The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1949
Page 5
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1949 WINNERS Continued from Pajt 4 ': Tuckle and Hen-son 3 and 6; Jones & Keller, 4 and 5. Som Mature — Alfoid, I; Tuckle A: Henson, 3 and 5; Jones & Keller, 3 and 4. Sr. Yearling _ Alford, 1; Tuckle k Henson, 2 and 5; Jones & Keller 3 and 4. , Jr. Yearling _ Alford. 1 and 4; Jones &. Keller, 2; Tuckle & Henson, 3. Sr. pig _ Tuckle & Henson, 1 and 6; Jones & Keller, 2 and 5; Alford, 3 and 4. vSr. Spring pig _ Alford, 1 and 4; Haley, 2 and 3; Tuckle & Henson, 5 and 8; Jones & Keller, 6 «i)d 7. Jr. Spring Pig _ Tuckle i; Hen»on, 1 and 6; Haley, 2 and 3; Al-ford, 4.and 8; Jones & Keller, 5 • nd 7. Group* .Young Herd — Alford, 1 and 4; •ckle & Henson, 2; Haley, 3; Jones » Keller, 5. Get of Sire — Alford, !• Tuckle * Henson, 2; Haley, 3; Jones & Keller, 4. Produce of Dam — Alford 1 and 4; Tuckle & Henson, 2; Haley 3 Breeder Feeder Litter --' Alford 1; Haley, 2; Tuckle & Henson, 'J; Jones & Keller, 4. 4-H and ffA Swine Missouri farm youths were the heavy winners yesterday in 4-H and FFA swine exhibits at the Northeast Arkansas District Fair. Held as part of "4-H Club Day" activities, the swine judging covered entries of Durcc, Spotted Poland China, Hampshire, Berkshire Poland China. Chester White' and O.T.C. classes. Following are the winners in the various classes (figures Indicates place won): Duroa James Green of Campbell, Mo., exhibited the champion Duroc boar] and Carrol carr of Bono, showed the champion so*. Bo»r» Sr. pig _ Tommy I.csscnnerry of Parkin, 1; ;Don Brinn of Del! 2' Fred Abbott of Blytheville, 3; Bobby Simmons of Del. 4; Oiver Coppedge, 5; Sr. Spring — Billy Smith of Campbell, Mo., 1; Carr, 2; Less- jnberry, 3: Jr. Spring — Green, 1; ilbert Woolsey of Lilibourn, Mo., Z and 4; Brinn."3. Sows — Sr. Pig _ Brinn, 1; Simmons, 2; Sr. Spring _ Jimmy Hall of Kciser, 1 and 2; Donald "white of Keiser, 3; Smith, 4 and 7; Simmons, 5 and 6; Lesscnberry, 8; Jr. Spring — Carr, 1 and 3; Green, 2 and 4; Brinn, 5; Harold Lewis of Dell, 6. Groups — Young Herd — Green, 1; Carr, 2; Brinn, 3; Get of Sire — Green. 1; Carr, 2; Woolsey, 3; Produce of Dam — Green, I; Carr, 2: Woolsey, 3; Breeder Feeder Litter — carr, .1; Green, 2; :\Voolssy, Spotted Poland Clilna -' Sr. Spring Boar — 1 and 2 John Bishop, Campbell, Mo. 1 Jr. Spring Boar — 1 Henry Wagster, 2 and 3 James Hooks all of Campbell, Mo. Champion Bosr Pig — Henry aesler, Campbell Mo. Sr Spring Sow _ 1 and 2 John Bishop, Campbell, Mo. Jr. Spring sow — 1 and 2 Henry Wagster; Campbell, Mo.; 3 and 4 James Hooks, Campbell, Mo. Champion Sow — John Bishop Campbell. Mo. Young Herd — 1 John Bishop Campbell, Mo.; 2 James Hooks Campbell, Mo. Get of sire — 1 John Bishop, 2 and 3 James Hooks, both of Campbell, Mo. Produce of dam — 1 John Bishop Campbell, Mo.; 2 and 3 James Hooks, Campbell, Mo. Breeder Feeder Litter — 1 James Hooks, Campbell, Mo. BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS H.impshlres Jr. Spring