The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 24, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 12
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J2 Thursday, August 24, 1944 %fr e gahersttclb CaHfomtan PERSONAL MENTION ROY C. Al'STlX of tin- fnitfd States Navy was recently promoted, receiving the r.itine of seaman first class, ai-cording to word received IHTC. Jlf> is (he son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Austin of iM'.i Harrison street. MR. AN 1.) MKS. K. 1\ rilANKY ami daughters. Mary Ann and Shirley, and Mrs. U. A. .Tones linin LOS Aiwlrs a IP guests of .Mrs. .'I(ino?' 1 parents, Mr. and Mis. C. \V. Love, of Tnptnan. MISSES. DOI'lOTIIY and Charlotte Plummer and Jerry Van \Vasnrr of Long Bearh. arc thn guests of Puane Plummor of Elk Hills. MISS A LICK HAIIKIiRKNA recently returned to her home in L^st Hills after spending a «ec k in Rakoi sfield with friends. KITA SCUM ITT. daughter "f Mr. ami Mrs. (inland Srbinitt, was graduated recently from Mary's Help Hospital in San Fianciseo. HIP is expected home for a visit PA I'I, FAXSKA, \\lin i- stationed at l.a> Yej;as, uas home 011 a \\e*-k- i-inl ! in lnutrli, visilmc: liis parents. .Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Fanska of Tupinan. STAFF SKI:<;KA.\T AM.) MRS. KDWAKD OWIOX and daughter, 1-Mdine, of Oildalc, spent Sunday uith Mrs. Owens paicnls. Mr and Alls. Mixon Taylor, in Lost Hills. .MC. AM) MI'.S. .1. I). I'.AIXTON ;md i-hildren. I'aibaia .lean, Dnimlas and Ma\i«l. li.i\e returned Troin a N'aratinn spenl al Sequoia and Hume i, i i: e +JS& 2 Rinds.. Both Delicious! Tea Garden Drips . . . t distinctively different flavor, thicker body. Tea Garden Cane and,M<j/>/e Syrup.,. a delicate blend, the flavor of pure maple sugar. COOKIE FLAVOR HONEY ADDS TO KEEPING QUALITY OF PRODUCT IMPROVED Headers say they want cookies that will keep well. They like to have them on hand to serve when frierds drop in 1'se honey—that's one of the best "keeping quality" secrots. Ono-ciuartcr cup shortening. 2 tablespoons, peanut butter, ;i table.- spoons, coco/i, i.: cup sugar, 1 egg. '- cup honey. - 4 cup flour, '. L . teaspoon baking powder, 'i teaspoon salt i., cup nut meats. 1 teaspoon vanilla. Crcain shortening and peanut butter. Add cocoa and sugar a littlo at a tinii. Cream well. Add egg and beat well. Add honey a little a' a time, bent until well blended. Add baking powder and salt to sifted Hour and .sift together. Add nut meats. Mix well. Spread mix- lure in well-grcased SxS-ineh pan. Hake iii moderate over (Mali degrees I''.) for 35 minutes. Cut into two-inch squares for serving. Cine half cup honey, 'i cup shortening, 2 cups flour, Vi teaspoon cinnamon, U teaspoon cloves, 1 teaspoon soda. Heat honey and shortening care- illy lor a minute or two. When cool add dry ingredients that have been sifted together several times. Roll out to ;i i inch in thickness and cut into desired shapes. Bake on greased cooky sheet for 12 to 15 minutes in a moderate oven (350 degrees [•'. ) Qn-JSTIOXKI) IN AM KhKK LOS ANCKLKS, Aug. 2-1. IU.I!I — Police today arrested Admiral I lewev Adamson. -lii-ycar-old Negro ex-convict, and questioned him in connection with the .strangulation murder of Mrs. Stella (14. weallhv Chicago widow last .Tilly M. HKLI'-YOfRSKLF SUPPER—A delightful pattern for buffet suppers or luncheons Is made with ready-to-eat meats surrounding two kinds of salads—a jellied vegetable salad in ring mold filled with cold potato salad -and garnished with radish roses, celery curls and meat cornucopias filed with potato salad. Meats shown include "boiled" ham, pimiento loaf, liver sausage, pressed ham, salami, bologna and tongue. STUFFED)NIONS r ti large onions. blespoons lard J /2 c ip chopped celery blespoons chopped parsley ip ground cooked meat ip bread crumbs teaspoon sail Pepper the onions, cut in half cross- simmer in .salted water until wise, almost t the cent miter la tcrs. Ci in the I. nder. and drain. Remove rs without disturbing the ers and chop up thn cen- >k the celery and parsley d for a few minutes, then add the ground cooked meat, bread crumbs, onion centers and seasoning. Fill