Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 20, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1908
Page 8
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Tnri01 .A PAII>T REOIOTBB. FHIDAY ETKyiyfl, XOTEaBER 30. IMS. ENDS TOMORRaW NIGHT. DONT DELAY! Coine while the sale is on. Every piece of table, art and white dress linen in the house on sale at greatly reduced prices. Good quality table linent at 20c, 27c, 39c and 54c Nofice the following prices and compare them with what you usually pay for same qualities. THE »ALC POSITIVELY CLO»E» TOMORROW NIGHT. All 2iiv, TaWo Llnei's. bleached or unbleached, 52 to 58 Inches wide;' special price, yard 206 3oc Table ly5iien. bleached or unbleached, 54 to 58 inches wide; trj'ocial sale i)rice, yard 27^ 50c Table Linens, bleached or unbleached, 62 to 68 inches vide, in dot, floral and Grecian border designs; special sale price, yard 396 6oc Table Y .inens, bleached or unbleached, fifteen pieces in this lot, some G7 and 70c linens; special sale price, yard 4.'56 75c quality 70-inch Bleached Table Linens in rich new floral designs; special sale price, yard 54* $1.00 Table Linens 70 and 72 inches wide, bleached or silver bleached; special sale price, yard 796 $1.25 Bleached or Sliver Bleached Table Linen, plain or floral patterns, «S. 70 and 72 inch Linens; special sale price, yard 986 $1.50 Table I^incns 70 and 72 inches wide; special sale price, yard $1,21 $2.00 Bleached Talilo Linen in beautiful puppy and satin stripe dpsigiio. 72 inches wide; on sale for, yard #1.49 $2.50 Table Linen 72 Inches wide; Queen of the Slendow, floral design; special sale price yd. $1.98 22 and 24-inch Naplcins to match the above Table Linen; special prices on ecvry Napltin in the house. 75c Naplcins on *alo for G26 $1.00 NaiAlns on sale for 816 $1.25 Napkins on sale for 986 $1.50 Napkins on sale for '. $1.19 $1.75 Napkins on sale for $1.35 $2.00 Napkins on sale for $1.62 $2.25 Napkius on sale for $1.89 $2.50 Napkins on sale for $2.19 $2.75 Napkins on sale for $2.29 $3.00 Napkins on sale for $2.8.') $3.50 Napkins on sale for $2.1)8 $4.00 Napkins on sale for $.'{.29 $4.50 Napkins on sale for $^{.98 $5.00 Napkins on sale for $4.1.? $6.00 Napkins on sale for $4.9i> $7.50 Napkins on sale for $.'>.8.7 Special prices on all Matched Linen Sets, Cloths and Napkins to match. , z 68x72 Linen Cloth leaf pattern, $2.00 regular price. On sale for $1.62 Napkins to.match $3.50 regular price; on sale $2.98 Flour de Lis pattern size 8x8. price $2.25; on sale for , $1.89 8x10 same pattern as above or spot Roman with border $2.50 regular price; on sale for $2.15 Napkins to match above, regular price $3.00 dozen; on sale for $2.35 Poppy design or Rose Trail, size 68x86 an^ 72x72, regular price $3.00; on sale for ...$2.35 Napkins to match above, size 24x24, regular price $1.00; on sale for $3.29 All $3.75 pattern Cloths on sale for $3,19 All $4.00 Cloths on sale for $3.29 All $4.50 pattern cloths on sale for $3.89 $5.00 pattern cloths on sale for $4.15 $6.50 pattern cloths on sale for $5.25 $10.00 Chrysanthemum button hole edge and scalloped round Table T:ioth, size 9-4; on sale for $8.15 TOWELL>({ BY THK YARD One lot of Bleached Toweling 16 Inches wide, red border, regular price, yard 7>^c; special i^ale price 56 All 5c Toweling on sale for liid A1I,7V2C Toweling on sale for 6C' All 8'/4c Toweling on sale for. ..76 lOLA, ATCHJISON FITTSBUBG. KANSAS. GUTHRIE, OKLAUOJSi AHD CABTUAnE, MISSODRL TOWELING BY THE YARD. All 40c Towels on sale for 326 All 50c Towels on sale for ..396 All 65c Towels on sale for ..52d All 7oc Towels on sale for i >76 All Sr.c Towels on sale for .. 636 All $1.00 Towels on sale for ...796 Don't FaU to See this Line. CITY CLUB TO MEET lola Republicans Will Hold Meeting Next Wednesday Night in. Masonic Hall. The Republican city cluii will hold a meetlfig Wednesday night in the Masonic hall to which every Re- quarters. At the meeting Wednesday township is invited. The officers of the club arranged for the meeting yes terday. At this meeting the enrollment committee will j)rescnt the names of the Republicans who have joined the club since the first meeting held a few weeks ago the headquarters. At the meeting Tuesday night plans for. the spring campaign will be discusBed. ' STOXY POINT. BOOKS tbat liare been In the JSIX BEST SELLERS !