Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 22, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1907
Page 2
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i pipea ranees may be deceitful, bu^ hj^ as they are, there is nothing like ijaving them deceivej^r us iWstead of against us. • ere is notliiiig deceitful about the clotlies \vc makc—ryou will find they NViil Wear as good as they look. M»d»MctothesshouMbemaae ; C P ^ by LiO|MM. Solomon it KBendraih,; I hiogo. /^y /R ^T^ l>/i y*m Sold by one good clothier "m your city. C/Ofe^ To He«p Lecture. AmonK the out of town folk who to h<tar the Kimball led^ tur© last evening are Misses Grac^ O'BrieD. Bernle WcGce. Grace McGee. Cynthia McGee of Hnmboli't, Misses Rllen Wllnon. Georgia Wilson. Mary Smith, Mesdaraes' Anna \VIHIflnis. W. A. Cotilter/J. H. Edwards, .r. E. Thnrp, Agnes Nesblt. M^ C. I. •Wllllanm. of Chanute. Miss Pauline Maddus of lic- d ^pendence, Mr. Nellson Ryan of Neo/ £ho Palij, and M"- and Mrs. E. Kimball, of Chicago. : ' Give Chrlatmaa Dance. At the Ecli]>se club dance last ntshi the boy$ decided to give a danc.^ oh ChriBtmts night. It Is a custom hen* to entwtaln while the co'lere fr>'k !ir« home for the holidays and thi^ y^ar the dub will make the affair nnnsnat )y eUbonto. The committee on an- rangements Is H. PlenK. Alvin ('. Ferris and Ben Servey. • + * Good Time Dance. O B next Wednesday evening th.*^ ladiea of "the Good Time einh will eii- fertain with a dance in Masonic hnll. Ihe clnb member* gave a seres «f these charming affairs last season apd the guests were alwayx enjoyably entertained. , • * ••• Informal Party. •Mrs Blanche Hutton will entertain a few friends this evening for her Etster, Mias Ma»y Shields. • • + Beau Knot Club. MlBS Alfa Duncan. (>23 East foln will have the Beau Knot club tomorrow afternoon. • • + Thanksciivlng Evening. On November ?8, M^ss B?s^!e Howr ard. president of the Y .society, wiJll entertain the menmers Informa I. T and ih© yomi? i»eople will give a proj luim of music and literary number^ UKHC <ft dor Libbey C:-:t Glass, Koolc- wood Pottery and Hand Painted China. SewaiUeweleriii|iOyliGiii 104 North WasbingtOD. "Where tre yon going?" "0<^ii»g after a sack of |/. Sm ftiilMlf Plonr. Mv wife' won^t'^se aoytbing else.'' in keeplns with the da.v. + + + Evening Party. , Miss Man.Ic McKlnney will be at home to a groep of intimate girl friends ton-orrow evening. + + + Orpheus Club Sang. The Baiitist revival service was made most "n.ioyible last evening by 'he apiiearam'e of the Oi-pheus Club. ' nialechoni.^ -.hich rendered s |H >cial music. Th" numbers wejro appropriate for tht> occasion and yere render ed by the following yonnk men: Mr. Earnest Davis. Mr. Frank! De'op, Mr. Ofcar .Mayberry. .Mr. Ar|hur Waite. Mr. J.*8lle Wolfe, Mr. Tom Fancher. Mr. Verne Uvingaton andj Mr. George Waite. Miss Grace Ball acted as accompanist. + * • i Reformed MiMlen Society. . Mr>. WiUtanv Faust wijs at home to a small group of friends yesterday aftemron during a session of the Ml.sslonary society of the Reforined church. The afternoon was spsnt with needlework. + + * Unity Club Monday. Mrs. O. 1.,. Garlinghoup? wil< be lu >8tess of the Unity Club on .Monday afternoon. * • 4. Slumber Party.