Boar — i Allle Gene Friend, Lilbourn, Mo.; 2 and 3 John w. Hess. Batcsville, Ark. Jr. Spring Gilt — i Allie acne Friend, Lilbourn, Mo.; 2 John W. Hess, Batesville, Ark. Breeder Feeder Littler — 1 Allie Gene Friend, Lilbourn, Mo. Champion Boar — Allie Gene Friend, Lilbourn, Mo. Champion Sow — Allie Gene Friend, Lilbourn, Mo. Berkshire Sr. Spring Boar — 2 John Bishop, Campbell, Mo. Jr. Spring Boar — 1 John Moody Johnson, Ltlbourn, Mo. Sr Sow pig — i Harold Pleasand, Campbell, Mo. Sr. Spring Gilt — i and 2 John Bishop, Campbell, Mo. Jr. Spring Gilt — i George RJIW- son. Lilbourn, Mo.; 2 Harold Pleas- and. Campbell, Mo. Champion Sow pig — Harold Pleasant, Campbell, Mo. Breeder Feeder Litter — 1 John Bishop, Campbell. Mo. Poland China • Sr. Spring Boar pig — i and 2 Clarence Mack, Grecnway, Ark.; 3 Campbell FFA, Campbell. Mo.; 4 Jimmy Morris, Campbell, Mo. Jr. Spring Boar Pig — 1 Lawson Garner, Campbell, Mo. Champion Boar Pig — Clarence Mack. Grecnway, Ark. Sr. Sow — 1 Arbill Green. Parkin, Ark.; 2 Damon Jones. Luxora. Ark. Sr. Spring Sow pig — i and 2 Campbell FKA, Campbell. Mo.; 3 and 4 Clarence Mack. Greenway, Ark. Jr. Spring Sow Pig — 1 and 2 Lawson Garner. Campbell, MO.; 3 and 4 Claude Foster, Campbell, Mo. Champion'Sow Pig — Campbell FFA. Campbell. Mo. Young Herd — i clarence Mack, Greenway, Ark.; 2 Campbell FFA, Campbell, Mo.; 3 Lawson Garner, Campbell, Mo.; 4 Jimmy Morris, Campbell, MO. Get of sire — 1 Clarence Mack, Greenway, Ark.; 2 Campbell FFA, Campbell, Mo.; 3 Lawson Garner, Campbell, Mo.; 4 jimmy Morris, Campbell, Mo. Produce of Dam — 1 Clarence Mack, Greenway. Ark; 2 Campbell FFA, Campbell. Mo.; 3 Lawson Garner. Campbell, Mo; 4 Jimmy Morris, Campbell, Mo. . .Breeder Feeder.Litter — 1 CfV> bell FFA', Campbellf Mo. ' ' Lilbourn, Mo. Get of Sire — 1 Hubert Horn, Lilbourn, Mo. Produce of Dam — 2 Hubert Horn, Lilbourn, Mo. O.I.C. Sr. Spring Boar — 1 and 2 Dawsey Brown, Campbell Mo.; 3 Billy Ricks, Campbell, Mo. Jr. Spring Boar — 1 and 2 Billy Smith, Campbell, Mo.; 3 and 4 James Lynn, Campbell, Mo. Sr Spring Gilt — 1 and 2 PAGE FIVE "i >Ji'img cmi, — i and 2 Billy Ricks, Campbell, Mo.; 3 ami 4 Daw- M y L. Brown, Campbell, Mo, Jr. Spring oilt — 1 Billy Smllli Campbell, Mo.; 3 and 4 James Lynn, Campbell, Mo. Champion Sow — Billy Ricks Campbell, Mo. Voting Herd — 1 Dawsey L Blown, Campbell, Mo.; 3 James L-ynn, Campbell, Mo. ' Get or Sire — i Dawsey Brown, Campbell, Mo.; 3 James Lynn Campbell. Mo. Produce of Dam — 1 Dawscy Brown, Campbell, Mo.; 3 James Lynn. Campbell, Mo. Breeder Feeder Litter — I Dawsey Brown, Campbell, Mo.; 2 and 3 Billy Smith, Campbell, Mo.; 4 James Lynn, Campbell, Mo. Fat Barrows Fat Barrow, 180-220 Ibs. _ i Carroll Carr, Bono, Ark.; 2 James Green, Cmpbell, Mo.; 3 Dawsey L. Brown, Campbell, Mo.; 4 John Bishop. Campbell, Mo. Fat Barrow, 221-280 Ibs. — 1 Campbell FPA, Campbell, Mo.; 2 and 3 Don Brinn, Dell, Ark.