• July, Aa^dt and >Septefflbor l{ Mr. Crew's Career, by Winston Churchill. The Berrler by Rex Beach Tbe Lore of the 3Ia8k by Harrold McGrath Tbe Coast of a Chanre by £. and L. Chamberlain Tbe FIrinjf Line by Robert Chambers Tbe HusbandH of Edith by Geo. B. McCutcheon Tbe Halfway House by Warner Hewlett Tbe Frimadonna by Merian Crawford Tbe Cirealar Staircase by Mary Rlnehart The Six Best Sellers In Octo. ber were: Tbe Firing line by Robert Chambers Tbe Man From Broaduey by Geo. B. McCutcheon . Together by Robert Herrlck Peter : by F. Hopkinson Smith Mr. Crew's Career by Wnston Churchill Llttto Brown Jag of KUldere i>y Merideth Nicholson Most of these $1.50 books at $L10. All $1.50 books at $1.25. And you can get them at .Mrs. Weatherbee who has been sick for some time Is better. iR. Gillum shipped a carload of cattle here from Kentucky. There is a good many finishing up corn shucking this week. Albert Burriss has his barn all completed but painting. There is more painting done this year than usual. It Is almost Impossible to get a man to paint.. Ye Scribe has ieen trying for three weeks and can not find anyone to paint Ills house and barn. It seems there would be a good opening for a few painters at Moran and Bronson. tEd. Holllngsworth has loaded his goods In a car and will start for Balis county, PCansas, Thursday. Djke Laury will go with him. .Mr.. Biggs and family moved to LaHarpe Wednesday. The M. E. Aid society of Bronson came down to McFarland's Tuesday and tacked two comforters. Sarah J. Brandenburj; is staying with hor brother, S. D. Brandenburg and wife. Mrs. Anderson from Bronson and Clarence Broughton and family were the guests of Wm. Broughton and family Tuesday. George Broughtnn'a mule team took a little spin at Bronson Wednesday. They ran over a mile when they were caught by Port Mattox. The most Jam age done was the losing of a dog fae ahd in the wagon to take home to Ed. Holllngsworth who was to take bim to western Kansas with him. FIRST, mrsn TO GILLASPIE. M'Ins in Attarbmrnt Salt Bronght by Mn(. Maule. Wortl was received this morning that Justice Trimble, of Bayard, before v;honi the attachment suit brought by Mrs. Hannah Maule again!>t George Glllasple, was tried, had decided the case in favor of the deefndant. refusing the writ. Mrs. Maule brought the suit claiming that Glllasple who Is her tenant, was taking more than his share of corn from the place. Mrs. Maule has a case'against Glll­ asple In which she asks that he be placed under a peace bond. On the other hand Glllasple charges Mrs. Maule with shooting at him with in- lent to kill. Lang to New Mexico. V. J.lvang has gone to Texico, N. .M.. on a land deal. He goes there to look at some land, belonging to lola parties which he Is thinking of trading for. Went to Fort Scott. Sheriff C. O. Bollinger went to Kl. Scott t^is morning. He left without telling the office force his mission and they are thinking of sending a tracer out after him. METHODIST REVIVAL Bishop Troburn Tomorrow.—'Evanget ist Talks to School Children. —Factories Next Week. THE LOCAL MARKETS teachers and parents will give heed to the importance of the salvation of, their children's .souls. Friday night ought to see every unsaved young peri son under the influence of the church:Prices Quoted by Gari & Tawart in the house and before the service Prodnp« romn«i,» closes at the altar seeking the par- r^. , „ , "? Company. ' The following local market report is don of their sins. Father, mother. furnished by Card & Taggart Produce SOUVENIR Saturday "JUST TO RIMIND YOU" 19 lbs. Cane Sasar$l SUGARS wops NOVEMBER 21 CHINA PUTES IN ADDITION TO USUAL CHECKS WITH Spices. Extracts. Chocolate, Cocoa. Tapioca. Cornstarch. Tea, Coffee. Etc. K» Jefferson Program for the Sabbath. ~ Prayer meeting at Sunrise In lecture room of the church. Sunday school with an address by Rev. Hamilton, on "Decision for Christ." Sermon at 11 o'clock by Bishop Thoburn, "Spiritual Father of India." of Ohio. Baptism of infants by Bishop Troburn at 2:30 followed with a chlldrens' mass meeting. Address by Rev. Hamilton, Incidents of Travel. Epworth League subject, "Controlled by the Spirit of God." Sermon by Bishop Thoburn followed by altar service in charge of pastor. The revival services of the First M. E. church were certainly blessed last evening witli a special outpouring of the Divine Spirit and many were the testimonies to that effect. The vision of the pastors of the