Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 21, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1908
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1M OF DRINK v,?j5icBtB AlX^H^^ SAID TO BE ftj§ liME ©P J. TABBEBBrS DEATH; TO REFORM '"^iSBIBD HOITE IN DRUNKEN 8TD- tai to DIE ON REACHING ROOX. WM VMtenwB St Luyon ZI »f PUnl ^' IMw Hta Onlj YIee-Had Many Friends. J/ halt past one o'clock this . « vigorous kadck resounded bpnt door of the C. C. IJUC- — , _ house at the Comer ol Srcst-iand «Ute streets. Mrs. Luc- coatmtM awakened bjr the noise, and tkiaUiig Jt was someone looking for « touh iMtId no attenUon to the knock OD ^oeoaat of the lateness of the hour. However, in a. short time the knock Wa* repeated, this time at tiie rear ipdr^;Of.-tlie lionse, and Mrs. Luccock, fbJiiliV tbait aometbing of more im' I than a night's lodging was arose and went to the door. r.-ttroekman, foreman of the p6ftiu7 departtaent in one of the Latiarpe smelters, was at the door,* aajrs lira. Laecock. andl .asked If John- ale. Tarberry roomed at that place. After, an answer In the affirmaUve be tsld Mrs. Luccock that Johnnie was drDnk\aiM| aaked if he might take VtK^tsU^ nam. Mrs. Luccock read- flr^SSSmii and the almost Ilfeleof •p»it -4ti 'Johnnie Tarlienr was car- .iled'to his room in the Luccock res- ia4 |tce. /When Brockman returned tratt Ihe room he told Mrs. Luccock tUI^Jhe had better phone for a phy- delilii and she i^epUed that a drunk SUUB -iUd not need a physician and that Jiilidalfe would be all right by mom- Ign. • Brockman then asked Mrs. Luc- cpok to ga and look at .Yarberry and soe.if'«b^ thought he needed the at~ pbyaician. After looking , nion he was dead tke phone to summon .' fiarllngbouse at once rcllMtluItd to the jeall and after a has- „tir-.'.«uuiiination | pronounced life eX' ttaet/^ -The body, was then taken to tbe'-'Cnlbertaon diorgue to await an adteji^ by the coroner. '.tM.atory of the last hours of John ni» Tarberry as told to Mrs. Luccock brVWUfer Brockman Is as follows: *B/Ookman says that last evening 'llSO^h* met Varberry on the Hiw that he was under the _ „_'Uqoor. In order to pre- ...,«Jiir 'Ifnai being arrested as fii' 'drank, be asked him to Uke a They walked north toward the B Co.!s works No. 1 at HflMe farberry worked as Ild^rrain.. He says that when they tli^mi. tke works, Tarberry asked to M^lifhuk tO '-the pottery room and up- i^''tbere he laid down upon of. the pottery room and * deep sleep. Brockman u.n4i,-icuinied to this city, expecting .i<4^:tfi^the ncixt car for LaHarpe. He JMBdnied a cigar and sat down to iwiat *^(pr the car and while waltlna . lij^i ^ay ^.lie. had a rather uneasy Ifeel- ^^tr^ftt^t Tarberry and again walked ^jtii:tli(i amelter. When be arrived -Oifeijl'-^r^Bigfatwatchman had discov- ~^l^|en7 and he told Brockman .^iiff.ikaew where the drvnken joaedte had better get a cab, U§g^.i6m.'tben at once and summon Av ^ytWiui, as Johnnie appeared to bi»iiii-:ia; Tei7 critical condition. The •Ctfe^iri*.^e4 and Yarberry was tak «!^tOc :tbu9 Lnco6ck home but the call for^tho'.physician was too late. -•^Iqlut-Tarberry'waa a young man •boiltTtwsaty-tbree yean of age, was oEiA-Tacalar bond, weight about 160 ^iwada. lisbt complexion, hair auburn MA^cady.. .His father died wben he ..vfa-^olto young and from that time orttJMbmade bis home with an uncle \«Ml.