Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 20, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1908
Page 7
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' TBE toil PAILI BEaiSTEB, FKIPAY ETESlSiQ, yOTIMBEH 30, 1303. B9BSS5SB9 =B^ #i»»illOtAI. 8H0BT 810BIB&O fdlbdooeooooooodtfo —Out Wky 'window—Look at It. ; WHU Deslca BrllgM. . A.coilpla of o^t-of-town men were MllUC OB tliA county ofliclalB yester- iiy ii«^iarlii(ohiuUoD as to whether (ItM. tll« eouaty would build any ikUkf M ib« near future. They waut- M tta Job M dMlitnlng the bridgea It idf w«r« tojM built •J. Ibk4«» Surer. ' IVdriM 4 Hough 'hare Just «om- plllid Ui« ianrex of a tract of lanif- t» Wtal. 'JdolHi of west of the rlrer in ttortMhoe "Q^nd neighborhood. Mr. JtaM la planning to build some dikes ill the near future to save bis cnipa fttxn orarflowB in the high water sea- BOli. , . tttt Leuoas InBurol Wood at Swing ft Burdick's. Looking at Court Honarv Several out-of-town people who were'in the city yesterday called at the court house and viewed the building. They complimented tbe county on its court house. —Watch the Our Way window. Confiscate Fifty Qiail. Marshal Watson confiscated (Ifty quail In transit from Independence to Bt. Louis, at the Wells-Pargo otfice here late Tneaday. Mr. Watson made a trip to Independence in -search of the consignor but failed to find him. It Is contrary to law to kill iinall even in season except for one's own use. Even hotels'and restaurants are not permitted to serve same except to the person who killed the game and a few invited friends. Mr. Watson is deputy game warden and he Is making a strenuous effort to enforce tbe law.— Cherryvale Repiibllcan. Free Lessons in Burnt WixM at E>ing ft Burdick's. Zinc la Eastern 8tale&. The spelter production of the eaGt- ern states in 1907 amounted to 22,743.193 pounds, valued at $1364,67 .-1 The zinc ores yielded an average of 100.2 pounds of metal to the ton.— Pittsburg Headlight. •. ' • —Look at the Our Way window. And This From Baldwin. Here is a joke from Baldwin that is conhted the best of the season in that town. After the postofflee was burned Mr. Markbam rented a room in the I>ank building for use as a postoffice. He has to deliver the mail from a shed room at the back of the building and he has this divided into two parts, alphabetically arranged. On one side are the letter from "A" to "L" and on the other side from "L" to "X** An English lady visiting the town had occasion to call for her mall, and was greatly perplexed over the arrangement. Returning to the house where she was visiting she remarked to her hostess: "You Hameri- cans ave queer ways. Down hat the postoffice hi found two stalls, one marked from bay to hell, and the other from hell to "z." —Lawrence Qa- zette. Burnt Wood demonstration wer.v afternoon at Ewing & Burdick's. • The Morgan .('atip. The end of next week will HPP tlii> trial of the last Jury case on the civil docket for (be present term of the district court. There are thirteen cases of this clasH sdU-to bn trW. In addition, there is one case remain- nlg on the criminal dookel, that of the auU against W. A. Morgan and five other old soldiers, all of whom are charged with criminal llhrl comml'- ted against P. H. Con«».v of Topeka »t a time when the later was a randldntf for national commander the fi A R., In September, 1007. On thr rlvll docket there are aiKo (wenty-rivr* court <»ses remaining to be trl(>d at this term of court. Inrliidlnj; half » dosen divorce BUIIK . The trial of these court rases wilt lip taken up thp second week In Derrmher.—^Topcka Capital. Copyrighi iQoR bv Htrt .Stha/fncf Mim 1 On Suib and Overcoats, for men. younj men and boyvat the GLOBE. Sale com- mehced this morning iind will continiic for ten doys only, We are olfering exceptional values in Suits and 0>{er]poajis, for men and boys, at greatly reduced prices. A reduction on every Suit and Overcoat in the store. Dp not fail to attend The Most Timely Sale of the Season Men's SuitSfRedaced $13.50 and $12 f-O Suits rq'liirf>(l to $10.00 $15.00^ult8 reduced In .. $I3.50 . $1800 Suite rediupd tct . !fil.'».0O $20.00 SultK rfrtijcril tii «18.00 $22 .50 Suits roduccd to . .