The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 24, 1944 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 13
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AIR ARMY HEPt'TY—Lleuten- nnt-General Frederick A. M. Browning is British deputy commander of the new Allied air-borne army. I O I T - T A • 0 I CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE SANDWICH SPREAD— Blend GUITTARD chocolate syrup with peanut butter ro taste, spread on bread. ( For syrup, mix 1 cup GUITTARD'S, }A cup sugar, few grains salr, add 1 cup hot water, J'5 cup corn syrup; boil, stirring, 3 min. Add 1 tsp. vanilla. Cool. Use also for dessert sauce or ^ chocolate milk.) 1 Ban on Farm Products Sale Under Parity Put in Bill AVASHINOTOX. Aup. 24. (&>— The Senate wrote into a bill for disposal of some $100,linn,0(10.000 worth of surplus war goods today a ban on domestic sales of any extra farm products at less than parity or prevailing market prices, whichever is higher. .Senator I^a Follette (P-Wla.) said the amendment would prevent disruption of farm price structures. The Senate accepted it unanimously and later added a provision to njise from ill' \' 2 to 95 per cent of parity the 1944 loan rate on cotton. The cotton amendment, offered by Senator Bankhead (D-Ala.), was accepted without objection although Senator Johnson (D-Colo) said he \v».s not clear as to its relation "to the subject of surplus property." The chamber also adopted a provision intended to simplify reconver- sion by allowing contractors to obtain inventories of war materials used in their establishments instead of forcing them into the open market for supplies with which to resume civilian production. Bipartisan sniping had broken out earlier against a section of the legislation which critics said would prevent contractors acquiring their inventories. Previously, Republican Senators held a party conference on the bill which would create an eight-member policy board to direct the disposition of $100,oni).(I0(),i>0fl worth of surplus war supplies. But the Republicans took no solid stand for or against the legislation, senators were left free to take whatever position they pleased. Preclude Contractor Buying It was the chairman of the C!. O. P. conference, Senator Vandenberg of Michigan, who opened up on a section of the legislation which he said would preclude a contractor buying up his own inventory for re- conversion purposes. Instead, he said, the contractor would have to turn the inventory over to the government for storage, and go into the open market for more materials. Senator Oeorge (D-Oa.), sided in with Vandenberg. I'nder the bill he said, textile mills with war contracts and ample supplies would have to stop their machines and dispose of inventories, even though they were able to "go on without even slowing operations." "It would slow down and retard reconversion." he protested. Senator .Johnson fU-Colo.), one of the sponsors of the bill, said the military committee had sought to prevent a contractor or subcontractor from becoming a disposal agent. Bay City Market Is Sluggishjind Lower SAX FUAXCISCO. Aug. L'4. (& , Tho stock iniirkct \vas vrry *|iii*>t : ;ind Iducr t<xl;iy. \villi 17 issues Ins- inn Krmiml :i?;.