-/sraadmother who lived near -ittrlafgald. Mo. His mother is at "l^Mani living in Marysville, Tenn, -•B£^ as eon?d be learned today be 1^ BO. other living relatives. v^Mbarry'a one vice was bis thirst fiJInwr. He baa been a resident MfUr -the past Ave or six i.4nrtBr that time has made Ida who all agree 4hat bad _t for tis thirst for Intoxieat' ' bo would have been one of Jel yonag men. During the rUi^i^iMmtba be baa lived at the : boarding bouse and Mrs. Luc- ttaaii In those eight months her knowledge been under jsee of liquor only twice. tMfitte that be si>ent most lligf at liOBe. i »rely ever ^.bonae after supper; that k^reat deal of time reading '''wlilch were! iipon Khe He was rof IMbs and voted the _ . ticket at the last eil- >Jittlo dantfliter.of Mra. wr mueh attached ; ooaaiderable tine ;,«tbo litUe tot ifliK^liODae ifltle one who 'ttat. saber qnanUtles of liqnor but bad decided to give up the habit, and the above story of his habits indicates that he waa making a strong effort in that direction. Dr. Oarlinghouse who examined the body last night gave it as his opinion that the man came to his death by over stimulation of the heart He states that there are a number of similar cases on' record w|iere persons who have used alcohou Ic llqnors to excess and have quit the habit for a considerable length of time, have come to death by over stim ulation when they began drinking heavily again. There is considerable evidence in this case which goes to show that the doctor's theory is probably correct. A letter from a Kansas City liquor firm was found in Yarberry's room, dated November 14. relative to a shipment of liquor. Two empty bottles were found in the room wtlch appeared to have been emptied recently. While In a half dranken stupor last evening it Is said that Yarberry made the statement that he had consumed a gallon of whiskey. A small pacMge of letters, about four dollars In silver and a watch and chain were found on his person at the time of death. An autopsy Is being held over Yarberry'? remains at the Culbertson morgue this afternoon by Coroner Reld assisted by a number of local pliysicians. At pres." time the investi gatlons had not developed far enough for the physlctans to express a definite opinion as to the cause of death. Milwaukee. Wis., Nov. 21.—A special from Appleton says unless abnormal weather conditions, prevail throughout practically all the United States between now and. the first of the yeif, _t}Ua._flg ]ntir . ...Vitbin six weeks' will faee -A ^IBt'-paper'famiBe, say the paper maantactnrera. Six weeks agxt the manufaoturars declared the lack of rain would make the wood pulp worth its weight in gold. They say now It will soon be unobtainable at any price: l^lko 4abortag ^ifrMiMVfrlof CLAl'DE FOUCH OF EAST lOLA AC CIDENTALLY SHOT THIS P. M. HE STARTED ON A HUNT ETEBETT BAMSHAB, HIS PLAYMATE, IS OYERCOME WITH GRIEF. Boy Died Almost InstanUy—Said to His Friend, "Telephone Doftor aad Tell Mamma." A PAPER FAMINE WILL PREVAIL IN SIX WEEKS IN UNITED STATES. Weather Conditions are Cited as Cause by the Manufacturers. Claude, the thirteen year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John N. Fouch, was accidentally shot and killed this afternoon about 1:30 o'clock by Everett Ram'sbar. the fourteen year old son oCiW. M. Ramsliar. The accident occurred at tbe comer of Ohio and Broadway streets In East Tola. According to John MIsner, the first person to reach the body after the accident and the only eye witness to the shooting, the two boys, who were playmates, bad started bunting and were walking south on Ohio street when the sad affair occurred. Bver- ett Ramshar, who was perhaps a step ahead, was carrying a 22 calibre rifle loosely thrown across his left arm. While the two were walking along the gun was discharged in some unaccountable way. The bullet from tbe gun entered the Fouch boy's right side and death followed less than fifteen minutes later. MIsner. who was close enough to hear, says that tbe only remark the dead boy said was: "You have shot me.' MIsner, who was the first to reach tbe side of young Fouch after the accident, called friends and the wounded lad was carried into a nearby house where he died shortly afterward^ The lad was conscious until death came and <bia last words were: 'telephone for a doctor and tell mamma." . ists were complied with hm OPEN COURT MONDAY Judge Fouet to Hear Cases Continued to Adjourned Term from September. The