The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 22, 2001 · Page 16
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 16

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 22, 2001
Page 16
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C2 SUNDAY. APRII oo onni PREP SUNDAY THE SAUNA JOURNAL SMOKY VALLEY SOFTBALL The VOdngs' Heart and Soul' With a selfless attitude and undying love for Softball Betsey Clark has helped Sihoky Valley grow from a 1-18 beginning two years ago into one of the top Softball teams in the area this season^ By CHRISTIAN D ORR The-Salina Journal LINDSBORG — When you look at Betsey Clark's statistics, nothing really jumps out at you. • But you can't measure a player's heart in any type of statistical for- inula and it is the heart inside of the Smoky Valley senior which has served as a catalyst for the birth and growth of the Vikings' Softball program. Two years ago Smoky at Smoky Valley and has witnessed the tough times of the first season, the improvement of the second and now the promise of the third. "Her statistics are a little bit deceiving. She is our leadoff hitter, but there are a lot of times that she is asked to sacrifice herself for the good of the team. We ask her to move runners over a lot, but she is willing to give herself up for us to get the win." Actually Clark is just happy tofi- si V^slley xyvi.^\jj Li.~ slSS 'ttrS "Inschooirmmtreally -^l ^^^^y^^ school history oll that OUtgOiUg, but high school, re- team in history ""tS '^irS softbaltjust brings it out Before Smoky Valley put togeth- one victory ... j... ^ ._, attempts. A year fne. I Want tO do SOOd later the Vikings , . * ^ 7 • ^7 ^ Valley put togeth- managed seven aUU I WaUt tO bring that er a softball program Clark was a member of the Viking track SmokyValleysenior squad, competing 21 at- wins m tempts. Now, in the third year of the program, the Vikings are on the cusp of putting together their best season, by far With a majority of their tougher games already behind them, the Vikings have amassed a 6-6 record and are just two wins shy of matching their career win total prior to the season. Clark has been apart of the Vikings' program every step of the way This season she is batting a respectable .325 with one home run, a pair of doubles and 10 stolen bases. But it is the intangibles that she brings to the field every day that has made coach Chris McClure stand up and take notice. "She is a senior who is the heart and soul of the team," said McClure, who is in his second year as the Vikings' coach. "She was a sophomore when softball started out in everyone else." Betsey Clark in the 100 and 200^ meter dashes. Now she uses that sprinter's speed to chase down balls in centerfield. "I don't know if I could have handled another year of running track," Clark said. "I just love softball. I enjoy playing it." While Clark is willing to give herself up at the plate, she