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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1907
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PRESS BARRED 'M BEPORTERS >'0T ADMITTED TO XAUDE BEILLT ISQUEST. PETER$OM BROKE ABREEMENI^ ETIDE5CE aiAT >0T BE COXCLUD- ED TODAY. Doctors Are TesUfyins on Aatopsj'— I Said Adjonmment Win Be Taken. Behind! closed doors Ttgilantlj' guarded by.offlcecs, with not u rola tive or Intimate friend of tho dead girl presdnt, in fact no one but iha oflleers and the Jury, the MailiUi Rellly Inquest Is going on today in the district court room. When the inquest began today Cor oner Reld. who hod just enicrga<l from a side room where he had been holding a conversation with County Attomey Peterson, announced that everyjono except the Jur>- and the'of fleers leave the room. '"Everjone" In "thJa iriatance happened to be Bob Ltngley, a relative of the on^hnn sirl. irlioritei death la hieing investigated, and representative's from tho R|gisirr and Record who wero there for the purpofse of placing the public In jms- aetalon of the facts In tho case. This action was talccn today by ^tr. Peterson In the face of an aKreement entered Intq, yesterday nftomoon by which th6 representatives of tin- pvess were to be allowed to remain in the room and hear the tesilniohy butnoti'to.piibllah It nntll the Inqnest BCtJ^ii.TThe reporters listened to jdentsefyiBRtDrday arternoon and "anyone is challenged to find a. word of the evidence.^ Introduced durln« that time, in last evening's papers. And yet this morning the raporters were Invited to leave the room with out being given any exp'anatlon wlvit ever as to why the action was taken barring .them. Certain y an agree- nisnt, made apparently in good faijth. was broken.' It might be of interest to mention, in this connection that before the In- ..qjMtsli j yestnday morning' Coroner .. R»WiMiiilihM|idld not know then wha- -Uwi-iuii iwt' repoiters would be adnjit $e later' said he- did not think th^ey wonld be admitted.* Still later be-'Said he would leave It to the Jury. The jiiry said, let there be no "siar cbamiier" session; let the public know the facts. Yesterday afternoon Dr. Reid said he was willing to admit reporters with the understanding that they were! not to publish anything iin til the investigation was over. : to which Mr. Peterson finally a?reed. This morning Dr. Reld. without ex- .Bljnation, told the reporters to leav So far as could be l?amed _ adhered, this afternOonj kixisltion he took this momlni - In justice to him it should l>e sal that he may really favor admittMg the reporters, but allovfs' the coun|y attorney to "out talk" him. Mr. Peterson said yesterday th\t .the reason he did not want reporter in the room was that he had som valuable evidence he was afraid might be made public. Sheriff Bollinger, Undersheriff Boatrlght and Deputy ^County Attorney Anderson, . who,'! If the county attorney places fiOBfldence in them, and know what this. Valuable evidence is. see no reason why the reporters should be barred A^m the room' In fact In Justfc? to them it -should be stated that they are heartily In favor of the public knowing the ftets. • "^The Inquest will not likely be eon- elnded today as, there are a number of witnesses yef to be called. Today th« |Ays!cians who ahslsted in the ^x- ^amiaation of the body are testifying. Last Inight some new evidence was ob'teliied tending to corroborate ihe- movements of the girl spoken of; in her aiSdai^t as to where and when ihe 'criminal c^ration took plaice. The parties who furnish this evidence may testify this afternoon. It was said this afternoon adjonrnmeat wonld be taken this ,ev- enlng; until some time next week that '.mare .evideiDce mfi^t be s^red. This afternoon physicians are testifyliig 'Withiireference to what the autojisy rereaied. Mrs. McCallen at whose hOBielMiss Reilly roomed before going . to t^e Re^icker bn tiding where she died.,'was on the stand a good part Of the morning. Her testimony is said to have been important. '. Great Special sale on Cloaks. 1111: Jinery' and; Underwear. Richardson's. MORE GOLD COMING. fItSiMiMIOOiil Foreign Coin is CominB Soon. Y0^*. NOT. 22.