Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 22, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1907
Page 5
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Wm Street, IbU, one block from fiqwitf.- DiseaiMli of domesticated •BiJMiaiwyceasfqUytreated.chaygea *4ioa«t«te;good bpsstaUsforpatients Calls answered-^mptly night or d^,*^ years experience. Veterln- lixy^Deatlstcy a specialty. ! Hoiaor Oradaataiof Ontario Vater- IwHy Colfeft, Prop. HoapHsl PhoiM 10 «8 Res. Plioae 139 Qunthier's Hoarhiound Candy The Best Made We Sell it, at SPENCER'S DR. J. F. JAXESOX; The Snecessfnl. Aae tloDPcr, Teteriqiiriui. Fnrni salesor PcdiRTet^slock sales mnde anywhere.; Vcter-j inary call* auswcred dny or niKht. OlEce with l^bnglass Bros, phcne 13. residciicc 400 . , ' JOI.A. KANSAS. R, S. QiLriLLAN, Cteaeral icoatnetor. Flagitoae and Cement Bidewallu anl^ Curbing % Bpecl^ty. Oflee lU Eait laeksea kn, PkMw m. iowa Store Dip Uarrain IV M J C dn All Kinds of Fall UDrcb4udlsp. Grocery Department. We carry everyt|ilng that can bo got In the frlut Hn», also fresh veg- etablcs. Will call .your attention to our hig window which will plve you Bomo Idea as to wljat we have. We are ' niaklnR hfs preparations for ThanksKlviiiR day fcir Turkeys, Geese Ducks, Chickens, Fr?sh Oysters, Veal, Lamb, Mutton, Pecf, Pork, Mince Meat, Cotolene, Lard, Fresh Ham, (*'*'"**'Wsnrt«BW«;>^^Smoked Ham, SausaRc, Pressed Ham, Bologna, Head Cheese, Spmre-Ribs, Saner Kraut and Cranberries, Vie win srlro Freo to the one tfiat linys the luirest bill of Groceries a dre«,sed pig the dav before Thanksgiving. : . i A. G. MUMMA, Prop. iota Bosiaess College PenniansWp, Arit^mcOc, Elocution, Bockkecplng. English. Physical Culture, etc.. Shorthand, Letter Writing. Biitillei titer One fanndred ponnda ot Crystal lea wUl maka U gallons ot dlstlUed water soluble for tamlly ase. Try It ithlcekCiUStingeCi I FRANK RbpLB, Mgr. - "^'m saddest when^ I hare Indigea- itioi L** say many with weA stomachs. • Oe(*^rI«'ot^yDiir sUHJucb trouble by ' osi ig lO-o-na.~ Cnr«: guaranteed nr &Q <j a box.! Charles niE,I0tA]»AXLTK PRIDAT'ETEimrCL HOTinSR SS, IM?.* icixi Rxwa Dr. Wffle]^, Oeallrt. Humboldt W. J. EVANS went to yeStetday HUttemoon on « 4kort business visit. ' ' Mondis' WUts Piaa wMki Tar wUl cure your cold> A LAROB number of pijople went to lola this afternoon to Christian siclenco lecture . Kimball. Among the aumbelr were Mr. and Mrs. C. I. AMlltams, JMra. Julia Clark. Mrs. iAgnos Nesbllt, rer, Mrs. Jos. Edmonds, Mrs. W. A. Coulter, Oraco Qartlctt, and Irene iiiul Ucorgo Wilson.—Chanuto Sun. attend a by B. A. Powell, the real estate ngian. has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms ul n reasonable rate. [ Free dirt at Lnccock's. The Great Reduction In i the Richardson Millinery section brings many shoppers. .i.. jj^', 25c buys a ]ar ot Mundls' Fragrant Cold Cream. THE K, &: (lal out of L, OF S. will Initiate sev town candidates tonight. .\ftor the initiation a banqiiet will l>e [;ivcn In honor of the new members. Ladles If you are looking Tor stylish ^iIlll^ery the srcat cut prices at Hlchardson'8 will please you. Cure your pold by using Mundls' WTilte Pine with Tar. / One of the finest Skin Foods made is Mundls' Cold Cream. The elegant line of Cloaks at the Rlchardeon store were placed on sale for Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Kvery Garment In the coat section cut to the closest selling price.; Sec .T. W, Coffey when in need of fine furniture. 