tiie onion shells with this stuffing, and bake. CaJtern /PresentA The Most Dramatic Showing of Fine Selected FUR COATS We Have Ever Held styles and values that prove our leadership. Here Are a Few Examples We Invite Inspection *SEALINE COATS (Seal-Dyed Coney) Favored for their low- priced henuly. PERSIAN PAW COATS Notable for new style- light knuckle: curl. NORTHERN BACK MUSKRAT .,,., Fine quality, glossy skins. SABLE-DYED SOUTHERN MUSKRAT Beautiful luxurious deep i'ur. ERMINE DYED SQUIRREL BELLY Exquisitely soft lustrous fur. $ g 239 389 235 All Furs Subject To 20% Federal Excise Tax A YEAR TO PAY FOR FURS No InliTi'M or Carrjiii}; Chargi* A small deposit now holds your coal until you arc ready 1'or it this fall. Your one-third down can be made in small payments, after which you slill have a year to complete paying for it. \Ye will he glad to store your fur free until you waul to wear it. SENSATIONAL VALUES IN JACKETS Norwegian Hlue Dyed Red Fox....SM!M)0 Black Dyed Skunk .$1X9.00 Silver Dyed Red Fox $89.00 Natural Red Fox $165.00 Silver Dyed Red Fox .... ' $149.00 Natural Lynx $89.50 Coney $59.50 Sable Dyed Opossum $65.00 (iuanaca $59.50 FOR QUALITY FURS 1529 Nineteenth Street SAVORY SPINACH 4 tablespoons butter L' tablespoons flour 1 cup milk '» iL'iisponn pppper ! ,a teaspoon Worcestershire .Sauce Vj pound chipped beef Cooked spinach or other greens Make H tvhite sauce of the butter, flour, milk and pepper. Drain spinach and add to white sauce mixture. Add slivered chipped beef. Heat thoroughly. Serve on toasted slices of bread and garnish with diced egg yolk. Serves 6. Buffet Supper With Cold Meats Makes Easy Meal A buffet luncheon or supper is good any time of the year and especially appealing at this season when so many victory garden vegetables are available to go with ready-lo-eat meats. Kvery taste may be appealed to with the many kinds of ready-to-eat meats so plentiful in the markets. One should select cold meats for their variety in color, texture and flavor. For instance, there should lie one mild-flavored sausage such as veal loaf or bologna; one brighter colored loaf or luncheon meat,-such as tonguu or ham: one liver sausage or a liver product in loaf form, such as a liver loaf or liver cheese; one sausage for spicy, zesty flavor. For this last choose salami if you like garlic flavor or summer sausage or c'orvclat if von do not. R. A. F. Fighter Ace Downs 37th Plane AT sri'REMr; HEADQUARTERS, A. K. F., Aug. 2-1. (U.RI—Captain Johnny Johnson, top R. A. F. fighter ace, raised his score to 'Jil planes destroyed when he shot down two F\\'-10(>s while leading a Canadian Spitfire wing over France yesterday. Johnson's plane was damaged, but he brought it home. Two Canadian squadrons, numbering about 24 planes and led by Johnson, shot down 32 of SO FW-l!H)s and XK-lOSs. which they engaged near Paris. Four Spitfires were lost in tlie fight. MOSQlITOKS ATTACK ACTRESS A SECRET B-29 BASE IX WEST CHINA, Aug. 24. (UP.)—Oomph Girl Ann Sheridan cut short her recent appearance at this base when her halter and slack attire provoked a large-scale attack by mosquitoes and insects, in addition to whistles from her O. I. audience. COMPLY WITH ORDER FRESNO, Aug. 24. OP)—Selective Service Board No. 127 today received a postcard from seven registrants intent upon complying with draft regulations. The message stated: "This is to let you know of our change of address and employment. \Ve are employed by the United States Navy and our address is United States Naval Training Center, San Diego (33)." Your cold meat platter with crisp salads, rolls or rye bread, a cooling drink and a dessert of fresh fruit pie or cobbler, will satisfactorily awaken the most bored of summer appetitios. Of course the platter itself should he attractive. A molded salad ring may bring color and coolness. Jellied Vegetable Hing 1 tablespoon garnulated gelatin, soaked in \'\ cup cold water 1 cup boiling water : .i cup sugar \'\ cup vinegar 2 tablespoons lemon'-juice \ teaspoon salt 1 cup chopped celery 1 -s cup shredded cabbage 1 -i cup cucumber cubes 1 i cup cooked green peas U cup cooked beets, cut in fancy