Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 22, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1907
Page 4
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MB 101^ BAILT JtttBtllB .FMI»AijnriWra €l,iTO ja, im Grew Misk Wallice's Hair AND WE CAN EVERYBODY CAN HAVE NICE HAIR NOW, and yau don't have to wait around F weeks and months for results either. You will see improvements from the veiy first application. HerHairTakcion New Life and Qraws 3 Feet Lbncer tban it wa* Before. KNoTrr.ToN D AMOERIMB C O. Ccntletnen^ y Your DanHcrlne hnit inaile niy li«lr KTOTT over three fe^t loucer than it was when I bc- csn its use. It is now ower five feet lonK and kerpg riRhl on erowioB, ik»eeni»to fairly crawl ovtol my Krnlp, it i« «otIoiHV nnci nice too. Uaudcriuc will nlways have my t>est Irishes. I Sincerely, JICANKTTK WAI.UCK. NOT^IROM LA HJUIPE . I- MAYOR WILL, LIKELY APPOIHT TKEAsiuREB OF 8CH00L BOABD. AUTHORITIES SAYITWILt BE LE6AL SECOND FOOT BALL TEAM HAS ARRAKGED FOR TnANKSOITINCI. Rcplerla Snit for Recorery of G'rey Ucnad CoatlaMil tiM Hettmbet L This GREAT HAIR-GROWING REMEDY can now be had at all Druggists in three sites, 2Sc., SOc, and $1.00 per bottle. JEANETTE WALLICE. 343 W. 14lh Si-eet. • NEW YORK CITY. T.nhow howqnickly l>»nUrrlnB nctrtwewill ncnil a Inrce snmple (tec liy rrtiirn ninil lo nintinr who vrmU this advciti-.nurnl to the Knnnrlton llaniliTino Co.. ClilrnE<>< with llirir name ami niMroc ami tcu ct.'Uiu kitvcr ur stamixi J<'''yiH.'»lii«p. The lOU DAILY REQISTEfi CHARLES P. SCOTT CiRCULATIONi 4.000. Tcloplionpg. Reporters' Room 222 BuBlness OIQce iS SCBSCRn'TION RATES. By Carrier in lela. Gas: City, Lanyon- TlDe or La Uarpc One Week .10 cents One Month .... 44 ccnla One Year J5.00 By Mail. One Year, In advance $4.00 Three Months, In advance Jl.OO One Month, In advance 44 'Entered at lola, Kansas. PoslofBce, as I Second-class Matter. I Advertising Rates Made ICnt'^u on Application. OFFICUL r.VPER, CITY OF BASSET. GAS CITY NEWS ITEMS .MAV IIK Sl'KClAI, KLKCTION TO SKI,K(T CITY C(H>ClL.ME-\. M(N FOR FiftSTANO TH RD WARDS CHAXSES IS RESIDENCE M.VKE VACA.>CIES IX OFFICE. Mr. I.i>iler Will Play With Band Thnnk ^giTin? Concert—Per- ^ Honuis. In Ladies" Aid Met. Tlio I.ailii's" Aid of the M. K. church met yesterday afiernnoii in the church The iiidies have decided to Rive a supper in connection with the Sample j and IluniaKc sale which will be held December G. Htntc Dr. I.eavell purcliuscd a bcetfon of land ua an Investment. InjnirtMl Fhiirer >Vliili> at Work. U. O. Smith has hnil the nail taken off of his middle tinker which was neeldeiitally crushed at one of tlic utndter.s a .short time nso. Spi>rlal| Sale of Hiit.*i for Five Days. All HhtH will he ••'old at half price at Mrs. llIU's .Millinery store. • Prrsoflnls. Dr. Rpnnlck made a business visit to lola yesterday. .Mrs. }l K. Taylor has returned from Kansas City. Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Wni. Mcln tosh of La Grange addition, yesterday a boy. Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Ed .lent In Overstrcet 's addition, yesterday, boy. i Hen LivinKston .niid Sam Polins will leave for IMttslnirs tomorrow. Mr. COoDor. of West Plains. Mo., j in the city on real estate business. Jloved UarlK 'r Shop. ITEMBER OF ASSOCf.iTED PRES.S.i,,^^,,^,. si,„|, "from South .Main street The lola Dally Register Is a mpmlierii,,,,, „,e ,.,„„„ of the bank roof the AsROcWed Press and RerelTcs;, ^.,.,„, vacated by the Uelaney barber the day report If that great news or-i^j,,,,, panlsatlon for Exclusive Afternoon'' I PnhlicBtion In lola. • » .VT THE C.KAND. •When We Were Friends." which win be at the Grand tonight, is described as belHR a play of exceptional reBnenient. a play with ftn extraordln-! ary Interesting plot. Wibbling over [will with sparkling comedy. Iitnd sentiment, ward, enonph to please and the most i critical audience. .\ strong cast, hi-' eluding William Macau!('y, Is preseiii- A Si>erhil KIcrtiou. Tbere will in all probability have Mo be a special election in the near ifiil.uie to select <-onnellmen for the *;Flrsi and Third wards tif this city. • ;C.)