200 acres, about 6 miles from railroad town, I^ourbon county, 75 acres in cultivation, 3 room house, etc. Price $L'500. All clear. ' ANliltakor & Donncll. P. E. Wasgk, OeaUrt. Fkeae 1». OIBee ever Banell'i Drag Store. The entire force of the Richardson Dry Gtwds store are very, very busy owlnK to the fact of the sreat cut sale on Cloaks, Millinery and Underwear. SCO J. W, Coltey when In need of tlno turulluro. 1313 Cold Cures in Mundls' window. Dr. ReyaoMi. Pkeae IM. Res. HI. Tlio ItoTlval ot ChrNtfnnrharch. The nieetluR last nlKhl showed a line lucrcasc In attendance and Interest; and all the features of the service were exceptionally cujoyalile. The large chorus under Mr, lloat- rlRhfs cxcollont leadership made the sinsIuR a Special feature; and this pan of the work will increase in effectiveness as more new cyanRellstic songs are gotten. The preachliiR Is all that th;e congrcRation can wish, and is delightlnR all. The subject of the sermon tonight Is "I'uriwse," FOR EjtcHAXGE—154 acres f. miles from I Howard, Elk county. Kas. Fenced hut no other" Improvements 100 acres can be plowed or. mowed. Balance pasture land. Price $4,000. Will trade for clear rental property In tola. Gas City or La Ilarpe. Quick deal. See us. lola Land Company. MOKE ]IIE\ AT WORK. Street r «m'mIs«ioner Walker to Hasten Itemoval Itf Curbing. I Street Commissioner J. S. Walker but they were not removinR the curb- men to work this mornins removinR ilie south Walnut curhlnR. He has had two teams and three men at work but the ywere not reniovins: the curli- InR quickly enouph. It l.-^ believed hat it will not take the entire force long to finish the work. WAMS OAK STKEET DR.UNED. Will Groonier Xakr<i Appeal to City ConnrlL Will Oromer la.*;! night appeared before the council and asked that that body take , some action toward the draining "|r South Oak street. Mr. Groonier says that water stands In the street the j^reater i>art of the year and sickness may be caused among the people of tlie neighborhood. The matter was referred to the street and alley committee. Register I Want Ads. Pay because fa Allen Conaty nearly everybody reads iJie Register. Umbraiiam Not mete commercial ofFerings. bnt articles of style and durability. Handles of beautiful design in gold, silver and pearl. Coverings of the fin^t linen and silk. A serviceable ajad appreciable present at this seasoi;! of the year.. Xo. Pae, tola Pf aai E. A T. ^ata iBiiecttn. ^ A ^ledo) BiU ii^ Children's Suits ahd Ovcrcods. Agt» 3 to 10 Sailor Blouse Sails <..|2.SOIo$S.OO Junior Suits.13.00 toHSO Knickerbocker Suits 12.00 to 16.00 Rossian Overcoat 13.00 to 19.00 Fancy Reefer Overcoat... $2.00 to S4.00 Double Breast Overcoat... 12.50 (o $5.00 —: i Boysv , Combination}] Suit ^ Z<lerbdincr,Stdaft7 ' tULMMMa, Boyi SuitSi A|e 7 to 16 Combination Suits, 2 pair pants .$5.00 Taro piece, double breast suit! $).00 to 7.00 Single breast Norfolk suits .$2.50 to 6.00 Knickerbocker suits |3.50 to 6.50 Boys Overcoats, Ages 10 to 15 Double or single breasted, long or medium and all the new colors $3.50 to 10.00 Knee Pants , All styles and colors 50c. 75c and $1.00 Boys' and Children's Stocking Caps 25c and 50c Children's fancy caps acd Tamosbanteis in red, blue white and colors 7Sc and $L00 Boy's and Children's gloves and mittens 25c 35c and 50c; Barclay-Shields CIo. Co< New Style Car Dro|) No Pierciug Necessary J. W. Coffey (Sh Son Esst Side Sqnarc. DEPENDS ON SGHOPPE (Jus Pressure Tomorrow Inadetiuute If Cold \Va>e Comes. Farewell Service. Tonight. Mr. Cassldy delivers his last sermon at the Baptist church. He will speak on the subject "The Shut Door." Mr. Rastham will sing. This will he the last opportunity to hear Mr. Cassldy as he returns to Wichita tomorrow. Mr. 