doesn't give very much when it comes to playing centerfield where she has already recorded three assists this season while keeping things running smoothly in the field. "One of the reasons that we have her in centerfield is that she can orchestrate things from out there not only in the outfield but in the infield as well," McClure said. "Her teammates really look up to her "A perfect example was against CoUegiate. We got a girl in a run- Name, School Avg Linnea Reidelberger, Smoky Valley ..667 Laura Reed, SE of Saline 667 Amber Heller, Sylvan 606 Joy Heller, Sylvan 552 Randi Pounds, Sylvan 542 Jamie Schropp.SE of Saline 538 Evann Hardy, Goodland 538 Shanae Calkins, Goodland 529 Haley Sloggett, Sylvan 519 JesieYoull, Hays 500 DionneJost,Hillsboro 485 Julie Wall, Hillsboro 483 MindyGustus, Smoky Valley 480 PTONQ Name, School Record Holly Lindsay, Hillsboro 9 Esther Dohl, Sylvan 4 Brilany Petlibone, Goodland 3 TaraLinenberger,Hays 3 Charly Bloom, SE of Saline 3 Jamie Schropp,SE of Saline 3 Several Players With 2 Wins HITS Name, School Hits Amber Heller, Sylvan 20 Shanae Calkins, Goodland 18 Joy Heller, Sylvan 16 DionneJost, Hillsboro 16 Holly Lindsay, Hillsboro 16 Amber Helley, Hillsboro 15 Evann Hardy, Goodland 14 Haley Sloggett, Sylvan 14 Julie Wall, Hillsboro 14 Jill Hein, Hillsboro 13 Randi Pounds, Sylvan 13 Name, School Strikeouts Holly Lindsay, Hillsboro 57 Charly Bloom, SE of Saline 34 Beth Whaley, Chapman 31 Jamie Schropp,SE of Saline 29 ilflelissa Beyer, Hays 27 BritanyPettibone, Goodland 22 Evann Hardy, Goodland 21 Brandi Dixson, Chapman 19 TaraLinenberger.Hays 18 JEFF COOPER / The Salina Journal Betsey Clark has been a key part of helping the SmokyValley softball program get up and going over the past three seasons. down between second and third. Our second baseman and shortstop had gotten out of position on the play, but she came in from centerfield to cover second base and made the put out for us. That is the type of heads-up plays, that Betsey makes." :' It is the type of play that has already landed her a scholarship to play for Highland Comitiunity College next season. "I like playing out in the field better," Clark said. "I get a rush from playing centerfield. I get a rush from having a baU hit to me that I can catch. I believe that any ball that comes to me, that I can get my glove on, I am going to catch." She tries to relay that same fierce attitude to her teammates as they try to take the next step in building their program. "In school I'm not really all that outgoing, but softball just brings it out in me," she said. "I want to do good and I want to bring that out in everyone else." Name, School Avg Brian Bechard, Sacred Heart 846 Chase Freeborn, Marion 667 Jamey Cooper, Marion 667 Chris Neihouse, Sacred Heart 583 JeflRupp, Hays 577 Jeff Bieker, Hays 571 James Bina, Hillsboro 559 Nick Sheahon, Sacred Heart 550 Justin Walters, Sacred Heart 524 Andy Pavkov.SE of Saline 