-iinst -I advances. i Ci'lioral .Motin-s lost I'j. ("atorpillar ! 1, I'ui-al'iiii- : \ ami Standard of Call- ; fornia, Southern Pacific and Trans- ' amcrica all lust ' 4 . the latter to in. Xi'llerhach preferred picked up '., : to Hi- 1 ;.. | Bay Area Tideland Reclamation Asked OAKLAND, Aug. 24. (UP)—Reclamation of 700 acres of San Francisco bay area tidelands and construction of a third bridge across the bay were proposed today at the second and closing session of the State Reconstruction and He-employment Commission hearing on postwar problems. Thomas A. Brooks, chief administrative officer for San Francisco, said excellent sites for light industry could be developed on the heretofore wasted tidelands. He proposed that the City of Berkeley reclaim its eight miles of tidelands and that Oakland follow the same course with its waterfront. Jlex L. Nicholson, a director of builders of the west, said only construction of a third bridge or a partially filled mole across the bay would relieve the surge of bay traffic he predicted would develop after gasoline rationing ends. Witnesses before the commission yesterday predicted a 50 per cent increase in tjun Francisco bay area population combined with a 90 pel- cent decrease in shipyard employes. CAPTURE CH1S1NAIT LONDON, Aug. 24. (UR)—Red army troops have captured Chis- ineati, important communications center and powerful German stronghold and defense base in Bessarabia, Radio Mqgcow reported today. INTON'niTIONAL Sl RRENDER ANKARA, Aug. 24. <U.R>—Diplo- matic sources said today Russia's armistice terms to Rumania call for unconditional surrender and establishment of a democratic government in Bucharest. II SMITH'S FARMERS MARKET "THE BEST FOR LESS" THIRD AND CHESTER Friday and Saturday, August 25-26 CANNING PEACHES Large Size Orange Cling Pearlies. SI'KCIAL—LI G 99 TOMATOES Red Ripe Home-Grown. SPECIAL—POUND 5 CANNING PEARS Fancy Mountain Ba'rtlells. SPECIAL—LUG $139 1 PEACHES Kxtra Fancy Large Sue Hale Freestone Peaches. SPECIAL aS5SSW#SW5S5S«3W BUTTER Pure Fresh Creamery in Quarters. SPECIAL—POUND 2*19 5SWS5SWW5S 49 CORN Piclsweet Whole Grain Golden Bantam Corn. 13-ounce tins. SPECIAL ... 2-27 VELVEETA CHEESE Kraft's Mellowed Yellow Cheese. Big 2-Pound Loaf. SPECIAL PEAS Sweet, Tender. Early June Eastern I'eas. No. 2 Cans. SPECIAL 69 2 - 23 LAUNDRY SOAP White King's Blue Mottled Bar Soap. SPECIAL 4 »ars 1 5 VEAL CROWN ROAST Cut from Northern Milk-Fed Veal. SPECIAL POUND 28 BEEF ROAST Chuck. Round Hone or Rump. No Points. SPECIAL—POUND 25 RABBITS Fresh Dressed Young Frying Rabbits. SPECIAL—POUND 55 VEAL ROAST Northern Veal Boned and Rolled. No Waste. SPECIAL-POUND '. 