- Miss Grace Fitzgerald lentertained RitlilnB^ with linimenta, blistering the affected parts, the ^iplication of ^brttert; and other mooi of exterhaI^ treatment, are unally faclpfal in lelkviiig itihe pains and aches of Rhetunatism, tnxt such remedies do not rpach-the] CAUSE of the disease, and are thetefore in no aenae curative. BiBatjsm is dne to an excess of vric aicid in the blood, bronehk about by . ijelti &a. poor bowel action, weak kidneys, andagenend ainggish condition ti th iystem. The dtcniation deposits this iiritating potaoa in the different •iti^les, Serves; tissn^ md joints orihebody, and ^soon thepainful liymptoms oFIUfinmatism aWprodneed. The pains at first may be wahd«viar 4nd slight; but aa^Ae bload becomes more aalarateS with the nrie add poison, the disease grows wprse and after awhile gets to be chronic The sligm, wandering pains'BOW become sharp and ctitting at the least exposure tojdampness tec Biehtair, or any constitutional irregularity, the bones ache, the muscles «n? ifet IS free in action as before, and whtre the acid poison is illowed to remain in the' blood the foints ofteif become so dogged with corrosive sub- aOuieea that th^ are left penuanentty stiff and liseless. Rheumktism can swver be rubbed away, nor can it be conquered and driven from the sj^stem natit tbe acid-laden blood has bee^ cleansed •ndptirified. No other medicine does this so effecltiall^as S. S. S. It dissolves and re- moy^ the impurities and sends alstream of rich,'strong blood to the affected parts, which Mi *w> ------ : - - _ .soothes the irritated nerves, inflamed muscles PURELY VCfiETiffiLE and jOe^ and tiie snffeier obtains fdief that ^ / . ' is p^rmaoent bemuse the real cati^ of the Offleiiaphaa bMS removed. .Special ;bo <afk on Rheomsfism and any metHcfll tafkvm meoiK G 9 H ''^S '^^^ WML Diamond Rings, from $15.00 to I1S0 .M. Brilliant Stones, perfect In cut and color. Signet Rings, all sices. Stone-Set Rings for ladles and gentlemen. Beat quality, and style and prices right. McNEH. BIIOTHEttS. Miss E ^Bse Parke, Miss Jeanette Polleys. Miss Cls'-a Crangle. Miss Maude McKlnney and M< SR Alberta .Munson at a slumber party last night. The guest of honor was Miss Hazel Paris. 6t Lamed. • + • Y Society Last Night. \ .Miss Clara Hildebrandt was hostess of the Y society last evening. The li»!mperance program which was previously announced was postponed because of the absence of several merobera who were to have participated. + + * Mr*. Lofland to Give Reading. This evening just preceding the lec- ttire at the Presbyterian church, Mrs. Grace Morrison. I xifland vtrlll recite. "Naming the Baby." Mrs. Lorand was always cordially greeted by a|>- prelcatlve audiences during her former appearances here and her many triends will be glad to have an opportunity to hear her recitation. A grotip of high school giris will contribute music. gain at the meeting yeatu^y. v • • • Special Praia* Servica. iBVItatlona are out tor the Thanksgiving praise senriee which will occur on the approaching Sunday morning in.tlte Prealtsterlan church. The service will be under the auspices of the Woman's Missionary society of the church. The choir will render special music. • • + Eclipse Club Dance. Almut thirty young people were 1 • guests of the Bdipse> elufo boys last I • evening at the dance in Masonic hall. A humlier of out of town guests were present • • • Afternoon at Needlework. Mrs. Fred Gerbits Is hostess of a cC'terie of friends during an Informal pariy this