519 Justin Randa, Hays 500 Jordan Dupes, SE of Saline 500 Jared LeDuc, Concordia 485 Brian Lovewell, Hays 476 Nathan Fish, Hillsboro 423 Adam Ptacek,5e of Saline 423 Name, School Record Jeremy Petty, SE of Saline 4 Brad Bengtson, Smoky Valley 3 Jerod Metcalf, Hillsboro 3 Several Players With 2 wins I Name, School James Bina, Hillsboro 19 Jared LeDuc, Concordia 16 Jeff Rupp, Hays 15 DarrinHopp, SmokyValley 15 Brad Bengtson, Smoky Valley 14 AndyPavkov, SE of Saline 14 Jordan Dupes, SE of Saline 13 Jeremy Lowewen, Hillsboro 13 Jeff Beiker, Hays 12 Jamey Cooper, Marion 12 Michael Walker, Concordia 12 Name, School Strikeouts Brian Ruud, Smoky Valley 34 Clint Ramsey, Concordia 29 Brad Bengtson, Smoky Valley 28 Jared LeDuc, Concordia 27 Jamey Cooper, Marion 27 Jeremy Hanes, Marion 26 Jeremy Petty, SE of Saline 20 Jeff Bieker, Hays 19 Lucas Applebee, Concordia 19 oacjies: Submit player information via e -mail at sjcori "«sal.iounial .com 100-METER DASH Olson, Smoky Valley (4A) 12,57 Lawellin, Hill City (2A) 12.70 Snyder, Salina Central (5A) 12.80 Hottman, Abilene (4A) 12.91 Hernandez, Salina South (5A) 12.95 Raab, Chapman (4A) 12.97 Folk, Quivira Heights (1A) 13.03 Stull,Natoma(1A) 13.05 S.Sloan, Norton (3A) 13.08 Ferland,Palco(1A) 13.10 200-METER DASH Lawellin, Hill City (2A) 26,78 Olson, Smoky Valley (4A) 26.98 Sloan, Norton (3A) 27,20 Dennis, Bennington (2A) 27.29 McAllister, Tescott(IA) 27,32 Acton, Oakley (3A) 27.46 Sfull,Natoma(1A) 27,50 Coberly,Quinter(2A) 27,53 Pettibone, Goodland (4A) 27.57 A,Wentling,McPherson(5A) 27.60 400-METER DASH Cross, Hill City (2A) 1:01,50 MacDonald, Smoky Valley (4A) 1:01.69 " rtin. Smith Center (3A) 1:01,83 g,McPherson(5A) 1:01,90 Dennis, Bennington (2A) 1:02,56 Brenner, Goodland (4A) 1:02,62 Timbers, Tipton (1A) 1:03,06 Pridey, Salina South (5A) 1:03,09 Williams, Clay Center (4A) 1:03.17 Lapka, Victoria (1A) 1:03.36 800-METER RUN Locke, Trego (3A) 2:24,62 Martin, Smith Center (3A) 2:26,86 Parry, Clay Center (4A) 2:28.18 Dunn, Clay Center (4A) 2:29.55 A.Noel, Osborne (2A) 2:29,93 Williams, Clay Center (4A) 2:31,51 E,Wentling,McPherson(5A) 2:31,90 Rupp, Salina South (5A) 2:32,20 Ramsey, Colby (4A) 2:32.63 Farger, North Central (1A) 2:32,70 1 ,600-METER RUN Mick,Osbome(2A) 5:37.00 StockstilL McPherson(5A) 5:38,60 Pederson, McPherson (5A) 5:42,00 Weber, Hays (5A) 5:43,20 Allen, Salina Central (5A) 5:44,80 Locke, Trego (3A) 5:47,11 Noel,Osbome(2A) 5:47,39 Lowry, Northern Valley (1 A) 5:47,61 Broechelman, Golden Plains (1A) 5:50,90 Kantack, Clifton-Clyde (1A) 5:52,90 3,200-METER RUN Mick,Osbome(2A) 12:01,37 Stockstill, McPherson (5A) 12:02.20 Alleni Salina Central (5A) 12:41.91 Augustine, TMP-Marian(4A) 12:42.59 Ch.Horkman, Concordia (4A) 12:45.23 Ostmeyer, Northern Valley (1A) 12:46.58 Pfizenmaier, Clay Center (4A) 12:46.94 Ca.Horionan, Concordia (4A) 12:57.16 Wilson, Abilene (4A) 12:58.58 Noel, Osborne (2A) 12:58.69 100-METER HURDLES Keats, Salina Central (5A) 14.70 Balsick, McPherson (5A) 15,30 Peachey, Hillsboro (3A) 15,44 Latham, Triplains(IA) 16,09 Daugherty, McPherson (5A) 16.40 Beydler, Trego (3A) 16,51 Brenn, Colby (4A) 16,74 Brenner, Chapman (4A) 16,91 Mueting, Salina South {5A) 17,07 Niewald,SL John's Beloil(1A) 17.10 300-METER HURDLES Balsick, McPherson (5A) 48,20 Haldeiman, Salina South (5A) 49,00 Adam, Tipton (1 A) 49,03 Latham, Triplains(IA) 49,06 Beydler, Trego (3A) 49,21 Hurley, Belleville (3A) 49,36 Lawellin, Hill City (2A) 49,60 Daugherty, McPherson (5A) 49,80 Blomberg, Smoky Valley (4A) 50.56 Linn, Smith Center (3A) 50.58 400-METER RELAY Hill City (2A) 51,20 Tescott(IA) 52,26 Phillipsburg(3A) 52,28 Salina Central (5A) 52,75 Palco(IA) 52,80 Goodland (4A) 52,93 Russell (3A) 53,26 McPherson (5A) 53,30 Beloit(3A) 53,37 Salina South (5A) 53,40 1,600-METER RELAY McPherson (5A) 4:14,20 Clay Center (4A) 4:16,66 Goodland (4A) 4:17,38 Hill City (2A) 4:20,00 Victoria (1A) 4:20,10 Bennington (2A) 4:22,11 Salina South (5A) 4:22,91 Tipton (1A) 4:23,00 Tescott(IA) 4:23,31 Smoky Valley (4A) 4:23.41 3,200-METER RELAY Osbome(2A) 10:20,68 Smith Center (3A) 10:23,88 Victoria (1A) 10:27,54 Clay Center (4A) 10:30,60 Beloit(3A) 10:32,42 Concordia (4A) 10:38.03 Northem Valley (1A) 10:41.28 Quinter(2A) 10:46,56 Tipton (1A) 10:47,90 Salina South {5A) 10:49.40 DISCUS Swanson, SE-Saline (3A) 129-10 Siwell,Beloit(3A) 126-0 Ravenkamp, Salina Central (5A) 124-6 Cyre, Clay Center (4A) 123-0 Dutt, Abilene (4A) 122-1 Triplett, Logan (lA) 121-3 Ubelaker, Osborne (2A) 119-1 Dahlstrom, McPherson (5A) 118-4 Geist,Vi?toria(1A) 117-1 l,Hays(5A) 116-9 HIGH JUMP I, Solomon (2A) 5-3 Poore, Cheylin (lA) 5-3 Wagner, Wilson (1A) 5-3 Baalman, Grinnell (1A) 5-2 Hockman, Hill City (2A) 5-2 Peachey, Hillsboro (3A) 5-2 Seimer, Quivira Heights (1A) 5-2 JAVELIN Keats, Salina Central|5A) 135-2 Pauls, Southern Cloud (1 A) 127-4 Gassmann, Hoxie (2A) 123-4 Bloomfield, Clifton-Clyde (1 A) .,.123-0 Farlee, Belleville {3A) 121-7 Rogge, Washington (2A) 120-6 Sedlacek, Belleville (3A) 118-4 Robblns, Concordia (4A) 115-3 Farger, North Central (1A) 114-2 Green, Atwood(2A) 113-10 LONG JUMP Adam, Tipton (1A) 17-6y2 Olson, Smoky Valley (4A) 17-4'/4 S,Sloan, Norton (3A) \Wk Snyder, Salina Central (5A) Xl-Vk Keats, Salina Central (5A) 16-10 Rathbun, Lincoln (2A) 16 -7y2 Holer, Kensington (1A) 16-6'A Halderman, Salina South (5A) 16-3 Acton, Oakley (3A) 16-2y4 McKee, Abilene (4A) 16-2 POLE VAULT Stone, Goodland (4A) 10-0 Burns, Salina Central (5A) 9-6 Hett, Marion (3A) 9-3 Johnson, Hays (5A) 9-1 Merritt, Smith Center (3A) 9-0 Sechtem, Osbome (2A) 9-0 Becker, Canlon-Galva(2A) 8-6 BreaulL Concordia (4A) 8-6 Duensing, Belleville (3A) 8-6 Jackson, Concordia (4A) 8-2 Simoneau, Minneapolis (3A) 8-2 SHOT PUT Robblns, Concordia (4A) 45-2 Bloomfield, Clilton-Clyde(IA) A\-Vk Geist, Victoria (1 A) 39-9 Triplett, Logan (1A) 39-2'/^ Keever, Downs (lA) 38-10y2 Fall, Concordia (4A) 37-11 Taylor, Cion-Clyde(IA) 3M0y2 Cyre, Clay Center (4A) 37 -972 Marsicek,Hillcrest(1A) 37 -972 Rogge, Washington (2A) 37-9y4 TRIPLE JUMP McKee, Abilene (4A) 36-5% Stover, Quinter(2A) '. 