adjourned term of tbe September court will convene Monday mom- Ing. This week Judge Foust hae been holding court in Woodson county. The Patterson case, a suit to recover under the demurrage law. went to the Jury there at three o' clock yesterday afternoon. The following are the cases set for trial 'iere next week: Monday: State vs. L. G. Beck. State vs. O. S. Wilkinson and Mrs. P. Porter. Mary B. North rup vs. Lanyon Zinc company. Tuesday. Michael T^utwine vs. Lanyon Zinc company. S. A. Mooberry vs. lola Portland. Wednesday. N. J. Jackson vs. Humbo'dt city. W. H. Kieman vs. ^Cansas Portland Cement company. Ceorge Harner vs. lola Portland Cement company. THE ANNUAL SERVICE Thankeolving Day Sermon to Preached by Rev. MIssamere in Christian Church. Rev. Owen MIssamore, pastor of the United Brethren church, will preach the annual Thanksgiving day aermon next Thursday evening In the Christian church. ,The churchev of tbe city unite each year in holding this aer. vice. The church in which it is held and the pastor who preaches the sermon alternate from year to year. Rev. raiett win be ta charge of tbe aer- vices this year and will arraage for special music for the oceaaion. It is expected tJiat there will be a large atteadanoe ae lolaos have maiur things for which to expresa their thaoka. The public is cordially invited to attend. BURIAL OF ALEXIS Funeral Serviee for Rueeian Grand Duke H«M ta tt Petersburg . Totfay. St. Peterabcils, ^Nov. Tbe bpdy Oraad Dribraiwia, Bade of • IB TELLMAMMA'-DIES FdR COUNH COURTS STITBBS HAS NEW PLAN TO lEEP LID ilOET. ENFORCE PRODIBITORY LAW SELLING OF UQUOB SHOULD BE MADE A*PENALTY. Stnbbs Favors This FUn Bet Attorney General Jackson Opposes It-Relieve District Conrts. either could reach his side be waa dead. After be had time to realize what his playmate meant when he said. You have shot me," Bverett Ramshar broke out in ibysterlcal sobs, and could not be comforted. He was almost overcome with grief at three o'clock. OBroner D. W. Reld, who has been called, has not yet decided whether or not an Inquest Is necessary. Tbe dead boy's father, who Is at present working in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, win be notified at once. Claude Fouch and his mother lived nt 302 South Kentucky Btreet. No funeral arrangements hav*. been made. IS FORTUNE 60NE7 Doubt Many Residents of Cleveland Mayor Johnson. Cleveland, O., Nov. 21.—Speculation Is rife here today as to whether or not Mayor Johnson really is without resources. The mayor himself will do no more than reiterate statements made yesterday, saying that he must rive up luxuries and live simply until his lost fortune is recovered. Today he was on the streets on foot and, pipe in mouth, wore the same smile. At noon he dined at a prominent cafe with P. C. Albers, an official of t.'te traction company. HE WORKED EARLY William Mettis, a Confessed Thief, Arose at 3 a. m. to Do His Work. A young man who gives his age as 20 years and his name as William Mettis is under arrest on the charge of breaking into the lola Fruit company ware room on North Washington street end taking a shot gun and other valuables altogether valued at $25. Mettis was arrested yesterday afternoon by Policeman William Todd. MThen arrested he was helping H. F. Murry peddle apples from house to house and was then working on North Second street He at flnrt denied the charge but af- tir being Uken to jail and "sweated" be confessed to the charge and admitted that be had been doing petty thieving for the paat several weeks. He says that he baa l>een getting up at 3 a. m. to start hia thieving. MettU bad aold tbe shot gun which be says he took from the lola FYuIt company by the time he was taken into custody. The olBcers made him retpra 13.60, the amount he sold the gun for. The gun was returned to its owner. Mettis will be arraigned In Justice B. O. Hough's court some time Monday. ~ Many Paying Taxes. This bas been a big day for taxes at tbe oonaty treaaurer's oillce. At three o'dook tbe bfloe force bad not CoBBd time to total tbe amount but aaU it wonld be lane. I le~»Bv. .BprMter noreaee Loviae pitarHe« bjr Pit^ Jadge THE WEATHER. | Forecast for Kansas: Generally fair* tonight and Sunday; warmer tonight. DaU recorded at, local office, U. 8. Weather Bureau yesterday, today and a year ago: Yesterday Yr. ago 2 p. m. 4 p. m. 6 p. m. 8 p. m. 10 p. m. Tbe Kansas City Star says: Topeka, Nov-. 