attemoon. • * Mrs. Hilscher Entertained. Among the many pleasant social affairs of the week was the Alta Seta clnb's meeting at the home of Mrs. 8 B. Hilscher last evening. One of the principal results of the evening was the adoption of a constitution for the club. After the business hour Mrs. Hilscher provided games and sev eral young ladies oontributed music. Those who were among the invited guests are Misses Liilu Culbertson, Blanche' Van Busldrk. Flossie Munger, Bel'e Reed. Amy Mnsspngale. Vema Strode. Florence Thompson. Llzr-le Ressler. Gertrude Sallee. Mil- drpd MBnley, Madge Cooper. Velma Sleep<?r. Norma Ressler. Edna Eakin. Ruth Cobum. Lue Duncan. I.#ftle Woodin, Eunice Jackson; Maude Edgar. Mayme Anderson. Evelyn Howland, Mary Cannoit. Maliel Seattle, Jennie Newman. Bessie Ful*er. Eleanor Boyd. A'fa Duncan. Trean Ix)w. demillk. Florence Bedell. Eva Armstrong- and Pearl- Lowery. The Christian Aid society had a - bri?f session in the church parlors I • vestenlay af1erno6n • from three im- 1 • W. OBXBM1I. lllBtB «r «t'l «ir. Nounr *aA StaMcraphar la IWIHCI, «AB» 4k • • • • • , DB. MeMILLIir, Special aUention given to the traatmaat of all Chronic Dlseaa- •a and Disaascs of Childroi. Talepkdoea: Ol&Ce 32. Res. 232. OIkoa in Mrs. turner's Bldg.. West Madison. Phonal 687. Res. 70L • .DH. 0. L. COX, Bye, Bar, Nose and ThroaL * •paetaelas Properly Fitted. • Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • Oflca Phone tOSS. DB. & 0. CHBISTUir. nyftdaa ui Swgeaa. * Rooms T and S. Brana Bids. * • • • til Ave o'clock. That tkKfot, Ttwt rklwroaildL aniaiitfe t bloimdoalfte Cheaper fliati aiqiliiiig jmt as godd^, and bettor dum wvf^ ig ^ just as fS^t^"* • And die best of «]i for JM I ItawM Box Ball Party. A number of young ladies will be guesu at a box ball party at the Royal jionlght. + + + Thursday Euchre Club. Miss Clara FYmsr entertained the Thursday Euchre Club yesterday afternoon in compliment to Miss Foii- te 'ia Trimble, of Kansas City. There was a very elalwrate luncheon at five o'dock, covers being placed for Miss Trimble, Mrs. P. A. Northrup, Mrs. C. B. Spencer, Mrs. T. S. Stover. Mrs. I.. L. Northrup, Mrs. D. P. Northrup. Mrs. P. J. Horton. Mrs. J. G. MltUe- babh. Mrs. C. H. Shields. Mrs. W«l-|Q ^3 „p teij Teats, Mrs. Harmon Hobart. Mrs. C .I L. W^ttaker, Mrs. John Fonst, Mrs. J. A. meeler. Mrs. E. C. Mc Cliin. Mrs! B. F. Robinson, Mrs. Oscar Foust, Miss Eva Brett. Miss Rosalia Charles and Mrs. George Pry. ! + + • Continue Sale. •pie I.adles' Working society of the Presbyterian church Is continuing the ruibmage sale today in the DeCiute budding. Mrs. Frank Riddle. Mrs. A. V. jLemasters. Mrs. C. R. Sucher, Mrs. Le^ Massengale. and Miss Josephine Riddle are in charge. • • • Sorosia Afternoon. Jjfembers of the Sorosis club spent •» very profitable and enjoyable hour vasjterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. W, McCall. There were two "ery excellent papers presented, one by Mrs. Philip Helgle. on "The Battle of Lexington." and a review of Loueli's "Commemoration Ode," by Mri. L. W. Meyfccrry. While Mrs. MciJall was serving a beautiful Innch- ?On, the kidies discussed prospective -nenus for the Thanksgiving dinner. Mni. McCall was assisted throughout ^he afternoon by Miss Jennte Dog- ••tt. • • + jCntortalncd Class. K Iss Mary MCKInney gave a very >l«i sant' parfy last evening for the iri I who'bAfong fo Mtss Lors Leach's 'las s in tlf6- U. E. Sundsy school. Ti* re were games; music and S lUndi- N)n as hsppy dlv^tons for the fol- 'own^ guests: H^nes Rattfe Pmnlf. 