31 FRYERS Fresh Dressed Colored Fryers. SPECIAL—POUND Mrs. Spreckels Asks S1000 Month Support T,OS AXGKLKS. Aug. 24. (JP>— Mrs. Mary Laviniu Spreekles, attractive former dancer, sued sugar heir John* I). Spreekles, III, for separate maintenance today, asking $1000 a month support, and charging him with excessive addiction to liquor and violent bursts of temper. She alleged Spreekles struck her without provocation, and on another occasion, she asserted, threatened to shoot her and she was forced to take refuge in a bathroom until rescued by police. She listed his holdings as at more than $2.000,000, and asserted that during three months in 1!)40 he squandered $100,000 on horse races and race horses." Failing to supply her with necessities. Mrs. Spreekles also demanded all community prop- Two Jap-Americans May Live on^ Coast LOS AXGKLKS, Aug. 24. (^Pi- Charles H. Carr announced today that military au'horities have exempted two Americanborn Japanese Mrs. Shizuko Shiramizu and Masaru Baba, from the order excluding Japanese from the Pacific coast defense zone and particularly from Los Angeles county. Can- asked Federal Court to dismiss suits brought by a Civil Libel-ties t'nion attorney to test tin- right of the military to exclude Mrs. Shiramizu. and Baba. lie said army officials had advised him that there were no facts on record indicating that Mrs. Shiramizu or Baba might jeopardize security. Mrs. Shirami- zu's husband was killed while fighting with American forces in Italy VETERAN* REDISTRIBUTION WASHINGTON, Aug. 24. iff) Army veterans returning from overseas duty for United States assignments yesterday began mpving into resort hotels at Santa Barbara, one of the first of five redistribution stations to begin operations. KISHINEV TAKEN LONDON', Aug. 24. (if)—Marshal Joseph Stalin in an order of the day announced tonight the capture of Kishinev in Rumania. 15770 By MRS. ANNK CABOT I borrowed tile net of mals from the wife of Garrett Mattlngly, the well-hnnwn historian, long enough to have them copied by my designer. They're one of of the nicest and most practical crocheted sets I've seen—the largest one measures 8',i Inches; then comes a 714 Inches. 614 inches and the smallest one Is fiVi Inches. Easy to crochet, they're a good-looking onset on any hospitable dining table. To obtain complete crocheting instructions for the set of four swirled hat mats • Pattern No. 57701 send is cents in coin, plus 1 cent postage, your name, address and the pattern number to Anne Cabot. The Bakersfield California!!. 709 Mission street. San Francisco. Ami'iK'tin l 'n-;i me] irs ........ Crown /.fllrrhiirh I'rim-n X.-llci -IKH-II I'lil ' iell'Tll ! Mdltll H .. . Cnlili-n Suit" l.ilihy M-'Ni-iU Mnyiiii vo . . M'MiMsir. MnniH;». mi-mi; ...... N'nrlh A menra n 'Ml <ir"icli<nMl IVlroI'Mim I'm iti'' <'n;iHi .Sup M-I:;I t.-s Pi'i-ifn i in* ii ml Kin 1 1 n- •'ai-iifiin- i IIMI Rli-'c-in ManuI'Mi lurinu Kv l>n S;i n .M:tiiri'.'o Snill ll.MM I'.-li l! i( SIM mlii r<l nil „( ( 'a lil'm -inn Transit nn-i i' ;i . Cotton Futures \KW YdUK. AIIB. 1M. (/Pi- 1 '01 Ion rniiiir.M iH-in's I'niishid ;in i-Ma<-lit si s- Mim unlay \\ilh iifl ^iim." {•< t.'i to ,'iTt it'll I » M h:ili>. I'MK'H had Ixiunili'il slianily nl'lor ill" S*>nalt- niMinivrit 111 1 ' HiinUh.'ad int-asiln- ilf'HiKMfil id raisi.