- 4 Leroy Whiteheari, Campbell. Mo., FFA.'cam^df'MO* ~ CamllbC " J " dSCS frem a tMi Ot 40 »«'«<«»t» ^ Dinners of the Pen of 3 barrows, 180-220 Ibs. — 1 James Green, Campbell, Mo. Pen of 3 barrows, 221-280 Ibs. — 1 Don Brinn, Dell, Ark.; 2 Leroy whitehead. Campbell, Mo. Champion Pen — Don, Brinn Dell, Ark. 1WKSS KKVUK W1NNERS-4-H Club Dress Revue winners are pictured above, after having been selected by Chester Jft Spring Boar — 2 Hubert Horn, Lilbourn, Mo. Jr. Spring Gilt — 1, 2 and 3 Hubert Horn, Llibourn, Mo. Young Herd — 3 Hubert Horn, $25,QOOBogus Check Leads to Three Arrests OKLAHOMA CITY, Sept. 23— tffl —Three Oklahoma City men are being held oir charges of causing a bogus S25.000 check to be transported in interstate commerce. D. A. Bryce, agent In charge of the FBI here, said Harold F. Byford, Oklahoma City bootlegger, and M. B. clapp. owner of the Oklahoma Dental Laboratories here, Wfre arrested on federal warrants Byford was arrested in Shreve- Port, La., by FBI agents and Shreveport police. Bryce said he was held in the Caddo Parish jail in default of SM.OOO bond after his arraignment before u. S. commissioner Alfred w. Bullock. Clapp was taken into custody by FBI agents here and was arraigned before u. 3. Commissioner Paul Show-niter. He Is held in Oklahoma County jail in lieu of Sl'0.000 bond. . The two were specifically charged with unlawfully causing to be transported in interstate commerce a $25.000 forged cashier's check from Shreveport to Oklahoma City. James Edward Shocklev, was arrested Sept. 12 in Siloarii Springs. Ark., by the FBI in connection with the same case. YearArouNdClubWo seven divisions. From left to right, the girls me: Lewis of Giiilibs. winner in the wool suit division; of Fisher, tailored ensemble, Ferna Dean Roller' best dress, and Shirley Heard of Etowali, ever —Courier News i'lioto oml group, the girls lire: Betty Murphy of Tucl man. work ensemble; Sue Wadlcy or Paragould, play scmble, and Cnrolc Cole of Smithville, school dress. *,'W >•¥•", Vtl a&Xi'itf.^ POULTRY cilAMPioxs-Oceupying a prominent spot dotte hen, Mrs. Jerry Scrape; While Giant nullet e ltr ex ' , . erry crape; Whil m the poultry exhibit at the Northeast Arkansas District Janet Scrape, and Rhode l.bnd Red Fair arp tVln frtllr wrnnri ^K nn .»l --- l_l_ ,-.--,_ _.. . . ... _ . Fair are HJB four grand championship birds shown in the top left photo. The winning birds and their exhibitors are (left to right) Brown Leghorn cock, Kenneth Mitchell; While Wyan- ckerel M trv. I I.J, l^ll Johnson. All the winning exhibitors nre of Blytheville. In the bottom led photo are the Silver Spangled Hain- bergs that won first, .second and third places in the cockerel class. They were entered by Tlolnnd R. Fry of Black —Criurlcr News photo Onk. Ar!;.. and had previously won lop premiums at th» st?tc fair at Cllicnso. Top premium winners In the geese Judging were tht pair o[ Tuluse grcso shown nt right. Also entered by Mr. Pry. these birds won first place this year nt the Minncsou State Kiir as well ns at the cxi*M,U!en hero. win *»~. —Courier News Photo year a" we^™/J' U V'™*"^™ H0me Dei "°"" rall °" C '«*> «"«" picked a winning theme this Af-anas DUt . , ^ * * "^ "" { ™ r ertucHlio " *>°° th ' &<*™A t«P above, at the Northeast the vear Th//. H T "° g ™" P ha " preparcd sma " dis P Ia i' s Indicative of the projects conducted during Ttaftb^V»ml.. l T : i Ir " llg ^ l , fPOInthem " Wn ' 0lme '' 1 ' ra> ' S '" Ja ' 1UBry to gilt w """ n « "' D««n"»r.