—The engage~ ' «lgn gold to relieve ;the passed the- seventy Ave r. marie today, when IM, anoonneed that they |iad negotiatifcma for an addi- mBlion. Goldman. Sadis engaged eight hnbdred THE WEAT Forecast for Kaas warmer tonight aad ER. s:—Fair aid S4ibirdar. Y. H. C. A. LECTrRE TOXIGHT. in ConnecUoB A Xuslcal Program With Lcctare. The first number of lecture course will be khe Y. M. C. A. given tonight at the Presbyterian church by Mr. fernest Wray Oneal. Preceeding ttfe lecture a musical program will l>e given under the direction of Mr. A. L. Boatrlght. A quartette comiiosed of .Misses Evelyn Howland, Grace Ball, Grace Thom]>son and Jennie Newman will sing three selections. Mrs. Grace Morlrson Lofland will] give a reading enli .pd "Who-s Afraid.*' » The Aurora Daily News says of .Mr, Oneal. the lecturer:' • "Me has an immense j fund of oratory a well modulated voice, under perfect control, with a pleasing delivery and good platform appearance. He is a ninii of wide reading, a deep thinker and has a retentive mtmory." Season tickets will lie on sale at the door this evening. | WOULDN'T GIVE W|FE CLOTHES. Mrs. DeArcey Asked i Assistance of Officer to Recover; Belongings. It took the asslslande of Officer Sim Hlldreth for Mrs. Doi^rcpy, a colored women, to get her clothes from her husband's home at 29I North Washington avenue. In orde^ that she might go to Kansas City. .Mrs. IVArcey Ri >paratod from h»>r liusliand a few days fgo. sayluv that tHi her In many morning to got hi bent her and abusl ways. She went this hfr clolhos, but her husband refused to lot her take them I away. The po- l.c*> went with her and after a little talk from tha offlcor poArcey opened the door and l«^t his | wjfe gather up I'or clothes. She left this afternoon for Kansas City, where she will make her future home. SANGER KI\XO»E HOME. ... 1 Former lola Foot Ball Player" Coached Minnesota 'Team. Sanger tackle on the foot ball team. 1 team at Tracy Through the coaching of Klnmore. a former chamlpon high schoolj the high school fot ba Minn., won the cham|)ionBhip of that part of the state. The trick play in which two members of the same taam ?ot into a "farce" fight thereb;!;' St- tractlng-th*^-attentlonrt)f th«>i«rcra on the other side, was worked by.Kin- more '3 team for an ! 0-yard mn and a touchdown. KinmOre returned to ola this week and' will spend the winter here. He has hsen working in Butler wholesale estjiblishment was laid off with 200 two weeks ago. but iother employees WILL >0T TAKE J ibsence of Gas IP The city will not take a lease on the lacoby farm west of Pfr year. The city ACOBY FARM. Canf^s City to Pass D (4 L he river at |690 some time ago he Jacoby farm. s.ecured an option on t The option expires oni the 28th of this nionth and the counlcll decided that the .lacohy jjlace had no gos on It and therefore It would mehn a loss of $690 ;o the city to take the lease. GLUB MEETS TONIGHT lola Citizens Will Consider Question of Commission Government. Tlic citizens of lola who are inter- estPvl m the commission plan of city Rovemment are requested to meet in the Farmers Room of the court house this evening for the purpose of perfecting rin organization to l>e kno»-n as the "Commission Club." The citizens have held a number of mass meetings in the court house for the puipose of discussing the plan. SufBci< Li interest was shown at these n«eoiiugs to d.''«»m the organUatlon of such a cl'ib advisable. The purpose of this club will be to state the matte.- ^^jth the ult'roate view of getting It cdcptfcd in this city. The following article is submitted by the imbllcit?- commltiee which was appointen at the last mass meeting of the citizens: j n A CfHienN [Dnty. 'Moral law dominates, man whether he respects it or defies it." What do we as citizens and Neighbors' most jeslre? Is it not to jmake lola a fit place In which to llvpT To be good natured is something, to have that inental, physical aiid moral vigor that refuses to be snijpressed. that in slsts on a cheerfnl view. To be alive is good and life is progression. "Vet a little sleep, k little slumber, little folding of the hands to sleep," may do for those somnolent towns which have never heard the roar of the Griffin mills, and i hiss of the gas or the ever-flaming torcA of the smel tor stacks, like the sacred fire of the Vestal Virgins that should never be extinguished. The doleful mourner of the yet undead sbonid be gently and ponderously sat njpon and sqnelcb ed Into a Toioelesa remlntseeace. lola 8hou:d enter into hetj lawfol heritag« - civic consdovsnMs.