-,inelliiian .lury has moved from the Kii-it ward Into the Third, leaving a vacancy in the I'lrsl ward. Councilman C. 10. Vandergrirt will go o Dar- tlesvllle In a short lime lo take charRe of the bnilich store to be op<jncd at that place l>y .Mayor OConnori This leave a vacaiiey In the ' Third He Fnucht at fietlyshurg. David Parker, of Kayette, N. Y.. who ost ii f (M )t at (Jettysburg. writes |"Kleclric Hitters have done me more Kood than any medicine I ever took. For sevoral years 1 had stomach iron bic. and paid out much money for medicine lo little purpose, until I be- .K ;an lakinp Electric Hitters. ] would not lake $500 for what they have done for me." Grand tonic for the aged and for female weaknesses. Great alter atlve and liody builder: best of all for lame back and weak kidneys. Guaran teed by all drugsists. DOc. Will Play With Band. „ . . .Mr. Leiter,y»)f .Mlddletown. Mil., who ing this newest plaj- from the jien of [is vUiling at the home of J. D.j Uems- !w. B. Paltonand will undoubtedly; ber?:. is an ex-iiandmaster and has j has already picked up a number of COMES TO AMEKICA TO LIVE. Shioma Nashitsky, a Russian .Tew arrived in lola yesterday from Adorn Russia, and left this morning for Eu reka. Kansas, where he will make his home, lie was taken care of by Sig (ieales and when he arrives in Eu reka .Mr. Deales. sr., will take charge of hlin giving hini an .Vmerican rtlu cation. Shioma Is 2:1 years of age and Is a bright looking fellow. He has been in! this country five days and iprove to be one of the dramatic events consented to jilay with the band at the • .American words, lie came over of the season. concert to be given on Thanki.uiving. j ship wli|ich brought two hundred Raffles .and companions are finished in the latest with many; colors, at S. S. Barren's. ; Dr. Learell Home. ; Dr. Leavell has returned from western. Kansas. While in that parti of the on a and be says they were treated like so many cattle. He is therefore, glad he landed in lola, where he was treated like a gentleman. Made in NeiW York W HEN you go to New York you know you will see * ' ' in the world best dressed men You can be as fashionably attired as any New Yorker if you wear Benjamin plothes. ' e sell the same Clothes in this Cjity that Alfilesd Benjamin & Co^ make for their Fashionable New York Cptomers. * Correct Clothes for. Men lucciaslve Agent Here. WW To Appoint Trrasnrer. The matter of filling the vacancy of the office of treasurer of the school board was brought before the city cotincil at Its regular meeting Wednesday night There was a slight dlfTcrencc of opinion among the coun- cilmcn as to the legality of filling the vacancy by appointment, but some of the best legal authorities stated that • n their opinion an appointment by the mayor conflrmed by the council would be legal.* Mayor Greene thinks it hardly fair that the appointment be !efl to him, but stated that If the school board would recommend the appointment of some one to fill the vacancy he would probably appoint him. The board has as yet taken no action. (•'amp on Tbank.xirivlnK. The second La Harpe foot ball team has completed arrangcinents with the Kincaid foot ball team for a game to be played on the Kincaid grounds Thanksgiving day. HepIPTin Suit Continued. The replevin suit of Lewis Worst for the recovery of a greyhound from Henry Relntz which was set for trli in Judge .Mercer's court ycsterda morning has been continued until Dc cumber 4. ^ELEPHOHE TOUR WANT ADS. TO THE HEQISTER OFFICE. IAS an accomodation, the Register receives ads for Ita want colnmbs orer the telephone, but expects thel advertiser to call at.the office and settle as soon as convenient, as the bills are too small to warrant the expense of a collector. Telephone your want ad to either phone, No. 18 or 222. and it will receive careful attention. MOP WAHTED STENOGRAPHERS AND TYPEWRITERS W.VNTED—There Is a steady demand everywhere fop' stenographers and typewriters. Stenography is many times a short cut to high confidential •positions. We teach stenography and typewriting thoroughly and practically by mail In your spare time and at low cost. Write today for "Commercial Circular." I. C. S., nox 799. Scranton. Pa. KHIGBTS Of HACtABUS^ Knl^ts of ••fclhfwi ot.fh9 World meets in K. P. llal}. iceonf and fourth Wedneaday nlgbtc in eacb month. J. W. Po^walt, coi^muideF; R.B. Porter, record keeper) . { IT. O. Camp No. IJOI mejMa la K. of P. Hall eveiry Frld«r nfgbt W. T. Steele. C. C; A.H,DlaTls. Clei» Visitors cordially InvlteJ. !