$•^0.00 $2.'; iMl SultK rod\ir<il tn iS*»*j.r>o Overcoats and Raincoats $lo.;i' and $11'.00 Ovrrrcial.^'and K.iintvwt.,. .Jp i O.fW) f l.x'ii Overcoats and Haimoats SlS.-lO $1R no inprcoais and Kninr.vits S l .'j.OJ) J. •(Mill (j> pnjoalr. anil |;;iiiir'-al-. '.i »lS .OJ) ftvi-rcoalr, and Kainr.ials. S^O .tK) t2i>oii Ovcniials and Kainroals Knickerbocker Suits Reduced $2.85 and $3.00 Suits at 13.^.0 StilfK at $4 .00 Suits at ^$.'..00 Suits al $6.50 Suits at $7.50 Suits at $S.50 Suits at .5i;.'J.50 .SH..50 Special Sale on Men's Trousers $2..'i'i Troiiseri! on .sale $1 .''O Tninspioil salf ... $,''..0" TroiispiT. on sale Sl.l.'j S2 .Hrt $•<.'"> •rroii:;rr.-; on ^',i.*i7i $4.r.o Tioi!=;eis on ?ale S.'i.50 $r -.00 and |.''.;.o Trousers on sale S4.i50 $60'> Trousers on sale .$4.85 Boys' Overcoats Reduced $3.50 Overcoats at ....$3.95 $5.00 Overcoats al ...$.'J.8.5 $7..'>0 OveicoaLs at JiO.OO Overcoats al 1 .. $T.r»o Children's Overcoats Reduced $i..50 Overcoats aJ t'.l.iJ'i Overcoats a! ?.{.I 'l Oveicoiili: at f;..00 (Jverroat.> a I JK.OO (r.PiToati! at SI. 95 50 $3.95 $:{.95 f -Sot- tW. Our V.'a.v uliid'uv. l/TnTlr sick al the hunic "f lil'. r .l :-,t<'r. IMI. liHvid (Jrlnirn. Is able to lie up Returns Heme. r. T (Ironi, ntw or tho dl;itrlrf man aK»TH of K'OKB ft ''iiMipauy. wlio cara»^ lH'r»? to attend lt;o npnnlni; of tlip store on ihi- oaKi Kldf», has conn to his hoinp In r>all>u<. Tojcas .Mr. Sliaf- f'-r l.s III charec hfrc. Mnlroiis Is Betier. .Ifihti K Watrons who ha.-. Iippn and around the hoUi«'. I)ll^ li will prob ably lip some tinir before he )>: able to be "lit. He I., able to KCK lib;.fnendr; wliBii they call, and enjoyes coin paiiy -Hiir In^ton Reimhllcan stale f'T tho past two weeks, j j r .ini 'i W' demonstration every iafieriitoii Ht" Kv.'ln:: A'Hiirdlck's. Quite a Change. The school of law at the Unlverc- liy of Kansas has been In existence thirty years. Thirteen men entered the first-law class. The present en- ro'lment is 184. the Jioiitheaiitern KaiiKau 'leaclierr.' AiiBoclalloii, which coiiveiU'U there In two daya" HoaHJon on Thnnkugiylni; nionilnp. Most of the teachers |Wlll i;o to Inin TlinrKday noon, wl.lle a few who have belated Thanki.clvinp dinnrrs will watt until Friday ninrn Itip and accompany Ihf high .<:choo/ orcli'-r.tra and pirl.s' ehoriin. The lat t'r liHS lieen enl 'Tj 'd in fh" niiitslcal contest wjijrh i:; .Tn annual feafiire of the tea' en." meet.—Chanute tiun. - \Vat:;h the Our Way win-lov,-. You receive intense. Jired heat from every ounix ol luel burned— dure ve no Jsmp chimneys or long pipes to waste die heal ht)m a PERFECTION Oil Heater (Eqalppe4l with Smokelera Device) ^. Carry it {rem room lo room. Turn ihe wick high •r low —no bother-^no uhohe—no smell—aufoniatjc •moketot device prevenH. Brass font holds 4 quaris. Wuna 9 hours, i Beaulihdly hnished in nickel or {apan. Evwyiwaltf warranted. I I'utl what vou want lor the long croiiMB. Made of braia. Biekel ptated—laieri tm- pwvai ecnini drad binMr. Every (amp warranted. H )Mr 4eklair OBMt auppiy the Perfection Od H ^akr at Bigw Lamp wrili Mtr Bearcat agency. —The Our Way window. ! Fined t.ameft Man. A humorist at Garnett had so mnib j fun ihrowInK rice and such thincs at ja newly niarrled mnple, that he WHS la^jsessed $10 ami IrimmliiRK, and the absence of sympathy Jars hlni more the financial loss. —Kmporia Ga- izetfe. I Muehike al Humbo!dt. TI. H. MU€hll:e will address the men's meeting at the V. M. C. A. Sunday afternoon. Mr. Mnehlke Is president of the Tola association and is a pleasing- speaker. All men are Invit f<\ to come and hear hira. There wil7 be cOod music during the services.— Humboldt Keraid. Prof. Berry III. Prof. K. V. Berry, physical director 'of the Y. M. I'. A. is still contlned to his home. —Our Way window—Look at it. ooooooooocooooooo o o O WOll.O vol I.I1»E O O T<» IMFKOVE Vni'K O !0 rO.>IPLEXI«M O —See the Our Wiiy window. To. See Big Game. Ned Hale has gone to New York •where he will meet J. O. Hodgers. the two golntc on lo New Haven, to see the Yale-Harvard game on Thanksgiving day. Frank Hlnkey will Join them at New Haven. -7 ,r Vt^lil .Extend Field. , The United Zinc and Chemical Co. I Is planning to drill a well at the north end of the .1. R. Cline farm in (Jeh-jw eva. This well will be farther north.