35-1074 Snyder, Salina Central (5A) 35-9 Halderman, Salina South (5A) 35-2 Jones, Salina Central {5A),,,, 34-8 Bathurst,Chapman(4A) 34-3 Anderson, Belleville (3A) 33-872 Coberiy,Qulnter(2A) 33-7'/^ Siebert, Sharon Springs (1A) 33-7% Adam, Tipton (1A) 33-3% V 100-METER DASH Petrie, Norton (3A) 10,81 Anders, Salina Central (5A) 10,96 Gassman, Minneapolis (3A) 10,96 W.McCoy, Colby (4A) 11.03 Anlholz,Hays(5A) 11.10 Watson, Ellis {2A) 11.10 Busse, McPherson (5A)' 11,11 AlYoder, Hillsboro (3A) 11,12 Floyd, Herington(3A) 11,13 Folk, Quivira Heights (1 A) .,.11.16 200-METER DASH Brown, Colby (4A) 22,69 Petrie, Norton {3A) 22,70 Anders, Salina Central (5A) 22.80 Russell, Salina South (5A) 23,02 Tibbett, Norton (3A) 23.03 Gassman, Minneapolis (3A) 23.04 Floyd, Herington(3A) 23,06 Folk, Quivira Heights (1A) 23,06 Wedel, Minneapolis (3A) 23.09 Morris, Ell-Saline (2A) 23,20 400-METER DASH Ladd, Abilene (4A) 51,08 Gassman, Minneapolis (3A) 51.42 Cory, Wakefield (1A) 51.68 Corral, Clay Center (4A) 51.86 Jackson, Salina South (5A) 52,00 Russell, Salina South (5A) 52,00 Wentling, McPherson (5A) 52,00 McDonald, Phillipsburg(3A) 52,35 Mans, Osbome (2A) 52,38 McDonald, Belleville (3A) 52,47 800-METER RUN Rome, Hays(5A) 2:02,00 Lange, Salina South (5A) 2:03,20 McDonald, Belleville (3A) 2:03.53 Yates, Phillipsburg(3A) 2:04.41 Williams, Chapman (4A) 2:05.24 Anderson, Clay Center (4A) 2:05,44 Michaelis,Hays(5A) 2:05,80 Jeffery,Mankato(1A) 2:05,98 Whitmer, Ellsworth (3A) 2:06,00 Meyer, Hays (5A) 2:06.03 Worcester, Smoky Valley (4A) 2:06.03 1 ,600-METER RUN Worcester, Smoky Valley (4A) .4:40.41 J.Miller, Beloit(3A) 4:41,32 Kirkpatrick, Concordia (4A) 4:42.89 Aa,Yoder, Hillsboro (3A) 4:44,94 Staab,Hays(5A) 4:45,50 Moos, Salina Central (5A) 4:46,80 Thompson, Clay Center (4A) 4:46,86 McDonald, Belleville (3A) 4:48.07 Sebelius, Norton (3A) 4:50.20 Miller, Hays (5A) 4:51.90 3,200-METER RUN Moore, Clay Center (4A) 10:02.14 Worcester, Smoky Valley (4A) 10:05.39 Sebelius, Norton (3A) 10:19.22 Aa,Yoder, Hillsboro (3A) 10:20.41 Moos, Salina Central (5A) 10:24.00 Staab,Hays(5A) 10:27,40 J.Miller, Belo'rt(3A) 10:29,15 Keil, Concordia (4A) 10:30.02 Malone, McPherson (5A) 10:37,70 Kiri(patrick, Concordia (4A) 10:40,18 110 -METER HURDLES Nelson, Minneapolis (3A) 14.82 Fox, Hays (5A) 14,91 StrameLHays(5A) 14.96 Tolson, McPherson (5A) 15.06 ,R,Jilka, Hillsboro (3A) 15.13 Foutch, Salina South (5A) 15.43 Jeffrey, Chapman (4A) 15.44 Robben, Oakley (3A) 15.46 Blanks, Smoky Valley (4A) 15.52 Roe,Beloit(3A) 15,54 300-METER HURDLES R.Jilka, Hillsboro (3A) 40.12 Sander, Russell (3A) .40,81 Jeffrey, Chapman (4A) Nelson, Minneapolis (3A) Stramel,Hays(5A) 40,99 Foutch, Salina South (5A) 41,65 Petrie, Norton (3A) 41,87 Robben, Oakley (3A) 42,09 Wentling, Quivira