shapes. Dissolve soaked gelatin in boiling water. Add sugar, vinegar, lemon juice and salt. Strain, cool, and when beginning to stiffen, add vegetables. Turn into ring mold and chill. When ready to serve, place the r!ng in the middle of large platter and fill center with cold potato salad. Place the cold meat cuts around the outer edge and garnish with carrot curls, radish roses, olives and watercress or parsley. To vary the ready-to-eat meats and add to the decoration, make cornucopias of dried beef or bologna slices. Fill some with potato salad or with a mixture of cream cheese and minced olives, or with cottage cheese. EASY TOtflK CHEF GIVES RECIFE FOR FAVORITE DISH By GAVNOR MADDOX NBA Staff Writer Gus Wascr, chef of the Biltmore in Los Angeles, offers his specialty' combining cold chicken and baked ham. He says it's the kind of dish men would like to find on their own dinner tables—at least once in a while. : Cold Chicken With Mustnrd One two-pound chicken, salt and pepper, olive oil or bacon drippings, mustard (hot or mild), crushed ready- to-eat wheat cereal. Clean and split chicken in half, season with salt and pepper, brush with olive oil or uacon drippings" and broil tor about 20 minutes. When semi-done, brush a little diluted English mustard or any mustard, and sprinkle with crushed ready-to-eat cereal, or dip the chicken in bread crumbs—dot with a little butter and put once more under broiler until the chicken is golden brown. Let it get semi-cold (do not put in refrigerator to chill), disjoint it (take the breast and legs apart). Arrange on platter with a slice of baked ham, a slice of Swiss cheeae, • two halves of hard-boiled eggs, a. few pickles, two olives, one tomato sliced very thin, and a bunch of watercress. Durkee's Margarine it made bj an improved process which churns the pure vegetable oilt right in with the fresh pasteurized skim milk. IN food* and ON them, you'll love the flavor of Durkee's Margarine! SMue..cooK..MKi..rav Oat qf the B«tk T • Foods recommend^ ed in the U. S. No«*"-"—• \^: -TfW Meat Department FULL LINE OF FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS CHRIS and JACK QUALITY VEGETABLES FROZEN Vegetables POINT FREE Asparagus, Green Beans, Mixed Veittables, Lima Beans, Corn, Peas, Peat and Carrots, Spinach, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower C. & H. PURE CANE FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY fc O 8 o J U o o o U, o o o o 1 U a o o k £ U a o o u FOOD CITY — FOOD CITY — FOOD CITY — FOOD CITY — FOOD CITY Russet or Burbank POTATOES 5 IDS. Red, Brown or White ONIONS ib.5c Kentucky Wonder BEANS 2 ib.. 25c Sweet Grapefruit ...2c FOOD CITY DECK'S BAKERY 1612 Eighteenth COOKIES All 2Oc Dozen OATMEAL LEMON ICE BOX CINNAMON PEANUT SUOAR OINOER BUTTER CHIP CHOCOLATE FRUIT BARS SPECIALS FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY WE HAVE WHAT WE ADVERTISE SUGAR10--59 Red Label KARO 1^-Lb. Glass . Doles Fancy Crushed PINEAPPLE 21c No. 2 Can . M. C. P. PECTIN 3 pk s . 25c . $133 I Old English WAX PASTE 21,1,. QO. Can «MM» NEW ANTI-SNEEZE RINSO ET.....22C GEBHARDT'S CHILI POWDER L' 0z : I3«i Welchs—Delicious—Point Free 4%.Ik Jj4% GRAPELADE 2 jar 43C CLOROX BLEACH King Granulated Soap Large Pkg 20-Mule Team BORAX SOAP CHIPS Large 99it DEL MONTE FRESH COFFEE i b 29c Del Monte Tomato Juice 47-oz. 01* Can ....Z3C Hormels' Luncheon Meat SPAM ST.....34c Sunsweet PRUNE JUICE Qt 9Qe Bottle . *«» HORLICK'S PLAIN OR CHOCOLATE MALTED MILK 6 ,V79c OAKITE •llk» or C.rtlfl.d Toilet Tissue KellosjK's QRO- PUP 25-Oz. *l*lj Delicatessen Dept. Oregon's Finest AMERICAN CHEDDAR CHEESE Ib. 39 Purchases Unlimited O e o A I g O I O n Hoffman's "Better Maid" COOKED SALAMI .. MINCED HAM iii BOLOGNA Pound . . ,45' ». 35' ..35° Milani's 1890 French n/v Dressing £*j 8-oi. Bottle Q. Washington INSTANT COFFEE 2-oz. . . . 39c 4-oz. . . . 77c 12-oz... $2.19 Liquor Department While It Lasts Schenley's Famous CREAM OF KENTUCKY Whisky 4/5 $«24 QL... LEROUX Dry Martini Cocktail 4/S $Ot)2 Quart .... <9 Jutt Chill ind S«rv« FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CIT1

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