Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 22, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1907
Page 3
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I.;,'- tHfloUBjatTi •1 SMurdsy^ Monday Tmsday^ This haiidspme Hue of elegant Milliiaery, Olofl^s and Under^ To the people of Ida and surrounding td^vns, this is an opportunity of mnoh importance to those who want an elegant Cloak, a stylish Hat and wariii Underwear* Cloiiks for Ladies, Misses and ChOdren liii I <• OH tl> Tn<i iliiiiilrrd Trn llnudstiitu' Tail- A iirrd riials. juudr Ijj Iho Vst iiiami- fncliinTs IH Xftf v. S. Kvi-ry mirmriil In thr rout srrtton must en. He ran tit any sWv no inatrr lion larvr or how small. Lrorj coat lias IMHMI rut '^••r - •- to the cloNfst Kcllinir |»riri' to riniii i-njoji'il a InnriT l)usl nvss lij far llian cior brfon- aud from now coiHj-ruclj In the moruinit to avoid HIP KTi-at rush wo hau- cwrj we will • rnooli. ciw j» iirotils Underwear • A crrat llnr for jon losptwl from and th<> lir^t iitllnir Ilur that ran IM- iNtnchi, nil cws In IhN ffn-nl spprfal salr. Dress Goods ! • If von nunt thr iirw and rnrrrrt Ihlnirs In 1IKKSS (JDOUS and TKIMT Ml^liS and want to sair raourr. ^isll tMII drr>s troods srction. Udies' New Skirts New Shirt Waists New Ktmonas IHrrrf fmm thr niauafarlarrrs. V.\. rrj^lhlnK that IN nrw you will And hrrr, Ur an* r^rr on the lookout for llir rorrrrl tbin(;s. Our low jtrlrrs «IH |>lrasr joii. im rviKs <»F WAIIM HLA>KKI\S FU«M 5flc TO «JW I'EK I'AIK. ; 50 I'ltTKS >EW PATTEK\S l\ TK\MS KI,A>>EL FROM Ti TO ISJic I'Elt VAKD. ''IVIM MAR» KI.HO>A .MATERIAL 10, IJJs. 1S<-. For Salirday, Monday ahid Tuesday •<^f. We havr gonrthronsrU onr ^Ulllinery Srction and crerjr Hat has hern put ut » firictr that will nakc them nrv iinlrki}-. These; |»rlres «rc a Muriirise to thr hnndrrdsr of rnHtomrr<) who are rnshini; In to .take advantage of thh tJn-at Cut Sale. IVc nrjtc yon to rohic before the irood thinfrs nrr all BTone. 1i3 £*mi fMmtllmon 2 #0ors WM# Tharnp' TO DO RESCUE WORK Hoard of (hiirilles IMUdnl into Of- parnnriits for WlnlerV Work. 'i.ilivcs fniiii each nf llu-'<-linu lies i:i lobi i*'t<t;takp lip ii lai^o til ui ri )i- work tills timiiui; winloi\ Tlic tUv will !;(• w<irk<''|l li> Wiir <l .-i\ iwn iiuni- burs of tile coiiiiijiiioo UH>iiiiK Wvi\ ns signod li> of tlir fpur wnrdK. Thesr ci;iiimli«'fs will l(K>k afii-r the gonerul eliiritv wmk iu ijirlr rosiioc- llre ward iiivfsMKailjiK all ii|'i>'l''^i- (iOBfi for IKI|I «I!'I sci'iii>f tl):ii iic<':I> fajmllirQ \n ilie wards <;ir»'fl for. In od4>i>'^U. to tho warrl »iiiniiiitc(; ilwre i be a eoniinlltW at largt- wboBf dulji'.- will III ovcr.sfi' llio vjtolo of lln- wavti work.' •''"^riic riio-si iiiii'DiianI now work lo i 1- taken liy the associafiuii is tin; ri .