- 1 he prii •• of (otton ami al olio lime vcri' ahcatl as miKh an * r > a half. Pi'ul'ii tiikin;.' (|i'Vi-lo|ii-.l in lliu last few nnmit.'s of liadin«. Kiilnr* 1 * i-losod 4."i 1o .",."» r^nly a halo IliulliT. O. -Hilii'r LM. ISIl l'l.::!l. DIM-I-IH- IIPI- 1M.:(:. Miin-h L'l.lKi. May L'n.Til. July un.4!> nominal. Middling snut I'L'-ls nominal. up s. Los Angeles Livestock l.OK AXtiKI.K.S. AUK. M. <ITp)_- 1 . lv .-«l<>i-li. I'.-iilIp salnhle .Mill. very B!IIW. Mt't'is Hcan-f. liiarlualiy no early sali-.s. slip SUM:. and hulls ahout sn-ad> al w.-i-U's di'rlmi-; nil.] ((tllimnn to medium MI-I-TH $ 1 f l. .Vi <u lit. r,0 ; medium to low i;ood u-rass heifers $1 1..10*/ 12.7.V few medium lo Rood eo\v« ?10'fM2. eut'.er to common $7ft !'.75. Viinni'iH down to $•"> 7f> and under. medium to uood hulls $!*li 10. 7J, few euru- inim 57.,'iO'ii S .Mi. ('.-lives Halahle ".">0, slow. sales lad- Wednesday and today $2 ."iO'n 4: louei than week ,'iKn: medium to < hoiee ran^e c;il\vs and vealers $ 1 1). "jO <ii 1 :'. : numerous loads Texas ealves around il-. eull and eom- mou $7 'n 1 '» I Ions salalil.' 400 active nl eeilinK prices; hulk medium to ehoice 1SO-D40 Ihs $l.i 7 ."» ; heayier wei(;htM lar^el> J 1 r> ; fev\' mefliii .1 Kiades IM.Ti^'fi i,".: merlium to choice HOWB $ 1 ^1 f(i 1 4. .">'l; yood to ihok-e feeder |iiss $1 4 If 14. ."ill. Ptieep salahle none: ^ooil to choice wooled lamhs nuoted ! 1 4 'ri 1 4 »0. Los Angeles Produce I.OS A.M1KLRS. AUK. 21. </P>— Trarlinir in t'luits and yeRetahles was modi-rale today. Means and cantalotujc's \vei-eslichlly weaker, Honeydew melons wej-p slmhlly stronger; t-orn, celery und tomatoes were firm. Lieans: Kentuekys. lo<al. San Piefro eounly and northern 9'nllc Ih. ; T.imas. local and San Diei^o county ri r 'i7c Hi. Cantaloupes: s,an joacium \alle\\ cralep Jumho :llis and lareer S:i. ,")0 '11 :,. !lli ; local and SalJKU* Hales. .lumho ,1iis and lai-j;er $L'.."id''i ;',: Honeydews. Sap Joacinin valley .liirnhii tisiis iinif standard OslL's $1.7."i'fj Corn: Oc-lden, local IUKS :',:;'. -doz 90i 'ii $1. lo. ' " Celery: I.ocal 7'ascal. Ifi-l'i-ineh crates $1.7f><(/ L': shell Hacked *!'. 7 j '<i :i. L'.'i. Tomatoes: Local and San DICKO couuly lims. 4x.">s to r.xtis SL'.iiOtii :i: San Juiuiuai \alley. ,"ix;"is and i'ixt'..« J J 'n l'.7;,. I'REDICTS G. O. I'. GAINS SACRA.MKXTO, AUK. 1!-!. <^P) Stale Senator Ed J. Tickle, Cannel, j until recently chairman of th«j state '• i;epul:)li;-an central committee, pie- | dieted today the Republicans would | pick ui> I'roni one to four seats on the California, congressional dele- Ration in the November election. good energy food 9000 U. S... Unili added Money Back GUARANTEE If you are not lafisfied thai the product in this package it of the highest possible quality, your dealer will refund the purchase price. WILSON'S •tidied OLEOMARGARINE Made FRESH Daily in Southern California THE WIISON Ulil PROTECTS y««r foi/i STANDARD STANDARD FLY SPRAY Protects Health Sure death to household insect posts.' Pleasant to uso and stainless. • TAMDARD OF CALIFORNIA KIU!