< cerned wlth^rr u, ," ^ * *""* 1Mustratlng "eautification of highways, March and Apr,, are con-) died flowerTCment Tr' aPP ' l3n " *"" '""^ ""^ "' l> °™ ^"'^ ! " May the groul) toreslIremth.fZn ' "" Rrran8emeilt ln Jmf - whtle l1 "*' Panned recreation in August 1 eT± °trrr. l '^ CO r? t( : d '" J "' y ' ****>»*' ".nd,cr.f,. and bu.b planting, in oct *, i -"^ns-""^^^ 11 °"' Cia " y ^ thC N ° rth - IrbUilC "- '" ll> ° f °' Cer """ < ' « a "^ l — "'««« « •«»«« ^of^r^^-::rri^ LuS^ —Courier Xcns Photo t., the cnxiiic. Speed wagons, lior.-.eiei,.', carriages, log uulld- inc si.nirturrs in n,mixture, photography displays, hot rod nicmi: i-nr.s. waodcinft, leutheiciafi. and com cited and an- tiific furnitures art inuiuded in liie displays. LUXORA NEWS By Mrs. G. C. Driver talk and showed pictures of her re- Driver. Jr., an mangement n i management. The mall b were the trays ,„,, doUies . V f ' "" edUCat '° naI CXhibit ot the F ^ ™« Home Demonstration dub, was h ° me S " 4 "°» * Sei "'- s P iral **> M ' m * ^ «he correct »•„, of farm and home .x at the front and center of the booth was one of the projects for the vc»r T« „„ household appuance ^^ prom(neiuly ^ th ^ lhC >Car ' ** The Luxora Book CUib met Tues- lay night at the home of Mrs. A. B. Bradley, with 18 members and five visitors present. Mrs. A. B. Hill, reviewer for the night, gave a travel cent trip to Caltlornla, atirr v.-hich the hostess served refreshments. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. W. Ingram of In (bargo of the , crs, and Boy Scout program. "Later Than You Think." Mrs. K. C. Bkcf-n led the- devotional "What Time fs It.'' There were ten visited the opening day i.-f the Mid- South Fair In Memphis Tinir.'<l:iy. S[>nnsors ar.d chaprrancs for ItiC of^^nrMrfwT^/ 1 ^ n "" nhcf " ""« nl '- "- "'«""•«. «™ups were A. B. B™,,ev and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. - Harrison were Aut °" M ' cllilOTod "'^ Jaltl « E.[naymond Pnte, school ini-Huctors, Jonesboro visitors Sunday. j Pfrmcntcr represented the local j. g. olive. StoulinVste/, nnd Aiilrn The Women's Cnclc of l Amc r'can Legion Post at the Lc- Cliitwood. the First Baptist Church presented i ^y^^/o^o^'S. s?^ ^ ^'^^^ the stale mission program Monday reincs-nting ,i,e voe,>tional a 5 rinil- weekend "as K ,,".- of M'-S H v night at the church. Mrs. G, C.i lure, home economics, Ailurt Jann- Spann auu Miii"Florence Rusli. Playful fuhs Afriean lion cub.s pl^y the tnountam." Wl'.cn one pn^csslon of a hi^h spot of all others try to fcnrc him 'king ol assumes ground, otf and to trie N'o Miimnl or plant life can live n ihe .<3p a berause of the igit percentage of salt.

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