'Cassldy has rendered excellent service while here" and a large crowd is expected at his farewell service tonight. A good crowd listened to a fine sermon last night on "The Crisis ot the Zone," and one man came forward. GYM. EXHIBITION EXCELLENT. HcCauley ft Patton'a Orekt^ Society JDrama. -'fkoifeffejn Prices, S»4|M0.7lc Pfaiid i SLIGHTLY USED \ Big Attendance on Hand to WitneM Program. Quite a large crowd attended the exhibition at the Y. M. C. A. last evening. The work of the boj-3 reflects much credit on Prof. Bliss' ability as an instructor. The work ot Murrjy-, the clown, created a continual uproar of laughter during the entire even Ing. EMgar Heylniun, with'the tcr- on clubs deserved special mention.; The last car load of six-inch pipe for Iho city jirnvi-ii vestonluy and is lein;; laid tcihi;.. Tin- six-lnrh lino is to connect ihe cily's nii'ins ivilh the .:;as field west uT iht" river. Siiperin- tcndent Uodfjers expects to li:ivc the. new line coniplfied liy tomorrow and j will make the coiiiierUoii at th.nt lime. While the conniction is made Ihe pressure in llie mains up town will not lie very strong and if it is a cold day tomorrow, .Mr. UfHipers expects to Iiavo a Fliorta :_'c of gas over own. for a fow liour.'s only. If It i^ I w,Tr:!i il:iy I IDV.PVIT , there will be no shonaj;*" fvlt p.lMiut town .is the whole north lii-lcl and one tlirce-inch main from ilio v.t'.-i; lield will be feod- itig the cily 's iiKiiiis. The cotiipletiun of the big six -inch line v .-ill place the city in good condition a« far as the pas supply Is concerned. The north field is connected with an eight-inch main while the west field will have the six -inch main ^nd a three-inch main riintiiug to the city. The temporary three-inch main s to be la'Ken up at once hut the serotid threo-lncu will lie left iinill af- er cold weather. .III.XH: COl'XIL PK0CEEDI.V6S. Watlers DNposi-d of at Lajt Mphfs ."<<'s«»ion. The pe'>))!p on Cinicron street near the I .iJKTs ijiter.serfio;> wi;h Nort.'i street, hiive asked the council for a sidewalk. The petition was referred to the street and alley committee. .\ petitiiiti fnmi the residents on .Vorth sired between .lacknon and the Missouri Pacific tracks to move the Idcwalk out to the curbing was referred to tho comniitiee. A comp'.iilat was mtide to the coun-' cji that tlie alley north of the M. W. .K. Iiall wa.-i not ojiened to Ihe public but the space was being used for private imrjio.-f-s. The street and alley committee tire to investigate and will probably order the alloy opened. At he prcseui time some livery barn haj t."! sheds i >n the alley space. Water main erlensionx are - to be made on North Elm street from Lincoln to the Kaiy tracks and on .