^ | SXIGUTS OF FYTHlAa-Neodio Lodge No. 43 m%et8 eriry Monday night at K. of P. HaU. Vbltlng bro* thera invited. "W.'S. Thompson, 0.0.; Chris Rltter, K. of R. and; 8. M. W. A^The M. Wj A. Lodge meets every Friday night in M. W. A. hall. VIslUng brothers Invited. W. H. Anderson, V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clerk. 100 Men Wanted. To trap minks, sknnks, muskrats,! raccoon, etc. Highest prices and a square deal. B. S. Harnard. lola, sas. 324-.'!2G North Huckey^. The most reliable dealer. WANTED—Girl for general housework. Inciuire 706 East street. WAfmO- ^misooUmHBOum .Mrs. litthar to Come. , Mrs. Mar? Uihar of Itlue Moun(i expected t<» arrive today for a lew days' visit With Mrs. Herbert Martin Mrs. Lahar will then go to CnllfornI where she will visit with lelatlvcs thr bala:;cc of the v. Inter. .Mrs. Osborne ImproTlufr. .Miss Maude Osborne who has been suffering with an acute attack of ap pendlcttls is very much improved to day. Personals. Mrs. R S. Bernard of lola. via.- Ited yesterday with Mrs. Herbert Martin and Mrs. 0. H. 'WHthersimon of this city. J. W. Augustine of Soiithe.rtt Okla homa, and brother, P. !.<. Augustine, of lola. arc visiting with J.. O. Ferris of this cit.v. F. A. Quintard and G. G. Fox hav returned from Hodgeman county, where they h.ivo been looking over some farm property. Fred Madler came in from Lamed jTslerday for a. few days' visit. Chas. .Vgner of Moran, was a bus! uess visitor yesterday. Ora Russell of Bayard, was In the city on business yesterday. The Eastern Star will meet this ev en Ing In the Masonic hall. The Gun club held n shooting match at the I.Ake8lde grounds yesterday afternoon. Mrs. D. n. Welker. of loin, visited with her brother, W. S. Ford, ycsler- <lay. For Sale. Three good big work horses, one good farm mare; a good pair ponies HOWELL & BREWER La Harpe, Ks A Hard Debt to Pay. "I owe a debt of gratitude that can never bo i«ld off." writes O. S. Clark of Westflcld. Iowa, "for my rescue from death, by Dr. JCIng's New DIs- cnver.v. Both lungs were no seriously affected that death seemed imminent when I commenced taking New His covery. The ominous dry, hacking cough <]ult before the first bottle was used, and two more bottles made complete cure." Nothln.g has ever equaled New Discovery for coughs colds, and all throat and lung complaints. Guaranteed by all druggists. uOc and $1.00. Trial bottle free. t POSTPONE BOX SOCIAL. Diphtheria In Surronndinf; District Frercnts Cottage GroTC SorlaL Because of diphtheria in the surrounding country there w^ill be no box social at the Cottage Grove school house tonight as planned. Plans had been made for a big event on that date but the development of several cases of diphtheria In the Immediate community has caused the promoters of he social event to deem it advisable to postpone the affair UI ^{,il some future date. Thanksgiving Post Cards roll's Drug Store. at Bur- KEIM CASE TOMORROW. Assault Case Win Decided in Potter's Court Tomorrow. , The case of the state vs. .T. C. Keim will be tried In Justice C. S. Potter's rourt tomorrow morning. Mr. Ketm is charged was assault with a deadly wea ]X >n by E. O. Bruner. It will he remembered that Mr. Keim and Mr. Bruner participated In a fight at the street car depot at La Hari>e some time aco. In the fight Mr. Bruner was cut whh a knife. He alleges that Keim assaulted him with it. A: 8hn>l§eaat Prayer. "May the Lord help yon make Bucklen's Amlca Salve known to all." writes J. G. Jenkins, of Chapel Hill, N. C. It qnickly took th« pain out of a, felon for roe and cared|lt in a wonder^ fully short time." Reft on earth for sores, bnms and woaKi. ISc at all drag ftor^ „ I_ I ,.ui'^^.. WANTED—Scrip or clearing house certificates, for which we will give a premium of 8 per cent in lots of $100. or more. First class iiropo- sltlon. Call and investigate, 104% North Washington avenue. Fp .sliilrs. Room 1. Second door .Nonh of Post- ofllce. Oflice hours 9 a. ni. to !» p. m. WANTED—Four South State street. boarders $S.O0. at 209 ROYAL NEIGIIBORS.