> EM DtAD - flies, ants, mothi, spider?, silverfiih, cnotquifi NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE ! tE!ie gafaergftelb , August 24, NK\V VlpCK. A-;ir. '.'I -- A'i I;.•!!•]. i ,.in AlHsk., .lin,.-,'i . . .'..". ... . . All'-i: li;i in ' - nr pni ,• [ -un Allifil i 'li>.in,, .ll iitiil ]>>.• AllM'i! Si » . Allis i'li;tlin.T« .M.nrif.-i, liiriiiu Am,T" :i', ''., n Ain.-r, ,ii, , 'in. i, n,| Koniiili v Arnc'i-i. :,n ,,n,l K,.i, ,KII I'm., r . A Illi'l ' ,1 I, I .,,, , pITl'H ,\ " Am. r'. :in !•.,« ,., ;in.| l.-ulu Ami'M' .ill li.i.l.alii! :,!!!l S!""l S Am.'i-i, mi I!.ill,i,a .\!ill All!. I'!, ;ill Stn.'l!--!- a 11,1 K'M AniiM-i, MII Si.'.'l rininilMi'M Am,T,, an 1Y1 an,I To] Ani.'i'i'.in T,,ha,,,. I! Ann>ri.:in Wal.-r W.irks Aln.Mi-a., XIIT , I,P:K| -ind S:l\-,-i. A MM, miila . A rin,mi & i -.. Alliiim. ' K.'hnri-- ' ' ' ". ifMlilM'ill l.tii i.lniiliv.- . " ".'.'"". Ha It un,Hi- A i >hio )!iirii»>lal! ' >il 15,'1,'li \ A \- ,a I inn Hi'iiii.-iipin si,','i ... l!,,i>ini: AintlaiH' . HOIK- Warner . Iti mt; - Al:: nn fa> t n n nu Iliidd Ma nnt.i, I nrinu Muild Wheel i 'a him, ( t v 11,- ia I'an.u'iaii I'm il'n i'as,- i'omp:iu> i 'ela ncsc < 'crpoi a : i,,n I'lie-apeak" .V Ohio * 'hrvsler t '01 poi al ion . i 'olua lei 'a lmoli\ e- Peel c'olumlna lias and lOleclip I'nmmercial I nyest me,u Tins! ('omniei, ia 1 Soh ems I 'ommonwea llh & Sop: hern .. Consolidated Kill si ill ('onia :nc- i '01 pora I ion nil lie! Corn 1'iodui is down Xa'llerhai h Cm a Cola t 'lll'l is>- \\'rii;ht I iisl. i '01 p -Seam am's IloiiKlas A tr, ra II I'll Pont ile .NVmoni Ka.-lman Kodak Kli.ctri, Aulo l.iHht KliM-trie I'ow, r and l.mhl Kne Railroad ' lenei a 1 Klccl ric lleneral l.'.iods i;.-m-riil Motors Doodii, h i;ood\-,ai Til,- and liiihh'-l I Ir, al Noi I hern pld ilrohonnd .. . ilou^lon i nl Hudson Motor* Illinois Cpnival I HMO i a 1 ion i 'opper llll.-rlake li-i-n Inlei nal iona 1 lla r\'e--lei Inn i niilional HydrnKlei . A. . Iniei nat lonal XnUei CUM 4'. . - 4 : I'll 4- : i i; o '• s 14 40 41 "'- I'll, I! I'.,]'- r !'!•! Inl.-i iial ioii.. I T. i. , nd T. !. JohlisMiiiu,:',.. K' line, -,:, i 'opp,-! . Kl oi;e! C, : \ Mi,' k Ti m ks . i !."• vv 1 ' le. . i Mai 'ii,-,| 1 Ma r>ha I! I-' • I,I I .Mid-Coin -1.11: I'..',. ! M'lim ap,.'i--.\|..l,i,,. Monii;.,,,!. •> \\ ,1 M III i a \ " -•! pi,: ., I I IM \ i-h K- \: .'i.i-o. N.,1 ,,!,,,; i;,,. I, ' \ c-,,i, K. ^...,. . .Nation,! I .., i > l'i,,,lo i, N.ll'ollill |I|M |l,.|- ? \iil -on ii IMV, • i in,I l.. L |,! Nal'i.nal Supph .\e\\ i»,i t I ii'lu-i i j. ^ New Vmk '',-11:11,! Xoi I h \iii-i , i ,iinj,.,'i> llh, i, I'aekard Moi.,,- Paianiounl pi. l'iic< 1'arU Ciali c,,i-.s M.nint l'enns\ l\ a ir;i |ia ill ,,.,d 1'llelps II,,,|K" Phillips I', iioleiim I'uhli, Sei v, ' N,- , .1, ,„, Piilhnan . Pure (»•! K,id io c,,, ,„,, .,, ,,,,, ,,, \ lnt ,, K.idio.K.'il h-< M |,h.'ijin Hem 1111:1 mi K.uid . K,'Pill,I" Si, , I Ui' Tol-.i,,,, I; . S, h.'iilo I MSI ,11, ] > Seal s. tin 'hn, k Shell C, (It! Simmons i 'ompa in . .... So, on' - Va, '.ili'n Sum In in Pa, ill- Soul hern iliiihvii.v Spa i ks \\' it h in^ton Sp,M r> i 'orpoi a t i,,n Siandiiid Plan.Is nil of Cali!on,ia Si.i n,In i,l ,'n ,,l Indiana,la nl IIH ,,l \.