-sc'i(> work. A (•oiiiiiMiii -n of iliivr persons-Ii:js lu-rii ap]Miinti-il to laku jp^DJATNE'Sj [PJPECTORANTI This old and veM -known remedy relieve* Contbe, Colda .and , CoBKCellens, f «nd tones, aad etreacthess t }ie luncii •yae's tkpcctbiiMit bee n the FeeofBiaad leniedy Concha, OeliM,' Croapb Mpicg Coach, Btanchitfe 1 similar diaence iBr77 )reaz& byaU drucgiateJn.tbree ehniKo of flilw work. This eonimilieiv will endeavor to renpue Klrla and b<).v.« who bave soiie astray. At ibr iiieetlnR uf the a»s(irlailoii xesiiMdny uflerniMtn a bew urfninlxa- tlon was perrerled Hiul ruiniiilttee.s ap- )>tilntetl. 1.. ('. Mti'nuer was etee!el tuv-^lflcni. ^\'. r. Smith .si>iii'tar.\ nixl Dr. i;. W. Sliadwiek treasurer. The eveeiiilve jcyt.niuiliee wa." In- rreaseil from ttj ¥D^t ifieuillbnt ind Is as follows: '.Mr». U. H. Hennet!. .Mn». II. II. .loiu's. .Mr. IJiissill. :)r. Sbailwirk. .MrH. .1 Devlin. .Mis. .Vr- lolil. .Miss Craee .\eres and Mv)^. K v. .Iniics. Tbi .s e<)iiiliiiltee Is to iini-l •!c.\t Tuesday nIsUt t«i <-oiup'elc plans for I IK- wlrilor".s work. The ward cuniniltlees are: Kir.-^i Ward—.Mrs. .\niold. Hi 'citiid Ward—.^r.s. K. .\. .lotus and Mrs. 11. II. Heniielit. Tliiid Ward—.Miii. UuvJiii and ili .s .s Oraeo .\eres Fmirtli Ward—Dr. Shadwiek and Mr. Kiis^iell. C'aiiiain Wliiiaker of tlu> Salvaiion Aruiy and Mr. Taylor, an atirinii'.v. were Hppointed ii|i-oniniitlee at large. Rfsriie ('ciiiiiiiilliM'-.1. S Tjivbir. •MIS. n. Jl. lieiiuull and Mrs. ii. X. ,Ionrs. • ' The assueiatioii member.^ ainl tin- church represented are Ki'eii licbiw. I.. C. MtiUKiT. Presbyterian: W. T. Smith. Christian; Dr. Sliadwiek. i;a|itisi: Mrs. 11. II. .lom-s. Tirsi .M. K: Mr. Russell. Trinity .M. K.; .Mr.<. II. Klauwann. UefoniKMl: Miss GVaee .^cres. Episcopal: Mrs. K. II. llentiett Uuited Brethren. F. U. OF A. ELECTED OFFICERS. Local Lodqe Held Business Meeting at Rooms L^st Night. Tie Fraternal i Unfoir of Anirrie» Older Jiiet last night and elected pflJc •nt for tiie en -iiInK year. The offlejra are lo In- liistal'«-d at the la-sf wt'^tla.- night in l)«>eeniber and arw as follows: Ki-nfernal .Mast <T. W. T. Wlibh»w: lustice \y. Ii. Ten)i)l?toi»: Secreiiary. .Mrs,. W. r. WIthrow: Tn«asiir»-r. P. CJ. Peterson: Guide. W. \V. Caniuron: Unrad. Daniel filrd: .Mercy. M;nj. Alb -ii Archey. The lodpe voted to have a i)le social on the evening of Dcceinber ntth. OUR WAY MAY itm Tyler Bros., of Tulsa., Neootiating fo.- lola Restaurant. I Tyler Uros., <ir Tii'sa. OUIa . may I c ;>nie Into |H>stiessloii of tbi- (3nr WViy lesianrant today. R<"Ceiver (Jny IVes Klnted today that ho "believed the res- laitrnnt hud be^n sold for $lTui). Tin i.i 'ieliase luom-y will po into the b.iiik- nipte> riiml lo satisly tin' cn-ilitors Tin- Our Way went into the bands i>\ the r »'ci 'iver some timi- aso and laii-r was elos,-il. The lndeblt'ilin"is <if tin- n-iftaiir .-tiH will aiiionnt to alioiit $I.!"M'. It wil! now be neeessar.^ for tbr ert-ditors tr ; prove tlndr elainis. Tli<« Ta.