- "He wlui hath need of bread m dog." We have fed W. R. HEARST HELD BOr>D OVER TO GRA5D Jt'RT OX . LIBEL CHARGE. OUTCOME OF HITCHCOCK CAjlE CH.VNLER DEME.S ASSOflATIKO WITH YOrXG GIRLS. >'ew York Jonmal Story and Artlon Against ILH Owner Declared to Be for Political Pnrpospit. New York, Nov. 22.—•VNIlIlam Ran dolph Hearst was bound over to the giand jurj' by Justice "VVyatt in the ccurt cf special sessions today on a charge of criminal libel preferred by William Astor Chancer. Mr. Hearst g.ive a $500 bond, with S. S. Carvatfb, K»noral managi-r of bis New York nrwspapers, as surcfy. Both Mr. Hearst and his bondsman were in court when Justice Wyatt bandrd down his decision. They repaired to tlio ofllco of District Attorney J«'ronu>, while the ball bond wa« IM Ins i>r»'pared. It later npprov- by Justice Wyati and Mr. HeaRit and his attonioys drovo away in the b'g rod aulomoblln which had brought them to tho.criminal, courts building. The charge against Mr. Hearst grew out of a publication in i;ie New^ York Evening Journal concerning the case ol Raymond Hitchcock, the actor., Mr. Chnnler's name was mention e<l In connection with the article. Seve;al hearings wpro bad !)efore Justice Wyatt during which Mr. Chanler poe itlvely denied that ha had ever been at Hitchcock's house when little glris were there. His counsel claimed that the publication had been madsT] for the purpose of Injuring politic:^ Liautenant Governor 1.*WIB StuyvM- ant Chanler, a brother of the complain ant against Mr. Hearst. • . This was denied by Mr. Hearst's attorneys, who made the counter claim in court that Mr. Chanlcr's proceed- irgs against Mr. Hearst were taken in the hope of hurting the chances of the Independence league ticket In the last county election. Before holding Mr. Hearst for the action of the grand Jury, Justice Wy atl first overrul.^J a motion to dismiss the complaint against Mr. Hearst on the ground that his proprietorship of the Journal had not bfen proved, nor had the libelous char acter of the publication been shown. The grand Jury, It Is said, has already undertaken an investigation of the charge against Mr. Hearst and a score or more of witnesses have been summoned. Raymond Hitchcock, who Is 'starring on the New York stage In 'The Yankea Tourist" is under six indict ments found hy the New York county grand Jury on the testimony of three young girls. •When the cdse first came up Hitchcock hid out for days, but at last showed up in time to keep from forfeiting his bond. He now Insists upon an Immediate trial. The story of which Chanler complains connected him with Hitchcock's alleged practices. Chanler claims Hearst promised .a retraction, which was not made. It Is also related that npon one occasion when he went to Hearst's ofBce to discuss the matter. "VV'^IIIiam Jennings Br.van, who was there at the time, virtuously refused to stay In the T:ame building with Chanler. The criminal action followed soon after. MARRIED AT FOURTEEN r .V.V ROSA FIELDS, COLORED, BE FORCED TO ATTEND SCHOOLI HUSBAND SAYS SHE IS NIIETEEH ELI WILSON TO WH03I SHE WAS WEDDED GAVE AGE TO Jl'DGE. If He Is Arrested on a Chak^c of Per- Jury, Marriage May lie An- unlled. CONTINUE TESTIMONY , not keep i —.~ .™ nestled the ralTow poodlepolibcs'to our stab Defense in Bradley Trial WIB Strength , en Insanity Plea. Washington. Nov. 22.—The defenSe In the trial of Anne M. Bradley, charged with the murder of former Senator Arthur M. Brown of Utah, today endeavored to strengthen its plea of insanity. Several alienists of note ere present but the counsel for Mrs. Bradley stated the expert testimony probably would not be begun until Monday. Tlie hyoptbetical qnes tion that Is to be propounded to medical men embraces thirteen thousand words. Recess was taken at noon with Lyman H. Shrewsbury, uncle of Mrp. Bradley, on-the stand. His testimony idbowed iasaaity in Mrs. Bradley's teiUr. AVhether Rosa Fields, colored, aged fourteen years, who married Eli WIl- sop last Tuesday, is yet a school girl and can be forced to attend school under the truancy law, Js a quoscioh which may bo settled In the courts. This does not necessarily mean that Frank Flelils, father of the girl, will be prosecuted for not sending his daughter tO'school, as Truancy Oflicer Isaac Leniastcrs is Inclined to take a compronilselng view of thu case, but may mean that Eli Wilson will be arrested 011 a charge of perjury prefer- rid by the fathtr of the girl. \V\\ son swon> thiit th«» girl »a.