20.—A new plan, contemplating the orgai^zatlon of special courts for the enforcement of the Kansas prohibitory law Is being talked of by W. R. Stubbs, governor-elect. It is expected to have a new court created In each of the 105 counties of the state. This court is to have noth ing to do except to see to the enforcement of the prohibitory law and looking after the juvenile court business. Special marshals would be ap- tMlnted^to da the active detective work of ferreting out the bootleggers. The plan was originated by Mr. Stubbs and has the approval of Fred S. Jackson, attorney general. Mr. Stubbs also desires to make the sell* Ing of liquor a felony, but the attorney general Is set against this, as he does not believe that such a heavy penalty will aid in enforcing tbe law. Under the prohibitory court plan the governor Is to appoint the judges and marshals. There might be a fight made on this because of the poiitical pie" which would belong to the governor. Its chief advantage appears to be that it would give the governor absolute control .of the situation. Often It Is bard to get judges to strictly en- torce the law In open counties. The governor could appoint to the bench of the new courts men who favor the enforcing of the prohibitory law and who would not openly put obatacles in th9 WW -Of- the .enforcements- aa-.baa been done by some Judges in Kansas recently. There would be a court in each county but the marshals wouM be attached to none. They would travel about over the state looking up evidence In different counties and woiild bring cases wherever they found thera. The arrangement for these courts would take out of tbe district courts much criminal work. In the big counties the criminal coses of jolntlsU takes up much of the time of the courts that Is really needed for other work and the new courts would help a great deal to relieve the con- :;e.<itlon. With the juvenile court work (he now courts would have plenty to do. OBSERVE ARBOR DAY The Bassett Chapel Sunday School la FlanUng Trees Today. ~ Today is Arbor Day for the Baasett Presbyterian Chapel Sunday school. This morning over forty trees were planted and this afternoon a program In keeping with the day is being presented. Several days ago those who have been working In the interest of the Sunday school went to Deer Creek and brought .back some fine young Elm trets. planting them this morning. The entire Bassett community has been Invited to attend the services this afternoon. A picture of the cbapet and audience was taken. iu connection with the program this afternoon there will be a drawing for the trees. A representative of each family may take part in the drawing. Bach participant will draw a tree wblch bis family will bavc to care for. Tomorrow will be rally day In the Chapel Sunday school. Heyaolds in Town. Commissioner George H. Reynolds, of Salem township, is In the city this afternofin on business. Eleven Deeds Filed. Eleven deeds were filed In the of fice of tbe register of deeds today Yesterday there were four. Clhip la Town. J. R. Cllne of Geneva, waa In the city today. He says that the work of drilling he well, which will be the fartherest west In the north field, will begin today. State Drew Money. The sute of ICansas yesterday drew from County Treasurer M. F. Sickly $3,402. The sUte drew about the same amount tKe last time. Will Long Better. Will Long, who has been conflned to tia home since Monday with what appeared to be appendicitis Is on the streets again thhi afternoon. Vesper aervtee at Y. W. C. A.. 301 ^ Sootb Waataii^toa. at 3 o'clock to* morrow afteraooo. Mrs. A. D. WU- ilaanoa gfvea tbe addreae. DISEASE CAUSES^ SCABCIIT OF BEEF AND MM. 65 39 64 41 56 43 48 45 .44 44 12 midnight 41 43 Maximum temperature ...65 46 Minimum temperatiire ...38 39 Preclplutlon, 7 p. m. ... 