\l r finr I eunsistsuf three broibei-s. t!. C. .M 1,. and \. W. TIH'.V a;-,> said In I" exporieiieed in tlie rcstanranl Im.-i- ni -ss and doubtless wil! make the Our Way a success. LECTURE FOR ALTRUISTIC CLUB MRS. OLSON INJURED. COMPLETE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE. A. H. Ritter W II Finish Enid Structure Next Week. A. U. nittfr.:i rnntnclor of (bl. city who Is biilldiiiKth» Christian eni- 'etce at Knid. OHlal:<ium. annoqnci-d this uftenioon that ihi- strntnm VOUld 1K' .conildeted mext WetlnejsdHy •»*he collepi- was bit li ut a cost ofilTC. rt(>o. , • i Mr. Rltter eti^tPi' . tMs aftei^oon hat he would RO to Wnfia'd tonight i> fl<rore on the (|outract for the jerPcs 'foil of a biK fe^leral butldin;; which 'X to be erected Iu that cliy soon. - MRS. R. M. CI I LUSON aha dangh ^r. Miss Etbel. returned to their ftotiie In Walnni KM., after a few Hyn ymt here «lth ft; H. CnlliKOn at his linmc on East Jnckflon. I,ADV SIES lOLA KI.EfTItM. .>lr>. Ilrnr* Mould Itero^er *I"7'» Daniiuret From Var Linr. .Mrs. Delia lli-nr.v brniipbt suit this afleriifMm tbroimb lier ai.loriie.v. .1. ^,. MariiBS. to rec 'iviT $17T.> damages from tin- lola Klccirie r.iiUva.v. Shr alleges that wilb bir infaiii ihibl ijhe boardi><l an cast IHHIIHI car on ()c- • r;n;r loili of this .. i-ar for (oueri :to She tays she told the (-oiiductor she wanted <ifr at liiinker llill. She further alle.ces that wbfii she reaebi't: the iMitloni step lUid started to sn>p lo the ground, the .'njidnelor started the car throwing Iter a distance of ten feet and rendcriim Inr nneoiiscioiis for a period of tlilit yniinntes. Sbo nllcjres negligence on the part of those In chiirpe of tlie cur in not slstlng her to aliKbi. She says ahe >;iislained sonic serious injuries and reiiniicd niedlca! attention for sonic time. $A( RED rOM EKT .IT U1(A.>D. IColirrts Ratid Will Uhe Varied Pro- irram on Sueday Eirnlnj;. Koberls band will ;;ive a sacred concert ai the (irand tbi-ati-r Sniiday i-venlni;. November eoiniiienclnjr at elRbt llfK-fii. .Mr. Kdwanl .1. Ilocring is <iii III eproKrani for a violin solo. Lovers of coo<l iiiusic Khnuld not fail lo hear the i-oncert. Koilowlnp is 'be propratn lo be piven; Joy to the W<ir:d lS;icred KautaHin) Ikirnhniise .1. A. Ilevc Ih 'VoiiH . The .NMle .Maidens .. Cherry riitermeMo . Violin Solo. Cavatlna M. Kdward J Woodland Selection lender* FatiKt Gonnod Patriotic .March. Introducing; Star I Spangled Itanner. .\j»erica. etc. variations for all Instniihenta. Admission ten and twenty cents: II<<erlnfr. I-e, Ijlur IX )Bey AllK-rt itaff lURS. McKEB returned yesterday fiom Bronson where she has b?en yin- Itlng frlen<fs for the sevenil dars. I Was Struck bv Fnllinq Timbers From a Porch. II'-v. S S. Illl-icber. pastor of tbi: I'r. sbyterian ebiircb. has been asked' .y .Miss Mande .Mliirow. leafier of Hi-; T,,,. ,.„r„..r p„.-cb of the ••Altrtiistle eub of the chnrcb. to ,,.