivlng day at the home of the bride 's parents and the couple'will come to Mr. Hardin 's linnpid to live. Vr. Hardin la a «rai4. tuto.flf tkK lolA lUgh fehno1'«M la. We have never carried such a large variety of these gift articles—they come in gi^, filver, broDze and brass. Prices froci i?Vw*taf«. : . 1 veil.known in tota anti Ulan^ao ^tn Mr.B. r. I.. Evans afid Mrs. P. E. Price. WauKh are arranging a recital for the, This is the last of the rally. Let week subsequent to Thanksgivlnp. A tlie entire membership answer to number of their most advanced pupils your pledge. v.ri contribute lo the propram sind " l-'rlonds a.^ ^^.M ....... .....i.. each musician who is to participate in come and a.ssist us in this effort the recital will have several numbety. j Special attention given to visitors •:• -}• * /' JOHN W. GORDON. Pastor Secretaries to Meet and Oklahoma secretaries TOPEKA DRI 'fifil .ST SETTLES.' of the Y. W. C. .A. have made quite 1 en advance in their line of work in 1 Paid ^1,000 to Compromise a Itreacb that they are planninc a "secretaries' ' ~ conference" to meet in Topeka Decem brr 7-9. 'QW^lnrluden secretaries ot both city the two 00000000000000000 O Experleored Anrtioaeer. O O To get acquainted with the O O public I will M^ll all public sales O O free of chitrge listed before Jan. O ..^..iioii.. « 1. 1909. Reference furnished from O are cordlalb Invited to;«, ^^^^ , ^^^.^ ^la.Sai- O O isfactlou guaranteed. Graduate O O of .Missouri Auctlim Schrml. O O Telephone .S.-.r.. O lo E. E. VICKERS. O O 409 East St.. lola. Kans. O 00000000000900000 of Promise Sail. Topeka. Kas.. .Nov. 21.—The breach ident associations and of suit brought by Miss l>?na be spent most profit- Packard, of T .08 Angeles against Ed- ably in .Pi2^fj«sing problems and find- gar C. .Yrnold. the prominent Topeka !'n^ sol/};..? {wholesale was compromised + * * // Vesper Service. At the Y. W. C. .A. tomorrow Mri. A. D. Williamson will elve a talk lodav by the payment to the plaintitr of $4,000. The suit for $25,000 dnm- I aces which started last .\pril lii the A. LT. •> jiiiuiuot^.i mil I (Tniiod States r-ircoil cniirl will be and afterwards there will be the us -,(ii >iulsscd next week, ual "at home" hour which is proving _-^^HSBBaMH-^^^^^«^^^^^^» «o delightful. All wpmen and girla • are always invited to them Sunday af- — te-rnoons. • * •> Returned to Denver. yim. \. L. Rose, who uas been vls- Itlnu ler father and mother. Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Gray, left yesterday for bar home In Denver. Colorado. Mrs. Rose has spent the past seven weeks here and was preuent when Mr. and Mrs. t^rav celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. H r: you seen'thie new Shirt Waist A Beautiful Silk Flaa. , Do you want A Ueauiiful Bilk Flac 3x3 feel? Up-to-date; 46 aurs: made if flnc twilled silk: beautiful color* X nice Christmaa present or a soa tienir for tbe borne. ijSeod $L60 -and- you will receive tht .JDaily and Sunday Journal threa mtha and one of theio fiais. ' Addre'sa THB XANSAB CITT >5 .«,•£*'• Rings For the Utile finger in tnrnuoise metris. 11 yon hnvp not we wonid like to price Ihenitojfou. J. W. COpY i SON Mrs. Glower Home. Mrs. D. H. Glower, 311 South First street who nCcompanied her daughter. Miss Velma Glower, to Kansas City, several days ago, has returned tome. She spent several days there with her soil, H. W. Glower. ENIGHl 'S OP PTTin ift -Na _ Liodge Ko. .43 me'-i- '^r,.r^ vtrtn'd^ night at K. ot P. "•' . thers inrited. W. ii.-.ia).»t>ii kVH Chris RTtter. K. of K. aud S. •;, XNIflHTS OF ^ Knights of Maccabees ot tta«:>1 meeu in K. P. Hail, aecond i Saturday nighta ot each W. Postwalt commander; It.:.B: . ter, record keeper. • . W. 0. W^amp No. 101 mmUm K. of P. irali every Friday nlglt^jR T. Steele, C. C. A. H. DaTta, YSflP Visitors cordially invited. J '^'^ X. W. A,-The M.' W. _ _ meets evei^y Friday nlgbt In H.,1 Halt. Visitinr brothers IHTIU * Colfleld. V. C. W. A. Cowan. BOTAL IfEI6HB0B8 .r -I61if; No. -36b, Royal Neighbors. maM*^' ond and fourth Tnesd*)« - 6C' month. Mrs. F. A. Wagaisr, Mrs. Mary Hutton. 41» West Recorder. - •.- .yinpg%. FRATEBNAL BHOTL_ Fraternal Brotherhood Kt».;_second and fourth' TBuraday month in A. O. U. Vf. llaH. IVIu membera cordially Invited. W. K\ derson. prealdent; Golda JOifi^"' tary. R. „ Flagstone and Cement- Sld«waMii?'aiKK^ Curbing a 8peel*l,ty.*i^"^|:;j Oflre lis Eaat JacksM] i&tvr-.^ W*«s W*. • -' - ^ • j 1.:=-'-'' Visit Friends. Mrs. John Madison, of Los Angeles. California, visited yesterday with .Mrs. Frank Johnson, .111 North street. Mid Shockey Here. Mid Shockey. postmaster of Colony, came down today to be in attendance at the G. A. B. entertainment tonight. Mr. Shockey is the repreientatlvo of the Colony Post No. 179. Mrs. Shockey and .Mrs. Nettle Perkins are here as representatives of f.e W. R. C. of Colony. Denmnd Is Ifeavy. The demand for hunter.-* licenses is still very heavy at the office of tlie county rierk. .Mr. Culberlson said yes ierday that he looked over the money taken in from hunters licenses for the fuist few days and found that It amounted to about $60. Many Famen-ta Town. A good nanr fanrmai* vere In town this afternoon. Xearijr^n-of the tmM able.hiti^ing plaees'-abont-tbe.a^nar^ i^al testate; in*tF^ City and Farm Low Rate, Annual interert.'^^B'^'-. • J J Payments received at Mir<^i«*^'' time withont notice, and ln-''~ " terest ceases on amonhtpald. V Lonir ar Short Time L«BU.: < Cunningiiiini.& '•A ..•t5 OUR TEUrj^l^^i^ la constantly ringing these itaya. tember. yon know. Is the titai) .( OL. the summer dnst cleaned-dntoC pets. We are bnsy. but yoor ... receive prompt and carefn^-i. Phone us today. lOLA RUG mi MA6iZ|XE9 A7 ean Jia" , who deal^;« .AirnlShes C«(Mlble:v jfordei^^ «hoM

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