0 0.54 Today Yr. ago THE EPfDEMIC IN CHECK 2 a. m 40 4 a. m 39 6 a. m 38 8 a. m 40 10 a. m 60 12 noon 62 Precipitation, 7 a. m. ... 0 KILLED BY AN AUTO, Member New OrlesBK Cotion Meets Death. 42 41 38 37 42 51 0 Firm New Orleans, La.. Nov. 21.—Peter E. Hellwige of the cotton Hrm of Peter E. Hellwlge & Co., was run over and killed by a railroad train at Elysian Fields avenue and orth Prior i5treet today. MORGAN IS IN TOWN The Department Commander -of the G. A. R. of Kansas Came In This Afternoon. W. A. Morgan, department commander of the G. A. R. of Kansas, arrived in lola this afternoon and Is meeting with the local post. This evening he will address a joint meeting of tbe W. R. C. and the G. A. R. post. Before the afternoon meeting began Mr. Morgan went out on the streets to meet the "old boys." He is on a tour of Inspection of the different posts In Southern Kansas. Mrs. Morgan Is with him. NEAL_IN_ OFFICE vice President of Unton National in KaBHas City May Sacreed Prexldent RIdgele. Kansas City, .NovT 21.—The Union National bank of this city with deposits of thirteen million dollars was ab sorbed today by the National Bank of Commerce of Kansas City. The total deposits are now about thirty-one millions, five hundred thousand dollars. Fernando P. Neal. vice president of tbe Uulon National, Is said to be slated for the office of president ol Che Bank of Commerce left vacant by the recent resignation of William B. RIdgely. Al'TO HIT A POLE. A Mechanic Wis Killed and Driver Hurt—Were Dodging a Car. Savannah, Ga., Nov. 21.—Beroze, a mechanic, was killed and John Juhaz. •A driver, badly Injured by a collision of an automobile with a telegraph pole while training here today for next Wednesday's small car care They were dodging another car. 60MPERS CHOSEN American Federallea of Labor .Made Him Presldeat Again-One Negative Tote. Denver. Colo., Nov. 21.—Samuel •ompers was re-elected president of the American Federation of Labor today with only one dissenting vote. There has at no time since the opening of the convention of the American Federation of Labor been any doubt that President Gompers was not In complete control, but it was thought possible that a part of his re port might be amended or his political course condemned. The report wa» before the convention for a day and a half and although for a while there was vigorous discussion of some ot Its contents, tbe report was adopted this afternoon and Mr. Gompers there by fully Indorsed. i Here From Tbayer. Messrs. Deal and Lindsay of Thayer, were In the city today. Mr. Lindsay recently traded for lola property and may move here. He called at the theriffs office this morning to ' see Mr. Bollinger. He Is well acquainted with the sheriff's brother at Tbayer. FAMINE WILL COME THOU.SANDS OF ANDCALS IN OUAB ANTINE IN NEW TOBK. Beef Is to Be .Scarce aad Hl^ Prieee FreTall—Expert Rale Strict. Will Albany, N. Y.. Nov. 21.—The outbreak of the foot and mouth disease in this state is well in hand according to Commissioner Pearson of the state department of agriculture who returned today froni Buffalo. "No new outbreaks were reported yesterday." said the commissioner. New York. Nov. 21.