< nineteen vnars old whfn he secured the mar riage lict >n3e from Probat:' Judge JU. Smith. If thu fatb(<r succee<lB In the pn>co«'din.»r8, the luarriagi' wl 1 bo annullinl and the girl will, according 10 Truancy Officer Lemasters, be madv> to attend school. Frank Fields, father of Rosa Fields, ><:iy8 that she is. yet fourteen years old and will not be fifteen until next Airr'iis:. She has been attending school In Bassett this fail. Some time ago her name was rei>orted to Truancy Officer l.«masters among the other truants. In Investigating why she did not go to school Mr. I .«ma8ten; went to the home of the girl In the Davis addition. There he learned from ths girl's stoi)-mother that they did not get along well and she would not live at homo, and that she had been working at the Duncan boardin? bouse in Bassett. The step-mother also told him that she saw her husband give bet. soms money a short time before with which to-buy shoes 83 she could go to school. After waiting what he thought was a sofflcicnt length of time' and -the f^rl did not enter school' he sent her father notica to soc that she attended school or action would be taken. For some reason Frank Fields never received this notice until yesterday. L'lion It reaching him he Immediately called on Mr. I^emasters. Mr. I.e- niasters said this morning that ho I'.romisrd him on his honor that he would see that she entered school next Monday If he would not start action. It was when he went to hunt up his daughter and bring her home that he learned that she was married and had been married since Tnesflay. He becan Investigation Immediately and this morning told Judge .T. B. Smith who Issued the marriage license that he expectad to bring action against Ell Wilson, who married his daughter .ou/the charge of perjury and annul the marWagp. If this is done Rosa Fields may be e'.rolled in school asain in a short time. BANKS CAN'T BORROW The city clerk is in receipt of a letter from the banking firm of Spitzer & Co.. of Toledo. Ohio, the banking firm which has contracted to buy all of the lola city's improvement bonds for tbis year, advising the city to consider carefully any contracts for improvement while the present Hurry in money matters continues. The Spitzer company has contracted for thousands of dollars worth of lola improvement bonds and other similar iwnds In other cities. The company is unable to borrow money at the present time and cannot draw from their bank account as readily as in the past and so do not like the idea of having to purchase any more loia im- jirovement bonds if It can be avoided. The city clerk some time ago sent the Spitzer company a transcript asking for more money, but the company La« not as yet sent the same. It is probable that the letter was sent in ex- Iilanatlon as to why the money was not sent but no reference is made to It In the letter. The lietter fh part follows: "It Is impossible to get money out cf the bank where yon have it on deposit," the letter says, "much less to borrow a dollar. We suppose, however, thai you are doubtless undergo- jig similar experience in the weJt and ioiow of these conditions. We thought It best, even in view of this, to suggest to you that it would be unwise to proceed wfth any new public im-=l provements at present, thus Involving a chance of getting the city into embarrassing financial straits. We are confident that the financial flurry will pass over and business resume normal conditions wit&in a very short time. Possibly within the next thirty days there' will be a maiited tanprovement if not resnmption of nor mal financial transactJoas."' The dty is not planning on any im- It Mher than that whteh is noderway bat the Spitser VnhL KEEP GAS IXSPECTOB. rrancll