Heights (1A) 42,20 Flax,TMP-Marian(4A) 42,35 400-METER RELAY Salina Central (5A) 44,27 McPherson (5A) 44,40 Quivira Heights (1 A) 44,50 Clay Center (4A) 44.69 Colby (4A) .44,74 Abilene (4A) 44.99 Hillsboro (3A) 45,06 Ellis (2A) 45,20 Hays(5A) 45,20 Hill City (2A) 45,44 1,600 -METER RELAY Salina South (5A) 3:28,80 Hays(5A) 3:32,70 Clay Center (4A) 3:33,50 Minneapolis (3A) 3:34,56 Abilene (4A) 3:34.74 Colby (4A) 3:35.08 Concordia (4A) 3:35.35 Belleville (3A) 3:35.83 Hillsboro (3A) 3:36.81 McPherson (5A) 3:37.00 3,200-METER RELAY Hays(5A) 8:21.30 Salina South (5A) 8:29,00 Salina Central (5A) 8:34,60 Belleville (3A) 8:35,73 Clay Center (4A) 8:37,82 Osbome (2A) 8:44,94 Hillcrest(IA) 8:51.80 Mankalo(IA) 8:53.24 Chapman (4A) 8:53.70 Solomon (2A) .8:54.22 DISCUS D.Barnes, TMP-Marian(4A) 183-5 Wurtz, Clifton-Clyde (1A) 170-9 Leikam,TMP-Marian(4A) 160-7 Bruning,Phillipsburg(3A) 160-4 Maska,Hays(5A) 159-6 Christensen, Concordia (4A) 159-2 Bartz, Concordia (4A) 158-6 Lilllch,Atwood(2A) 155-9 Eck,Beloit(3A) 155-8 Levin, Kensington (lA) 152-9 HIGH JUMP Cash, Concordia (4A) 6-4 Robben, Oakley (3A) 6-4 Yates, Phillipsburg(3A) 6-4 Reed, Hope (1A) 6-3 Roberts, Salina South (5A) 6-3 Bailey, Ellsworth (3A) 6-2 Rorabaugh, Smith Center {3A) 6-2 Thompson, Canton-Galva(2A) 6-2 Chris Bowman, Clifton-Clyde (lA) 6-2 Dominguez, Smoky Valley (4A) 6-074 JAVELIN Basken/ille, Washington (2A) 190-8 Boyle, Norton (3A) 189-11 D,Barnes,TMP-Marian(4A) 183-8 Lillich,Atwood(2A) 179-11 Stroda, Abilene (4A) 178-11 Winter, Hillsboro (3A) 173-8 Gelina, Clifton-Clyde (1A) 172-10 Eck,Beloit(3A) 172-4 M,Barnes,TMP-Marian (4A) 170-1 Murphy, Chapman (4A) 169-9 LONG JUMP Anders, Salina Central (5A) 22 -972 Watts, Hays (5A) 21-8 ALYoder, Hillsboro (3A) 21-4% Jackson, Salina South (5A) 21-4 Corral, Clay Center (4A) 21-274 Remus, Downs (1 A) 21 -072 Wentling, Quivira Heights (1A) 21 -072 Martin, Clay Center (4A) 20-1172 Busse, McPherson (5A) 20-1072 Blxenman, Grinnell (lA) 20-974 POLE VAULT Watts, Hays (5A) 13-6 Cash, Concordia (4A) 13-2 Purdue, Chapman (4A) 13-0 Stewart, Hays{5A) 13-0 Gladbach, Clifton-Clyde (lA) 12-8 Hansen, Belleville (3A) 12-8 Dannefer, Osbome (2A) ,,,12-6 Funk, Hillsboro {3A) 12-6 Hllbum, Logan (1A) 12-6 Lunn, Chapman (4A) 12-6 Reagan, Hays (5A) , 12-6 Sanger, Hays (5A) 12-6 Schlyer,Hays(5A) 12-6 SHOT PUT D,Bames,TMP-Marian (4A) 56-2 Bartz, Concordia (4A) 53 -472 Christen,sen, Concordia (4A) 53 -372 Slaab,Plainville(2A) 53-274 Eck,Beloit{3A) 53-0 Wurtz, Clifton-Clyde (1A) 51 -272 Fredrickson, Salina South (5A) 51-0 Gottschalk, Logan (1A) 50 -672 Meyertioif,Hays(5A) 50-6 B,Pruitt,Beloit(3A) 50-1 TRIPLE JUMP Skiles, Marion (3A) ,44-8 Martin, Clay Center (4A) 43-674 Watts, Hays (5A) 43 -4 Weis, Hoxie {2A) 43 -0% Yates, Phillipsburg(3A) 42-6 McKenna, Concordia (4A) 42 -4% Blxenman, Grinnell (1A) 42-0 Anderson, Clay Center (4A) 41 -972 Troutletter,SE-Sa!ine(3A) 41-8

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