'OSiS Freeman. Kafe RRoBey. Ihoaatn tilt*. KtB«r BUter. finel ^ifeoft. "^l^ JfiHim.. fiWn* C^tnir. Btai: M£J tff pr^ral Halmea and Hlsa Leach. Program on Missions. A meeting of the Presbyterian Miss ionary society yesterday aftemoan was featured by the diseussltxi of cur- r;^nt events and missionary subjects. Mrs. Hiirry McNeil read a paper on "Native Bvangeltcatioa In Korea." Sirs. S. S. Hilscher gave a detailed report of the meeting at Carlyle. The attendanca was unusually large. * B M . Tat. 198. Office Tel. ICS. * BB. J. B. PKPPXB. Beatlst • (a permanently located over * * R. Cs MeClala'a Clothing Store, * * and la prepared to do all kinds * * ut nt>-to-dafa dental work. • * BraBins work by appplntmant * • • • • • Phone 1654. loliii^JElM. f DR. BOlTfl 8. HAISH. . • • Office and RMidence oVar Boi^ * • jell's Drug Stotie. ' • • Office Hours—10 to U;a. I * • to 4 p. m.. 7 to S evMriaia.-: • • Sundays by Appolotm«it * • PracUea Limited to • 16 N. Oickeya. Phone IN. • • e • ( DB; W. B. HtTUiini. Ph^akiBi. * Isigi— i Offioa N. B: Comer oCj" Over IC-C Plnmhfais GdOl Res. Tel S8. oaoeTiLSSS^ • • * • ' e P. U Lathrop, osrSoPAiniic f 'nSnSEura. 8p«dal kttenUoi i»NBla ^li* eases of Women Md tM&m. Over ^at SMs BardiisML Office 'Phone. M«lii '««t. a a • • • • THAY ARE PRB^H. A cbelce assortment of this pfiffHi lar brand at CRABff'S. When you huf l^owaey's ClfOcior lates here, oar personal pledge of their freshness goee jwith them. Get yotir next candy at Crabb'sand see fitnr i #eI1 It pleases yon. ' OR A9rS DRUG STOili, Corner Wash iiigtoa ami W^stSts. Should November's frosty breezes Bring you coughs, colds or chills. Talce Rocky Mountain Tea Instead Of harmful drugs and bitter pills. Burrell's Drug Store. TAN USB CIKVEBS. ia Hldewalk Oritaanre Beneit Gltiseas. wni The sidewalk ordinance which provided that all the city sidewalks should be constructed with crushed stone as a base and corrugated brick-j should be used, was changed last night. The ordinance was diSuged so that smelter cinders which are much cheaper than crushed stone, may be used as a base and any good quality of brick may be used. The changing of the ordtiiance will mean a big saving to the property owners who have the city put down their walks. Rutledge and Bock wer given tha contract fBt laying several hundred feet of city walks. Red Checker Men noat fhe icd diclckns fiMB yoorcMdM^iM^inabowl of ynttt wt ymlyM Imam wtyUoodknd. nAomaid aAw of ttOe nd «hed8leitt ^hia( fluid.' ihfftttmofof ij-irjJiriBtijt.. 'Sbr' m We are booking orders for Thanksgiving Tarkeys. Call as up. Give us your order for- anytbiag in the poultry line, live or dressed, and we will deliver it to you on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. We sell lor cash. Onr price is right. \ ' Richardson Produce TELEPHOTfE 378. H. H. BiekanlsoB, Prap. m The SIXTA FB win sen HOXESBXKBBS ' ttteU Bav. ItOli] and ];tfe, 19S7 ta pelaU In Tetts ^kUkema art ladfim ITew Vezlee and Aiftaasas at veiy lew rates. ^' WrSTlB TOCBIST tkfceta ea sale daUy Her. IStfe, Htf la MO, im, Witt iaal retim limit Jaaa tst. IM^te aa. Ft Werth, Oalvcatai; Hauu, CarlsM aM' Iijiljii^-K. lilLf.-0

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