evening tte- fore have seemingly been caught by the prople for all are talking of the preat things that are coming our way. "According to thy faith so be It unto you." There is no limit to the time of the meeting save the physical ability of those in charge. lola ought to have a wonderful revival and we believe It has begun. I^t all the people say Amen. The effort is to persuade men to get right wIWi God, not to make .Methodists of anybody. May we not have your co-operatlon? Rev. Hamilton Is a man of wide travel. He has seen most all of the earth and he Is abundantly able to preach the great gospel that Is destined to save the world. This week has been spent in visiting the schools of the city, ftc having spoken to a school each of the five days past winding up today with a soul inspiring discourse to the husl- ness college. Next week it is the hope of the pastor that the factories of the city may be visited and addresses made. There is to be left no stone unturned as far as the preach era are concerned. In,having a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God. Our church hacks up this aggressive plan. We propose. God helping us, to put the Gospel to test as far as human ability and endurance is capable and we have all winter to carry out our plan. Sunday wIU be a'testing time for the church along this line and we believe she; stands ready. / Pray mightily for; us and may God give us HIB presence and leaderrtJlp. Rer. Hamilton preached last night on tho business of serving the Lord. Ho maintained that it is an honorable, profitable, God given business' which gjiarantees great success to! those who enter and remain in tb«: buxlness. • *1i We regret that sp many of our business men give practically no heed to this, the greatest business. Io>a is now) standing in the front rank for morality and law-enforicement and all ought to cqme out and jseek |tae Lord in the forgiveness of sii^ thit our eity mighr. also stand In the front ranlf in Spiritual things. A mighty ware of Div»' ine power awept oTertbe «ongrega-:' tlon last nlgllt apd It vaa no-troablej to get tb« people to. reiiiabi,la 't ]i*-aC '',H,. tw.meetlugiv-• '.. 'v^-iT^Z^'^^^iS^, professor, will you Join us and glvei "j "-7 r — i.s a helping, hand? Come for aH ^""'^^"^i^"'*''^•'^P* ^""'"^ *P things are now ready. Get right with! J .^jf.^^f'^'^;" ^"--^^ P''*'^ God and be ready for life and success j ^^l ^^t.^^ Prices wbfcht^^^^ in two worlds. J. M. M. File Stipulations. In the Kitsmlller partition suit, stipulations have heen filed by attorneys for both parties and the property \jill me appraised and sold. The sale will probably occur next month. The property in question is a farm In the Rocklow neighborhood. pay for poultry, eggs and butter d|^ llvered here: Eggs, current receipts per case. ..28c Old Hens, fat 7o Old Cox 3c Spring Chickens. 8c Spring Ducks 6c Spring Turkeys. 8-lb IQo Old Hen Turkeys ....Ite Old Tom Turkeys ;...l(fe Old Ducks , » Butter, less than 6 per cent salt.. .2Se Bpg and Carpet Sate Sometimes we see that a drastic measure is a good thing—that a cut is necessary—when we do we mtke that cut TONIGHT AND SATURDAY will be a day to remember if you call at our store and look over our &tock of rugs and carpets, and see the amount that you can save by buying here. Tapestry Brussels, 9x12 worth 115.00, sale price S9.85 Tapestry Brussels, 9x12 worth $1^.00, sale price.. ....$13.50 These rags are in floral and oriental patterns in the latest cploring of tan and greens. Tapestry Brtissels, \)xVZ, worth $22,00, sale P"ce ^......... .$15.75 These rugs are seamless. The value of whicJi cannot be disputed. Patterns in oriental and floral. Wilton Velvet, 9x12 worth |22.50, sale price $16.75 This is the greatest value that we have ever ' offered, as these rogs have the patterns and colorings of any $30.00 rug. Axminster Velvet, 9x12 worth fSO.OO, sale price. .-. $21.75, These rugs are seamless. The pattern oriental and floral. P. xminister 9x12 worth $27.59,eale price $I9,S0 Haxony Ingrain Rugs 9x12 worth'$13.50 sale price.. $8i75^ We will also inclnde in this sale seven paV- terns of Axminster carpbt patterns in green: and tan. Bach pattern has from 12 to 20 yards' and sold for $1.36 per yd. 'Sale price per yd. . ..^SSs If jott are • true economist and know xe^ valnes, tfiis 'is your opportunity.

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