—lola Campw No. 365, Royal Neighbors^ meets second ,and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrf. F. A. Wagner, oracle; Mrs. Mary Huttoa. 413 West Street. Recorder. 1 WiVNTKD—House cleaning to do. Phone 1112. WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop giin. Inquire 10(i South Second strct. FON SAl£"R£Al EStAIL FOR SALE—Good runabout Studebaker buggy and good set of harness for sale cheap if taken In the next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Barn. FOR SAlE-MlsoeilmmeouB .FOR SALE—2 wo.k mares, i fresh c6ws. WJT trade' ftor LaHarpc rental property. G. W". JIcKinder, Kincaid, R. R. 1. FOR SALE—.V young Jersey cow fresh in 4 weeks. H. O. Stephenson La Harpe, Kans. FOR SALE—Funiicurc 5 ro house. Inquire 404 South Wash. avc. FOR TRADE—A well improved .SO acre farm, ?, miles from Halloweil, Labette county. Kansas, to trade for residence property In loia. Address, l^ck Box IT, La Harpe, Kansas. FOR SALE—$1800 stock of groceries and store fixtures.' 402 South Kentucky street. FOR SALE—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady 10 drive. Inquire 832 North street. FOR SALE—Good mare with foal.. Call at 210 West street tmUmmmottm FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms. :(09 South Sycamore. FOR RENT—Furnished roon^ at No. r, North Sycamore. Phono 1091. FOR RK.\T—One large room for two persons, sleeping or housekeeping. 212 West Madison. FOR RENT-Six roomed house, good barn, other improvements. Itiire 628 North Kentucky. In- FOR RENT—Modern dwelling! of 9 rooms. 803 South Washington Fred J. Horton. LOST—A gold Elgin watch, j near corner of Elm and Spruce streets. Return to Rev. Harkness, East loli. Ave. Its Economy To have yonr Carpets and Stigs cleaned by . TheiolaRos Factory Satisfied Customers F.A.A.r-GoIden Lear Council No. 462, F. A. A. maets first and third Wednesday night».in each month in K. P. Hall. 0. B. Laceyi^ president; Miss Mable Rhortack. secreUryj' FRATERNAL BROTHSraOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No.-380 meets second and fourth Tuasiuis of leach month in A.O.U.W. IlanT VJsiUnc members cordialy. Indtad. W. H. An* derson, president;* Golda Clam, secre* tary; ... ' .1 Junior Order United Aaerieaa lf» chanlcs.—Meets eyery Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock In K.,P. Hall. All visiting members Invited. R. K WIdlck. Councelor; C. B.[ Black, Rea Secretary. Business UlREpTORY JEWELERS. { ' B. F. PancoastiOld reliabls Jaweler, 110 East street 8TAMMER. I Complete court: at the best school |!or stammerers in America at one- half price this fail and winter. White Corinformation at once. S^cKla School ipt Stammerers, 2705 East|12th Street, Kansas City. Ho.; PaUR WAR HM Stood tiie Test r Because its the Best Acce|>t No Other Wm.Oberdorf, Agt The New 07 Books Barbsry Slieep, by Robdrt Illch' .ens. Bdh >orTell. l)y Randall Parish The ftnsn Bowl, by Iktms Jo• sepli Vance. Balm \i\ OUead, by Florence • ; KIngsley. The Ribie as (iood Reading, by Albert J. SWverldge. ^ Congrrssmtti ¥«mpf rer, by Mc; Cutcheon: Tke Caiip Trail, by Stewart i Edward White. The Car of D^lny, by C. & A. Williamson. Tlip rrinison Cunqnest, by C. B. Hudson. : Criise of the: Shining Light, by Norman Duncan. Tl^e Catitie of Ilonbt, by John H. Whltson. ' Banghter of Andenibn Crow, by Geo .Bar McGutcheon. aiis Bros. CHRISTMAS PBESEKTS Notiiings better than a magazine for a friend. For your magazines see j J. E. HENDER.SOK. 98. ; 414 Buckeye. tl ^ingftf op e> Co Caatneton niWi/kn, All UadB of; work a /paeialty 9 8«a«h 8yeaiBM» FIWM ltd Emkln'm MmrtiwMre 4^maalti0B pat np ta oppplj with the pare fead law. ; » \n Savtfc Kehtacky. Pliaae, OS. T. B. ShmuiMn The Alien' cp^y. Hard war e-^«ad Implemont] man. {JH^SideS^uaK lola. Kan.

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