-u .lci-.«e\ Sl-'Wit rl \S";i rn.T Si,me A- Wehhei- Sin,h linker Corp.MiilH.n T-'\ us i ',,1 poi a i ion Tide U ale,- A SMI. 'ill, ,1 I nl Timkcn I i.'t toil A \|. Timkeii Holler II.-in mi: Tu , nl iei h i '. in iii \ -l-',,\ I'll 'arhidc I'lijon i 1,1 ,,l Caliloni:.! Cmoii Pa, ific I n:l,-il An Liln * I 'lined Air, r.-,|i CiMi"d c,.r anon I'mled i;.-i.< Imp I'll led Slates P.uhh. i I'lllled Sl lies SI- "1 Wahvorih NV'ai il"i rirolhei H I',, nires \Ve-ilern I'll,oil 'I'el.-lapll A Weslern Cmoii Telcerapli I! W.-si muli,mi.-,. \\'htle M, ,,,,,- .. Woolwoi-ll, Vounuslown She..; iu.,1 Tul.e Market Glides as 1 2,505 Issues Sell i.ns A.\(;I:LI;S. Am,-. L-I K.irl\ I olini ..... ' s-ile- l'i Coca-Cola Is Strong Spot in Dull Mart »n 1 t In ll" tnilli;, Uitll ii|]|v I 1 ixii.-i ,'iih .,n,-iii'..' in ,li.,'iiriinq :m<l '< UM.'hiUiu.'d (Hi Ih" ],...- .\ i IK elf.- I Sloe I, KM'li.'ilit;... r.liif I ii:iiii' ,iid i 'in |,n]MI ii.u , limU'd ;t nicki'l in J .'.'i ;iii,l |:,'is:i I'liic.i nil u iiii-lM'l l" 1 >.". 1 , in II •"•«. H.-niiliiii ."•'! i ,'l'"'iin U to • '.\. Si.niil.-Li'd 'HI i.f i 'Mlii'firni.i i, tn iif4;,in.-t '•':-'•>. MJ.~> yi-stff'lay. , :l'l "•, iind Tnm-.iiiiiTK'.i '„ lo Pi 1 ,. _ Sii'i k - i -,',,-• niW-JONKS AVKRAOES I'i "liniinarv rlosinjj T)ow-JonPS .•n'-I'.'ites: Industrial!! 147.11. off n Tti; rails 4".7". oil' n.P.J; utilities '.''' Hi, off «.\fi: f>~ storks .".C.rtfi. off" ". '.-'. S-iles were 77:;.H10 shares comp.ircil with 7>S.l. n .'> ^•esterday. c'ml, nil Hover w.i.~ :;il,."ilij shares !'• I i "! i l:l'ie |i.,ir, I Coip li.'ls.i i "I," ., i i I A I '- -.-ha V ,i. r.i i . Coll-,,I:.I,,|.',1 SI, ,.| , ,,,,, •a.iddim: M, I :. a n She,! 1 in,-a ii'! S,,,i! !ie t n i '.i i, i,.: i, ., I .,) ,-. .-'l-lllda ,.| III el ' ' li",,!-!, met |, .1 '"'I' XK\V YORK. A lie. 24. (UP)— I St,,rks ,]{•< -iiri"i] iri-i'tcu&irly In light ',' !n inline i his rnoi ninir. j i > ! .Must leadnrs cased squall fractions, ji'i ; wliilf M ir-w (if ihf t'pcently firm :' - . s]ici ial [.-'MI"* had losses r;irising to PI ' ] ••' puiiit. The lattr-i- included Brings | M.iMiif.-K'nii-iiie. uhich touched 42^-i, r.i:i.-• "ii' !•"••> before meeting meager sup','.\"'"i- ' '""''• m.,;i There were a few strong spots, in- Poultry and Eggs l.i's A.SI;I:I.I-:S \, u - -t if 111.i rl.- I \Vh"|. -.'ll.- pi !. i.* , - la.|.- I..11 -•• -1:1.!.' ,\ I I 'I I '.I :•"• " -in . M .i,uin u, .tile A :;: ,; ;;M I! 'K.'''I..:) 'pn.'i's' 'n ,,.i,s,, m ,.i- i.;,,••_-,.. : ( ' lll "' M1 - r fo'-'a-i'ola, and I«iclede Gas in-. ' preferred. si i\i). \\'hili' f'.rifrc.s rested, several other 1 " equiiinient issues moved era.I- A A .'•'' " >'•'.*. . L . a.!.- A -I ade I! le .1 I.".. . m.-di'.lln. a I!' " •'•'.'• Hi ad.' A 17" I:', , sin.i A _ " aiitomoli i';in.ii.'ii BI-IUI.