Voted Dowa Matioa to AboUsh Office. provem( already letter was {a*d with a great deal of iBtwcst as it gives an insist into tte. flonditiau. of agaer matters In at The city gas inspector will still continue to Inspect gas connections and collect the fee of twenty-flve cents as he has done In the |iast. At the council meetin glast night. It looked for a short time as If the office of city gas inspector wonld be done away with and the plumberywho made the connections would also make the inspection free of. cost. The motion was made but the council voted it down. The doing away with the city inspector would also cut down the city's revenue as the clt*- gets part of the fee. ^' The city Inspector also has charge of the work of turning off delinquent payers and if the office had been abolished, this work would have prob ably been thrown opto the city clerk's force. CITY MAY GET A>OTHER WELL. Rpcrlted a ProposiUon From W. E. Lyons Last Mght. The city received a proposition last night from W. K. Lycms whereby the city may secure another gas well In the north field by furnishing Mr. Lyons gas for his home on North street free of charge. The Lyons' well is a fairly good well with a volume of one half million cubic feet dally and a rock pressure of eighty-five jKuinds. There is. however, a dispute between the cenii-nl romimny and smelter company u.s to who owns the lease oij the Uvon.^ place. The city If It accepts Ihe pro|M)jitIon to secure the well, w<iuld have to get consent frtmi both the comixiitles before It coulil attach to the city's mains. The mutter was referred to the public uillllles committee with i)ower to act. If the city can get consent from the two disputing companies. It Is probable that Mr. Lyons proposliiun will be accepted. AFTER POLICE JUDGES MAY BE FORCED TO TEU. COUNTY ATTORXEYS ABOTT SALOOXS. A TEST CAiSE IS PEROINB OFFICIALS OF CHEROKEE COUNTY SAYS JUDGE REFUSED. , ^: If State Wins County Attorneys May Compel Police Judges to ttU Names of Violators of Prohibitory Law. ^ LECTURE OX CHBISTIAX SCIEXCE Good Aadience Heard E. A. Kimball of Chicago. E. A. Kimball, of Chicago, Interested a large audience on "Christian Science" at the Grand theater last evening in an address covering an hour and a half. He revealed the principal points of tbi.'; ]iartlcular religious sect. He began with creation and told of the vital principles oi science and health, dwelling on the faith of the believers in. Christian Science. Mr.^ Klmbail spolfe especially on the point made by his people that God gives all good and the bad things in llf& come rather from mortal man instead of from God as believed by some. The speaker devoted some time to "The ower to Conquer Disease." He says that people must exert their power and compel the ma.=:tery over matters which God Intended. FEW DESTITUTE FAMILIES. lola'.s Percenatgc .Vccording to Population Is Issaed. Poor Commissioner William Knapp stated this morning that considering the |>opulatIon lola had fewer destitute families than any other city In the county. There are now between twenty-five and thirty destitute fani; illes which are under the care of the county. Humboldt holds the distinction of having the most of this num- .ber. There dre not very many in <eflher Gas City or La Harpe but their percentage according to the population. Is greater man here. IIOR.SES NEED BETTER «GRUR." Conncil Appelats Committee to In- voticate a Complaiat [~ That the city horses were not well taken care of was the complaint made by some of the city employees at the meeting last night. A motion was made to move all thg city horses to the Howard livery barii. A committee consisting of Amerman. Vezie and Cowan were ai>pointed to investigate the condition of the horses. ACCEPTED COMPANY'S BOND. HortOB Concrete Company Gives fSlOO Bond in Cvrbiag COB> tract. The $2100 bond of the Horton Concrete company witich is given In se- cnrity that that company wilt comply with the specifications when putting in the South Walnut curbing, was accepted by the conncil last night. The bond was signed by Fred Horton and l^ L. Northmp. > ikT" COUNCIL GAME TO IT Threatened Strike of Ctty Employees Bnmghi Rrsalts. The city council got busy again last night on salaries. They cut down the salaries of some or the employees and raised others. City Electricfain Stone. Water Superintendent Newby and Gas Superintendent Rodgers were all raised to $100 a month.' Mr. Hast ings, chief engineer, received 'a cat in salary from |100 to $90 a moiitb and wrill Trine, assistant engineer, was cat from |75 to |6S a month. At the time the office of superinten dent of public ntlUUes was abolishM, the -heads of the three departneats nnderstodd that they were to. he od- raaced to $100 a month, ^ea tbv asked for the raise tlw eoaaeil ed them down bat last Blghit the Yote and graated the laiofB Topeka, Has.. Nov. 22.