© Hon Man) ttonirn .\r.. |{rin:;ing O than any well in this Held. , O flie (ilow of Health to Tliclr O O Fares With Home Treatment O O and at Small Cost. . O 0 o jO 0000000000000000 tFrom Chlcaso Rceoru-Herald) The wa:-h ha:: accom- p 'lshed wonders with the coiiiplrxion.': ;of thousands of women (liroughoiif [this country. It l.s poifrctly harmless to the tenderer! skin and its lieneflclal effects can be seen initnediately upon Iiei;fnnin(; its use ()\i\n\n itt Jour druK store V.i^.^i' W.uer. U ounce.-i; Co- loRne Spirit.;,' | oiiure; Bpp/itone, 1 ounces. Put the Kppotoiie In a piijt 1 of hot water (nni bfiiljiu;) and after •dissolved, strain and let eo<il. Then aild the Roae water and Cologne Spirits. One of the licst features about this toilet pre |iaralloii Is that it can he easily and conveniently preiiarert at home, thereby keeplnR a supply of it at all times upon the toilet table. It Is really remarkable how It transforms homely faces into those fresh, charmins complexions that are the ad .miration of all l)ebotdet«. H.iti ri New Position. . ; IJfrl Illoiz tt\;o li«>i been WOIKIIIR' for the pa»l sevenii months in Il<jriili bpri;er'« barber sliop on the south side. ha:i acr .i 'pled a position with the H<ii'l Ivirtlaiid bartier Khnp 011 Kar.t. Mndir.on. i Mind Tnnr Hnslness. j If you don't nobody will, li 1=^ yxir !iiit.|ner.r. to keep ou' of all the tro\it>l';' von can and .vou '•an and ket(,| out 0' liver and lioivel trouble ir yon • take Dr King's .Vew Life Fill.'. They keep biliousness, malaria anu ja'!!"J!ce out of your system. 2fc at aW drug stores. I^ft for Corpus rbrldtL Mr. and Mrs W. W. .Jonoa and oon. Walter, left thiu morning for Corpus ChrlGtl, TexaK. where they will spend Mie vliiter In the liopes of benefitting Walt.r-.i health. Grandson ts. Dead. Mrs. Kring. living at 210 East St.. received word this mornlnt: her grandson. Owen Kring. a three year old boy. had died at his home near Stark. Tuesday, the 17th. -•'Ill"- iiiii Way window. TI1C Baxicys Improving. Mr. and Mrs. John Baxley who were iiijiir"<i ill a runaway Wednesday evening are rapidly recovering from the effect?; of the accident. g —liook at the Our Way yindow. Filed 400 a Year. . District Clerk r;, E. Adams. c.Ince goiuK into offlco In IflO.'i, has Hied ion leases each y^ar. There has been a marked decrease in the number of cases filed in late years, j 35 per cent discount on all millinery. Mrs. E. Pefly, lOSVi.East .\Tadl- son. Old Court House Block. ' From Chanuta Too. ' Practleallr an of Ohanute teach- tav oorpa tHil co to lols' next week t<:»ttwm .ttrf-»awfl (kit.aeetlag c< ' Girl's Chorus lo tola. The Rirls' chorus of the high sitiooi an organization composed of sixteen merabeiB. has been entered to represent Chanute in the musical which is' an annual feature in the gathering of tie Southea.stern" Kansas Teacher's A.ssociatlon each fall. This musical contest supercedes the obi time oratorial contest; and while it does not afford the opportunity for an exhibition of class spirit and riv:iU ry, as did the old-lime oratorial me'-t;; it still attracts a goodly number of leather lunged and color-b^deckod hisb school students. The girls" chonia will sing "The Oardcn of. Flowers" to the accompaniment of the high school orchestra, and so well trained are the members of the chorus that, loyal siijv ports in the high' school are confident of their (akiiii; fir.'.-l plae*-.—Chanute Sun. How Is Vonr IMire-stioii. j Mr;- Mary DowUng of N'o. Rtli J Ave. .S -Tii Kranclsco. recom'mendM a I remedy for i -tomach trouble She i j ••c.ralHude forjihe wonderful effect of j Electric Hlileris In a cane of acute In- } diKMlioii. prinniptn thl» testimonial. I; irq fully convinced that for stomach and liver troubles Blectrlc Bitters is the best remedy on the market today." This great tonic and alterative medicine ipvigorates the system, puriflea the blodd and is especially helpful in all forms of female weakness. 50c at all drassists. Take oinr No. 410 when Traveling Eastward Leaves lola 7:19 p. m., ar- rlvee St. Louis 8:25 a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with the east bound trains at St. Louis. For further particulars call and see us. C

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