-,! "---i" i.^i.nit-is •'. IISI-M-i iniii tho front line on the up side. v >''7.' ".'I', ,'i',.i: V :i'-.'i'i':•'.''; .''...."lin'm. 'si'.'dc A i M " t;ll| ly Murray rorporation and :ii' i; ' i:''. si,,.ill. Ki-.-iii.- \ _'L''i:i.. ' Hemlix, both at new hiehf. Auto- l.ivt. I...HIII-V in,, haiit:...!. ; mnliilf issues eased. Rails held Los Angeles Hay j sieadv to sliKhtly lower. American A.\I ;i:i,i:s ..MIS -i i/l'i—.Mf:iiia | I'iMillint; made ,1 new low In the !i',"i' "''I'M i.'i'''-in '-'v 'i'i's' "'iT «'i''''''""T'i '"" : '''I" 01 ' 1 "'- Oi '- s "'ei' p mixed. .Mont^om- i.'V' i mi'ici'. 1 ' r"f'i;iVi!.i.'i-,i. ; Hmii!' 1 .; ii-rpi'i'i" i rrv ^"-T'd rose nearly a point in an "'• ii:i> irrcsrular mercantile department. ON SALE AT S. H. KRESS CO. TODAY! Amazingly economic*! for home. office and factory. Only 2c a fuH gallon of solution. Government Bonds NFW YiiHK. Ann. L'l. (JPi—Thp r]np. inu pn. es ul' boiulN <in UM- New Yoi k Siou-k Kx< h;ini;i-; Treasury Los Angeles Cash Grain T.l'S .\\IJKI.KS. Ana L'l (A .N'fivs Si'ivi.r. (|'i I' i 1 1'l run. in i n rluis nni\ ) riilil'iiriiui liiirli-y. L'lailiiiK <''. No. 2 o;ils, ?.:, HIM , hnlK SJ.Iln (CLEAMSW ALLS • WOODWORK • RUGS • UPHOLSTERY How to Cut Food Bills Yet Enjoy Top Eating! 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A&P Coffees are fresh; really fresh coffee makes the best coffee, hot or iced! MILD & MELLOW Eight O'Clock Coffee Red Circle Coffee RICH AND Bokar Coffee v ; FULL-BODIED 2 b '±47 < • • • • • GOLDEN WEST 6RAOE A Large Eggs 47< DOZEN in Carton See the Smart Savings You Make on These Pkg. Tomato Slices. N ° Ja2r '" 24 C FORMAY Shortening . . . 3 s j zbe 67 c GLRBER'S Baby Cereal . .2 Pkfl ..27° HIRE'S ROOT BEER Exfra ct B20 ^ le BRER RABBIT ^A f\\ Ace AC Green Pint moiassas Labe| . BoM)e CEREAL Malto-Meal . . . 2 « k ° az ; 22° GOLD MEDAL ailllllllllllllllinillllllllMIIIIHIIIM I BARTLETT PEARS! I FANCY! FROM SACRAMENTO RIVER DISTRICT! 1 LUG PIKOE AND GRANGE PEKO V Our Own Tea . . l AMU PAGE LESS THAN LUG 2 Ibi., 17e 23J-24 Ibs. Avg. DRIFTED SHOW Flour 5 ;£- Sack 10-lb.t^o : *• Flour 6 - |b - 1 °- |b ' riour 2 6c « . . EUNHYFIKLD 5-lb. 26c • • • sack ' KELLOGG'S DOG FOOD Gro-Pup pl'°f- 22° SWEETHEART TOILET SOAP 2 CAM$ 13 ( D* L«it loth Sii« .... lie SUPER SUDS GRANULATED SOAP 23 LARGE PACKAAI HALE PEACHES | FANCY! BY THE LUG • (Less Than Ltg, 3'^ 25c) 1 GREEN BEANS '=;; 2 25 LETTUCES? H,»10< AN:: PAGU Gelatin , AN;; I-AGE Noodles ANN PAGE SPAGHETTI Macaroni . . . ANN PAGE ELBOW Macaroni . . . SULTANA Preserves "^ppis S'JLTANA Cider Vinegar. HYDHQGENATL'D Q6XO shortening Bott 17 s 51 1<) e Lib. ,| O C • Pkg. IT OH 2 Lib. P K Pkgs. 19° Zpkgs. Lib. Class 24 s Quart <|^a Bottle It • -Ib. •Jsize RED MALAGA or , L 1 1 ILACK RIIIER Ib. JL X ALL ADVERTISED ITEMS SUBJECT TO STOCK ON HAND EIGHTEENTH and "EYE' (TAXABLE ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO TAX) PRICIS EFFECTIVE THROUGH SATURDAY DUZ GRANULATED SOAP LARGE PACKAGE 23 IVORY SOAP

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