—Thousands of cattle, swine and sheep are held in pens here as a result of the order placing In quarantine all cattle and other food supply animals coming from the state of New York and Penn sylvania. It Is feared in addition to scardty of beef with the resultant high prices, a milk famine will l>e caused. Shipments of dressed carcasses of calves, sheep and other ruminants, interstate-or to foreign countries, are prohibited unless the hides or skins and hoofs are removed. It is required further, that when shipments are t>e- ing made from and to points not in either of the two states quarantined the cars containing the live stock must be sealed by an employee of the bureau of animal industry. If the shipments are unloaded on the way within tbe quarantined territory It must be Into pens or yards specially cleaned and disinfected for the purpose under the supervision of an employee of the bureau of animal industry. FIXO^' WiOH4TA—WOT- TgXAft W. Kenmore Enters a Denial to Story in Morning Paper. "Is this the reporter's office?" Inquired a rather heavy set man past middle-age and wearing a mlschev- louB smile, as he came into the Register office tbls afternoon. "Yes, sir. It Is." was the reply. "Well, I come in to enter a denial to a story that appeared In the Insect, or Incest, or whatever you call It. It said a man went Into a restaurant here a day or two ago and called for watermelon on Ice and that he was from Texas. Now I am tbe man who called for watermelon but I am not from Texas. No, sir. I am from Kan- las—'Wichita, Kausas." "Do you get water melons on ice at this season In Wichita?" was asked. •There Is nothing we haven't got •n Wichita," he answered, with a '{nowing wink. "Where is Attorney General Jack- -^onV asked the reporter. "Oh, he don't live there. He is in Topeka." The man from Wichita was W. Kenmore. He is visiting bis brother, W. A. Kenmore. of this city, and is a deputy organizer for the Degree of Honor. Speaking of Attorney General Jackson and Wichita, perhaps Mr. Jackson intends visiting that <dty after he finishes his work at Leavenworth. TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION NOTES. Some of the Important the Program Next Features Week. of President W. O. Thompson of the . Ohio State University will deliver hIa. famous lecture on "The SUtus of Moral EViucation in the Public achoola." at the First Presbyterian church next Thursday evening. Many of the citizens of lola will want to hear ibis address. - , It is safe to say that the lecture ot Dr. George E. Vincent of the First Methodist church next Friday even- Ing will surpass anything along this :in'e that bas been heard In tola. Dr. Vincent has been teard by SOBM of the prominent citizens of lola and they are unanimous In their praise of hIa ability. Both teachere and citizens have In store' a rare treat. Jaaatfi eMr tedwr?^ BIrdsaU Operated V^n, Col. C. E. Bir(taall. the nigbt watch- laan, has his face la bandages. He i)Dderwent an operation at tbe hoa- pital a day or two ago for abscess. File Tnuuerlyt The transcript in tbe McOray case gppealsd from police court, was flied bi tbe district court today. Dr. Mc- Qnm waa convicted la police court ol ytuiatlng the ordiaaace problbHlag the sale of intoxicating liquor. lAdlBBi Haa AecUairt. . . Wiord waa received here today that 'motaaioaer a F. Midlam a few n»m from a ald^ walk ia Bta- Practically all of the music for the Teachers' Association aext week will be furaiahed by lola taleat Tbls feature ot tbe program will aot be the leaat attractive. The big muaic eoa- test between the high achoola will occur on Saturday forenooa at the Graad theatre. Single admiaatoa to dtiaens will be 50 cents, to high school students. 25 cents. sute Superintendeat Falrcfaild next Friday moraiag will talk oa "Needed Changea in our Lawa for CertUlea- tion of Teachers." Thia topic will Interest citisena as well a» teaehera. Prof. J. E. Boodfia. of tbe Ualver- %lty of Kaaaaa. wlU addreaa tiM teach- 3n next Friday tk* aa^laet, *^HM Biblcal Ideal.'' Ttvl ^MaemM^ ft the beat speakeia tim mt^m^mj^ lad will briar n^nUVwp aaaaaft to •II who «re tetetaatl^. ti^.ttHnMnm

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