\orth Tolborn from Lincoln street north a block. The public improvement committee reported that the new tool shed on he new cemetery site north of town was completed. .CHA>r.E WIDTH OF STREET. Walnnt Street Resident*" WonW X OTC Walks—Width of Street Kow Thirty Fret. The width of North Walnut street was changed from forty to thirty feel at last night's meeting of the council. The change was made in order that (he electric light poles can be moved out further. The residents along'that street decided to move their sidewalks out to the curbing but the electric light poles were in the way and so by narrowing the street a new place was made for the poles. _ iThere is an Overcoat here for YOU A hig stock to select from. The prices arc righ* the quality is right, the style is right. "It pays to dress well." A man's personal appearance has much to do with his success in life. Kantbebeat overcoats meet the demand for high class goods at prices within the reach of all. We want to show you my Kantbebeat ^ clothes A are SUPERIOR TO TAILOR-MADE. It Drop in and look through the new line of suits and overcoats. The People's Storf MEN ADMIRE » pretty face, m good fifrnre, bnt sooner or laterleam that the healthy, happy, i contented woman is most of auto be admired. Women tronbled with fainting spells, irregularities, nerrons irriu- bility, backache, the ••bines," and those dreadful dnggiag sensations, aaaaot hope to be happy or popular, and advaaceiaent in either home, business or social life is impoasibio. The cause of these troablea, bow> ever, yields qniekly to Lydia K Pinkham's Vegetable Componnd made f rooB naUve roots and herbs. It acta at oooe upon the organ afliicted aad the nerre centers, dispelling elfee- tnallr all those distressiDg svmp- '•- .1 Ai^:„^ j„ *UM^ MISS EMMA RUKTZLER • UW.J —— ^ ^ tomo. No other medicine in the country haa recdred sneb aaqnaUfled indorsement or haa such a record of enres of female Ula as has Lydia E Piokham's Ves^etable Compomid Miss Eniaus Bnntzler, of S31 State St., Schenectady, N. 'A, writes:-^ "For a long tiase ^ wss troubled with a weakness wUeh aeeoed to drain all my strength away. I had dull headaches, waa nerrons, irritable, and all worn out. Chancing to read one ofjronr adTertiaemeata of a ease similar to mine cored by Lydia E. Plakbam'a V^tabto Componnd, I dedded to try it and I eaonot ezpreas my gntitnde for tka beneflt raoeiwd. I am entirely well aad feel like a sew person." lordia E. PtaUMffs VegMafele Ciipnaai is the mwt suceeasfia remedy teaU forms of Female Cooq^aintB, Weak Bade, lUliov aad OMBta, laflammatioB aad OloetatkM, aad ia invaloaUe & m- ft* eUIdUrt^aadthaGfamffsofUfk MnMaaOmrn'M Standing loYKation to Womea aagatlug from aay forn of fieaaala waakoaaa are lavltad to with1ba.Ka]Aam .a «£yaa. IfawkHir aAflw pwmptly iiiJMiiiinlfts witt OTHER GOOD! BARGAINS Roberts Pjan^ Hou^ OPPORTU ?«j Wait for no one—This ia tl»\^, and the opportunity for. t^.'i giver .to get thefuUeat valMlpf- money to be spent. Bestuv^^l yonr gifts a littlcahead a(t&lft.'^„ season, and to make yoar clioli^ from this nnexamptled displa)r ;>3^:. very finest and highest gnuk ^p Jewelry, Silverware and Cot'-bh|fs' a. A. LEFFLER^ JEWELER. .V/ Office and Storage Ware Bgooiviat If 5 West Street Phone 9ISfl »TEYER*» H M Good Things to E«|,; Telelihooe lill Scinia 1. ^ W Winter's Tea knew what tkat yea. Dea^ yoa waat ta the SBOW, the eeld, tte all the dlseomfortar Ally not plan now pass that scasoa lo •aay persvBsI Write for iafonutlaa, la WiltQf To Caltferala,;. 'Ariiaaa,!^ 9«ir Jlexlea, Mezlea, V' FayaraMe Sate, teag Iii|Uf>iii j» If, E. siLaf ]!m ,-iiMpi#r'! IoIa,Kaasa& •V'-':'-; m At ny rat^ there Isioi latakfaiK tha new |6 elw earttteat^lor a nkkla. 1|

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