—(Special) E. H. .Morgan, county attorney of Cherokee county, was- in Topeka yesterday consulting with Attomev General Jackson preparatory to filing an ai>- ]>eal in the supseme court wnlch will secure a ruling of much Importance to county attorneys. Some time ago Mr. .Morgan caused the arrest of Police Judge Kenner, of Scabimon, for failure to rejiort violations of the pro bibitory .law, of which he was Informed, to the county attorney. The iwllce judge made statements that he was informed of- the violations but refused to give tho county attorney the names of the violators or the places It which they Wre doing business. In the dL-strIrt colirt it was held that the iMill .^e judge is a Judicial officer and that InformlnK jirosecutlng officers of violations of the law Is an administrative or executive duty. It was further held that Judicial officers can Tuit be rt>qulred to ])erform executive Jutles. If the state wins the case on appeal county attorneys will be provided with a means of compelling tiollce Judges to give them information regarding violators of the prohibitory law. Tbis is important for the'rea­ son that In "wet" towns the police I'udgc is usually informed regarding the operation of Joints. RAISE CITY QUARANTINE. No New Cases of Contagious Diseases Have Developed. The quarantine on the city of Humboldt Ilke'y T ^III be raised in the near future. Since there have been no new cases of contagious disease developed in that city, it Is believed that the conditions are getting better and will soon be such as to warrant tiie raising of. the quarantine. Mayor Mathlas of Humboldt and the BtJard of Education ordered that there be no public meetings and R>at the schoolit should close. The scare which resulted In the cioslng of the schools and the stopping of all public meetings originated at the death of a young;man In that city from dyp- t'neriSi. Now there is not a single case of dyphtheria: In the city or Himiboldt and therejia only three c&es under quarantine^ from scarlet fever. SmaM pox Is limited to one family. If the ^ndltlons continue to improve It l3 likely that poblic meetings will tie allowed again and the schools will, open the first of next we?k. It'is reasonably certain that meetings '^rfll be held Thanksgiving. lOLA IS IN THE LIST Firemen Will Get Allotment Next *Year. From Insurance Com• missioncr. ; ' Chas. H. Barnes, state insnrance commissioner, has Just finished the list of towns which will participate in the distrintrtion of the state flronan's relief fuod. Among the;list are Iqla.- LaHarpe.'Gas dty and Humbtddt. C If DeCln*3- of this city, who is treasurer of Ae organisntlon stated this morning !Jiat lola recelived $700 for the year 1906 as her share and that she wou'd not receive the 1907 allotment until some time niext May. This fund is used In paying physicians' blllb and for medicine, nnrses and pensions for flr^en injured while on i^oty. The fund is raised hy a 2 per cttjt tax on preniram of an Insurance vTitten in each town in the vear Tli^ fund amoonils to abont $.'^5,000 ar:d is distrihn^ among 133 cities. A SiiJCIAUST TO i SPEAK. h F. HmfitT. ef Gfmri. ta Be at ' Syarits Theater Tlekt Wedc J. F. Snyder of Girai^. Kansas, a socialist sneaker • employed on the .ftpoenl to'. Reason, thai a<>eia11st pancr. fa hilled :>o speak in Tflila next Wed- nesdar i>)jcht at the S»"r1u theater. ifr. Say^er'n snhjeet ifiU be "The Worlilogs Ghuia r» t^e CanitaHst.. Class htr^Mraca.". Ttiej leetttre la to be entirely ifree but a eolleethm wl^l !M tUtaniiB to nay Oe tsjtvtam*. oC this saii to b«;«

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