^,„ ^oiiie at '..211 XiMtb Chestnut. :,v.- a s..:l.s of Ilil.I.. Icclnn-s H>.- .v.-M.-ruav evening'. Mi'^. ()l- •"^o'l"''" " siamliiiK on the porch'at be tl'iic. was st'-nck by oiu- of lb-- "lull. , Tilcs • Itelnres wf!t 'n ibi' stuily of ili<" church : MCII Sul^ bath niorniiig at !t:1.">. bcKinnlng next •Jal ;l;atli. • The club iirn'S the men of till' ciiurtb aiKl CDiiiregation ami of t'l .i- c:iy iu c ni-ral to lie iire .si'C .t. Ti-e li .llowiim are the snbj-(-is lb:it be ilisciissed: l.-.\ DispiMisa;!i>iial View of tli- Ascs. L'. .\ Cosinieal View «>f the .\»;f.v;. :;—.\ Dispeusatioiial View of Sin. 1.—.\ Dispeiisaliona' View of Itt'- leiiiptiou. —A l>is|n-nsatioiial View of lli, liai-c. <;—Till- I{<-siirr»>c(i<ms. T.-Tl!c .lu.lKm «'M \t»:. ^ \'l Tli!ni.'s Centiivil in Cbrlsi. ; How to l'on>enr Ekrr|;y and I'rolonp Till SI- lectures wiil be ' simple iLlffc •Mil iiffb for anyiiii.' to iiiiiiei>tanil. aii<l vet M» full «>r thoucbt thai an* uinu The time conies to'i-vr.v i^ne when iiiii-l think who ba-j a thinker. : the lifu forces Ix-giti to fail. It is a limlH'is which f.'U and ijiiite severe'v lirirsKl. .Mrs. Olson is a great deal letter today. j BEGIN ANOTHER CITY WELL. ; .1. .^l. Koilgers.. ofthe gas depart , iinnt. stated toilay that ile-y nonld Ih ;jin ilriilin;; on lb • Vonng tract at-ain today. The city already has several good we'N in this illstrict an.! jar.' loiifideut of another. Th" work will be pushed as fast a.s ixisiiible. A L0.\<^ LIFE. I Try Jt on onr offer to return your lift'e liarder to cliinli a bill or walk lip statr.-i. Kxereise Is taken less vlg- oriinsly or abandoned, and we feel Dial lire end of active service Js drawing near. 11 is nion- than probable that we IiuM- lii'on over -<lrlvlnK the niachliin oi the body which will give out like am iiucliine if overtaxed, and w»< ^'iMiilil immediately take steps to cir.'.-iv -e !iie gear. Iinild up the strenciii and riViiore the life forces. To this -:)il K'ilbing cunals onr delicious co«l live:; ijnd iron preparation, Vinol, wlileb is far superior to all other Ionics ami ccwi liver preparations 'K.- cauM- I! is made by a scientific, cx- Uaciivi-. riineeniratiug process from fri -^b 'i<Mi-i' 'ivi-is. cfonibining witli :ii-pton.;:te of iron all the niedicliiuii bealina. Iiody-bnildinc eli -riKHils of end liver oil. but no oil. A.s a" IKHIV builder and strengU creator far old people, delicate children. Weak ;nin-down pecsons. after sickness, siifh for chronic cough.-:, cold.-?, broiiehjiis and all throat and lung irwtibli:s. Vinol-is unexoelled. iiionev'if ii fails. S. IL JJurreil. Drng- gl .-:t. Iijla, Kansas. Notice to our Patroti^ Bring your local checks and Bauk Certificates to our store. We will give you CASH and Merchandise in exchange for them-—plenty of money to go round for everybody.

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